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~ The political Dictators ~
Educational document

Open letter to: Chief of Army: LTGEN David Morrison, AO ~ MAJGEN Angus J. Campbell, DSC, AM ~ MAJGEN Jeff Sengelman, DCM, AM, CSC.


This paper is written now to state that very soon, everyone is going to become mentally disturbed and their words or deeds will become extremely irrational and 'rude' to the point that others will also become mentally disturbed and will retaliate. The consequences will be that total insanity will prevail as voices raised in anger will be the result with as we will all see, an escalation in 'justified' retaliation and punishment and KILLING.

My 'concerns' are many, but generally, my concerns are for all military personnel because they are well trained to follow 'Orders,' and in the coming times of 'insanity' they may well be 'directed' by political forces to turn their weapons against their own communities, something which is already taking place in Syria and other nations.

This may seem 'impossible' but I am aware that those 'in power' make use of their 'power base' for many reasons, and if their minds become mentally 'disturbed' by demonic thoughts overpowering their 'reason,' then anything can happen.

Protests in Syria on 22nd day of Homs bombing - The U.N. accused Syria of "force against civilians, arbitrary executions, the killing and persecution of protestors, human rights defenders and journalists, including recent deaths of Syrian and foreign journalists, arbitrary detention, enforced disappearances, interference with access to medical treatment, torture, sexual violence and ill-treatment, including against children." Thousands of innocent civilians have died in the past 11 months in the government's crackdown on opposition activists. Tens of thousands of Syrians have had to flee their homes, the United Nations said.

Troops need to understand that their 'wage' is paid for by THE PEOPLE and not the politicians and, - - - that their allegiance needs to be with their God and their sisters and brothers being the population they are 'sworn' to serve. My previous email to the ADF offers an 'alternative' to 'killing' and a very honourable 'role' for a well trained and obedient army.

"Cause no harm" is the message from above.

The times at hand are the result of a far distant nation of demonic forces waging war telepathically upon the human race, hence the escalation of confrontation and violence which is soon to bring the world to its knees for a time. These forces (the demonic ones) 'appear' as devious thoughts in the mind of man and they will and already do seize 'possession' of any unprotected mind. What I give to you is the means to fortify your mind and stay sane. (Star prayer link below at page end)

It is therefore my intent to 'awaken' the minds of those empowered by GUNS, so that they can begin to comprehend what is coming to 'earth' in order to enable them to come to a quick personally informed decision as to whether they will either ignore my 'Wisdom' or do something 'rational,' and take up my suggestions and stay sane by remaining within the Command of the Sovereign Power, GOD, as they fortify their minds against incoming 'irrational & confrontational' thoughts from dark realms because it is the dark thoughts which are leading mankind astray more and more each day.

The Rule of man - the Rule of law - the Rule of God

Man is a total 'simpleton' in many ways and as blind as a 'bat in a hat' because 'words' spoken by those in 'power' so easily causes the minds of the masses to become 'spellbind,' which enables 'some' to continue on and ON and ON ruling and controlling others.  Certainly insanity has 'ruled' common man for centuries as the vain and arrogant 'few' are fed and 'accoladed' as 'champions of their political cause.'

'Democracy' is such a 'word' as it is used to 'convince' people that they have the freedom of 'choices,' but none see that those promoting IT wield a very sharp SWORD against any such as 'me' who reality can see being, - - - that there is NO 'choice,' ONLY dictatorial AUTOCRACY in every land due to the fact that the 'rulers' are protected by a 'band of Brigands' deceived into believing that their 'role' is honourable and RIGHT as for a 'mercenary penny' they FIGHT any 'other' who threatens the 'throne' of the Queen 'drone' or 'her' Parliament and its 'Lords.'

This 'Treatise' is written to set men free from the 'falsity' which keeps all spellbound to the belief that they are 'free' when in fact they are all living in 'abject' SLAVERY to the ONE Dark POWER revealed by me.

Yes the 'devil' as 'named' by man is the DARK energy essence which does exist and eternally 'plans' and devises ways to keep His 'slaves' downtrodden and suffering and on an eternally DOWNWARD spiral and, - - - at the same time He keeps their minds in a state of confusion and delusion to the point that they see IT not and they 'daily' simply "Reap what they sowed" within the Dark Law aspect.

