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~ The 'Hijab & Purdah' & Allah ~

Dear sisters of the United Muslim Women Association Inc., I am in receipt of your letter dated 18 Sept 2005 in which you seek support of your 'Declaration of the freedom to express the right of religious dress,' and your 'belief' that within the Australian Constitution there is such provision.

My response is such that it encompasses a variety of possibilities, for as yet you are all locked into a 'delusional' spell that binds your thinking and beliefs in such a manner, that you yet believe that 'dress' is in some way coupled to spirituality.

You also have the belief that the politicians within the Australian government Religion (Institution) have the right to dictate to the Muslim community that you must change your religious beliefs and your dress code.

For if you did not believe this, you would not be seeking any 'petition' against their intended regulations, and you would simply ignore their 'rantings' and get on with your lives.

So there are a number of issues at stake other than the simply 'hajib - headscarf' are there not? Also, what comes to my mind is that there is another matter being, that you also have been taught to believe that it is Allah's command or 'wish' that you wear such an 'apparel' so as to be seen as 'demure' and thus please Him, Allah. Hence you see it as a matter of 'religion.'

It is my 'task' for Allah to set the whole 'planet' straight on a number of issues that are false. For the 'religious' police * of the Taliban force women to wear the 'veil or mask' or the hajib or purdah through Decrees, and if not adhered to, these men feel justified in punishment by death as they bring Allah's daughters to their knees.

If Australian politicians follow other nations and raise up Decrees to force women to take off their headscarf-hijab, and there is any non-conformity to their dictates, then the Australian 'religious' police * will also feel justified in using punishment as they bring Allah's daughters to their knees.

For none of them nor the politicians or 'judges' understand either the 'text' you quote in their 'own' Constitution, nor do they even respect your divine right to 'simply' conform to Allah, and go your way in peace and clothe yourselves as you see fit. They only follow the RULES being their unholy 'bible.'

As I am the 'pen' of Allah, I can but say that the wearing of the 'veil' and covering of the heads of women came into 'vogue' long before the purported teachings of Muhammad that were written by other men.

It was and is a system of concealing such women from public gaze. I can also state that it was not Muhammad but it was later men that included the 'veil-scarf' into being a tenet of religious belief. This due to the fact that it was a long past false belief of man.

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Catholic nuns and many other women of different 'races' also have been programmed to believe that it is 'sinful' to not cover their heads at certain times. All this due to the 'sorry' fact that ignorant and vain and lustful men thought that women were 'lesser' and that only men were 'pure' enough to stand before Allah with a 'bare' head. Foolish men, none saw that it was women that gave them birth.

So this false teaching brings us to today, where all are bound by the false belief that the 'veil' is a necessity to Salvation. Allah states that purity of expression (deeds, actions) in conformity to HIS directive of "Peace unto all" is what shows whether you are demure and pure and thus obedient to HIM and 'worthy' of entering into HIS Paradise.

If any 'legislation' referring to the code of 'dress' is carried out in this Australian land, then that shows quite clearly that the 'land' is controlled by insane men. It is a fact that there is already an intolerance of faith and cultural belief in this land and every other land.

This Australian land as all others is not a democracy, it is ruled with an autocratic iron 'fist' that is the already legislated rules. All now are 'bound' by the dictates of said rules and, the rules have NO 'conscience' and I say, - - - If the politicians go ahead with their 'promotions' then you do have a choice.

The choice to heed Allah and go your way in peace, wearing whatever 'clothes' you wish to as is your divine right, and you 'suffer' the consequences at the hands of the vain, arrogant, and insane enforcers or, you 'bow' to the dictates of their 'religious' beliefs and take off the hijab.

I speak of the Australian government Institution as though it were a 'religion' for that is what it is. For a religion is a 'system' of ideological belief. Every government on earth is a religion, for all do have an ideological belief being, - - -

The belief that those elevated to serve the community have the right to (once in power) impose their dictates upon their 'masters' you and you and, - - - they also believe in the right to overburden all through taxation extortion, and to fine and punish and imprison any defaulters and, - - - they believe in the use of armed men to control all and for invasion and war.

Thus any person that funds, condones, or supports any 'punitive and warring governing system' of man defies their Creator Allah. So any person 'voting' for the election of a person to 'head' the Australian government, be they naming themselves a Muslim or Christian or any other saying saying "I am of this religion" are all false, for they are supporting an anti-Allah doctrine of control, extortion, fine, punishment, and war and, - - - they are then 'factually' of that religious doctrine and belief by their very deed in bowing to it and its dictates.

Thus you see the problem of today, for all have erred, as all via voting and 'taxes' are funding and condoning terrorism committed by their own government 'enforcement' agencies in their name and, - - -

Allah did say that none are above HIS single "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law. Hence the ongoing confrontation and terrorism. So I finalise my 'paper' by saying that you must not confuse 'dress' with religion.

Neither do you have to conform to the idiotic dictates of insane men posing as 'angels,' who are in fact wolves intent on using their decrees to tax your sanity and, as a justification to cause you distress as they 'undress' your sanity.

This is the 'time' of Tribulation, so please teach all the ladies to simply now fortify their minds, so that when confronted by insanity and arrogant 'bullies' they can remain pure and demure by not 'fighting' back, but simply remaining 'virginal' by not permitting dark energy * to flow through their mouth or hand in any confrontation action. (Peace - Inshallah)

Note: dark energy * - is the SIN essence that causes one to abuse another by word or deed and thus contaminates the SOUL.

Note: 'religious' police * - You may read my 'proof of religion' Paper being:
Item - 1 - Proof of Religion - 19 p at: < slavery3.htm >

No 'ritual' or dress code or profession of faith is proof of a true believer.
Maintaining a
peaceful Code of Conduct at all times.  That is the prerequisite to Salvation.

Please tell all to now read and re-read my final message from ALLAH

Terence - Imam Al-Mahdi

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~ The Israeli occupation & the wall ~

The Israeli wall of death is soon to be a 'fait accompli,' and regrettably the Jewish taxpayer sees not that their hard earned money is being used to cause great hardship upon the other children of Allah that name themselves 'Palestinians.' Neither do they see their own complicity to the invasion of the homelands of others as an act of terrorism, and act that also causes great distress and destruction of life, livelihood, and property.

The wall is to be the 'death' knell of freedom to the Jews, for the 'good news' of the Kingdom of Heaven is not a part of their daily leaven. Thus they will never reach the TRUE Promised Land, being the spiritual one that every true believer strives for. It is not a material place on this 'dusty' land, it is an invisible place where the spirit soul of true believers go to when their flesh becomes dust.

The infidels that wage war and terrorise others all fall into the Abyss, and are lost in oblivion where they are terrorised by dark forces on and on in perpetuity, for the call of the true Allah to "Go in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving" they never heard, for they could not understand its simplicity nor could they rationalise that it applied to each of them personally.

So as they build the wall of death they see not that as they lock others out of their space they show Allah their own disgrace, and they lock themselves out of the real Promised Land of love above. For there is an absolutely 'Just' Law of Allah that says: "As you do will be done unto you," and the warring Israelites will soon find that others equally as ignorant as they will soon wage war upon them and be equally merciless, invasive and destructive.

It is pure iniquity to invade, cause death and destruction, occupy, build homes, then retreat and destroy the very homes built by their own countrymen. When will the Jewish taxpayer see this insanity, and halt their individual funding and support of their leaders that are all vain and insane wolves leading them further into the 'desert' of eternal suffering and destitution?

My 'suggestion' to all mankind is that it the time to 'open' ones eyes and turn over a new leaf before the Wrath of Allah is seen in every place on earth, and I also suggest that all 'warriors' now lay down their weapons and stop retaliating against others that are arrogant ignorant swine. Better to 'turn the other cheek' and become modest and forgiving, for only thus does any  woman or 'man' reach the land divine.

One cannot steal or invade or fight to obtain any 'promised land,' for that is forbidden forceful interaction and very 'underhand.'

Note: Zionism. The national movement for the return of the Jewish people to their homeland that has been an ongoing 'fight' for many a long year needs to be from the aspect of Allah's Light. 

For it was Allah that 'banished' the Jews from their original earthly 'space' in the first place, and this was His punishment for their past errant invasive, warring and destructive ways. This banishment also included their excommunication from the spiritual Promised Land until they learned to conform to the truth of Allah's Word being;

Islam * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.'  This is only attained in 'bowing' to Allah in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Christianity * (The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.'  This is only attained in 'bowing' to Allah in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Thus the many years in this century that Jews (and others of all races) have fought to gain land has been the works of the Devil that inspired many a 'hand' to perpetrate foul deeds against other children of Allah, for even the Jews are His children. The word Allah or Allah or Jehovah is simply the terminology used by man to describe the ONE Creator of ALL.

What has been the result of this tragedy? Every person that has raised their hand against another has accrued a similar painful karmic debt and increased their 'time' in the abyss in the after-life where they will fret.

If Allah has condemned one into being banished from their space place then they are foolish if they try to get it back using force of arms. For this forbidden negative interaction defies Allah who will punish them again and again, and on in perpetuity if so needed.

