Testament of Truth

Father God is the Sovereign Power

The holiest divine Revelation of the Creator and Supreme Ruler of mankind
The 'Mystery of God' Revealed

In his name - by his word
the Star of Bethlehem returns to every part of the world

 The one and only TRUE FAITH sacred texts

~ The Scripture of Truth - Centre of Enlightenment ~

As written by Terence, son of Irene & David

This 'book' is the 'Holy Grail,' containing the pure wisdom of God to set you free spiritually.
 This book is not a 'religion,' it is spiritual truth and the TRUE
'Ideology of God' - "Peace unto all mankind."
 ONLY this book contains the information needed by YOU to 'reconcile' with THE CREATOR.


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The Testament of Truth
Book 1 of 9

  The TESTAMENT of TRUTH 278 p. The primary message from Heaven to all
  Added notes to the Story above 10 p. Notes


* 8 The LAW of GOD 97 p. God's ONE Supreme immutable LAW
  SHARIA - the divine LAW of God 13 p.  The Truth on 'Sharia' (Islam)
  The STATE of HEAVEN 16 p. God's 'entry' Decrees
  The 'STAR' Prayer 10 p. God sent meditation prayer for all

Note for readers - 1

Colour Codes and hidden meanings within text.

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The Testament of Truth
Book  2 of 9

* 2 The INNER ENERGY of God the Source 20 p. For believers & non-believers in God
* 13 The ONE True Faith 107 p. The religion True
  TRUE and absolute Pacifism 16 p. The prerequisite to Salvation
  The Philosopher TRUE 19 p. The Truth on ethics & morality & conscience
* 2 The 'Sovereign RIGHT' of man 47 p. Granted by God unto mankind
* 6 The 'question' of identity, ID 51 p. The God given name or the Devil's number
* 8 Blasphemy & the consequence of ACTIONS 57 p. The unseen spiritual reality
* 5 The book of HELL - War & Peace 91 p. Rules - the works and religion of the Devil
  The HOLY WAR 8 p. God's Wrath & Law imposed upon mankind
  The 'HAND' & 'Act of God' 9 p. Disaster & 'crucifixion' reality  
  The Law of merciless Retribution 6 p. The false doctrine of the Beast
  The cause of all suffering & sorrow 13 p. Defiance of God, the consequence revealed
  The TRUE 'Global Village' 10 p. The NEW Dawn of peace
  The FACTS of Life 6 p The 'Primary' spiritual teaching aid for all
  The infinite DARK 'particles' of God 6 p. The 'why' God sets out to destroy your soul
  God's 'Judgement & Rule' over errant man 11 p. God's Final revelation
  The Sovereign Authority of the Constitution 14 p. The revelation of its hidden powers.
  The conscience 'Vote for God' 9 p Why believers must not pay taxes
  The 'Freedom of Religion' Act  of the Constitution   Is it still valid or null & void?
  FINAL CIRCULAR 16 p. To all defiant of God's "Peace" command
  THE END of the story 8 p. The personal choice - freedom or bondage
  JUDGEMENT DAY 7 p. The personal and final choice
* 2 The National Security ALERT 16 p. The greatest Conspiracy against mankind
  The 'Vote ONLY for God' Campaign 1 p. The Absolute Salvation Truth

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Book 3 of 9

  The 'fall' of ISRAEL 15 p. The 'fate' of mankind today in every land
* 1 VATICAN "City" 49 p. The harlot of Babylon
* 16 The TRUTH of Salvation Gospels 80 p. The clarification of the gospels of Jesus
* 10 The CRUCIFIXION of Religion 103 p. The falsity of priesthood
* 6 The SODOMY of Man 116 p. The insanity of man
* 15 The SLAVE Citizen 255 p. The Devil's enslavement of man
  Spiritual healing - Salvation 8 p The true and only path to Heaven
  The REAL Truth 12 p. The 107 Articles
  SPIRITUAL words 1 p. Spiritual meaning of words
  Confucius 1 p. The true Chinese spirituality
  PRESS RELEASE (International) 21 p. All Media
of God's message in the languages:
2 & 12 p.