~ The 'lawless' warmongers ~

The REALITY that everyone needs to now see is that it is the politicians who are the 'warmongers' who 'direct' armed 'warriors' to go forth and invade other lands or 'ships at sea' in order to gain MONEY as they 'emplace' the flag of their nation into the others soil.

It is the politicians who send 'troops' into the lands of others to 'quell' problems using firepower and the people must now try and see that insanity reigns. If people in other nations are killing each other then 'why' do politicians send in more troops to join IN the killing spree? Have none 'heard' of the immutable 'eye for an eye - as you do unto others is done unto you by others' LAW of EQUAL return? (Absolute Justice)

It is the politicians who ARE the 'spear tip' for the Devil as they are the ones IMPOSING the PUNITIVE aspect of the Law of Return upon the heads of their own communities using 'ideas' entering their minds, ideas which become rules with which to JUSTIFY said impositions upon all by giving said rules an appearance of 'legality,' when in fact the punitive attachments to said rules are forcing the populace to support their, the politician's, CONTRA doctrine to that Commanded by God.

In fact, it is when 'the common' man condones, supports, and funds the implementation of the rules that their support becomes the 'means' whereby the Dark Power keeps man enslaved and in contravention of the Holy Command of 'Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness.' It is in this way that mankind suffers more and more and more.

Are all 'humans' so 'blind' as to NOT see how rules, decrees, acts, statutes and orders of men named 'the law' have increased 1000 fold in the last 50 years? When a 'lawyer' went to court in 1953 a single 'book' of Law (rules) was sufficient for him to carry.  Today he needs a 'loaded' trolley having ten or more 'books of rules' as his 'reference' for a defence. As well as that absurdity, the politically induced controls, interference, subjugation, extortion, fines and punishment has also increased 100 fold.

So as man became 'educated' and could read and count and 'seed' his thoughts and ideas quickly, - - - the pace of his 'freedom' began to slow and his destiny became bleaker as is now exposed by ME and this is the RESULT of THE Dark Overlord subjecting ALL of the people to HIS 'eye for an eye' LAW as HE, using political decree to imposes pain and suffering and loss because, ALL now defy the "Only Love" Command.

Is the way 'OUT' of this accomplished by more CONTROL & INTERFERENCE & RULES &PUNISHMENT? - NO.

Is the way 'out' of this accomplished by breaking the 'spell' blinding all politicians and all 'mercenary' forces who defend the present system? - YES.

~ The Adjutant ~

The Adjutant is the ONE required by God and me to be the ONE to see CLEARLY so that the 'Spear' directed by his superiors is pointed in the RIGHT direction. What is IT which needs be seen and comprehended by the Adjutant? It is the revelation by me that ANARCHY and TREASON exists and is the PUNITIVE ACTIVITY and War waged openly by the dictatorial politicians against THE PEOPLE they are elected to 'serve' as well as THE PEOPLE their coalition is waging war against over the sea and, - - -

As their activities are Treasonable it follows that the Military 'Junta' force being the ADF is ALSO a treasonable and 'mercenary' force who are 'permitting' their 'own' paymaster, THE PEOPLE, to be interfered with, controlled and abused instead of defending them and thus honourably doing their 'sworn' duty.

IF the Military 'lads' wish to be 'honourable' they as said MUST relinquish the 'grip' over their 'movements' being controlled by said 'treasonable' politicians. To so do takes COURAGE and CLEAR thinking. To do so means that the advice from the Adjutant to the 'Chief' is, that from this moment ON the Military Defence Force will use ITS 'conscience' ONLY in all matters.

If ITS 'Chief of Staff' decides that any 'politician' or other person is a 'threat' to themselves through 'irrationality' or, a threat to THE PEOPLE, then the Military Defence Force will haul them IN and have them 'counselled & educated.'  The public need the provision of Services. But only benign Services.

