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~ The Sodomy of man ~

As written by Terence the Christ spirit

Wherein man was 'possessed' by the attributes of the Dark 'devilish' aspect of the Source and became power hungry, controlling, demanding, taxing, extortionist, manipulative, liars, untrustworthy, immoral, greedy, envious, jealous, sodomic, incestuous, licentious, hateful, vindictive, critical, dissatisfied, aggressive and violent and evil in his daily deeds, and 'he' man 'saw' these acts as normal, and 'saw' his merciless unforgiving and retributionary acts as righteous.

This all was the result of arrogant incarnate "spirit" man having 'permitted' his mind to be accessed telepathically by the Dark satanic force whose alien 'race' of demonic spirits cunningly concealed their invasion of the psyche of mankind to the point where we now are 'ready' to be totally overpowered by the Devil, and to be used as its 'Reaping force' on earth as all will soon see.

All whom continue to raise their voice or 'sword' for the Devil
will now die spiritually as they show
God their ways are evil.

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page 46 Eternal Sorrow    

Item 1  - The 'Constitutional Treatise - 10 pages
Criminal or Legal sodomy of the soul of man

Item 2  - The Australian Constitution - 6 pages
The Right to Govern

Item 3  - The Legality of Brutality - 6  pages
Versus the Law of God

Item 4  - The spiritual consequence of 'Action' - (Karma) - 42 pages
Spiritual Responsibility and Spiritual Suicide

Item 5 - The False 'doctrine' of the satanic BEAST exposed - 6 pages

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~ Unnatural sexual practices ~

 Unnatural sexual practices arise because of “lack,” and because “other” spirits do our minds attack, as they seek to their feelings satiate, and their sexual preference may not be to with the “opposite sex” mate.

 And also, we can be wrongly “taught,” and thus a “similar” sex mate is sought, and this unnatural way we promote over time as we get used to the “unnatural” entwine.

And to add to this “misery” that is the end product of sodomy, is the “factor” of love, “that can be projected onto any,” I hear from above. So it is now the time for all to see that “sodomy” very unnatural be, and it is also unwise to “promote” it in a “gay” disguise.

 For not only does it the word “Gay” bastardise, but it teaches the young ones to the natural way despise, as they believe it is a “happy occasion” to “fornicate” with a same sex mate.

 So let us now begin to understand the true reality of sin, being the emotions untrue that permit “devious” thoughts through. Thoughts that us control, so we decide to a same sex mate “over roll,” and, “This can be done in love or in lust,” says God above.

 So if we men love a brother, or a sister a “sister” true, it means not that our love needs satiating sexually with them too, this is the “bit” we must see, that “loving” or “lusting” is not a valid reason to be to our “naturalness” untrue.

 Lets teach our young to now “relate” deeper to their feelings, so that they can freely “mate” with those of the opposite sex, thus breaking the need of the “same sex” hex.

 For as “sex” and joyful gaiety become the norm, then the bounds of “sexual barriers” we will “storm,” and sex will no longer be “ridden” with guilt, all that falsity will be washed away like silt.


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~ Fulfilling a feeling ~

In the “act” of contact we feelings fulfill, and as the feelings “arise” the senses overspill, and at that moment we feel “replete,” and the emotional “state” is “swept off its feet.”

 God created two sexes, opposite in many ways so as to “enhance” happiness with “gayful and joyful” forays, so any who for any reason do this “opposite” way bastardise in the guise of “normalcy,” are very unwise.

 For it does by precedent set a “false” way, and this is now seen planetarily today, where not only do “sodomisers” openly “talk,” but they do young children openly stalk.

 And they no “worse” be than “straight” men who stalk young girls I see, all are very unwise, and God does them all despise. I speak not of our God of Light, but of the “Dark one” who wields the Devil’s Might, and any who any abuse, sexually or otherwise, will their “sexuality” lose.

 Yes, all “nice” feelings will be “swept away” as pain has its day, and that time is now here, so heed me today. If your feelings you must “unnaturally” satiate, do not “thrust” that fact out into the “open,” or for heaven you will be late.

 For many others will despise you, and I know that that act is also one untrue, and as they you berate, you will retaliate, thus both parties will cry and both parties will spiritually die.

And any who for any reason fall below, will as said, never any “positive” feelings again sow, for in that place all are “apart,” unless they others abuse, and only does pain onto flesh diffuse.

 There is no time to now the “reasons” debate, lets all “practise” the Star meditation so that to God’s call of “non retaliation” we can relate. So please don’t even try to me despise, or for eternity will others in the dark hear your cries.


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~ The Sodomy of Man ~

 The present “inhuman” race has “bastardised” the Truth of God, and thus has “sodomised” its own soul. This can be “seen” openly, as in every facet of earthly existence the Devil is in control.

