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The 'Nuns' letters
By Clemencia

To the planetary "Orders" of my compassionate sisters of
"Mercy - Charity - Good Samaritan - Sacred Heart"

I glimpsed a weary mother today at a market stall, and in her tired eyes I caught the downward fall of her slightly broken spirit as she thought "how to make ends meet," and I stood in sorrowful silence that failed her "soul" to greet.

Six children clung around her with eyes that were aglow at the wares that I was selling, an "incubator" for chickens to grow, and others milled around with material wealth more than she, yet the light from her soul "shining" is the one that's remembered by me.

She recalled to my mind the women who had been called "Mother" by me, Nuns, who took vows of chastity, and never true mothers would be. Then all at once I was weary, saddened, and filled with grief that so many of God's beloved daughters were bound by chains of false belief.

The little mother before me, and the nuns who had taught me at schools, all controlled by demands of old doctrines, their spirits bound by the rules. One lot spinning on "spools of religion" with vows made to 'seal up' their womb, knowing not that their man-made "Orders" would tie their soul to the tomb.

The other caught up in a "System," grinding away at her means to provide. Taxes on food and all basics, 'till her poverty she could no more hide. Such true and wonderful women God's daughters, of that be assured, all deceived by beliefs of forefathers who the true message of God have ignored.

"Strip yourself" of the rules and regulations, there really is just ONE Command, "Love one another as I do," that does Father God now demand. But if your heart is not filled with forgiveness, compassion and mercy for men whom you now see have misled you, then you will retaliate as they did then.

God now calls out to his daughters, whether nuns mothers, or wives: "Hold out please your hand to your brothers, they have need of your love in their lives, love that condemns not nor judges for anything that went on before, forget the past and live in the present, let your love flow to each ones door."



In the twilight world of slumber, where mind and spirit rage, I found myself suspended on the point of the turning page between "real and unreality," matter and the soul, neither hell nor heaven entered, but in that place called "shoal," a strange yet wondrous moment, in which "our time" was stilled.

There was a clear perception, by vision ne'er yet filled, I saw there in that moment oft called the "eternal" now, a Light beyond description to which other Lights did bow.

The limits of these words with which I now must write, fail so deep to capture what was seen by "other" sight, 'twas God who stood before me, but the truth that did unfold revealed He was the Total, not just what I'd been told.

But, the thing I understood as from body freed at last, was that I stood in a place where all I'd known was past, yet, I was in the present, for before me stood my deed, from not one single act performed, was "this" present freed, and God was all, and all was God, that Truth now fully revealed, in every deed that I had done, I one side of God concealed.

In careless acts of "criticism," even when not my intent, I concealed the Light of God that God through me had sent, and as I lent my actions to the negative deeds of the Dark, I saw what seemed at first a "dot," burst to a flaming negative spark.

With every breath of being, my deeds do light a positive or negative flame,

If Love alone was heeded, then Light had been its name, every deed of "kindness, compassion and forgive" had caused my light to brighten as I saw that God did live, yet every act of hurting, causing others pain, had caused not only my soul, but others to remain trapped within the Darkness, where anguish and despair engulfed them for eternity to in that darkness stare.

I awoke, and knew more deeply this message I must seed, it matters not what my belief, for eternity I sow my seed. How can I share with those women who are called sisters by me the import of this message ?


Can I appeal to that inner spark within, the Light of God, which binds each one of us together, and ask that you now try to see that the "Orders" to which you belong bind you, even as "they" are bound by the rules, demands and traditions of a church which does not follow the requirement of God: "Love One Another."

Any structure, system or organisation, whether secular or religious which controls God's children in any way, is a structure inspired by negativity. You yourselves must surely be aware that systems which subjugate God's children through control, are crumbling.

The time for choice is here.

No person dedicates their life to God if they are not individuals who yearn to know God more fully. That yearning has been answered by the Truth contained in God's inspired Word. You are asked to read it, and make your decision free of demand, control or regulation, because God says that nothing but our own deed will control us.

We alone are responsible for our actions. If this Word touches you, then "practically," you need to free yourself from the control under which you have placed yourself. Even as a "Nun" you must believe the "Word of God," or you will grieve, and God does say:

"All must heed me today, you must rejoin my 'flock' and of your rituals 'defrock,' just become a 'plain Jane' and thus you revere my name, by showing by your deed that my love, my light, you seed. Do not others "deny," be loving and make no other cry, and you too must now forgive. Only thus can you in my heaven live."

So my dear sisters of the "Light," you are all in a very difficult plight, for you all to differing "Clubs" belong, and to "Walk alone with God" you needs be very strong. All the "Vows" you did take were a man made mistake, for we needs be but "Celibate to the Word," meaning "Make love, wield no sword."

There will be many people who need steady, sane and loving hands to help them. Yours are such hands, well accustomed to caring and sharing, I know that your wonderful souls will discern Truth. Please prepare your own minds for that time when so many of God's children will seek your care.

Your sister Clemencia.