Afrikaans - Arabic - Chinese - Czech - Dutch -  English - French - German - Italian - Japanese Kiswahili - Korean - Malay - PNG Pigin - Russian - Slovak - Spanish - Thai

Book 4 of 9

* 9 The I.S.I.S. SUICIDE document 69 p. For all to read
  Clemency & Forgiveness 250 p. Mental Health & error of psychiatry
  Spiritual 'conflict' resolution 3 p. Instruction guidelines for helpers
* 7 The TRUTH document 122 p. Euthanasia, abortion. etc
  Youth Justice REFORM   Submission
  Feeling Easy Seminar Program   Rehabilitation of offenders

Book 5 of 9

* 2 The BLOOD document 42 p. For soldiers of land, air, sea
* 2 Render unto Caesar & God 29 p. Clarification of these words
* 1 WAR & National Karma Document 46 p. The hidden accruing 'pain' debt
* 3 MANDATES and Justification 42 p. For leaders of mankind
  The CRIME in society document 14 p. Conflict resolution
  The TAXATION & BANKERS Document 52 p. The revelation of extortion
  The JUDGMENT Papers 218 p. God's Judgment on the Judiciary
  GUNS, God and you 6 p. All gun owners and users
* 11 The OFFENDER document 177 p Judiciary & Police & Prisons dept
* 1 Suburban TERRORISM document 19 p. Community Safety Plan
* 1 God v/s the State of Tasmania 32 p. The enlightenment of the police & judiciary
  Family VIOLENCE document 25 p. Community Education Plan

Book 6 of 9

* 20 The COUNCIL 'Blueprint' document 32 p. For community welfare
* 1 PERSONAL place 'space' 10 p. Landlords - Tenants - Visitors
* 4 The SOCIAL security document 9 p. Community Welfare
* 6 The LAND RIGHTS document 78 p. Aborigine, Indigenous, Emigrant
  The CURRENCY CRISIS Document 33 p. For all readers
* 5 The 'Policy' of INSURANCE 45 p. Insurance and road safety

Book 7 of 9

  Current affairs correspondence 212 p. Recent current affairs letters
  Older other correspondence 95 p. General 'policy' review
  The sample letters document 53 p.  
* 2 Schapelle Corby Treatise 35 p. The Truth on the matter

Book 8 of 9

  The VISIONS of the last prophet 46 p. For believers

Book 9 of 9

Contains the Book ISLAM for followers of Allah

Other Information to assist the reader

  Wind & Solar & Micro hydro document 38 p End times self-sufficient electrical power
  The FISHERIES document 59 p. For fishermen
  Noah's ARK anchors 32 p. For all ocean goers
  The FORESTRY document  14 p. For timber men
  The STEVEDORE War 15 p. Labour reform
  AIR PILOTS Information 17 p. Aviators
  SEA DIVERS Information 20 p. Compressed air users
  The AUTOMOBILE - God and you 6 p. For all motor vehicle drivers
  FOOD & MEDICINE storage list 7 p.

All readers

  The 'Kuku' chicken incubator 9 p. Self sufficiency in coming times


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I state to you that the ONLY 'Words of the day' you or any must preach or teach are:
"OBEY our Lord God's wise COMMAND, for his messenger did arrive and his message is written in the skies and IT says that THE WORD OF TODAY and evermore is: 
Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto those others sinfully living" and, - - -
If confronted or abused then turn the other cheek in non-retaliation and, if to be put to death then 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' in NON-retaliation as you pay your outstanding spiritual dues to God the Almighty. For only in this manner will you be set free and, - - -
You must all now 'remember' that God's one IMMUTABLE Law states: "As you sow so shall ye reap" so IF you 'harm' any of God's children OR deceive them then you will suffer the same 'fate' within said Holy and JUST Law and you will fail this last 'testing' time and fall into the Abyss of eternal suffering so:
In order to be ABLE to 'restrain' yourself and control your negative emotions and deceiving thoughts that would mislead you, it will be wise for you to daily fortify your mind daily using the STAR prayer given by God that is in Book 1 of 9 of the Testament of Truth." 

The Primary TRUTHFUL and RULING Command of God stipulates:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving."

God states:

I DEMAND - absolute honesty
I DEMAND - absolute respect of ME
I DEMAND – absolute loyalty to ME
I DEMAND – absolute commitment to MY children
I DEMAND - total commitment to the message herein

Those who for any reason cannot so do and are turned away from ME by their own 'conscience' choose to so do and, by their own 'volition' have the right to so do and, the consequence of their 'infidelity' to ME their invisible God they cannot see will take its natural 'course' and divorce them of their sanity for eternity.

