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~ The 'Quest' for spiritual wholeness ~

The ‘impersonal’ account - By Clemencia

This is a letter to all those seeking the path to wholeness. I write it as a teacher in matters of the spirit, since without the incorporation of the spirit as that aspect of humanity which connects it to it’s Source, the journey to wholeness will, at best remain illusive, at worst will always only result in the windmills of the mind churning out endless inconclusive theories.

Man’s quest for ‘wholeness’ and inner peace has been sought by multitudes over many centuries but despite an exponential outpouring of literature pertaining to matters relating to this journey towards wholeness, there remains little evidence that such a quest has been reached by any of those expounding their specific theories.

One prominent psychiatrist entered into what might be termed the dark night of the soul, an occurrence that 'plagues' the life of many. During this time he withdrew from the world and entered into solitude hoping to deal with the demons that plagued him in a period of intense personal crisis.

The many years of dealing with this inner turmoil led to an analysis of the psychic images that emerged during the time in which he made an attempt to search for meaning and wholeness. The actual 'path to wholeness' was a truth that eluded him due to his lack of insight into, or knowledge of, the power of the invisible Dark essence that kept him 'in the dark' so to speak. That insight is a 'revelation' that is only now available.

Much has been written 'around' the experiences and findings of many mortals that strove to plumb the depths of the psyche of man so as to be able to 'pluck' the golden apple from the tree of enlightenment on their quest for 'Wholeness' as they saw it.  None of these 'mortals' realising that the 'sin' or 'dark shadow' within the soul of man was a spiritual energy essence that was 'unknowable' to any other than the pure of heart, being the truly 'compassionate,' and only those that if ITS Dark influence were 'free,' meaning, that they had no 'sin' within, and could thus 'expose' ITS true nature, being the knowledge that IT is the energy of the Source, God the Almighty that has a duality of both Light & Dark energy within His & Her 'frame' and, the reasons for it contaminating the soul of man.

What is of great significance to me is the revelation of this Dark side of our being which has eluded all who have walked the path on a search for wholeness. My interest in this Dark side of both man and God stems from the recent revelation of that Dark side of the Source contained in a book titled "The Testament of Truth." It is this revelation which forms the basis of my personal insight into the search for wholeness.

To be whole in terms of previous theories has meant having all functions operating appropriate to any given circumstance. It has also meant to be free from an inundation arising from the unconscious whether individual or collective. Past theories have also stated that we must come to terms with the Shadow self in order to reach wholeness where the Shadow represents repression into the unconscious of traits or unacceptable ways of being that do not accord with the ego’s image of itself.

Since in these theories the ability to plumb the depth of the unconscious is stated as the method towards reaching wholeness, it is little wonder that none have reached this goal because such a goal is unachievable simply because it takes no account of the Source and It’s 'plumbing' of our thoughts, feelings and behaviour.  The unconscious cannot be plumbed because there is another aspect to the contents of the mind which has never before been explicated but which is now revealed in 'The testament of Truth.'

The Source as Energy – Positive and Negative
Light and Dark - Merciful and Judging

If we truly want to understand the processes involved when exploring the mind and its content, we must first accept that a God exists. Whether we call that Source 'God, Yahweh, Krishna, Confucius, Krishna, Allah' or any other name is insignificant for invited or not, God will attend. In making that statement what I mean is that the Source does indeed ‘attend’ to everything we do but not in the way that has been propounded by various philosophical, psychological or religions theories.

What I mean when I state that invited or not God will attend is that God is energy in every aspect of that term whether we utilize the term as positive and negative, light and dark or merciful and judging. The emphasis is not on the adjectives but on the 'AND' since the Source is energy in totality therefore containing every aspect of energy. As part of the evolutionary process commencing with creation we are also energy both in the aspects of our physical and spirit selves.

As energy we emit 'energy' frequencies according to the nature of the energy we utilize in our daily interactions with each other whether that interaction be benign or malignant. When we are positive, and in terms of God’s requirement of us, peaceful, forgiving, compassionate, loving and non-judging of the 'offensive' actions of others when aimed at ourselves, we are using God’s positive energy.

The energy we use in any of our actions vibrates at a particular frequency on the whole energy spectrum and when we are forgiving and non-judging the 'Light' positive energy used attracts positive energy back towards us.

When we are negative, and in terms of God’s requirement of us, in contravention of the Command to be forgiving and loving and instead become cruel, retributive, punitive, critical and judgmental, we are using God’s Dark negative energy because we choose to be forceful, controlling or destructive in our interaction with others. The act of negative judgment of any kind results in us attracting the same negative energy we used.

Naturally we have no 'problems' when we utilize God’s positive energy but the reverse is true when we choose to use God’s negative energy. By drawing on either energy we place ourselves under God’s one Law, mostly referred to as the Law of Karma.

What energy we use is the energy that we draw to ourselves however, the simplicity of that becomes more complex when we understand that the Judging side of God is absolute in the purity of judgment meaning it contains both absolute mercy and absolute mercilessness, because God’s judgment is simply a like for like response for our actions.

