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'Response Paper' To the Tasmania Family violence Bill 2004

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This response is written with the express purpose of showing all humanity the extent of insanity that prevails within the entire community today. For all 'prey' upon others abusively but 'justifiably.'

None seeing that the offender, the victim, and the community 'enforcers' are all 'guilty' and complicit to the use of abusive and 'violent' negative force in their daily interaction with others and, - - -

The purpose of this Response Paper is to clearly 'define' what God would have 'man' see, so that all can now move forwards swiftly into a positive 'response' that will educate all, and then lead all out of the 'dark' and into the Light.

The purpose of this Response Paper is to show mankind how they have 'fallen' into the cyclical wheel of violence and suffering due to 'supping' on negative energy, that not only adds dark energy to their already 'contaminated' souls, but also keeps them 'bound' to ongoing suffering and deprivation in this and the 'afterlife.'

The Tasmania Family Violence Bill 2004 as 'presented' to the community and, to be 'Proclaimed' as a legal Decree enforceable by imprisonment for any 'default' shows, that its 'presenters' have not the slightest 'idea' as to 'why' people become violent in the first place. * (See note end page 2)

The proposed 'Act' states that it promotes the safety of people affected by family violence. But its 'content' clearly shows that in order to 'implement' it, (The decree) that its departmental 'operatives' can interfere, kidnap, seize goods, interrogate, punish, imprison, etc., and by these very 'acts' cause 'havoc' and destroy the family unit even more.

It is the time for all to see that any punitive 'response' to violence by the Criminal Justice system of any governing organisation is itself 'violence' in action. It is now clearly the time for Education, not more 'regulation.'

For the wellbeing of the entire family should be the 'aim' of any responsible citizen or 'neighbour' and, as the 'perpetrator' of violence is the mentally & emotionally disturbed one 'obviously' in need of psychological help for their own safety, as well as the safety and happiness of other family members, good counsel is needed, not punishment.

Man's 'aim' is to use force to enforce good behaviour in others. Seeing not that in so doing, that the 'enforcer' have themselves 'fallen' into bad behavioural and 'violent' ways and, the result is simply an escalation of 'badness' in action with far reaching consequences, unseen by mortal man.

Victims always seek 'protection,' and maybe all family members need a little 'inner reflection.' For the reality is, that all violence has a 'spiritual' cause that manifests itself not only as material 'biological' suffering, but also as mental & emotional trauma.

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The purpose of this Response Paper is to clearly 'define' the one true way of 'responding' to family violence, in a manner that will educate the community and assist people by teaching them how to 'curb' their violent tendencies, and to rehabilitate all mankind that is as yet 'blind, unkind' and in a negative response bind.

Note: the connotations of the word 'spiritual' in this document - Is the unseen thoughts and unseen emotions that do cause all things to 'happen' in this material or 'biological' world and, these invisible thoughts and emotions are a part of the spirit soul within, that itself is comprised of the 'positive & negative' energy essence * of the invisible Source of all energy known as God.

Material - The contents of this material world visible to those that are not 'blind' and thus having eyes that can see.
Spiritual - The contents of other 'realms' or levels of consciousness invisible to most, but visible to some via their inner 'third' eye.

The use of 'dark' and negative 'foreboding' energy is the cause of all 'trauma' and, the reasons why we use it and 'traumatise' others is the subject matter of my main web site. For only when we understand this, can we 'abolish' offensive behaviour that 'afflicts' all mankind. Be it the suffering imposed 'aggressively' by the civilian or, be it the suffering imposed punitively by the supposedly legalised 'enforcer.'

Note: 'positive & negative' energy essence * - The 'core' of each person's spirit soul is the pure Light positive energy of the Source that is creative, loving, joyful, happy, etc., and through which kindness, love, care, forgiveness and respect flows to others.

Most spirit souls living 'outside' the ultimate level (heaven) have 'contaminated' this inner light to a greater or lesser degree with the Dark negative energy (sin) of the Source, that is destructive, vindictive, cruel, angry, hateful, jealous, vain, possessive etc., through which retribution, callous criticism, and disrespect flows to others.

Family violence - what is it physically?

Physically it is the imposition of pain or suffering or loss or control imposed by one upon the other, that results in the 'victim' having to endure 'something' very unpleasant at the 'hands' of another.

Family violence - what is it spiritually?

Spiritually it is the use by the 'offender' of dark energy. This energy is intrusive, invasive, forceful, demanding, aggressive, insidious, critical, judgmental, abusive, and causes the other to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally, and it may also result in them losing their home or other material objects.

Important NOTE: 'why' people become violent in the first place. * -

People lose control of their minds and become violent or punitive or destructive due to one of their negative emotions being aroused for one or another reason. The reason is always JUSTIFIED in their minds eye.

This 'particular' dark negative emotion then 'strums' or 'hums' at a certain vibration frequency which opens a doorway 'link' to DARK spiritual realms 'below,' and demonic spirit forces instantly gain access telepathically and overpower the 'reasoning' aspect of their earthly victim who then acts out the incoming thought directives and causes harm. (Harm can also be simply lying, stealing, etc.)

This mental or emotion or physical harm is RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE in action via the mind of an ignorant or arrogant person.
This mental or emotion or physical harm of RIGHTEOUS VENGEANCE is the fulfillment of God's 'eye for an eye' LAW in action.

It is the DARK aspect of God's Law: "As you did sow so shall ye reap" taking place.

If YOU 'oppose' IT forcefully or in causing pain or imposing punishment, then YOU simply accrue a further 'suffering' DUE.

NO badge of office or official position or mandate of man nullifies or voids the implementation of God's LAW. God's LAW is a 'return' imposed by God. It is ABSOLUTE JUSTICE. Be it good for good or pain for pain. It is simply the intelligent Dark or Light energy of God which balances Itself when IT so decides. It always balances Itself via the mind and hand of a person.

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The government 'proposed' Family Violence Bill 2004

My Response

Family Violence Bill 2004 - what is it physically?

Physically it is the imposition of pain or suffering or loss or control imposed by one upon the other, that results in the 'victim'* having to endure 'something' very unpleasant at the 'hands' of another.

Note: the 'victim'* - In this case is the one perceived by the 'enforcement' department as the one that 'offended' someone, and thus deemed by legislation as a person having become 'liable' to prosecution and needing 'punishment.' In this case the 'offender' becomes the 'victim' of the enforcer.

Family Violence Bill 2004 - what is it spiritually?

Spiritually it is the use by the 'offender' * of dark energy. This energy is intrusive, invasive, forceful, demanding, aggressive, insidious, critical, judgmental, abusive, and causes the other to suffer physically, mentally and emotionally, and it may also result in them losing their home or other material objects.

Note: the 'offender' * - In this case is the attending 'police' officer, the judiciary, and the penal institute enforcers.

What 'man' needs to see is, that if one uses force and punishment to 'protect' someone, then that very 'act' is equal to or worse than the original offensive action. For man 'deliberately' uses greater force as a 'revenge' response and, - - -

Even though the use of this dark energetic force is 'justified' and supposedly 'legalised' by 'proclamation,' it does incur a similar return upon the enforcers within the Law of God. *

Note: Law of God. * - "What you do is done unto you - As you Sow so shall ye Reap - an 'eye for an eye' - True Justice, wherein one receives an equal and 'Just' return of pleasure for pleasure given or, punishment for punishment imposed." No 'man' is 'above' or immune from God's one law.

For in God's eyes, every user of HIS Dark energy is 'guilty' of spreading 'pain & suffering & loss' and they are also guilty of 'invasion, kidnap, incarceration' and fine and other punishment that is the unforgiving way.

It is a sad fact, that in the 'course' of their 'protective' duty, the enforcers are themselves forced into carrying out 'dark' activities by the very rules of the Act at the very moment of its Proclamation.

For these 'rules' permit the police and judiciary into, and the same rules force them into, acts of: 'abduction, forfeiture, seizure, invasion of privacy, use of force, eviction, intimidation, economic abuse, arrest, detention, etc. (All justifiable in the eyes of the enforcer)

It is time for man to see that, in the first instance the use of force to impose and inflict pain and suffering and loss, or to control or abduct someone, was also 'justified' in the eyes of the 'principal' offender.

It is time for man to see that, in the first instance the use of force to impose and inflict pain and suffering and loss, or to control or abduct someone was also 'justified' in the eyes of the 'victim' in some past time, in this or another 'realm' pre-birth, - - -

At which 'moment' they accrued a spiritual 'pain' debt that is 'repaid' at the hands of another ignorant 'offensive' one, who is 'mentally disturbed' by dark thoughts and 'aroused' negative emotions and then forced to 'act' aggressively.