"Who is" and "what is" My Judge? My Judge is Terence, and he is the one who 'Judges' the conduct demanded by Me for any seeking to be released from bondage to suffering so that they can rise up into the Promised Land, Heaven.

His task is now completed as he has laid My truth at the feet of the world and every seeker can examine IT and be their own 'judge' as they should be able to see if their conduct and interaction with others is or is not in accordance to MY "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness" Command.

If your conduct is not as commanded by Me, then it is your own choice to continue to defy Me your God and suffer the eternal consequence or, you have a brief moment in time to stop being ignorant swine as you halt your aggressive, punitive and destructive interaction with others as you turn and face Me and lay down your mace.

Non-retaliation in the face of adversity is required by Me as YOU 'turn the other cheek' and suffer your dues owed to Me


Ask yourself, "Why would God have a LAW: 'As you sow so shall ye reap' IF it was not so"?

In every level of consciousness, be it material or spiritual ~ For every 'action' there is an equal and opposite reaction.

As God's RULING Command is:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate and forgiving"

It must be clearly understood from this very first page that a person who is defiant of IT (God's Command) is, - - - by their defiance an arrogant or ignorant person who is personally 'Guilty' of - - - or, - - - is a person who is 'condoning, supporting or funding' organisations or institutions which go forth in their name and on their behalf using force of arms to 'dominate, subjugate, control, regulate, berate, interfere, invade, seize, steal, tax, coerce, avenge, injure, punish or kill' others and is thus a person ON the WIDE ROAD TO HELL irrespective of their stated 'belief or religious ideology' because, - - -

The above 'conduct' is an absolute contravention of God's Command and, it is the use of FORCE, being God's destructive energy (the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of EVIL) and, - - - God FORBIDS the use of this 'fruit' in ones interaction with others.

It follows that any person supporting or using such, (IT - His  Dark controlling, coercive, merciless, unforgiving, punitive and destructive energy,) is therefore not a 'Pilgrim' on the road to Salvation and, irrespective of their 'stated' ideological (religious) belief they are a person who is presently knowingly or unknowingly on the WIDE ROAD TO HELL and their future suffering for their 'complicity' in the control of and abuse of and forceful interference in the lives of other children of the ALMIGHTY Creator.

IF you are UNABLE to BE 'kind, respectful, caring, merciful, compassionate and forgiving' unto ALL of God's children of any 'race or tribe' irrespective of their 'ways' or beliefs, then YOU are NOT walking the ROAD to SALVATION.

To BE 'saved' by God's great outpouring GRACE and BE purged of your inner Sin (dark negative emotions) you MUST at ALL times and in ALL situations BE in conformity with God's Ruling Command as given above and, - - - your servants interaction with others must also so be due to the fact that; if they cause harm to others on your behalf or in your name, then you are complicit, and both YOU and they are NOT walking the ROAD to SALVATION.

I state: As I am God's JUDGE it is incumbent upon me to 'simply' show mankind the present error of their way so that everyone can see 'how' God is to Judge them during this time of the eternal separation of souls and, - - - as I impart the truth and understanding, then 'each' of you can make amends to God IF YOU SO WISH before the LAST DAY.

As each of you depart the flesh of this world you will be judged as being either:  'Worthy or unworthy' - 'Just or wicked' - 'Faithful or unfaithful.' Very simply put, YOU can Judge yourself. How? By observing your own actions or interaction with others in reference to:

"Is your present conduct in accordance with the precepts of God's COMMAND or not"?

How do I as God's Judge then 'Judge' your PRESENT actions so as to show you whether they are within said precepts? For if they are NOT then you are 'guilty' of FAILING to 'bow' to God's Command and it is HE to 'Judge' you as UNWORTHY of living in His heavenly Paradise.

I can categorically state that IF you are less than peaceful, kind, caring, loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving as Commanded by God, then you are walking in error and you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

I can categorically state that IF you are bearing 'arms' and use them to defend yourself or others or to fight, dominate, tax, subjugate, punish, maim or kill others, then you are walking in error and you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

I can categorically state that IF you are critical, vindictive, abusive, interfering, disrespectful, or in fact in any way 'negative' towards others, then you are walking in error and you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

I can categorically state that IF you do not 'reach out' with compassion and 'share' God's Wisdom to assist other children of God who YOU believe are walking in error then you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

I can categorically state that IF you take an 'official' wage which 'permits' you or 'forces' you to interfere in the life of another being and thus 'disturb their peace of mind,' then you are unworthy and ON the wide road to Hell, and you need to quickly correct your activity.