Go your way in PEACE if you wish to one day ahead be left in peace. The Promised Land is not any material place on earth, and let it here be known that any person of any race or creed that uses force to invade, detain, punish, abuse, destroy, or to wage war in the name of any nation or 'justifiable' attrition is a very offensive person in the eyes of Allah, and one to be cast into the PIT for a time and an interminable time.

The meting out of Justice is Allah's prerogative only. Education and forgiveness is the only way to freedom and peace and lasting happiness. If you wish to have peace then you have to have Allah as your 'head of house,' and you thus conform to His dictated "Peaceful" code of conduct. This you cannot do if you are 'bowing' to the controlling or 'taxing' or warring dictates of any religious cleric or any politician, for all are deceivers of mankind that lead the youths into spiritual doom.

22 March 010 TL (2006 AD)

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~ Bali Broadcasting Service News on 'Sharia Law' ~

Dear Editor Bali BS News, I refer to your article by Abu Bakar Bashir Bin Laden March 8, 2006

"Bye Bye Bali Paradise, 'Welcome' Sharia law."

"The proposed new Indonesian "anti-pornography" legislation has just been revealed in detail. As well as showing how the Indonesian Government’s fundamentalist Islamic minds work by token of putting and penalizing public displays of affection under an "anti-pornography" law, that include:

Showing cleavage or bottoms or belly buttons – 2 months to 10 months in jail.
Kissing in public – 1 year to 5 years in jail.
Nudity – 2 months to 12 months in jail - Interpretation even extends to forbidding tight fitting clothes.
Erotic dancing – 18 months to 7 years in jail.
Being in possession of a sexual aid such as a vibrator or ribbed condom – 3 years to 15 years in jail."

I note Abu's Otherwise (prediction);

"Hello first step to Sharia law in Bali. - Bye Bye Balinese Tourism.- Bye Bye Bali.
Indonesia will slide into a fundamental Islamic state, which is what the terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah wanted all along and will indicate why the Indonesian Government never outlawed them. We believe this proposed new law breaks the constitutional right of the Balinese and every Indonesian to freedom of religion and culture, as it is clearly an element of Islamic Sharia law being feigned as anti-pornography."

Response by Terence, Imam Al-Mahdi:

Rules or 'decrees' or 'codes of conduct' are raised up by men, all purporting to have either the authority of Allah or a secular mandate of the 'people' for the people. They do not, they are simply using the 'authority' of texts in books that were written by them or their ignorant predecessors to invoke darkness and to invoke more rulings that control others. Foolish vain man.

The reality is, that all or any 'laws' enacted by man that have a 'punitive' attachment for any non conformity are not 'Shariah Law' and, neither are they inspired by the Light of Allah, they are all the inspiration of the dark invisible Serpent that is 'constricting' its 'coils' more and more and strangling the freedom of expression of mankind via the minds of the arrogant and vain that hold the real "Shariah Law of Allah" in disdain, for they know it not.

For these 'fools' are the deceived who in the guise of 'religious authority' or 'state authority' invoke whatever rulings they wish to, and use force of arms to enforce them. Thus they are defiant of their Creator as they 'violate' the "Go in peace" command of Allah as they use the name of Allah in vain.

The entire human ' race' has been misled through the false interpretation of various spiritual teachings in all religions. Teachings that have been corrupted by vain scribes to the point that the 'core' wisdom has been lost, and vindictive malpractice now thrives in every land.

This has enabled the ' warrior' priests or clerics of both Muslim and Christian 'forces' to seize the minds of the populace that they controlled through fear, and use them to do 'battle' against other 'beliefs' in order to gain material wealth and power and control of the masses. (slavery)

The word "Truth" has been replaced by the word "Religion." Thus the followers of the Koran or the Bible (or any other) revere these 'books' and the name of their religious 'order' (Christian or Islam) more than their Creator or His Truth on Salvation.

Thus today we find fundamentalists in every 'religion' as each seeks superiority over the other through Fear or Pride or Vanity and, - - - the dark emotions of arrogance, jealousy and vindictiveness within the souls of the 'leaders' is what gives rise to the false interpretation of past teachings, and 'permits' the aggressive leaders to impose their decrees of 'death' upon the populace in the 'guise' of "It's the Shari'a Law of Allah or It's the State law of the land"

This is FALSE, because Allah named so in Arabic, or "Allah" so named in the English vocabulary are one and the same divine Creator of all, and His "Shari'a (divine) Law" is but ONE, being:

"As you sow so shall ye reap"

Thus all the decrees and dictates that bring mankind to its knees are simply the 'rulings' of mad 'Mullahs' or arrogant politicians that use these dictatorial 'rules' to control, to steal by tax, impoverish, punish, invade and eradicate and, - - - none of these 'infidels' (non-believers) are aware of the supreme Law of Allah/God nor that it also applies to them.

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There is a misinterpreted prophecy that is permitting Clerics of hate to drive devout Muslims * into intolerance, violence, and spiritual death, for to attain the supposed 'Promise Land' they are taught to use force of arms and violent means against others, and this satanic 'action' leads them and their adversaries into the Abyss of eternal suffering. For Allah said: "It is forbidden for you to sup on the tree of evil and use its destructive force." (forceful energy)

Note: devout Muslims * - this applies to 'devout' people of any race or creed, for all have been misled, and all use force of arms to fight to attain freedom, peace, or ownership of supposed 'Promised lands.' The 'prophecy' states:

Qur'an 24:55 Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will surely make them rulers in the earth as He made those before them rulers, and that He will surely establish for them their religion, which He has chosen for them, and that He will surely give them security in exchange after their fear. They will serve Me, not associating anything with Me. And whoever is ungrateful after this, they are the transgressors.

Footnote 1763: This verse not only prophesies the establishment of the kingdom of Islam, but also its permanence, so that successors will be raised to the Holy Prophet (MO-HAM-MAD) and the Muslims made a ruling nation on earth.

Further response by Terence, Imam Al-Mahdi:

Firstly the footnote is 'added' by 'someone' who has made a false statement that has become ingrained in the minds of latter day readers and deceived them < kingdom of Islam >< Muslims made a ruling nation on earth. >

This also applies to the followers of Christianity who also believe that their 'religion' will become the ruling one on earth after the tribulations and, - - -

I now state for Allah/God that there will be NO religions on earth after the tribulations and NO ruling nations, for the ONLY 'ruling' that all will be happy to conform to and 'follow' is the Command of the Creator of "PEACE and goodwill unto all." This implies a "Kingdom of PEACE" with Allah - Allah as the invisible Ruler as all conform to His Command to love one another.

So the correct interpretation of Qur'an 24:55 reference the words underlined by me applies to all races and creeds and means, - - - "Allah/God has promised that all that believe in His command to be merciful, compassionate, kind and forgiving, and that turn the other cheek when faced by adversity and, - - -

That 'bow' to Allah and submit to Allah's 'wish' and thus conform to the call of "Peace unto all" from Allah as spoken by Muhammad his faithful servant and messenger then, - - -

They will attain Salvation and be granted entry into Allah's Paradise and, - - - all those remaining on earth after the separation of souls will be safe and secure from persecution as all will walk in peace and love one another as commanded by their Creator."

Note: choice - Each individual also has the choice to continue on in their present 'aggressive, antagonistic, merciless, punitive & warring' ideological ways, and suffer the consequence that is documented as being one of eternal torment in the wastelands of HELL for their defiance of their Creator Allah.

Note: Muhammad the prophet * - Jesus the prophet and Buddha the prophet and others in other lands did in a different 'time' also 'hear' the voice of the Creator Allah who gave them the message of 'Peace,' and they also told many of this PEARL.

Thus the word 'religion' needs be seen as the words "Salvation TRUTH" - The 'belief' in the principle of "Peace."

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I write this to you the Editor Bali broadcasting service news because, there will be no 'change' made to the positive by any 'mad' Cleric or arrogant dictatorial leaders unless they become educated to the FACT that, - - -

Their Creator does see their every intent and the foul deeds that they impose upon His children using 'decrees' named by man as 'The law or the Shari'a law' of the land and, - - - that He Allah will force them to suffer an equal 'eye for an eye' return within the scope of His divine and 'just' Law either in this place or in the after life.

All 'corrupt' men are 'infidels' (non-believers in the 'code' of Peace) and they are all servants of the invasive and destructive Serpent who via them imposes His 'Shari'a' Law of pain and suffering because all uphold and support and condone their iniquitous leaders.

The Salvation of the soul of anyone is a personal affair between them and their Creator directly, it has naught to do with any named 'religion' or nation. Please publish letter so that all Indonesians have the opportunity to read it and, please also tell them that the awaited 'Muslim' Al Meshi (messiah) has raised up his message to humanity at:

< >

It is the time for all 'Muslims' to now look to THE TRUTH of my pen rather than kneeling at the feet of vain Clerics who lead 'ignorant' men into war and foul deeds of terrorism. "Peace is the way."

The word 'Islam - Aslama' implies that one will attain inner peace and external peace through obedience to the peaceful & compassionate & merciful & forgiving doctrine of Allah/God, through the right 'submission' to, and by 'embracing' the Command of Allah that says:

"Go your way in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land for any reason and, - - - if you are abused by any other then you must not retaliate, you must turn the other cheek and remain humble and meek and, - - -

You must forgive your perceived enemies and, - - - you must be merciful and compassionate towards them as you forgive them of their errant sinning ways and, - - -

If you are put to the sword by them, then you must 'die' without defending yourself as you 'go' as a 'lamb' to the slaughter."

