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In the treatment of what is termed 'mental illness.'

The spiritual causes now revealed in this web site and in the 'Testament of Truth' Suicide document linked at the end.

In a recently produced CD 'Making a killing' aimed at raising awareness of Mental Health issues, a number of eminent professionals from the medical, legal, psychiatric and psychological professions presented a very strong case for investigating the validity of the system of mental health practices particularly as they relate to the reliance upon and utilisation of the Diagnostic Classification of Mental Diseases commonly referred to as the Diagnostic Statistics Manual (DSM).

A synopsis of the CD issued by the 'Citizens Commission on Human Rights' is set out in this document as is a link to a valuable Mental Health resource on the spiritual cause of Suicide and aggressive tendencies.

The content on the CD speaks of a 'Tale of deception' in the use of psychotropic drugs to 'manage' mental health problems and it exposes that there has been no 'cure' to date resulting from the use of said drugs, drugs that have in fact killed people and caused untold harm and misery to 'millions.' The CD also speaks of "Psychiatry's prescription for Violence" due to so many users of prescription drugs becoming more depressed, irrational and violent rather than being a benefit to the user of said 'legal' drugs.

What is perhaps most alarming is that according to many of the participating mental health experts presenting on this CD, any aspect of human behaviour can, and now is,  labelled as a mental illness by the psychiatric DSM 'bible.' For example, such behaviour as exhibiting signs of being upset after a marital breakup, feeling nervous due to some important event, being sad or anxious when speaking in public, being shy, talking too much or simply being fearful, are now all classified as mental health "Disorders?"

In fact, GP's are now being instructed on how to assess whether a patient is exhibiting behaviours that are 'classifiable as a mental disease' and therefore required to be referred to the mental health professionals for diagnosis and medication.

If we look quickly at the many ordinary human emotions, sorrows and life difficulties which can be classified as 'disorders' according to the Mental health Diagnostic System of Mental Disorders (hereafter referred to as the DSM Fourth addition), we may well be astounded to find that the latest edition of this manual contains 943 pages of diagnostic categories under which are 'classified' all human feelings and behaviours in various computations, but all of them being labelled as Disorders of or diseases of mental states.

In other words, normal human emotional reactions to life stresses, challenges, uncertainties or even such major stressors as marriage disintegration, dealing with a problem child, or just feeling overwhelmed, are now given a mental 'dis-ease' label. This label is always accompanied by a drug usually having the effect of numbing the individual's emotional state. This in itself is madness as the majority of 'behaviours' listed are normal human emotions being displayed.

Let me name a very small sample of those 'disorders' which are in fact categorised as Mental Diseases..... stuttering, cigarette addiction, nightmares, fear of spiders and currently there is a wave sweeping the profession to include a disorder of infancy under the banner of paediatric mental health! How any individual could possibly 'diagnose' an infant with a mental Disease is surely beyond the comprehension of any rational person.

It is the spirit within the individual which contains both the positive LIGHT and the DARK inner emotions seen in times of despair and it is mostly the dark thoughts which infect the soul of man. The gambit of emotions in the minds of people are fear, greed, criticism, hatred, jealousy, anger, revenge and a multitude of other feelings and as such are a causal feature of the inner, ceaseless 'turmoil' that produce the behaviour we then label as mental disease. The other side of this concerns the spirit soul of the individual (which is also ignored by professionals) that is the core of LOVE, love that brings with it joy and happiness and inner PEACE.

I am quite aware that there are material as well as emotional occurrences that result in people suffering great mental and emotional trauma and that this together with physical abuse leads them to 'hospital' or other institutions for help or counselling.

And yes, we as a community are required, when faced with an individual who is disturbed by an abnormal situation causing them to  experience mental and emotional stress, to assist them as best we can. I am also aware that in many cases their normal reaction to abnormal circumstances is being turned into a diagnosis of mental illness, and that their cry for help can lead to medical abuse via the drug route.

Naturally a physical abuse 'incident' can be the cause of the present 'mental anguish' being felt by the 'victim' but equally, a person who has not been subjected to 'rape, violence or system abuse' can suffer mental and emotional problems which 'man' labels as a psychiatric disorder or mental illness but, which may have a causal factor of matters to do with the spirit soul of the individual's journey through time.

So in fact there are two separate causes for 'stress' or intensification of disturbing emotions which can increase the thought processes to a point where they reach the state of uncontrollable turbulence. One of these is solely the result of the consequence  of some form of violence aimed at the individual.

The other intensification disturbance in emotional states is aroused 'fearful or depressing' emotions which seem simply to 'happen' with no apparent external influence but which nevertheless are beyond the capacity of the individual to halt in terms of the revolving thoughts that go on endlessly and may lead to out of control emotions.

In both of the above 'cases' the mental and emotional disturbances result in the person feeling themselves to be out of control and  beyond their capacity to cope. This state often ends in the person being 'labelled' under the mental health umbrella but  the question that is seldom asked is 'why are the individuals thoughts and emotions unable to be controlled?'

