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~ A comparison study of sacred texts ~

My name is Clemencia and I am the author of these few pages. My hope in writing is to assist theologians, intellectuals, biblical scholars and seekers of truth to understand the import of a newly released 'on line' book titled "The Testament Of Truth" authored by 'Terence.'

My aim is to compare the contents of the Testament of Truth with the historical works of "The Gospel Of Peace Of Jesus the Christ" and "The Teachings Of The Essenes from Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls."

The words and works of the Jesus of the New Testament as coded in current Bibles were not collated until minimally 40 to100 years after his death. The words of Jesus were therefore written much later by individuals who were not necessarily privy either to the works or the words of Jesus.  The re-interpretation of the original message from Jesus has also been translated, re-interpreted and re-written on occasions so numerous that in all probability we are left with little of the original teachings of Jesus.

It will not be news to biblical scholars, philosophers, theologians or students of the world’s esoteric literature that the original words have been distorted to such an extent that any Truth which may once have been spoken by Jesus has been contaminated or falsified under the debris of mans’ desire for power, greed and ambition. Those who ultimately wrote what we now refer to as 'The New Testament' were men who very probably ‘wrested the scriptures unto their own destruction'.

There now exist hundreds of Christian sects and other religious orders who claim to be the holders of the only "True" version of the teachings of Jesus. That these various sects have been and still are prepared to kill others, maim and distort the Truth to uphold their claims, would seem to make a mockery of the central tenet of Jesus’ teachings, namely, that to turn the other cheek and forgive a brother who offended you even as often as 77 x 7 was the most important part of being a Christ follower!

If we reflect for a moment and imagine what God might think upon observing millions of souls fighting for the right to claim 'the truth' of the inspired message proclaimed by Jesus we may begin to grasp the absurdity of the current situation among all the Jesus sects.

My contention is that given we spend thousands of hours in scholarly pursuit concerning the truth of Jesus' Inspired teachings in order to prove our interpretation, the only valid one, while denouncing the interpretation of other's is it not  a revelation of how very wrong all the interpretations are.

God has sent many messengers, messiahs, prophets and teachers over millennia, but the problem with any claiming to have a revelation from God is that firstly, they make "bad press" because on the whole those so ‘inspired’ mostly come to criticise the leaders and the people for not living according to God’s instructions. Secondly, and perhaps more significantly,  God has a way of revealing His Truth to the meek and humble and often 'unlearned' in terms of the world's acceptance of scholarship.

Would intellectual pride and scholarly achievements not suffer a mortal blow if God chose to reveal the End Time Truth of His intentions for mankind through the 'pen' of a scholastically "unlearned" fisherman such as Terence?

Meek such a man may be, and yes, we may even believe that "the meek shall inherit the earth," but not the world which we inhabit because the only measure of the validity concerning 'truth' in the sacred portals of our learned institutions, is the pride that scholarly achievement alone is the one ‘true’ path to finding that truth!

Needless to say The Testament of Truth is an inspired message that has come through a humble fisherman from Africa and no, he has never set foot in the hallowed halls of our great institutions of learning. Having trod in those corridors of power myself I too stood accused of once having been sceptical about the message in the Testament of Truth until I actually took the time to study the work which he claims to be words inspired directly by the Source.

It is the journey of first studying and then trying to live the message contained in the Testament of Truth that captured my spirit and like Jacob I must wrestle with the Angel. Simply stated it is therefore my spirit which guided my intellectual pursuit towards an understanding of this message as I set aside the intellectual prejudices of years of learning.

My aim is to assist the intellectuals of this age to take the small first step of allowing their spirits to be exposed to what is contained in this writing. To assist in that small first step I will extrapolate the similarities contained in the words of this "unlearned" fisherman with those contained in the Gospel of the Essenes and the Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ.

When noting the similarities between these very disparate works I trust that like me, you may wonder at how such similarities are possible. After this reading if you are true to the rules of your own logic, you too may reach the conclusion that The Testament of Truth is just 'possibly' divinely inspired.! This is further validated when, beyond the similarities, you find difference that leave you standing before what I have come to acknowledge as unfettered truth.

I have briefly sketched an outline of the similarities between The Testament of Truth and The Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ and then moved beyond comparison to an explication of the Truth as revealed in The Testament of Truth.

