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~ Criminal Intelligence ~
The absolute 'paranormal' destroyer
Educational document

Open letter to: Chief of Army: LTGEN David Morrison, AO ~ MAJGEN Angus J. Campbell, DSC, AM ~ MAJGEN Jeff Sengelman, DCM, AM, CSC.


This paper is written now to reveal the existence of an invisible infinite super intelligence which exists and 'twists' the mind of mortal man for the singular purpose of their destruction due to their use of IT for the purpose of interfering, controlling, subjugating and destroying others.

The Military is the highest 'force' available by man to force others to submit to the demands and commands of another. Its 'Might' is invoked by man for many different reasons but for many centuries now it has been invoked for the purpose of subjugation, control, extortion and punishment, and in the course of its 'action' being terrible destruction, injury, mental & emotional trauma and often killing leading to total annihilation of societies, has been a frequent outcome.

In order to 'succeed' and thus 'win' a war it has always been very important to have 'intelligence,' being information about the 'other side,' so that the operational planners can more easily come to an informed decision as to their next move, for it is not as 'simple' as a game of chess where the moves of others are 'open' because all their warriors are visible on a chess board.

So the 'mastermind' behind EVERY 'overpower & destroy' operation is the key figure and it is my pen to now expose a REALITY which has remained unseen since earth's creation, but now reveals ITSELF via my pen.

The reality of which I speak is the infinite intelligence of the DARK spiritual energy essence which exists, has a limitless 'boundary' and permeates the 'ether' of not only this 'universe' but of every other realm of consciousness outside of the pure LIGHT energy essence. This Light energy essence also exists at the other 'end' of the infinite energy spectrum and has a benign all knowing 'wise' and creative intelligence which guides this pen.

Sourcing Military 'intelligence' is sourcing information about ones 'victim' and is also obtained from within ones own mind as an 'idea or thoughts' entering the mind of someone who has an INTENT. The intent can be either to assist or to destroy.

What takes place when you 'seek' intelligence in respect of the 'other side' which is your perceived 'enemy'? If the intent is to seize control of the other or to punish another or to gain a punitive advantage or to destroy, then ones mind is linked instantly via telepathy through to the infinite intelligence of the DARK spiritual energy essence in Dark realms 'below.' Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant, it is a FACT.

Firstly, the 'biology' of this world consists of a material body and is simply a 'spacesuit' form, enabling the soul of a spirit 'being' to walk in this realm and intermingle with souls from many other levels of consciousness.

The 'flesh' of this world is NOT 'us,' we are the thinking, feeling 'spirit being' created by God aeons ago which has been sent into the 'flesh' of this realm for a time. When the 'biology' becomes uninhabitable due to injury, illness or old age, the spirit simply steps out of it and is drawn swiftly to another realm of consciousness, one vibrating at the same frequency as the frequency of the unique spirit being. There is NO 'death.'

The more LIGHT energy within the spirit being the higher towards the pure Light we go.
The more our inner Light has been contaminated by Dark energy (sin, negative emotions) the lower we fall, away from the Light.

All Military personnel are 'militants' with their minds linked to Dark forces in spirit realms below because their intent is to control, subjugate, punish, injure, kill, or destroy property which is not theirs. They all follow 'orders' and thus cannot use their own conscience so their 'ideology' is always 'warlike.'

The dark beings who link into their minds are the destructive force behind the ideas that become their own, but they are in fact incoming thoughts which actually 'possessively' direct their actions.  These dark (demonic) forces are invisible and unseen by man but they are REAL and they EXIST in lower levels of consciousness in a spirit 'form' as ours, but their 'body' is indestructible and exists forever as does our spirit soul.

Below them are even darker realms with more powerful 'demonic' forces, being the souls of those who have drawn in huge amounts of dark energy in their eternal existence, and these 'direct' the activities of those higher up who are linking in to your mind.

The lower and darker the realms (worlds) the more infinite cunning and destructive is the intelligence available. In the 'pit' of the Dark is the super consciousness intelligence' of THE DARK Source, God who is THE ONE directing every 'earthly' chess game of WAR.

Does the infinite super intelligence of the Dark Source win EVERY battle and if "Yes" then 'how'? Yes IT (the dark source) does win every 'battle,' be it a 'playground' battle between two seven year olds or the 'grown up' battles where all control, injure, maim or kill or simply subjugate others.

How does IT 'win'? It wins simply by getting YOU to draw IN more of ITS Dark energy into your soul. (Sin) The result being that your spirit soul becomes 'colder' and 'harder' and more 'ruthless, cruel, uncompromising, vindictive, merciless and demanding of 'justice,' and as it departs the flesh it falls further away from the Light into a lower and darker realm. A place where others are equally retributive, merciless and meting out ITS 'Justice' within ITS Law and sorrier indeed is ones ongoing plight.