Try and see that it is I reaching out to EVERYONE because in some way or other EVERYONE on earth today is 'of' the Lost Race and in ignorance or arrogance their activity is in contravention of, or defiant of, their God's Command and they THUS are on the wide road to Hell.

You need to understand that ONLY through my 'efforts' of clarification of the difference between 'Right or Wrong' action in the eyes of God will people be able to correct their ways and BE spiritually safe & saved.

Go well and seed your mind a little with God's Wisdom via HIS pen, mine.


Every individual or group religious sect having a web site is now teaching, preaching and expressing their own 'beliefs' and interpretation of scriptural texts and other, and all are thus 'professing' to be 'professors' knowing or having the truth, but as I see IT all are in ERROR, and thus deception is flourishing, and what every web site owner needs to now KNOW is:


If YOU are a person owning a web site having any doctrine which 'conflicts' with the fresh teachings of God via my hand then you need to QUICKLY remove ALL doctrine you are promoting, for our God does SEE ALL and HE now is to exert a VERY HEAVY HAND indeed against all deceivers and, if you are preaching from 'existing' scripture then I can assure you that as all scripture has been contaminated, a part of what you teach is also  error in conflict with MY TRUTH and your present destiny is as above.

The ONLY true path to Salvation is as contained within this The Testament of Truth.

IF you 'wish' to return to Paradise then STOP using forceful, punitive and destructive ENERGY.

The 'Administration of Justice' is God's prerogative only.

This web site is "raised" to the Glory of God by the "Peacemaker."

This web site contains a message from God to humanity as well as my personal counsel and guidelines to assist you the reader. 
You have the 'freedom of choice' to do what you wish to, as you 'follow or deny' the wisdom given to you.

1 - Let it here be known and clearly understood that any "person" who tries to "violate"  the content of this God's sacred web site by any "Act" of intrusion or 'defacement' or, any person who "directs" any other to so do, will by God be deemed an "offender" in God's eyes, and by their own deed as one to be eternally "despised" by the Source (God) and their eternal destiny decreed by God THE AUTHORITY shall be one of eternal misery in the Dark "Hell" land below because this web site content written by me has been sent by God to set you free spiritually.

2 - Let it here be known and clearly understood  that any person working for any government agency or non government agency that tries to restrict, inhibit or deny the general public access to the content of this web site or, any person working for any government agency or non government agency  that restricts, inhibits, or denies any member of the general public access to the content of this web site, is a person that by God be deemed an "offender" in God's eyes, and by their own deed as one to be eternally "despised" by the Source (God), and their eternal destiny decreed by God THE AUTHORITY shall be one of eternal misery in the Dark "Hell" land below because this web site content written by me has been sent by God to set you free spiritually.

3 - Let it here be known and clearly understood that this applies to any person that seeks to denigrate me or my message, for by this 'act' of vindictive darkness it may well result in others being turned away from God's sacred message and thus turning away from their own Salvation to their spiritual demise. Thus this same 'fate' will by God be placed upon the 'denigrator.' It is better or 'best' for any perceiving me as false to tell others to read my message and come to their own personally informed decision. 

4 - Let it here be known and clearly understood that any "person" who continues to teach or 'preach,' or instruct or 'educate' others from any spiritually based texts such as the Islamic Koran,  Christian scriptures, Israeli Talmud, or any other known and purported sacred text or, that distributes any such documentation, are spreading falsity, controversy and inaccuracy and, they are thus 'guilty' of deception and they are misleading God's children. It follows that they are thus in very 'grave' spiritual danger and, - - -  this applies to those of you who have raised up any such 'scripture' or part thereof on the internet. For further 'clarification' go to "True Doctrine."

5 - Note: - Due to the power of 'justification' which is used by the invisible DARK energy essence of the Source, God, to TEMPT you into using said destructive energy in your interaction with others or me and thus BE negative or,  be intrusive, controlling, vindictive, derogatory, deceptive, punitive etc., it is 'easy' for some to come to the 'conclusion' that I am not who I state I am or for some other reason.

