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~ Mandates & Justification ~

As written by Terence 

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~ To Leaders of men, who for sure "today" heed the call from Satan’s den. ~

~ The Mandate ~

Allah has but ONE "Mandate" above, being:
"All just forever express Love."

Man has an "earthly" Mandate that "usurps" Allah, thus is man "late," and he will miss his final chance if at MY mandate he does not "glance." For Allah will all destroy who man’s Mandate "deploy." For a Mandate is an 'authority' either given by you for another to comply with or, it is an 'authority' given by another person for you to comply with.

The Mandate is the command issued by the 'orderer' or as recorded in written text. Thus it is the written directive being the 'rules' enshrined by ignorant men or, it is the 'writ' or the 'warrant of arrest' etcetera, that back its implementation using force of arms. The Mandates of men that are used to control, tax, punish, or destroy others are all the works of the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) that force mankind to defy their Creator.

The Mandate to serve the community has been misused. It is not a Mandate to regulate, punish, and steal off the community.

Yes 'political ministers' do Mandates ‘use’ as they "control & power" diffuse.
They can a Mandate "give" that says
"The others cannot now live."

The 'Immigration' has a Mandate too, that controls the movement of me and you,
and the Customs I espy, steal
"Duty" and make many cry.

The Tax man’s Mandate is to "take all" with a mighty rake,
and the Army has a Mandate to
"kill any" who climb the wrong hill.

The Police will do "anything" they are told to by 'rules' or their "Political" superior.
All in Allah’s eyes very inferior.

Religious Ministers have a Mandate too, they can say "You are untrue, thus we deny you "our" leaven, thus you cannot enter heaven unless we "men" do you bless and "our" truth upon you impress." All ministers walk the wrong way I Allah’s messenger say today, and I say:

"Heed MY Mandate or for heaven you’ll be late." My Mandate does say:
"I am the ONE empowered today to over any other Mandate stride.

For you in heaven will ONLY abide when you HEED my Mandate true.
That says:
"Let only peace and love flow through."

Blessedness today for any who do heed my say and pass my message ON,
so all know HOW their last race is won.

Allah is very very "tired"
of "ministers" through which evil is sired,
being, they lead multitudes astray
ALL will face Allah one day.

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~ Mandated Justification ~

In the eyes of man, the word Mandate - means "Justify"
"I am justified to our Allah deny"
"Deny" meaning -
"I can still sin, and my spiritual journey still "win"

That is what mandated leaders seem to "think"
as into oblivion they spiritually sink.
As day by day they their flocks do abuse
and their own souls with darkness they daily infuse.

"For when mandated to "Rule" by man, I am already "outside" Allah’s plan, for I falsely do believe that I am justified in making others grieve, whether in stealing their pay, or abusing them for the way they pray."

So to you, you and you, politicians mandated to be untrue, I say its time to reflect on your Mandate of Protect. For if its to protect your society, why deal in power games of impropriety, abusing the ones who are your flock because their demands you do mock.

"It's time to protect your own soul"

That’s Allah’s mandated call to all who stroll outside the highest heaven, where all "talk" of love and Allah’s leaven, but none it seems can "abide" in Allah’s mandate as they stride.

All believe they are empowered to control others, as they were "showered" by the praises of men, who are all exposed by this pen.

So please now try and be true, I mean leaders you and you, who use the funds of the people to abuse them, as your arrogance you diffuse.

Try now and your sanity protect
On this please reflect
Lets all now stand before Allah,
justified only to help the other bod,

and mandated to Allah believe,
being loving, and making no other grieve.

This is the Mandate TRUE
justified by me now to you

if you cannot "hear" me
I can set you not free

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Humans "believe" that they have a Right, a right to deny the Light.
They believe they have a right to be happy, and, for justice to prevail.

They believe that they can "express" their negative voice if for any reason the other hears not their "justified" choice, not seeing that their negative "expression" is a shout for the Devil, being a demand that the other heed their own negative command.

Any negative command or demand is subject to Allah’s LAW, and we will all "Pay" for sure. So we must never "Justify" any reason to deny the "Light’s call" any season.

"We must have law and order" you say, "For the law of the jungle is not the way." I say: "Any way "other" than the loving way, for sure is the law of the jungle, and you pay."

For if you pay "pieces of silver or eight" to enforcers of law then you’ll too be late.
Education is the way to go, this for sure this soul does know.

Any who against "this"* do default, (this* - the loving way)
must not be locked up in a vault,
they needs be counselled each day, saying:
"Allah’s loving commandment is the only way."

And the counsellors too in this must abide, even if the other takes them for a negative ride, for that in itself is their karmic fate, for when in the past they did others berate.

So any "justification" that makes you Allah’s call deny is inspired from the dark, and for sure you’ll again cry. Heed not any inner "mandate" that justifies your denial to be only loving, or as said, darkness via others will you berate, and, not only will it happen that way, "For the dark can send you dark thoughts direct into your mind or others," I do say, and these thoughts can drive you insane, as via negative emotions they more power gain.

An unAllahly mandate of insanity is when you are mandated by man in any "governing" position where you are ‘empowered’ by man to take retributive or controlling action against another.

Be it as a parking meter attendant issuing parking infringement notices, or of the armed forces mandated by politicians to kill your own brothers who live on the other side of the hill, or politicians enacting prohibitive or regulatory acts, or even a false spiritual leader, one who condones any act of self defence, etc, etc.

(Man’s society of unAllahly impropriety posing as a societal virtue. The "wolf" hiding under a 'bonnet' posing as the trusty 'grandmother' as it 'preys' upon the innocent.