The answer is simple. It is due to the intrusive 'nature' of the Dark energy essence which, being the consequence of their Dark emotions can, and mostly does, override individual thought processes. Without reason to enable a person to come to grips with their emotional response thoughts are compound by out of control emotions, emotions that can only be halted when the individual understands the process fully namely by taking the necessary 'steps' to fortify their minds against the incoming thoughts that constantly revolve in their mind.

~ Spiritual Clarification ~

As an EDUCATOR it is my 'task' to expose the fact that any inner turmoil which had NO outside causal factor is indeed the result of the spirit soul of the person having become "infected" as it were by Dark inner emotions. It is my 'task' to also expose the fact that any inner turmoil caused by an external factor is greatly exacerbated by negative emotions within the individual and this can result in 'non-acceptance' and un-forgiveness or blame. It is these  ongoing 'depressive' processes that are difficult to surmount or 'heal.'

These emotions are the sign of the negative emotional energy drawn into that persons spirit soul over a period of time, possibly an eternity of time. The result of this is that the individual's negative emotions begin to influence their mental state.  In this state the thought processes become fixated on the negative feelings existing within their soul.

This fixation ultimately results in dark energy which in turn feeds the emotional turmoil and this process can go on endlessly.  What is so hard for the medical profession to accept is that these negative emotions existed within that persons soul long before the person's spirit entered this  material world.

I say this because 'unbeknown' to mankind, having emotions of fear, greed, criticism, hatred, jealousy, anger, revenge and a multitude of other DARK feelings within one's spirit soul is an 'unnatural' state of being.  (It is a state referred to as the SIN in man).

For those souls who have never defied  God's "peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness" Command, negative emotions are not within their soul which means these people are therefore at 'Peace' both mentally and emotionally at all times and in all situations even when 'confronted' or abused. Without the negative feelings these individuals remain mentally and emotional steady and stable resulting in them being capable of being merciful and forgiving of any who become their oppressor.

There is no judgment being made in stating that dark inner emotions infest and infect the soul of a person. This is simply a reality  being experienced by the spirit of most individuals walking the earth today.  It is the reality of telepathic intrusion of the Dark that can cause an individual to become totally irrational for a time until they ''come to themselves" as it were.

Once they become 'rational' and more aware of their own thoughts they often have no cognitive memory of what it is they may have done while in the state of utter despair due to the telepathic control associated with the Dark intrusion into their mind.

It is the time for all mortals, especially 'helpers,' to understand that it is not a 'normal' state of affairs to have this DARK energy within our souls being expressed negatively from our mouths. It is also the time for 'troubled' (mentally disturbed) people to realise that IF they are not in control of their thoughts then these thoughts do 'stem' from outside the self, a state which in the past was correctly recognised as telepathic subjugation of the mind of man by intrusive spirit forces overriding the person's individual consciousness. The time now is for everyone to learn how to stem this process of 'spirit possession' and the means of doing so is available through the 'Suicide document.' The link thereto is available at the end of this document.

Further to the above, everyone needs to learn about 'The God factor,' for 'invited or not God will attend.' Understanding the God factor educates us about the immutable 'Law of God' which is in operation at all times. 

The Law of God is simply that what we put out in terms of our actions towards others does come back to us at the time and in the place so ordained by God consequently, a person 'suffering' physical, mental, emotional or any other form of abuse is simply receiving their 'Just dues' within said law which is imposed on them through the 'hands' of ignorant and arrogant vain mortals or, stemming from within their own minds and negative emotions.

The individuals who use 'darkness' to intrude, control, rob, rape, pillage, abuse and destroy others are ignorant and have absolutely no knowledge that they themselves will later 'suffer' the same fate, a 'fate in the same form of suffering' which they imposed on others, whether that is to be imposed upon them in this life 'time' or in another realm in the afterlife.

However, the relevance of this 'DSM' outreach article is to 'awaken' all psychiatrists and psychologists to the error of their promotion via their mis-understanding of the spiritual truth surrounding mental and emotional issues. If these professionals are to become true 'helpers' then it is imperative that they reprogram their mind  and 'enlighten' it to the facts given so that the mental and emotionally 'needy' become educated and are then able to 'extract' themselves from their 'suffering' and move forwards.

Another reason for this outreach article is to 'awaken' all psychiatrists to the error of their promotion of mind-altering drugs and to assist them to address their own mis-understanding of the spiritual truth surrounding mental and emotional issues.

At this stage of history every true 'helper' needs to re-program their current 'programmed' mind by 'enlightening' it to the facts given so that the 'needy' become educated and they are then able to 'extricate' themselves from their 'suffering' and move forwards.

For too long the false belief of psychiatry has held mankind in suffering and as a consequence, and due to the psychiatrists own ignorance, they have caused ongoing trauma through their drug induced control. Through such control psychiatrists themselves are accruing a similar 'due' within God's Law, namely, that the physical or mental or emotional suffering you impose on others is the suffering you will have imposed upon yourself.


LINK: The Suicide document: suicide.htm