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Tells us of the Kingdom of Mother's angels
where the power of Satan cannot enter



Speaks of Mother’s Kingdom of Love
where the power of Satan cannot enter.


We are created by Mother who gave us life and her power is above all, destroying Satan and his kingdom.

  We are created by the Source, Mother and Father God. Satan cannot be destroyed because it/he is a part of the Source. (Destructive energy)
The spirit of man is created from the Father and his body from the Earthly Mother walk on this realm for a time.   All spirits are created out of the union of Mother/Father God the Source. The biological earthly body is a vehicle enabling the spirit soul to walk on this realm for a time.
The Light lightens itself and the Darkness but the Darkness knows only Itself and knows not the Light.


  The Dark beholds the Light. The Light shines on the Dark. The Source knows Itself fully, and both the benign creative essence of the Light and the malignant destructive energy of the dark exist as 'opposites' in perfect 'balance.'

No man may come before the face of God unless he be purified.

  As no darkness can enter the Light (heaven) we cannot enter the ultimate level of consciousness and stand before the face of God until we are purified by being freed of inner negativity. (sin - negative emotions)

No one can reach the Father accept through the Mother.


  We cannot stand before God’s face unless we heed Mother’s Command to "Only Love." Father Demands that we obey this Command. Only in obeying this command do we one day become purified.
Jesus says "believe in my Word not in me."   Terence says "Heed The Word of God via me, do not seek to follow me the simple man."

Jesus speaks in the living tongue of the living God through the Holy Spirit of the Heavenly Father.


  Terence writes God’s Word as inspired by the Source the Holy Spirit, being the heavenly Mother/Father. His 'spirit soul' is unclouded by darkness, thus he is able to be and is 'the spirit of truth.'
Love is eternal and stronger than death.   "To Love" is the only Command. Love overcomes death (eternal Darkness) only when we heed this Command and go our way in peace.

Love is patient, kind, not evil knows no pride, is not rude nor selfish, is slow to anger, imagines no mischief, rejoices not in injustices but delights in justice. Love defends all, believes all, hopes all, bears all and never exhausts itself.



Love is creative and caring, understanding, meek, compassionate, humble, giving, respectful, merciful and forgiving. Love sees the Light in the darkest soul. Love never uses the Dark by invoking justice.

Love is never negative and never demands or retaliates, never seeks retribution, accepts all and "Only express love."

Love one another and the angels will know you and help you.


  When we express love we are expressing the Light which flows through us, and then returns to us via others within God's Law.
We are all brothers and sisters when in the will of God.


  We are all brothers and sisters whether in the will of God or not, for all are a part of God's creation.
Scriptures are dead. God’s living Word is written in every thing that is life.


  Scriptures are distorted and contain deception, and are thus obsolete. God now again reveals His uncontaminated Word. Our positive or negative interaction with others 'judge' us. (Benign or malignant deeds)
Because man's scriptures speak in the tongue of dead men, all men can understand it but cannot understand the Word of Jesus the Light of Life.


  Men cling to old scriptures written by men whose minds were subject to thought intrusion from 'dead' men (lost spirits) All spirits having negative emotions within (sin) have been accessed telepathically by influence from dark spirits so none are free to see the truth.
The Laws of man are innumerable but the laws of the Son of Man are seven, of the Angels three. the Law of God but one.   Man's laws have multiplied beyond sanity. God has only ONE Law - "You will Reap what you did Sow - What you do to others will by others be done unto you."
Jesus' strength to confront Satan Is the strength of the Innocent Lamb.   Terence's strength to resist the Dark is the strength to heed God's call of "non-retaliation" and to "Go as a Lamb to the slaughter" when confronted by the reaper as he 'submits' to God's Command.

Jesus states the he is the son of He who sent him.

  Terence states that he and all are the children of God and also that he was sent to personally write and deliver God's unadulterated final message.
Man must resist Satan and NOT do his will.


  No matter what the circumstances, or how intensive our negative emotions, we must never express negativity, for this is to do the will of the Dark (Satan) working through us mentally to be ITS servant.
Darkness darkens your eyes, stops your ears.



Darkness within us (negative emotions) permits deceptive thoughts to intrude clouding our perception to the point where we neither see nor hear nor conform with the truth of the Word.

