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The Testament of Truth (pages 76 - 100)

Testament 76

~ Jesus' Voice ~

Jesus said "My flock will hear my voice." What is the "voice"* and why the "choice."* Why will some neither hear nor heed, why then some saved, and others to bleed.?

I say "My voice is God's WORD" saying: "Peace not the sword," so only those who read from my pen will HEAR GOD'S WORD, my 'voice' spoken, for IF Christ returned in a flash of fire, ALL would see and none would expire,* so at this end TIME, seek the prophet who does Jesus mime.

Who said: "I will return to see who is to freedom earn 
Keep your candle burning bright for I return as a
thief* in the night?"

And a thief in the night you do not see, for within their disguise they invisible be, and last time I "entered*" in flesh for sure, and this time in the same manner I knock on your door. 

So, if you look at my "flesh"* you will quail, thinking, how could God us so fail? Look deeply into God's wisdom I bring, ONLY THOSE that so do will in heaven sing.

So I call all now into my sight* any fleshly man with SOUL burning bright like me, that none can within see, but, a soul a man of the deepest divinity. 

I say man, but that too means WOMEN, some are as divine as the holder of this pen.  So any of you who read and SEE TRUTH, help me pass on GOD'S MESSAGE, my PROOF.

I say again one last time; my voice is God's word that you need to mime.  Any of you who stand aloof rebuke the Father, that is MY TRUTH, and thus you the Father deny, the Father who through me says "TRY," and thus you through arrogance will fall, yes dear reader and your soul will pall.

I am simple, I am fair.  Look within yourself, is courage your fare?
For if it is, come to me, help me help GOD set the world free.

Testament 77

~ The Shepherd's Staff ~

"THE TRUTH" is the Crux of the Core, being the message of the cross for sure, in that on your day* you must not retaliate in any way.

The message (Turn the other cheek if persecuted & go as a lamb to the slaughter if to be put to death)

"THE LIGHT" is the Wisdom from afar, symbolised by Christ's Morning Star, visible in an earthly sense to any who would recompense.*

The Wisdom (God's Command, love one another, go your way in peace & be merciful & compassionate & forgive ones enemy)
(God's Law: As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you)

"THE WAY" is God's Word of Peace not the sword, of Mercy and Compassion too, and ONLY let love through.

So the Staff of the shepherd is God's strength, that is revealed to you at great length, and IF on the strength of God's Word you lean, then all inner darkness will God from you wean. 

Yes, all darkness will be drawn out and free of inner sin you will then shout in JOY, and never again will you pain feel, for in heaven, but love does unreel. 

So heed the light and truth given you, for God's STAFF the Word, is so true, and heeding it IS THE ONLY WAY, GOD'S CALL FOREVER AND A DAY.  So all God's wisdom with love I impress upon your mind and soul and thus you bless saying:

Sweet sister and brother so dear,
to my love please now draw near,
for truly, I reach out to you,
yes, even those untrue,

And only I know what is at stake
as the darkness pulls in its GIANT RAKE

And if weeds around your ankles are bound,* by the rake's prongs will you be found,* and these spikes will dig very deep and for an eternity any lost will weep. 

So God's message needs quickly be found* so the mind stays fortified and sound, and thus, God's wisdom and love flow through thee and forever in heaven you'll be free. 

Testament 78

~ Reiteration on WHY Jesus came for you ~

JESUS came to SHOW THE WAY, how YOU help yourself another day when you Jesus' message believe, only then do you less grieve. 

It is GOD who does cleanse the soul.  Jesus "did it*" by demonstration as he did stroll, to show that non-retaliation is a must, and in this you needs God's Word trust.

It is GOD who cleanses your soul when in belief along you do stroll, and now as along you plod you will needs heed this man, for I say God inspires me. 

God says to thee through ME that you now needs heed me, for MY truth today sets you free with new understanding for sure, as again I knock on your door.

When you say "Jesus I see your shining star," you acknowledge that you believe me to GOD afar, and thus does God you bless.  God's love on your mind does impress, cleansing in every way, fortifying you as you go your way

In this WAY does Jesus’ name save you, by showing you what you needs do.  Just praying to Jesus or God when in trouble is fruitless says this man.

Rather to God daily say:
Help me believe Jesus' way
as told me by Jesus long ago
being his wisdom that again does flow

Through this your gentle pen
as spoken through your prophet chosen
to once again show the way
as your messenger today

So all must now believe the TRUTH of my weave, for when God's light you do see being the wisdom flowing from Jesus freely, will you for GOD call on Jesus' name in sincerity, not as a game, and truly, God then blesses you and God's wisdom via Jesus pulls you through. 

Testament 79

~ Reiteration on WHAT Jesus Did for You ~

All that Jesus HAS done for you, is to show you HOW to be true

Any who say: "Jesus did already you save" is a wolf and a very foolish knave.  Souls who confused be, will soon see what they will see.  False shepherds and false prophets too, I THE CHRIST say to you.

