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A copy of the Testament of Truth page 265

Sacred site - Divine Holy Place - Holy Grail.

Your "Inner divine spiritual Light," is the only sacred site.  If you try and protect it with negative "Might," one day you will fall into the dark night. 

Your sacred divine light becomes "clouded" when you deny God's call to "Only Love," and thus you "employ" darkness as you others abuse or destroy, clouding your light with more negative energy, "sin" drawn in. 

Marriage, divorce, adultery, illegitimate children.

Marriage is: a "contract of love inspired by God above." "Man" has through religion deemed, that children born "out of wedlock," as illegitimate, i.e.  "illegal to mate" if not "licensed by Religion or State."

In God's eyes, this is pure "adultery" of Truth.  All are God's children "Legal and loved by God." We must all "divorce" our "Minds" from the "Dark force" saying: 'til death do us part, I from darkness will "stand apart."

When you have:

"Heard" the call to "Only love"
"Seen" the reality of God's call of "Forgiveness"
"Heeded" the wisdom of God's Holy word by

Thus have you "supped" on God's "Bread" and drunk of the "living water of eternal life," and thus, have you been baptised and consecrated by the Holy Spirit. 

Heaven: The ultimate realm, of pure light, no darkness.
means: The Spirit soul enters the ultimate level of light, heaven. 

Your soul - is only "resurrected" when free of sin, matters not whether it is "out of the earthly flesh" or IN, it can ONLY to heaven GO when its "fleece" is as "white" as snow. 

Fasting: Abstaining from supping on darkness, (negativity - dark energy).

Faithful: True to God's Word: Compassionate & Merciful & Forgiving & non-retaliatory & always peaceful.