The reality being that the 'supposed' innocent are but receiving their just & due deserts for supporting the wolf and its ways.

The 'wolf' being the system's Acts that entrap the system's workers as well as the public. All bound over to, and controlled by the Devil who inspired the controlling regulations via the mind of the vain and arrogant.)

You as a "private" individual are also mandated by the Devil if you personally believe that you can criticise the actions of another for any reason, and this criticism justifies your expressed negative action by word of mouth or negative deed to any other person.

Man's laws when "passed" give a justification for/to ignorant men to carry out or do or perpetrate deeds that are controlling and punitive as they see not that they are being untrue to themselves as they foolishly walk into deeper spiritual darkness for defying Allah's "Only love and walk in peace" Command.

All or any who are employed by man, justifying their "unAllahly" actions by virtue of their "mandated office," and continue on in this "dark" employ, will for sure find themselves at hell’s gate.

So the only mandate that any needs "Give" to any other, is:
"Be loving and caring to your sister and brother."

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~ The Magistrate ~

The real offenders are those who think they are wise, for they offend daily as they walk in a “robed” magisterial disguise. Yes, they not only Allah’s “Only love” Command mock, but they show by deed that they despise Allah’s “other” offending children, as they by the “stroke of a pen” them “sock.”

Yes, they cause much pain as they justify their actions of stealing dollars via “fine,” and incarcerating people, and they will even destroy an offender whom with their demands toy.

So soon now all will see the result of this “inequality” that did arise because “some” thought they were more wise. The calamity being that the “magisterial” dishonourable ones did much darkness Sow, and it is they to now the full power of Allah’s LAW get to know.

For soon there will be no “hired guns” to them protect, and on this they needs now quickly reflect. For as “society” does financially wind “down,” all controllers of man will more than frown. For they will be the ones “poor” and they will have no protectors for sure. So all I can say today is that all offenders in Allah’s eyes will now pay.

So prepare your mind and thus protect your soul. Any continuing to offend Allah will with the Devil soon eternally “stroll.” Not a daily “walk,” but a fearful painful “grind” with a face as white as chalk.

It is the Devil who is the “Administrator of justice” who is eternally “just” in his merciless retribution against all whom “out of bounds” did stroll.

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~ The ‘Justice’ department of man ~

All "men" who are in the business of "bringing" others to account are denying Allah’s Command to "Be only loving," for they through vanity or ignorance or through the demands of the populace believe that they are above Allah’s one and only LAW that states:

"As you Sow, shall ye reap."

So all "working" in the business of "retribution" are in dire spiritual straits, and need to my pen heed. Every facet of humanity today heeds the "call" of the Dark One far away, who via "precedent" has enticed all away from the reality of "true hospitality."

If any are "erring" then as TRUE Christian believers we must only give them our good counsel and an "educational" expose of Allah’s requirement and LAW.

Man’s society believes he is right in wielding the Devil’s might. Man believes that "mercenaries" are "wrong" because they operate outside man’s "elected" song. Man does not see that both operatives are working for the Dark, and IT is justified in doing what it would do to the untrue.

So any person, be they the mercenary or the "appointed" of law who mete out retribution, are both "dark" operators, and personally now each party "member" needs choose to become a merciful giver, or continue to be a merciless reaper who will fall below as they leave their flesh here in the dust one day.

An "act" that is wrong is wrong, you cannot make it right just because you are ‘employed’ by any system devised by man that contravenes Allah’s Commandment.

"Offenders" who "visit" another's door with the mental intent to abuse or take or partake, are being sent by the Dark One to mete out retribution for sure against the one who is to be ITS next victim. This man must now see.

And its "intended" victim is one who denied the Command of the Light at another place and time when they "faltered" and heeded the "call" of the satanic swine.

So all in the "earthly" justice departments are employed by this Dark One who soon now will bring all its servants undone. Only if you heed now me can the eternal Light set your soul free.

For the invisible "Army" of the Dark One who reside in lower levels of consciousness will now impress their will upon the mind of man telepathically, and they will use man to mete out punishment to all past offenders who contravened the "Loving" Commandment.

This applies to all "rectifiers" of "man's law" breakers who are themselves contravening the Command of Allah. Thus shall mans law collapse "in toto" and the "people" will all terrorists be as they are ‘inspired’ by the Dark One telepathically.

HE the Dark One is Mandated by Allah to mete out retribution mercilessly to all offenders on this sod who sup not on Allah’s sacred leaven.

And all in man's "justice" departments are offending daily, and are "unwise," so please now all heed my final call from the skies. Read and then heed my "Offender document," it is the new way today for any who would heed the godly way and rehabilitate others and themselves.

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~ "Erase the employer" Mandate ~

The “Justification to destroy those who me employ” is the hidden agenda of every public servant who holds “High office” in the eyes of the Devil. For the Devil who is the “justifier” of all acts that contravene our Allah up high does “maintain” by force his “hold” on the ignorant human race via the arrogant ones who are an eternal disgrace to both the Light and the Dark.

‘Tiananmen square’ is a “fate” all soon share as the forces of “Dark” extinguish many a ‘spark.’ Yes, gun-smoke will soon erupt and “blast” all whom in the past did themselves on darkness sup, and what is “suffered” by each of thee let it be known that your past ways all now see.

It is I to expose the truth via my rose, being the incredible “folly” of all who shelter under Satan’s “brolly,” and thus work for the Reaper in the guise of doing a “job” wise. Their “enemy” who fall like sheep are but paying their past dues when they made others weep, and thus are set free of their dark karma that only I can see.