GOD wants you back.  GOD says "change tack.*" GOD reaches down, GOD does daily frown that all can so stupid be, that all can so blind be.  WHY would God Jesus send, as GOD can do all from His end? Because, God is bound* to stand back until you have found your reason and sanity too, then God's call reaches you.

YOU FIRST - have to believe
YOU FIRST do grieve
YOU FIRST heed me

That you can see the reality, the Wisdom and the clarity, the reason FOR LOVE, then only are you ready to return above.  As said, God can do all from His end, so why did he Jesus here send?

To TELL YOU what you needs do BEFORE God's cleansing love saves you by drawing your darkness OUT, before Satan's forces you clout.  So you are only saved by God when you BELIEVE this person.

Have I said ENOUGH today, can you UNDERSTAND what I say.
I hope so.  Just try and be true.  HEED Jesus, God THEN saves you.

Testament 80

~ I AM the Prophet of the East ~

THE PROPHET has the flesh* of the WEST but by God with the EAST greatly blest.  For out of Africa his soul arose, thus interwoven by colour* in his rose. 

Black and Red, Gold and White, all men passed by in his sight, and the beliefs that bind ALL be the result of darkness that flowed free.

All men are by God chosen.  All men by fear are frozen.  All men are in a mental BIND by forefathers teachings so unkind.  All afraid of the "other" man.  All afraid seeing not God's plan. 

All afraid, saying: "The other is wrong," all saying: "Look I am more strong, being, that more men follow me, being, thus God's will must with us be."

And thus God's children are shuttered and blind.  And thus God's children to each other unkind, and thus God's children needs follow me, the Prophet encompassing EAST and WEST, who BE the ONE, who has God in his sight, the ONE who knows wrong from right, the ONE who says:

"Follow me because ONLY I can clearly see."

So my brothers and sisters too, I call out to each one of you.  Matters not your creed for sure, matters not your colour or more, ALL OF US needs find the way quickly I now do say.  For, the dark side does now open up* and upon its OWN will it sup.

Being those who cannot give, being those who don't allow others to live, being those who others maul, being those who daily fall* by their deed in every way, by their deed not heeding God's say, by their deed that is wrong, believing they are right in doing wrong. 

MY LIGHT I give you. 
My light is true. 
My light - God's wisdom be,
my light - GOD gives you freely.

THE PROPHET says the MIND of the EAST needs let their soul on the Morning Star feast.  Meaning, they'll needs heed the say that MANY Prophets brought their way. 

Prophets are teachers too, all old souls to God very true, who bring the light down to earth into dark places where there is no mirth.  So, ANY Eastern believer in a God of love, of ANY name, needs heed this dove, for a dove but a messenger be, and this dove all will soon see.

And the message I bring from afar is about God's WISDOM, the Morning Star, the symbol of God's Might, God's TRUTH that shines day and night.  So, to the EAST' am I true* for I shall pull all through to ensure their swift return if God's MESSAGE they quickly learn.

And I may APPEAR on a Christian slant, but God's message I needs deeply implant into all, and "It's only love that is each souls CORE" I hear from above.  And the core needs be watered now with wisdom and truth.  I it bestow, for each soul will either wither and die or grow afresh and reach for the sky.

So fear not for "Eastern friends,*" I'll help all to make amends, for many would their maker meet, for many would their maker greet, and their Creator too awaits to see who is true, who will be eternally blessed with love, a golden wreath placed as a halo above upon their head, a Crown of Glory bestowed by God when they heed my story, and on THAT DAY I do see, in GOD'S REALM they abide with me free forevermore.

Freedom is in store.  Treasures of deepening love that outpour, being the SOURCE above.  Truly those shall blessed be who HEED Muhammad, Krishna, Buddha or ME deeply by abiding in God's WORD, by being peaceful and forgoing the sword. 

Testament 81

The triple six of which we speak is the negativity that traps the weak, and this negativity that God doth despise is the Devil and all must unmask its disguise.  So 'tis to man that many relate, but 'tis the Devil who controls the negative spate.  Yea he works through all men, e'en trying to confuse you as we come through your pen.

So we'll say more upon this road and lighten up your burdensome load for 'tis not your task to enlighten all, just to spread the truth to one and all.  They will see what they will see, some will aspire and become free, others being blinded from way below, so God's truth they'll neither see nor know.

The triple six exposed at last is the rising negativity, the satanic blast.  The Devil shown in earthly form, working through powers thought the norm.  And, all have accepted and followed see, believing that their way truthful be, so now, each must think and each decide, for the soul's journey is an individual ride.

666 the Devil, the lawless one, is revealed by the power of the Son, personified as mankind in the flesh, as being all souls still sinfully enmeshed.  All of society shall now fall to demonic powers short and tall.

