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the dark destroyer ~ absolute truth ~  end days ~  are you 'god' or is God, GOD

~ The 'answer' as to whether or not 'freedom of religion' exists on earth ~

The answer to the 'question' is threefold:

Answer - 1 - A resounding 'NO' - Because earthlings are ruled by a DARK Power imposing ITS destructive ideology.
Answer - 2 - An unequivocal 'YES' - Because we can turn our backs to the control & edicts decreed by others.
Answer - 3 - Followed by a massive 'BUT' - Because there are severe misunderstood consequences.
Article - 4 - THE absolute TRUTH of the matter.

How can the answer be such a hotch-potch mix and still be correct? Because it is to do with the invisible energetic Power of the God named 'BAAL' by some, being the deceiver and destroyer and dark destructive energy essence of THE SOURCE.

I now present you with a little story to assist all readers to comprehend what I am saying because it is extremely difficult to 'sort it out' in a manner that you will finally understand. For only thus will you have the opportunity of amending your personal ways and becoming free spiritually.

I ask you to please read this little story because if you do not, you will not have the opportunity of saving yourself from an eternity of ongoing suffering. This story is about the LIGHT and the DARK, the kind and the cruel, the agony and the ecstasy.

It is akin to the 'pea and ham' soup and the sacred 'tap' placed in the marketplace of every village and town on earth. It is the tap through which flows a 'wealth' of liquid gold and much forceful power.

The truth is, that if you open this forbidden by God to use tap, you will feel and know what God's absolute power is, and you will have access to limitlessness wealth. That wealth being the proceeds of the labours of all the people who have become your SLAVES as they now 'bow' in servitude to YOU and your dictates.

However, first we return to the pea and ham soup. This 'soup' of which I speak is like the ways of man which appear to be very satisfying to so many but, within this 'soup' is also the cause of all suffering which nobody seems to either comprehend nor know the answer to.

It is always difficult to separate a 'broth' of possibilities because, metaphorically, once a 'soup' broth is made, all the ingredients are extremely difficult to separate into their original form. A form having 'something' hidden within which is not only powerful but which affects the 'end product' to a great degree.

The soup is an easy mix of peas and smoked ham together with leeks, potatoes, onions and anything else which is cooked together. Although  it would appear to be fairly easy to separate these condiments the reality is, that this is NOT so. WHY?   Because the smoke from the fire which gives the ham its 'smoked' flavour also pervades the mix and leaves a taint that cannot be removed once it is a part of the mix.

What then is the primary cause of 'bad' and thus painful Karma which has caused mankind's suffering for so long?  It is in fact the dark destructive energy tainting man's soul and distorting the actions of man.

This is an energy essence which remains unseen by man. Man has now become so accustomed to using IT that this negative emotional energy now forms a part of the energy 'mix' within the soul of man. (SIN) It sits alongside the benign and loving energy within the soul.

It is the hidden darkness pervading every soul at all levels of existence outside of Heaven which is so 'satisfying' to USE because, we feel good when meting out vengeful retributive JUSTICE. Indeed our actions seem 'righteous' and justified but man sees NOT the spiritual consequence of drawing IN dark energy to ones soul and 'tainting' the holy grail or 'rose' at the core of ones soul. No longer pure once contaminated.

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The taint or invisible 'smoke' of the Dark 'sinful' energy in man clouds and distorts mans perceptions as to THE REQUIREMENT of man within God's Command unto man being: "Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful, compassionate & forgiving to all those others sinfully living & turn the other cheek if persecuted & ONLY extend peace & goodwill unto all mankind." WHY? Because:

A - IF you do the above then the 'return unto you' within the 'eye for an eye' Law of God's energy is the same. (Love & happiness)
B - IF you defy the above and retaliate and are merciless or punitive or destructive, you are USING DARK ENERGY and IT will destroy your soul.

Another reason for enabling this DARK power to invade ones soul so easily is the misinterpretation of the biblical text stating: 'Render unto Caesar that which belongs to Caesar.'

Since man now believes in the right of Caesar to take all, man has permitted Caesar to open the tap in the village and to STEAL as many of the goods or money he needs, wants or desires. This has led to increasing the dark power of the negative emotional feelings of greed and vanity in the soul of 'Caesar' (today's premiers & politicians) and his forces and in fact everyone. The 'greed need' has grown so great, that every nation is now totally impoverished due to every spare penny having been and still being 'extracted' forcefully or punitively for each and every activity of man.