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If man wishes to HALT family violence, or war, or theft, or any other DARK activity, then it is time to clearly identify the 'root' cause. Being the use of the dark essence 'energy' of the Source that vain and ignorant man 'sups' on, as he defies God * and then suffers the consequence.

Note: defies God * - To put it simply, the energy essence of the Light of God knowingly advises or 'commands' us to only use its positive 'loving and creative' energy for in so doing, within ITS singular 'eye for an eye' Law, we then receive a 'Just' and 'equal' return unto us of that happy positive energy.

This is a 'positive' Karmic due being fulfilled by God's energy flow via others.

If we 'defy' the Light of God, it is because we were 'deceived' by the energy essence of the Dark of God into using its negative 'destructive & hateful' energy and in so doing, within ITS singular 'eye for an eye' Law, we then receive a 'Just' and 'equal' return unto us of that sorrowful or painful negative energy.

This is a 'negative' Karmic due being fulfilled by God's energy flow via others.

Note: As man is 'constantly' in motion mentally, emotionally and spiritually, there is a never-ending flow of one or other or both of these 'energies of God' flowing through the being, with a resultant positive or negative 'due' accruing and 'settling' in its time frame.

Thus it is imperative that each 'soul' understand that to become 'free' spiritually and be eternally happy, then one must first 'cease' using any darkness for any reason and pay ones 'outstanding' dues. For only then can the positive energy of the Source God purge out the remaining darkness in the soul and, - - - the spirit soul is then as 'Christ,' of sin* free.

(sin* free - no negative emotions within them. Thus always peaceful and non-violent)

If man wishes to HALT family violence, or war, or theft, or any other DARK activity, then it is time to clearly identify the 'root' cause. Being the loss of 'control' of ones mind due to it being 'open,' and this results in 'devilish' thoughts 'possessing' it and using the ignorant one as its 'tool' of destruction for a 'moment' or longer. (Spirit possession - telepathic subjugation of ones mind)

If man wishes to HALT family violence, or war, or theft, or any other DARK activity, then it is time to clearly identify the 'root' cause. Being the loss of 'control' of ones negative emotions, and this results in the 'loss' of any rational thought.

If man wishes to HALT family violence, or war, or theft, or any other DARK activity, then it is time for all to learn to fortify their minds and to 'suppress' their dark emotions and negative thoughts by building the 'ARK of the MIND' as given by God through me.

If man wishes to HALT family violence, or war, or theft, or any other DARK activity, then it is time to halt all punitive interaction and, to now educate the entire community, so that the Dark ceases to have telepathic access * to 'minds' with such impunity.

Note: access * - All thoughts emanating from the Light are 'wisdom & creative' inspiration, leading to happiness, enlightenment and freedom. All thoughts emanating from the Dark are a 'deception & destructive' imposition, leading to pain, punishment and confinement.

page 5

The present Family violence 'Bill' is purely a 'document' seeking to legitimise the use of more dark energy. The result of which is soon to be seen. For any 'punitive' response 'Proclaimed' as legitimate or 'legal' action by an Institution, is simply the 'authorisation' for someone to 'gain' absolute 'power' over another and, - - -

To 'treat' them with contempt and be 'able' to abuse them, hinder their way, seize their property, steal their children, force them out of their home, fine and incarcerate them, and to use the maximum amount of force deemed necessary for the 'regulator' to maintain ITS control over the 'situation' in accordance with ITS ideological belief and 'stance.'

The Family violence 'Bill' will turn police and others * into criminals in God's eyes and man's and, their conduct will become even more 'destructive' as it 'fragments' and destroys the very lives that are in need of GOOD COUNSEL, not punishment and interference.

Note: others * - Most aggression is the result of the 'other' having said or done something negative, and any 'Decree' permitting punishment, will 'permit' people to use that fact as a means whereby they can 'vindictively' report others as being the offender, where in fact it may be them that are the 'instigator' of the disagreement seeking redress via 'departmental' force.

For in the name of the 'Decree,' a policeman maybe incited into abusing or even 'murdering' * a person, that for some reason they 'fear' may be a threat to them in the course of their 'duty' to the rules. *

Note: 'murdering' * - All 'violence' in action is the darkness in action through the mind of an 'ignorant' person. The darkness in action is 'simply' meting out its 'justified' punishment for possibly some 'way in the past' offensive action by the one now deemed as the 'victim.'

The Dark energy has an eternal 'memory' and if you use its 'energy' it 'marks' your soul, and it knows exactly what you need to 'suffer' and, in what 'amount' and, over what 'time' frame. Foolish are those that pick up the 'cudgel' for it, for they surely then deserve its future 'payback.'

As all support and condone the use of force to punish others, all mankind deserves the continual return of pain and suffering that the darkness imposes daily via the mind of others. So sad, so sad, as none see that they are being 'bad' as they so 'justifiably' impose punitive 'correction.'

Man sees not the 'capacity' of God to 'place' their soul into a 'Realm,' or biological 'body' or 'situation,' whereby it will be 'defenceless' and exposed to the suffering it imposed upon others.

Note: rules. * - The rules are the 'ring' placed into the 'Bull's' nose, and any person upholding the rules as an 'enforcer' become the Bull being 'led' by the ring in its nose (rules) and, as they are led around by the 'ring' (rules book) upholding the rules, they 'trample' all underfoot justified in so doing by the rules.

The rules are the 'ring of power' bequeathed unto man by the satanic Dark Sovereign Power. It is HE that inspires vain ignorant man into being HIS avenger and, it is HE that raises up the extortionist and punitive rules via the mind of vain ignorant man and, - - - it is HE that Dictates the punitive ideology that is contra the Light.  This HE does in the name of 'fatherhood' and 'fatherland' and, - - -

It is HE via these rules that 'punishes' man for mankind's long past errant ways when he vain man defied the "Peace unto all mankind" Command of the Light of God and, as 'foolish' man uses said 'extortionist & punitive'  rules and raise up HIS cudgel, they again fall foul of HIM and accrue a 'further' punitive due and, - - - They 'darken' their soul more for sure. Deception and FURY is HIS 'trait.'

All that 'bow' to HIM and HIS dark ideology do ultimately 'fall' into total disarray and insanity as their souls become 'infused' with HIS dark evil energy. Take heed or eternally bleed. Remove the ring of 'power' that is the 'mandate' to abuse or, your soul to HIS lower Kingdom you will lose.

No 'proclamation' by an 'assembly' of men legitimising the use of force can ever nullify or 'void' or give another immunity from God's energy flow. Thus it is imperative for all 'offenders or victims' or enforcers to become enlightened by God's Wisdom. For only this way will all become happier and free.

Thus I will give clear 'direction' in this paper that will guide all mankind into the correct manner of responding to the violence of others or within their families and, this will also assist you in not becoming violent towards your own family members or others.

For if you do wear any 'badge' of office, then you are easily deceived into a false sense of security, as you believe that you can be 'offensive' or controlling or invasive and punitive or destructive in the course of your duty.

But if you wish to be free in the 'afterlife' and be 'permitted' by God to sing your own sweet song - - - then - - - you had better learn to be kind and respectful unto all of God's children.

page 6

The 'Answer and Solution' to family violence

Any person that is 'seen' to be of an 'aggressive' behaviour that is disturbing the peace of others for any reason, is to be 'seized' by 'anybody' or 'group' of stalwart and honest citizens of the land and, - - -

Any person that is 'seen' to be of any 'suicidal' behaviour that is intent with self harm, is to be 'seized' by 'anybody' or 'group' of stalwart and honest citizens of the land and, - - -

Detained until they have been 'examined' as 'fit' enough to attend a 3 hour 'Feeling Easier' Seminar. Once they have completed an attendance they are then released.

If they are 'found' to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs they are to remain 'detained' until they are 'detoxified' and then taken and 'forced' *  to attend the Seminar.

Note: 'forced' * - Unarmed and non damaging physical force.

If they are 'found' to be under the influence of 'possessive' and overriding thought processes that are forcing them to attempt suicide, then after the Seminar 'session' they may be directed to other persons for assistance.

If any person has 'killed' a person they will be detained for 6 months and attend daily the same 'Feeling easier' Seminar, so that their psyche becomes strong enough to be able to resist a similar happening and, all Seminar attendees will become enlightened as they are exposed to many truths during the Seminar, and when reading other brochures given.

All punishment must now be seen as God's prerogative only, and God can and will 'impose' HIS 'Judgement' upon all errant offenders in HIS time and place space.

The answer and solution to all forms of violence lies in the enlightenment of the individual as to 'why & how' their thoughts and emotions let them down and, only with the education received will they be able to 'turn' over a new leaf and stop giving others and ultimately themselves ongoing grief.

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As the community is made aware of this true rehabilitation program, and that they are to be assisted and educated rather than punished, many will come forwards happily to help themselves keep their families together, in a more positive and understanding mentality.