The “fools” who hold the “gun” are themselves now “victims” of the dark one and they will the same fate share and one day into the barrel of a gun stare. Oh foolish “man,” why can you not see the power that the iniquitous one be, who can use men in your employ to “turn” and you destroy.

Make change now before you too derange, and heed the living Word of Allah who “tiredly” does on earth plod, for if my “voice” you hear not and cannot thus heed, you will fall “below” and join the forces who did your mind seed with thought, and thus your eternal “place” is with much danger fraught, and you will eternally cry as you suffer the “mace” in that eternal land below of disgrace.

Discontinue now your “support” of all the “Regimes” by not paying taxes that are the “life-blood” of the armies of war and the “cream” for the political men who are all wolves for sure. For they on your sweat and blood partake as they a bloody planetary mess make. Their “take” must now cease or your hands you’ll stain with more than “grease.”

Let your Mandate be to Allah’s call now heed. Be loving, and forgiving and share your daily earned “bread” with others who suffer with loneliness, poverty and dread.

As you the “wolves” their take deny, they will make you suffer and as you are thus crucified and die, you will be released by me and in heaven one day my face and Allah’s you will see.

Blessed are the ones whom to “Allah” are true, the “Milky way” awaits you.

The Messenger of Allah

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~ Man’s Mandate to ‘Judge’ another ~
To Maxine McKew ABC TV - Lateline Show, Ref: ‘Chief ‘Justice’ Brennan

It is very very sad that a man, a judge, becomes “honourably” bad. For he “claims” to be a Catholic true, also a Christian committed to being to Allah true. So I wonder “when & where” he decided to “serve out” Satan’s WARE, for the established principles of Satan’s LAW is “Just retribution” for sure.

For our Allah of Light above says:

“Any ‘Just’ judgement is wielding a sword, yes, it is wielded telepathically by the dark invisible overlord via the mind of arrogant man who ‘thinks’ he is ‘of service’ to man.

Judges today are bound to ‘precedents’ set by man, men who had already forgotten Allah’s precedent that did the heavens span. The one that did say:

“I will do unto you what I did say, as my LAW is Just, forever and a day, and my law I repeat for you all deny it and thus all will soon bleat: ‘What you SOW you will REAP,’ so any ‘controlling’ judges will weep.’ What you did, you did “Truly” do, for divine justice is mine too, and what you cannot see is that you are arrogant and ignorant if you do it for me.

All souls who cause suffering fall below because in their ‘cause’ the dark infuses their souls and does within them grow. Thus they ‘cloud’ their inner Light and one day this ‘dark energy’ pulls them below with its might, and then my darkness they do see, and the reason why all must ONLY loving be.”

So my brother, via Maxine I to you my web site address send, please fortify your mind and my TRUTH upon your soul append, for you as all judges will soon share the FATE bestowed by you and them, as it is their “Sowed” ware, and you will only be “set free” one day if you try hard to heed me.

Tell all judges planetarily to now heed their TRUE Allah of love, for in their “forgiveness” of what soon will be done unto them will they one day find surcease from what is to be, and then and only then, when all is “reaped” will they be set free. All men demand an eye for an eye, and that is the JUST reward meted out by Allah I espy.


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~ War & Peace ~

The "Warmongers" are those whom man and Satan heed, they are the ones full of arrogance and greed, the ones who falsely believe that they ‘can’ be mandated to abuse and make others bleed, and not "pay the price" for their deed.

And they ‘believe’ that they do this for Justice and Right, as they wield the callous Dark’s Might, yes, in every way we see "It" in action on this earth today, and it has for aeons so been, for man has for ages lived in a false dream.

So for you and you who by force take, and in merciless vengeful ways do the other man break, or be it but by "counsel" in a court of man, beware, you heed not Allah’s loving plan.

Each now shall show Allah by their deed if destruction or Light they seed, so if you your brethren criticise, or even if their ‘different’ ways or actions you despise, then for sure you’ll soon fall below, and this Truth I do know.

If you ‘work’ for any society, that has "Laws" to control, then it is also "deeded" by seemingly virtuous acts that in reality are acts of impropriety, so it is time now to change your ‘way’ if you are not but a humane "helper" walking quietly your way.

"All 'abusers' and thieves on the take, be they the tax man or lawyers on the make, I shall break them all, for I your Allah AM all, and all who seed any ‘dark’ are employed by the cruising devilish shark, and "he" now too will call all his ‘workers’ into his fold, and never again will they "grin."

Read all and set yourselves free, for ONLY must you now all but peacemakers be, and you cannot make peace by force, for this way your own soul you from the light divorce.


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~ The Peacemakers ~

The "Peacemakers" are not those who only "speak" of peace, they are the ones who by deed do not their "hands" with darkness grease, and who also do not their mouths "foul" with negativity that does universally "prowl" in every realm outside heaven, the place we only attain when we heed Allah’s leaven that does say:

"Each for his deed does personally pay. What you express comes back to you, you never attain the Light until MY Word you can ‘do.’ Peacemakers are ‘prepared’ so that they can die unarmed, and fearlessly they walk under earth’s sky for they know they are protected by ME the invisible Allah you cannot see.

And ‘if’ another man does their life away ‘steal,’ it is because on their ‘head’ was stamped Satan’s seal, that implies 'This one is to die, for in their past they made another cry.'

So children, please now ‘reflect,’ for there is only your own soul to protect against the thoughts that give you any reason to heed man and deny ME your Allah any season.

Man in the ‘robes’ of ministerial men all ‘condone’ violent action that defies my pen. Heed them and society and you’ll fall, that is for sure, and your soul does for eternity "pall."