"Go your way in PEACE - - - ISLAM"

Because - - - this 'Sharia' Command of Allah is:

'The path to the water well'

My words, Allah's words will unite humankind, those continuing to be ' blind' will permit the Serpent to bind them in suffering forever.

Terence - Imam Al-Mahdi

Read "The singular Law of Allah - Shari'a of Allah at; Sharia

page 7

~ Letter to Gordon Moyes ~ 

Dear Gordon, so much written by you and yet you and all are 'smitten' with ignorance as you all have a heavy 'beam' in your eye I espy. You say: Obedient faith! That was it! We have faith, so we are obedient to Allah.

I say; NONE are obedient to Allah/God and ALL yet walk down to the Abyss, for even the 'supposed' holy race the Jew and those named 'Christian' and those of EVERY OTHER RACE all 'lie' in the bed of the Serpent each day because - - - their leaders see not what they do, nor do their flocks that fund and support them, and all are complicit to ongoing iniquity.

You speak of Christians, who are they? The ones promoting themselves as such as you? Or Bush or Blair's mob?

You say < At the same time, in Israel and Lebanon, Arab and Jew are fighting over the land Abraham claimed for his descendants. Elsewhere Muslims are in conflict with Jews and Christians, and Christians in a dozen countries are suffering persecution from Muslims. Yet these three faiths regard Abraham as one of their founders.>

I say that IN THE FIRST INSTANCE Abraham may well have believed in a 'mono' Allah but, - - - if he claimed any 'space' on earth as his for his descendants then we should realise that he was very unwise, for in so doing he would have needed to 'evict' someone and that was his first error.

His second error was the eviction of his own son, your quote: < Ishmael’s presence with his mother Hagar caused trouble in the family, and he and his mother were expelled into the wilderness. Ishmael’s descendants became known as the Arab tribes and he is highly revered among the Muslims. >

All mankind is hell-bent on 'evicting' someone and in ELIMINATING their enemy, and all mankind even you (via the government) promote the use of force, condone force, and fund force, and ALL MANKIND is thus 'deceived' by the dark force and all have been deceived by the merciless and unforgiving precedents set by their predecessors.

Your words < And Christians in a dozen countries are suffering persecution from Muslims. > I ask: Are the followers of Muhammad in Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere not also suffering at the hands of other infidels that call themselves Christians?

Maybe you need to listen now to me, for ONLY I can see the depth of our Allah for I do know that HE is the TELEPATHIC instigator behind EVERY 'elimination,' for His Wrath I do know and see and what you and all need to see is, - - -

That the dark energy that justifies any person to seek the ELIMINATION of their enemy, that you now see as the psyche of the Israel and other forces, is the psyche of the Dark Sovereign Power - Allah - ALLAH operating through the mind of non-believers that HE uses to destroy HIS enemies so that HE later can JUSTIFIABLY within HIS 'As you sow so shall ye reap' Law destroy them for their arrogance in 'playing' Allah and, - - 

HE is the ultimate exterminator who will now again 'incinerate' the Israel nation and others as HE is the ONE to exterminate all that use HIS forceful destructive energy in their interaction with HIS Creation. It is forbidden by Allah-Allah to sup on the fruit of the tree of evil. (Use of forceful, dark, destructive energy) Go to : Tree of EVIL

HIS law is ONE and it is immutable, so why do people such as you daily defy HIS command to "Go in peace and love one another and be merciful and forgiving"?

HIS 'task' unto Himself is to now separate the good from the bad and HE will destroy all that defy His EDICT to live in harmony and to NOT interfere in the lives and livelihoods of others.

Try and see that the way 'fabric' of life as we know it today is ERROR in HIS eyes, for all are RULED with a stern 'set' of rules that interfere in the lives of ALL and, - - - all non-conformity to these decrees invoke punishment that itself is defiant of HIM and HIS commanded "PEACE" code of conduct.

Truly blessed shall any be who 'awaken' and SEE that their saviour ME is here and who thus turn away from ANY form of regulation or control or punishment of ANY of HIS children because, - - - this IS THE LAST MOMENT after which all that continue on to defy HIM will by the power of HIS energy * be cast into HIS Abyss to be 'crushed' into oblivion and eternal suffering.

NOTE: the power of HIS energy * - Any use of control, deception, regulation, force etc., and the promotion of taxing others or punishing others or destroying others or being complicit to such invokes the inflow into one soul of DARK ENERGY (The sin - negative emotions) and the weight of this energy is what draws the spirit soul DOWN away from the Light and into the eternal night.

When you set forth to punish or destroy another because you see them as and 'offender' or as an 'enemy,' then you have made ALLAH-Allah your enemy.

Terence - Imam Al-Mahdi

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Letter to Sarah - SBS TV

Dear Sarah, I thank you for your note and comment: Ref your words < No doubt George Negus will want to speak to Dr Massoumeh Ebtekar about Iran's nuclear ambitions as well her own political persuasions in relation to  President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. >
I wonder if you or George are actually aware of the deeper implications of this statement, for it is a FACT that the 'West' and its allies have all not only their nuclear facilities 'up and running,' but they also feel "free" and are free to construct nuclear power stations and, they also manufacture and use nuclear weapons.
The arrogance of the 'westerner' is so great that they assume the right to control every other person and nation on earth and they justify this 'action' simply because their leaders have placed the name 'axis of evil' against the other. Did Allah not say: "Take the beam out of your own eye before you criticise your neighbour"?
WHO? I ask are the war mongers of the day. Is it not fact that the USA and its allies have entered (invaded) the land space of others and smashed everything to rubble? Is it not the Israeli forces that have invaded the land space of others and reduced their homes to rubble and destroyed many civilians in what they so easily pass off as 'co-latteral' damge?
For those as me that can clearly THE TRUTH see it is abhorrent that those as George are so blind as to even dicuss the nuclear intent of others or to discuss what it is like being a person living in a land that some other military dictator (George Bush) has classified as "Axis of evil" when the FACTS are, - - -
That he (Bush) and his foolish henchmen and allies are the evil ones soon to be disposed of by Allah as their spirit souls are confined to the Abyss for eternity along with any other ignorant arrogant 'sod' such as Bin Laden, Saddam, and EVERY OTHER POLITICAL LEADER who has ever lived on earth or who is living on earth that JUSTIFIES the use of force of arms in their interaction with Allah's children. 
Man of all races 'lost the plot' aeons ago reference the command of Allah to: "Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate & forgiving," and this is due to the 'priest' of the West and the 'cleric' of the East that deceived man into believing that he could 'control, invade, abuse and kill' and be 'safe and saved' through the silly rituals of these ignorant men who all defy Allah's sacred pen.
Maybe George needs to seed his mind with the wisdom of my pen for it is I and only I that can elevate any soul on high when they conform to Allah's decree through ME and they 'bow' in conformity to IT.
I am the Messiah of the West and the Imam Al-Mahdi of the East and it is now the time for all mankind to 'feast' on my fresh plate of food (wisdom) that I have elevated on high in the internet sky.


page 9

~ Open letter to Tasmania Police Commissioner ~

Dear Commissioner,

Ref: V for Vendetta & the New Year resolution.

I speak on the escalation of insanity, disarray, and frenzied aggressive display in many a community as well as the recent destruction in the Hobart Remand centre. As a concerned 'Elder' and member of the Tasmania community I also write and ask you: "What is the 2007 New Years resolution of the Tasmania Police force"?

I know, it is a 'call' for a harder stand against offensive behaviour in order to maintain 'orderliness' and control. It is also a 'call' for more legislation to gain more 'legitimate' use of force to 'control, suppress, engage, interfere, seize, invade premises,' and accompanied by this a greater punitive effort against any person that loses control of their mind and 'offends' others or the sacred Rules of 'the Institution.'

For some years now I have endeavored to awaken the consciousness of man using my sacred pen, and I have foretold of THE DAY when everybody would PAY their dues to Allah for all 'foul play' (abuse of others) as perceived by Allah. (Allah's Command is The Law not man's rules)

I also foretold of THE DAY when the Police would lose control of the 'streets' (the community) and I also explained "Why." I also advised and again advise the Police to now 'address' the spiritual cause of the problem so that they are better 'armed' mentally, and can then 'disarm' materially and themselves 'bravely' change their own code of conduct as given by me, so that the community can see them as 'friends' on their side rather than 'swine' using every 'rule' to lock them inside.

The entire population is becoming more 'fearful, angry, frustrated, forceful, merciless, critical, unforgiving and vengeful,' and this also applies to the judiciary and the armed forces workers. Everyone is becoming grim faced, tight lipped, resolute and forceful.

Aggression is met by aggression, and I can assure you that there is NO force that will 'suppress' the coming conflict because it is backed by the invisible Dark energy of the Source, Allah. Only merciful, forgiving and educative means (The Feeling Easier Seminar) will stem the tide of aggression and hate soon to be seen stalking every street as IT lurks within the MIND and emotions of man.