The volume of sin within all in allows the amount of access of demons within.  Access to the mind through feelings of sin.  Telepathic subjugation will now really begin.  The source of this evil revealed at last, see it, believe it, prepare for Satan's blast.

Those "of God" must look to His star, be daily cleansed by its power from afar.  Those that believe not this truth through me will be trapped by negativity, and never be free.

Testament 82

From the wisdom we now see we are aware that religion is not free.  Religion is binding through its untruth, for it teaches not His proof.  Religion is untruthful and antichrist thus be.  This is the truth that we do see, so what we say to all mankind is:

TURN DIRECT TO GOD, and to self be kind.

Son the proof is HIS WORD that so many think is absurd.  Furthermore to this we say, 'tis why he died on that fateful day.  Died to show the FINAL proof that from brethren to not stand aloof, for in retaliation with the sword we FALL, not having heard the WORD.

So all in all His proof we see is the reality of what HE BE.  A divine soul from long ago who returned with truth to SOW, the truth that death at any time, leads the way to life divine if we heed the Word and pray, rather than retaliation, being the Devil's power play.

So son, 'tis the truth that religion taught not this proof for the reality of His death passed with Him on His final breath.  Only now to be revealed through your lips which from mankind was before sealed, and this truth that you now reveal will help those whom Satan would steal.

Testament 83

Karmic the reason be why mankind this before could not see, so blessings do now flow to you who faints not from the TRUTH to show, and the man Jesus when in the flesh, did himself with this world's sin enmesh, sin being Anger and Fear too, so He'd understand the "how do you do." *

He was a divine soul from aeons past who came to earth to break the fast, the fast being, the LONG DARK NIGHT where all mete out pain forgetting others plight. 

So now why He did come was to help mankind their journey won.  Their journey to heaven make and to "make it" one needs to put on the brake.  STOP causing pain and, 'twas not in vain for retribution I do see comes to those who heed not the message that BE.

BE the Word of God Jesus reiterated to those of the sod.  Peace unto all if you would return to the Creator's world a right you EARN.

ONLY when you the Word HEED can one rise above the negative breed.  So compassion, forgiveness and mercy for sure, if you're to make it to heaven's door.

Unreasoning insanity lies below.  This truth mankind must KNOW.  The only reprieve from their clutches be, ABIDING by the truth of God's Word see. 

BELIEVE IT, EVIL IS REAL, demonic forces would your soul steal.  Blind you to their existence and the proof of Christ's reality saying "From none stand aloof."

Would you live in heaven with all crystal clear smiling faces.  With love and good cheer, or, fall below where insanity abounds to torment you forever like bloodthirsty hounds. 

YOU CHOOSE for now is the TIME to be a FOOL or with angels drink wine.  I for one know where I'll go and I am here now to the truth SHOW. 

Testament 84

Dearest God I love you so, please give me wisdom as I go.
Keep my path enlightened and clear, and bless me so I have no fear.

Dearest God your gifts are mine, your love your light upon me shine.
My work for you will be no task, for all I ever need do is ask.

Dearest God my faith is great, I'll help the ones with fear and hate
so they can see the love of you.  Your light on them will shine so true.

Dearest God your light does shine, for I am yours and you are mine,
together forever in the truth.  From no man will I stand aloof.

Dearest God I daily pray that you will always show the way. 
Help me to grow in deep understanding, so I can tell others so they will soon sing.

Dearest God I bless you so, so glad I found you and now I know
the love you give is pure and true.  Dearest God I do love you.

Testament 85

~ God's Church & man's Church ~

God's Church and man's we must see are different for understanding to be, be the reality of what be, so that forever we can become free. 

People of God, give to the poor, not to the ministers who knock on the door.  Now is the time to really see it is the poor and needy who really need thee. 

So children, heed God's word, feed the poor, 'tis not absurd, all that was taken must for sure now be given back to the hungry and poor.

I bless you all, please now see what each soul must do to become free.  Follow not the ways of man, he is greedy and leaves you wan.  All the buildings built by the poor must be returned now for sure and used to house and to feed those abused by power and greed.

Heed me, 'tis the Word of God reaching down to the evil of the sod.  Hearken, 'tis MY final plea a'fore my children take all from thee.  Heed His word like never before; by your deeds He'll know you for sure.

All "His" ministers will this truth see and from their bondage set themselves free

Testament 86

~ The Antichrist ~

The Antichrist is the satanic force that draws near, and is mainly the greed and hatred and fear.  'Tis Satan in the worldly form that has entered and manipulates through powers thought the norm.

So now we see the satanic face showing itself in every race.  Through every soul that on the planet walks does this force at sometime talk.  And the spiritual head of this force is man's Church that has mislead all and left them in the lurch.

For it has not taught His truth see, but USED His authority for self gain o'er those free, those free being the poor.  The satanic church has knocked on every door, knocking His men* down onto the floor and using the sword as never before. 