It is Allah whom is the "Seat of power," and all man's "towers" or hallowed halls of "fame" will Allah now abolish as Allah does all admonish.

Let no man stand above any other in any controlling capacity. All are equal, this I do see, and the "wiser" ones are Allah sent only to aid thee.

Written by my sacred pen today, that does truthfully, eternally, for our Allah sway.

~ The Spirit of Truth ~

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~ Allah’s Immunity and the Devil’s Impunity ~

We Allah’s children do have immunity against the Devil’s “apparent” destructive impunity, and I now speak on this as well as the Devil’s “shallow” and infinitely “deep” impunity, for the Devil can only man bind who in their past was to another unkind.

So even though man has enacted many a Law, if you “break it” then the Devil cannot you “paw” if you have no spiritual karma to pay. Try and understand this I say.

But if you have a spiritual “debt” from your past, the Devil uses man’s Law to serve you up a blast, and the “fools” who you judge, condemn and incarcerate or fine are the Reapers for the Devil, says Allah’s pen.

You are not “suffering” for breaking man’s law, it’s only for your past for sure, when you broke Allah’s “Only be loving” Commandment. So any “law breaker” needs to see the “how & why” it is to be.

So as all now see, the fisheries, customs, police and so on are being used by the dark to bring past defaulters undone. Not for the present fishing default or speeding default etc., but for denying their Light at another time. So please now change your way today before you “Law enforcers” for your present folly do pay.

When you do use the dark “avenger” to attain 'Justice' you lose your divine Immunity, and on the road ahead, the darkness will abuse you with its impunity, for you are but naught against our invisible Allah of the skies.

If you have no “karmic” debt to pay, then no man will “touch” you on any day. For none will be “inspired from below” to demand justice for the breaking of man’s law. This I do know.

Become loving, become wise.


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Urgent OPEN Circular

To all

Executive officers - Ambassadors - Advisers - Secretaries
and personnel of the permanent missions of
The UNITED NATIONS Headquarters

Subject: Escalating insanity planetarily.

Let it here and now be known that our invisible Allah has “sown” a message to all humanity through the Prince of Peace who again walks this earthly place.

Let it here be known that a “part” of that message states that the United Nations personnel who represent their people by means of policy formulation are a veritable disgrace in the eyes of our Allah as they impose sanctions that are an ACT OF WAR.

Let it here be known that the message sown on Allah’s Golden Web Page: < > is the FINAL CALL to any soul of any “Race” who would walk “tall” at this the now proclaimed end time when satanic forces will now dine upon the mind of man.

Let it here be also known that all who heed not this final message and “call” will into the abyss for an eternity fall.

Let it be also known that your Allah now asks of thee to set yourselves and your countries free of ignorance by telling all of the message, and by telling all that all nations must now unite against the true enemy that is invisible to man’s sight.

Let it here be known that a 10 or 2 page Brief Summary of Allah’s message is now available on this web site in various languages.

Let it here be known that your ONLY mandate at this point in time is to pass on to all persons in all countries the “Good News” that Allah’s message is now available to all and that all must now prepare to rise up to the Light or fall.

Let it here be known that any who fail to pass this notice on our Allah will disown. Therefore visit now Allah’s “site” and tell all of your new United mission that will be one of elevating Allah’s needy children out of their ignorant plight, and that none must now FIGHT.

ALL who wield a mace will fall into the never ending dark night.

Mercy” the pen of Allah/Allah.

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~ The Mandate to Legislate ~
The establishment of man's Law

The "legality" of man's rules and the subsequent penalties imposed for any non-compliance are based upon "shaky ground" because man found a "way" to deceive the populace into believing that it was "proper" for them to support the "impositions" placed in their way.

Firstly common man was deceived into believing that some "other" personage was needed as a "figurehead" to guide them and look after them as they "forgot" the reality of the invisible Allah they could not see.

Thus the devilish "imposter" via the mind of "an" arrogant vain individual imposed "Imperial" rule and control via force of arms and then imposed the "primary" facility to extend its/their control over the populace. The imposter posing "as" benign was in fact the Dark satanic force.

We all know and "expect" Autocratic Totalitarian Dictators to use force to control their "serfs" but what none see is that supposed "Democrats" also impose their dictates by first deceiving the populace that a "democratic" vote for a "head man" is needed.

Once "one" is elected it is again "falsely" assumed that as the "majority" voted them in to "power" that all must now "bow" to their wishes & whims and to their establishment of rules & regulations & punitive measures that are enshrined in "encoded" Law.

All men today now "bow" to any/all demands imposed upon them in every way. None seeing that the "burdens" become greater because they by "choice" voted for a System that steals money and punishes and murders people.

Thus under Allah's Law: "As you do is done unto you," all are "subjected to" greater and greater impositions upon them as all "Reap what they Sow." Now you know why more and more "fines" are imposed as darkness makes bigger inroads into the "psyche" of the legislators.

The only way to go is to only heed Allah's Commandment to be kind & merciful & forgiving and step away from "voting" or funding the dark System and thus you walk "upright" in the Light positive side of Allah's Law.

That and that alone is all that is needed for a "civil" society to exist and for any soul to avoid pain & loss and only receive positive returns for their deeds done.

Any "advisory" conduct recommendation Code is positive guidance and right, I.e. "Travel below 50 kph within town boundaries because it is a safe speed that will assist you to avoid a collision. - Wear a seat belt, as it will assist you to avoid injury and more easily maintain control over the vehicle in difficult driving conditions."