When you become debtors of Satan (sin) you will suffer with sweat and pain until you have repaid ALL your debts.




The One Law of God - "As you Sow so shall you Reap" - is immutable. The Dark forgives and forgets nothing. All negative deeds must be paid for. (Endured as God fulfils His Law)

When we have expressed (sown) darkness we have become debtors to Satan and subject to the One Law meaning we will reap what we sowed until the debt is paid. (Father extends no mercy nor forgiveness for sinning)

Sin is seen as the desecration of the body which is the temple of the Spirit. Our bodies are said to become what our foods are and what we eat.


  Our bodies are but temporary biological vehicles for our spirit to inhabit in this realm. The sin is the negative emotion within the soul and the soul is the temple of the spirit. Our spirit is nourished and purified through expressing love. Our spirit is starved, contaminated and destroyed by taking in and expressing negativity.

Your spirits become what your thoughts are.



When your thoughts become deeds your spirit becomes more positive or more negative according to the energy you used in that deed. Any negative thought must never be enacted in deed. Our deeds will determine whether our spirit will become Lighter or Darker depending on the direction our thoughts drove us to act.

It is only your deeds that will bear witness against you.


  It is only by your deed that you are known, not by what you say, believe, or say you are. As you "suffer," let all know that others suffered the same way through your hands at another time.
All evil deeds are recorded in the book of the spirit. You can escape the laws of Kings but the Laws of God - these none escape.   The Dark knows every time you Use It. Each time you use the Dark It demands that you pay the exact price of that use. God's Law is absolute and its consequence is inescapable.


None else but your Father can forgive you your debts but Satan forgives you nothing.





Satan is Father's servant and is empowered to fulfill the dark side of the Law, being to punish the ignorant and arrogant who caused 'injury' and heeded not the command to love and forgive.

There is no 'forgiveness for sin' per se. This would nullify the Law of God. Those who heed God's command walk in God's Light sowing good and reaping good, therefore becoming untouchable by Satan.

He who kills, kills himself.  

As you do so is it done to you.

Satan entices everyone to that to which their 'ear' is most inclined.


  The Dark knows everything about all and entices you to express darkness using the darkness within your soul to 'enter' your mind. (the sin - negative emotions of fear, hatred, jealousy and greed)
By your deeds you deny Him who gave you the scriptures.  

Any negative deed is a denial of God's Word. (Defiance of God)

Through sorrow and fasting you show Satan that your true Lord of Light returns to your soul. Knowing it is the end of his power, Satan pits all his strength against you, seeking to destroy you.




The Dark leaves you alone only when you submit to God and have paid your dues and when you are free of sin within, for only then can its thoughts no longer control your actions.

When you are faced by the reaper coming to collect its "debts," Satan will entice us to retaliate, giving us many reasons to deny God's call of "Non retaliation and - Go as a lamb to the slaughter." If however we listen to Satan we become more bound and our suffering continues.

When Satan torments you - do not pay him his tribute.






When your negative emotions torment you do not give in to the negative thoughts from Satan because he will entice you to abuse others as his 'thoughts' give you a 'justification' to so do.

When other people torment you they are being used by Satan and you must not retaliate, for if you do retaliate and cause them harm then you are paying 'tribute' to Satan as you are operating as his 'slave.'

By our dark and punitive deeds 'He' (Satan) judges us.

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The translation of the Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ is a direct translation from the Aramaic Manuscript held in the library of the Vatican and in Old Slavonic in the Royal Library of Habsburgs. These manuscripts have been translated into English by Edmond Szekely, London 1937.

The Teachings of the Essenes, from Enoch to the Dead Sea Scrolls, published in 1978 and The Gospel of the Essenes, published in 1976, are also translated by Edmond Szekely.

The Testament of Truth is the recent work of Terence Malaher.  He has at no time studied either the Dead Sea Scrolls or the Aramaic manuscript. He is not a scholar and is ignorant of the works under study in this document, however, he is and has always been a man of God. The Testament of Truth is a work inspired by the Source for whom Terence is a "messenger."

Whilst this article is aimed at stirring the curiosity of scholars, intellectuals, theologians and ministers of religion, it is written for all who earnestly seek the Truth.