Power hungry "servants*" shall fall to the floor for elevating of selves and not the poor.

"Think of my people" is the cry from above. 
"Feed and clothe the poor"
is the cry of the dove.

Soldiers of fortune and soldiers of war, think twice I ask, for are you so sure that killing for a society that has deceived you, absolves you from God's justice that will flow through?

You'll all reap now as you sowed, so prepare now for the extra heavy load.  Show you are MEN when standing naked and free.  Retaliate NOT when confronted and I'll elevate thee.

Oh, sweet children, can you not see how dark forces deceived all powers that be.  For self gain and control was the aim of ALL races of people who will now fall. 

Now all society must this see and then in truth face REALITY for religion can us not save, only the WORD OF GOD heeded by those brave.

HEED THE WORD - is the cry of the dove. 
You're known by DEED - I hear from above. 
See it and do it and you'll become FREE
'tis a must if you'd walk with ME.

Believe, believe, says the power behind this pen.  Believe, believe, say the voices of heavenly men.  Jesus our saviour is here today, look to His star and to Him daily pray.  The mighty power of love in His star will daily cleanse your minds from afar.

Fortify your mind, build an ARK within, 'tis the only way you'll not fall to inner sin.  As inner sin rises to clear you'll be strong and not give in to Hatred and Fear. 

When the evil sin one day flashes clear out, your purified soul will give a great shout.  Free at last from control below as they can no longer reach you to untruth sow.

Bless you darlings do your best; we are with you to help you pass the test. 

Testament 87





We are neither safe, and neither saved UNTIL we are on that stairway to heaven paved.  For anytime whilst still in the flesh can we fail and fall, by evil enmeshed. 

This is but SIMPLE TRUTH for all to see if they are to ENSURE that they become free.  'Tis only love by the grace of our Lord above that cleanses our souls and gives the upward shove.

And we needs persevere up to the end. We're not saved by His forgiveness but by OUR compassion this end.  When He sees that WE compassionate be, then, and only then, by grace will He set us free. 

'Tis a simple message but for sure truth, that from our brothers we must not stand aloof.* Forget the colour race or creed, for each is known simply by deed.

The message contained so simple be, I wonder why others can it not see that we're only saved by the grace of our Lord when we not only hear but abide by His word.  And not only must we persevere unto the end but be compassionate to all He does us send. 

So foolish it seems to one as me that so many THINK they are already free, free to abuse and NOT abide by His word, then ask for forgiveness so as to avoid the sword.

Seems unreal but it is a matter of fact.  MANY souls believe it, thinking Jesus made with them a pact, the pact being that He would set them free.  He promised that if they Christians be.* They seem to forget the conditions imposed, BEFORE by Grace, Jesus would Satan dispose*.

So, I hope dear one that my message be one that will help keep your dear soul free, and please pass it on to any you feel could help others to understand the spiritual reel.

Those that THINK they can this truth AVOID will for sure fall into the VOID, for 'tis but ego that holds them apart from Jesus' simple truth and they cannot start.  I'm already saved will be their cry as their souls tumble from out the sky, for if sin they must in STUPID belief in thinking they're saved, their insight is brief.

Anyhow friends I write this to thee because I love you and want to keep you free.  'Tis by our deeds that we are known, NOT by "we are saved," this is deceit sown. 

Souls who are blinded think they can SIN and by asking forgiveness, think they can WIN.  This is the blinding of subtle deceit see, for then later their soul says I don't need thee. 

For this is the power of the Ego force, which does a man from God divorce.  “I am the ONE,” it later thinks as slowly but surely it spiritually sinks. 

So go your way with peace inside, cleanse your mind so no untruth can within hide.  Do all you can to pass His messages on, on the REALITY of His star to us on the run. 

For Divine exorcism be His truth to help us from our brethren to not stand aloof.  For, 'tis only when our minds are free, that to others we are truly able to GIVE, see.  So in all can we see the satanic face, any soul who heeds not God's Word is of that race. 

Please friends do what you must do and help HIS message flow speedily through.  Remember, as inner negativity clears, lessening our doubts and inner fears, our souls become brighter as we streak for the Sun, we're then happier and more able to follow the ONE.

Testament 88


The blood of our Lord was shed for you
so you'd understand His
message coming through. 
His message was life eternal for sure,
for all mankind who believed in His spoor.

FOLLOW HIS FOOTPRINTS, and do as he did,
this was the covenant no longer hid,
and this Wisdom is for ALL TO SEE,

There was but one Covenant given by Christ's See,
that was the
Covenant of "FOLLOW ME." (Go as a lamb to the slaughter when faced by adversity)
His blood that spilled to the floor
was His TRUTH issuing forth for sure. (Pay your dues without retaliating)

His GRACE belongs to no ONE,
but to
EVERY BELIEVER under the Sun.