Any mandatory regulation that "uses" punitive measures for enforcement is a negative "conduct" Code as it is not only "trying" to override your Allah-given freedom of choice, but it is being used to steal money off you as well as imposing "restriction" of movement.

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Any mandatory regulation is also "contra" the Commandment of Allah to "Only love" and thus "incurs" a negative "come-back" to the enforcers and their "agents" under Allah's one law: "As you do is done unto you."

For so long has man "erred" that the freshly elected all "follow-on" and promote the legislated laws "encoded" in the "unholy" books of statutes as they foolishly believe that they (Lords of the "ring" of Elite) are "empowered" to force others into compliance.

The "elite" in power believe falsely that because they were elected by the "popular" vote of the people that they and their "laws" that defy Allah are "somehow" above Allah's law as they use their fresh "mandate" to berate & regulate you more.

As these "elect" are voted-in to power by common people who themselves defy Allah due to their fears and vindictiveness and their need to be "controlled" by Systems means that all concerned are a "party to" the Dark "state" within which all live, and all are thus subjected more and more to the Dark side of Allah's immutable law.

Thus all are taxed (stolen off) more, and more controlled and penalised by the very Devil via HIS retributive punitive System "run" by men in the flesh, who are telepathically controlled from the Dark that increases IT'S demands via the minds of the vain and arrogant.

For what "simple" man does not see is that the Dark (Devil) is self-mandated to abuse those whom offend "Allah." Thus when any "plod" outside the "Only love" commandment when/in supporting regimes untrue or in being abusive they become "subject to" the Dark enforcer/retributioner.

The "lament" of the invisible Dark force via it's "earthly" controllers is:
"You need my/our control for without me/us there would be disorder."

None seeing that to "control" and punish in order to keep "order," the adjudicators and their supporters "you" are themselves "out of order" as they sow disorder (Thievery & buggery), and all become more controlled and disorderly.

Order is only attained when people learn how to keep respectful & sane thoughts so that they can heed Allah and be peaceful.

The Dark "Sower" is now to destroy it's own System, for its "greed" will now "kill" the "goose" that laid the daily golden egg that it's "servants" stole off the populace. For the "people's cupboard" is now soon bare and with the System's men they will have naught to share.

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~ The ultimate Terrorist ~

The ultimate terrorist is the Magistrate and the Judge, for they by 'stroke' of their pen can authorise their 'forces' men to abduct a person from the street or their home.

They also hold 'hostage' by imprisonment, kill, destroy businesses, seize goods, punish, and cause untold misery and suffering to community members and their families.

All this is done with seeming impunity due to their 'mandated' immunity. This is of course a 'false' sense of security, for all men are 'subjects of' and subjected to Allah's ONE Holy and immutable Law.

All 'authority' to 'control or extort or punish' that is vested upon men via the various 'Constitutions' raised up by others are false and 'illegitimate' and illegal, as is the 'mandate' to destroy or abuse vested in the armed forces by the 'authority' of the day, for all Constitutions are but 'decrees' raised up by other 'men' who enforce their dictates with sword or gun, and all defy their Allah.

None of these people are above the Law of Allah, and all these 'supposed' wise and good men doing their 'supposed' good deeds for the community are all bad, and all are being used by the punitive 'arm' of the Dark Sovereign Power, and they will all 'later' be showered with 'fiery flack & flame & pain' as their 'due' under Allah's Law:

"As you do is done unto you"

All 'society' are also deemed as 'terrorists,' for all 'so far' condone and support the punitive way as they all 'scream out' for justice & punishment, and all are also to be subjected to the Might of the Dark Knight as HE seeks HIS Retribution.

It is I to 'alert' all humanity as to 'how' they all 'flirt' with deadly danger, as they believe that Allah's call of 'forgiveness & mercy' is like an 'abhorrent' stranger.

Where are the souls true who can 'withdraw' their support of the dark 'systems' of man and make a fresh plan to educate, rather than punish and regulate? Stop 'funding' iniquity.

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~ The Requiem Mass ~
The "death" of Mugabe

We must all feel "sorry" for our brother Robert who did already "die."* (die* - He is presently 'alive' biologically but dead spiritually) Yes, his "face" is now a "mask" that shows how much the Devil does him "try." For Satan's "breath" he does exude and this is why to "reason" he is so rude.

He is now a "puppet" on the Devil's "string," and in heaven his "dear" soul will never sing. For he is controlled by dark forces below. Yes, "possessed" by evil that through him does now flow.

His mind can no longer relax, for dark thoughts do his "sanity" tax, and he can never let them "go" for they are powerful and more "blinding" than driven snow.

He has been "bewitched" by thoughts of power, thus he is now lost, and soon falls to the "dark" Sower who lives below. This truth upon all I bestow so that you will know that if you follow "him" then you too will die and fall into the universal dustbin.

And there, there is no escape. For evil spirits do you eternally rape and abuse, and with silent shrieks and eyes "agape" you wish that you could die or "somehow" be elevated by Allah the most high.

But once "there" it is too late, for very strong is the "door" at Hell's gate, and it cannot be "broken" by the untrue, for their minds are "weak" and thus they cannot "see" what wrong they did do.

Yes, in their minds they were "justified" to others abuse, and thus their freedom they did lose, and thus they eternally die and eternally cry.

So let us now "mourn" for the "Robert" man who soon will "disappear" as he is not a part of Allah's new plan in which only the loving and true will be permitted to live on earth and in heaven too.

Robert, your face is already "carved" in stone, and your soul does already inwardly groan. For you have "passed" the point of no return, and your soul son will sink into the murky dark oblivion like a stone that into a "well" is thrown.