This paper is directed at every individual on the Planet, for all have 'equal opportunity' in God's eyes to be wise and adhere to its positive educative Code of Conduct requirements.

Any person 'following' any form of 'violent' or punitive response to family aggression will find themselves 'locked down' in a very hellish and dark and 'punishingly' painful place in the afterlife.

All persons attending the Seminars or 'facilitating' them need to become conversant with this Paper as well as the following documents listed hereunder.

All people of any race, creed, or social standing have the divine right to 'apprehend' any other that is disturbing the peace of another, - - - for the sole purpose of 'committing' that offender to attending a 'Feeling Easier Seminar' program, - - - for the express purpose of their wellbeing, rehabilitation, and an amicable resolution to their 'aggression.'

The implications of this 'directive' is that, - - - any person presently employed in any Institution that gives itself or its employees the 'mandate, right, or rules' enabling its 'enforcers' to interfere in the lives of others for the purpose of 'war, persecution, prosecution, taxation, fine, punishment' or, to incarcerate or kill them is, - - -

Deemed by this pen to be an 'offender' in God's eyes and, is one that is disturbing the peace of others, and thus one 'liable' to be 'caught' by other members of the public and placed in 'remand,' until such time as they have attended a Feeling Easier Seminar as given by God via me.

All persons attending Seminars will be taught why they need to take personal responsibility for their 'confrontational' or aggressive ways being, that within the Law of God there is a 'comeback' penalty that does have a direct impact upon their own wellbeing at a later stage in their eternal existence.

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~ The Proclamation ~

For 'centuries' man has made Proclamations to others, and these proclamations have always been made because 'someone' or a 'group' came to the decision that, - - - as they were 'stronger' due to having 'arms' or, by having the capacity to force others into compliance, that their Proclamation was 'The Law.'

So we now 'stand' at today, a point in time where in every land on earth there are 'swine' who still use force of arms to enforce their 'Decrees' that they 'annually' add to, and 'Proclaim' as 'The Law.'

An eternity or more ago, at their 'conception,' and during the passage of time, man was told by God that HE their Creator was the only one to make any 'proclamation' that would guide or control the lives of HIS children and, - - -

God also stated by Proclamation that HIS Word was The Law that was to be 'abided in' by all and, - - - HE also stated that all his children were eternally 'bound' unto HIS singular Law being, - - -

"As you Sow so shall ye reap"

Man has arrogantly defied God and used force in his interaction with others. Man has defied God by raising up 'Rules' by 'proclamation' that caused others to suffer and, - - - these rules forced their 'enforcers' into defiance of God and God's commanded Code of Loving & Peaceful Conduct.

Thus I can now categorically state that: The 'ultimate' deception has occurred, in that every person 'born' unto this land grows up with the false ideological belief that, rules and their enforcement are 'normal' conduct.

Thus I can now categorically state that: The 'ultimate' deception has occurred, in that every person 'born' unto this land grows up with the false ideological belief that, it is 'natural' to conform to the rules even though their content are in contravention of God's Command.

Thus I can now categorically state that: The 'ultimate' deception has occurred, in that every person 'born' unto this land grows up with the false ideological belief that, because they 'belong' to a religious 'order,' that they can personally sow disorder and still attain Salvation.

Thus I can now categorically state that: The 'ultimate' deception has occurred, in that every person 'born' unto this land grows up with the false ideological belief that, because they 'fellowship' with a religion and, as the 'ministers' walk hand in hand with the 'armed forces' and condone violence, that they are 'safe' in their defiance of God.

Thus I can now categorically state that: The 'ultimate' deception has occurred, in that every person 'born' unto this land grows up with the false ideological belief that, they are walking towards the Light and, that their souls are safe and they will 'avoid' the plunge into the Dark eternal Abysmal night.

Thus I can now categorically state that: The 'ultimate' deception has occurred, in that every person 'born' unto this land grows up with the false ideological belief that, the guidance of mere mortals in the disguise of Kings, Mandarins, Dictators, or Presidents or Elders supersedes the 'directive' of the Holy Word of God.

Thus I can now categorically state that: The 'ultimate' deception has occurred, in that every person 'born' unto this land has erred in their 'judgement' and, the result of this 'folly' is now to be seen as man is 'awoken' from their sleepy dream as darkness does them REAM and, the very 'heavens' will hear their screams.

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By Proclamation today I say that: every unholy 'book of rules' is a black book of DEATH for every person that upholds its 'punitive' or 'controlling' or 'extortionist' content.

By Proclamation today I say that: Every person that has or yet does 'invent' any rules that 'permit' others to 'interfere, control, regulate, steal, seize goods, kidnap people, fine or punish them or incarcerate or kill them, is a person that is very offensive in the eyes of God and, for every 'sadness' subsequently suffered through the implementation by proclamation of their 'Bill,' will by God's Lawful Power become their future due.

By Proclamation today I say that: Every 'user' of said rules, acts, statutes, that is complicit to the enforcement of any controlling, interfering, taxing, or punitive Policy, shall be deemed by God as being defiant of God's 'Policy' and, thus to be dealt with by God's 'strong men' in the lower lands for a time and a time, for continuing to be swine.

By Proclamation today I say that: This 'call' of mine is the very last call for an eternity of time and, any person that fails to now change their way and conform to God's Dictates through this HIS sacred pen will, by their own ongoing 'foul' defiant deeds consign their own soul into the dark foreboding wasteland below where, - - -

Only I know of the terrible and 'tortuous' time they will be forced to endure at the hands of very evil demonic forces, that are cruel, merciless, and themselves mentally bound and 'subjugated' by the mind of the Dark Sovereign Power. Thus the ongoing fulfilment of 'The Law' of God is eternal excruciating pain, for all one does is to give pain out and receive it back.

By Proclamation today I say that: The only 'safe' manner of Conduct that keeps one within the 'bounds' of the positive Light side of God's Law is, where one is merciful, compassionate, forgiving, respectful and educative when dealing with others that disturb the peace of the land.

By Proclamation today I say that: The only 'course' or action to be taken against others that 'sin' through violence against others, is only as given within my 'Feeling Easier Seminar,' for any 'arrest' or detainment of another that does not conform to God's Decree on the matter, leads one into darkness and pain.

By Proclamation today I say that: Each must now prepare for the time when total 'disarray' forces the abolition of all rules and 'rulers,' and after that time all will stand alone before their God, who will from this moment on be 'separating' the 'wheat from the chaff.'

By Proclamation today I say that: The vanity of man whereby a person places their 'vote' for themselves into a ballot box in the anticipation of being voted in to a position of a governing 'leader' of mankind shows, that by this 'act' that they are personally 'delegating' their God and God's Command into 'second' place. I say that you should never vote for any other to 'guide' or 'run' your life. Place your vote and 'bet' on living as God Commands. Let God be your 'head of house,' and go your way in peace.

By Proclamation today I say that: After the 'cleansing' of this 'sorry' world, peace will reign as will the Holy Command of God. Those that 'died' conforming to the 'non-retaliation' and peaceful code will have been uplifted into the Light. Those that continued to control or punish or fight unto their last 'breath,' will fall below and continue to fight there, and great will be their eternal travail and ongoing sorrow.

By Proclamation today I say that: It is my 'pen' and my mind through which your Creator and your Destroyer speaks. For man was taught falsely that God was only Light & Love. Let it now be seen, that God is all. Let it be seen and understood that one aspect of God is the Light Sovereign Power and the other is the Dark Sovereign Power, and both have 'jurisdiction' over your soul as into 'one' or the 'other' energies you stroll by active usage.

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Additional Notes

Note: - Any retributive 'punitive' response 'proclaimed' as legitimate or 'legal' action by an Institution is 'deemed' by the rules of the Institution as being a 'responsible' response. Being a punishment of 'accountability' that cannot be 'carried out' by any 'civilian,' as it would then be considered 'illegal' and punishable.

Thus the State 'workers' need to see that, - - - as they 'operate' for and on behalf of the 'civilians' as their paid employees, - - -  that the civilians become 'complicit' to the punitive 'acts' of their 'enforcement' servants and, - - -

All 'parties' condoning and funding punishment are 'offensive' offenders in God's eyes due to having defied the "Walk in peace and be merciful and forgiving" Command and, they have ALL been 'complicit' to the merciless and unforgiving use of Dark energy * that has its own legitimate response within the Law of God:

- As you do is done unto you -

Thus the continuance of dark 'propagation' throughout the entire planetary community, that gets itself embroiled in more and more regulation and control and suffering that is its 'Just' reward from God.

Note: proclamation - The 'proclamation' of the 'elevation' of any Decree is itself the 'ritual' act of enactment of a document that itself becomes the 'empowerment' and 'temptation' to use its authority placed before its paid 'servants by those that 'invoked' it.