All the above is accomplished by the use of the arms of strong men and the utilization of weapons of death. (The gun) All the above is also accomplished by everyone bowing to the God Baal and His total Control, dictatorship, subjugation, retributive vengeance and spiritual DEATH.

This absolute dominance is the BELIEF of Darkness and is also now the BELIEF which provides the 'clouded minds' of systems officials with the justifiable RIGHT to dominate everyone.

It is like the smoke in the pea and ham soup, but dark negative energy is clouding the vision of EVERYONE it has infiltrated & contaminated since IT justifies the continued support and funding of DARKNESS. All now bow to Baal through fear of retribution and all are so blind that they actually believe that they are obeying the command of the TRUE God but they are NOT.

So in FACT on the one hand, there is NO freedom of religion because the fearful and ignorant are FORCED to be true to Baal even though by mouth and ritual they praise the other. (True God) In fact, all of every race and creed today are still bowing to BAAL except for a handful of absolute pacifists as me.

Those "Bowing to Baal" will be punished by THE GOD BAAL if they seek to HALT their support and funding of Him and His destructive ways because, all have accrued painful debts to Him within His Eye for an Eye Law of EQUAL RETURN, for either being cruel or callous or destructive personally or, in funding the wages of Creasers forces to so do in their name and on their behalf to other community members or over the sea.

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I remind all:

If our God commands us to ONLY 'extend' or be 'Kind & loving & peaceful & merciful, compassionate and forgiving' unto everyone we meet, then what is the result of everyone supporting, condoning and funding the CONTRA religious ideology which exists in every land on earth today? I will try to make it as clear as possible as to the result of everyone continuing in their funding of the DARK system of:

Control, absolute domination, dictatorship, interference, subjugation, enslavement, extortion, deprivation, punishment, banishment, eviction, kidnap, transportation, holding hostages in jail, causing mental & emotional & physical trauma or harm and killing.

The unseen consequence of funding this iniquity is that everyone is factually involved in LIVING IT. Be it by doing the above to others personally or,  - - - via the activities of ones paid servants (politicians) and their armed forces or, - - - via the rules established by said politicians or chiefs of kings etc., with the punishment factor imposed by magistrates.

The result of factually LIVING IT means that everyone voting for or funding by 'licence fee' or tax to any government institution is:

a - Defiant of God in disobeying His Command unto mankind.

b - They place themselves within the controlling & punitive aspect of His immutable LAW. (As you or your servants do unto others will by others be done unto you) and everyone suffers the same 'consequence' at some stage ahead.

The result is that suffering becomes ongoing because it leads to each individual personally being part of (complicit to) the extortion, control, subjugation, punishment as imposed by the 'rulers.' Being those foolish enough to use force of arms to back their dictates to YOU. (In fact being God's telepathic instruction via the minds of the lost race as He metes out His 'eye for an eye' Justice invisibly)

c - That all persons factually using 'force' to impose anything upon others are factually drawing dark energy into their soul, and this negative & destructive energy is what drags their soul down and away from the Light in the after life.

So as you can see, everyone who is 'fearful' or ignorant of the facts cannot live by their own conscience (Religion of peace as God Commands) because they are afraid to 'buck' the system with ITS punitive nature and DARK IDEOLOGICAL DOMINANCE. Indeed ITS rules force ITS controlling, interfering, extortionist, punitive & destructive ideology (religion of death) upon everyone.

The unseen reality is that if you wish to live by God's Command and by your own conscience you cannot so do as long as you are a voter or funding the 'war chest' of the institution. This is because you deserve to suffer within ITS rules because you in fact uphold them via your support. That support being one of control or injury imposed upon others by said institution.

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The answer to point 1 above ( A resounding 'NO' - Because earthlings are ruled by a DARK Power imposing ITS destructive ideology.)

Everyone is forced or coerced or punished if they defy Caesar's dark ways and try and step outside of GOVERNMENTAL CONTROL AND DICTATORSHIP.

So there is NO 'freedom of religion' open and available to anyone funding darkness, for they ARE 'darkness in action.'
Knowingly or unknowingly they are LIVING the 'religion of darkness' and therefore are ON the 'road to perdition.'

