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~ The TRUE Global Village ~ The NEW Dawn ~

 The 'Paradigm of Peace' & the DE-criminalisation of all 'ACTIVITY'

page 1 - Introduction
page 2 - The 'crime' of mankind
page 3 - The 'crime' of the Land
page 4 - Comprehension
page 5 - Government 'protection'
page 6 - The 'freedom' road
page 7 - Emotional 'intelligence'
page 8 - The global village of peace
page 9 - The 'living' God
page 10 - The 'key' to a steady mind
page 11 - The benevolent peace force corps
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As I am the messenger of the Most High it is my duty to now lead the 'way' in Tasmania where I live by implementing the Strategy to free humanity from their ongoing eternal bondage to the DARK Sovereign Lord, God the Father and endless eternal suffering.

The actual implementation of the Strategy is solely directing you the reader to the requirement of God the LIGHT for you to 'follow' so that you KNOW what God requires of YOU. Be you a 'poor' person or a 'billionaire,' for either have an equal 'opportunity' to save themselves and others and 'anyhow,' funds will soon dry UP so we will ALL 'be in the same boat' so to speak.

Mankind is presently revolving within the DARK energy essence of the SOURCE, and is thus being dominated, subjugated, taxed, impoverished, interfered with, punished and imposed upon more and more as their 'leaders' lead them deeper into defiance of God's Command of 'Love & peace & mercy & forgiveness' etc., and greater becomes the suffering of all as the IDEAS which 'justify' greater enslavement, taxation & punishment flow into the minds of politicians from THE DARK aspect of the Source. (Hell)

The ONLY way forward is through EDUCATION, instead of more subjugation, regulation and enforcement.

This requires the 'lifting' of ALL 'rules & regulations' RESTRICTIONS, as man begins the 'road to freedom' and, - - - any 'individual' person continuing to exert 'control' backed by force of arms will be 'swept' into the Abyss for their ongoing defiance of God.

Let Tasmania now 'open' the borders to ANYONE from ANYWHERE, and be the VERY FIRST to establish a 'Global Village' of people who do 'care' for the other and, - - - who do 'give & share' of their income freely, so as to uplift ALL.

No more 'elite' in positions of power, no more 'taxes' nor licence 'fees,' and each industry gives out free 'guidelines' to assist others to 'excellence' of operational ways. Our God as 'head of house,' and ones God-given 'conscience' becomes ones GUIDE.

"Love one another" is the new way, as Commanded by THE CREATOR.

 NO MORE DEMANDS nor reprimands.

page 2

~ The 'crime' of mankind ~

The 'crime' binding all humanity is their continued reliance in and use of God's 'forbidden to use' dark destructive energy essence, for the use thereof has a RETURN consequence, and all such 'use' of IT in ones interaction with others must CEASE.

It is the 'spell-binding' power of the invisible dark energy which JUSTIFIES our use of IT, and IT keeps man revolving within ITS 'eye for an eye' Law, (punitive) and is also what enables ITS dark energy to 'grow' within the soul of man (Sin) so, - - -

The first step is the education of everyone AND the de-criminalisation of personal ACTIVITY. This means that EVERY 'rule' in books of statutes which are 'punitive' must BE abolished, and it needs to be understood that every 'offender' is or was simply a mentally disturbed person who has 'given-in' to their negative emotions and to incoming THOUGHTS from THE DARK.