I hold this "requiem mass" now for you so that others can see what happens to all who to their souls and Allah are untrue. Yes, this applies also to you, be you Blair or Clinton or Saddam or any other who freely supports any system that abuses any other.

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~ The 'untold' story ~

Savagery and suffering is imposed as evil men posing as democratic leaders invade 'foreign' lands and wreak their havoc and destructive 'habits' upon mankind, and as legislators impose their 'extortionist, controlling & punitive' demands upon the local population, none see the untold story of misery that 'unfolds' daily in every land on earth.

None of these 'combatants' or their 'forces' men have ever 'heard' of a Allah above, and they certainly never understood the meaning of Allah's Word: "Peace unto all and only love."

So as their 'warriors' return from over the seas, having destroyed life and limb and homes and brought millions to their knees, they believe their 'actions' were justified. Seeing not that the Devil walks by their side.

Neither do the 'Chiefs' or their 'prideful' warriors see the end result of their iniquity, being the misery that has but 'begun' in the land far away, as they go home collecting the Devil's mercenary pay.

Yes, and the destruction in the far-away land does mount, and the trauma and suffering does grow, and the imposers of 'death and sorrow' neither see it nor know that this 'pain' they did bestow.

Neither do they see that Allah is real, and by their 'death' blow their own sad fate they did seal. For Allah is invincible, and against HIS Law there is no "repeal."

For Allah did say that all "Reap what they Sow," and this reality I do know. So for you and you who daily impose suffering upon others, I can but add - - - "Do you know what is coming to you"?

I do, it is the very same imposition by the dark 'devilish shark' who awaits by your 'bedside' for the day in HIS hellish Realm below you will abide, and HE then will show you why you should have listened to ME.

For in my 'eyes,' - - - Allah's, the soldier, the politician, the legislator, the judge and magistrate, and the 'terrorist' are all terrorists of the same black cloth 'ilk,' for though their 'robes' are woven with 'silk,' their minds are all evil as all condone the defiance of Allah, as they 'punish & control & destroy' others.

Yes, you are the 'offensive' criminals in Allah's eyes, and you are 'foolish' and less than wise, and the people who fund and support your 'policies' our Allah too does despise. Prepare to meet your personal fate, and if you 'retaliate' you will be eternally 'stuck' behind Hell's gate.

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~ The Dictatorial demise ~

Every 'legislator' or 'regulator' or 'controller' or their serving 'punitive' officers are Dictators. Many are 'seen' as men wise, but all that demand the 'compliance' of others defy their Allah in the sky.

All 'dictators' dictate the 'terms' under which other members of the community must live or be punished, and thus all dictators defy the wisdom their Allah did give.

So now all these 'pretend' Allah's will by Allah be swept aside in a 'tide' of hatred and anger that will show its 'face' through the minds of all whom 'abide' with the dark 'side,' and whom thus are not only 'enforcers,' but are those seeking retribution and the 'distribution' of punishment.

Every 'system' of man today that is 'regulated' by rules that are edicts of compliance are dictatorial, even if they are seen as 'democratic' or 'for the good of the people.' All is the Devil's control via the vain and arrogant.

All 'taxes' are forcibly 'extracted' and coerced from the population, and thus also an imposition by 'tin pot' dictators who believe that they are of some 'superior' race.

In fact all 'such' are a veritable disgrace to their Allah as they intrude, interfere, abuse, and crush their opposition. Chaos will soon 'reign' as all these System's 'hiding' behind a fašade of 'justice' are to now fall.

There will be no 'freedom' or 'democracy' on earth until Allah's Retribution has 'run' its course, and then all will see that the new earthly 'leader' to be is but their invisible Allah, and those 'remaining' in the flesh of this world will have no 'fleshly' man or woman in 'control,' the leader is but Allah's Holy Word:

"Go your way in PEACE."

So each person will go his or her way without being 'forced' into any compliance by any other on any day. All will be free to just be at peace and at ease, and there will be no 'bullies' that they have to appease.

The "Go your way in peace" means that you must be personally true to the Command of the Light and change your ways now so that you are not an 'enforcer,' controller, regulator, abuser, thief, home invader, punisher, or an armed destroyer for any reason.

If you cannot see the 'reason' for forgiveness & mercy then your destiny is very bleak, and I can but 'suggest' that the depth of this message from Allah you sincerely seek.

Each now has the choice to decide to become a peaceful & forgiving & merciful person and end up in the State of Heaven, or to 'control' and fight and defy Allah's sacred Leaven and fall below into eternal 'friction' and suffering that will grow.

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~ Policy ~
The treatment of criminals

People that 'gain' a position of 'authority & power' that 'raise up' Policy that is 'backed' by 'force of arms,' are in fact 'teachers' that impose their 'beliefs' upon the community.

If their 'teaching' breaches Allah's Code of Conduct Command, then they are false teachers that mislead, misguide, and deceive Allah's children. This false way is now the 'order' of the day in every land.

It is due to the bad 'anti-Allah' policies in 'vogue' reference the 'handling' of offenders, that all humanity today have become 'naturally' offensive in Allah's eyes.

For all now 'despise' errants, and they unwisely are 'merciless & unforgiving & punitive' towards them. This is contra the Commanded 'Policy of Allah' that Allah says must be. Being the one wherein ones attitude is that of 'mercy & compassion & forgiveness & peaceful' and educative.