So the Jews from Israel I see are not the only descendants of HE.  No divine connection can we "impose" onto any soul not carrying His "Rose." The rose of love and deep purity, SHOWN by those giving compassion and mercy, and the Jewish race as I do see, has long gone forgone His covenant to BE; to be the ONLY WAY to His life, a life in heaven away from all strife, - - - The 'way' - - - Peace unto ALL.

And He now calls out through this His pen, calls out LOUD to all of His men,* ladies and men that believe in his Word to speak truth and wield not the sword.  Lay down your life in calmness and ease, only this’ way’ will your soul not freeze.

For those that HEAR NOT what our Lord did
will for an eternity from heaven be hid.

Thank you Jesus for holding my hand, I will do my best to expose the satanic band, how He reaches up into the earthly race and via our negativity shows His face, for we needs recognise and this truth see,* if we're to understand and follow thee, for if we cannot this force expose, then for sure of its power can we not dispose.

God's Covenant

Being the trust in - - - and observance to God's Holy Word as required by God for the Salvation of individuals, and the Word of God being, - - -

"Be peaceful, do not disturb the peace, be merciful & compassionate and forgiving towards those yet 'in sin' living and, - - - turn the other cheek if struck and, - - - follow Christ to the cross 'as a lamb to the slaughter' if you would become My son or daughter."

Those that 'bow' in subservience to this Covenant with God will be saved.

The Antichrist force

The Antichrist is the invisible satanical force that daily grows in power within all nations, and its 'rule' of regulation & punitive Law established itself within every country in place of the 'Covenant' agreement of God. Those that continue to 'bow' in subservience to political control and support it and fund its warring and punitive ways will 'die in their sin' as they fall below because, - - - it is a 'Covenant' with the Serpent.

Thank you, Father, and Jesus and Mother too,
for the Trinity so loving and true. 
Thank you for your blessings up above
that you forever shower down to us with love.

God bless.  Godspeed.

Testament 89


I write on understanding and ‘punishment’ see, for in the NEW AGE, that's where the difference will be.  Now it's punishment for all wrong that you do, for as yet there's no forgiveness coming through for we lack understanding deep, deep within, the understanding of how and why we sin.

But now as the sin doth leave our bowls,* our minds will be clearer and we'll be more understanding souls.

And we'll be forgiving and merciful too to all those around us who love us true, for now is the beginning, the beginning of the end, where our dear God in heaven sends His love this end. 

For His love is now cleansing as never before, so hold fast to his Wisdom, that's for sure.  The Wisdom, His Word of what was to be, for only this way friends will your souls stay free.

Look daily to His star shining high up above, 'tis filled to capacity with his endless love.  This Star of David and Bethlehem too, will divinely exorcise and help you through.  Through the difficult days now ahead when all are filled with terror and many fall dead.  Just look to His arms for they'll be around you, and for sure uplift you if to him you are true.

God speaks:

“To the King's men I again write, those of this world who'd be lifted upright. 

HEED THE WORD from Terence's pen, he is your guide, MY foremost of men.  His counsel you must heed if you're to stay free from the negative breed, for those below now thought sow and project it UP into your minds to grow.

More of this will I reveal for to warn how they your soul steal.  For, if they your sanity overthrow, you fall to sin and below you go.  Blessed children see the light, the truth of REASON and others plight. 

All but all will now see how difficult it will be to stay free, free from thought streaming in, thoughts of fear and hatred pouring in.  Pouring in from way below where all evil thought doth grow. 

Blessed children, who are mine, heed this WORD, 'tis love divine
and this MY WORD it only be, for your dear souls to become FREE.”


Testament 91

~ Communication ~

When two souls communicate by letter or "speaks," 'tis then lower power play its havoc wreaks.  Forever and ever must it TRY to cause deceit under the sky.  Through our negative feelings flow in the ploy, using our subconscious as their play toy.

So ONE is the "Player*" who puts out the "tune,*" the OTHER is the "Dancer*" whose mind can swoon.  Swoon from the thoughts that come flooding in, compounding their feelings of inner sin.  So the tune the player played, can by the dancer be "incorrectly*" relayed.

So dear dancer whoever you be, TRY and see this truth emanating from me, for there are THREE dances to dance under the Sun and of these ONE can bring us undone. 

The first dance is with angels of heavenly light, who flood the mind with happiness of others' plight.  This dance brings a closeness between dancer and friend, and happiness abounds for both either end.

The second dance is with fiends way below, who INCITE the dancer and anger does flow.  The thoughts flooding in would tear both apart, making it impossible for a loving fresh start.

The third dance is STILLNESS, complete control, as the dancer their negative inner feelings in courage over bowl.  THIS is the dance we must now all learn as our sin rises to clear from our URN. 

FORGET the reason, the from, or who, or why, IF the music's HORRID, the dance don't try.  For, as you sow so shall ye reap, and if you're SUCKED IN, forever you'll weep.