No 'combatant' ever wins, as both sides either 'suffer' their dues or draw IN more dark energy and accrue more dues to IT, to be suffered possibly far ahead on another day. All ultimately fall into ITS Lair to suffer on and on and ON and they become 'liquid evil.' These beings all end up in the eternal fire after having descended slowly over aeons of time into the utter depths of depravity due to the mass of dark energy drawn in.

Yes, the Dark Source has infinite intelligence at ITS disposal and IT is the mastermind 'guiding' both sides of every 'battle' and ITS 'energy' and dark forces 'gleefully' plot and plan and scheme every move which IT (the dark energy) CAN foresee. It is our GOD who destroys those whom IT (His dark energy) perceives to BE 'bad seeds' unworthy to live in THE PARADISE which HE created. There is NO 'glory' awaiting any person who defies their Creator.

THE COMMAND of God to YOU states: "Go your way in peace and love one another," for ONLY thus do you accrue a 'happy' RETURN due within THE "eye for an eye - return unto you" LAW of THE benign ENERGY used and your inner Light becomes more BRIGHT.

Let us all now lay down our weapons and be kind and caring as we forgive and EDUCATE our perceived enemy instead of meting out MERCILESS RETRIBUTION for and on behalf of God the Dark Sovereign Power. The Dark forgives NO person. The 'eye for an eye' Law is THE LAW. Men of 'religion' have been deceived by IT the Dark and they have deceived man for ages of time. God is God, the Light & the Dark energy essence.

The DARK Power in 'balancing' ITS 'Scales of Justice,' is operating LEGALLY and simply IS what it IS. When you take up the 'cudgel' for IT or the nation or the flag or for any other reason, you are operating ILLEGALLY with the CRIMINAL INTENT to cause harm and you place yourself within ITS Law.

It (God's dark energy) is what it IS, you must 'learn' to control your thoughts and become 'lambs' or DIE IN YOUR SIN.

As 'common' man supports, condones, and funds police or other armed forces they also are 'complicit' to any injury imposed by said 'forces men' and accrue a daily spiritual due when awake or asleep. The 'time' always 'comes' when the reaper knocks at their door as is now to BE in every country. Non-retaliation is the only way to become free and to survive spiritually.

If you can halt your use of dark energy then the great outpouring of Light will now purge your soul of the dark energy you drew IN through your past negative interaction and your spirit soul will be set free as is revealed in God's message via me.

Education, enlightenment & upliftment rather than interference, punishment & killing.

The below is an extract from pages 2-3 of the Offender document:

~ The Criminal 'Mastermind' Paper ~
The cause & effect of violence

Let it here be known that the reason for the escalation of 'civilian' violence planetarily that has resulted partly from the lack of 'thought management' due to the spiritual ignorance of simple man has now been 'sown' on this realm of consciousness by the true light on this web site.

Man has been "groping in the dark" for ages to find the "Mastermind," being the instigator of all criminal activity perpetrated by man against man since 'time' began. Be it justifiable acts or seemingly unjustifiable acts by their perpetration against apparent "innocents." eg. The "senseless" and unprovoked attack on a person, nation, race, culture or religion.

The mind of man has the capacity to be "prised open" on a spiritual level from the "dark aspect" of the Source known as the "Beast." Thus allowing thoughts to forcefully intrude telepathically into the psyche of man from this "destructive" intelligence.

The "avenue" along which this negative, deceitful, destructive, vengeful, manipulative and controlling thought travels is the vibrational frequency generated by the "mass" of negative energy that is the basis of the negative emotions within any person (The Sin.)

The dark "essence" of this force in its fullness is cold, rock hard, resolute, merciless, calculating, remorseless, totally destructive, irreconcilable, and of an unforgiving nature.

Any who 'listen' to the 'seductive thoughts' emanating from this "beast" and thus "succumb" knowingly or unknowingly to it, and thus by their deed use this force in any way are spiritually marked by it as its 'energy' stains their soul as it flows through them. (The 'mark' of the beast.) It flows through them as they "use" their boot in any way, and on another day it is they to be "booted" in return.

This Beast that is a "Law" unto itself is the retributive force of God that is self-empowered to mete out divine retribution against any whom in any way "sinned" against the light of God by defying the Commandment to "Only love" and thus abused, deceived, or punished and controlled other children of God.

As man "uses" this dark energy it enlarges the negative emotions within man and thus its access is facilitated. Not only do the enlarged negative "emotions" of man cause man to become more negative in their expression, but under the ONE Law of God "As you sow so shall ye reap," all negative expression results in an equal and opposite "return" to the offender who ends up being "another's" victim at a later date.