The real enemy of ALL is the invisible negative energy that flows through the 'aroused' emotions in man, and IT is accompanied by 'possessive' thoughts that control the mind of the ignorant and arrogant and unwise, that for a 'moment' are mentally disturbed and thus unreasonable and, - - - the response of 'irresponsible' man is: "Take the 'mentally disturbed' offender to Court so that one can legally cause them grief."

None realising the meaning within the "As you sow so shall ye reap" nor of its "An eye for an eye" = Equal basis implications. (What unto others you do will be done unto you for THAT is True Justice - the Justice of Allah)

I would advise you and all that ones first responsibility is NOT "To Australia" nor to any "Book of Rules," it is to your own SOUL, then it is to your fellow man as you heed Allah and go your way in peace.

Yes people are becoming more 'restive' and their Autocratic ruler the rules become more restrictive, demanding, controlling and punitive and, - - - what none other than I can see is that there is an invisible Dark force that is telepathically interfering more and more into the psyche of the entire human race and, - - -
This interference is what I term 'Minds under siege' that in the old days was named 'spirit possession,' and people cannot keep out the intrusive thoughts that revolve within their minds - be it thoughts that are depressing and suicidal or vengeful and unforgiving and destructive - - -
It is THE TIME for all to quickly learn what I am saying so that 'we' here in Tasmania can overcome the 'problem' by being the FIRST State on earth to recognise IT and do something positive and constructive about it. (RE 'COG' the mind = become WISE)
If you continue to follow the 'lead' of the RULES as your code of conduct 'policy' guidance you will fall, as will all your officers and eternally they will PALL. At present in every 'State' on earth the Police are perceived now as 'beasts' and as 'the enemy' of the people, and they will become 'targets' of the superior 'Army' that is the youth of the greater community. Yes, even policemen will be dragged out of their beds at night and carried off into the dark as they have done unto others.
You need to try and see that any 'politician' that 'vows' to invoke more 'power, control, and punishment' is already Hell-bent, and will be a 'marked man' by Demonic spirit forces who are themselves the 'instigators' of all confrontation as they incite all men to FIGHT.
Please visit my web site and read my 'Render unto Caesar' document, and within IT you will find an Item "The Dark Secret" that also exposes the terrifying danger that mankind is in.
Yes there is soon to be a total collapse of every governing system of man and man will turn against his own brother, mother and all, as his mind becomes possessed more by the V-for vendetta that is the prophesied 'eye for an eye,' and it is I to expose 'how, why, what and when.'
Let us now show "Mercy" as we educate every aspect of the community before it is "too late."
Sincerely - Terence


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~ Letter to Karim Sadjadpour ~
Iran v/s Britain

Dear Karim, Surely now those with 'open eyes' can see the infidels that despise their Creator. For the arrogant and very ignorant one named 'Blair' now shares his mind and soul with Shetani the Devil who did already him snare in a web of invisible strands of unbreakable wire.

Can he and others not see the insanity of arrogance and vanity? Where is the 'justice' when the detainment of fifteen armed British warriors invokes a repulsive punitive response wherein and whereby a 'leader' invokes sanctions against the whole Iranian nation?

Where is the sanity where a man is prepared to destroy the livelihoods of the entire civilian population of another land due to his vindictive and retributive nature, seeing not that his own 'British' flocks are drawn into the fracas due to the fact that he is operating in their name and funded by their wages?

When will he Blair and all civilians begin to see that people of every land now need to dismiss every politician and religious elder that promotes invasion, sanction, or war? For all is terrorism, be it meted out by civilians or men in uniform.

If the people of any land wish to live in PEACE as Commanded by Allah, then why do they employ blasphemous * 'whores' to drag them into great suffering and hardship?

Note: Blasphemy * in its true context means that ones daily ACTIONS as perceived by Allah are irreverent, wicked, and contemptuous of the Command of Allah the Creator. For any "act" of man that contravenes the Command of Allah is 'impious' blasphemy by virtue of its 'contravention' of said Command that stipulates:
"You my children must go forth in Peace each day and love one another and, - - - you must be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving towards those others yet 'blasphemously' living. For only thus do you fulfill My Command and receive My divine protection."
What all humanity need to see is that NONE today are conforming to Allah's Command and ALL are blasphemous, for all have become 'retributive, demanding, forceful, controlling, and punitive' as all fund, condone, and support governing institutions of man that use 'rules of engagement' that force all to live by the CONTRA ideology of: "Taxation, enforcement, control, regulation, suppression, enslavement, seizure of goods, sanction, protection, invasion, persecution, prosecution, judgement, punishment, manhunt, war and killing etc." All are Dark evil deeds that are "The Works of the Devil" via the mind and hand of vain and ignorant man.
So as individuals go about their daily affairs, their paid servants (legislators and enforcers and other armed men) go forth in their name and on their behalf and cause a lot of pain and suffering and destruction and torture and tears, and all need to 'wake up' to the FACT that all are thus 'blasphemous' and ALL are not only on the wide road to Hell, but ALL are accruing a similar painful DUE within the single LAW of Allah that stipulates:
"As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you for MY law is absolutely Just, equitable, and IMMUTABLE."

In the material world it takes energy to set any object into motion, thus there is an equal and opposite energy force resisting that movement. If you set a 'swing' into motion, it swings away as a pendulum and then returns with an equal force. It needs a 'certain' amount of energy to set it into motion.

If we are to understand some of the anomalies, confusion and contradictions concerning human suffering, it is important to understand the relationship between human behaviour and the spiritual consequence thereof.

All our actions and interactions with others do have a spiritual outcome that is equivalent to the energy 'volume & nature' we utilise in the action taken. This equivalence is based on the spiritual Law that holds that the creative or destructive energy of Allah that we use in our actions towards others, is the energy we will ultimately feel.

The projector of any kind, loving, merciful, forgiving and peaceful act is using Light positive creative energy (Benevolent).
The recipient of a kind act is receiving a return of Light positive energy (Benevolent).

 The projector of any unkind, unloving, merciless, unforgiving and aggressive act is using Dark negative energy (Malevolent).
The recipient of a punitive act is the recipient of Dark negative destructive energy (Malevolent).

Both energies exist within the Almighty 'frame' of Allah.
The clearest definition of the ONE spiritual Law is: 

'As you do is done unto you' - 'As you sow so shall ye reap' on an 'eye for an eye' and thus equal basis.
The above 'Law' applies to the use of either of the above energy in ones actions to others.

This is an inviolate, perpetual and immutable fact backed by the Word of Allah, and applies to all of us despite our personal belief system. The effect of this spiritual Law is that all our human actions have a material and spiritual consequence and, that all our actions are 'judged' by that same spiritual energy that flowed within its own 'bounds' or Rule of Law. (True unto itself).

The energy we use in our actions whether positive or negative, is the energy that will return to impact on us either immediately or in the future. For example, if we decide that retaliatory punitive action is only part of asserting our ‘rights’ to stand up for ourselves, we are subjecting ourselves to the Dark side of the one spiritual law (As you do is done unto you, and as you punish others so shall you be punished).

Our unforgiving retaliatory action not only contravenes the Command of Allah to be peaceful, forgiving and merciful, but places us within the Dark side of the 'As you do is done unto you,' and we are in fact choosing our own future suffering because we used the dark negative energy force to cause suffering to others. This same force then comes back to be felt by us on a 'Just' and equitable 'eye for an eye' basis.

The spiritual Law is not one that can be circumvented by such tactics as pleading "just cause" or "mitigating circumstances" or mandated "Justice." If we use any negative energy in our actions, no matter what the provocation, we will be subjected to and must feel that same negativity in our lives.

The spiritual action required of us by our loving Allah at those times when we feel either provoked or justified in retaliating, due to having been abused, is to say or do nothing negative and quietly walk away knowing that whatever indignity, insult, suffering or pain we feel is only our Karmic due for past spiritual offending behaviour we permitted ourselves to express. (In this life or prior time)

As for the Iranian forces that 'kidnapped' the incursive British 'terrorists,' they also are in error in the eyes of Allah, and any Iranian funding, condoning, or supporting warriors do themselves accrue a very painful spiritual due to Allah for all the destruction perpetrated in their name and on their behalf by soldiers.

Soon mankind will begin to 'wonder' why Allah's Wrath is intensifying, and it is I to advise all that HIS Might 'speaks' through the mind of every infidel, (non-believer in Peace) and as they go forth deploying evil against their equally evil 'opposition,' they all fall below into the Abyss in the after life and all make their 'bed' with their enemy with whom they fight on for eternity with no surcease of suffering.

Karim, please advise all whom you meet that it is time for man to place his weapons down by his feet and kneel to his enemy saying:

"I am braver than you, and thus I not only forgive you but I also kneel at your feet and bow my head down before you, - - - asking for your forgiveness for all the pain and suffering I have caused you, - - - and if Allah wishes to use you to 'crucify' me as He fulfills His divine Law then so be it, for I have heard the call to "Peace" and never again will I draw my sword or gun or hand against another, for I see that we are all sister and brother before Allah."