DON'T let "reasons" come into your mind giving an EXCUSE so to others you're unkind, if you CANNOT reach out and help friends, KEEP SILENT, and to God make amends.

The MORAL of this message is:

OPEN NOT your mouth unless to say something kind
COMPLETE CONTROL as you go your way
and you'll live in heaven forever and a day.

Testament 92

~ The ACT of the TEST ~

We are all on the STAGE at this point of time, and all need understand the verse and the rhyme.  For the RHYME is the story that must now proceed, and the VERSE is the REAPING of negative weed.

So now we'll all REAP what we did SOW and ALL THE UNIVERSE will IT all know, for, as we reap, so also we fall, and all will know what we did to the tall. 

For the TALL are the meek that walk on earth who have been humiliated by laughter and mirth, and each of us now under THE spotlight be.  It is necessary for to become free. 

So the verse must now proceed with ever faster, gathering speed, and the rhyme will soon unfold.  We'll needs be bold, oh so very bold.  We'll needs look to God in the heavens above, yea verily, for 'tis HE who guides us all with love, guides their repercussion as along they go, so for sure they KNOW HIS truth does flow.

So darling children we're all now on the run.  So darling children lets all now have fun for the Stage is at last SET, and soon many players begin to fret But there is NO ESCAPE in this FINAL PLAY,* 'tis now HEAVEN or HELL forever and a day.

So darling players, lets' all do our best, put your best foot forward and pass the test.  Compassion and mercy you have been TOLD, so dear brothers please now be bold, for if you can't NOW heed the word of the dove then for SURE you'll not aspire above.

Yea verily I speak HIS TRUTH.  From none of your brothers now stand aloof, for the coldness that binds deep down within will bind you now MORE and turn you to sin. 

Testament 93

The ESSENCE of Light speaks silent Wisdom through my pen, and sweet words of love by those chosen to walk up into the light and love that streams out forever from above.

The ESSENCE of Darkness does loudly speak through the mouths of men who are arrogant, not meek, and its cunning and deceit flows through into the minds of those as yet untrue.

BOTH "essences" are of God, both to be seen more now on the sod.
Both being the extremities, the one of
PEACE, the other of UNEASE.

So our Creator's WRATH will all now see and HEAR by angry words spoken harshly, so the world will become an angry place as every sinner for GOD wields a mace, and against his brother does turn as darkness outpours from his urn.

And truly, the DEVIL* we'll see on earth as GOD would have it be.  For this darkness will now us BURN,* the REAPER through which we MAY learn that darkness does forever OUTFLOW onto all UNTIL they get to KNOW that darkness IS an eternal evil mist, that darkness does for sure EXIST, being the SHADOW under God's hand that can ERUPT in any man's land through the sin that does into us creep when WE make others weep.

And one day, God's VOICE has a say as insane minds to THEIR WAY PRAY.  Oh how stupid some be who GOD'S WORD neither hear nor see, and they WILL be "stupidly*" bound until released* by great forces "unsound.*"

For WHEN God's wrath they do see, they will WISH they had behaved properly.  So friends it's time to me MIME, for MY BELL, the Reaper, does CHIME.

There is a TIME in the night* when even fools see the light,
will you forever a fool be or will you become free?

Seek deep is all I ask, help yourself the TRUTH unmask, don't just rely on those who "before" did you deny.   

So my sisters and brothers dear, to this CLEAR picture please draw near,
for all those that "SAY" they Christians BE, still all allow the dark side to flow I see.

Through them in every way
through them every day
making many grieve
as the dark essence does them deceive

And so great is the deceit that GOD'S WORD they cannot "meet," meaning GOD'S LIGHT and TRUTH through the Lamb the proof.  So the Lamb does say as GOD through him does sway:

"'Tis by your DEED are you known
whether by you light or dark is SOWN"

So any who deny me are to SATAN BOUND I see, for the LIGHT says:

even to the dark side, I hear from above

So IF to the ‘love’ side you true BE, then to the dark side also must you TRUE be,
and let your love flow to "THEM," that is the "TRUTH OF GOD" via my pen.

Note: ‘THEM’ being those yet bound by darkness that persecute you.

Testament 94


There is no "God and the Devil," there is but GOD.  GOD IS ALL. 
GOD IS the
Light and the Dark

There IS light and darkness, but the ESSENCE is ONE
GOD is the essence, the essence has two polarities.

Creative (expressive) AND Destructive (constrictive)

The creative side is the LIGHT – GOOD.
destructive side is the DARKNESS – EVIL.

The light is called many names, God, Allah Jehovah, etc. 
The darkness is called many names, Satan, Devil, Shetani, etc.

The Light is the DIVINE SPARK - positive essence of LOVE, Joy & happiness.
The Dark is the SIN - negative essence of HATRED, Fear & Greed, etc.

We are created in the image of God by GOD.  We are Created by the Light in the light.  We thus have the divine spark within being LOVE that encompasses all positive emotions joy, etc, as well as the seeds of darkness known as original SIN that encompasses all negative emotions, hatred, etc.