It is thus that they are a 'victim' of the dark energy essence and USED by IT as ITS 'Reaping tool' to impose loss, injury, suffering, deprivation etc., as IT 'disturbed the peace' of the other VIA the mind and 'hand' of the one IT 'possessed' telepathically for a moment or longer time, due to their emotions of arrogance, vanity, greed, anger, jealousy or 'ignorance' of ITS power. (Sin)

The one who 'suffered' this imposition is ONE whom had used IT the Dark 'similarly' before, be it in this or a pre-birth time. What goes round comes around, just like the 'boomerang' with an EQUAL force as IT the energy 'balances' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

Everyone must be taught of the spiritual consequence of continuing to use dark energy personally or, as well as the 'complicity' aspect of their servants using IT to bring others to punitive account. The Law is THE LAW, no mandate nor badge of office of man nullifies the 'Law of the energy.' (God's)

From here on, persons who disturb the peace of others on the land through 'offensive' or other behaviour must be caught, detained overnight and be 'forced' to attend a three hour 'Feeling Easier Seminar.' (For their rehabilitation via education, no more punishment.)

This 'forced' attendance is the ONLY use of God's force 'permitted' by God for the sole purpose of educating His lost children and thus 'rehabilitating' them and, - - - detainment by incarceration for periods longer than one day is only permitted for for 'killers' who will attend weekly Seminars so as to educate them as to how to control their thoughts and emotions. (Refer Offender doc)

For anyone to become FREE spiritually they must no longer take the 'punitive aspect' of the LAW of God into their own hands nor 'pay' others to so do, thus ALL forms of punishment must CEASE if YOU would become free spiritually.

page 3

~ The 'crime' of the Land ~

The 'crime' of the Land binding all humanity is their continued 'disturbing the peace' of OTHERS either personally OR via 'legislation.' For legislation enables 'some' to control and rule and thus INTERFERE in the lives of others, which DOES in FACT disturb their 'Peace.'

This 'disturbance of the peace of others on the land takes the 'form' of:

Dominating others
subjugating others
bullying others
ruling others

injuring others
killing others
deceiving others
punishing others

stealing from others
enslavement of others
imposing upon others
invading the 'space' of others

invading the lands or properties of others
forcing others to pay you a part of their income
interfering into every 'aspect' of the living ways of others
coercing others and thus forcing them to live by your religious ideological doctrine

ALL the above IS the (devilish) DARK Sovereign Power in action VIA the mind of man.

As every person is a 'sinner,' meaning, - - - that they have negative emotions - negative energy within their souls through which they 'Sin,' meaning, that they are LESS than kind, compassionate, forgiving and merciful to OTHER 'criminal' SINNERS, it is indeed going to be difficult to amend ones 'ways' before THE LAST DAY.

Note: It is required by God to: "BE loving, kind, compassionate, forgiving and merciful to OTHER 'criminal' SINNERS" or "DIE in your sin."

Everyone on the land of this 'planet' needs to understand that due to their defiance of God an 'eternity' or so ago, that they drew IN said 'dark energy of God' (Sin) and thus God THE Father imposed and 'permitted' the ongoing 'strictures' upon all within His 'eye for an eye' Law VIA the 'mind & hand' of the arrogant and vain 'powerbrokers' and, - - -

Only those who NOW amend their ways and BOW to the Command of the LIGHT will by Father BE set free and, - - - to so do, you will need to comprehend the message from THE LIGHT (She) as given in 'The Testament of Truth' by Her messenger, me.

As said, everyone was deceived and held in bondage to the dictates of God THE ultimate Sovereign Authority and Power and, they will continue to so BE unto their endless FALL into oblivion and suffering IF they fail to understand my message and AMEND their ways.

This applies to everyone, be they the poor and meek or the 'powerful' who 'wreak' their 'rules and ''bayonets' upon everyone they believe are their 'slaves' to be dominated due to their 'belief' that they are the chosen 'Royalty.'