It is also the 'itemised' document that contains many sections that all force its 'servants (serving officers) into defying the Code of Conduct Command of their God to only "Extend peace and goodwill unto all mankind." Thus leading them unto their spiritual demise.

All government 'files' containing punitive decrees are all inciting 'Tyranny' against God's Word and, this is Treason against God and ultimately, it also incites common man to 'revolt' against those upholding these Autocratic fundamentalist 'rules.' Thus all mankind become 'offensive' in God's eyes.

page 11

Note: - It is the 'set' rules within the State Institution that gives the Institution the right to rule by rules and, these very 'rules' permit the 'invocation' of more rules by any person that is deemed a person with a 'right' to so do, merely because at a 'particular' moment in time they are receiving a wage to so do.

If the 'government' ceased to exist today due to a financial or other 'disaster,' then the rules would no longer rule man, and man would be left standing 'alone' with their God and their conscience as their guide and, - - - this is what is to be and, that is stated by God via me to soon be.

For the unseen insanity of the day is, that the 'books' of rules that govern the code of punitive conduct 'allowable' within the rules 'covering' every aspect of man's endeavours, would fill a 5 ton truck.

So if you do have a ten year old daughter or son, then you had better park that 'truck' in your own back yard now, and tell your children that they are not 'safe' from prosecution until they have 'learnt' the content of all the stupid decrees elevated by their 'infidel' forebears.

If you wish to live by 'rules' rather than by God's Word, then so be it, but do not attempt to 'enforce' or force others to so do for any reason. For as you so do, you place your own vain spirit directly into the 'control' of the Dark overlord (Dark Sovereign Power God) who does seek to cause you eternal pain for being so arrogant and vain as to 'think' you are as 'Mighty' as HE is.

State 'bodies' have for 'centuries' held 'common' man to 'ransom' in every aspect of their daily lives, and it is concluded by God and me that their 'nefarious' activities are terrorism in action.

There is a 'fine' line between eternal pain and eternal pleasure, and this 'choice' lies within your own mind. You have the choice to now be either CRUEL or KIND, and with the foreknowledge that, whichever 'energy' you choose to use, it will 'fill' your spirit soul 'space.' Be it Dark or Light energy, that will either drag you down or lift you UP.

The use of the Dark or Light energy is the use of the ACTIVE Essence of the Source God, and its use results in either restriction, pain and suffering or freedom, joy and happiness.

Other documents to be read in conjunction with this Paper are:

The 'Feeling Easier Seminar' for offenders.
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The spiritual consequence of any 'action'
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The 'Suicide' document.
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The 'Suburban Terrorism' document.
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The 'sands of time' are swiftly passing by and, there is very little 'time' left in which to show God that you sincerely wish to make 'amends' and turn over a new leaf. My 'task' is complete, and its sole 'purpose' is to save many of you from eternal grief. I am 'old' and soon to pass away. Please read all and come to a personally informed decision today as to your desires. For there is no time for 'recriminations,' all have erred and all have this last opportunity to save themselves.

page 12

~ The Legislative Council 'Power to Rule' ~
Rules & the Gun

This is an 'open' letter to the Tasmanian Parliament and all mankind. This 'proclamation' applies to every person on earth, be they the 'serf' funding the King or, the King or his 'enforcers' upholding his 'crown,' for all men defy God and God's sacred pen.

Dear Legislative Councillors et al. I do hope your 'Christmas' celebrations of the year you did enjoy, having 'spent' hundreds of thousands of dollars at the expense of the Tasmanian community whom you 'employ.'

I 'wonder' when our God will awaken you from your 'sleep,' so that your conscience can a little 'creep' into your minds that are so blind. For so 'brazen' for so long has been the 'Mafiosi' style take off the populace, that none today see or know the meaning of the words "Utter disgrace."

So 'well meaning' you believe you are as you so 'blindly' follow the false and very black five pointed 'Star,' that leads so many into the Abyss with its power play from afar.

Year after year you and others in every land raise up rules by 'Proclamation' that are backed by the private 'Police Army' force, paid by you who also blindly follow these Autocratic Dictates imposed upon all by you and you and you.

For having 'passed' the sleeping 'Assembly' that also know no God, these rules are imposed as being 'The Law,' and these same rules are enforced by the GUN for sure. Thus you are the Mafia even though your 'clothes' appear as white as 'taffeta.'

None of you today being able to see clearly, for our God is the one to impose the Code of Conduct Decree through me, and to also now 'alert' you all of HIS divine 'The Law' that you now will be subjected to for being so arrogant and untrue and, - - -

It is only the Love of our God that 'permits' me to try and 'save' your 'miserable' souls. For you are not 'worthy' to live in the eyes of our God, for having 'reamed' the very bones of the people as you lived in your high glass 'steeple' that is now to crumble.

So before you feel the 'fear' in your belly that you have for so long imposed upon every other that can 'hardly' afford to watch 'Telly,' I ask that you spend the next few 'vacancy' months studiously studying the Holy Word of God today laid at your feet.

I say this, because all the 'first' shall be the 'last,' and the first are those 'high' in society that have lived a life of impropriety, as they 'lorded' over their achievements that did naught but bind humanity more. All this due to your vanity in 'thinking' that you were 'as' God or even greater than the God you cannot see.

For no 'sane' person would ever 'consider' legitimising extortion off others for any and every transaction in the land. None of you understand what you have 'done' and neither how or why you now fall undone.

I do hope that you do not 'hunt' me down thinking that it is I the 'dope,' for I can clearly see the coming liquid terror and misery, and all I seek to do is to 'turn' your thoughts around so that you can now begin to be true unto yourselves and others. For we are all sisters and brothers, all 'equal' in God's eyes.

So I wonder how it came about that 'some' were so unwise as to the 'simpletons' despise? Did you 'really' think that you could continue on and on and on, sending forth 'enforcers' to hunt down anyone not complying to your personal Decrees, that bring others to their knees?

page 13

Do you believe that a 'Plebiscite' gives you a divine right to defy God's "Love one another and extend peace unto all" Command? You tell 'us' that the 'arm' of your 'Law' is long. Do you think that God's 'arm' is less strong?

No you do not, for none of you actually believe in any God, or you would not have any punitive 'attachment' attached to every 'Decree' imposed upon another 'sod.' For God said "Forgive others that live differently, for thus your belief in ME I see."

It is truly the time for you to see that the 'mandate' given unto thee giving you the 'power' to 'Act' negatively was a false one. For it was given by 'another' Warlord over the sea, whose 'ancestors' originally were naught but vain 'strong' men that, having 'conquered' their little 'Kingdom' by force, then using force they strode forth over others lands saying to the man at the 'head' of each house:

"Get down on your knee and swear 'fealty' to me, and as this you do you then show me that you are true by giving me your 'first born' son, to be my 'servant' and to fight in my army to protect the lands stolen by me and, - - -

If you do not this do, I will see you are untrue and, - - - I will put your whole family to the sword and, - - - I also expect you to pay me an annual royalty 'tax' so that my armies and belly can be fed and, - - - then you can relax as I your King will give you my protection."

Having so said and having been acknowledged as 'master' by the new 'servant' that was filled with dread, the King then forcefully took and 'bedded' the man's fair daughter, as his new 'slave' did slaughter a 'lamb' for him to eat and, - - -

Forever thereafter these 'simple' folk did unto today meet the demands of their overlords, that still so powerfully wield their 'rules' and their swords as they control all God's children.

All now rely on the protection of the sword wielded by 'foreigners' that defy God's Holy Word and, I did already state that any 'proclamation' imposed by force would divorce man from the Light of God and, - - -

As all of you have been so untrue it is now you to feel the 'pain' being the due to be imposed upon you by others equally as untrue, but much more powerful than you for they are invisible, being the demons living in the dark night far away that now 'play' in the mind of sinful man as they PLAN their 'course' of deadly interaction.

For 'as' man uses force and deception and extortion, man places his own destiny within the DARK foreboding side of God's singular 'eye for an eye' Law, that is an 'accountability' factor 'justly' judged and 'rectified' by the Dark forces below, where all 'abusers' do for a time go.

Please read my message to humanity and 'indelibly' note its content, so that as you 'stride' forth next year you will understand 'why' you are shedding many a 'tear,' and please also now help me to lead Tasmania out of its insanity as we set all free from the 'misery' of the rules.

God's Law is 'unbreakable,' for it is simply a statement by God that: "For every action or interaction there is an equal and JUST return unto the individual," and as God does all see, whatever comes to you is imposed by God and God's invincibility is only known by me.