In The Testament of Truth it is revealed that if Satan entices others to abuse you and you pay your dues at their hand by not retaliating - only then do you become free from Satan's influence. It is Satan, God’s servant, who is sent as God’s 'Reaper' to release us from our past debts. Only when we can "welcome" the suffering or mortal death at the hands of others have we been "enlightened" by God’s Wisdom because then we have truly supped on God’s bread and on the waters of eternal life.

Satan only becomes our enemy when we allow him to use us as his reaping tool, that is, when we carry out the retributive reaping process of another person by being the one to mete out their punishment.

Satan is the servant of God sent to release us from our past debts, a release that although painful is a necessary evil to ensure that we repay the pain we caused others in our past. This the fulfilment of the One Just Law, a Law that, if not fulfilled, would mean we had no hope of ever going back to the Light.

When we do not allow ourselves to be Satan's 'hand-piece' we no longer defy God and we walk in the Light and receive a return of Light from others because that too is the fulfilment of the One Law…….the energy you use in your interaction with others, whether the negative energy of condemnation or judgment or the positive energy of forgiveness and understanding, IS the energy you personally have to feel. That is the fulfilment of God’s One Law.

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The Essenes recognised only positive, constructive forces on operation in the universe. For them man’s role was to endeavour to strengthen the good positive forces to such an extent that the negative evil ones would be overcome and disappear from the earth.

An observation of the tragic state of the human race highlights that the ‘strengthening of the good positive forces’ by man has done nothing to abate the negative forces. (This has obviously not occurred) Thus, whilst the Essene teaching reveals things in common with the Testament of Truth what it fails to do is reveal the reality of the Dark and the Dark’s capacity to stop us from being positive, something which is revealed with great clarity in The Testament of Truth.

Whilst all other religious world pictures, from the ancient Babylonians to Christianity conceived of two forces at play in the universe, those of Good and Evil; forces that were in constant opposition to each other, in the Essene teaching as set out in the "Tree of Life" they represented positive forces only.

In the section of the Essene writing concerning the Tree of Life the roots represented the force or power of the Earthly Mother and the Angels of Earth Life, Joy, Sun, Water and Air. The branches represented the cosmic powers of the Heavenly Father and his Angels of Eternal Life, Creative Works, Peace, Power, Love and Wisdom.

At the centre of the Tree, half-way between Heaven and Earth, was man, surrounded by all the forces which both impacted upon him and were impacted upon by him.

The central position of "thought" as the superior force was due to the belief that man’s thought constantly sent out and received currents from the visible and invisible universe.

The nearest that the Essenes came to defining the opposite of the Good positive currents, forces of the Light, was their belief that the inexhaustible energy in the universe containing knowledge, harmony and the Light of Wisdom, remained untapped because of the Darkness of ignorance.

Darkness or negativity was conceived of as an absence of harmony or ‘ignorance’ rather than an independent inexhaustible energy which also transmits, and is received, throughout the visible and invisible universe.

This tendency to minimise, if not 'conceal' the Dark is one of the most consistent features of all world religions.

Whilst evil, the dark, or negative forces feature in most world religions, the unequivocal nature of its powerful independent existence is always watered down by the fact that teachings contained in theological and philosophical dissertations maintain that 'evil is subject to man’s interpretations of it.'

This is evidenced in all religions where theological leaders maintain that the Dark’s power and omnipotence is believed to be subject to the Light. Further there are also assertions that the Dark is also subject to various practices which render the Dark "manageable." The best examples are the many rites and rituals whereby a priestly figure acts as intermediary between the people who have sinned and God against whom they have sinned.

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These rituals (the rite of confession being a prime example) are said to ameliorate the consequence of the individual failing to obey God's one Command to only be loving merciful and never retaliatory . The strong belief in the capacity of rituals to ameliorate the consequence of man defying God by using the Dark, is revealed as gross error in Terence's Testament, for there it is clearly stated that no rituals of man ameliorate or nullify God's one immutable Law – the energy you use in your interaction with others is the energy that will come back to be felt by you.

Either through the practice of apologetics, theological exegesis, or philosophical and intellectual debate, the omnipotence of the Dark as equal with the Light and therefore an integral part of the Source has been concealed. The teachings of the Essenes are no exception to this.