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~ ABC TV - Understanding Allah ~
Allah's needs and the 'suffering of mankind'

Dear 'Compass' program, I refer to the 'key' question spoken of in your program of 15 April 2007 of: "Why have I suffered" and answer it for Allah/God as I am the awaited Messiah (messenger of Allah/God) sent again to earth to free mankind from their ignorance during this FINAL HOUR in Allah/God's time when HE will separate the 'wheat from the chaff' - being the believers in Peace, mercy & forgiveness from believers in Justice, punishment & war.

The 'suffering' of mankind that can go on for eternity is simply the fulfillment of Allah/God's divine and singular and immutable Law being:  

"As you or your servants do unto others be it benign or malignant will be done unto you by others equally true or untrue to MY Holy Command of - Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving towards those yet sinfully living."

As Allah/God is absolutely JUST, ones return of happiness or pain or loss is on an 'eye for an eye' basis, this means it is EQUAL. So if one stole an egg from another, the Justice of Allah/God would be that another 'thief' would steal a single egg from you.

Mankind 'erred' a very long time ago when the 'Serpent' subjugated the mind of man due to man's vanity and arrogance, and 'suggested' that man should sup on and use the 'forbidden fruit' being the dark forceful and destructive energy of Allah/God the Father to 'gain an advantage' over others instead of 'bowing' to the Command of Allah/God and remain 'humble' and kind by only using the benign and creative energy of Allah/God.

Man has not yet understood that there is a spiritual consequence for EVERY ACTION OR INTERACTION with other children of Allah/God. Man has not yet understood that the fulfillment of Allah/God's superior Law takes place at the time and place so ordained by Allah/God, and it may be in this or the next realm of consciousness.

Man has not yet understood that the biological 'flesh' of this realm is but a 'facility' created by the union of man and woman for the sole purpose of enabling a spirit soul (created by Allah/God) to enter into this realm and, - - - man sees not that IT has lives for endless time in realms of spirit prior to incarnating here, so as IT enters the flesh it brings forth its prior birth 'debts' as such, and this is why the supposed 'innocent' do suffer and cry and die.

The reason "why" there is ongoing suffering in EVERY realm outside heaven is because mankind continues to 'bow' to the FALSE Allah, the Allah of WAR.

The false autocratic and dictatorial Allah is the cruel, invasive, controlling, enslaving, coercive, taxing, punitive, warring, and destructive and unconscionable TEXTS as contained within the UNHOLY bible of every land that is the legislated RULES (Decrees) that man has been deceived into believing are the 'law of the land,' and thus man forgot the real Allah/God's THE LAW OF THE LAND being:

"As you or your paid servants do unto others shall be done unto you."

So as mankind all condone, support, and fund the anti-Christ government 'machine' that interferes, enslaves, imposes sanctions, abuses, endlessly taxes, punishes, and destroys, they all accrue a daily 'suffering' due because all the Works of the Devil are being done in their name and on their behalf, and soon NONE will laugh.

What keeps people 'apart' is FEAR and GREED, and the Serpent never sleeps and eternally keeps people 'spellbound' telepathically as HE justifies in their mind a very good reason to take merciless, vengeful or pre-emptive destructive action against others, and this keeps all locked into suffering as they 'think' they are safe and saved and godly - - - poor fools - - - Only MY pen can set any soul free from eternal misery.

Neither Jesus nor I nor any other fleshy man is Allah/God, the Word of Allah/God is made manifest in the flesh at this very moment as it enters this realm TELEPATHICALLY via the 'flesh' of a mortal fleshly man that has an immortal spirit soul within. Read my:

Blasphemy & the consequence of ACTIONS 42 p. The unseen spiritual reality


The LAW of Allah 46 p. Allah's ONE Supreme LAW

My pen says: "Put down your weapons and live, for if you deserve to die an 'earthly death it is because you destroyed others before as you used 'Satan's breath' but, - - - if you 'choose' to continue to control, punish, or destroy then 'girl or boy' you will by MY force be confined into the Abyss due to your arrogance and vanity and disdain towards your Creator ME and, - - - it is your deserved destiny because you were created to be a 'delight' in MY sight, and all that fight are 'taken out' of My sight."

I AM the merciful pen of Allah/God


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~ Letter to Mohamed Al-Fayed ~
The 'Dodi ~ Diana' legacy

Dear Mohamed, time passes swiftly by and as yet both you, Dodi, and Diana 'cry,' for all have no inner peace for as yet, there are 'accusations' pointed at the police and many an 'other' child of Allah, for we are all Allah's children, - - - all sister or brother.

Both Dodi and Diana are 'yes' alive, for the soul of man and woman does for eternity survive but, - - - there can never be any inner peace for those in the flesh of this world or, for those in spirit until or unless 'each' does learn to forgive.

Why does 'simple' man not understand that the 'circumstance' surrounding the 'passing out' of the spirit soul from the flesh of this world is 'ordained' by the 'hand' of Allah, be it 'accidental' or natural or 'instrumental' through the foul 'play' of others.

It is not for man to reason 'why' in an unforgiving manner, for by this 'act' man defies his Creator as man seeks retribution and the re-distribution of darkness that is imposed by criticism and merciless condemnation in an attempt to bring about 'Justice.'

Mohamed, today the second day of August year 011 (TL) - 2007 and the 'memory' of Dodi and Diana your 'professed' delights are yet 'sullied' by your own 'hand,' by all the 'reports' that you keep raised up concerning the ongoing 'investigation' as you personally seek to bring 'someone' to account.

I read your words today:

I wanted Dodi’s final resting place to be somewhere beautiful and peaceful. In Egypt, we believe that the soul returns to the place that gave happiness, comfort and security. We feel that the soul continues to live in the place he loved and enjoyed.

The figures of Dodi and Diana emanate freedom as they dance together beneath the protective wings of the bird. Mr. Al Fayed has stated, “This is a statue to stay here forever” as a monument dedicated to his late son and the Princess.

The 'key' word above is 'wanted,' for what you wanted is not yet enabled due to your own actions and, - - -  "Yes" it is a tragedy, the tragedy being the travesty of the Command of Allah wherein 'accusation' and the condemnation of others 'clouds' the memory of your 'beloveds' and of your words Mohamed, and the continued 'insinuations'  and 'condemnation' of others is the legacy that you leave as you instigate more and more controversy even today via your web site.

Mohamed, why do you not simply ERASE all the 'controversy' from out of you mind, for it is keeping you bound. It would be 'better' for you to now delete all 'inquisitive' information from your web site, so that IT becomes the new TRUE 'memorial' for Dodi, Diana, yourself, and all that visit it.

Please now help Dodi and Diana to become free to fly away to the heavenly paradise which they can only do when you stop helping to keep their minds locked in misery. The soul of man only finds inner peace when IT 'accepts' Allah's Command and 'bows' in submission to IT.

"Yes" their minds are telepathically in 'touch' with yours and "Yes," both they and you need to submit to Allah's Command and forgive those that you believe 'might have' or, may one day be proven 'to have' caused or contributed to the 'passing' out of the flesh of those you love so dearly.

I would 'suggest' that all 'coverage' of ongoing investigation be deleted, and that there is no 'litigation' entered into, and that you 'simply' leave the matter at 'rest' now and delete words such as <  they were brutally killed in a tunnel beside the River Seine > out of the text, as you rewrite the 'love story' of their times together when alive, and omit the 'sad' and 'gruesome' and controversial ending. For then and only then does your 'memorial' become one of TRUE LIGHT and TRUE LOVE.

Leave the 'inquisition' to Allah, for He and only He is the 'accountability' Authority not man and, - - - I need you to try and see what is now to be, reference the result of man's ongoing punitive iniquity, - - - so that you can direct all of 'Islam' to my web site before all become embroiled in an eternal fight for Justice in the Abyss below.


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 ~ The Atheist - Richard Dawkins ~

Dear Richard, so easily you use the word "Allah" to spread your religious belief that He the Creator of All is simply a delusion.