Please try and understand that the dark energy essence is the most 'poisonous' substance which exists because IT contaminates ones soul as one uses IT and, this energy is what coarsens the vibration of your soul and draws IT away from the Light.

IF perchance any actions on your part are NOT within the precepts of God's Command to "ONLY be loving, peaceful, kind, caring, merciful, compassionate and forgiving," then it follows that if you are NOT 'so,' then you are in grave spiritual danger as the LAW of said dark energy essence of God will simply do unto you what you deserve for 'swerving' away from THE TRUE PATH due to your own arrogance or ignorance.

 I would not have it that you 'rubbish' me as some I see do because, not only does that PROVE to God that you believe that you are mightier than HE as you USE said dark energy in your interaction with me, but you are also stating that you do not believe that there is a reason 'why' HE advises you or Commands you to obey HIM. IF any reader truly believes that I am in error in my text then please BE compassionate and merciful as GOD Commands and BE safe.


Peace and goodwill unto all mankind
The Devil will you bind

None stand 'above' God's ONE 'singular' immutable LAW:: "As you do unto others will be done unto you."

 The 'anchor' of every world  ~   the Holy & Sacred Word of God the Father who states:

1 - Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy, - - -

Thus within MY Law you receive an equal return from MY Light energy flowing through the hands of others.

2 - If you continue to interfere, control, berate, steal, invade, impose sanctions, tax, destroy, punish, injure or kill, - - - 

Thus within MY Law you receive an equal return from MY DARK energy flowing through the hands of others.

If you are seen to continue living in this 'forbidden' manner your destiny is to be Satan's 'hill,' and everybody you meet will be cruel, hateful, merciless, vindictive, unforgiving and destructive. Terrible indeed is the travail, torture, interference, injury and agony you will suffer eternally in MY underworld, for THAT is MY FINAL Decree.

Absolute Truth - End Times - God's Children - Justice of God - Last Prophet - Wrath of God  - Christ the Messiah - The Testament of Truth
 Final Soul Destiny - The last Battle of the Mind - Thoughts and Emotions - Spiritual 'life or death.'

Important Note:

The original version of this The Testament of Truth is in the English language at: &

1 - When using a computer generated Translate 'tool' you are not getting a complete and fully accurate translation as the meaning becomes slightly distorted from the English original (Author's first language) thus the translated version (second language) should not be used as an educational manuscript for publication until the translation is 'checked' and corrected 'para for para' against the original English by a professional language translator scholar.

2 - If you have translated this web site information onto paper and wish to translate that to some other (third language) language then you must ONLY translate from the original English version or you will most certainly lose the context meaning of what was said by the Author.

3 - I reiterate, once you have made a translation from the original English document to another language do not use the second language to translate into a third because the accuracy and clarity of the meaning of the author's original text (English) will be distorted and error.


 ~ Global WARNING ! ~

As all mankind can now SEE there is an upsurge of 'darkness' within the MINDS of those empowered to use their MILITARY to enforce 'State' control, interference, power and useable FORCE against others. These 'others' include YOU the CIVILIAN who are expected to 'back' and support said 'warmongers' irrespective of your religious 'affiliations.'

If you 'fail' to give your personal 'backing' and $ funding to these 'devilish' men then their forces will invade your premises and steal all your property to back their fiscal needs.

THIS FINAL WARNING to all mankind is to advise and warn you ALL that EACH individual stands individually before their GOD who awaits to SEE if they are or are NOT 'worthy' to be set free and thus be uplifted into Paradise.

I can here and now state quite CATEGORICALLY that IF you the individual continue to support, condone or give ANY ongoing support (taxes) to any 'system' of man that uses any part of said funds for their 'war machine' or any form of 'counter attack' regime, then your PERSONAL FATE is 'sealed' by your own 'mind and hand' and is to BE that of eternal damnation and ongoing suffering for an eternity before you literally FRY in the fires of Hell.

Please now choose to be 'crucified' by STATE 'systems' through refusing to FUND their coffers or, choose to stay 'free' temporarily by continuing to fund their 'bastardry' and be DAMNED FOREVER.

Please now OBEY THE COMMAND of your Sovereign Lord God and be a TRUE BELIEVER who has set their MIND free from being controlled by the 'State' or THE DECEIVER.

I AM HE the returned Christ who can ONLY uplift THE TRUE.



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