The way of the world TODAY is: "Take whatever you want, need, desire USING Military force backed by police, army or customs" etc. Why is this so? Because politicians are of the 'cultural' belief that they own everything and have the RIGHT to impose any or all 'demands' for their funding which they need, want or simply desire, irrespective of whether or not it is impoverishing others in the community and, - - -

They also believe in their 'Right' to control and interfere in every aspect of the living ways of others and, - - - the FACTS are that this is INSANITY brought ON by greed, pride, arrogance and VANITY. Just because the 'public' purse is 'held' in the 'trust' of politicians it is assumed that these funds are theirs, - - - they are NOT.

The Military needs to now stand 'alone' on its OWN 'two feet' beholden ONLY to their 'conscience,' God and ALL THE PEOPLE of the land as a BENIGN Service Provider paid a 'wage' by the DONATIONS of THE PEOPLE who 'entrust' their 'care' and protection to the Military rather than to any politicians and, - - - the Police can be a 'part' of the 'peace keeping' Corps also 'beholden' to THE PEOPLE rather than any political DICTATORS.

The PEOPLE no 'longer' require to be 'dictated to' by ANYONE. The NEW Defence Force (Corps) to BE, only dictates the POLICY of PEACE and 'hauls in' ONLY those who 'disturb the peace.' No 'authority' has the right to RULE the ways of others, and presently 'the gov' is 'god' and the people MUST OBEY or for their 'folly' PAY.

I do not expect any 'quick fix' nor for anyone to 'believe me' but as I AM in 'poor health' physically and soon to depart this REALM I simply leave behind THE TRUE WAY so that AFTER the 'Devil's days' are over and sanity returns to earth, everyone can follow the true path as given by God via me.

~ The 'real' Dictator ~

The real Dictator controlling all souls existing outside the PURE Light of Heaven is the invisible Dark ONE projecting His 'dictates' to control mankind via the minds of ANYONE in the 'flesh' who is 'reachable.' This He does telepathically from the Dark side/aspect of THE SOURCE, and it is accomplished due to said 'mortals' having much of ITS 'nature' within their soul, being 'Sin,' dark emotional ENERGY within them.

This 'nature' is a 'certain' volume or mass of negative energy (Sin) within ones soul comprising of the negative emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, pride, vanity, fear, arrogance etc., being ITS Dark attributes for IT is God.

Any mortal being 'reached' telepathically via their mind due to the 'dark' state of their emotions are 'unconscionable' at that moment because they FEEL as powerful as HE (God) and they believe (falsely) that 'as he,' they are ABOVE the 'eye for an eye' LAW of RETURN and, - - - they also feel absolutely JUSTIFIED in imposing more control and punishment because HE is and, - - - as they at that moment ARE His 'instrument' the impositions are justified.

Now you can see how humanity is so 'easily' punished by God and His earthly instruments are so 'easily' used by HIM to control the masses of other 'sinners' and keep them suffering and on the road to perdition for their continued defiance of the Command to:

"Only love one another and go your way in peace."

So if you are in an 'official' position being guided by RULES of engagement issued by politicians, then you are HIS 'acolyte' or slave being USED to IMPOSE His strictures upon everyone and, - - - ahead within His immutable Law you MUST 'suffer the same.'

This is why 'Military men' need to see the difference and that using their own conscience is a better option so that THE DEFENCE FORCE can then be benign and only using REASON - co-ordination - clarity of vision and MUSCLE (no guns) to maintain ORDER rather than going forth killing the opposition.

Military personnel need to see that the 'present' opposition whom they KILL are any whom 'in the eyes of the politicians' are THE enemy. The REAL ENEMY of mankind is the DARK invisible energy essence of THE SOURCE which we USE and IT then contaminates the SOUL. (reference Link below on 'energy')

Everyone on the land is following the ORDERS dictated to them by others 'rules, ideas, commands, demands' and "Where are these orders leading you"? I ask. They are 'designed' by the invisible dictator to lead you astray and to keep you on the false track so that your suffering grows and the 'bonds' around your 'feet' get stronger and the 'coils' of the Serpent get tighter and tighter and drag your soul DOWN. Do NOT follow mass 'hysteria' and INIQUITY.