All the vain 'President's or Chiefs or Kings and Queens' and other Dictators that do so openly 'scorn' the people of the land, will now be swept aside in a bloody tide of sweat and mud and tears as insanity reigns supreme and, - - -

Only those that 'begin' to believe in God and God's Word through me will ever have an opportunity to become free of eternal suffering that does go on and insufferably on, for those that fall below that do not my truth know.

  page 14

~ The 'Epitaph' ~
Frank Neasey - Crown Counsel Tasmania

Dear Frank, it is now the time for me to be 'frank' and more, for so very much is at stake for sure and 'unfortunately' no man other than myself does it see, thus it is 'yet' to be a maximum calamity.

For so long has mankind been 'controlled' by religious teachings, that promoted the false belief in the 'forgiveness' by God for all iniquity carried out by man in the name of God or, the name of their King or, the name of their Country, that as an 'ingrown' toe nail the 'rot' is only exposed when pain is felt.

Those as you are of the belief that the imposition of 'grief' upon another perceived as 'offensive' is 'normal,' and in fact you may not even be aware of the 'totality' of the suffering that is shared by those 'affected' by your actions.

For you and all 'enforcers' in fact think that the 'collateral' damage caused by your actions was 'due' to the non-conformity of the ones you persecute, and thus to be 'blamed' upon them and, - - - quite 'happily' you continue living each day seeing not the error of your way, nor the fact that it is our God that always has the 'last' say.

I would not be writing this 'open' letter to you if I was not the 'Plenipotentiary' of God, and thus true to the 'cause' of the Light doing my best to uplift 'sinners' into God's sight. No, for I would 'simply' be sitting out my last few remaining years under a coconut tree down by the sea.

It is partly 'due' to the false 'support' by 'priestly' men of 'religion' that do walk 'hand in hand' with warriors that gives 'prosecutors' and armed forces men the 'courage' or 'ignorance' to defy their God, and in some way or another abuse others.

For only by their 'attendance' to State 'ceremonies' and all other aspects of living that include war, imprisonment, trials, prosecutions etc., do those defiant of God remain locked in a false sense of security.

Contrary to 'popular' belief, no man that has 'died' on 'earth' since the 'creation' of this material world whose 'spirit soul' was 'actively' engaged in any form of abuse, persecution, aggression, or warfare, or control of others has ever entered the realm known as Heaven.

All have entered 'Purgatory,' for that became their 'painful' due for their defiance of God's Code of Conduct Command. Man also sees not that the 'depth' of their God is infinite, thus any person thinking 'in for a penny in for a pound,' in that as they have sinned 'once' they might as well keep doing it, are foolish.

For the more one defies God and causes any 'suffering' to another, the greater the weight of their 'sin' energy within and, the deeper the 'depth' they fall into in the afterlife. The greater the depth, the greater the travail and torment.

Thus it is my 'task' and 'ask' of you and every 'sinner' of every 'race' or belief to HALT their downward slide before the ultimate 'thief' steals their soul.

Only I see the approaching 'waterfall,' and I do see humanity 'partying on' as they see not that their 'raft' is accelerating as it approaches the 'lip' or 'rim,' and there is very little time left for any to 'leap' off the raft and to safety swim - - - to my TRUTH.

page 15

It was 'written' many years ago that God would again send a messenger to 'awaken' the 'sleepers,' in an attempt to save them from eternal torment. I am he even though it you cannot conceive nor see.

But I still truthfully now write in advance an 'Epitaph' that by God will be placed upon the spiritual 'grave' of every 'spirit' that now fails to heed God's final 'ask' or 'call' or 'command' through me as I try to help you to see reality.


"Upon this 'grave' is no name, for s-he was vain and arrogant too and, to their own Creator and their own family and self were untrue. Thus this 'seed' created by Me is 'one' that I wish to never again see and, - - -

Of their seed I now dispose and I 'crush' their inner rose, as I send it into darkness and oblivion below, for that was their choice as they heeded the 'call' of the obstinate, evil, deceitful, destructive dark voice."

I would 'add' that already every 'enforcer,' and most of mankind have 'earned' a spell of time in Purgatory, for they are all to be 'forced' by the energy of God to 'suffer' their dues accrued as their spirit moves on but, that 'time' can have a 'limit' given by the individual if they see clearly within the 'brief' window of opportunity now given by God.

This 'window' is this present time wherein the 'expression' of Light is great enough to purge out darkness within. But any person that continues on 'sinning' after receiving this message keeps drawing more in and it will bind them more.

Once your spirit falls deep into the Abyss there in no opportunity to even think clearly, for your mind becomes a 'maelstrom' of devilish thoughts as your entire emotional 'body' hums and 'strums' like a taught and over-stretched wire.

You are a man today that has the opportunity to 'quietly' seed your mind with my wisdom, you also do have the 'choice' to heed God and halt your personal persecution of me or others. For you could so do even if it meant leaving your chosen profession.

Then it would be up to another 'infidel' (non-believer) to take up the cudgel for and on behalf of the satanic book of rules, and it would thus be of no concern to you as to whether I suffer, for it would not have been imposed by your 'penned' deed.

I now for God state quite categorically that: If any person arrives at my door to attempt to instigate the theft of any monies from me or, for the purpose of the imprisonment of my body and, if this 'retributive' process has been instigated by your 'pen' personally or, though another given the 'nod' from you then, - - -

Your God will place the above 'Epitaph' on your spiritual grave for being a knave.

This is not a 'threat,' it is but a statement of FACT backed by the singular Law of God and backed by the MIND of God that at this moment of time 'drives' my thoughts. It is your 'choice' to believe it or not.

The content of this letter applies to all.
Now the eternal 'rise or fall.'

page 16

~ Mr. F. Neasey ~
Principal Crown Counsel - Public Prosecutions
Hobart Tasmania

Dear Frank, I refer to your letter ref 16694 dated 12 Nov, and I note the remarks therein: "Your letters are becoming a nuisance, - - - - the only matter in which I am interested is: 'How and when you are going to pay our costs."

Thank you for the courtesy of a reply to my last 'outreach,' even though you do not see how 'hard' I do try to assist you to see 'something,' and all you are interested in is the 'recovery' of your 'Ruling.'

I am again writing in respect of your perceived 'costs' and also the 'nuisance' factor of which you speak, for in my 'mind' there is also a 'force' that guides my 'pen,' and IT has its own 'Ruling' on the matter at hand, and this fact is what you do not understand.

Why? - - - Because you believe that you have the authority and power to make me 'grieve' if I do not conform to a 'rule' listed by 'legislation' somewhere? - - - A rule that condones and instructs you and 'yours' to be able to 'double dip' into the 'pockets' of the public whom you 'say' you serve!

Of course I may be 'wrong,' and please set me 'right' if you are not paid a weekly wage unless you are in Court deciding on a 'matter.' So until then, I continue on with the 'assumption' that somewhere in the past, a legislator legitimised the 'double dip' business 'style' take from the public.

For every department is already fully 'funded,' all phone and other expenses also fully paid, and every public servant receives an 'adequate' remuneration from the 'Public Community Coffers' Purse held in TRUST by 'some' department.

Your mind is 'set' because of this ruling, and my mind is equally 'set' because it is bound by the mind of God who says: "It is not 'reasonable' to 'hound' a man simply because a 'false' precedent was 'set' in the past by a vain idiot. For to so do means, that you are either also an idiot or you are ignorant of the facts."

So we are where we are and my conscience is 'clear' on the matter, and it says that it is better for me to 'deny' the advances of a thief who is carrying a 'spear,' for if I did give in to his 'Stand and deliver or your balls will quiver' demands, - - - not only would I be a coward, but I would also be assisting the 'temptation' of his spiritual demise.

Better for me as my 'Queen's' Counsellor to with Her 'aid' unmask the past folly, so that he can be counselled by the Wisdom of God, and himself then be set free from some past error of another, that has become a 'folly in vogue' leading many to the Dark Rogue.

For I do see that if you do 'accept' any payment from me given 'voluntarily,' then you are 'branded' a thief in God's eyes and, many a thief has 'lost' his right hand for attempting to steal from another's purse.

So I can state now quite 'certainly' that I do not see you 'having' accrued any 'costs' over and above the daily 'bread' wage that you have already received for the time you have or yet do 'entwine' with me.

page 17

If 'anything,' it is I that have 'voluntarily' given you many an 'hour' of my time in my attempts to dis-'spell' the 'myths' that do bind you and all mankind. For I am a man very kind who knows the Truth as I am God's 'proof.'

I sincerely hope that you do not continue seeing me or my 'cause' as a nuisance. For it is in fact 'The Cause' to set free all humanity that as yet have deluded themselves into Satan's 'snare' because, they use 'force of arms' to control, regulate, enforce, and steal from the 'poor.'