In one way or another the initiates of each world religion see themselves as capable of establishing immunity from the power of the Dark force. The beliefs vary but held in common by all is the belief that through some "man sanctioned" ritual, dogma, ceremony, incantation or the calling on the name of a messenger such as Jesus, the absolute power of the Dark is rendered impotent. The other universal belief is that man thinks he can not only control the Dark but also destroy it.

In The Testament of Truth there are unequivocal statements warning of the danger of the above positions because there it is made clear that only absolute obedience to God's Command - "Be peaceful, merciful, loving compassionate and forgiving" gives us protection against the dark which is indestructible. This means that it is only by being "forgiving and non retaliatory" in all situations that we gain freedom from the Dark.

When we no longer utilize the dark to condemn, judge, oppress, retaliate or destroy, in fact when we are following the example shown to us by Jesus and "going" quietly as a lamb to the "slaughter" if we are required to be put to death, only then are we set free from the 'inquisition' by the Dark.

For man the power of the Dark was apparent in both disease and physical death with which the Dark was ultimately equated. The Essene teachings as well as the teachings of the Israelites exemplify this in rituals associated with "bodily cleansing" which they believe is pleasing to God whilst the Christian tradition is one of identifying physical death as the darkness man must face.

The above religions fail to accept that darkness within man is a reality. What these religions hold instead is, that adherence to 'religious rituals' ameliorates that Dark. This failure leads most religions to deny that darkness in man is increased in the soul each time negative deeds are performed by man.

In the Testament of Truth on the other hand "real" death, that is the spiritual death of being "lost to the dark and forgotten," is a direct result of failure to accept that it is our own dark negative actions alone by which we are judged by the Dark. Conversely, when conforming to the "Love one another" Command and being loving and kind, our positive actions are judged by the Light, and we receive a 'benign' and joyful return.

The reported conquering of physical death by Jesus was presumed to be the culmination of the losing fight by humanity against the powerful Dark force. The Light had purportedly conquered the Dark thereby supposedly not only divesting it of its power, but rendering it subject to the material laws of the universe. This is an error of judgement and of belief.

The act of the ‘reported’ physical resurrection of Jesus is today still considered an act that renders "Christ followers" immune, not only the power of the Dark, but to give them an immunity from spiritual death no matter how often they utilize the Dark to judge, condemn, vilify or even take life. Thus while Jesus the messenger constantly taught that the greatest Command was ‘forgive under all circumstances and turn the other cheek,’ later followers and later interpretations of his teachings again buried the true nature of the Dark, causing it to remain concealed under the weight of man-made laws, beliefs and "mens’ translations" of God's Command.

This is falsity born out of ignorance and a deceit that continues to be perpetuated through contaminated teachings as is evidenced in the way mankind continues to abuse and even kill, believing that these actions in war are somehow absolved by those professing to follow Christ. The reality as now revealed is that any who abuse others in any way are refusing to obey God’s Command to always turn the other cheek and forgive, and the consequence of that disobedience is the sad reality that they fall deeper into spiritual darkness.

From the time man attained the capacity to reason he has grappled with the obvious existence of Good and Evil, Light and Dark. In an attempt to reconcile these contradictory, irreconcilable forces he created an artificial dichotomy separating the unified duality – light and dark - into a conveniently manageable separation.

The benevolent force he named the Light/God in whom no Dark exists believing this force of good would always protect and save him. The malevolent force he named various things, but predominantly Dark/Satan/Evil in whom no Light exists, believing that he should destroy not only it, but those he deemed were it in action through their expressed negative deeds.

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The Testament of Truth reveals the enormous implications of these false beliefs and misunderstanding concerning the Dark. The revelation contained in this inspired book is a full revelation of the Dark and how it works through the negative emotions and thoughts of all spirits, both incarnate and discarnate.

The Testament of Truth elucidates that by denying the Dark equal status and co-existence with the Light, mankind has presumed the Dark to be impotent against man’s ordained "authority." This belief has led many of God’s children to believe that negative treatment of others is acceptable when it clearly is contrary to the teaching of the messenger, Jesus, sent by God.