For to be an 'atheist' as you claim is in fact an ideological belief. Supposedly a mental state of a person that can only see what is visible or what by him and his peers can be proved scientifically.
I would have 'thought' that - - - as it is proven scientifically that for every 'action' there is an equal and opposite reaction, - - - that you could 'imagine' the possibility that the unknown and unseen 'electrical' energy of the force that is manifesting the known and expanding universe does have an absolute Law, a Law unto itself?
Can you scientifically prove the 'existence' of thoughts or emotions?
Has it crossed your mind that there just may be a 'deeper' TWIN polarity energy force that is not of this 'biological' or material world.
A force that does have both positive & negative 'energies,' peaceful, creative, benign and truthful and restless, destructive, malignant and deceptive energy that consist of all known and unknown emotions and, a consciousness that is all knowing.? What if we named that invisible essence "Allah" or some other, be it Allah or Mungu etc.
What if that energy had a 'pinnacle' of light at its source and a 'base' of darkness, and between the two a fire that burns eternally that not only produces the Light but also transforms itself the Dark from one polarity to the other and back eternally? 
What if that invisible 'spiritual' essence had a consciousness and decided to create 'our' consciousness within its frame. What if it later decided to manifest its own energy into what we see as this material universe. Surely you can see the 'possibility' that the creation of such a diversity of life on earth was not simply 'luck'? Each 'creature' has a 'heart' and lungs to breathe and a mind to 'move it.'?
What if the truthful aspect of the essence spoke telepathically into the spirit souls of its creation saying:
"I have ONE Law, use my Light energy and it will return through the hands of others unto you, for MY Law is simply the balancing of the energy you use and, as you use IT then some of it remains within your soul and you become a brighter light and, - - - I forbid you to 'drink' of the Dark energy for IT has the capacity to contaminate your soul and ultimately draw It down into the darkness wherein abide others that are of a similar ilk." (The TRUTH)
What if the deceptive aspect of the essence spoke telepathically into the spirit souls of its creation saying:
"I have ONE Law, use my Dark energy and it will return through the hands of others unto you, for MY Law is simply the balancing of the energy you use and, as you use IT then some of it remains within your soul and you become a dimmer light that is stained by my darkness named 'SIN' but, as I am merciful you will NOT suffer or die." (The LIE)
Can you not conceive this? Can you not 'wonder' why man suffers? Can you not see that every taxpayer is funding a punitive, controlling and warring IDEOLOGY (state religion) and thus every 'voter' is accruing a great 'suffering' DUE within the absolutely JUST Law of the Dark side? Controlled more, taxed more, punished more!
Certainly the 6000 year old 'story' as promoted by some religions is error of teaching as is much else, but does that fact prove you right reference the existence or otherwise of a Creator? NO.
Certainly those that believe that IT the "Allah" of the universe is ONLY benign are deluded, but that also does not make your belief correct.
Certainly religions are made by man, and "Yes" they all need to be abolished and, I am the one to say to you:
"Sir, - - - If you continue to promote the 'religion of deception' that you do through your arrogance and vanity and ignorance, then for SURE you are very stupid and, for SURE you will simply 'awaken' ahead with a belly full of dread.
For those misguided by you that now do not believe in the absolute power of the Creator AND the absolutely JUST and immutable Law of His energy will stand no chance of spiritual survival unless I can them 'reach,' and neither will you." ( You decide if this is TRUTH or a LIE)
Evil cannot be destroyed, it is an energy that exists, and it operates through those that seek to use it, and as you 'fight' to destroy those others using it you are also using it. Evil only flourishes because all believe that they are 'justified' in using it. Foolish man, better to be merciful and to use education and peaceful means.


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Sent: Wednesday, June 27, 2007 5:06 PM
Subject: The 'sting' - David Wayne Budd
In defence of Wayne Budd by the Imam Al-Mahdi
It is with interest that I read the article around the circumstances of the detainment and prosecution of a man named Wayne Budd, for he in fact has done nothing to arouse the 'ire' of the Creator, whereas conversely, the Australian police person that carried out a 'sting' operation has factually committed a 'crime' in the eyes of the Creator, and he has also 'defamed' his victim and caused him mental and emotional trauma, and any punishment would be wrong and farcical.
What has the Australian police person factually done that makes him/her guilty of criminal intent and factual criminal deed?
1 - False representation.
2 - The intent of enticement of a visitor to the land to commit a crime.
3 - The intent of entrapment of a visitor to the land.
4 - The factual writing to a person giving them a false and perverse statement of 'suggestion' without even considering the mental and emotional state of their victim who was deceived.
I personally believe that any person 'serving' as an 'officer' of the Australian public services who carries out 'such' operations are themselves engaged in the 'grooming' of an 'innocent' person with the sole perverse intent of being ABLE to cause them punitive harm under the 'Australian' books of rules and I believe that such a person is themself 'deviant' and in need of correction.
I would like to add a further 'point' about the error of the 'way' that politicians have led their community, for the sinful emotion of 'vindictiveness' has misled people into the false ideological belief that it is 'Righteous' and 'Just' to punish people for 'thinking' about the possibility of doing something.
It is due to this error of belief that man now punishes people when in FACT they have not done anything wrong. For INTENT is not DEED.
If I am a mentally disturbed person or a poor person or a 'rich' and greedy person or an insane person or a misguided person I can 'consider' whether I should rob a bank and, - - - I can intend to rob a bank but, - - - until such time as I have seized the 'goodies' it cannot be construed that I am 'GUILTY' of being a bank robber.
Neither can Wayne Budd be guilty of any 'sexual' indecency by writing a letter to an ADULT posing as a juvenile, nor can he be guilty of committing a perverse act upon a person when he has not in fact even met them.
Politicians in their 'verve' to pacify fearful communities and to show themselves as being 'top guns' all defy the "Go in peace and be merciful and compassionate" Command of the Creator, and they have legislated 'rules' that enable the prosecution and mental, emotional and physical 'injury' of people who have in fact not 'hurt' anyone.
Thus in the eyes of the Creator, the politicians and their prosecutors are 'Guilty' of factually causing harm to their Rule book 'victims,' and this did factually also take place in the 'case' of David Hicks and his family, and no doubt is daily taking place with multitudes of others and, - - -
What the simple taxpayer needs to realise is, that all this injury is being done in his name and on his behalf and within the "As you or your servants do will be done unto you" Law of Allah, none ahead do laugh as all suffer the 'terrifying' consequence of being absolute  SWINE.
As an elder of the Australian community I perceive the whole 'affair' as atrocious, vindictive, callous, and very offensive. I 'wonder' what was 'written' by the police officer that 'solicited' a meeting with the US sailor?
If you believe that someone is 'thinking' or doing the wrong thing, then do not set out with the INTENT of sinking their 'ship,' go forth with the INTENT of doing a good deed and give them your good counsel, as you let them know that their Allah and others more perverse than them are observing their intent.
Does the 'Lord's' prayer not say: "Lead us not into temptation"?
Who are the 'infidels' that control the community peace force?
I am Terence

Page 15

Response to Mark Shigley in a reply to the above

Thank you Mark for you words, and all I can say is that man always finds a justification to defy Allah's "Go in peace & be merciful, forgiving" Command, and your words that 'Budd' was < conspiring to commit a crime > or a man seeking to rob a bank < is guilty of conspiracy to rob a bank > As you see, in the sad world of today, a man can be jailed for 'conspiracy,' and to me that means that he has been punished (abused) without having committed a crime against Allah nor man.
Thus within the precepts of Allah's immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law, those that factually did cause their prisoner 'harm' must suffer the same in order to 'satisfy' and balance Allah's Scales of Justice.
As for your words < are the only way to take these predators out of society > What ignorant man does not see is, that the REAL 'predator' is the invisible dark (sinful) energy that flows though man and incites/invites him to go forth and do something contrary to Allah's command and, accompanying this dark feeling (greed-power-lust) etc., are powerful possessive thoughts that intrude upon the psyche of the sinner who probably is unable to halt their ingress (spirit possession) and thus he goes forth and does 'The deed.'
Your words < society does not have to wait for him to complete the act and create a real victim before it takes action against him.> need to be seen in their REAL context, for the REAL victim is the victim of the DARK energy being the policeman, who in his mind was justified to 'conspire' to entrap and punish and thus abuse and who factually did carry out his 'conspiracy' and did turn IT into the deed.
Yes the policeman, prosecutor, jailer, and those that funded the wages of these public servants became the victim of the Dark energy and assumed that, as they had a 'badge, mandate, uniform' etc., that they were above the Law of Allah and thus could go forth 'punitively' and not suffer the consequence. (Error of belief)
The reason 'why' the Dark essence uses man to go forth and interfere, control, cause turmoil, rape, punish, wage war, destroy property, kill etc., is because IT (the dark) is simply the tool used by Allah for administering divine Justice, and IT (the dark) only inflicts mental, emotional, or physical injury upon those that either personally or via the hands of 'servants' inflicted the same injury upon others some time in their past, be it in this world or pre entry of their spirit soul entering this realm.
So the vindictive 'rules' of society have created many a 'victim' as such, for all complicit to any 'suffering' endured by Budd will come back to 'haunt' them on a later day, as others equally ignorant of Allah's Law will be 'justified' by devious thoughts and aroused emotions to give them a 'whack' behind the ear.
If society wishes to live in peace, then they need to learn to NOT use dark malignant energy (punitive & forceful) and, ONLY when man begins to be merciful and educates others as given by Allah will man become free of his PAST 'burdensome dues to Allah' and become free to live peacefully.
Man needs to try and see that the real ENEMY of man is not other people, it is the destructive negative energy essence that flows though people, (sin) and IT IS INDESTRUCTIBLE and, - - - when you go forth to punish those using IT you are in fact being used by IT and, for sure IT will never forget that you defied Allah and used IT and, IT will 'conspire' forever if need be to 'entrap' you so that you pay your 'eye for an eye' DUE unto IT.
In my 'book,' if it came to my attention that a man was enticing a young lass then I would certainly 'front' him and do my best to get him to see his error, and his own possible coming terror, for if he did 'rape' then he might find that 'someone' would castrate him and more to the point, he needs to learn 'why' his mind and emotions are misleading him, and I would teach him "how" to control them and, - - - I would also approach the young lass and her parents and get them all to also consider the implications of her actions.
In societies 'book' the rules and their 'rules of engagement' RULE mans conscience. I say that it is the time to let Allah's "Go in peace and be merciful, compassionate, forgiving and educate the ignorant" Command Rule ones conscience. For the 'rules' of Caesar 'tempt' us to use force and to wage war upon other civilians, and the same rules place man squarely into the punitive aspect of Allah's superior Law.
Please read my:
Blasphemy & the consequence of ACTIONS 43 p. The unseen spiritual reality
Sincerely - Terence
The Editor - 'Coastweek' newspaper, Mombasa

Dear Editor, I refer to the 5th Holy Quran ‘memorization competition’ wherein prominent scholars from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, including Zanzibar and Pemba, will attend at the Makadara Grounds in Mombasa.