We are supping on evil through our sin when we abuse or deceive.  We overcome the SIN by heeding the Wisdom of the Word.

The emotions of sin are cleansed out of us by the Grace of God, one by one, and only when fully cleansed and thus pure within are we able to return to and abide in the ultimate heaven.

The Light says: LOVE ONE ANOTHER
by only letting my light shine through you. 

The Dark says:
IF you heed not the call to LOVE
and you allow my darkness to flow through you, I will destroy you.

"Vengeance is mine," sayeth the Lord our God.

The light says: What you sow so shall ye reap
The Dark says:
I will NOT let you go,
until you HAVE reaped what you did sow.

Testament 95

There is a TRUTH that I write empowered by God in this early night.  The truth as I it see is that GOD and I as one be,* for, for all time did I pray to be HERE today, for 'tis today the race does begin.  From TODAY all feel inner sin, and 'tis I sent from above who will ELEVATE via my angels of love.

Those who heard not the truth I WROTE will by PAIN be heavy besmote.  For they will SEE who I BE as they pass over and fall free, free and unhindered as they fall BELOW, and THEN my truth will in them grow. 

Aye over time and time and time, and they will YEARN for my love divine, for those that evil wreak will I not to them for an eternity speak.

And now my head will harder get for now e'en my feelings begin to fret, for I miss the place from whence I came, a place where all know my name.  Where respect and love flow free, and all but all friendly be, reach out and touch all they meet, where giving with love is not a feat.

So now the power within me in will flow faster through my bin, and harder and harder will it now be for any to cause pain to me.  For I shall look deep into their eyes and they will know that I them despise not, aye, for the evil within them in will I personally send below to the universal dust-bin, and if they too become not FREE, they too will below confined BE.

I despise not from negativity within, but you do from the power of universal SIN, for the SIN that in the universe BE, IS the other half of GOD see, and as I as God be, the other half I can see.

It controls me not as it does you, 'tis God who uses IT to control you.  For if you FAIL then you FALL, for that is for all the arrogant and tall.  TALL in strength in this place through the MISUSE of the MACE. 

So 'twill be wielded by God’s men, punishment to BE.  God says; “I will not falter nor will I fail to make every poor soul* tremble and quail.”

Believe it, it is TRUE, all will feel God's power flow through.  The "poor" are the merciless and unforgiving who will be set upon by the MERCILESS UNLIVING, and MY ARMY reaches to the Sun, invisible angels unnumbered stand behind this one, and they were prepared by MY mind BEFORE I entered this world so unkind, and 'tis they now who guide me for only from their level can one clearly see.

And soon the world will fall to ME, for I not only the SAVIOUR but the AVENGER BE.  For God's forces mine, reach down to HELL, and they hear now my mighty bell tolling to BEGIN THE REAP. 

Aye, for sure now MANY WILL WEEP and the understanding I'd have you KNOW, so that when YOU pass over you UPWARDS GO, for from there you for sure CAME for you too have a soul with a mighty name.

Soon powerful forces to reach up from the dark and GUIDED BY ANGELS will find their mark, for EVERY SINNING MAN now will find his tail,* aye, and his mind and soul WILL QUAIL.

Testament 96

From this day do I change my book, from this day my book has a new look, for the old is no longer me for today has God set my mind free.  Free again to with Her entwine, once again am I as one with our Mother divine, free once more of inner sin, free to feel Her loving power spin in

So, children, once again do I speak as before to counsel the meek, and what it IS I do ASK is Please set now your minds to task.  I last spoke long ago* but my words no longer flow, for all but all have forgotten me, the MESSAGE that from GOD FLOWED FREE.

The MESSAGE was PEACE TO ALL MANKIND, truly I see all mankind are yet BLIND for none I see heed me, aggression and violence flow free.  So now I call ALL MY MEN, those who BELIEVE the truth of this pen, the truth that flowed before and who believe what's NOW IN STORE.

"HEARKEN" to what I say, soon NO "sunshine"* for many a day.  PREPARE for what's in store.  REMEMBER to love all who come to the door.


To reach heaven you must not be blind, aggression and hatred cannot heaven REACH, how many EONS must I so teach I return here EACH ETERNITY a few times to help those who READY BE, ready at last to walk tall, not follow those about to fall.

that you this do and believe I trust
there is NO OTHER WAY to heaven reach
if you THINK there is, you have a mental breach

Being a communication breakdown with our God, who reigns with compassion and peace above.  IF you would fall below, then allow your retaliatory aggression to flow. 

Children 'tis not the strong you needs heed, just the meek and mild that are stronger than greed.  COME let me hold your hand walk by my side join the heavenly band.

Testament 97

All but all seek peace and love, is the message from up above.  Believe me, for I am true, believe me for I love you.  WHO I BE and why I here now be must be DECIDED by EACH of thee, those that believe will be helped from above by my star filled with my love. 