When we use either the Light or the dark energy, some of the energy we so use remains within our spirit soul thereby causing our soul to either 'brighten ' with more Light or becoming more 'clouded' with darkness being the negative emotions within. This is referred to as the 'sin' that grows as a cancer within.

Over centuries there have been God inspired messengers who have in common the message that humanity is required, not simply requested, to obey the command to be peaceful, loving, forgiving, merciful and non-judging.

Any non compliance with that command brings with it the Just consequence that when we use negative energy we will feel that negative energy in the same intensity as that which we used!
God’s judgment is on the totally just 'eye for an eye' basis. None of us receive a judgment that we have not put into motion because quite simply the only thing that judges us is the energy we used by our own actions. Use the Dark energy and that is what returns, use the Light energy and that is what returns.

Why are we not capable of remaining Forgiving, Merciful and Non-Retaliatory?

The question is why are we not able to remain forgiving and non-judging so that we can draw only positive energy to ourselves, thereby ensuring we do not become servants of the Dark? Certainly a quick look at the current state of the world would indicate that a majority of us are far from positive even though most of us would want to be seen as caring, loving and forgiving individuals.

The main reason we are drawing more and more negative energy into our spirit soul is because we believe that we can be God’s punitive Justice in our actions. Each time we believe we ought to put others in their place because they have erred, each time we believe that we are justified in our negative reaction to those who are negative towards us, each time we demand punishment from the legal system for those we deem have committed an offence under man’s laws, we place ourselves under the Shadow of God’s hand, that Shadow being the retributive processes of the Dark side of the Source.

Once in this place we are subject to the punitive aspect of God’s One Law "As you do will be done to you." In the first place the reason we are unable to remain forgiving comes about because when we use the Dark we become servants of the Dark.

In other words the greater our belief in some inalienable right to use dark energy in our action towards others the more we become seduced by the Dark Energy of God into keeping to be ‘It’s’ retributive arm in action.

As a consequence we become the means for the Dark side of the source to deal out retributive negativity towards those who have utilized the Source’s Dark energy in their punitive judgement of others.

Once we become servants of the Dark the negative energy within us links us to discarnate spirit beings at other levels of existence. These spirits are people having the same intensity of negative emotions and the same frequency of energy as those we are experiencing at that time and it is this which enable these people to link telepathically into our thought processes.

When this occurs our thoughts run like an on-line stream of consciousness arising from somewhere other then from our own conscious volition.  This stream of conscious thought often bears no relation to the current rational process we might be undertaking, a process that requires 'clear' thinking in order to perform whatever task is in front of us.

What occurs instead is that what arises in our consciousness is the impact of the emotions and thoughts of others, emotions and thoughts which, when negative, can be possessively disturbing, irrational, retributive and confusing. These thoughts are often quite alien to our usual way of thinking.

What then are our nemeses in this matter of searching for the state of wholeness all yearn for?

Our nemesis against reaching a state of wholeness of the spirit has been thwarted due to our justification for and use of retributive justice which causes us to use Dark energy.

When in our emerging consciousness we were 'tempted' and thus sought to grasp hold of an understanding of evil so as to compare it with 'good,' we were granted that insight. When we sought to step outside of the Command to be forgiving, merciful and non-retaliatory we were granted that freedom.

What we did not know and now do not accept is that such freedom carries with it the responsibility to accept the consequences this freedom represented, namely that it opens up the possibility that we can utilize God’s Dark, forceful and destructive energy. Once we act on that possibility and use that Dark energy we place ourselves squarely under God’s Law of Retribution and we 'Reap what we sow."

You are now given that understanding and its consequences - use God’s Dark 'retributive' energy and the negativity you impose on others is the negative energy you will feel at some time in your journey - an 'equal' return of all suffering, loss or disadvantage imposed upon others.

The Source is energy positive and negative, and punitive judgement is the domain of the Source. When we take it upon ourselves to judge any other as needing our punitive correction, we begin the downward spiral into negative emotions that ultimately cover the positive light that is also within us.

When our positive light energy is so covered it causes our inner energy vibration to coarsen over time and our spirit soul is drawn away from the Light.
As I see it, the only way to halting the ingress of negative energy so that we can purify the soul is in fortifying the mind so that there is never any 'justification' to use dark energy in our interaction with others.

The actual drawing 'out' or 'removal' of IT the inner 'dark' is the prerogative of God the 'Source' ONLY, and is ONLY removed when the individual 'bows' in total and absolute 'submission' to HIS Primary ruling command:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and,
be merciful, compassionate & forgiving unto others yet sinfully living"

If your search for wholeness is genuine then avail yourself of further input by searching the information contained in the 'The Testament of Truth' by 'Terence,' and the link to it will be found at the end of my home page main Index. It is but a suggestion, but why not examine your attempts at reaching wholeness so far through the lens of what is written on this matter of positive and negative energy and see if it is of benefit in your journey to wholeness.

~ end ~

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