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~ The 'Crucifixion' of Religion ~

As written by Terence the Spirit of Truth

page 1 The Religion of TRUTH page 2 The Crucifixion of religions of man
page 3 The Devil in religion page 4 The priesthood v/s GOD
page 5 Christian "jihad" & falsity page 6 John McLernon
page 7 The Domain of the Dark    
page 9 The Shepherd’s Staff page 10 The Jesus story folly
page 11 The One TRUE Faith page 12 The inner battle TRUE
page 12 The JUSTICE of God page 13 Self sacrifice & love
page 14 Thieves & Deceivers & Slaves page 15 Antichrist & new religion
page 17 The 'Spiritualist' page 18 The unfaithful flock
page 19 The Truth of Allah - God page 21 Born of the Light
page 22 The blood of the lamb page 23 You Reap as you Sow
page 24 The Holy Temple page 25 The Teacher's aid
page 26 The False Ideology page 28 The Church IDOL
page 30 The meaning of  HOPE page 32 The Institutionalisation of God’s Word
page 33 The Crown of THORNS page 34 Wolves v/s Liberty
page 36 Songs of Praise    
Item - 1 The 'Wielstra' Treatise - 16 pages
Item - 2 The Exclusive Brethren - 5 pages
Item - 3 The Devil's Rule - 5  pages
Item - 4 The Hinduism Treatise - 5  pages
Item - 5 The Buddhism Treatise - 3 pages
Item - 6 The spiritual 'death' Penalty - 4 pages
Item - 7 War & Peace - 5 pages
Item - 8 The treason of religion - 8 pages

Item 9 ~ The 'enlightenment of the lost soul 'William'  ~
A series of emails - The falsity of religion - belief v/s Gods WORD

Item 10 ~ The 'enlightenment of the lost soul 'Pete the fisherman'  ~
A series of emails - The falsity of religion - belief & ones conscience v/s Gods WORD

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~ The Religion of TRUTH ~

Religious belief is the belief in the existence of a Super Power (God) and you believe that at all times and in all situations you must conform to the 'Standard' ordained by the super power, being the code of conduct COMMAND of God - - - and thus you are 'faithful' to your religious ideological belief as you 'bow' in subservience to the Command of God the super power that is herein issued by me as God's Decree.

It is ONLY by adhering to the Religion of Truth that 'guarantees' the 'right' to eternal life of peace, bliss, and eternal happiness away from all 'strife.' This 'right' is ONLY attained when a person conforms to the 'right to eternal life' Decree issued by ME that says:

The Decree:

"THE Supreme God Commands that at all times and in all situations you must be peaceful, non invasive, non punitive, non destructive and, - - - you must be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those others that appear to you to be 'sinfully' living and, - - - you are required to 'address' their ignorance or arrogance by 'delivering them from evil' through educational enlightenment."

I Terence the messenger of the Most High (God) also state:

If you receive or take a wage that forces you to treat others disrespectfully or in a negative, punitive, or 'taxing' or controlling way then you are 'adhering' to the CONTRA religion *  that will bring you to grief.

Note: CONTRA religion * - The belief that 'War' and punishment is acceptable to God. This is the FALSE Religious ideological belief.

If your daily conduct is 'dictated' to you via 'orders' from other men or via any 'text' in a book, be it a religious observance or books of rules, such as 'statutes' of government enactments that 'permit' you or 'force' you to have a code of conduct towards others that is CONTRA the above Decree, then you place yourself over the 'knee of God' and He will spank you mercilessly here or in the after life.

If you 'claim' to be an 'adherent' to any ONE or other of the known religions on earth and you in any way treat your 'brethren' or others in a CONTRA manner to the above Decree then you are a 'non-believer,' being one destined to fall INTO the 'Abyss' of eternal suffering after having been 'placed' over God's knee and 'spanked' mercilessly by demonic forces revealed by me as being the retributive force of God.

If as a 'civilian' or as a 'mandated' authority you 'take up arms,' be it 'critically, judgmentally, verbally or physically' and you in any way directly by your hand or by the hands of others receiving your 'orders' to so do,  you thus 'abuse' your neighbour or your 'enemy' by contravening the code of conduct of the Religion of TRUTH, you will suffer mercilessly at the hands of others that  transgressed' God's Command and Decree a very long time ago, and as you 'fall' into their hands in the after life you will know what liquid terror and agony is all about.

The 'error' of belief of the politicians and enforcers that serve them rather than serving the God of love and light is that they believe that their political 'rules by invocation' decrees*  overrule God's Decree.

Note: rules by invocation decrees* - Being any 'act' of legislation that contains any 'text' that itself contradicts the Decree of God in any way and, that contains any punitive attachment for non conformity, for every punitive measure decree forces enforcers to defy God's Command and coerces the fearful into submission.

The 'error' of belief of the police and judiciary is their belief that during their 'working' hours they are 'permitted' to belong to the 'Religion of War' and not be subject to God's Command nor His Law, - - - this is a false belief - - - and during these 'working hours' their religious ideological belief becomes one of control, subjugation, extortion, punishment etc., and it is I to 'correct' this error of religious belief,* for they are not exonerated from being 'subjected' to God's Law.

Note: religious belief,*  - 'Activities' of man are either benign or malignant, kind or unkind, merciful or merciless, good or bad, giving or taking etc., and it 'follows' that either 'aspect' in itself is the 'practice' of a religious ideological observance. Be it known or unknown as such by the individual.

The 'error' of belief of magistrates and other 'priests' is that precedents 'set' by their 'ruling' forebears can 'overrule' the Command of God and, they believe that they are exonerated from being 'subjected' to God's Law when they 'judge' others using said precedents. This is a false 'assumption' for all are 'judged' by the Creator.

Practicing ones 'religious observance' is NOT the 'doing' of the daily or other 'rituals' devised by 'priests' as being the 'right of passage' to 'bliss' and eternal salvation. Practicing ones 'religious observance' is subjecting others to either merciless control, subjugation, interference, enslavement, and punishment,  being the religious ideology of WAR or, extending unto others mercy, love, compassion, forgiveness, freedom and education, being the TRUE religious ideology of PEACE. 

The 'foibles' of the 'elders' of all the religions of men and their flocks are that they now believe that to satisfy their God, they only have to 'obey' and 'perform' the dictated weekly or annual or 'once in a life' rituals placed upon them by the past 'precedents' of their ignorant forebears. None seeing that God requires their daily living the Holy Command every moment of eternal time.

If you 'bow' down to God five times a day or go to a 'Church' on some other day in 'reverence' but you then walk away and disobey HIM, you are ignorant and foolish. The 'flock' of the Religion of Truth practice God's Word in their full daily living, they do not spend any 'time' of the day grovelling in the Sin or 'sinful ways' of the 'living' dead.

The world is full of people that believe in the existence of God, but they are all 'faithless,' because they are all merciless, disrespectful, demanding of their 'rights' and unforgiving, and they fund and condone and support punishment and war, and they seek the 'protection' of armed men, (armed police forces) and they take punitive 'civil' action against others that offend them, using the 'offensive' Court of Caesar. (State)

The ONLY 'Act of Faith' that is truly true to the Holy Word is whereby you go your way in Peace and you are merciful and forgiving and never 'fight,' and you do not rely on the 'strength' of your 'arm' nor the 'sword' of man for protection, and neither do you 'condone, support, or fund' its proponents. (State police and other 'military' style enforcers)

Any person that 'looks' to or into a 'book' of 'statutes' or 'belief' and finds a reason or 'justification' to in any way control, subjugate, impoverish, or punish another person is an 'Infidel' (non-believer) defiant of the Command Decree above of God the Creator, and is a person that will become a person to 'justly' receive a 'return' unto themself of the same 'injury' within the immutable Law of God.

"Any person continuing to 'praise' Jesus and elevating his name as 'The saviour,' rather than ONLY revering God Almighty and preaching that obedience to HIS 'Holy Word' as being the ONLY 'way' to Salvation is a deluded person. Being a person 'hooked' by the Dark Sovereign Power due to their arrogance and religious 'fervour' and, - - - they will mislead many and, - - - as they deceive, - - - so shall they continue to be deceived by God within God's immutable Law, and the END result of this they WILL SEE."

Any person 'wise' or ignorant that cannot understand what is hereby written by my 'hand' will regret IT for a very long and agonising eternity.


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~ The Crucifixion of Religions of man ~

It is now the time for all humanity to begin to see that there is naught existing outside our Creator. It is the time to see that this Source is all, being the Light and the Dark energies that exist. The one that loves and creates, and the 'other' that weaves and twists and deceives and destroys.

Religion of man has 'condoned' the annihilation of the perceived enemy of man. Seeing not that this 'act' is foolish and the plan of the deceiver, being the 'underhand' of the Creator who does destroy all whom abuse His blessed children.

Man can 'abuse & kill' the biological flesh, but man can neither kill nor destroy the light or dark energy that does enmesh with the spirit soul within the flesh, for this energy is 'of' the Source and it is indestructible.

But as man defies God's call to "Only love" and causes pain unto others, he man draws-in dark energy that over time 'weighs' his soul down and its (the soul) vibration becomes more 'in-tune' with the darkness, and it is thus that the 'sin' grows as a cancer within, and the 'weight' or 'volume' of sin 'energy' is what ultimately drags the spirit soul down into the Abyss in the after-life where it 'dies' spiritually.

Those whom fight- do a 'return' of pain from God 'invite'
For that is God's Law - that is inviolate for sure.

It is the 'promotion' of different religions with their 'rituals of observance (the invocation of priests) that has turned man against man as greed and vanity 'sat' alongside the 'bed' of each whom tried to stand between other men and God, being arrogant 'elders' who trod their sorry road promoting their 'religion' ahead of the 'common to all' bond of Truth. (Peace unto all and love one another)

This document contains some letters to 'ignorant men' as well as 'enough' wisdom to show true seekers of Salvation that the 'way' is not via religion, but by heeding the Word of God as spoken by my pen today.

If you 'believe' that there is any 'force' or 'energy' that exists outside the 'Source' that some name 'God,' then you will be lost before you begin. Try and 'win' by permitting yourself to re-seed your consciousness with my fresh wisdom.

For only I the most 'high' soul can see the pure reality. Let it here be known that the Source is now to bring every 'religion' undone, for only through my pure truth is any spiritual journey won.

Since theological interpretations with their dogma, rituals, rules and regulations, accompanied as they are with control, inquisitions, and punishment, all have as their focus the demands of the Institution upon God's children and, - - - that this is the reality in every religion and governing institutions is self evident.

What is less obvious is the fact that the consequence of imposing the above on God’s children by those in authority in secular or religious institutions is, - - - that no-one within these institutions follow or conform to God's pure and simple Mandatory Command being:

"You my children must go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving" and, - - -

"As you my children go your way, you must tell others to also go their way in peace and love one another, and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving" and, - - -

Since the Go your way in peace and love one another command is a direct mandate from God, it also thus follows that there is no Legal mandate from God * in any organised religion or 'punitive' secular institution, nor  any Legal mandate from God authorising the 'forming' of any organised religion, or any institution having a 'regulatory' or punitive ideology.

Note: Legal mandate from God * - As there is no mandate from God authorising the raising up of religious 'Orders' or the imposition of rules or rituals or punishment, nor to kill even in self-defense, it follows that, - - -

Every Institution is an 'illegal' one, and those condoning it, funding it, supporting it, and enforcing rules for and on behalf of it or its 'members,' are all operating within the dark controlling and punitive 'side' of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law and, - - -

They thus impose upon themselves an equal 'eye for an eye' imposition of suffering for all the suffering they imposed upon others through their deception, control, extortion, and punishment that was carried out in the name of God or, in the name of the State or the people.

It is a 'consequence' of the Truth revealed by this pen that, - - - every Institution of every land on earth named by man as 'Secular,' such as the State and Federal government Institutions, - - - are in fact also Religions. For they all 'dictate' their own controlling  and punitive ideology that is thrust upon all in the land. The depth of their iniquity and deception is revealed within this document. It follows, that as their Dark and warring  ideology is of 'the Devil,' that their 'governance' has no mandate from the Light of God.

Reiteration: - As with ‘church’ religions, so with the religion of ‘secular’ institutions, each with their own ‘interpretation’ of what is taken for truth but is in fact simply a ‘man-made’ ideology embedded in rules and regulations, that are inevitably accompanied by punishments that forcibly ensure compliance.

There is not a child of God on earth today who escapes the all-pervading control of religious and/or secular ideological dogmas or tribal beliefs. In essence this means that, - - - there is not a child of God who pays taxes and votes or 'bows to' controlling and punitive ideology that is not held responsible by God for the retributive, controlling and punitive actions taken by those who they voted into political or religious authority.

The reason why God commands all to only be loving and peaceful is, that those that so do and thus only express charitable works remain within the positive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law and they only receive goodness, kindness, and peace in return.

All failing to conform with God's command through 'grovelling' in the muddied waters of 'sin,' and are thus 'punitive, extortionist, controlling, enslaving, invasive, abusive, or destructive,' all place their own soul within the negative aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' Law.

The consequence for this being that they receive an equal 'Just & equitable' cruel and merciless return of iniquity upon themselves and their own household in the time and at the place so ordained by God.

The 'priesthood' of the day in every religion offer either spiritual or material salvation or protection to those that pay them a sum of money, and that fellowship with their Institution. The 'bait' offered is the name of Jesus, or Buddha, or Muhammad, or God or the Nation and, - - -

Those salesmen 'selling' salvation state that they are God's ambassadors, having the 'power' and authority from God or Jesus or another or a text BOOK to 'anoint' their flocks in some way that ensures that they are safe and saved. This is deception, deceitful, and deadly. For not one of them knows the TRUTH of the prerequisite to Salvation, nor do they teach the reality of the singular Law of God and, - - -

All condone self defence to avoid suffering. When Jesus stated quite categorically and showed by example that each must 'elevate' their own crucifixion cross as did he, and suffer any and every imposition, for that was their karmic due to be met bravely, and not retaliating in any way, as they forgave their persecutors in the foreknowledge that they were ignorant people who had not heard nor understood God's "Go in peace and love one another" command, and were thus being used by the Dark Sovereign Power.


All religions shall crucified be as their falsity is exposed by me, and all their “followers” will also derange unless they can “see” that the religious elders are strange.

For all talk of love and of their God above, but all are being used by the Devil say I God’s dove, and their iniquity you should be able to see, being their deceitful “promotions” and control over thee.

Yes, they “dress” in a manner unwise and yes, the Devil that used them does them all despise. For their “dress” was not the “robes” that did their flesh enfold, it was the “story” to you God’s children that they told.

Being that you could God’s Word deny and still attain heaven up high if before them you did kneel as they your pennies did steal.

And God they did mock as they wore a woman’s frock and sent your sons to war on many a distant shore to die in disgrace, not to be elevated up high.

This iniquity by now you should be able to see as well as the truth about the loving touch there should be between the lads and girls from a tender age, that has been spoken of on another page.

They told a lie when they said you would spiritually die if the marriage “act” you did not “consummate” before taking a mate. So I now do declare that the same fate they will all share for an eternity of time in the land less than divine for all the suffering they did cause as they followed a wrong “cause.”

They and you too will now needs me heed or for an eternity will you all bleed in the realms below where only pure terror and liquid pain does flow.

IF you retaliate as you are crucified when meeting your fate then the crucifixion goes on and on as said, and the “freedom from pain” and “upliftment” is never won.

God's Word and only God's Word is the foundation upon which His 'church' stands, and only when we abide in the Holy word of God does our soul stand on that foundation of immoveable "Rock," which is God's Wisdom. This 'clear cut' and reinstated Wisdom shines forth as a beacon of light from a lighthouse, being:

"Conform to THE HOLY WORD: Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness."

Any person that is of a 'standing' below this Wisdom, and is 'grovelling' in the mud of 'retribution, criticism, persecution, deception, lies, condemnation, judgement, punishment, invasion, abuse, or killing' is in VERY GREAT DANGER and in need of immediate counselling and enlightenment.

Mankind 'damned' themselves, and the coming terror exposed by me is the resultant calamity that all deserve for swerving away from the TRUE path of PEACE unto ALL and, if people would like to be saved and have TRUE peace on earth, then the PEOPLE must all now change their way and bow in obedience to the command of the Creator and, - - -

STOP naming themselves 'Christian.'
STOP naming themselves 'Islam.'
STOP naming themselves 'Buddhist.'
STOP naming themselves ANY known religion.
STOP praising God's messengers, they are not God.

People must all now become as ONE, united in the TRUE ideology of Love & Peace as commanded by THE CREATOR.
As they show HIM that they by DEED do live according to the TRUE WAY Salvation PATH.

Only those who heed me will by my love be freed one day,
heed now my last say.


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~ The Devil in Religion ~

The iniquity of the Devil that in man’s religion be, is that “religion” states that man for his “sins” can forgiven be. This deceit into every religion crept as the Devil through men's minds swept.

This is the falsehood that religious men deploy and thus many souls they do destroy. For it is a total denial of the Light that says:

“You Reap what you Sow before you can enter into the light”

Even the Islamic race believe that at the “Haj” they can be forgiven for making others grieve, and the Christian ministers say: “Kneel before me, I am mandated to set you free,” and at the “Ganges” was said: “Your sins are forgiven here if in our sacred waters you draw near.”

But these are but words spoken by man, for utter filth does the waters now span and you cannot cleanse mud with mud, nor cleanse blood with blood. Only through non-retaliation do we pay as we are confronted another day.

So man believes he can with God’s Word “toy” and thus his enemy destroy and still get away and not have to pay. I say you will pay all dues now, and if you retaliate, your eternal freedom you will lose.

Fortify your mind and thus you can heed me, for only this way will you freed be. For you will then suffer in silence and you will pray to God that never on any other day will your mind let you down so you in arrogance make another frown.

Children, I can only set you free
when you heed God’s wisdom through me.

All “await” the coming of the man as being the “fulfilment” of God’s plan. All are “vain” and thus cannot see the spirit that lies within the “man” sent by the Heavenly Sea. Neither can they “hear” the fresh wisdom of God he does bring, for the false teachings of the priesthood do yet in their ears ring.

Thus as the “priests” deny me the man, they also deny the Light that does now this universe span, and as this light they deny, they darken more their arrogant souls and ahead will suffer great pain for sure.

For it is through this “iniquitous” way of denial and continued false teachings that takes them and all “in sin” up to the last day before the Reaper walks tall upon this earth, and all will fall before they do see that it is they who evil be.

And as the Reaper does cut them down their flocks too will drown, for they were misled as they also with the dark one did “bed” as they “believed” they could continue to “sin” and via “forgiveness” their freedom win.

So I can but to you all say: Soon my “truth” I will you show, but then it is up to you which “way” you will GO when of this flesh you depart and on “an” other level you make a fresh start.

For your present false belief will bring your soul to grief, so only IF you THE FRESH TRUTH can see will you by THE REAPER be set free.

IF the fresh truth you cannot see then you will not in heaven abide with me, for you will retaliate and thus you will fall into the reaper’s fold and forever you will pall.

So all I wish to say today is that for the souls of the “priesthood” I pray, for not one of them can “believe” me when I ask them to acknowledge that God’s face I can see as I am he. Thus up to the end they me deny, thus up to the end of time will they cry.

This is written by my hand
for any “other” who can PURE TRUTH & REALITY understand.


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Priesthood & Religion v/s GOD
reference the “words” - Reverend - Revere & “Awe”

It appears to me that “Clergymen” and “others” hold themselves in awe and thus “revere” the word “reverend” that they behold affixed to their name. It is a “shame” that none of these “lost” shepherds can see that it is only our God whom revered should be. For all God’s children are but “sister & brother” and none are above the other.

So all “men” whom daily in their mirror gaze I would “attempt” to haul them out of the maze in which they have become lost as their vanity was “seduced & entered” by thoughts from the dark one who lives in the land below, the land of frost and eternal snow.

Man only places letters by his name to either “show” his “position” or to empowerment gain o’er his fellow man. I say that any whom would “pass on” God’s Holy Living Word had better my truth have heard.

Being "Any who “wear” more than a simple “smock” be it of cloth or “letters of mark” do God’s Holy Living Word mock, for none stand above ME the invisible God they cannot see."

This note is written by the “hand of God” and it “pertains to” all past shepherds of God’s flock. Being those of any race or creed who for their past and present folly will soon bleed.

Yes, verily I say unto you, the gates of hell will prevail against all the untrue, and “that” force of darkness you’ll needs revere, for IT sets free all whom God’s message draw near, for only when the satanic “pup” did on the foolish “sup” do they IT “appease” as IT drops them to their knees, and in non-retaliation they do pay their dues and are then released to go on their way.

So try now and set yourselves a little free by “denouncing” religion that man made be. Become a little humble like me, and then your humility our God will see. For it was “religious man” who set man against man as the devil his mind did with “virtuous reverence” span.

The darkness will soon destroy all religions I say, for God would have that it BE that way. Then only pure truth will shine, being the “way” of Only Loving as is in our land of heaven divine.

Thus is the “Unity of Faith” established as is written by me the messenger of the Heavenly SEA.

Terence, son of Irene & David
The messenger of The Holy One our LORD GOD.

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~ The unholy "Christian" Jihad ~

Terrorism - Persecution - Falsity of religions
To: Peter Hammond. Frontline fellowship.

I am in receipt of your article “Islamic persecution of Christians in Africa” and ask: Why can you not see that as you “fly high” under the Christian “banner” it is you who is persecuting others? Yes, also you are a false shepherd, as you mock the man Jesus whilst you walk in a ‘dark’ angels frock.

For THE past messenger of God “Jesus” spoke only of PEACE as he said: “Wield no sword against your enemy once my truth you have heard.” The greatest enemy of the LIGHT of Christ is ignorance, that is perpetuated through the annals of time by men of religion such as you.

You do not see that it is the darkness that works through the mind of man, be they supposed Christians or those of Islam. ANY men who abuse others verbally or otherwise are working for the devil.

You ARE working for the devil as you denigrate children of God of other races or creeds. You are ignorant of the real truth that I the risen one again “present” to earth’s people.

YOU incite people to FIGHT - YOU incite people by what YOU write.
YOU will pay for what you do, for God’s LAW applies to YOU.

All “terrorism” is the hand of GOD, being the Dark REAPING avenger that works through any ignorant person. All “suffering” are paying their dues for when in their past they did others abuse.

Peter Hammond, I call out to thee saying: Only my WORD can set you free, for if you continue on your persecutive way then it is you son to fall into hell’s suffering forever and a day.

You son were “born” under a “false” star, it calls itself “Christianity” but it follows not Christ’s “Mercy & Forgiveness & Compassionate” call from afar.

Try and see “how” the “Christian” race are no different from Islam. For both in God’s eyes wield a mace, and both are a disgrace, as both are “guided” by fools such as you who perpetuate the devils work via your minds untrue.

I AM HE the risen Messiah calling out one last time to you my brother in the “hope” that you may hear my call, for soon, every religion and every false shepherd is to FALL.

For if you would truly help guide God’s erring flocks to heaven then you will have to change your way from today and see not the “other” as the enemy, but only as “other” poor children also being misguided by false religious elders such as you who also give them justification to “fight & deny” Allah’s call to "Be ONLY LOVING and TRUE."

Any who “think” they must FIGHT to be RIGHT are WRONG, for they:


You say you “fellowship” on the “Frontline,” but in reality you are a piratical “white devil” plundering “souls” of many a young African in the distant lands that you travel into as you foray “on the prowl” seeding disunity.

You say you are a “Christian” as you roam over the plains of Africa offering “material” food to the hungry from one hand as from the other you seed iniquity by offering "contaminated teachings,” and your false beliefs, thus setting creed against creed, brother against brother, man against man.

Your “marauding” ways that sow hatred shall soon be halted, for not all “black” men are blind to the false “offerings” of “whites” who walk in the disguise of angels, and what you cannot see is that the “invisible dark controller” controlling thee will one day bring you to account, for your spiritual debts do mount.

True “fellowship” with “other” children of “Allah or God” is one of PEACEFUL discourse, in which one by DEED is KIND & LOVING & CARING.

The “Black books” which you presently seed in such a-bun-dance are “overflowing” with the dark “weed.” Seed now only this Testament of Truth from today, be you of ANY creed. God says:

"Can you not see that the “whoring” Crusaders were the devil’s workers in the disguise of the righteous ? If not, then you are eternally lost and will be confined in the pits by your God, ME. Awaken,” I say unto thee, for as you “invade” others lands and “tell” them that their ways are wrong, you sing the devil’s song, for those who are “right” show by DEED they walk in God’s light, by being Loving in every way, not denigrating others and demanding the other heed their say."

Religions will now all pass away as man heeds God's say. Once "religions" and "priests" are no more, "man" will be but kind and loving for sure. Bless you O merciful ONE for your divine wisdom and mercy.

Terence, the “pen” of Allah/God

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~ To: John McLernon ~
Subject: “If you were Jesus”

I am in receipt of your letter and I also note your comments that I must be “One of the many who come in the name of Jesus” and thus a false prophet.

It is the time for you ministers and you their flocks to SEE that it is the men of religion who prophesy falsely as they say you will be saved if you follow THEIR WAY, and it is they who daily say:

“I bless you in the name of the Father
and of the son
and of the Holy Spirit”
“I come to you in the name of Jesus

Be advised that it is “Ministers, administers, & prophets & preachers & projectors” as you who should be able to SEE that all religious elders say to “their” flocks that they come in the name of Jesus, this applies to YOU, refer to the END of your letter to me where you say:

“In the name of Jesus I .......”

And I do not come in his name, I say I AM HE the soul of invincibility.” And I SAY that you are only “Born again” when of your sin (negative emotions) are you set free by the Grace of God.

Religious “elders” falsely preach that by saying the words “I accept Jesus as my personal saviour” that their flocks have suddenly become a Christian or, they are somehow “born again,” this is the falsity of religion as it implies that they can then continue to sin and their freedom still win.

It is not the acceptance of Jesus as the living God that saves anyone, it is the acceptance of the validity of the message through Jesus accompanied by ones daily commitment to ITS requirement that implies our commitment to GOD’S WORD through Jesus the Christ. (Jesus is not God)

Only when abiding in the word of God as brought forth by Jesus can we call ourselves “A Christian,” ( a follower of Christ’s way in that we Heed God’s WORD every day).

Jesus can be your saviour because he brings the LIVING WORD of God to you. You must hear it and abide in IT and then God sees your “enlightened” positive deed and delivers you up from your sin.

Jesus said “Many deceivers will come in my name, follow them not or you will become lame. Keep your candle burning bright in forgiveness and mercy and compassion and non retaliation until I again come at the time of the darkening night. I will not say I come in Jesus name, I will say I come in the name of God for I AM HE the living spirit of truth returned from the Light that shineth eternally.”

Your folly is that you elevate the name “Jesus” above the WORD of God who says:

“I sent Jesus to tell you that you WILL reap what you sow,
AND, by your deed I do you know.”

What many do not see is that it is only when abiding in God’s message through Jesus in believing ITS truth & validity are they set free of their past sin by GOD, and God says to all sinners:

“You merciful, compassionate & forgiving BE before by MY grace I set you free.”

The message through Jesus does only you save when you can be brave and “die” on your cross as did Jesus in non retaliation “as a lamb to the slaughter” when confronted by a dark reaper.

It is the Reaper who KNOWS our devious past ways and as we in pain & suffering PAY, are we released from the dark burden of our past less than loving ways.

For aeons of time has man fought to avoid the “sting” of the reaper, and now NONE shall it avoid, all who continue to deny God and in retaliation fight shall be cast into the dark fearful pit for an eternity where all do fight day and night, and from excruciating PAIN there is no surcease.


The problem for men of the 'cloth' preachers or administers of God's biblical Word are the words; "For many shall come in my name and deceive even the elect." What none see is that said words apply to all persons who state through their ministry that they 'come' in the name of Jesus or God and thus their teachings or biblical interpretations are the truth.

None seeing that they all 'bow' in subservience to 'Satan,' and through their fear of reprisal they teach that man must render unto Caesar all that is demanded from them in respect of his (Caesar's - State) dictates or taxes.

Furthermore, since all 'ministers' are 'prideful' and locked into error of text they assume the 'King of Heaven' to be a man (Jesus) rather than the REAL Source being God who created all mankind. Jesus is 'simply' one of countless trillions of 'sisters and brothers' who have existed for eternity in THE LIGHT.

Said 'ministers' await a 'literal' appearance of the man (Jesus) to appear in earth's 'sky' who will uplift them and their followers on high. ERROR. ONLY strict obedience to God's Command is the Salvation guarantee as man HALTS his use of God's DARK energy. (Sin)

Furthermore, all 'ministers' are 'prideful' and locked into error of text as they preach to their flocks that the 'King of Heaven' is the man (Jesus) who has taken ON all their sinful ways and resultant suffering dues upon his own shoulders, and the people now believe that they can or will AVOID the unavoidable karmic LAW of Equal Return of THE REAL 'King of Heaven' our Sovereign Lord GOD. This is ERROR because the 'journey' of the soul of man is a unique and individual one and Jesus was but a faithful 'messenger of God.'

Presently, every minister of religion on 'passing' into spirit falls to lower levels to FIND that awaiting their 'arrival' are millions of ACCUSERS who 'stone' them for their disloyalty through teaching that man must obey the 'power-brokers' and FIGHT, rather than obey God's LIGHT and BE merciful and forgiving.

These accusers are now so FULL of dark energy that they cannot BE forgiving or merciful because they are also filled with HATRED and their thoughts drive them to destroy all deceivers and the pain goes on and ON forever since all are locked into V for vendetta.

The 'grave' difficulty now for every 'earth-bound' minister of religion or teacher of false doctrine is that to ATONE with their God they will FIRST have to acknowledge the TRUTH from my 'pen' and then begin to implement change by writing a letter of apology to each of God's children they have deceived and they will also need to therein state:

1 - I now firmly BELIEVE my past 'Statement of Faith' beliefs were in ERROR because I now see that old scriptural (biblical) texts contained error and misinterpreted doctrine and were/are not the 'Infallible word of God' in reference to the salvation of man.

2 - I now do understand and BELIEVE that no man can take ON the spiritual debts of any other and that we all are subject to the immutable 'Law of Equal Return' of God (As you sow so shall ye reap) and that no avatar such as Jesus nor mandate of man nor official position can void, nullify or avoid the implementation of said LAW.

3 - I now BELIEVE that within the flesh of the man Terence the author of the freshly inspired 'The Testament of Truth' is the manifestation of the awaited Spirit of Truth and that the new Salvation Wisdom revealed by God through his pen is the awaited Word of God 'up in the internet sky above the clouds' for each individual to have free access to.

I simply advise you all to READ ALL ABOUT IT and to also fortify your minds in the manner given in the 'Feeling Easy' Seminar program so that you can prepare yourselves to defend your souls in respect of para 1 of the Messiah's web site index page:

God's final message to humanity is about 'Armageddon of the MIND' being thoughts kind v/s thoughts unkind and also about a battle between ones conscience and the 'dictatorial coercion' which entices one to defy their conscience and God's 'Peace, love, mercy, compassion & forgive' Command.

I now resign my 'post' and ask that you forgive me as we all now bow down in total obedience of the Command of God:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving and turn the other cheek in non-retaliation when faced by adversity."

In order to assist you I am happy to give you a free DVD of the web site content as well as the Feeling Easy Seminar program.

In reference to the 'earthbound' reading THE TRUTH and listening to the Feeling Easy Seminar, as they so do, all those linking IN from spirit will also become educated and THEN they also have the opportunity of rising UP into higher levels of consciousness.

Bless all whom this read
Those who heed it not will eternally bleed

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The Domain of the Dark – the negative energy of God
cunning, deception and treachery.

The greatest deception referenced differently in 'psalms' but now being "The sinner's prayer" of the latter day Pentecostals is what came to my mind as being the most important 'issue' of the day for every person fellow-shipping with religious orders.

"Why is this so"? For they ALL 'teach' that the LAW of God can be 'breached or 'avoided, voided or nullified' or, that some ritualistic ritual or other belief in the spiritual 'powers' granted by God to a mortal man such as Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad etc., can absolve 'sin' and thus 'save' the individual from their 'negative' or 'sinful' karmic fate, being the fulfillment of the immutable "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law. This erroneous teaching is promoted one way or another by every religion and is FALSITY in its purest form.

Note: God's energies both Light (Creative benign) and Dark (Destructive malignant) have the same 'end user' Law, being that the energy used in ones interaction returns on an 'equal' or 'eye for an eye' basis that is absolutely UNAVOIDABLE. It is thus absolutely 'Just' in returning unto the user an exact 'measure' of the energy used by them in their interaction with others.

Even for a child, Salvation is on the basis of faith in obedience to the "Love one another" command of God, alone. The "Truth, Light and Way" is simply that as well all ITS 'kindly' and merciful precepts as given by many 'prophets' being: "Turn the other cheek, forgive thine enemy, be merciful and compassionate and forgiving unto those sinners that abuse you, and 'go' as a lamb to the slaughter if others seek to kill or maim you."

Why is it THE ONLY WAY? Because when so doing, one is ONLY using and expressing the Light energy of God and thus one ONLY receives a return of this 'joyous' energy that brightens your soul and raises its vibration.

When you 'sin' you are supping on the fruit of the Tree of Evil, being the forbidden to use Dark energy of the Source, God, thus your 'expression' or that of your servants operating on your behalf is punitive and forceful and you receive an EQUAL return of that 'cruel' energy that darkens your soul and lowers its vibration and that 'lowering' vibration is what draws your soul away from the light in the after life.

Try and understand that the Dark energy is no more evil than a crocodile living in a pool, for IT the 'croc' is simply what it IS, destructive, and it will eat and destroy you if you 'in ignorance or arrogance' enter ITS domain.

Equally, the Dark energy simply is what it IS, destructive, and if you are so foolish to sup on this energy then you ARE entering into ITS domain by your own foolish or arrogant choice, and then IT simply sets out to destroy you for being such a worthless infidel. (Non-believer)

It is I the Spirit of Truth to now state that: Any person relying on any 'text' such as in the below words or similar as being their 'act of faith' supposedly granting them Salvation is a person that is in GRAVE spiritual danger:

"Lord Jesus, I need You. Thank You for dying on the cross for my sins. I open the door of my life and receive You as my Savior and Lord. Thank You for forgiving my sins and giving me eternal life. Take control of the throne of my life. Make me the kind of person You want me to be." OR:

"Please Jesus forgive me, for every sin I have ever committed or done in my heart, please Lord Jesus forgive me and come into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior today. I need you to be my Father and my friend." OR:

"Please Jesus forgive me, for every sin I have ever committed or done in my heart, please Lord Jesus forgive me and come into my heart as my personal Lord and Savior today. I need you to be my Father and my friend. I give you my life and ask you to take full control from this moment on; I pray this in the name of Jesus Christ."OR:

From the 'de Profundus': "Out of the depths I cry to You, O Lord; Lord, master hear my voice.
Let Your ears be attentive to the voice that calls on thee for pardon If You, O Lord, mark iniquities, Lord, who can stand? But with You is forgiveness, that You may be revered

Why? Because there is NO 'pardon' or 'ransom' or 'forgiveness' through prayer. There is only forgiveness once one has paid their dues to God. (In fulfilling the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" LAW) and, all are relying on the spoken words of other mortals who raised up this 'style' of 'testimony or ritual' for the sole purpose of feeding their greed and vanity as they sought to draw in multitudes to their own organisation.

It is I the Spirit of Truth to now state that: Any person that 'preached' such deception when on earth and that has passed over to 'spirit' now lives in the underworld for their arrogance and defiance of God's Holy Word as they placed themselves into the punitive aspect of HIS immutable Law being: "Deceive any one of My children and you will die in your sin."

It is I the Spirit of Truth to now state that: Any person that is 'living' in this earthly realm that continues to teach the above will suffer the eternal torment. This means that ANY written 'texts' in print or any 'on line' texts that people have placed thereon for the world to read also need to be 'burnt' or removed because, everyone relying on this false teaching will suffer and those that uphold IT will also suffer the same for promoting FALSITY.

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Let it be CLEARLY UNDERSTOOD: Those promoting the words "Jesus saves" or, promoting the ritualistic saying of 'prayers' around the idolistic belief : "Believe in Jesus and you are saved, your sins are out-rubbed and you are guaranteed a place in Heaven," are people who are themselves deceived by their predecessors and their 'guarantees' are WORTHLESS.

For no person can attain Salvation unless they 'bow' to the Command of God and, every person is subjected to the immutable Law of God and, no person can enter the realm of pure Light with even ONE 'speck' of dark energy in their soul. Why'? Because only Light energy exists in that place and any 'spec' of darkness would be a 'blot' on God's eternally moving image of purity.

God needs NO prayers of 'exaltation' containing 'pleas' of mercy or forgiveness for HE only 'forgives' once you have PAID all your spiritual dues to HIM, and HE is merciless with the merciless and, it is thus a total waste of your time to ask Him for mercy.

It is better to SHOW Him by your 'loving, kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving' EXPRESSION that you HAVE 'heard' His True Word and, as you thus remain a benign and meek little 'creature' He then will by the Power of His LIGHT purge your soul of the darkness you so stupidly drew in and only THUS are you set free and safe and saved.

The 'blood' of Jesus does NOT wash away sin. Jesus 'died' on the cross to show YOU by HIS example that you WILL suffer for your past sinning ways and if necessary BE crucified and, if you suffer in NON-retaliation as you 'turn the other cheek' then and only then do you SATISFY THE IMPLEMENTATION and FULFILLMENT OF GOD'S LAW.

There is much 'controversy' as to whether one is 'judged' according to their 'faith' in Jesus as their 'saviour' or by their 'Works,' and I can but comment on past scriptural texts (Revelations) that are in accordance with my belief that 'each' is judged upon their interaction with others, their deeds, their 'works.'

Rev: 12: And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works.

Rev: 13: And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

Note: 'Works' = deeds = actions = interaction with others, be it benign and within the precepts of God's "Love one another" Command or malignant due to fellow-shipping or supporting the contra false doctrine of control, interference, taxation, regulation, punishment & war. (Systems of Caesar – State)

The present 'beliefs' being promoted by the evangelical 'tribes' are that in praising and elevating Jesus into 'godship' and accepting him as their 'lord & saviour' is all that they need to be 'safe and saved,' and I say that this is GROSS ERROR, for ONLY by conforming to the Command of the FATHER who sent Jesus to tell all of the Father's message is what saves anyone.

For ONLY when we do turn over a new leaf and 'bow' in subservience to God's command IN ITS FULLNESS as revealed by me can one be set free by God's grace as GOD then removes the 'sin' (dark emotions) out of the individual.

You must read my statement of 'The ONE true faith' for only then will you realise the depth of your perfidy and your present error of living ways.

NONE can avoid or nullify God's JUDGEMENT

God's judgement is a natural progression of spiritual life (existence) that goes on forever. The progression being:

As one walks in the LIGHT one receives an equal return of the benign energy of creation (LOVE) that is bestowed upon you by others because you or your servants at your 'behest' have bestowed such upon others.

As one walks in the DARK one receives an equal return of the malignant energy of destruction (HATE) that is bestowed upon you by others because you or your servants at your 'behest' have bestowed such upon others.

The final judgement or 'separation' of souls is simply a point in eternal time when due to factors unknown by man, the outpouring of Light 'peaks' and then lessens for another eternity similarly to the intake of a breath and then exhausting it.

For God's energy also 'moves' in a similar way, and during the 'lessening' there is NO opportunity for 'elevation' or purging of the soul and that 'time' is an eternity long. Hence the eternity of being excluded from salvation if one fails at this point of maximum purging as God's 'breath' peaks. Great outpouring of LIGHT energy that purges the soul of man)

Mankind needs to REALISE that the moment that you 'see the truth' as revealed by ME God's Plenipotentiary then you have been 'baptised in true doctrine' by the Spirit of GOD.

The moment that you have received this 'blessing' and by IT are 'enlightened,' then you have the CHOICE to continue on 'sinning' and supporting by vote, fine or tax, punishment and war being the opposite doctrine of Caesar, (State) or you can turn over a new leaf and BEGIN your journey to spiritual freedom as you pay NO more fines or taxes into State coffers and you only fund benign community effort.

The moment that you show God of your new deeds, then truly begins your trail of sorrows, for His Dark punitive aspect will be set in 'train' to mete out ITS 'payback' for any outstanding spiritual dues for the time that you did support ITS false doctrine, and the 'enforcers' being God's 'reapers' and or other ignorant 'swine' will hunt you down and you will be 'tormented' or abused until such time as EVERY debt to God has been met with NO 'retaliation,' and THEN and ONLY then will you become spiritually free and released of 'Sin' within by the grace of God's outpouring energy of Light.

Please send this 'missive' far and wide to every 'Pentecostal' or evangelical organisation so as to give them a little 'hope' before those that continue to defy God in denying my message from the LIGHT will get to KNOW the ultimate sorrow and suffering. Please let your true 'outreach' to others now begin.

Terence - The Spirit of Truth

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~ The Shepherd’s Staff ~

THE TRUTH is the Crux of the Core, being the message of the cross for sure, in that on “your day” you must not retaliate in any way.

THE LIGHT is the Wisdom from afar, symbolised by Christ’s Morning Star, visible in an earthly sense to any who would “recompense.”

THE WAY is GOD’S WORD of Peace, not the sword, of Mercy and Compassion too and ONLY let love through.

So the Staff of the shepherd is God’s strength that is revealed to you at great length, and IF on the strength of God’s Word you lean, then all inner darkness will God from you wean.


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~ The Jesus story folly ~

Children, you are all “locked in” to the Jesus story
to the extent that you all forgot the
WORD of GOD Glory

Forget now the “historical facts” of the man, just heed God’s WORD, that is God’s salvation plan. If you continue on speaking “of” Jesus in the manger, you fall “asleep” and your soul is placed in danger. For God sent Jesus to tell you of HIS Word true.

And surely by now you can see the “aggressive vanity” of the supposed Christian race who run all over the planet in disgrace as they speak of God and destroy all on this sod.

Their “belief” in Jesus is so STRONG that they foolishly believe they can do wrong and avoid the “You pay for your bad deeds” being God’s LAW forever and a day.

So I Terence say forget now the Jesus story and look to God and HIS glory. All who this cannot do will become worse and be confined in hell for an eternity or two. I reiterate for you:

Forget now the Jesus “story

It is the WORD OF GOD that is the


The exposure of the unholy 'High Priests' of the 'Safe & Saved by the blood of Jesus' Sects.
The vain, arrogant and foolish who are deceiving so many as they 'come' in 'The name of Jesus.'

The FALSE 'Safe & saved by the blood of Jesus' myth has been propagated over many years now by thousands of mortal men who are not only Vain, arrogant, proud and GREEDY, but their MINDS were 'tapped' by the infinite cunning of the Dark Sovereign Power who gave them the JUSTIFICATION to use the name of God's messenger in order to PROMOTE their business venture that to their MIND appeared to be a good 'debenture' in respect of the Salvation story.

These vain men failed to comprehend their own 'biblical' texts wherein it was CLEARLY STATED that those 'coming' in the name of Jesus or God were FALSE, and it is I to state that I personally do NOT come 'in the name of Jesus,' for I state that:

I AM HE the Spirit of Truth having the SAME spirit soul within as did the mortal man 'Jesus' of that past time.

So here we now are, where men have been 'led' to believe that when a mortal man 'ministering' their truth performs a 'knock you down' RITUAL, during which he states that as the result of his proven 'powers' over you, that you are now 'saved.' That is pure FALSITY say I.

I THE Spirit of TRUTH state:

The PROOF to you the individual that you ARE 'Safe' from drawing IN more of God's Dark energy (Sin) into your soul through defiance of God and thus causing harm to another is:

A - When you do NOT retaliate when faced by an aggressor seeking to or causing you or your family HARM.
B -  When you no longer 'give in' to dark thoughts or emotions and thus cause NO harm or injury etc., to any other child of God.

The PROOF to you the individual that you ARE 'Saved' is ONLY when you 'pass through' the PEARLY Gates of Heaven into Paradise.

THE PROOF TO YOU the individual that you are NOT 'safe nor saved' nor freed from your inner sin is, that your MIND is becoming more 'irrational' and 'disturbed' by 'possessive' THOUGHTS that you are UNABLE TO HALT.

WHAT does this MEAN?

It means that your negative emotions (Sin) are becoming STRONGER and thus you will be more critical, angry, vain, fearful, vindictive, vociferous, confrontationary, possessive, demanding, greedy and aggressive etc., and JUSTIFIED in defying God's: "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgive" Command as YOU will be incited to disturb the peace of others or retaliate in the face of adversity and, you will be UNABLE to 'turn the other cheek.'

WHAT does this MEAN

It means that each and every 'time' your interaction with others is NOT within the precepts of God's Command you will ACCRUE a further punitive 'due' within the IMMUTABLE Law of God and, you draw MORE Dark energy of GOD into your soul and are then in greater spiritual DANGER because, the 'bigger' or stronger your negative emotions become, the easier it is for demonic forces to telepathically overpower your MIND from WITHIN.

No fellowshipping with ANY religion nor the praising of the name of Jesus or Buddha or Muhammad or Krishna or any other will SAVE YOU say I the messenger of the MOST HIGH. You will ONLY become 'safe or saved' when you follow my LEAD as given in this God's FINAL message to humanity.

Try and 'reason' that you can simply be an 'attendee' in being a part of a group of people congregating in a hall without having received a 'label' stating that you are safe or saved. So what is it that actually takes place when you are 'invited' to step forward by the 'conductor' of the day?

What takes place is that you publicly 'front up' to be a participant in a RITUAL wherein another person submits you to an 'overpowering' ACT, and this act 'formalises' the supposed 'Salvation' of the participant by their own belief that the 'Supreme Power' (God) operated through the 'conductor' of the RITUAL and they were THUS saved.

Once this 'formality' is over the new 'acolyte' becomes 'wed' to form a core part of the congregation and presumes that, - - - they are in some way EMPOWERED to also go forth 'spruiking' that Salvation was/is ONLY guaranteed in praising the name 'Jesus' and accepting him as ones personal saviour etc. This is an absolute CONTRADICTION of God's Message.

None of the 'newly wed' indoctrinated by the Sect or mainstream religions realise that the thousands of mortals carrying out these RITUALS 'In the name of Jesus' are NOT God, nor did Jesus send them, nor can any 'ritual' free them of their INNER SIN nor 'wash away' their accrued 'Karmic dues.'

All that has in FACT taken place during the ritual is that a SPELL has been placed within their subconscious mind by 'wolves in sheep's clothing' operating through the flesh and mind of mortal men purporting to be 'God' with the capacity to 'save' the souls of any person they were 'able' to OVERPOWER and fell to the floor and, - - - as this they do they 'invoke' the name 'Jesus' to give the RITUAL a spiritual significance.

Yes, by their actions the 'High Priests' are in fact stating and implying: 

"By the powers invested in ME by God I have set you free and you are now 'Safe & Saved' - - - AND - - - my 'Act' of RITUAL nullifies and abrogates the "Eye for an eye - As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW OF GOD and you are FORGIVEN for your past sinning ways."

I THE returned Spirit of Truth categorically state:

"Any person continuing to promote the 'Christian Outreach' (Or any other religion) PHILOSOPHY that 'Jesus saves,' is a person showing their utter contempt of Jesus AND the Father who sent him and they WILL surely 'die in their sin' for their vanity, pride, arrogance, ignorance, DECEPTION and GREED."

It is ONLY when one at all times and in all situations OBEYS and remains within the precepts of God's Command that one will be safe or saved by God's grace. I ADD that there is NO ritual nor 'circumstance' whereby one can avoid the implementation of God's immutable LAW.


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~ The One TRUE FAITH ~

Which faith is the TRUE FAITH ? — O GOD of the sky
please of this wisdom do not me deny

“The true faith is ONE, that of MY WORD, those that it hear not think it absurd. Religious faith is a word of mankind and through its follies man is in a bind. Twisting and turning saying “Which way to go, which side is true, the lesson we don’t know.” So I say to you see it clear, ‘tis direct to ME your GOD must you now steer.

HEED MY WORD — every day
HEED MY WORD — and daily pray
ABIDE BY MY WORD — is what I ask
ABIDE BY MY WORD — ‘tis your only task

Love one another

Heed Jesus’ message, that issued forth from ME.
Heed now this message, through Terence.

Once sinless, it is your soul “resurrected” into its birthplace, heaven, My world.
My Wisdom “through” Jesus is the “bread,” sup on these
teachings through Jesus, and you truly sup on living water.”

Man’s creed should have said, “I believe that Jesus was sent by our Father,
and thus, I will believe His message, and heed IT daily.

It is the deceitful “whisperings” of the serpent, that say, “You can defend your flesh and thus destroy each other in self defence as you are already forgiven for your sins through the crucifixion of the one and only son of God, who died for your sins.” This common belief, is the total denial of God’s holy living WORD saying:

“Love one another”

Be merciful & compassionate & understanding & forgiving.


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~ The inner battle TRUE ~

Children, any of you who “raise your hand” in either self defence or to an aggressor fight are in deadly danger, for you are at this moment mentally “inspired” by the dark knight who will for your folly make you pay, and your name will not be heard of for an eternity and a day as you are dragged down by IT the ugly dark “clown” who in hell does eternally abuse the abuser IT did use.

IT the invisible dark one is the real enemy of man, that you must try and see. Let us of every race now unite in the inner fight, being the one where we suppress the demonic thoughts of vanity & insanity that would use us to darkness use.

Soon you will see rage in the eyes of those who in their past were unwise and did IT the “dark” use, and thus IT now can more easily them use and they are in spiritual danger, for they could now their soul to IT lose as they are confronted by an equally enraged one who is also inspired by this dark force to fight. And as you have been told, all who retaliate or fight fall into the dark night.

Become now wise, do not them further incite, and to this do, you must to the LIGHT remain true and show them that you can remain calm as you shelter your mind in the charm of God, being the wisdom now brought to earth’s sod by me the spirit of invincibility.


( The perfect Justice of God’s Law as now revealed)

1 - We reap what we sow at the time and place ordained by God that we are so to do.

2 - Whosoever is abused and suffereth any pain, mental, emotional, physical, loss or more, let all mankind know that this soul did it to others before.

Let it here be known that all on this earth who are suffering or being abused today or any day are reaping what they sowed on another past day, at another place or time or even a “past life” time.

Let it also here be known that if *you* are the aggressive one imposing sanctions or fighting or abusing anyone in any way, then it is you the reaper in action who is a disgrace in the eyes of the dark one using you, and ahead, he will turn against you by inspiring another equally arrogant non believer in the God of LOVE who says:

“Love thine enemy”

So not if but when one of these “infidels” comes your way to make you for your iniquitous past pay, then pray that you can a follower of Christ be, and as a “lamb” take your punishment and become free, and pray for the other that they one day will see the error of their way.

*You* - implies any “party” to the planetary aggression which implicates every “taxpayer” whose monies fund the armed forces of this world, being “the wages of sin.”

See the “War & National karma document.


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~ Self sacrifice & love ~

The Christian religion does deceive because it does believe that “self sacrifice” does mean that we must destroy others yet “unclean,” and that if in this “process” we for others die, then we are uplifted by the Most High.

Not seeing, that the “unclean” are the ignorant of the sod who are sent by God to “test & try” the “supposed” Christians who “today” yet retaliate I espy.

The “starting point” of love is when we heed the WORD sent from above, and “selflessly” we it heed even if others make us bleed. Thus our starting point is true as we only let love through.

As we this our God show then God’s love does in us grow, for as we it express it does “deeper” with our soul enmesh. All must this wisdom share for soon ALL will in the Reaper’s face stare. At the END, all religions will go up like a “hot air” balloon and their deluded “followers” will all swoon.

Children, it is not a matter of “which” religion you “fellowship” with, but whether you are true to the LIGHT or true to the DARK in your daily expressed deeds.

Can you not see that all God’s messengers said: “HEED GOD or bleed.” They did not say “Follow this “man” or that “religion” to save your seed.”

“Soon on earth there will be no religions or creeds
only respectful caring people with loving deeds.

Blessed are the few
who see that what I say is to their souls true”

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~ Thieves & Murderers & Deceivers & Slaves ~

The thieves are those who steal as they "tax" their slaves and place a 'seal' on their backs that says: "These 'folks' are mine and they are enslaved by me because they believe that their leader is benign."

The murderers are those whom others kill. They are the politicians who send your sons and daughters over the hill to kill those enslaved by other men. All deny God's sacred pen.

The deceivers are the ministers of religion who deceive you when they say: "Kneel at our feet and pay us for we by "rituals" enacted will save you." None seeing that God's Holy Word is the "stave." Thus they deceive you too for through fear you "permit" the controllers to control you.

The slaves are thee as well as those "in power" controlling thee. For they are bound from Satan's den from whence all control and abuse does stem.

So I now needs set you all free. Be you Systems "men" elevated democratically, or but those held "bound" by religious farce, or but those who think they already have a valid "pass" that will let them through the "Pearly Gate."

None of you can I save and you all will be late for heaven unless you find the time to read my Testament and entwine with its Truth and you also will needs believe that I am God's proof.

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~ The "new" world religion ~
The Antichrist "man" exposed

The "new" religion of the day has been fully "raised up" by the invisible satanic "pup" who does "appear" in earthly form through the "faces of men" who direct or "carry" the spear. Yes, the Antichrist is the Devil in "earthly" form being systems men thought to be righteous and "of the norm."

The reality that none see is that they are the "mouthpiece" for the Devil they cannot see and it uses them to destroy others as well as all in its employ. The "belief" of the new religion is "The righteousness of retribution."

The new "religion" that does now earth "span" is the one of "war & destruction & vengeful retribution" that is contra God's "Only love" plan and this new religion that none but me "see" encompasses not only every land but all other religions for its forces are "drawn" from all "sects" raised up by humanity, be they the "mainstream" religions or otherwise.

So all now do "bow" to the invisible Antichrist who has justified in every mind that they are "righteous" in being unkind and that they should and must their enemy destroy. None seeing the Devil's "ploy."

For as all "bow" to the forces that It does "raise" and as all men praise the leaders, all see not It's final plot to seduce all men away from God's "say" so that It the Dark can then their souls destroy.

Every man, women or "child" who is less than "meek & mild" has become a "party member" or a "dark cult follower" and none will be set free from their "ahead" eternal misery unless the media bless them with the knowledge that the Messiah is here to again say: "Only the peaceful reach heaven, the others shed an eternal tear."

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Yes dear reader, try and see the iniquities that are "promoted" through hatred and fear and then tell all to visit my web site before they are "sucked in" to eternal pain and cold and night.

Take note, any person who for any reason "seduces" another into bearing arms for any reason, be it for self-defence or aggressive "ploy" is a person working for the Antichrist the Devil, and becomes an "Offender" in God's eyes at the moment they speak "for" the Devil.

The "bearer" of weapons becomes a "serf - servant - slave" to the dark one at the moment they use "arms" to control, punish, abuse, or destroy any other.

At "this" moment they are a "justifier" for the avenging darkness and as their dark action is "offensive" in the eyes of the Dark, it later abuses them in a similar manner.

Yes, the Antichrist is the satanical force that draws near via the mind of man and is "personified" in the fleshly form of man being any "person" who verbally or physically wields a spear and thus is of a critical - merciless - retributive "belief," and this "religion" or "truth" is your personal "proof" by deed of "which" seed you belong.

So if your belief is of "that" dark "song" then you are an "offensive offender" in God's eyes and you had better be strong because the pain you will eternally "endure" is needed for your soul's "benefit" before it can become pure.

For "arrogance" walks hand in hand with grief, for all arrogant ones also belong to the religion of "disbelief" in the reality that God exists.

You "were" foretold that the "dark" conspirator would "access" the mind of any who "allowed" It's energy to flow through so please now "try" and heed my call of "Peace" from the Most High.

When our God has "disposed of" and deposed all religions then "common" man will look direct to God and "follow" no religious "club," for every "man" will just follow the way given today, just walking in peace.

Divorce yourself from every religion and every religious belief for as you now see, every "one" is but a "fold" of dark grief. The TRUE way I give again today: "Look direct to God and personally be respectful and peaceful unto all each day."

There will be no "Chiefs, kings, queens, leaders, politicians or priests." No, for there is but our God up high to guide us all directly. And as all can now see the politicians and their peers have become "warmongers" who lead their "followers" into the Abyss, being the young "ignorant" persons who take up the "sword" and fight as they heed the false 'word' of "Antichrist" man, seeing not their "ahead" plight.

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~ The "spirit guide" ~
Spirit communication

This "notice" is for every spiritualist and every "medium" and every spirit who resides in any of the multitudes of realms outside heaven.

Be advised that the Spirit of Truth again walks in the flesh of mortal man and his fresh "leaven" being a final message from God does now "span" the very heavens above, being fresh "hope" sent to all God's children with Mother's love.

Let it here be known by all spirits that they have been used by the dark to telepathically interfere with the ways of man as their "thoughts" drew near and they did "direct" man's mind and use man to be "unkind" in many a way.

Let it here be known that many a vain spirit did 'guide' man to the point of "control" and thus there was no "freedom" for many an earthly man who did on this loam "stroll."

Let it here be known that any spirit who now continues to interfere in any way with the "thought processes" of any spirit in other spirit realms or with the mind of man will themselves become "bound" and become "serfs" of the dark force that does now plan to take control of the mind of every spirit who is a "busybody."

Please now read the content of my web site so that as you so do, the spirits linking-in to your mind day and night gain its wisdom so that they can be "uplifted" into God's sight.

Please listen to my audio tapes listed ref: "Spirit communication & spirit possession" that you will find listed at the bottom of my front web index page on the web site below.

Please also note that no spirit guide is "from" the ultimate level, for God is our divine inspiration. It follows that any spirit "posing" as a "guide" is in fact in a lesser than heaven level and thus able to bestow untruth and mis-direction for which they now will pay "under" God's ONE Law: "As you do is done unto you."

All "men" on this level "acting" as mediums need to now "pass-on" to spirits the fresh wisdom given and advise them to now look up to the star of love and to move onwards and upwards and leave the mind of man alone. The "word" men means both "wombed" or otherwise, women & men.

I AM he the risen Messiah

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~ The unfaithful flock ~

The unfaithful "flock" are those of any colour or "creed" whom do God's WORD mock as they go on their way each day "castigating" others and making them for their past "folly" pay.

Yes, this "unholy" flock do "come" in many a disguise, be it priests of religions or politicians unwise who daily send soldiers to war and the politicians "soil" their own "paw."

The other "lost" flocks of God are the simple or "unwise" like thee, being those to enter "temples" or "monasteries" because you yet cannot see that God is not "there." God lives in heaven, this fact I now share.

These "unwise" heed the "call" of the harlots who themselves are lost and also very unwise for they too heed not the call of God from the skies.

If you are "unfaithful" to the Commandment to "Only Love" then all I can say is "Please now try very hard to heed this last call from God. For if you do not so do from arrogance or because any "other" tells you that I am untrue, then for sure you fail and fall to the devil for being untrue."

I pray "Thank you Mother and Father for giving us the truth being your Light to guide us in this time of the deepening night. Please help all to see your Wisdom flowing free."

Terence, the messenger of
& Father God

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 ~ The Truth of Allah/God given today ~
Reference religious teachings

Let it here be known that much falsity has been sown into the teachings of God/Allah and is being promoted as truth by religions and their 'servants' as they "follow" corrupted wisdom.

Let it here be known that there are many false penned scripts purported by the "administrators" of the known various creeds to be "of" God/Allah or sanctioned words "from" the mouth of God's prophets.

Let it here be known that any condoning or teaching the following points are teaching and preaching falsity that is contra to the call of the Light of Allah/God who says: "Only walk in Peace, and be forgiving, compassionate and merciful towards other offensive ignorant persons."

1 -Teaching that a person can or should use physical force of any kind in order to defend ones flesh against an aggressor. Falsity

(NB - This has been and is the greatest hold by Satan over ignorant fearful man who has been falsely taught and thus defies Allah/God and fights, and also during retribution commits many other heinous deeds against other children of Allah/God. Those who cannot lay down their weapons and become "celibate" in their "abstinence" from using darkness will suffer a terrifying fate).

Teaching that a nation should defend itself by using armed forces to so do. Falsity
Teaching that an offender should be brought to account for the purpose of punishment. False
Teaching that man can rule other men and demand that the other comply with their directives. False

Teaching that religions are sanctioned by or ordained by God/Allah. False
Teaching that their religion is in any way superior to any other. False
Teaching that their religion has the authority to make and enforce edicts of any kind. False

Teaching that salvation is only attainable through joining a religion. Falsity
Teaching that salvation is only attainable by bowing to the decrees of temple elders. False
Teaching that religious priests or elders have the authority to give absolution in any way. False

Teaching that the penance of paying ones karmic debts can be 'voided' by Allah/God. False
Teaching that God/Allah forgives transgressors so they suffer not the consequence of their acts. False
Teaching that payment of any monetary 'due' is a salvationary requirement. Falsity

Teaching that baptism by water is a salvationary requirement. False
Teaching that the joining of man and woman either in a "marriage or in a loving act of "union" requires the "blessing" and "sanction" by State or religion by ritual performed by man before being consecrated as holy and thus "good" by Allah/God. Falsity

Teaching that earnest prayer will "entice" Allah/God to forgive ones transgressions. False
that taxation of the populace in any form is desirable and mandatory. False

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Teaching the simple minded that by immersion in a river or visiting an earthly "site" voids sin. Falsity
Condoning the blessing of soldiers and their weapons in the name of Allah/God as in some way 'protecting' them against evil. Falsity

Calling for war as a solution to any persecution by others or to repel land invaders. False
Using the Holy Word of God/Allah to set up any religion "run" by men to guide men. Falsity

Teaching God's children that they are required to "reach" God/Allah through the intermediary of priests or religions or rituals and/or adhere to rituals enacted by priestly men as being a necessary part of salvation or being day to day living requirements.  Falsity

Teaching the children of Allah/God that the 'priesthood' has the authority to intercede between man and God in any way. Falsity

Using the term "We bless you in the name of Jesus or Muhammad or God/Allah." Falsity
Using the term "We/I come to you in the name of Jesus or Muhammad or Allah/God. Falsity

Let it here be also known that due to the "inherent" sinful nature of man that the 'Serpent - Deceiver - Devil' did broach every "bastion" of man and thus as all men have followed false teachings and used the strength of his right arm to defend his flesh, or paid the wages of others to fight for him and thus protect him, that he man has drawn in much darkness that has enlarged his inner sin and thus he man is now incapable of heeding the call of Allah/God to NOT retaliate in the face of adversity.

Thus the mercy of Allah/God brings forth via my mind and spirit and pen a "solution" that will aid any who believe in my invincibility by enabling them to strengthen their minds against the inner forces of darkness soon to "prise open" fully the minds of sinners via their negative sin. 

Only those who heed now my fresh wisdom will survive spiritually this last battle of thoughts within their mind of Evil v/s Good.

If any of you continue to believe that you can use force to destroy evil then you are lost, for the use of any force is evil in action through the minds of the ignorant.

Any person who continues to "preach" and promote any of the above 'False' points is a false prophet, a "wolf" in sheep's clothing who will be crushed into oblivion by the reaping forces of Allah - God.

I, the true prophet of Allah/God prophesy this and its fulfilment will be seen by you all.

The requirement of Allah/God to any aspirant seeking salvation today is given on my web site in the "Brief Summary" and other documents.

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