When faced by an offender who has used 'darkness' in their interaction, Allah says that 'our' attitude must remain positive, and to do this we have to 'override' our sinful 'vindictive' nature for, - - -

All 'humans' have become inhuman, for none heed Allah today. All heed the 'other' bad 'Policy maker' the Devil and, - - - it is thus that all now 'fight' and demand their right and 'terrorise' others in the name of 'Justice.'

None seeing that there is no 'end' to suffering when 'we' lend our 'hand' to the force of darkness. Let us now become 'civil' and 'humane' as we positively teach the youth the correct merciful and forgiving attitude. This way we 'lovingly' assist 'errants' on their 'fallen' day.

It is the wrong way, where once 'elected' into a position of power, people believe that they have the 'right' to 'liberally' express their 'views' and punitive decrees upon other children of Allah. Seeing not that this 'policy' is neither democratic nor 'of' Allah.

It is the right of every person to follow the 'Policy of Allah,' rather than to be forced to follow the imposed policies of man. Let us now heed Allah's fresh wisdom and 'jointly' raise up the humane treatment* of real offenders,* being any that offend Allah in their 'less' than peaceful interaction with other members of the community.

Note: humane treatment* - Refer the 'Feeling Easier' offender Seminar.

Note: real offenders,* - Being any that disturb the peace, and those that abuse others. This includes all that presently teach falsity, and those that raise up anti-Allah policy, and those that impose punishment upon others.

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~ Fall of the first King ~
The demonic 'Order' & Institution

Out of the 'ashes' of the past now arise the 'ghosts' of past Kings. Being men both vain and arrogant for they 'panted' and 'lusted' for power and control over the 'spoils' of war and the lives of other men.

These men were so vain that they 'thought' that they were 'above' other men, and that the others should serve them and be their 'serfs.' They also found that as their 'warring' ways impoverished their 'lords' and themselves, that there was a need to tax the people in added ways and in an ongoing manner.

The warrior King decided to 'sweeten' his nefarious intent by publicly calling on the name of his Allah, so that all those already under his control would assume that his self-given mandate to impose 'government' Rule upon them was backed by the Light of Allah.

It was not, for our Creator is the one to rule man, and any person seeking to control, regulate, tax, or punish and destroy is in fact backed by Satan the Dark Sovereign Power.

The King raised up a 'means' whereby he could rule others in a manner that appeared legitimate and as a 'Parliament' was enacted, the King and his 'Loyalists' felt strong due to their new found 'means' to tax and regulate and thus gain the 'manpower' needed to defend their little kingdoms, and to invade others in an 'attempt' to Rule the whole world.

Thus the enslavement of man passed from a simple sword bearing 'warrior' into the hands of 'white collar' thieves, murderers, and greedy fools, that even today kneel at Satan's 'footstool' as their minds are inspired by demons from His 'lair.' For the 'Parliament' is the means whereby 'a' man could forgo his Allah and 'crucify' other men in order for the ruling 'elite' to sustain their own 'ventures.'

Thus the 'open' control over the lives of others using the 'naked' sword to enforce became 'cloaked' by seemingly 'innocuous' rules that themselves gave the 'orders' rather than a 'living' person's 'voice.'

The establishment of rules was the 'invention' of the Satanic Dark Sovereign Power that was then able to 'silently and invisibly' enslave and entrap and punish all mankind for their arrogance and sinful ways.

The 'ghosts' from the past are the iniquitous ways vain men 'sowed,' as they not only raised themselves up into 'kingship,' but they even 'blest' themselves in the name of the 'Father, Son, and Holy Ghost' whilst wallowing as 'pigs' in blood and wine stolen from others. - - - Jesus did say:

"Beware of those that come in my name or the name of the Father or Mother the Holy Spirit, for they are thieves and murderers and they also 'plunder' and despoil your very soul. 

Follow not them nor their dark punitive ways, but follow your Allah as given by me and only be peaceful, loving, kind, merciful, compassionate, and forgiving. For those that follow the ways of men all defy their Creator and fall to Satan's den."

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By now you should be able to see that you are all 'duped' by the sins of your forefathers and not only this, but even today the 'ministers' of religions also walk hand in hand to Hell's land, as they give their 'support' to the ruling governments and their soldiers of the day.

All these 'ministerial' men also 'come' in Allah's name or that of Jesus or Allah, and they lead you directly into your spiritual grave. You must be brave now and 'repel' the advances of both State and religion as you look direct to your Allah, and no longer support the Devil's demonic Institution nor His 'kings or politicians or priests.'

Only your Allah can grant you free passage to Heaven and eternal freedom. The 'Caesar' style governments can only grant you eternal enslavement due to their punitive and controlling ways funded by you.

For all 'rules' are enforced and any non compliance is punishable, and this is a contravention of Allah's Holy Command, and the cunning of the 'Serpent' is such that men are unable to see that all supporting a King, or their 'men' or any parliament are in fact supporting a demonic Institution.

For every government is an institutional Corporation. Every government Rules using rules that have been 'incorporated' as being the Doctrine of the Institution.

The Doctrine being:

The Demand contained within the scripted text.
Command contained within the scripted text.
Reprimand contained within the scripted text.
Punishment contained within the scripted text.

All backed by the Devil's FORCE

Children, you fund slavery and know it not.
Children, you support slavery and know it not.
Children, you condone slavery and know it not.
Children, you live a dark ideology and know it not.
Children, you are born into slavery and know it not.
Children, you are all walking the wide road to Hell and know it not.

In the 'old' days the 'leader' used his own personal 'force of arms' to 'enrol' you into his 'fold' and to become his follower and supporter. Failure to so do meant death. The present 'political' way is more subtle, as the 'head' honcho being the invisible Dark force operating through the minds of the vain politicians via legislation says: "Vote me into power so that I can lead you and legitimately guide you and use my force to protect you."