That is the ultimate deception of the DARK energy essence of God which 'seduces' the ones 'spellbound' by ITS 'power' into believing that they as IT are 'above' THE LAW, ITS LAW. A very 'grave' error of assumption indeed, for no 'badge of office' nor legislated 'mandate' voids or nullifies the implementation of God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

We are all simply 'sisters & brothers' of THE DARK or of THE LIGHT

"Your choice"

None are 'God'

page 4

~ Comprehension ~

Try and get it into your 'head' that we are all God's children, His ~ Her Creation and,  - - - that everyone over 'ages' of eternal time pre-birth in this realm have become 'ensnared' by the DARK energy of God and thus ALL are 'criminal 'sinners' in His mind, and deserving of spiritual DEATH and eternal suffering in His UNDERWORLD for their defiance of Him and, - - -

Try and comprehend that God expects YOU to do your very best to assist those others who you presently 'perceive' as being 'swine' or 'enemies' for IN so DOING, as you help them you are helping yourself.

If you continue to mistreat others or injure them you are doing IT to YOURSELF for it has been stated enough times by ME that what goes round comes around and ALL you do unto others will by others be done unto you BY THE ENERGY YOU USED.

Be IT benign, creative & loving or malignant, destructive & cruel.

Please read my texts and prepare your mind and 'ground' so that you can help anyone or any race, colour or creed sent to you by your GOD. Yes, God's ENERGY is in 'operation' at all times and in all circumstances.

"Other than the 2% of the earth's population who came down to earth from the Light to hold the 'hands' of the dying and crying, all the other 98% do NOT 'deserve' to LIVE," Says God the Father for their defiance of Him

It is only the LOVE for HER His Light which 'permits' my 'spirit' to enter here with THIS final 'note' to assist anyone 'willing' to IT see and thus to become FREE.

Heed my 'pen' OR 'die' and FRY

Our God is now to 'bring down' EVERY governing system of man and all 'kings, emperors, dictators, and powerbrokers,' and all I do is to leave you, you and YOU the CORRECT way to GO from hereon.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Dear Readers. try and understand that presently, planet earth is an 'underworld' ruled by darkness. This means that those in positions of POWER who dictate, dominate, subjugate, coerce, threaten and thus force YOU to live by their 'rules' and to keep funding their interfering, controlling, punitive and destructive ways, - - - are in FACT keeping YOU and themselves in a 'way' of living which contradicts God's:

"Peace & love & mercy & forgive" Command.

Thus "It is your CHOICE" so to speak to continue ON doing the wrong thing to OTHERS, for the system's officials are being paid a 'wage' to so do by YOUR taxes on your behalf and, - - - ALL end up suffering the consequence within God's Law. All are busily 'clapping their hands' believing they are already 'Safe and SAVED,' but they are NOT say I.

All are 'ON the road to perdition.'

Now that this REALITY has been revealed to you by the Light of God you do have a 'Duty of CARE.' Primarily to yourself, but also to the 'poor' who are humble and meek who maybe cannot even 'read' and seed their minds with my wisdom but, - - - also to the vain, arrogant and very unwise officials, legislators, magistrates and armed forces personnel who all 'say': "I am but doing my duty to the flag, king or nation," with the 'assumption' that their 'wage' or mandate exonerates them. It does NOT.

Your 'duty' to them FOR God is to halt funding their iniquity and TELL them quietly "Why," - - - so that they then also have the choice to 'amend their ways or DIE.'

page 5

~ Government protection ~

It now comes to 'light' that the power of the Dark energy essence of the Source, God is its capacity to deceive as IT 'promises' to not only 'protect' you but to also 'do' for you what is in your 'best' interests. (For your own good)

None realising that in so doing, it interferes in every aspect of society using your 'funds' as it 'envelopes' everyone into ITS 'fold' of TOTALITARIAN enslavement, control, regulation, punishment and destructive ways which keep man 'blocked' from being 'conscionable' and in fact forcing man to live in a manner contrary to that Commanded by their God of Light.

This enslavement is in fact to the 'self-empowered' vain and arrogant 'overlords,' and fills their 'coffers' with the endless sums of money they DEMAND as their RIGHT to extort, and failure to so do leads to total impoverishment and punishment and banishment from society.

THE people of the land must now be taught to ONLY 'obey' their Creator and pay NO 'funds' to any persons making any demands, especially those backed by force of arms.