 Yes, we can others denigrate, we can others destroy, we can others openly employ to tax others forcibly, and we can “legitimately” steal via court of man’s “law,” using unforgiving “ways” to extract a $ and walk deep into the dark as our forays become far reaching up the “back passage” of Satan's den.

And all this is “accepted” by “Religion & State” as they the people berate, and all I can say to you and you is beware, for only I AM the only one true to our God on earth today as my pen for God does sway.

 So be you a “Sodomiser” by your sexual “need,” or a “Sodomiser” of your soul by merciless and unforgiving deed, you both had better get on your knees and pray, for all soon face that eternal night or day.


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~ Passion ~

 The “pash” and the “crush” that youngsters feel as their souls “emotional state” does grow, is what leads many a young one to “turn” to their best friend to “experience and learn” what to do when “encompassed” by lovely feelings so true.

 So the “elderly” need to youngsters guide, and instruct them that “one day” they will experience strong feelings that within them do abide.

 They must be taught to “reflect” on these emotions, and direct them not “onto” or “into” their best friend of the day, who may be a sister or brother or father or mother.

 These feelings may “turn,” and a longing for “oneness” with another may them “burn,” but they needs “see” that the “act” of sexual fulfilment should be controlled to the extent that it needs be fulfilled with those of the opposite sex, and not with “close” relatives, so as to the human race “biologically” protect.

So tell young ones that to feel “love” with their same sex friends in order be, as is the reality of being loving to any part of “humanity,” but the closeness of “acts” leading to intercourse or its “similar way,” needs be “kept” for sharing with “others” on another day, being those of the opposite sex and “fraternity” with whom we “could” end up “joined” in “paternal maternity.”

 Plain common sense is what it needs be, not “I demand to ‘do it’ with those ‘close’ to me,” or “I demand to defy my ‘conscience’ because ‘others’ say it OK be.”

Children, any “common practice” that consists of any “ungodly or unnatural” act shows that ignorance by arrogance is backed.

Try and see now today, that we needs “wean” ourselves off any such way, and “whatever” we “suffer” by this “fresh deed,” its needed so our own souls can fully God’s call heed.

Read the “TRUTH document” for intersexual “conduct.”


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~ Prostitution ~
God speaks on the heart of the matter.

"Let it here be known that man has “cunningly” untruth sown as he called women “slut,” and in her face did he heavens doors shut as “he” the priests of falsity did against my daughters lay the charge of “Harlot” or “Prostitute.”

Let it here be known that it was man who did “plan” to women seduce and reduce them to the position of “paid servant” so that over their bodies he could slobber and pant.

Let it here be known that whatever the “guise,” it was man who “solicited” his money and thus “prostituted” his own soul as he seduced God’s daughters into his control.

Let it here be known that if men cannot a free “ride” find then it is as God planned it to so be, until he the “lost man” did learn to abide in the WORD of God.

Let it here be known that any who try and “hold” God’s LIGHT by act of “Plea, force, deceit, or by offering gifts or money” will be eternally barred from the land of milk and honey.

Let it here be known that as from today, the word “Prostitute” shall be recorded as per this say :

Prostitute - A man who attempts to seduce a woman into giving sexual favours by “plea, money, beguile or force.” The one who offers the money for sexual favours, thus “prostituting” his own soul.

Let it here be known that sexual “partaking” between two shall be deemed “Light & Right” in God’s eyes only when it is “given & received” by mutual “free” consent with no enticement."

Foolish, arrogant or ignorant is any “lad” or man who calls a woman an “easy lay” or a “slut” just because she is happy to be loving and freely gives some of her Light away. All these “men” will soon for their own “infidelity” to God’s word of “Only be kind” pay.

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~ The ‘Macquarie’ Dictionary ~
 The Editor, Macquarie University, NSW 2109

 Who ? is the keeper of the “Key,” the key of TRUTH, certainly not the Macquarie Dictionary, who allow their truth to “pervert” as they bring-in words of “distort.”

 Surely one needs to see the difference that there be between the light and the dark, “smoke” or a bright spark. I talk of the word GAY that you call “licentious” today.

How” can any scholar “win” if in your translations you “sin” by spreading deceit in a book looking so neat ?

Why cannot I today say :“I have a friend happy and gay”? For all now will me misunderstand, thinking that my friend has a “perverted” hand, meaning that they must be “sick,” and thus their dicky do stick in a place where it should not be.

 So “why” I ask "Can you this not see" ? Just because people things misuse, why do you THE TRUTH “lose,” and change a word today that has so much love in its “say,” or rather it did, until its real meaning was “hid” under a pile of 'shit' as its head with a hammer you hit.