Let it here be known that "as" man has already sown much darkness that did already grow within his soul that he now is 99% incapable of sound mind/thought management at any time, especially when in the face of adversity, and the "sad" fact is that total insanity is soon to erupt planetarily as man fights man.

The criminal "Mastermind" will use "enslaved" man to be its "arm" to mete out retributive punishment to all, for all have in some way or other, knowingly or unknowingly been a "party" to its controlling, regulating, extortionist, punishing ways as it "hid" its "face" within the Systems of man that were "supported" by the people seeking man's protection as they "hid" their face from God's Light.

The telepathic "assault" on the mind of the arrogant and ignorant will be of such intensity that every mind will be a "Mind under siege" and the resultant "Armageddon of the mind" will result in every "system" falling into disarray, and the complete breakdown of the "Systems of man" planetarily in their present established form will follow.

The Beast has the capacity to "see & know" all whom used its dark powerful force, be it this lifetime or in a prior spiritual realm. Thus it needs now be understood that there are NO "innocents or victims" as we it perceive. And neither is there any "escape" from its "web" if we have "trodden" on it, which we do when we are in any way untrue. All will "pay" their allotted due.

Let it here be known that the Source of Light & Dark known as "God" or the "Devil" is totally just, thus any perceived "innocent victim" is a past offender in God's eyes receiving their just due. The "offender" as perceived by man is the "victim" of the darkness being used as its callous retributive arm who "takes on" the debt of their victim.

All earthly men, (women & men) have different natures/types of negative emotions within, (combinations,) as well as different "volumes" of dark energy within them, being their "intensity."

Thus the supposed "inherent" nature of any individual at any point in time is the sum total of their Light & Dark essence, and depending on the amount of dark energy, the Beast will to a greater or lesser degree have mental control over their "thoughts" and have an influence over their mind.

Let it here be known that any who defy the Light and use darkness, become enslaved by that darkness. The "level" of enslavement by any is in correlation to ones past "use" of its power, for thus did its power "grow" within us, and there comes a 'time' when its "energy mass" within is so "great" that we no longer have the freedom to "choose" to deny its demands and our path is then total servitude to its retributive call with the resultant eternal pain & suffering as our daily due.

If the spiritual "enslavement" to it the Beast is "great" then ones capacity to erupt into an insane frenzy is great. If the negative "influence" is less then a "saner" person may have the capacity to remain steadfast in the Light and not respond negatively as they override the intruding dark thoughts.

The "hidden" power of this "Beast - serpent - devil" is its capacity to use man in "lesser" ways daily in the form of criticism, condemnation, unkindness etc to a greater or lesser degree. What none see is that any use of its force is damaging as its power grows silently within as its energy flows in as a dark silent mist.

Its power today is so powerfully established that all now see its "way" as correct, vis a vis the use of force to suppress other offenders. Vis a vis the apparent 'normality' of meting out punishment to offenders.

This dark force has the capacity to place a "veil" over the eyes of those "bound" by it, thus many offenders "show" clouded eyes and hear not the pleas of their victims nor do they show remorse for their acts for they feel nothing, they are spiritually dead. Also, all earthly regulators "see not" the error of their way, being that they too are offenders, all working for the "pay" of the dark one.

For a full understanding of what is taking place on "unseen" levels that is causing this escalation of sudden outbursts of vicious, mindless physical attacks upon others read the "Brief Summary" of my message that is given in 17 languages listed at the end of my book 3 of 9 on the web index page.

Let it here be known that all who do not fortify their minds against the escalating intrusive dark thoughts, and thus lose control of their minds, will be overpowered by demonic insane thoughts and used to mete out divine retribution as a "Reaper for God" and they will thereafter be destroyed by others and dragged down to lower realms in the afterlife.

I cannot reiterate enough the terrifying consequences of remaining "deceived" through ones pride and vanity by the Beast into continuing to be its "mandated by man" regulators, controllers, extortionists, or "punishers."

For the final consequence of so doing it to "unfeelingly & unknowingly" become so "full" of darkness within that as said before, one is then incapable of heeding the "Only love & walk in peace & be forgiving" Commandment, and if one is used to be an 'avenging enforcer' meting out retribution in any way, then ones "karma" * is to suffer eternal pain as one is persecuted in perpetuity on this and lower realms without surcease.

It is now the time for a change to the positive for the rehabilitation of mankind and his enlightenment with truth. This is to now be commenced with the dissemination of the information contained within the Suicide document as well as by implementing this "Offender document."

Note: "karma" * - The deserved 'return' of joy  given or suffering imposed by the Law of God for every action in ones interaction with others at the time and in the place so ordained by the Creator. Absolute Justice.

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