I write this to you because it is ‘common’ knowledge that both Muslim and Christian ‘factors’ by word of mouth state that they ‘adore’ their Creator Allah, but indeed by their daily ‘works’ they defy Him.

For all that ‘profess’ to know the ‘scripts’ by memory not only ‘carry’ these text books into battle in one hand but they wield a sword in the other. How is this so when Allah states:

Islam * The attainment of inner spiritual peace is by the external expression of 'Peace unto all.' This is only attained in 'bowing' to Allah in submission to HIS Command:

'Walk in peace and love one another and, - - - extend mercy, compassion, and forgiveness.'

Jesus the prophet and later Muhammad the prophet did 'hear' the voice of the Creator Allah who gave them the message of 'Peace,' and Jesus and Muhammad then told many of this PEARL of wisdom, and both faithfully bequeathed the fresh found wisdom unto mankind.

This Pearl of great price being the Salvation Wisdom of Allah to humanity became the ideology of Islam and Christianity, being that any person that 'heard' the call of "Peace unto all" by Allah, - - - as 'foretold' by Jesus and Muhammad 'prophetically' as being the way to Paradise now had a choice;*

Being that if they 'bowed' to Allah and then submitted to Allah's 'wish' and thus conformed to the call of "Peace unto all" from Allah  as spoken by Jesus and Muhammad his faithful servants and messengers, - - - they would attain Salvation and be granted entry into Allah's Paradise.

Note: choice; * - Each individual also has the choice to continue on in their present 'aggressive, antagonistic, merciless, punitive & warring' ideological ways, and suffer the consequence that is documented as being one of eternal torment in the wastelands of HELL for their defiance of their Creator Allah.

It is now the time for all to see that the pure doctrine of Islam of 'peace unto all' is also at the core of every religion and at the core of the soul of man and, - - - it must be adhered to by the individual to attain Salvation, that fact is pure Truth.

Mr Abeid said: “Mercy Muslim Youth has seen the importance of Muslims to memorise and recite the Holy Quran and give special awards to those who emerge the most outstanding Holy Quran memorisers.”

I state that all Muslim youth need to be asked: “Irrespective of the text in any ‘book’ of man, are you aware of the requirement of Allah to always go your way in peace, and to be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto all?

Are you aware that when faced by adversity and you are being ridiculed or criticized or abused that you must stay ‘steady’ and not retaliate?

Are you aware that you must never raise you 'voice' or hand or sword against any other? If you do fight any other then you are an ‘infidel’ that does not ‘believe’ in the TRUE ideology of PEACE as commanded by Allah.

I believe that it is incumbent upon any spiritual teacher to teach these basic truths, for only absolute 'conformity' will give the ‘adherent’ Salvation and entry into Paradise.

Let it be understood, that both the ‘bible’ and the Quran are simply ‘text’ books that contain information purported to have been ‘inspired’ by Allah via the mind of mortals, Jesus and Muhammad and, it is known that they did not ‘write’ their ‘memoirs’ personally.


It is also fact that the original versions of these reported to be ‘godly’ inspirations have been amended and revised by a number of other mortals. It is fact therefore that to have required ‘revision’ means that Allah/God did not inspire the full texts, or they would not have required amendment and, it also follows that the amendments themselves must therefore contain the error of untruth.


As my Testament of Truth is written by my own hand that is inspired direct from Allah, there is no need of it being ‘amended or corrected’ by any other mortal man, and I state that my ‘task’ has been to ‘correct the truth’ on earth so that all ‘warriors’ and believers in 'retribution' learn of the error of 'that' way and have the opportunity to lay down their weapons and become free.

Imam Al-Mahdi – Terence

Letter to Constable Kent Ritchie
St. Helens police station - Tasmania

Dear Kent

As we parted at the Court the other day to me you did say: “I do not like your chances” in reference to the ‘judgement’ upon me by the chief magistrate due on a later day (3 Dec – 07)

Kent, as yet you do not see that I never take ‘chances,’ for all I do is with the surety that God will ‘follow through’ and back me up, * so that those as you being used as the ‘strong arm’ for political extortionists can one day become free from the false way that as yet binds thee.

You only see the ‘righteousness’ of your ‘cause,’ being the one wherein everyone ‘else’ in the community is made to ‘pause’ along their way, and ‘bow’ in subservience of what you and your ‘directives’ do say, and if they do not ‘conform’ then your ‘power & control’ action you perform.

For your ‘belief’ in the ‘religion’ that you serve (rules book code of conduct ideology) forces you to be a terrorist, as you interfere in the lives of those as me that are meek and humble and merciful and kind, and you are ‘happy’ to interfere, arrest, detain, kidnap, transport, and incarcerate, and cause mental, emotional, and physical harm if required.*

 Note: physical harm if required.* - Yes, police use the maximum force permitted or required to maintain control on their ‘patrol,’ and if another does desist, their ‘arm’ you will twist and their face you will ‘spray’ with mace, and you will shoot to kill if you ‘fear’ them in any way.

 I can but ‘trust’ that the magistrate will be able to see what I am saying in reference to your authority as granted by the Constitution, and maybe you would like to see for yourself, for as I see it you are ‘out of bounds’ within its ‘precepts’ when dealing with the ‘peaceful’ as me and I enclose it below.

 If the magistrate can see what I say and releases me, then the next ‘step’ is the giant leap forwards wherein the police only haul in persons that do disturb the peace of the land, (God’s land) and we implement the educational ‘Feeling Easier’ Seminar, rather than punishment and monetary extortion that is rife in every land.

 Only thus are you and others ‘safe’ within the precepts of God’s commanded code of conduct.

I have ‘warned’ all humanity that those persons that defy the Creator do suffer the consequence, hence my attempts to aid you and all humanity to make amends before it is too late to avoid a terrifying fate.

 In respect of your daily actions, where is the love, where is the mercy, where is the compassion, where is the kindness, where is the forgiveness, where is the “Go your way in peace” as commanded by God?

 Note: God will ‘follow through’ and back me up, * - If God is the ‘protector’ of those as me that do walk in peace, then “why” does God ‘permit’ me to be punished and jailed by your institution?

 My ‘enlightened’ answer is this: Any person that in their past has defied God and been less that peaceful and merciful and compassionate loses their divine protection, - - - until such time as they have ‘paid their dues’ and suffered equally within the Law of God, - - - for all the ‘suffering’ they imposed upon others.

For until such time as their ‘dues’ to God are paid, they are within the merciless ‘bounds’ of the Dark Sovereign Power of God, that ‘justifiably’ and Justly ensures that at any moment of time that He ‘orders,’ the offensive one can be punished by any person that themselves are walking ‘ignorantly’ and thus can be used by Him.

 It is thus that ‘as’ in my past youthful years I did in ignorance cause others harm, ( I was a policeman) that I accrued a ‘due’ to God, and I have been ‘paying’ the price by being incarcerated by the Court of Caesar. (The earthly administrator of God’s punitive justice)

However, if I have now paid all my ‘dues’ to God then it follows that God will not ‘require’ the magistrate to impose any ‘further’ punishment upon me. In fact the magistrate would be unable to so do for God would ‘still’ his thoughts and he would mercifully permit me to walk free.

Try and see that ‘as’ God is infinitely Just, that when in the past I was jailed, it was naught to do with not paying Caesar an $11 ‘licence’ tax fee. It was because I had been complicit to others being incarcerated for weeks and more fifty years or so ago. None can void or avoid God’s law.

As you presently are an ‘earthly administrator of God’s punitive justice,’ then you also are walking ‘out of bounds’ with NO divine protection, and ahead will PAY similarly. That is why I say unto all mankind:  “Turn over a new leaf today.”

So as said before, we all now await to see what will be.

For absolute Justice there BE.

Sincerely - Terence

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 states;

 "The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

Constitution Act 1934 (Tas)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians.
Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Dictionary: Religion = 'A system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or
the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Part V - General provisions
Religious freedom

46.  (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen. -

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief –

 Note: This letter pertains to the religious persecution 'case' found on the main Index "Allah v/s the State of Tasmania"

page 18

Open letter to Captain Michael Manazir of the ship USS Nimitz

‘Nimitz’ or Odyssey? 
Securite’ – Securite’ - Securite’

Dear Captain, this letter follows on from my first send to Ashley Gaynton:

Sent: Wednesday, November 28, 2007 10:33 PM
Subject: The unholy war & eternal suffering - send 1

Dear Ashley, I have a great concern for the 'material' and spiritual welfare of the entire 'ship' complement of the USS Nimitz as I am 'privy' to important information that as yet is not visible to any of your men nor radar. This information that is of a cataclysmic proportion presents the greatest danger to all, and I wish to reveal it to the 'skipper' Captain Michael Manazir directly so that he can come to a personally informed decision as to whether he will treat it with derision or take it seriously.