All government institutions are 'authorised' by God the Father for the sole purpose of keeping its operatives AND the people trapped in continued defiance of His Command and ON the road to purgatory because, they 'originally' defied Him and 'stole' His forbidden to use dark destructive energy. (The fruit of the tree of evil)

There is but  very 'brief' window in time for YOU to HALT your support of this warring and controlling doctrine, and amend your ways by 'permitting' others to live by their own beliefs & conscience without your interference.

As all are 'equal' in the eyes of God it follows that anyone believing that a 'majority' vote enables 'some' to 'rule' others legitimately is a misnomer and gross ERROR, and any believing that their 'group' or 'government' overrides God's RULE by His Command are deluded, arrogant fools.

If any person comes to your door by 'letter' or personal demand saying: "Vote for us or, - - - pay us our demanded dues or we will punish you or sell you up or even 'kill' or banish you," then to them say:

"Do whatever you 'wish' to, but remember, - - - all you DO to ME you are doing to yourself for our God IS THE LAW, not YOU and, - - - I cannot deny my own 'conscience' and I MUST obey our God so I MUST you DENY."

You must 'suffer' any imposition but NEVER pay any 'fine' nor hand out any money, for IF you so did you would be supporting THE DARK in its activity and accrue a further due.

The DARK energy essence of God will ONLY do TO you what you deserve and need to 'suffer' to BE set FREE but, - - -  at the same time it will try to 'coerce' you into paying a fine 'ransom' to remain free from suffering. Its best to 'suffer' now rather than to accrue a greater due to BE met later.

Any person using guns (force of arms) to protect you or to steal from you is in fact also using your funds to do the same unto others on your behalf. It follows that within the Law of God you then MUST suffer the same consequence. Being absolute Justice.

It is the benign energy of God to protect those who ONLY use IT. For as you only use IT then IT is the only energy of God to RETURN TO YOU via others who you 'loved' or in kindness assisted.

I hope you can this see.

page 6

~ The freedom road ~

Let it be clearly understood that that freedom from suffering and eventual Salvation IS absolutely an INDIVIDUAL process. No other can do IT for you. No, not even 'Jesus' nor 'Buddha' nor 'Muhammad' nor any other mortal. It is the freedom to live WITHOUT:

Being governed by anyone ELSE.
Being taxed by anyone ELSE.
Being regulated by anyone ELSE.
Being protected by anyone ELSE.

Being coerced by anyone ELSE.
Being threatened by anyone ELSE.
Being invaded by anyone ELSE.
Being persecuted by anyone ELSE.

Being dictated to by anyone ELSE.
Being punished by anyone ELSE.
Being regulated by anyone ELSE.
Being 'licensed' by anyone ELSE.

For this freedom and ultimate Salvation requires more than three things:

1 - Obey the Command of God at all times and in all situations, even if others seek to torture or kill you.

2 - Stop drawing IN more dark energy as this is what drags your soul DOWN.

3 - Do not defend yourself in the face of adversity, for IF you do, you will cause pain to the other and draw IN more Dark 'Sin' energy and negate the 'spiritual purging of inner darkness' process.

4 - Do not vote for a man or woman to be your 'leader' nor condone nor financially support any person or organisation (government) or other which interferes in the lives of others and dominates or controls or punishes or kills etc.

5 - Fortify your mind using the 'Star' prayer daily so that you can remain steadfast in God's Command and be kind, compassionate, merciful, peaceful, respectful and forgiving towards those aggressive ones who are yet sinning.

It follows that all 'tax' payments or other 'support' given to any person or institution having a 'warring or punitive' WAY must CEASE.

Naturally there will BE those in every community who, due to their ideological BELIEF and inner DARK emotions, will NOT 'agree' and they will maim and kill or punish any who 'offend' against them or defy their edicts or taxing demands.

