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~ Rural Youth Strategy ~
By Clemencia

As my counselling work for many years has been in service to the farming community, I have decided to assist the rural community with this document that deals with the spiritual aspects of problems facing rural youth and contains guidelines to aid any reader.

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~ Strategy for Country Youth ~

The problems that are facing today's rural youth  are many and varied and depend on numerous factors. Like everyone else, country youths have  been placed in a particular country with its particular programmed ways, community demands, social unrest or upheaval.

The combinations of these factors, together  with the meteorological disruptions currently being experienced globally, place added pressure on young people on the land. National or global catastrophes have shown us that the human spirit responds in many different ways when faced with difficulties, threat to a way of life or wrongful acts committed against them.

The range of reactions are anywhere from a positive heroic act which has the capacity for self sacrifice, to a negative act which results in brutal behaviour used to protect the self. Some young people have been taught to believe that they have an inalienable right to protect themselves and seek retribution when they feel they are threatened or have been wronged.

As with adults, young people need to come to the understanding that they must make a personal choice about how to behave and conduct themselves both under threat, and in times when humanity will be driven to act in brutal ways. Identifying the present and future problems that face them will help young people take the first step towards making an informed choice.

For the youth in rural areas, the burden of inactivity and the inability to earn a wage due to their present circumstance, contribute to the discontent and despondency being felt. Some of the more immediate difficulties which may lead young people to feel  despondent and act negatively are:

The External Difficulties

Being homeless.
Being without money.
Not having a meaningful job.
Being alone with no support of family or friends.
Not having the skills needed to look after or support themselves.
Being hooked on a physical substance such as marijuana or heroin.

These external difficulties and limitations are difficult and despairing  but what exacerbates them into a state of devastation is the internal emotional turmoil and the negative thought processes that the external difficulties trigger.  When these escalate being dead seems a preferable option.

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The Internal Difficulties

Thinking that there is no future for you because nobody cares.
Your thoughts saying you are inadequate which leaves you feeling worthless.

Thinking that somebody must be responsible for you, then when finding that no one is, becoming angry which leads you to take revenge in one form or another.

Thinking that someone “owes” you something and therefore feeling that
it is your right to “take” when things you want are not given to you.

Thinking that the only way to “feel“ good is to be “out of it” so you turn to drugs, then when the effects of the drugs wear off, you may think you are a “loser”

All these negative thoughts are self destructive and until young people come to understand that they alone are responsible for the thoughts that lead to the choices they  make, they may remain trapped in the negative cycle of despondency.

~ Despondency ~

Despondency is “nurtured” when there is a family crisis.
Despondency is “nurtured” when the future looks bleak.
Despondency is “nurtured” when the bank evicts a farmer.
Despondency is “nurtured” when there is not enough to do.
Despondency is “nurtured” when there appears to be no hope.
Despondency is “nurtured” when “expectations” are unattainable.

Despondency is “formed” when we expect others to be true and do what we are too lazy to do. Despondency turns into full blown despair when there are no others around to our “aloneness” share. Despondency can only be overcome when our freedom of “thought” is won and we then “clearly” see that our hands and feet and intuition are God given and are to be utilised positively.

Some Positive aspects to Consider

Having a few good friends.
The boundless energy of most young people.

Young people's capacity to learn and plan ahead and act.
The positive enthusiasm young people have.
A  capacity to see that all of us are children of God.
The support of friends in the quest to do something and make a difference.
Positive emotions to the fore with clear constructive thoughts.

For young people from rural communities the difficult times ahead will create many opportunities to bring their strengths to the fore. Rural youth have grown up either practising or observing the skills required to be self sufficient. They have had to live through many difficult times on the farm and this has given them a basic inner strength to deal with hard times.

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~ Inner strength ~

Our inner strengths can be expressed physically when we have a passion and desire to be recognised as  someone  who has something constructive to offer.  So let all now make the personal decision to override others possible “derision” at what we now do and just to ourselves and others be true.

This is accomplished by sharing the load that is the daily burden seen on earth’s road. The load being the daily need to plant our crops and harvest the “seed,” and to mow the lawn and shear the sheep. To wash the dishes and cook the food. Only in busyness do we not brood.