Let us now use REASON as we go forth and EDUCATE all to the 'hidden' spiritual REALITY before the END of the coming calamity.

~ The 'boat' people ~

The first Australian 'boat people' were the 'crew' of the landings during 1770 at which time the British took forceful possession of the land and imposed Martial Law. (The law of the rule by gun) Prior to that many 'ships' with their visitors had come and gone.

So here we are today where those who seized these shores by force of arms still control IT and patrol IT using weapons and I ask: "Are they 'aware' that within the Law of God it will be taken away by others using force of arms"? Probably not, but for sure this land is soon to be 'swamped' by visitors coming by sea 'en mass' due to the global insanity, and many of them will be armed to the teeth and ready to kill any opposition to their entry.

The changes can be either peaceful or utterly destructive and I simply give my 'perspective' as given by God through my pen, for if politicians cannot see its 'reason' then terrible trauma for all will result, as the invading forces will 'no doubt' evict everyone who opposed their 'entry' and the masses will be joining the 'ceo-sleepout' mob.

One of the reasons for this land being so 'attractive' is the promise of a weekly handout and medical facilities etc., for the ones accepted as 'legal' once cleared. There will not be enough money to give away because it ALL is TAKEN from the purses of THE PEOPLE who are already now impoverished.

The 'policy' I herein now state as being the correct way forwards is to simply from TODAY: Treat all 'boat people' as visitors who are welcome to drop in to these shores and stay as long as they wish but they need to understand that there are NO 'free' weekly handouts and they will simply have to lean on their own two feet and use their own two hands to feed themselves once they step ashore and greet the locals.

They will be given as much assistance as the present population wishes to 'freely' give and they will be told that there is a 'proviso' in this land being; that they are free to do whatever they wish to as long as they do not 'disturb the peace of the land,' for if they do, then their God will raise a heavy hand and they will also be 'called in' and counselled.

It is insanity for Australia to 'own' an island on the doorstep of Indonesia so that anyone landing on it can then get a free ride over the sea to this shore to then be incarcerated at the expense of the taxpayer. Are the taxpayers aware that all the suffering imposed upon those 'jailed' for years, becomes a spiritual due upon their own heads? NO. They had better be told so that they can then decide if they wish to 'vote' for such rotten treatment of others who are suffering their karmic dues.

The 'old' saying from 'Guy Fawkes' of "Gunpowder, treason and plot" will now read "Insanity, treason and swat" as man's mind finds 'reason' to turn against others as his inner emotions begin to 'fizz' and incoming thoughts within his mind 'swizz.'

What do we do with 'those' MAD people? Do we shoot them or help them to regain their sanity as God would have it BE?
The meek will inherit the earth - the 'killers of men' will all have been swept away to the dark fold forever and a day.
When will man begin to see that to adore rules or other mortals is error, and one must ONLY adore their Creator, God.
Now is the time the destiny of each soul is at 'stake,' everybody must use their OWN God-given conscience irrespective of their 'Orders.'

Added note: As for the present day media 'fracas' of biblical proportions around the issue of 'sexual tissue' via internet transmission in the Military, in my opinion it should simply be an 'in house' and thus 'family' issue resolved with compassion and understanding, so that all concerned have a 'soft' landing rather than using any 'facility' to 'punish' which in fact will resolve NAUGHT.

No 'harm' has been done other than to 'someone's' pride, and as 'rules' have NO 'conscience' they cannot be 'offended.'

It is too 'simplistic' for anyone one today to say: "Sexual or other harassment must be stopped." Why? Because any person having negative emotions within (sin) is a person having some of God's Dark energy within and IT is what it is. This means that ITS 'job' is to bring others to 'account' for their dark past activities as IT via the 'one' criticises and judges the other, during which time IT is simply 'balancing' the Scales of Justice' for THE DARK. (Itself)

Suffer any 'indisposition' by 'turning the other cheek' in NON-retaliation and suffer your dues and become FREE. If you retaliate and punish then you are 'simply' IT in action and again accruing another spiritual due to be suffered ahead for being untrue to yourself.


The spiritual  consequence of ACTIONS:
The infinite energy of the SOURCE:
Fortify ones mind daily

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