As God's Plenipotentiary, I am also Her earthly Counsel. For 'Yes,' He the Father wears the 'Crown' of Authority that has the 'power' to take by force, but She being His Queen is the giver of life and, She also wears a Crown and is the ONE that commands 'us' to always extend "Peace and goodwill unto all" because, - - -if we so do, we then receive an 'equal' positive happy due and, - - -

She knows that if 'we' listen to Him and use His Dark forceful power to steal or abuse, then 'we' not only receive an 'equal' painful negative return due and suffer, but we do become 'confined' in His 'lower' dark world for arrogantly defying HER.

You 'Sir' are presently only 'interested' in the 'material' and thus obvious matter at hand. I am only interested in the reality of the spiritual matter at hand and, - - - not only this, but I do know that only when those in 'authority' suddenly 'see' and get to know that you are the ones 'out of order' in God's eyes and, - - -

It is only when you by God are 'permitted' to see your own 'error' and the possibility that God's one Law is applicable to you, - - - that you will decide to 'better' yourselves and help me help humanity.

I have spent 20 years 'collating' enough 'evidence' to show all men the Truth from my pen. I also seek to help Tasmania become the 'legendary' place where enforcers lay down their mace as Commanded by God, and become civil and respectful unto all, and to begin to implement the new 'strategic' way as given by God through me.

I do already have an 'extensive' Offender document on line as well as a 3 hour 'Feeling Easier Seminar' to help 'swine' see their error, and to help them set their own minds free from dark thoughts. I can only ask you to please at 'least' for a time set aside the 'cudgel' held over my head, and read a little of my web site. 

I then ask that you visit me, so that we can discuss openly the reasons 'behind' why men lose control of their thoughts and 'violently' abuse others, or 'silently' instigate 'means' whereby they can steal 'monies' legitimately, and thus seal their own 'fate' in sad and bad 'lands' below.

page 18

For 'some' reason I believe that you are a sincere and 'trustworthy' person who has the capacity to look beyond their 'position' and search their conscience. It may be 'so' that I am the only one that at anytime night or day see the 'face' of God, but believe you me, we all do stand openly every moment of time before God, and S-HE sees our every 'intent' and our every deed and, - - -

I do believe that every 'prosecutor' has already placed their own 'head' on the 'block' and their own soul in deadly 'jeopardy,' for all did and yet do 'mock' the Word of God.

Please help me to 'build' a bridge from the dark punitive way upwards to the Light educative way so that we all daily conform to the Peaceful ideology as Commanded by God.

It all comes back to the simple 'difference' of opinion. Being a difference in ideological belief. Yours being one whereby you 'believe' that you have the 'legitimate' authority to set the 'terms & conditions & rules' of engagement between 'your' System or 'office' and me and, - - -

You believe that you can use all 'force' necessary to enforce that ideology. Whereas I believe that I must comply with the ideological 'Standard' set by our God and, I believe that I cannot make use of any 'force' in maintaining that 'peaceful' way, - - - hence our differences.

The past 'error' of man seeking to bring change to the 'political' way was to also use force to fight and force change, and it is I that states for God that the only way to move forwards and for all to become free from the 'consequence' of using force is, - - - to simply and peacefully educate others as to the reasons why the use of force is wrong, as it invokes a forceful response from God.

To go back a step, - - - every government department in every 'land' today has become 'embroiled' in the underhand practice of 'double dipping' from the community 'pockets,' and this extends also to every 'Court' that is proven to be a 'thief,' as its 'workers' also add a 'double dip' cost 'factor' to their 'service' time, and even the supposedly 'wise' Judge is complicit.

As you 'sign' yourself as 'Principal Crown Counsel,' I can only presume that you have the King's 'ear' and that you also speak 'for' him. Could you please tell him that it has come to your attention that his 'Standard' has been lowered into the 'dust' because at some time in the past, a 'bloody little swine' of a legislator somehow managed to 'sneak' a 'double dip' legislation through a sleeping house of 'Assembly.'

Tell him that this legislation has enabled every government department to now carry out a 'secondary' and 'private' business within its operations that have resulted in the impoverishment of the nation, and caused a 'groundswell' of discontent within the minds of the citizens who 'object' strongly to finding out that their 'servants' have the 'gall' to forcefully earn a 'secondary' wage each day.

Tell him that this iniquitous occurrence has even 'shamed' His 'hallowed' Court of the land, wherein even the judges and magistrates are now 'engaged' in the underhand 'practice' of imposing 'costs' upon the 'poor' that stand before them and, - - - that it is bad practice for the 'elite' in His realm to steal from the poor just to keep their 'biscuit tin' full.

Frank, what you need to see is that you 'sit' astride a very black 'horse' named DEATH, for it is you that 'points' the lance 'bone' at others and make them groan and, - - - this you do for and on behalf of your 'king,' but you see not that your king is in fact the book of RULES that empower you, and 'enable' you to abuse others and, - - -

page 19

You see not that all the 'projections' of pain caused by your 'lance' do have a 'return' factor upon you, and upon those of you that uphold this 'faulty' tower of misery. For you are forced by the erroneous and 'licentious' legislation of others - - - to carry out your 'business' of extortion and punishment each day.

My 'horse' is snow white, and my 'banner' sits high in the sky with colours gold and blue and true, for it shines for you and you and you to set you free from the SPIRITUAL DEATH that awaits all that enter Hell's Gate.

You need to ask yourself: "Do I work for the community or against them. Do I work for our God of Love and thus remain within the loving and merciful and forgiving 'Code of Conduct' or, for the God of Death with HIS forceful merciless and unforgiving destructive RULE by rules"?

Each 'side' of the Source has it own similar 'set' of legislation that sits above the 'rules' of man, and both state: "MY RULE is that you receive and equal return due of energy expressed by you that is returned unto you, for that is MY Law" - - -

'As you do is done unto you.'

So please now stand 'tall' and tell all your 'merry men' that rule the community with the 'stroke' of their pen that, - - - you believe that the 'mist of death' error that is now used to steal from the community needs be 'addressed' by nullifying it as soon as possible because, - - -

The 'Prince of Peace' has revealed the black 'Seal' that is stamped upon the souls of all 'employing' black rules to steal from the poor and, that any now continuing to be a 'nuisance' by 'harassing' God's children with their 'lance' in an attempt to empty their pockets will die for sure, and never be heard of again once they pass through Hell's open door.

So as for your; "Your letters are becoming a nuisance, - - - - the only matter in which I am interested is: 'How and when you are going to pay our costs."- - - In my opinion, my 'time' with you has incurred no 'additional' costs over and above the wage already paid to you by the public, through the 'auspices' of the 'Public Purse' held by a government department and I ask, - - -

Has it 'occurred' to you, that your continued attempts of monetary extortion from me that are 'backed' by the threat of the use of punitive force may also by 'some' be 'construed' as a 'public nuisance'?

As I see it, the use of legislation and the use of the Police force 'as' a private army by politicians has been going on for so long, that you see not the error of the day. You only see it as a some sort of Divine 'right' that the people of the land must be forced to comply with State 'terrorist' activities.

Soon the very 'gates of hell' will be seen on earth as 'possessed' minds run amok due to being 'open' to the darkness and, I am the only one who knows 'how & why' and what to do to 'stem' the resultant tide of darkness that 'intends' to 'consume' all 'enforcers' that are 'abusers' to be 'abused' by the devilish darkness.

The 'darkness' is the 'Reaping Arm' of God and, no 'man' nor army of men 'marked' with ITS 'seal' on their soul will avoid IT and ITS 'eye for an eye' imposition, for 'possessed' minds are 'robots' controlled by the incoming telepathic thoughts.

I send a copy of all my 'transmissions' to Inspector Fiona Lieutier as she 'knows' me, and I do 'trust' that she too will help me implement the 'change' of way, so that the Police 'enforcer' can become Peace workers that do assist the community.

Woe and more Woe upon those that do not know the Command and Law of God.

page 20

~ The 'offence' ~

It is construed by the rules of man, that any 'defiance' or 'contravention' of any legislated 'act' is an offence against the 'State' rules.

Once there is any 'proven' contravention or non compliance to said 'rule,' then there are some people that are empowered by 'other' rules to 'act' in an aggressive and antagonistic way, merely by virtue of being paid a wage to so do.

Thus this becomes a 'voluntary' service. It is not a service to the community, it is service unto the rules that rule their code of conduct, and force them to defy their God and to 'operate' unconscionably.

For what 'sane' men acting as community leaders or 'elders' would even think of enacting rules that enable them to steal a certain 'sum' of money from every possible transaction done by the community and, to extract money by 'licence' fee from every conceivable 'action' that man needs to do even prior to doing it?

No sane person would. Thus it follows that no sane person would condone any such extortion attempt by 'heavies' wielding sword or gun. So any person taking offence at a non-compliance is but an arrogant fool kneeling before Satan's footstool and taking a 'mercenary' wage to be a bad 'enforcer.'

Political forces of the day and their enforcers and their prison services are similar to the Mafiosi, that expect the 'missus' operating her hair Salon to 'pay up' each Friday or, have her 'legs' broken or her premises burnt to the ground. Yes, it is all about 'coercion,' being the threat of punishment for non-compliance as well as actual imprisonment and destruction of families for any non-conformity.

This Clan of people that believe they serve the State are deluded, for they in fact serve rules that lead them the wrong way. Even community 'Council's today do not serve the people, they are forced by rules to antagonise, attack, abuse, punish, and to destroy the livelihoods of their own community members.

All this 'family abuse' carried out by the 'Tribe' of enforcers or 'rule' bearers is done using the word 'Justice,' and the abuse they mete out is thus justified by them and it is not perceived by them as actually being abuse. Neither do they see the 'pain & suffering' imposed by them as itself needing 'Just' recompense. Neither can they even 'imagine' that their Mandate or 'powers' do not elevate them above  God's Divine Law. Abuse is abuse is abuse, all 'subject to' God's immutable Law.

It is now the time for 'swine' to within their own minds 'rationalise' and see the difference between hauling in 'aggressors' that do disturb the peace, and themselves becoming aggressors just because some others are wise enough to see an attempt at 'extortion' in action and simply refuse to be 'taken' for a ride.

If you are a true 'peace man' working for the community, then you only haul in those that are disturbing the peace and have them counselled. For if you haul in any person that has not paid a demanded fee in the 'guise' of a legitimate licence, then you are the extortionists 'heavy' that in God's eyes is an arrogant fool that is an 'aggressor' to be punished by God.

Woe and more 'woe' unto those that actually abuse, injure, punish, kill, or incarcerate God's children for non compliance to the dictates of other men.

page 21

~ Charlie Micallef ~
Manager, Hobart Remand Centre - 7. 12. 004

Dear 'Charlie,' I only write this 'missive' to you because I believe your soul is old and true. Every 'man' in the universe daily sows his 'day' with one 'sort' of expression or another, some are 'kindly' and some are in 'control' of their sister or brother.

Either way it was written that for 'each' would come the day when they were 'called' by their God, and our God via this pen now calls out to you saying: "My son, time is now short and it is imperative that you 'awaken' and now do all asked of you by Terence the soul true who is My messenger of Light."

Thus it is now up to you to 'consider' whether I am HE the 'awaited' one or an old fool lost in a delusion of 'make believe.' This is what I now have to say to you today.

Charlie, you 'handle' those sent to you that have offended rules, be they true or untrue in their dictates (The rules). What I would have you see is, that there is a difference between those sent to stand before you. For some are in default to a 'fiscal' penalty ruling, and others were violent or unruly and did disturb the peace of God's land in some way.

I want you to know that in the whole community and the children and youth there is an escalation of mental disturbance. In the 'medical' world those 'classified' as: ADHD  - Autism are seen as having a 'biological' problem, but I see it all as telepathic interference in their minds by external spirit forces that are very powerful and unkind and, - - -

As these 'children' and youth angrier grow, they will hunt down and kill many I know, and prior to this they need my good counsel similarly as adult offenders. My intent is to now implement 'child' Feeling Easier Seminars for the 10 year olds and less, that are ADHD and others with mental control problems as the 'System' can no longer cope.

These children and their 'attending' parents will learn how to stay mentally free after having attended a Seminar given by me. I hope that 'City Mission' will assist in facilitating these Seminars that will 'expand' to every village on the Planet.

What I would also like to do is to also hold 'adult' Seminars for 11 year olds and upwards, for any youths showing 'aggression' or lack of respect, so that they learn that unless they protect their minds, they will find themselves 'bound' by others such as you, and maybe also suffer at the hands of other youths.

I believe that if these 'adult' Seminars are held in the Community Launceston Remand Centre, that the attendees will see and realise their 'ahead' calamity more easily.

Not only this, but any 'serving' offender may also 'attend' or be locked up if that is their choice for the 3 hour duration of the Seminar. If they attend, then maybe the 'System' can be 'friendly' and set them free as Commanded by God via me for any that seek true 'Correction.'

Not only this, but I intend that the Launceston Remand Centre becomes an 'International' facility whereby visiting Police and other 'groups' from over the Planet can attend Seminars and thus gain experience to take back to their Country.

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The God eye for an eye 'ruling' that stipulates that ultimately all negative abuse or control must be ‘paid’ for is apparent and is also seen by 'men' as 'accountability' and Just Justice. The department under your control is no exception to this.

Unfortunately we have been lulled into falsely believing that when our actions are carried out under some statutory rule, or mandated regulation, that we are not held ‘personally’ responsible for the negative results * of the ‘collective’ action.

Note negative results * - Man sees impoverishment by fines and suffering through incarceration as 'Corrective,' in that it forces 'some' to 'fear' a repeating of their 'offensive' action or defiance of a 'rule.

This punitive correctional action is thus not seen by 'you' or any enforcer as either negative nor 'abusive,' simply because the 'other' supposedly deserved it and, - - a 'rule' mandated it.

But as its punitive correctional 'act' contravenes God's: "Forgive the offensive ones, and educate them so that MY children happier live," - - - it places the 'enforcer' directly into the negative and corrective 'eye for an eye' Law of God that will be enforced by God later until, every 'drop' of blood or pain and suffering endured by the 'prisoner' has been accounted for on God's 'Scales of Justice.'

One day you will 'awaken' to the FACT that every organisation on the Planet calling itself "The Government, the mandated Authority" is but an institution that was formed and yet is in office solely due to its capacity to use guns to enforce its 'position,' and to forcefully inflict its imposition of dictatorial rules upon God's children that are 'enslaved' to its extortionist & controlling ways due to 'coercive' FEAR.

You will then ALSO become aware that in God's 'eye,' every person employed as an 'enforcer' by these Mafiosi organisation 'Clubs' are in error, and soon to feel 'terror' when they are 'confronted' by the fulfilment of God's Supreme Law, that is empowered to become 'offensive' to those that offended God and God's children in their past and, - - -

They will also become 'conversant' with the 'shocking' reality that God's 'eye for an eye' - As you sow so shall ye reap Law is applicable to them and, that it will be fulfilled by people that are totally 'mentally disturbed,' as their minds are telepathically controlled by the invisible Dark Reaper and, they will be as 'robots' with no conscience or conscious knowledge of what they so 'cruelly' do.

The greatest 'other' deception is that the whole of society has grown up to now believe that the use of force displaces the use of God's Holy Word of 'Peace unto all or you fall,' and they also believe that it is normal to be 'dictated' to and to be punished for non conformity to rules made up by other people even before they were even 'born.'

None of these 'controls' are a requirement of God, and in fact it is an ideology that opposes Gods commanded 'peaceful and forgiving' ideology. It is also a FACT that all funding, condoning, or supporting this dark ideology are heading for HELL, and there will be 'Hell to Pay' literally.

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Violence is always the result of someone 'crazily' going crazy and finding a DARK reason to abuse another. It is 'insane' to be so ignorant or vain for darkness is PAIN, and under God's ONE Law, pain begets pain. Why shoot another when you know you will be shot yourself in another time 'frame'?

All 'enforcers' are using dark energy in their 'correctional' operations. All using dark energy are in some way causing the other to 'suffer' in many ways be they visible or invisible and, there is also 'collateral' suffering endured by other close family members and material 'loss' also happens. Why would you do this knowingly to others if you knew that you would bring a 'similar' suffering upon yourself and your own household? - Only if you were insane.

Any person seeking 'Redemption' must now join hands with me and help me set humanity free from its present punitive iniquity, by bravely placing their trust in God and only being an 'educator' of those that disturb the peace of the land.

Remember, if we truly "In God we trust" preach, then we must lay down all weapons and the words "Peace unto all" teach. For the reality of the day is, that every 'powerful' Nation does rely on the strength of their weaponry rather than on God, and none see their 'destined' destination that becomes their 'sorry' due for being so defiant of God and thus to themselves untrue.

Stupid vain men see not the 'wisdom' from this pen and as you all now see, the 'supposed' Christian mentality of many nations has 'resorted' to smashing their perceived enemy into 'oblivion' as have their 'opposition. For none today believe in God's Holy Word and all wield a 'punitive' sword against the other family members, for we are all God's children and are all one big family.

None see that the real 'enemy' is the Dark energy of God. For it the Dark energy metes out


through the minds of the


And IT knows what they did do unto others through ITS Instigation. Thus the 'later' time does come when these same 'ignorant' ones 'fall' to the 'sword' wielded by the 'hands' of others that are equally as ignorant and they are 'incited' by the same


As it again 'pays back' savagely and cruelly. None seeing that ANY use of ITS 'energy' is forbidden by God and it also has the right to 'return' unto you all the suffering that others did accrue at your 'hands' when you were untrue to the Light as you did punitively 'abuse' others. The Law of God is THE LAW, - - - "As you do is done unto you."

Please help me to now implement positive correctional education change swiftly, so that you and all 'sincere' can halt your own demise. For as I see it, many courageous Police and others are being led astray by RULES. It is also the time to give 'offenders' proper correctional assistance so that their minds are stronger and then they will be 'at ease.'


Let Tasmania lead the way.

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~ Child abuse Summit paper ~
Escalating child abuse - Cause & response

The child abuse 'insanity' needs to be seen from a different ''perspective.' For if one 'focuses' on the child abuse with the purpose of more regulation and punishment imposed upon offenders, one loses sight of the real problem that is affecting the whole of mankind in every Land on Earth.

Children and others are being abused because 'someone' did lose control of their mind, thus they also lost their respect and sanity for a 'moment' in time or for a longer time.

What needs to be 'addressed' is the reason for their lack of mental control so that they can become 'sane' as amongst children they daily 'stroll.' As I see it, the mental stability of all people is becoming less, as more 'delirious' thoughts intrude into their psyche, and this 'intrusion' is a 'psychic' attack within the mind of the 'offender,' and that intrusion is what we need to be focussing on.

For it is the 'Minds under Siege' process that is the 'core' affliction upon the whole human race that is the cause of all 'offensiveness' and subsequent pain and suffering and, - - - that is the subject matter of my entire web site.

And until the whole population becomes wiser and enlightened, more and more will become terrified and frightened as the insanity escalates on all 'fronts,' as all 'sectors' of society become more aggressive, violent, invasive, confrontational, and destructive.

What is your REACTION TO VIOLENCE - Is it Peace or more violence?

The general public and the police and the 'rule' books of statutes are only 'geared' for the punishment of offenders. This is the Dark 'demonic' anti-god merciless & unforgiving ideology that is presently driving man. Punishment = VIOLENCE.

It is now the time for man to heed the Creator and be merciful and forgiving and understanding as to why ALL others are so sinfully living and, for ALL to now become EDUCATED.

Every 'offender' is but a 'robot' that is telepathically subjugated by dark alien forces due to the power of their inner dark emotions (Sin) within, and also due to their ignorance of God's Command and God's singular Law.

Only with education will every person LEARN why they lose control of their minds, and they must learn how they can control their minds. All people are offenders, for they are also only 'geared' to the punishment of their children.

It was 'written' that in the 'last days' that every person would be 'sorted' by their God and, that their spirit soul would be 'destined' to go to one or another world to spend their 'eternal' days there.

Each will now choose to 'revolve' in the painful 'offender - victim' role for the rest of their eternal 'life,' as they continue on in their punitive ideological state in the punishing painful lower dark Abyss, where they eternally receive an 'eye for an eye' return of PAIN due to their ongoing offensive giving and receiving or, - - -

They can 'turn' and face their God and revolve in the 'love and happiness' role for the rest of their eternal life, as they obey the Command of the Creator and follow the ideology state of Peace, and receive an 'eye for an eye' return of LOVE from a joyous giving and receiving.

I do have the answer to the cause and the solution to the 'problem' that I now 'submit' to the whole world, and I can only 'suggest' that all now visit my web site and read the following selected items thereon and then the rest.

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For only as 'adults' find mental stability will children be safe and live happily.

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~ Notes ~

Note: Any person working as an 'enforcer' or as a 'legislator' enacting rules that govern the way of living of others, that believe that they are above the Law of God are deluded.

Any person working as an 'enforcer' or as a 'legislator' enacting rules that believe that their 'mandate' is valid in the eyes of God, simply because 'way back' the 'Royal Assent' of a 'Queen' validated the 'intulement' of an 'Act' permitting 'some' men to make rules for the Peace, Welfare and good Government' of others, are deluded.

For the establishment of the 'rule' of any by another places the one 'as' God above the other and, - - - any 'rule or decree' raised up that subsequently 'entitles' the one to 'enslave, control, tax, seize, invade, dispossess, punish, or destroy' the other, is an 'erroneous' entitlement that is in direct contravention of the Command of God and, the 'originator' of the 'program' being the 'Queen' or King or Chief or Emperor etc., were and yet are living in a schizophrenic state of 'delusions of grandeur.' *

Note: 'delusions of grandeur.' *- Believing that they were 'as' God having the right to 'control, tax, enslave, punish, and destroy others.' None seeing that this 'right' arose simply out of pride, vanity, greed and the use of force by themselves or their ancestors. This 'precedent' set prior to your birth being the 'sins of our forefathers,' has gone on for so long that multitudes of good people have by rules been forced to become 'extortionists, abusers, and destroyers' during the course of their duty to the Dark, as they believed they were honourably upholding goodness. All this to the destruction of their own souls for following 'men' rather than their God.

The requirement of God for the Peace, Welfare, and stability of HIS children is that they remain free from the control of others, as all live peacefully in accordance to HIS Command to "Love one another and give with love and do not disturb the peace of others."

It follows that every 'government' enacted on earth is an 'illegitimate' operation, and all its 'operatives' and supporters are in grave danger due to their complicity to the enslavement and 'torture' of others. I hope that 'some' of you understand the reason for the total CHAOS soon to be, that for some (those that deny me) will continue on and on in darkness below.

Note: The 'big brother' policy of politicians whereby they believe that it is their divine right to overrule and 'override' the individual ideological beliefs of families is error. Some politicians are beginning to see this, and they begin to tell families to become more responsible for the actions of their children and themselves. But the reality is, that the existent rules inhibit this freedom of expression,  and no politician is able to 'halt' the 'invocation' of more rules.

Note: As the 'reckoning' of God destroys all 'living' iniquity, man will learn that no 'King' or 'Crown' or 'State' owns anything. Thus it is simply for man to say 'No' to the advances of 'brigands' or 'white collar' thieves that try and force him to pay rates or taxes. 

Any person that from now on uses force to 'extort' money as they say: "Pay 'us' a land tax or 'rates' tax or 'income' tax or 'we' will take your property and send you 'penniless' away or punish you as well," are those that God is now to send away to the lower land to suffer in a similar way.

Mankind will now learn to first earn and then of their profit a little give to help others to happier live and, - - - there will be no more 'take.' as man will be happy to freely give of their 'wealth,' and fund all the programs needed for the welfare of themselves and others. 

Any 'systematic' seizure of another's goods or property or, their punishment for 'failing' to pay taxation demands is 'someone' waging WAR upon another and, - - - this act is Family Violence that by God is now to be 'rectified,' and all 'abusers' that continue on in their 'ignorant and arrogant' ways end their days in this or any 'Light' realm.*

Note: 'Light' realm.* - There are many realms of greater Light than this that exist outside the ultimate LIGHT level, Heaven, and any person in any realm outside Heaven that continues to tax others or punish them will be thrown by God into the PIT.

Rules have no 'leeway,' they do not permit any forgiveness or compassion. They force people to defy God and punish others. This abuse of others not only defies God's Command to love one another, but it brings a return of punishment to those that imposed punishment, for that is the fulfillment of God's singular immutable Law. - "As you do is done unto you."

Light = happiness & Love - - - Dark = unhappiness & Pain

All regulators, enforcers, rule makers, dictators cause PAIN and are using Darkness.

All Educators, Carers, Counsellors cause happiness and are using Light & Love

Use Darkness promoting pain & terror, God will bind you in the Abyss below
Light promoting love & happiness, God will set you free to roam Heaven above

It is the time to END all 'political' solutions and turn to God and HIS 'Peace unto all' spiritual solution.

Any organisation even those naming themselves 'The legitimate government' that, - - - permits its members to be policed and governed by rules, backed by force of arms 'borne' by other 'serving' members, - - - who in the course of their duty to said rules do themselves operate outside the 'bounds' of the Command of God to "Walk in peace and love one another and be merciful and forgiving," - - - is a satanic organisation that, - - - 

Is in fact an 'instrument' of control, regulation, punishment, abuse, and destruction, that is a part of the retributive 'arm' of the Dark Sovereign Power God, and all its 'followers' place themselves within the 'eye for an eye' retributive Law. Thus the entire inhuman race is today 'hell bent' and Hell bound for their iniquitous ways. No civil person would defy their God and unforgivingly and mercilessly 'police' and persecute and punish another.

Once earth is cleansed of all controllers and 'war mongers' there will be:

NO governing 'rule' by any religion.
NO governing 'rule' by any system of man

There will only be 'governance' direct from God as 'each' simply walks peacefully and helps others in need.

All mankind will know the singular Law of God - 'As you do is done unto you'
Thus all will see the reason to only be kind and loving and forgiving.

Set yourself now free from the 'governing of others' iniquity.

Terence - the 'pen' of God

7 Dec 2004 (TL 008)

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