These persons if 'armed' who cannot be 'caught' or counselled, must be 'left in peace' by you for God to 'deal' with via others of similar ILK, not YOU.

Soon there will be the 'eternal' polarisation and separation of souls. You now must decide to OBEY this 'revelation' or, continue ON the present controlling and destructive way of man.

Please now withdraw from any 'relationship' with or 'fellowshipping' with ANY organisation such as a 'government' or any other having 'rules of engagement' requiring the use of force of arms, domination, subjugation, extortion, taxation, fine or punishment.

page 7

~ Emotional Intelligence ~

Let it BE clearly understood, all 'intelligence' (information) stems from the Source, and this 'intelligence' which may be 'wise' OR 'unwise' stems from one or another of the infinite levels of consciousness which do exist, from the highest and purest 'truth' (The LIGHT) down to the 'deceptive' lowest (The DARK) and, all these levels or 'realms' of consciousness ARE God's and comprised of God's ENERGY.


As such the information received is from ZERO 'value' to infinite intelligence and, - - - the information one RECEIVES is dependent upon 'which' level of consciousness ones MIND is attuned to, and that is dependent upon the vibration of ones INNER ENERGY.

If your spirit soul is pure and having NO negative emotions within then you can be given pure truth from THE LIGHT, if your soul has within it negative emotions of pride or vanity or greed  etc., then it links to a lower realm and the 'issue' is clouded as such.

If you are a 'controller' seeking to destroy an enemy and seeking to 'devise' a way to 'best' them, then your IDEAS will stem from THE DARK which will JUSTIFY in your mind what IT would do and, - - - it also assists you in your punitive and subjugating endeavours as YOU 'for' IT mete out retribution, as IT via you 'balances' ITS 'Scales of Justice.'

Foolish indeed are the political 'heads' who devise ways to enslave and interfere and punish more and more, for they are misleading God's children and they and their supporters all suffer the 'eye for an eye' consequence later.

Yes, we were created to be 'happy' and free and the 'Will of God' by our 'creation' is that we ENJOY His Light & love & eternal BLISS in His paradise above but, - - - If we are so foolish as to defy or deny His Command and we choose to BE His 'spear' and feel His destructive POWER then SO BE IT but, - - -

We can then continue ON forever revolving in this giving and receiving of pain, torture, and eternal travail but, - - - to become FREE from that 'revolving' door we MUST suffer all or any PAST dues to 'clear' the debt owed to the destructive DARK energy essence before we are then ABLE to be set FREE by IT and no longer be 'governed' by IT and ITS 'serfs.'

The earth rolls onwards into DARKNESS as all God's children, in ignorance and darkness, are 'keeping.'

You have the CHOICE to continue ON as a 'slave' to the 'whims' of others or, to become FREE.

page 8

~ The global village of peace ~

How does or 'will' the world become a 'Global Village' of PEACE? A place with no 'passports' needed to travel, and no 'border patrol' nor travel 'permits,' because every person continuing to be a 'controller or enforcer' has been 'swept' from the face of the earth by the POWER of God in the manner revealed by me.

It commences with each individual such as YOU now obeying God and telling others to so do.

It begins with you taking control of your life as you regain your God-given RIGHT to live according to your own conscience, being your 'religious ideological belief' as also granted unto YOU within the 'Freedom of Religion' clause of the Constitution of the land.

No 'other' person 'out there' telling YOU how to live your life or coercing you using legislated 'rules' to do IT their way.

It begins with you preparing to share your heart & care with 'all comers,' even with the ones who 'disturb your peace' and abuse you.

It begins with you as you prepare your mind and 'space' place to assist the homeless and needy soon to be 'camped' in your 'yard.'

It begins with you never disturbing the peace of the land as you show your 'hand' UP in the 'air' as ONE showing the world that this 'page' you believe in as you your journey WIN.

It begins with you never making any demand upon any other for anything. You now know that the only thing you can do if in need is to 'ask.'

It begins with you conforming to the 'Freedom road' articles on page 'six' above as you now obey God and "Only love."

It begins with you fortifying your mind against deceptive thoughts as given on page 'nine' below.

It begins with you understanding that never again can you 'report' someone to the Police for the purpose of them being 'charged' and punished, for this 'V' for Vendetta activity is 'exceeding' and 'outside' of the mandate granted to man by God within His: "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive" Command, being the TRUE and ONLY 'Christian' way. Thus you can only 'report' people who have injured or offended you to 'carers' who will subject them to an educative rehabilitation program.

It also follows that you can never seek 'recompense' through a court of man, for any such activity would be using the 'forceful system' backed by armed men to 'satisfy' your demands being met. Again a contravention of God's Command.

Thus from now on you only 'live' the Light so to speak, and BE the LIGHT in ACTION only, for you now understand that being the DARK in action is forbidden by God and, it is an UN-Christian act in total 'opposition' to the principles of 'forgiveness, love, mercy & compassion.'

It begins with you understanding that prior to the coming peaceful times, that there will be a time of Chaos, tribulation and lack, and as systems collapse there will be grave shortages with naught available to purchase. Thus it is imperative to make use of all available funds NOW as you 'provision up' QUICKLY with tools of your 'trade' and all else needed.

It begins with you only showing a 'smiling' face of 'grace' and love & mercy, and never again to be seen with a 'grimace' and dark emotions flowing freely.

The 'Global Village' will be a place of no import or export duties nor taxes, as it will BE as said, a TRUE Global Village wherein people are free to go about their business unhindered, unregulated & unrestricted as all OBEY the Command of THE Creator and 'freely' give of their income profit to assist others and the benign aspects of society, and all naturally pay for the provision of needed services.

All the 'dark stuff' is going to take itself 'away' so to speak as the Light of God purges the souls of mankind who 'Obey.' Thus if you are presently 'using' darkness and drawing IT into your soul, then you should amend your ways quickly before IT 'carries it away' to ITS 'lair.'

If you do amend your ways as you use my wisdom then your soul will be purged of its dark inner energy (Sin) and you will become free within of IT and ITS influence, and happier ahead you will BE.

There will be NO 'malignant' persons remaining on earth and NO 'armies' needed, for it will be "As it is in Heaven," a place of love & peace and the only 'spirit' beings incarnating will be from the Light, having no negative energy within their souls. It will be 'strange' indeed as all heave a sigh of relief and the eternal 'party' begins.


page 9

~ The 'living' God ~
Ones inner emotional energy of 'love or hate'

As you begin to 'live' with an enlightened consciousness you also comprehend the 'living' God as you do see our God's ENERGY in action at all times and in all 'places,' as IT flows freely through the soul of man in their 'livingness' and interaction with others.

Yes, our God our 'creator or destroyer' is ALIVE, and Her or His 'intelligence' flows through us as 'thoughts' derived from 'whichever' level our 'consciousness' is linked to, and this is dependent upon our 'emotions' being 'felt' at the particular moment in time.

As we 'do' feel and think and USE either aspect of Light or Dark energy, we ARE 'as' God in our interaction, for we ARE either GIVING with LOVE or we ARE 'taking' or forcefully imposing either aspect of the eternally available ENERGY of God 'upon or to' another.

So now you see the REASON to ONLY BE THE LIGHT OF GOD in action eternally, - - - for then we ONLY receive back the benign Light flowing to us via others in their interaction with us, as IT the 'Light of God' ENERGY 'balances' ITS 'Scales of Justice' so to speak. Only thus are we 'happy and contented.

As I have now lived for 74 years of which much time was in 'darkest' Africa, I do also KNOW that the 'destructive' ENERGY of God also exists, and it is 'torture, travail, utter agony, anguish, liquid terror' and more. So 'why' be tempted by IT or  'rules in a book' to use this destructive energy in your interaction with others?

When will man 'learn' that IT DOES COME BACK with a fiery 'BURN'?

Both the benign creative & malignant destructive Energy ARE a 'Law unto themselves.'

You are only 'responsible' for their flow through you to others, but you cannot 'control' ITS 'balancing' return flow 'to or upon' YOU via others.

The Creator exists, being mental intelligence 'supreme' with no 'end.' All powerful invisible spiritual energies, everywhere present, all wisdom, all knowledge, all emotional feelings.

The Creator created YOU and bestows all ITS 'attributes' upon you, and gives YOU the 'freedom' to 'Live or Die' but ones spirit soul never 'dies,' for spiritual 'death' means an eternity in the dark below, where suffering is eternal, I do know. Why choose 'eternal grief'?

The two 'energies' of the Creator are a Law unto themselves, and these energies are all knowing, all seeing, and absolutely 'Just' in their 'equitable' flow 'back and forth' as YOU use THEM. The 'return cannot be nullified nor avoided. What you express comes back; good for good, pain for pain. (Absolute Justice)

The new revelations of this time REVEALS how and 'why' we have slipped 'down' the gullet of the Snake, and find ourselves experiencing unpleasant mental and emotional and physical trauma due to impositions by others living in this realm of consciousness.

To climb UP the 'ladder' and OUT of your situation you need to USE your God given mental energy, (The Director) to ASK God via the 'Star Prayer' to remove the 'confusion' from your mind which has accumulated so that you can:

See the Light and REASON - comprehend what is given - see the error of the ways of man - withstand the mental and emotional onslaught and survive it - conform to God's Command - go your way in peace and begin to set yourself free from using dark energy AS YOU MERCIFULLY FORGIVE OTHERS FOR WHAT THEY DO UNTO YOU.

Believe you me, within your 'sweet loving soul' IS all knowing intelligence which responds to your call, (ask) seek and you will find. If you are searching for 'Peace, order and inner harmony' you will find IT. If you are searching for 'all power,' control and dominance over other children of God then you will 'find' your way DOWN to THE PLACE where our God 'crushes' all 'pretenders' to His Throne into agonising oblivion.

I can but reiterate: God is GOD, not you. God can 'enforce,' there is no need for you to so do.

Become an educator and set others and yourself FREE.

page 10

~ The 'key' to a steady mind ~

The 'key' is building the "ARK of the MIND" using the 'Star Prayer' meditation daily so that you CAN be 'wise enough' to 'reason' and remain mentally 'steady' in the knowledge that you are only going to 'suffer' IF it is God's 'wish' to set you FREE from your past debts to Him so that you CAN rise UP into Paradise.

For we all need to understand that as we 'bowed' to political rulers and funded their domination, subjugation, interference, extortion from and punishment of OTHERS in the community, 'we' the taxpayer in paying their wages are thus complicit to the 'injury' imposed upon said 'others' in 'our' name, and we must 'suffer' a little or a 'lot' FIRST, before we become FREE to BE left in PEACE.

To so DO you need to be mentally STRONG and emotionally 'courageous' so that you can "Go as a lamb to the slaughter" IF your God so 'chooses.'

Be BRAVE when you face an ignorant KNAVE and suffer your dues in non-retaliation.

Walk 'unarmed' and do NOT defend yourself against aggressors, for IF you do, you ARE an aggressor working for the Dark Sovereign Power as HIS destructive energy flows through you upon the other.

BEWARE, it is very 'easy' for the devilish dark force to 'snare' YOUR SOUL.

Any person working for any organisation as an 'enforcer' or 'upholder of the peace' who is ARMED needs to DISARM, or they will 'fall' to Satan's CHARMS and be used to maim or kill.

Each village or 'town' needs to hold an 'elders' meeting open to 'all' wishing to attend, and have a 'call' for 'hands' of THE PEACEFUL who are 'ready' to haul IN anyone of any 'standing' who is a threat to others or themselves and 'subject' them to a SEMINAR.

We'll need brave lads & lasses true of strong 'resolve' to be the ones to go around and knock upon the door of any who foolishly knocked any other to the floor.

Everyone needs to comprehend that their EVERY ACTIVITY is 'overruled' and 'subjected to' the ENERGY of God USED which has a consequence of either benign or malignant energy GUARANTEED to RETURN on an EQUAL basis. The energy is a Law unto ITSELF.

You THE individual must ensure that your daily activity remains within the 'parameters' of God's Command:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving."

It is the 'honour' or the 'spear' which to everyone now draws near.

STOP voting in 'Rulers' and STOP funding INIQUITY.
All continuing to be defiant of God enter a 'trail' of endless sorrow and agonising suffering.

Kindness & RESPECT as we our souls and theirs PROTECT.


page 11

~ The benevolent peace force corps ~

Since I am ONLY an EDUCATOR it follows that I cannot use FORCE to back up my 'projections' to everyone there are many who will simply reject what I say BUT, - - - I do know that everyone who denies my LIGHT being what I say will end up 'sorry' forever and a day and in perpetual agony.

The reality is that every society is now to stumble and crumble because of the mass migration movement globally as well as the intensifying INSANITY, confrontation and destruction now to take place in every village and town - - - so, - - -

All I can do is to try and prepare a 'few' to lead the way forwards into the NEW AGE of peace and freedom to be after the darkness has 'destroyed' ITSELF and swept ITS followers onto ITS 'shelf' in the lower 'bad' lands of eternal terror, vendetta, merciless persecution and suffering. In the NEW AGE there will be NO 'person' or politician or emperor or king or mandarin or dictator to say:

"YOU must obey me and my decrees or you will be persecuted, controlled, subjugated, punished, jailed, evicted or banished or exterminated by my armed forces."

This 'nature' of people are always backed by a 'private army' of SOLDIERS, and presently, the community Peace corps (Police) are the mercenary private army enforcing every political decree of politicians and the judiciary FORCEFULLY.

You need to understand that since your taxes or gst etc., are being used to pay the wages of Police who presently are causing harm to others and interfering in their lives IN YOUR NAME, that you are accruing a painful karmic debt each day and to rectify this situation, you must only fund an unarmed BENIGN benevolent peace force corps who educate rather than punish or extort money.

The COMMUNITY Police PEACE force needs to see that its wages are funded by THE PEOPLE but Police need to realise that they are being used to steal endless sums of money from THE PEOPLE who they were elected to SERVE.

This 'sorry' state of affairs will soon come to a halt once THE PEOPLE awaken to the 'truth' as their negative emotions begin to 'strum' due the dark invisible forces inspiring their minds telepathically. However, - - - every village and town on earth will still need a TRUE 'sector' of honest, courageous and helpful citizens to assist in maintaining civility and orderliness.

This will be a benevolent unarmed peace force corps who will go forth to maintain 'order' as they haul in any who disturb the peace or who are engaged in immoral and thus criminal activities. These persons will be treated humanely and EDUCATED using the 'Feeling easier Seminar' program.

These persons will need to be paid directly from the purses of THE PEOPLE as the 'service' will simply be another 'benign service provision' such as that of the 'butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.'

If you the individual cannot see that you are all defiant of God and His Command in funding the punitive ACTIVITIES of the merciless V for Vendetta retributive 'justice' regimes on earth, and you thus FAIL to amend your ways by following the 'lead' of Clemencia or myself, you are eternally DOOMED.

To be saved by God's purging Light 'grace,' you must from now on respect your fellow man and HALT the funding of warmongers and the causing of HARM as you OBEY the Command of God 100%.

Once God has purged the earth of all who control or who cause harm to others, peace will flow IN, and never again will man defy God and never again will man raise up commands or rules which conflict with God's Command because everyone will be loving, kind and OBEDIENT.

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