None seeing that His dark taxing, extortionist, regulatory, and punitive way using force to complete its 'objectives' is totally in contravention of the Command of Allah to "Only be loving and go your way in peace."

It is I to now expose the power of evil, for it shows its darkness as Light, and it shows its wrong as right, and it teaches you all to forcefully demand and forcefully reprimand and forcefully punish or detain or destroy.

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Can none of you yet see that you are all 'bound' by the Dark 'boy' that has naught else in HIS mind other than to you destroy? Can you not see that every State government is in fact a religious Institution that has its own punitive Doctrine?

For a 'doctrine' is but a belief, and the belief of the RULES is that any person that does not conform to them (the rules) must be 'cast out' or punished or destroyed and, - - -

The belief of those that uphold the rules is that the rules are their Allah to be 'worshipped,' and their 'crusade' in upholding these rules is carried out with merciless intent, as they persecute and prosecute, judge and condemn, and 'put to the sword' any opposition that 'beg' to differ.

Such vanity and pride displayed before the REAL Allah invokes a response from Allah, for no man is equal to his Creator and no man has the right to RULE others. No man has the right to 'determine' the Doctrinal belief that others live by, and any person enforcing conformance to their 'policy' or belief brings their own soul to grief.

Thus if you or you or you continue to fund or support any man or beast or system that 'rules' others, then your eternal enslavement in the dark below is ensured by the power of your own 'Vote,' for by your complicity you are also 'dictating' the policy that others are forced to live by.

For if you use force, or if you fund the use of force to enslave, tax, regulate, punish or destroy others, then you have placed your 'trust' in man and, you show your Creator that you have deserted HIM, and HE then sees that you do not deserve to live in HIS Heaven, and HE is the one to cast you down to drown in the dark in great suffering, as HE is THE LAW of this and every Land.

The 'Monarch' of the day or his 'elected' ones have become the 'Allah' adored by men, and their 'legislation' is now imposed upon the public and it replaces the Command of the TRUE Allah. "All 'pretenders' to the 'throne' of Allah are now to die" says our Allah up high. "Look to Me and become free, for elected men keep My children in suffering and SLAVERY."

I Terence am here to bring you all home to the real home. Try and see that any and every position of 'authority' over another is abuse in the eyes of Allah. For if you work for rules, then the rules, the 'writ,' the 'orders,' or the mandate all force you to defy Allah and you intrude, detain, seize goods, tax, control, punish, and abuse and destroy Allah's children.

All the above 'actions' by you place you directly within the punitive 'response' of the negative aspect of Divine Justice, and you ahead then suffer an equal return that does 'burn' and humiliate and frustrate you, as you one day ahead by Allah are subjected to HIS immutable 'eye for an eye' Law. 

The 'King' or his politicians all say that they work for the people with a mandate from the people. This is false, for they all uphold the rules for and on behalf of themselves and the rules that rule them as well as you and, - - - the King or President and their legislators and armed forces and judiciary are more evil and worse than any person incarcerated and held hostage in their prisons, for their 'sin' and iniquities are seen by their Creator to be far greater, and truly those perceived by them as being the 'lesser' will be the first to enter the Promised Land, and those perceived by mankind as the 'elect' shall be the last if 'ever.'

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~ Stumble & Crumble ~

As the whole population of earth begin to 'stumble,' their 'dark' deeds will force the systems of government and their buildings 'totems' to crumble. Man will now become as a 'beast' as dark punitive and retributionary thoughts on his mind do feast.

It is the Devil the Dark Sovereign Power to now show all ITS 'power,' as IT via the minds of 'sinners' does 'shower' pain and terror upon all, and all the merciful and the merciless will pall.

Ultimately, it is for each person, each soul, each 'psyche' to decide where in Allah's universal spiritual levels that they 'wish' to eternally abide. For it is now the 'actions' of your mind and mouth and hand that 'command' the place to which your spirit soul will soon go.

Those of 'peace & mercy & forgiveness' will in Heaven live. Those that for any reason 'terrorise & fight & destroy' will their own souls 'debuoy,' and by the 'sleight' of their own hand permit the Devil to drag their spirit into the lower land, and there they will 'fight & suffer' on and on and on in perpetuity, until their spirit is 'frozen' and isolated in another dark 'timeless' immortality.

Please now look at and 'consider' this reality and also, instead of seeing people of other 'races' as 'strange or strangers' just because of their language or 'colour or looks,' try and look deeper and realise that it is just that Allah 'placed' your 'spirit' into a different 'style' of biological 'spacesuit and, - - -

Your 'flesh' is 'such' because it is merely a biological body that 'traps' and 'holds' your spirit in this 'space and place' in Allah's mansion for a time, and it is in fact the spirit within people that 'comes' from a multitude of different 'lands' or 'levels' or realms.

It is Allah that 'ordains' the place and 'type' of fleshly body that your spirit incarnates into, so that it will experience that which Allah would have it, not you. As all can see, there are kind and merciless spirits in every 'colour' on the land.

You by your own deeds will now ensure the place and space that will become the next 'level' to which your spirit will go. Be it above or below. It is your final 'choice' to heed the Light or the Devil's voice.

If you are a 'controller, deceiver, regulator, 'taxer,' abuser, invader, punisher, incarcerator, thief,' or if in any way you use the 'courts' of man to bring others unforgivingly to 'justice,' then you walk the wrong way and bring 'grief' upon your own soul.

Be wise, be forgiving, and walk only in peace and find spiritual release.


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