The truth is that the Dark is impotent in the face of the Light only when we as individuals walk in the Light. This we do only when we live the Command by expressing only love, by being peaceful and by forgiving others in all circumstances. When we fail to keep this Command we empower the Dark by using IT in our interaction with others, and IT is then 'self-empowered' to abuse us because, by failing to keep to the Command we not only place ourselves in ITS domain and within ITS immutable Law but we continue to deny the call of the Light to always obey the Command.

The reality is that the Dark is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent with the Light because it is an eternal part of the Source. That Source is Energy, at one end of Its spectrum is the pure Light and at the other end is the pure Dark. Both these energies are indestructible. It is arrogant man who chooses to deny the wisdom of the Light of God by "using" the dark. This man does each time he is destructive to others, forceful, interfering or controlling. As soon as any of us express the dark in action, we bind ourselves to the Dark until such time as we pay all our dues through the Karmic process.

The "dark one" entices us through our ‘thought’ processes often seducing our minds by thoughts that give us a valid reason to express a negative action. These thoughts tempt us to deny the Light through such actions as verbal criticism or judgement of our fellow man. As we give in to these thoughts we ultimately become overpowered by them because, by letting them ‘play’ in our minds, we give the Dark permission to seduce us into using It’s judging energy. Since Judgment belongs only to God, when we presume to act on the thoughts that give us every good reason to judge others we are using God’s energy.

God’s energy to Judge and deliver retribution is 'Just' energy. That energy in our hands is always negative retribution which must be paid for by us and as such must again become God’s Just retribution to be felt by us.

Each time we use God’s energy to judge, condemn or seek retribution we increase that negative energy within us. It is through using this dark energy endlessly that we ultimately stand to lose our souls to it and fall into the underworld in the afterlife.

We have consistently ignored the revelations throughout mankind’s history that "Justice is mine says the Lord," a justice which alone has the Right of Retribution and retaliation. This Right is the domain of the Dark and when we usurp that domain by assuming we have the right to be it in action, we are not only using the Dark but we ourselves are being used by It to mete out "Its divine retribution."

We have remained too arrogant to see our ignorance of the Dark and consequently we are now unable to see that each time we seek justice in any form the dark is using us and that for allowing it to so do we must pay the painful price.

The Command that we be "only loving in all we do," revealed universally throughout world religions, takes on its full significance when seen from this understanding of the nature of the Dark as revealed in The Testament of Truth.

This universal Command is a Command from the Light that we be true to that aspect of IT in whose image we are created however, it is also a Demand from the other aspect of God, the Dark, in whose image we are also created.

The difference between the Command of the Light and the Demand of the Dark that we be loving is of great importance for, contained within this difference is the revelation of the nature of that which Commands and that which Demands.

The Light’s Command to Love comes from its infinite Wisdom and knowledge that if we fail to heed Its Command the Dark will overpower us. The nature of the Light is thus both revealed by and contained within Its Command.

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We need to understand that the inner sin is a part of the Dark within us and that it is this "Sin" which allows the Dark to invasively intrude and access our minds. The demand of the Dark through us is that we destroy "bad" people who themselves are or have been 'that Dark' in action.

The Light's Command is therefore to protect us which it does when we reject the negative thoughts of the dark and do not turn them into expressed deed. It is only in this denial of Satan‘s thoughts that our deeds remain positive. When we give in to any negative thoughts we are bound by the darkness until such time as we have paid our dues, usually through the hands of another.

The nature of the Dark is contained within the Father’s Demand that we be loving, a demand built upon "control by force." Refusal of a Demand is our freedom of choice but, that choice MUST result in the full weight of the controlling force being imposed. This imposition is the Darkness in action abusing those who have been abusive before and, it uses anyone that is ignorant of Its reality and power to destroy them.

Now, since the Command of the Light and the Demand of the Dark both have the same requirement of us, one respectfully requesting and the other forcefully insisting that we obey the Command to be peaceful, loving, compassionate and forgiving, it follows that whilst we still have the choice to be loving or destructive, we had best choose wisely because should we not heed the Command and the Demand, the consequences are eternal.

When we refuse to obey the Demand often enough it gives rise to much negativity and consequent suffering through the fulfillment of the One Law "Reap what you did Sow." Through the process of constant use of the Dark we almost blot out the Light within us causing the inner dark to "overshadow" that inner Light. Once this balance towards using the Dark is tipped (so that Light seems lost,) the negative emotions within us "over-ride" our freedom of choice, and we diminish and ultimately lose our capacity to even obey the Command.