And as we daily through our work stride we can walk taller with positive pride that we are contributing to our family who will be thankful for our energy. And whilst this we do we can “allow” inspiration to flow through with “ideas” of other things we would like to do. Be it a part time “first aid” course or whether it be “shooting” and skinning a kangaroo.

Survival will be the order of the day when many will be homeless with no pay. So let’s take a bucket and spade and on every “land” lets “turn” a grass blade and plant enough for seven to eat so that friends and visitors can share our “meat.” Yes, we’ll needs keep a few chickens too for they make “broth” and a fine stew.

And if any “fool” comes your way and says: “I want half of what you grow today as taxes,” well, just say: “Friend, before I tell you to go on your way, I needs tell you that all “thieves” for their folly will pay.” It is the time now for all to share and to for the needy care, not to just give in to others who seek a free take off you or me.

Let the young men and women prepare to hold the hands of those who do not so well fare. Let them cook and sew and learn to nurse the needy. Let them be the farmers true who will provide food and build the shelters too that will be needed by so many who are made homeless by the untrue.

Let the rural youths teach their “city” sisters and brothers too about “survival” and how to food “grow” and country things do. Let any farmer who owns his land now draw off a “section” as is by God planned. A “part” that is given away to be freely used by any who needs a place to stay. Let all farmers place a board at their farm gate saying:

“There is free land available here for any lonely no matter what your  age, for I would help you all as is asked by God’s sage. I will help you with my equipment too as long as your labours you personally do. Help yourselves and I’ll help you, for to our God am I true.”

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So to all rural youth today, I suggest that you tell your young friends of the new way of Self sufficiency, when all  will need to help themselves along and not expect others to do it for us because  we the youth are more strong.

It is now the time to listen to your own God given inner voice. Do not wait for “aid.” It is  a time for self sufficiency where you the youth make the changes.

Create your own friendly, helpful environment, this way your labours will not be misspent and you will receive a good return for your efforts. Any true “Elder” will help you in every way. All the false ones are soon washed away. You the rural youth will be the backbone of the new planetary community.

Do as much as you can “freely,” or for a low charge, this way others will find it easier to pay for your services, and you too will find that your requirements cost less and the prices of goods will drop.

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~ Your ‘Fate’ ~ Your ‘Karma’ ~
Your today ~ becomes ~ Your tomorrow

What happens to you today is the result of your past “expressions,” things you may have said, things you did, whether in this life or in another past time. This is your “Karma” or “Fate” of the day, be it positive or negative, when for a “bad” past deed you are made to pay.

If you want a happy tomorrow that will become a “today” one day, then you “pave the way” with gold, being that you heed the wisdom of God that you have been told. Being that we must only love, and abuse none, as is asked by our God above.

So respect for others, and share and care must be our daily “ware.” We must be able to forgive others if we would “ahead” happier live. For if we ever abuse or retaliate when others do darkness upon us infuse, then what we at that moment put out will return one day and will us clout. That is the Law for sure.

May your tomorrows all happy be, this is what I wish for you all, and if you begin today to pave your personal way positively, then truly a happy “Karmic fate” does ahead for you await. Remember, any negative expression through you means you are a reaper untrue, and what you did do will at the hands of another return to you.

So for now just fortify your mind so you can stay calm when faced by adversity, remembering that any adversity now has accrued from your past negativity.  Don't retaliate and you will become free. 

Our health relies on clean, uncontaminated water since water is the basic need of life. There are not many places where rivers continuously flow so wherever  you live, try and get a galvanised rain water tank so you can drink clean water for yourself and any who come your way.

If you live by a stream then don’t pollute it in a selfish “daydream.” Remember, always take water out of the stream before you use it. Do not wash your clothes in the stream for others lower down would also like the use of clean water.

If you have sheep or cattle grazing on common ground near water ways then keep them away from the streams so they do not foul streams with their excrement. Make a water trough and feeding facility for the animals away from the stream.