KEEPING THEIR SANITY day by day as inner forces RISE and they pray, pray for release deep, deep within of the inner RISING SIN.  They will be fortified from up above by cleansing rays filled with God's love, and their past burdens will quicker clear as they sow NO MORE darkness through hatred and fear.

Those that me rebuke and despise, allowing hatred and anger within to rise will NOT believe what I say until MAYBE another day, and through THIS could they fall by SOWING MORE EVIL until their fall, but even they are being cleansed from above, yea, verily by my love.

'Tis just the pain that they MORE sow will within them taller grow, aye and they will REAP and CRY LOUDER in their sleep.  So, friends, I beg of you, try to show not to me but to GOD you're true, true to the wisdom of the Word, control your feelings wield not the sword.

Testament 98

The MAN called Jesus came before, this you remember for sure for sure, full of insight and wisdom and strength, that he could see THE FUTURE, he showed at great length. 

But with all his Might what you did SEE was that to his DEATH, HE walked calmly.  'Twas his proof for all to SEE that ONLY in this way we reach eternity.

Yes, the seventh day the day of rest, when we ASPIRE and join the best, freedom forevermore in His Kingdom that's for sure. 

Now the time for BELIEVERS see, no more OUTWARD miracles for a time to be, for now the greatest miracle is by God performed IN THEE, being the speedy spiritual cleansing out of negativity. 

So now the time has COME to test you, yes EVERYONE through our sinning in the past.  The sin will RISE WITHIN at last at last.  Those that heed the Word will it CONTAIN and from striking out will REFRAIN, and if they die through others misused, in a twinkling of an eye they'll be with God infused. 

YES, spiritually ELEVATED UP above to God leaving the flesh here on the sod, but those that die as they others MAUL will in a flash BELOW FALL.

The time has now come and I do see what is meant by ETERNITY, for the flow moves swiftly on and we'll needs strive harder to the race won. 

Clarity 'tis what I need, clarity to see the negative weeds, clarity in all I do, clarity to help all be true.  True to their souls in what they do, true to God's truth showing through, true to others who are around, true to those with minds unsound.

Testament 99

~ The approaching Cyclone ~

There is a pulsation in the wind
a vibration streaming to all who have sinned
an energy that now does veer
truly, a cyclone does draw near

And human radar has gone adrift, and the cyclone's* approach is very swift, and once the swell* begins to break,* Satan's vortex puts in the rake.* Dragging down beneath the swell all who heeded not God's final bell which daily now begins to chime as I Jesus' call daily more mime.

The call of give to all with love
the call of forgiveness echoing from above

The call to the mind prepare for when in Satan's face we stare, and truly, each soul will "pall" as satanic forces with dark faces them maul, for the satanic power released from below will ENSURE that all God's truth get to know.

Being that we are created for love, for only love exists above, and IF we others despise or hate, dark forces with us do "mate,"* and they never let us go until God's call we hear and know. 

Non-retaliation is a must even if on a fire we are thrust.  This is the CRUX being the CORE of the light and the truth that's for sure, and ONLY when the core we do see is God's face and truth a clear reality.

So any religions who others despise are but "sects"* ruled by souls unwise, souls who would others deny, souls who make others cry by saying "don't look around, 'tis the others by Satan bound," not seeing that freedom of choice is in heaven God's voice, and ALL that is required by God of thee is that this we clearly see, and we needs but help all who come our way.

"Deny none"- is God's call today. 
"All are GOD'S children" I hear flowing from my pen. 
So now to a soul true, God's voice is saying
"I love you."

There is LOYALTY TO GOD, and, loyalty to those that plod. 
There is loyalty to those KIND, and, loyalty to those BLIND.

Those blind would destroy any soul exuding evil ploy believing they are RIGHT and that God admires their insight.  So 'tis God now to speak about those truly meek who are loyal to GOD, who abuse NONE who on earth plod.

Your children and friends belong to God, God's issue, and God's head does nod.  If ANY are sick* in a destructive way, for their souls to God please pray.  Matters not what they DO to you or yours, to God STAY TRUE.  You as I must trust in God, not follow the blind who on earth do plod. 

Testament 100

God says:

"TRUST IN ME, I say destroy none and become free.  So children who'd loyal be, be loyal to the wisdom I send thee, for any now who raise their hand will for sure now join Satan's band.  I direct all that occurs on the sod, just HEED ME as along you plod. 

IF you decide to raise your hand for 'Justice' you yet don't understand.  My call is eternal love for any who'd return above.  There is no HALFWAY in this game, abuse any and you lose your name, spiritually lost in the dark, no light, no singing of a lark.

PLEASE DEPEND ONLY ON ME.  Only my dove can the reality see. 
So heed the message flowing through.  In loyalty to ME you to ME ARE TRUE."


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