At that time our inherent desire to fulfill the Command is lost beneath the overwhelming emotions of negativity we feel as a result of the suffering endured at "debt payment time." At this time our inner Light’s capacity to be loving becomes merely a faint echo of some long forgotten memory, as our intensified emotions are incessantly fuelled by incoming dark thoughts which give us endless reasons to deny the call of Peace.

The call of Peace is set out in "The Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ," but only in The Testament of Truth is there a full understanding of "how and why" we must remain "non-retaliatory and peaceful in the face of adversity." Further, only now are the reasons for our inability to adhere to the call of Peace and non retaliation revealed in "The Testament of Truth" as well as the means to 'enlighten' ourselves and become truly free from eternal pain and suffering.

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For your convenience I give you an extract from 'The ONE true faith' document written by Terence:

Let it be clearly understood, that there are only TWO ideological beliefs that exist that are 'classified' as 'religions,' for the true meaning of the word 'religion' is the IDEAL or ideological code of conduct POLICY to which the 'follower' is 'faithful' and loyal, and their 'fidelity' to the one or the other is shown to God and man by their interaction 'ACTIVITY' with other children of God.

IF you are a seeker of Salvation and wish to find your way to the Promised Land, paradise, heaven, then you need to read, comprehend, and follow the ONE True faith revealed herein by my sacred pen, as you turn your 'back' on any named religion of man and 'choose' to simply follow the TRUE LIGHT that reveals the TRUE spiritual WAY via me.

There are many 'named' religions of MEN that are misleading humanity and turning man against man, for there are in fact only TWO religious ideological codes of conduct beliefs/policies/faiths/doctrines. These are the ideological 'policies' available to be followed:

The ONE is the TRUE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in:

Tender loving CARE
Peace, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, mercy, respect, forgiveness, freedom & creativity using LOVE. (benign)
Thus the aspirant, pilgrim or 'follower' remains loyal in being an absolute pacifist in their interaction with others at all times.

The other is the FALSE religion.
The 'ideal' being the belief in the justification for:

Cruel merciless PERSECUTION
War, control, deception, disrespect, vengeance, torture, killing & destruction
using FORCE. (malignant)
Thus the 'follower' is thus an aggressor that terrorises and injures others when they feel 'justified' to so do.

People of ALL races and named 'creeds' or 'religions' need to know that the 'key' to Salvation is 'simply' to obey and remain in absolute conformity at all times and in all situations to:

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God that stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

You have been spiritually 'baptised' when the above IDEAL 'policy' has been given unto you and you have made a personal choice to be faithful and loyal to its code of conduct policy at all times and in all situations, especially when faced by aggression.

It follows that the pilgrimage is not one whereby you visit the 'Ganges' to wash away sins, or to 'Mecca' or any other supposedly 'holy' site, for that is nonsense, as no 'visitation' to any earthly place reduces your inner capacity to defy God and fight when fearful or angry.  The true pilgrim seeks the spiritual realm of heaven, and prepares her or his mind using my wisdom so that the daily journey is one whereby they remain steadfast unto the Holy Word above and never wields a sword nor raises their voice with critical or angry words.

The true follower knows that God has but ONE Law:

"As you or your servants do unto others will be done to you by others, be it benign or malignant."

The true also know that any 'harm' or 'disadvantage' befalling them is simply a spiritual due that they accrued in this or, in a past time when in a spiritual realm pre-birth, and thus they never retaliate, and they 'turn the other cheek' as such and remain steadfast unto the holy word of PEACE.

This simple Truth of Salvation became lost as it was replaced by the multitudes of 'rites, rituals, decrees,' and other measures of control that were established within all scriptural 'teachings' of mankind by vain men seeking power and control and wealth untold, and the simple 'secret' wisdom being the 'ideal' code of conduct policy to be adhered to at all times and in all situations was 'shrouded' in black and misplaced - - - to now be reinstated by me.

The fullness of the message as contained in The Testament of Truth with its "ray of hope" giving the means to fortify our minds against Satan’s intrusiveness is available "free on air" on the internet web page : http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk