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~ The Oasis ~
The free spirit

As written by Terence

Every woman of the Light is as an 'Oasis' of beauty and tranquillity that desires to uplift the weary that she beholds in her sight. Every 'damsel' is a lady of the Light and has the 'right' to be an 'Oasis' of love that waters weary travellers sent from above.

Every woman of the Light is as an Oasis in the desert - - - a living delight that every true man wants to see and, - - - every man is a 'wanderer' like a 'Taureg' that crosses the desert sand endlessly as he seeks his livelihood and his destiny.

Every man of the Light has the divine right to 'drink' of this water as he passes the Oasis during his travels over the desert wastelands but, - - - he is only entitled to take a 'sip' and, this 'partaking' as such may only be but a 'smile' bestowed upon him by the lady as he passes by.

If the Oasis is 'fruitful' and not barren, its watering hole can quench the deeper thirst of one or more in an intimate way if the lady is so 'disposed' to be that way and, - - - this she may do to one or more with whom she 'loves' on earth or any 'shore' and, - - -

Every man of the Light also has a divine right, and that right is that he has an 'Oasis' that is exclusive to him and him alone but, - - - that exclusivity is only when he passes that way. Be it any time night or day and, - - -

That right is that 'she' the waterhole the eternal 'spring' of life will offer him her 'golden cup of love' as is her divine right and, - - - thus this man true knows that he has a sacred place where he can 'drink' at any time and not be held 'thirsty' standing in a line behind others that are visiting his Oasis divine.

That right is given by mutual consent until such time that either she has 'spent' her light for him and looks the other way or, his wanderings lead him to find a 'sweeter' spring of clear water that draws him near but, - - - either way there must be a parting true being a voice in the wind that says:

"My love for you is true, but the time has come when I must make a fresh start, and thus if you ever visit me it is another to be 'first' in line to dine or to entwine and drink a cup of sacred wine with me, and I may offer you only a 'sip' of my wine or a cup of tea."

For if in this act of kindness you fail, then your deed with the 'other' may be seen as a betrayal. For if the words are not 'spoken,' then a 'promise' is broken. Being the 'silent' expression that either would never the other deny, especially during the time when for any reason they do 'hunger,' thirst, or cry.

There are many 'Oases' where many can stand in line and await their turn to sip summer wine but as said, - - - if there is an 'owner' of this 'promised land' then when the sound of his voice is heard approaching on the wind then all that have 'sinned'* had better stand aside and not hinder his way.

A man may be the Oasis for the Lady if she is the weary traveler that 'sets' the sails of her ship towards his 'island' seeking refuge and some love and, - - - in any or either 'case,' every spirit also has the divine right to only offer their divine 'cup' exclusively to one and no other.

Let all women see that every man needs to and was created to bury his 'spear' in the sands of an Oasis. For he is 'driven' by a 'blinding' force to express the 'life' force within that 'consumes' him with its desire and, - - - let every man see that women are created to 'receive' his expression lovingly as her desire lifts her up higher but, - - -

Let man see that he must never use 'force' or take a 'sip' of water that is not first 'offered,' or his Creator will him 'break' and he will 'die' in his sin. For he will fall into wastelands below where every 'Oasis' is barren and the fruits on the palm trees are shriveled and dry and, he will never again 'sow' his seed or feel love or desire for they will be buried under a 'mountain' of pain.

Let all men know that if they mistreat Allah's daughters and treat them as 'offal' meat or them abuse or beat then they will answer to their invisible Father in the sky, and HIS 'demons' below will stand at their 'trial' and, - - - for eternity they will 'bleat' as HIS avengers sup on their 'blood' and their 'meat,' and beat them mercilessly for eternity, for that is their 'Just' reward under Allah's divine Law. For on that 'shore' all do fight during the eternal cold night.

If you have a 'true love' being an angel from above that you would help along the road and by mutual consent are lovers, then only love* is the bond and, - - - for as long as there is mutual consent if your love for the other is true, then this 'rule' does apply:

"Do not deny - - - and - - - use no force that makes the other cry."

Let it here be understood, - - - let no person ever seek to control the free movement or expression of any other for any reason. Now is the final 'season' within which each of you will show Allah if to HIS command to: "Only love and walk in peace, and be compassionate, merciful, and forgiving" you can be true and, - - - absolute respect by men towards Allah's daughters is required for any that wish to avoid falling into the Abyss.

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Note: all that have 'sinned'* - Are those 'with sin,' and men on earth are those that have 'sinned' against others and against themselves and against their Allah, and thus they have 'supped on darkness' and have become 'sinful.'

This means that they have no 'right' to partake of Allah's Light because their spirit soul contains within it the sinful emotions of hatred, anger, fear, jealousy, pride, greed, and lust and maybe more.

Those with 'sin' believe that they have a divine right to abuse* others, for they believe the thoughts of the Serpent that enter their minds and, - - - when the 'lustful' are with the opposite 'sex' they are tempted to be disrespectful as their 'devilish' thoughts say:

"You can be disrespectful to your daughter and 'enter in' to her sacred space sexually to 'assuage' your lust - - - You can be disrespectful and 'seduce' your father's 'wife' and with her sexually entwine and share her love divine - - -

 You can be disrespectful to your friend's 'wife' or her 'husband' companion by trying to 'seduce' her one day - - - You can impose yourself forcefully upon a lady in the night and use force against her if she 'tries' to 'fight you off" and, - - -

The greatest 'ally' of the sinful are drugs, 'peer pressure,' alcohol and the 'dark,' for they all enable the sinful one to become arrogant, and their minds are also then easily 'open-prised' more by far distant spirit beings seeking to use them to satiate their own wants and desires that they cannot satiate in the realms below where all 'non-believers' go.

The 'sinful' are easily 'blown over' by the slightest breeze like a ship with no 'keel,' and as they are blinded by their aroused emotions they see not that it is also the Devil's thoughts that within their minds 'plot,' so that HE can one day ahead 'swat' the ignorant fool and place him in an equally 'sorrowful' spot.

For one day in the land below where all the arrogant go, they will see their 'beloved ones' being abused physically and sexually by 'foul' and arrogant men, and all in that place end up with no 'Oasis of love' and no 'sexual partner friend' for, - - -

Allah ensures that all the 'sinful' that so openly abuse by showing HIM that they are disrespectful or abusive to HIS children do become 'celibate,' as HE Allah celebrates HIS victory over the foolish that did not see the meaning of:

"Show respect unto others."


Note: divine right to abuse* - All have a divine right to abuse people, but NONE are equal to or above Allah, nor are any above the Law of Allah, thus all 'abusers' subject themselves to a similar return due and, - - -

They also subject themselves to an ongoing 'due' of suffering because, once you have defied Allah, then his 'lower' forces deceive you into continuing on in your way so that you never 'end' having to for it in 'suffering' pay and, - - -

It is thus that sinners lose their 'right of way' to 'sup' on love and light and, - - - thus it is imperative that all 'sinners' consider their actions each day before with Allah's 'daughters' they play. As you commence your day's activities, you should have said the 'Star' prayer and also asked yourself:

"Am I going to say or do something today that contravenes Allah's 'Code of Conduct' command"?
Ask yourself: "Is there any possibility of my failing to do what Allah asks? - Being:

"Go your way in peace and lovingly respect all and, be kind and compassionate and merciful unto all and, also be forgiving towards all those yet 'sinning' that are soon to fall below as they defy Me the Allah they cannot see."


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Note: only love* - There must be no 'man made' marriage 'act' or ritual statement as such of 'marriage,' for all these are but 'ownership' bonds that 'permit' the 'ultimate' act of dark empowerment and enslavement of one over the other with the demands, control, restriction, criticism, conflict and abuse by one or both once negative emotions come into power play.

The marriage 'pact' as ritualised by man is an 'Oath of allegiance' that forces one to 'obey' the other. The true marriage 'pact' is to be the invisible 'love bond' seen by Allah, wherein two people share and care and lovingly embrace and never wield a verbal or physical mace and Allah says, - - -

"They are free to 'come or go' and with others MY truth or love sow."

The 'symbol' or 'sign' of a 'loving' union is the one seen by Allah wherein the two persons are loving and caring towards each other. The 'symbol' or 'sign' of a togetherness bond is seen by mankind by the fact that two people are loving towards each other as they walk their road and help 'carry' the others load.

The 'fact' that some people live together as 'companions' does not mean that they then can no longer enjoy the companionship and 'embrace' of others for whom they love and care to share their truth with.

Note: - Every woman and man have the divine right to choose to 'enter' into Allah's divine place* with others.* Let no 'person' defy this 'decree' of Allah, be they 'lovers,' mothers, fathers, or any other. For those of you that interfere in the 'affairs' of others by trying to 'halt' their heavenly play do seal your own fate at Hell's gate. Lovers that are true 'soul' mates generally seek to entwine only with each other.

Note: divine place* - The heavenly 'State' above of pure delight, enchantment, desire, sexual contact and orgasm with its feeling of rapture wherein ones 'sups' on Allah's divine cup of love.

Note: others.* - Being those of the opposite sex that mutually agree to entwine and enjoy the dance of love with the 'limitations' as given below reference 'age of consent.'

"Seek not any less than half your age, for the 'painful' consequences would fill more than a page. If you are older than 'teen age' you’ll needs heed me, ‘play’ sexually with any of 'teen age' or less and you will bleed. Leave the young ones to 'play' in their own happy sweet way."

Note: - No man can own a woman. For she is a daughter of Allah and HE gives none of HIS daughters 'away' to any other. No woman can own a man. For he is a son of Allah and HE gives none of HIS sons away and, - - - Allah 'permits' HIS children the freedom to love one another and, - - - any that fail to conform to this permission by abusing the other then lose their divine right to love and 'fall' into a dismal plight.

Allah Commands and demands the 'share & care' of others as you respectfully 'explore' their inner beauty that is HIS Might, as you remember that you both stand in HIS sight, be it day or night for as long as you live.* Only the unwise criticise or reprimand and demand. For that is the use of HIS dark energy and, - - - for the use of IT you pay the 'blood price' when 'held' in HIS 'vice' in the dark world below.

Note: as long as you live.* - Once you are bound in the darkness below then your face is no longer 'seen' by Allah. For HE cannot 'stand' to see the face of iniquity that is and would be a 'blot' to HIS vision of splendour. For HIS 'canvas' of living beauty is the pure Light above where HE eternally 'watches' HIS creation dance and make love.

Note: - Only the 'pure of heart and spirit' have a divine right to have the freedom of the road, and the freedom of 'exclusivity' to always have a 'haven' where they can freely sup on Allah's divine cup of love.

Those yet 'with sin' deserve no such freedom, and they have no right other than the right to be given the wisdom that will uplift them out of their misery. If any of these 'sinful' ones take or partake by force due to greed, pride, vanity or arrogance, then they have taken a 'chance' of fate and made a 'pre-date' with the Satanic predator that will consume them with its fire at a later date.

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~ The free Spirit ~

The free spirit is 'one' that permits others to be free from their control. The free spirit is one with no 'dark' energy within them, thus they feel no jealousy, criticism, fear, or need to limit or restrict the freedom of expression of the other. Be they their son or sister or father or daughter or mother or lover.

This freedom of expression of which I speak is to do with the emotions that flow within that bestow feelings of love or desire to entwine with those of the opposite sex. Love is the 'bond' and the 'grace' of mutual and Allah's consent.

The free spirit is one that is not 'bound' by the rituals and false beliefs of their forefathers. Thus they do not see any loving act as an 'act' that defiles their family name. Neither do they 'shame' their family name by forcing their children to 'suffer' the iniquity of circumcision.

The free spirit is the mother and father that do not 'expect' or demand that a 'suitor' ask for their consent for their daughter's 'hand' in the Holy Communion of love. For if their 'child' reaches out to love or touch then they remain meek and mild because, - - -

They have already told their child before their 'day' of puberty that one day the 'love and desire' of Allah would rise up and 'flower' like a living 'fantasy' and carry them 'away' to a place higher within and, - - -

No parent true that is a free spirit would expect or demand any money or other 'remuneration' as compensation from any person that their daughter desired to love and linger with for a day, a year, or eternity.

The free spirit as a true 'lover' gives the other what they need, even the 'space' to spend time with others and with them love and seed their burning desires. For as 'each' conforms to what Allah does teach, their own inner positive emotions do grow and the truth of Allah's call to "Only love" they get to know for, - - -

As this you do, you 'weaken' all 'holds' that darkness has over you, and your spirit will 'soar' as an eagle in the sky as Allah's love lifts you up high to entwine with HER and HIS love divine.


Those that are 'bound' by the Dark and enslaved fall below and, - - - are 'confined' as senseless 'beasts' for being 'terrorising' swine and, - - - are as living 'dead' in the cold darkness and, they 'await' the torment of the fire that they 'pass through' an eternity ahead for their defiance of Allah as they disturbed the peace of the land and mercilessly and cruelly and un-forgivingly abused others.

They are the ones that banished themselves from Allah's divine place through their own greed, arrogance, pride and vanity, and the 'blessing' of the Dark imposed upon its 'bond' servants are feelings of pure terror and dread as you get to realise and know that you are spiritually dead.


All free spirits are those that become free to rise up into Heaven being Allah's divine place and, - - - they 'dance' in majestic revelry at the 'pinnacle' of desire at the point of Light shining forth in 'absolute' brilliance and intensity above the 'tip' of the eternal fire. The free spirit feels the blessings of the Light in the feelings of pure joy and passion and bliss and delight that exist in the Paradise above.


Feelings that exist within the 'frame' of Allah's multitudes of kingdoms range in colour from brilliant to dark, from warmth to coldness, from fruitfulness to barrenness and, the feelings felt within ones existence in these realms range from impressive to depressive and more.

Become now free spiritually by listening to Allah's 'voice' through me:

"Love, forgiveness, and merciful compassion is the way to eternal paradise. Those that continue to disturb the peace of MY land will be confined for eternity as is spoken by ME through my dove."

As decreed by MY sacred pen

Al-Mahdi - Terence

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