The best thing to do is to dig a well a few metres away to one side of the stream and take the water out of the well. This way your water is cleaner and you may have water even if the stream stops flowing. Build a metre high wall around the top of the well.

If you have enough funds to pump water and irrigate, then take only enough to irrigate your one acre plot. If there are four of you then irrigate four acres if you wish. This way others can happier live and if more than this you do take then all others who suffer will seek to you one day break.

Try to help others with your advice and always be nice. Share your implements too and this way others will ahead help you in this coming time when it is God to us “try.” So do your best to pass the test and show God that with love and care for others you are blest.

Survival is soon the order of the day and all “town dwellers” will soon be coming your way. So if you have any spare funds then put some necessities away.

Be happy to work for no pay, just a feed sometimes as you help others who ask for your help for a week or a day. Remember, to in true happiness live we needs always a little of “ours” away give.

Please study all the documents listed below so that you are “Educated” spiritually with the truth sown. This way your minds will be more free from inner negativity and you will know that your creator does see all the deeds you sow, and will help you direct with inner inspiration and guidance, on this reflect.

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~ The farm plight ~

The rural sector needs to identify the type and delivery of services required to meet the needs of farm families as they deal with financial, social and emotional stress associated with variables beyond the control of the farm business that have become the norm, as has the resultant stress to the family and relationship system

Farming is predominantly a family business. Adaptations to changes in the farm business are consequently inseparable from changes in the family system. In this environment, adjustment has a duel impact with change in one system impinging on the performance of the other system.

In this context farm families experience a high correlation between the stress of family life-cycle adaptation and business life-cycle adaptation. The competing forces are that business decision often compete with the emotional wellbeing of the family.

Farming families work, live, eat and sleep at the work place. With financial constraints on the increase, families seldom leave the farm for anything other than business.

When business decisions start to place further pressures on an already stressed family, sound objective business decisions are often compromised. These factors are not addressed by services focused only on financial assistance, however these services remain the major focus of assistance packages.

This is reflected by the number of current programs based on a farm policy that aim to improve efficiency and economic performance of farm businesses, while ignoring the social and emotional impact on families.

Although many farm businesses are no longer viable, farmers go to great lengths to remain on family properties. Off-farm income, which at times requires one or more family members to relocate, is almost a ‘back-door’ adjustment out of the industry, but one that allows the farm to remain in the family.

The influences on the decision making processes of farming families, whether based on mythological, attitudinal, familial, historic, cultural, emotional or social factors, produce stresses that inhibit adaptive responses and affect good decision-making about financial management, farm business and family matters.

The breakdown of family relationships, violence, increased occupational accidents; depression, substance abuse and even suicide are increasingly evident in farming communities. Increases in services addressing economic features of the crisis in rural areas do not appear to have had a major influence in affecting change on the crisis of the social and emotional paradigms.

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~ Identifying the Facts ~

Government financial assistance packages over the last decade have not substantially improved the financial situation in country areas.

Exceptional circumstances have led to  reduction in farm income and while government assistance is given, this assistance inevitably comes with more regulation which intrude on the farmers freedom. Fluctuating market prices, adverse weather patterns all add to increased emotional trauma.

The debt to equity ratio for many farmers in agriculture has reached such high proportions that the bulk of equity in many farms belongs to the bank or lending institution.

Loss of income adds to the inability to service the accruing "interest" on debt. As a consequence of "added" borrowing, the farmer now has a reduced equity share in the property. Farmers have thus effectively relinquished ownership of their properties.

The Lending Institution has greater equity in the farm business than the farmer. Farmers need to come to terms with the fact that they no longer own the farm.

For whatever reason, justified at the time, farmers made the choice to increase their level of debt. These choices have added to the problems they are now experiencing.

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~ The problems ~

The lack of ability of some people in "halting" the inflow of negative worrying thoughts that lead to:

The lack of ability to "focus" clearly, which is needed when making important decisions upon which the continuing viability of the farm depends on.

This leads to difficulty in adapting to the variables beyond their control such as  rising costs of farming, fluctuating market prices and unreliable  weather conditions. 

These difficulties  aggravate the emotional aspects related to the differences between family members and their managerial roles leading to a frustration and despondency that compounds the escalating mental turmoil that accompanies mounting financial problems.