 So I ask which of you is the one UNTRUE ? For IF a person a Sodomist be, then please let it so be, for they may be gay too between me and you, but they also may have eyes that glower exuding negative power and thus a Satanist be, far far from gay I do see.

 It is utter “crap” to “bastardise” the word Gay and associate it as you do with words such as : “Being dissipated, distortion of pleasure, scatter & destroy, homosexual, sex between men, anal sex.”

 As “man” falters in every way, it means that you as Keepers of the True meaning of Words needs as all be ever vigilant to distortion. So I ask, please make the “amend” so your next edition is a true friend, please now change your way, and elevate that beautiful word into its correct text so that “others” can find its true meaning, ie :

GAY = Joyous gaiety, great gladness, merry, lively, delight.

What you do not see is the difficulties also imposed by your 'records' upon those of other 'tongues' trying to make translations, and what of the 'Chemistry' dictionary, what would be the result if you started naming H2O as HO2? - Language needs a firmer base, it does not need to be debased simply because the 'ignorant' are gaining 'power' due to ignorance.


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~ The “twisted” Mirror ~

 All “distortions” seem natural today, that is because man has lost his way. Please now try and understand that there is only one way to the joyous happy land, that is by being “alert” to what you do, for “perversion” in any way leads us to unhappiness on another distant day, a day that at “this” moment you cannot see, but I speak truth, believe you me.

 As said, “sorrowfully,” all soon to fall who are untrue, being those who continue to deceive, misuse, abuse and control others as on earth they stroll. That applies to spirits too, being the ones who telepathically misguide the untrue, they too will fall “deeper down” and for eternity too they will frown.

 How lost are we who cannot now even see the way we go as our political “men & women” send out our “keen to serve” young men to die in a “far” dark place because we them falsely send o’er land and sea to abominably destroy other “innocent” people on this earthly land who also are “bound” by equally arrogant leaders and political men.

 And what none of you ‘see’ is that in your personal “free giving” taxation support of any “Regime” that uses force by “Mandated” acts of “Sanctions or War,” that you personally accrue a Karmic spiritual debt daily for all the pain and misery that your forces of destruction mete out.

 So don’t cry out “Foul, I am innocent” when someone “snots” you on the nose or puts a match to your home, or runs a bayonet through your children when your country is soon overrun by equally insane “others.”

 It is your “pieces of silver” that pay “the wages of Sin.” Being any employed in an “aggressive capacity” by virtue of Federal & State taxes for soldiers, police etc, and council rate taxation for “Bylaw” infringement enforcement control.

 Children, if your brother said “I want to ‘blow away’ the neighbour, but am short of funds to buy a gun today," would you “freely give” him the money? NO, so why do you “freely” give funds to the power brokers who are the cause of the “hardship & suffering” due to their demands that you pay their dues?

You owe them naught
“free giving” through fear is with great spiritual danger fraught.


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~ The Insanity of man ~

 The insanity of man is that immoral acts today are accepted by man, religion and state as the natural way as he does others abuse and destroy, and to do this, he does “innocents” employ and deploy.

 In God’s eyes, man's way immoral be,
man caressing any woman by mutual consent sexually
or otherwise
is a moral act that natural be.

If ANY of you can “hear me,” then use your pen and mouth swiftly to warn all “intending” to fight for what they have been told is right, that there is never a reason to heed man rather than God, any season. The Source 'God' says :

“Darkness you cannot destroy, it is the darkness that does you employ in the guise of righteousness, and as you it become, as you it diffuse, it takes over your soul and you your heavenly place lose.

 For aeons of time it was man who sought naught but ‘self gratification,’ forgetting that woman is his nearest relation, so let him her needs now nurture, and thus will he ascertain his own future.

Woman and man walking hand in hand eternally in heaven's land.”

 All men are “misguided” today, and women also “seek” to join their power play. I am now again “here” to awaken all of you, those who will follow my “pen,” God’s sacred wisdom, and to heaven follow through.


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~ The 'Mark' of the Beast ~

The Beast does not only "place" a spiritual "cut" in our soul when we "express" darkness as along we stroll, but also from the day we are 'Registered' as being born are earthlings of their freedom "shorn."

Yes, for to the Beast we a "sum" pay to "legitimise" our entry earth's way, and this Mark that a "License to live" be is the first "act" of the control of the Beast over you and me.

From then on there is naught that can be "done" without first "paying" another fee for every activity. Be it for pleasure or "work" the dark Beast via the "System" of man does lurk and take a huge "bite" as IT wields ITS invisible Might, and IF we do not pay its "cut" of money then via its "men" it does say;

"You cannot eat or work or even go onto the road today, and, if you try to even 'survive' then into the dust will I you drive, for all "outside" heaven is owned by me the Devil you cannot see, and all must for their past folly pay forever and a day, and, the more you financially pay the longer outside heaven is your stay for as you pay, you become indebted to ME more day by day."

Thus you can never become free unless the Light of heaven you can see and to its Wisdom adhere. But to do this you need to overcome your fear. For only as you now heed me and "kow tow" not to the demands of society will you begin to win your freedom as any "past" due is by "fine" extorted off you.

So all of you who "pay" a license fee so that you can walk the road each day are unknowingly paying the wages of sin that are used by the dark one to pay the wages of those who work for HIM, and, what these people do in their deed is what tightens the "noose" around you.

Have the courage to say; "NO, I shall now show the God of love that I will rely on "him" and "his" wisdom via his dove, no more will I support a society of impropriety."


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~ The hidden Agenda ~

When will earthlings get “real” departmental “heads” who know the job they do ? For today, none can speak their own thoughts flowing through. All just “bow” their heads and from pieces of paper read, and this “info” some other bod did seed. So who “IS” this person in the background who prepares every “speech” for the appointed with own voices “unfound”?

I know that it is the Devil below who telepathically does HIS wishes upon earthlings bestow. Yes, in “back offices” do his thoughts breed in the minds of lesser mortals who are of the unforgiving, merciless, destructive seed who plot and plan as “his” ideas of control & manipulation & destruction do their minds span.

Man does not see that the very system we 'employ' is the one that does us spiritually destroy for we are responsible for what IT does do. It is a
"protectionist" system in that IT jealously protects ITS trade by punishing all who try and operate outside ITS area of control.  

I.e. you cannot grow your own tobacco as IT demands that you purchase tobacco from ITS
controlled outlets (retail shops) through which IT extorts ITS commission. Thus in reality we are supporting "legitimised" drug trafficking.

The 'System' demands a
"cut" from every business enterprise, thus IT is in fact the biggest Mafiosi organisation in every country. Every governmental "System" uses ITS army & police to protect ITS fiscal interests, and we pay these wages of sin.
Thus as you may see those who would TRUE Christians be must comply now to our God of love above who says:
"Stop paying taxes that prop up this system of the dark one. Once this you do, IT the dark one will demand from you ITS accrued 'due' from ITS prior support from you and then IT will set you free for you have heeded ME the God of love."

Do you see the difficulty for each of you? None must any licence fee pay, or fine, or driving licence renewal etc. - Tough times are a'coming for those who'd truly heed their Lord God on high, for "political" men will you via their courts 'TRY.'

Yes, they too are all deceivers, for they send men to war to die on their own funeral pyres. Men who they deceived into believing it was OK to kill the others over the hill. Yes, Satan via “mans mind” does say :
“You can impeach or destroy and still get to heaven one day without having to for your folly pay.”

Why don’t you awaken to this invisible LIAR
and heed me now and thus elevate your souls up HIGHER


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~ The Satanic LIAR ~

As the Devil is the greatest deceiver and the biggest LIAR too, it is I the messenger of God who will reveal now what the devil “would” have been saying to you as you did foolishly walk this earth and also foolishly others in retribution stalk.

And also I ask you, “Were you not taught that HE is a LIAR “? The “hidden” invisible satanic one whose untruths you perpetrate earth’s end.

The Devil deceived humanity via the minds of simple man, be they religious elders or arrogant politicians or world leaders or you, who daily condone his dastardly principles through justification to so do.

The Devil’s words “whispered” telepathically to mankind were and yet are :

“You are entitled to deny the call of the Light to Only Love, and you will not suffer the consequences as told by God above who said “You all Reap what you Sow.”

You are entitled to steal off the poor by taxation for you are “great” for sure, and you need to steal this money so you can look after the poor who ask for more, and thus you are justified in denying the call of the Light that says “Steal not.”

You are able to condemn, judge, and others “try” and thus deny the call to “Only Love” from up high, and I the avenger will neither judge you nor destroy you.

You are entitled to tell all your “flocks” that your religion is the only way to heaven, and thus set man against man, as “only yours” is a part of God’s salvationary plan.

You are entitled to defend your flesh and lands from any enemy from a distant shore, and thus if you them kill in “righteousness,” you can avoid going to satan’s hill even though God says “Love thine enemy or you will die spiritually.”

You can impose sanctions against the weak and poor and if they die, well that fate will not come back to your door on another day, even though the God of Love says “You all reap what you sow, and if you destroy my children then below you will go.”

You are honourably “mandated by man” to all the above do, and thus you personally will avoid the reaper who destroys all the untrue, for you are being true.”

Dear reader, the devil did say to you that all the above is TRUE, and you did through foolishness and arrogance him believe, and thus you forgot the Loving call of the Light and mercilessly & unforgivingly & non compassionately did you make others suffer or cry or die, and the invisible satanic force WILL now your 'arses' FRY,

For He IS A Liar, Liar,


So Clinton, or Saddam or Maggie or Blair or Kabila, or any other
arrogant “one” being a “NON believer” in God
But a believer
believing in Him the Satanic Avenger,

Soon your arses are eternally on Fire, Fire,

for as said, HE is a Liar, Liar,

Who has seduced you into heeding his false cry, and it is HE now to you TRY, for as you others abused you sodomised your own souls and will more than CRY, and you WILL pay the FULL price for being less than nice.

For the Devil’s Rage is Huge
and it will now shower down its rage on all non believers whom it did deceive
into believing that it was “in order” to make God’s children grieve.

'You will reap what you did sow.'

Truly blessed are the humble and meek
who read all that I the Spirit of Truth write.
Truly blessed are those who heed our God of Light
and listen not to the voice of the satanic liar who says you should fight.

Truly blessed are the humble and meek who
see the wisdom of God’s call to be “Only loving” and abide in it and never fight.

For whether you are a soldier who destroys with a rocket or 'long bow' from a distance, or a simple soul who pokes their neighbour in the eye with a blunt stick, you are all doing it because the “Dark one” gives you justification to so do, either directly in your mind, or indirectly via the orders of another. But remember, our God said :

As done by you will be done unto you, and all who retaliate in trying to this LAW avoid, will for sure fall into the void.”

None can their karmic fate avoid, it was our freedom of choice to live or die, be raised up to the heavens above, or fall into oblivion below where for sure God’s wrath we get to know.

“Mercy” my sacred pen

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~ Man's denigration of God ~

Man and the Devil both denigrate God as they imply that "some" creation of God is "Less than perfect," say I God's dove. For by "saying" that only Jesus can one save, means that the man Jesus is stronger than God's "Stave."

And, that God created you or you as a "lesser" spirit than the one named Invincibility. That is the falsity that I see is expressed by religious sects including the one housed at the "Vatican City."

God created all women and all men equal in the sense that all have the capacity to elevate themselves out of their misery IF they personally heed the "bread & water" that is God's "wine & leaven" being the WISDOM of the WORD sent by GOD via messengers from heaven.

So any men who say: "Only in saying that Jesus is your personal saviour can you heaven reach" do God's Holy Word breach. God says: "Only in abiding in My Word of "Peace, wield no sword" are you by MY grace set free."

Any who say: "You must fellowship at or with our church for it and only it is the "authority" are teaching falsity as they also breach the Holy Word that Jesus did teach.

Jesus spoke FOR God when he said; "I am the Truth and the Light and the Way." That was the WORDS spoken by GOD via the mouth of the man whose divine soul did for an eternity of eternities the heavens span.

Jesus was crucified to set you free by "example" in showing you how at THE END all seeking salvation would needs suffer at the hands of the Reaper for their past iniquity - - -

"As a lamb to the slaughter all must go" to show GOD not Jesus that they "heard" God's message via the dove about NON-retaliation in order to FULFILL the Law of "You Reap what you Sowed" before being permitted to enter heaven.

All "ministers or elders" of all religions deny the WORD of God and all are a part of the Devil's retributive force as all condone war and retribution and all have their "officers" employed and deployed in the armed forces and all their flocks also mock God's Word as every soldier is of "a" religion.

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Every religion falsely teaches that one can "avoid" the letter of the ONE Law either by purchasing "indulgences" or kneeling on the floor before foolish man who says: "You are by me forgiven today as for this forgiveness a few pennies you did pay."

And, every "minister" of every religion is a "block" between God and man as the "minister" says: "You need me to show you the way as you kneel at my feet every Sunday. For without my wisdom and guidance you cannot get through."

This is the greatest LIE that is held by the Devil via men over you and you. For it is this very "act" of daily "ritual" by man that is habitual that controls God's children who on earth stroll.

It is now I to say to all: "Walk tall and look direct to God, not man. Look to God direct and reflect on GOD'S bread, the fresh uncontaminated Wisdom God did send through me and thus you will see the reality that God can and will protect you IF you go direct to the WORD of "Wield no sword."

I also say that one must pray in the manner given by GOD via me to assist fortification of their mind against the telepathic intrusion of the Devil via the sin that still within you all be.

As for Salvation and "earning" ones freedom, no "one" can do it for you. NO, not even Jesus, and God can only GIVE to you the WISDOM, and Jesus can only SHOW by example "how" we get free of our negative past with its invisible "bondage" to the dark "overlord" who satanic and merciless be.

This is accomplished firstly by forgiving those who abused us, and secondly by permitting the ignorant to destroy us if that is our "due" and thus as we lose our fleshly life our spirit does gain spiritual freedom (life) and is "resurrected" to rise up into heaven as a "purified" sin free spirit.

Flesh is flesh and of the dust, all must try and see this reality. If you fight to protect your flesh your soul will be bound "below" in the afterlife and the terrible TRUTH of that place you will get to know. The "word" forgiveness is no longer in the vocabulary of man as every person seeks retribution, either monetarily or "pain-fully."

"As for "religion," IT will be destroyed by ME
your Father you cannot see.
I have spoken today via MY dove again sent your way."

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~ System's 'expose' ~

Every earthly government system today is the retributive "arm of God" on earth that makes man pay for his past or present folly each day.

This "arm" of God is the controlling, enforcing and punishing "department" through which the "dark" side of God extracts its due under the one law of God "What you do is done unto you."

This it does do by "inspiring" man to be "untrue" to themselves, as "they" who are the arrogant vain "serfs" of God unthinkingly deny the Commandment of the "Light side of God" to "Only love," and aided by thoughts from the "Dark side of God" the "Devil," they "devise" new "regulatory enactment's" that enable people to be controlled and penalised for their past spiritual default.

Thus any man made laws are but the "unholy edicts" being the "works" of the "dark side" of the Source that are 'incited/inspired' telepathically by the "Devil" being the servant of the Source through the mind of vain and prideful and arrogant men who falsely believe that "unforgiveness" and retribution is just and honourable.

Any who "support" this System of man by the free giving of taxes or by the extraction of taxes (gst) for and on behalf of the governmental system are daily accruing a "painful" spiritual karmic debt and they "ahead" will suffer and more fret.

It is "due" to man's "open" free giving financial support of any governmental system that extorts this "free pay" by enforced edicts, that penalises and controls and destroys the livelihood of "ignorant offenders," that simple man "gains" spiritual debts.

And thus the laws enacted annually become "more and more," and greater become the burden of taxes imposed, and harsher become the penalties that are in fact being imposed by the dark side of the Source God through the arrogant "controllers."

For this "sorry" state is what man deserves as he man swerved away from the "Only love" Commandment, and in using control and "arms" to punish others his energy was "miss-spent," for which all mankind will now relent when they see God's retributive intent as God fulfils His retributive Law.

The new way to be is when all statute books are "washed away" by me, and man will pay his dues to God and become free by no longer being "party" to any "Mafiosi" control/extortion off others. (No longer working for the dark retributive force).

Thus all will be only loving and true and all will be free to go to any land unhindered and all will be free to trade "unlicensed" by man or State. So from today must we pay no taxes.

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God via His Court of man will then demand any outstanding spiritual dues and will penalise us for non-compliance to enacted Acts, which in fact are the means whereby past spiritual dues are collected and we "pay" for folly of another past day or present "folly" for not heeding the "Only love" way.

What none can see is that every realm outside heaven is a place controlled by the dark side of the Source and is inhabited by "us" being sinful souls who did divorce themselves from the God of light due to being "untrue" to God's Commandment.

Thus this realm is a place where we meet our 'fate,' being our suffering that is but the fulfillment of the ONE Law "As you sow so shall ye reap," and "As we did others abuse, so we are abused by others."

So God via His own Authority imposed a "means" whereby his "servant" the Devil who is the self empowered "avenger for God" can abuse any who walk in the dark side of God's Law.

This "means" to enslave & control & extract & punish & destroy spiritual offenders is the Systems of man that are "elevated" and brought into being by "dark spirited men" who defy God's "Only love" Commandment and thus are inspired by it the dark one to arrogantly demand that others pay them a "cut" of every business or monetary transaction on earth and that they also pay "fealty" by supporting any active armed service required to protect their System.

This whole "ungodly" merciless soul destroying System hides behind a fašade of a benevolent democratic government that protects "its" citizens. NO, it does not, for if none comply to the "edicts" contained within its book of statutes that were in fact inspired by the Devil, then they are penalised, fined or incarcerated.

The edicts are in fact the means whereby people are punished under the spiritual law of God for past offences that may not have anything to do with the present "offence under the act."

Thus has the Devil cunningly hidden the means whereby he "innocently" and seemingly "benevolently," traps all who are a party to the System of man, His System.

For not only is "his" system used to make us for past folly pay, but at the same time it traps all its "users" into more suffering for being so arrogant as to "use it" in defiance of the "Only love" Commandment. Thus are all deceived more and enslaved more and suffer more as the burdens grow and others do fire and gun-smoke upon us bestow.

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And not only are its "workers" being "conned" into believing that they are doing an honourable duty as they deny the Commandof God "Forgive all, and control none other," but all the "flock of citizens" who are a "party" by voting for and paying the wages of the system's men are also daily walking deeper into darkness.

For as the System "extorts or punishes" etc, all whom are a party to these "acts" accrue a spiritual pain debt, financial debt, loss of property debt etc.

All are thus also "sinning" more even as they sleep, as their "armed forces" via sanctions or acts of violence make others weep. Yes, all are looking "up" at light seeing not that as they walk forwards they are in fact sliding backwards faster towards the pit.

(It is a common false belief that "good intent" or "ignorance" of the true spiritual reality is excusable when e.g. If the "sinner" knew not it was wrong and thus should not be held "accountable" for their folly. Let it be known that the power and cunning of the Devil is such that it "blinds" man with its hypnotic spell so that "he" man in ignorance cannot tell the difference between good or evil, and all for folly through ignorance do pay.)

Religion too was a "part" of the Devil's plot and thus too will our God every religion now "swat," for vain arrogant man "thought" he could defy God's "Only love" plan as "he" dressed in his vain "robes" plundered and raided far distant lands for "gold" as he falsely told men that into Hell they would not fall as they were fighting for God, and that their religion was the "upper" on this sod.

Yea verily, upon every "poppycock" priest will the "Devils men" soon feast for deceiving so many as they blessed their guns for a silver coin or a penny.

The dark force is so "dark" that its actions are "invisible" and thus its "enforcers" see not that they are enslaved by it. No, they only "see & believe" that they are working "kindly" for the betterment of humanity, and see not that they are in fact working directly for the actual "book of man's law" that was inspired by the Devil, and thus to their own souls are they untrue as they daily much "dark" Karma do accrue.

I give here examples of "how" the Devil "justifiably" and seemingly "properly" enacts a regulation via the mind of man whereby he can extort funds or incarcerate an offender of the act for a past spiritual offence, and at the same time trap all society into accruing more "debt" due to being a party to the retaliatory "act" of punishment that goes against the Commandment to "Only love, be forgiving and merciful" etc.

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Example - 1 - It is no "crime" in God's eyes to drive at 75km in a 50 km zone, but when caught and we "pay" a fine or are incarcerated for non payment of the fine then we are either but paying for a "time" in the past when our "employees" stole funds via taxation or royalty off others, or when we "incapacitated" another for some unremembered reason.

Example - 2 - We drive at a speed of 30km in a 50-km zone and knock down a pedestrian who is "stuck" in hospital for a time. In man's eyes this was no "default" as we drove within the speed limit, but it was an "offence" in God's eyes for under the one law of God "As we did pain sow so must we suffer" we thus are incapacitated or incarcerated via man's law and will also suffer the "pain" suffered by the other in some way on another day. Maybe when at the hands of another "ignorant" a "missile" drops on our house.

Example - 3 - The governing body "unwisely" extorts taxes by charging a 'cent' tax on every cent cost of petroleum products. This 'tax' as others is in fact an extortion by imposition placed upon us all by us through our "servants."

Thus as the manufacturing price rises due to increased costs so do the tax burdens placed upon us. This is the law of God. For the more we condone the System to off others take, the more via the System does God take off us.

Under the present negative System there is no end to the spiraling costs nor the taxes imposed, and thus also does the currency purchasing power fall and the whole community becomes burdened and disadvantaged as it spirals into the vortex of "Take and be taken" rather than the opposite of "Give and be given."

The "dark side" of the Source 'God' is called "The Devil" because of its pervasive evil that is deceitful and destructive to any that "use it" or "work for" it.

It "hides" itself within the system of man who see not its true "retributive" nature, as it "poses" as a good and caring democratic system set up to aid humanity. It is a "wolf" in sheep's clothing.

I reiterate, it cunningly entraps all those who work for it as well as the "sleeping" population who support its unforgiving merciless ways by funding its daily "works." Be they sanctions imposed, taxes imposed, destroying its enemy, or any other "nefarious" deeds daily carried out by our servants the politicians or self appointed unholy priests who incite war.

Thus all "men" for centuries of time slid deeper into the darkness and spiritual bondage to the dark one as they "unthinkingly" became a 'party member' to the State by virtue of voting for it and thus empowering it to abuse others and themselves.

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It is now time for education and free giving of a part of ones income earned to aid the community, rather than regulation and "up front" payment of licences and taxes on goods and services and import/export duties etc.

Once you can see 'how' the dark side of the Source has trapped you then, personally and individually must you decide what to do, and I can but warn you all that you will needs be brave as you are confronted by forces tall who 'heed' the dark voice due to their sin within, and thus they will have no choice other than doing unto you what they are inspired to, and ultimately, it is but God setting you free of your past through them.

Yes, for the "dark side" is only fulfilling the Law of God that says: "As you sow so shall ye reap," and it is ONLY when you realise that you cannot destroy it the darkness, and that it is only "chasing your tail" because you made others quail, that you will be able to stop fighting it and pay your dues* to God via it and become free to rise up one day spiritually into the Promised Land of Heaven.

Note: Pay your dues/debts* means that you "suffer" the burden of pain and mental or emotional trauma that is placed upon you by the retributive side of God via the ignorant 'workers' of the dark earthly system. Being the consequences of not paying any taxes or fines or other "licence" fees imposed upon you, as you no longer support the 'extortionist' & retributive System of man anymore.

For in its present 'state' it is the Dark in action, and you never become free of 'it' the Dark if you condone it and support it, as any support of it and its "way" means more "painful" karma accruing, and thus you "happily" sit in jail as the alternative, and you also "suffer" being "crucified" by others if that by God is thrust upon thee to clear your past accrued debts and become spiritually free.

If you no longer "accrue" more debts through retaliating then you will become free. Try and this see, and stop aiding the 'dark side,' for if you do not, then 'as it,' one day you will be, and your spirit will by IT be bound for eternity.

Children, the "Devil" works not in "opposition" to God, only man inspired by the Devil works in opposition to God. For the Devil works for God as the retributive part of "The Source." The Devil (Dark) is yes the 'opposite' to the Light. Both 'of' the Source.

Yes, it is the energetic force self-empowered to abuse/destroy man who heeds not the "Only love" plan. Thus as he man uses darkness to plot and scheme and kill man in his "just" endeavor to bring offenders to account, it is he man who is the Dark in action and again ahead is penalised for his negative deeds. Try and this see, for none can destroy the dark energy that a part of God be.

Can you now see why "As a lamb to the slaughter" must you be to become free of your past when in ignorance you were indirectly a "party to" or did directly make another suffer unhappily?

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Now the horrendous "unreal" dilemma facing all you can see, for the real Autocratic "paymaster" behind the "System of man" is the Devil and none it seems can set themselves free. For to so do means self-crucifixion, for He the Devil via his "systematic acts" will extort all dues owed by you when He "sees" that He can trap you no more, and from Him and His ways you'd be freed.

Yes, if you want to "go away" and no longer pay to support His System on earth then you will for a "time" be exposed to no mirth as His men on earth do at you shout and do you "clout," and they may sell your house and incarcerate you until they did "bleach" every bone for your folly when you in ignorance made others groan.

If there is naught you can do to release yourself from the System untrue because you receive your "pay" from His "Service" untrue, or you fear to withdraw, then fear not. For it is a part of God's plot to destroy every dark system on earth and thus release you "here" from "His" employ.

If you do me heed, then you will be freed. If you me deny, then in Hell in His "dark" arms will He make you cry as for eternity He does you enslave and fry.

True democracy is when you as God planned walk "free" on earth as none issue any "command" or demand that for "aught" you must pay.

Yes, you are free to kindly some "charity" give so that others "poorer" can happier live. No, you do not have to support any "war effort" by funds or "flesh."

Yes, you can travel freely anywhere and display your wares or your knowledge share. No, you do not have to "comply" to any "ask" of others whom would you "try" for not complying to their "ways."

Yes, you can just say: "I walk in peace as from today for the God of LOVE is my "head of house" and the "other" will now this planet of all evil "delouse," but not via me as the LIGHT I now see."

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God "recommends" that all heed the Commandment to "only love" because within God's weave is the destructive nature that can and does make all suffer who exercise their "free will" and thus choose to heed "its" destructive retributive call.

Any true believer in the God of love needs to see how the Dark one has cunningly bound all as they "slept." For as He deployed His men to mete out divine justifiable retribution He also had the "cunning" to enslave them more so that for their arrogance in their denial of God's Light they would suffer more, on and on in perpetuity.

This He did "deceitfully" by telling them via State and religion that it is justifiable and honourable to retaliate and defend oneself and to punish others perceived as "offensive" or enemies of the state. These "acts" being contrary to the call of mercy & compassion & forgiveness.

None seeing that our "enemy" per se is God the Source, and as long as we "try" and fight the Source because it is justifiably abusing us under its one Law, then we are arrogant as we continue to use its "dark essence" and this "act" is in variance to the Holy Commandment.

Let true believers lay down their weapons and walk in peace and no longer fund the "wages of sin" by aiding the System of man, or if correctly perceived, let none continue to aid the "Retributive arm of God."

Let us now just heed the Light and be forgiving to those 'non-living,' (sinners) and thus as we only love them, then only love returns to us from the "Light" LOVE side of the Source.

Only when our "way" becomes educational and peaceful in place of regulatory and retribution will it "be on earth as it is in heaven" as now ordained by God to so be, once of darkness all believers in my message are set free. The "others" being cast into the "pit" and their faces never again will any see.

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