Please pass this message on to him and as I would like to have his email reply so that I can speak directly with him.

I am the Imam Al-Mahdi - Terence

I continue as follows today 30 November 007:  Captain Manazir, as your ‘office’ appears to have not sent me your direct contact I must now place this letter open on the internet for all to read as its content applies to all ‘armed forces’ that go forth with the intent to destroy property and to make ‘flesh’ bleed.

I believe that your ‘ship’ should have been named “USS Odyssey” because it roams far and wide on its endless mission of destruction. Its final ‘mission’ can only ‘end’ in the absolute destruction of the vessel as well as its full ‘complement’ of men and women.

It is my wish and task to reveal unto you ‘why’ its ending is to be so ‘sad’ and ‘how’ it could be avoided if you were a soul true unto the God ‘Allah’ that created you and all mankind.

"Allah," the name of the Creator in the Arabic language.
"God," the name of the Creator in the English language.
"Mungu," the name of the Creator in the Swahili language. 

In soon coming times your ‘ship’ is to be heading into a ‘vortex’ of DEATH that lies unseen over the horizon as it is not visible to your advisors nor your ships radar, and you are all ‘heading’ towards an agonising consequence that is only known by me.

You ‘bravely’ command the lives of thousands of ‘souls’ aboard, and you are simply a ‘puppet’ that relies on the orders you receive, and as you give ‘directives’ your ‘men’ follow on blindly to their fate being the absolute ‘terror’ only found in Satan’s den.

page 19

I read your ‘Mission’ and ‘Vision’ statements on your web site and will comment more fully on each aspect at the end of this missive, but do here comment on the last section of the mission statement < to deliver precise and persistent combat power directly to our enemies.>

Michael, you know not ‘who’ the enemy of the people of the United States ‘is’ or are, and they are certainly NOT the ones soon to be under your < precise and persistent > ‘weaponry.’

Do I know who they are? “Yes,” and I will reveal them later on in this missive and it will ‘shock’ you to your core if you are capable of understanding what is placed upon your plate by me for as said, I am the ONLY one who knows your adversary.

You ’steam’ over the sea to your ‘unknown’ destiny BUT - - - it is your proven INTENT to wage war and kill AND - - - You are NOT ‘sent’ by any ‘Christian’ belief, you are sent by fearful, vain, proud, arrogant and unwise politicians to DEATHS HILL - - - WHY - - - Because of what you will DO as for the Devils ‘cause’ you are TRUE and, - - -

As you ‘sow’ so SHALL ye REAP and ‘son’ - - - ‘Sir,’ you and your men will for an eternity suffer and weep.

Son, the ‘Arabs’ your ‘leaders’ and your ‘men’ fear and hate are the same flesh and blood as you - - -  Why do you go forth knowingly to do what you INTEND to? To ‘shred’ limb from limb of those created by HIM - - - the CREATOR Allah – God who lives on high and WHY? Is it because you have been misled by PRIESTS who said:

“Kneel at our feet and eat our leaven and together we’ll all go to heaven”?

Did they add: “IF you are called to ‘kill or die’ for our God in the sky then we will forgive you and HE will too”?

I ‘Sir’ am the messenger of Allah, and I espy that every ‘Christian’ and every ‘Muslim’ are to suffer and die because - - - everyone has been and yet is deceived by elders who are all ‘ill bred’ of the ‘mongrel’ lost race, for all defy God – Allah and all wield a merciless sword and all are a disgrace to HIM the Most High.

page 20

Michael my brother, are your ‘medals’ given by man superior to the Command and directive ‘suggested’ by the Creator who inspires my pen? Are you ‘equal’ in intelligence and true courage as I am? Time will tell. I now REVEAL the REAL enemy of those wives and children of YOURS sleeping so soundly at home as you far and wide so arrogantly roam - - -

IT IS YOU and your crew - - - Why?

Because they (Your family) are ONLY ‘safe’ when you go your way in PEACE, but the moment you ‘grease’ the runway ‘track’ of your lethal killing machines and send them and other ‘explosives’ on their way, you unknowingly are EVIL in ACTION, for you are 'terrorists' terrorising and destroying and causing untold suffering and - -

Within the superior and IMMUTABLE “As you do is done unto you” Law of the Creator you invoke a RETURN of devastation and suffering upon your OWN ‘heads’ as well as the people ‘back home’ that condone, support and FUND your liquid iniquity.

Yes ‘brother,’ the invisible Commander that sends your ‘mission’ directives VIA the minds of politicians and their advisors is none other than the invisible Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) that metes out retribution VIA the ignorant that THEN within the IMMUTABLE 'eye for an eye' Law suffer the same for their arrogance and ignorance and vanity and defiance of the Holy Word and Command of the Creator..

Why do you ‘permit’ yourself and your men to be the ‘fall’ guys for ignorant 'political' infidels? (Non-believers in peace) – Because as said, ALL humanity has been deceived and it is I to now bring FRESH bread for you and all to sup on before you are filled with SPIRITUAL dread.

Yes, the spirit soul vacates the flesh and is enmeshed with other realms, some in the Light filled with delight, and the ‘warriors’ FALL into a terrifying dismal plight.

Son, if you were me and I was you and received this ‘missive’ from over the sea - - - what would I do as a ‘brave heart’ true? - - - I would summons my ‘complement’ aboard the ship and say:

“Brethren, I have received a ‘secret’ missive today that I cannot today reveal but it must be followed if to its ‘Commander’ we would be TRUE” and, - - -

I would bravely TURN the ship around and head ‘Southward’ until the ‘isle’ of Tasmania was found, and on a lonely beach off Flinders island I would ‘beach her’ hard aground and then to the crew I would say:

“Brethren, I did what I did because I do now believe that we were headed the wrong way - - - and I was leading our people ashore at home and you into the ‘jaws’ of agonising death from Satan’s breath and I now ‘relinquish’ my ‘Command’ over you and say:

Each of you has a ‘second’ chance to glance at the message of the ‘Saviour’ who lives in Tasmania before you decide to again go forth with a vengeful stride.”

page 21

I comment further on your ‘Nimitz’ Mission & Vision statements as I write my response between the lines.


USS Nimitz provides a global reach to deter aggression by would-be foes; preserve freedom of the seas; promote peace and stability; and when called upon, to deliver precise and persistent combat power directly to our enemies.

Terence responds:  USS Nimitz roams the seas to intimidate those perceived as 'evil' by their own fearful politicians that believe not in the Word of God as their ‘protector’ and, the ‘ship’ provides the ‘platform’ to ‘disturb the peace’ of others and to mete out death and destruction when so ordered to.


USS Nimitz is combat ready and lethal enough to deter any threat, defeat any foe and protect our nation's interests anytime, anywhere around the globe.

Terence responds:  The USS Nimitz ‘crew’ lives in the fantasy of ‘invincibility’ simply because of its ‘size and armoury’ and their own feelings of ‘invincibility,’ and its Skipper sees not that it is an ‘enemy’ within itself with the power to destroy its own for the reasons given, and its ‘super power’ destructiveness is thus a ‘threat’ to those that sail on it and those supposedly protected by it.

Faithful: We will be faithful to each other and the Navy's core values: honour, courage, and commitment.

Terence responds:  It takes more than weaponry to be truly courageous, honourable and valorous as one fearlessly lays down ones weapons and looks to God as their Salvation and protection.

Integrity: This is a bedrock expectation. We will demand accountability, reward honesty and never compromise our integrity - in word or deed.

Terence responds:  God – Allah never ‘compromises’ His own Holy Word. Every person is accountable for their actions or interactions with others. Allah is the administrator of absolute ‘bedrock’ Justice as all will see.

Valiant: We will proudly represent the fighting spirit of the Navy by always being combat ready.

Terence responds:  The truly ‘valiant’ are those that never raise their hand against any other and are always ‘combat’ ready to fight the thoughts of the Devil within their own mind that would overpower their reason and use them to defy the Light and fight another.

Excellence: We will distinguish ourselves through sensible risk management and optimal operational effectiveness.

Terence responds:  Where is the ‘risk’ management when NONE can see that there is NO ‘risk’ taken when one goes forth with destructive intent, for when the ‘deed’ is done the ‘risk’ factor has already turned into a FACT ‘factor’ being the unavoidable consequence of the ‘action.’

Yes I AM the TRUE leader of the nation of Islam and I am also the awaited Messianic ‘Christian’ Plenipotentiary of God - Allah and I suggest that you visit my web site and read my 'The spiritual consequence of ACTION' at:


In these now END days our Creator will see ‘who’ is continuing on the eternal Fight in the horror ‘chamber’ below, and who will upwards go because they see the LIGHT.

Only those that now change 'course' and set a new 'track' tack towards the Light will survive the eternal holocaust of the after life in the underworld. BE truly 'brave' and courageous and lay down your arms as a TRUE believer would.

Issued by Terence - Office of the Al- Mahdi

Note: Every 'suicide 'bomber' and every warrior 'uniformed' or otherwise of ANY 'race or creed' is a terrorist, and every one of them defy their Creator because they are deceived by precedents 'set' a long time ago. This IS the 'last call' unto all of every race or tribe on planet earth.


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