It is the inability of people to recognise that their difficult situation permits their emotional state to "deepen" into depression that may leads to family breakdown,  further irrational farming/budget decisions and possibly suicide.

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~ The resolution ~

There is only one resolution that I can see and it needs be implemented quickly. This resolution is to commence immediate negotiations with banks and lending institutions for a moratorium on the daily accruing farm interest debt, for a period of three years.

This implies that for that time frame there will be no principal debt repayments, and there will be no accruing "interest" debt either "adding to the principal" or "to be met" during this time frame.

Farmers are to be given a living wage to manage the property as a 'Caretaker' for the lending institution for the time of this three-year moratorium. This "Moratorium & Caretaker" option needs be open to all farmers operating non-viable properties but who want to remain on the property  even if they did in fact "cede" the property to the lending institution when borrowing funds.

If in this three-year period the farm property remains non-viable, the bank or lending institution needs to make a decision about the future prospects. This "option" is of course only possible if agreed to by the lending institution.

During the three-year period the farmer needs to realistically assess his future. Farmers at this time need to commence planting basic house food crops to ensure family self-sufficiency.

A stringent assessment of the viability of farm properties must be carried out. Soil, climate, availability of water and suitability of type of crops appropriate to the present conditions are to be identified by the institutional "owners" at the time of moratorium agreement.

If the above cannot be agreed to by the "Owner/lender & farmer," then there will be massive losses nationally, and the vast sums of money invested as the 'principal' equity by lenders will "evaporate" as many more property owners face bankruptcy.

It may also be the time now for lending institutions to reassess their policy of paying their depositors the high interest returns that they presently do. For it is partly this "greed" on the part of depositors for a "free" earn off the sweat of the farmers brow that has lead to the farmers "outgoing expenses" plight.

In coming times the "undercurrent" of escalating emotional feelings will become the major factor in rural "disunity" and  farming & community suffering. It is time now for all farming "folk" to "batten down" and "scale down" and begin to be more self sufficient in the production of basic foods which will  aid the greater community in the troubled times at hand.

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~ Enlightened woman & man ~

Principally, when in a positive mode, both sexes are: Expressive and receptive visionaries, creative and nurturing who are constructive home and community providers and are lovingly supportive of each other.

Both women and men seek to be able to be providers for the family they long to be. Whether you be a woman or a man then think of “how & what and which way” you needs go to fulfill those dreams that only you know, and think of what you needs to know to help your light and love from within to fully flow.

Other than the “gender,” the main difference between the sexes is the biological fleshly body which means that men are usually muscularly bigger and stronger than women. This strength has in the past been negatively used to “Control, force, manipulate, abuse, make demand on and reprimand” women who are physically weaker.

The above “difference” has led the males to assume superiority over the female. This false belief must now be laid to rest. Both sexes are “equal” in their spiritual mental and emotional make up that may at times show “itself” as weak or strong. Physical strength must only be used positively, constructively and creatively.

Sons and daughters, children of mine, heed the call from the land divine. There is to be a shift in your “mind.” This shift will loosen the cords that bind men and women in “biological” time, an unbinding that will now you refine.

Never again will you place a yolk on the love between men and women folk. None shall now be by duty bound because all will love’s freedom have found. This love will envelop each to each as woman and man the “other” teach about the strength that in each does lie.

No more the “yolk’s” sigh of this way or that way must you be if you seek to walk the road with me for she, with the strength of love will smile to lift the man over many a mile whilst he, with the strength of inner grace will do much to keep that smile on her face.

So no more roles and no more rules as the freedom of love become your tools. None shall to the other say “Mine is the only, the superior way.” Now the Source says “Remember each is created by Father and Me, each an infinite Light that shall be shone from your earthly shore until all come home to travel no more.”

Please now try to become aware of the reality that stability of the mind is the key to “right” action and happiness, and be positive in all you do. Remember, the “oldies” who were bound by their programming will rely on your goodness and forgiveness as all make a fresh start in their heart.

All the best, yours is the future God has sent earth’s way.


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