The answer to point 2 above (An unequivocal 'YES' - Because we can turn our backs to the control & edicts decreed by others.)

If you 'wish' to live in accordance with God's Command and thus by your own conscience as I do as I LIVE the religion of LIGHT, (The one true faith) then you are free to so do, even if people seek to threaten or coerce you into rejoining their 'way' and giving in to their control.

But as it is our God who is 'judging' your system of BELIEF, do not vote for 'warmongers' to rule you and do not fund their wages in paying taxes or fines or licence fee permits. You are also not required by God to carry any photo or other proof of identity.

Further to the above with its unequivocal 'YES,' if you are brave and courageous enough and can see the true path and therefore OBEY God's Command, you ARE living by your own conscience and your own chosen belief and therefore you do have freedom of religion as you DO practice the peaceful way and you do not disturb the peace of others nor do you support the ways of the Dark God Baal nor Caesar's men. (Politicians or other Lord's of the manor).

It is a requirement that you must only fund the benign aspects of services provision and a part of this is the education of offenders, being those of the 'other' Dark religion who interfere and control and cause harm.

So there is YES 'freedom of religion' open and available to anyone funding goodness, for they ARE 'Light in action.'

The answer to point 3 above. (Because there are severe misunderstood consequences.)

I need to clarify the 'BUT' factor here being; once you begin to make change and ONLY live and condone benign activity, it does not mean that others will immediately cease persecuting you. They will persecute you and cause you harm or loss or grief until such time as IT the darkness, (The Dark Master) has satisfied HIMSELF that all your outstanding dues to Him from your past support of His ways have been 'settled' and paid in FULL.

Indeed the dark energy can flow instantly through any one of ITS/His earthly 'chattels' and mete out divine retribution when IT so decides.

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The absolute TRUTH on the matter

For many years I have 'tested' the earthly 'Sovereign Powers' and the power of their 'grip' over the minds and lives of 'commoners' as they used letters of 'Marque' or text words enshrined in Constitutions or books of rules granting 'protection or immunity' to the peaceful. What have I found?

That these words are mere WORDS having NO 'substance' and the heads of all nations and their 'apostles' are all LIARS & THIEVES & murdering SWINE posing as 'legitimate' Rulers of man but they are NOT. That 'disgrace' is exposed by me as SHE the LIGHT extends Her 'grace' to humanity to set TRUE believers FREE.

God and ONLY God is the legitimate Ruling Sovereign Power and Authority and HE/SHE does not 'licence' any mortal to RULE in their 'place.'

Did our God of Light and Love (She) give Kings or Queens or Emperors or Chiefs the RIGHT to rule man? NO. This fallacy has kept man enslaved and in bondage to THE devilish DARK Sovereign Power (He) and His 'works' for 'all time on earth' and in EVERY realm of consciousness outside of HEAVEN for all eternity.

It is my pen (God's - Her/His) to now reveal THE TRUTH of THE matter so that YOU can set yourself free from bondage, eternal slavery and eternal suffering IF you so 'wish' and IF you have courage and the capacity to SEE what is revealed herein.

Powerful men filled with avarice and arrogance and greed and vanity and pride seized the RIGHT to RULE other men using 'force of arms, deception and destructive' means to so do, backed by threat and coercion and punishment. (This continues on even today couched in the words 'Its for your own good.')

In TRUTH, they were and yet are inspired by the DARK 'devilish' aspect of THE SOURCE, God the Father so that He could and yet does continue to punish errant, disobedient and unfaithful man and, - - - keep them subjugating others and stealing the 'fruits' of their labours and, - - - keeping them in ongoing suffering and hardship and, - - - keeping them and ALL the Rulers continuing to 'sup' on the 'forbidden to use' DARK forceful ENERGY (Sin) so that HE could drag their unfaithful souls out of His sight into Hell to suffer FOREVER.

Woe and more woe indeed is the suffering to now unfold as His divine Law of RETURN crushes all infidels.

It is very, very, VERY important for YOU to see and comprehend that, - - - as long as YOU vote for a 'man' as your 'head of house' or fund any 'taxes' in support of any king or president or other mortal to RULE you, - - - it follows that YOU are ON the wide road to Hell and eternal suffering for paying the wages of THE MERCILESS to go forth in your name and on your behalf to control, subjugate, punish, dispossess or cause harm or KILL other children of God.

There is NO 'honour' amongst thieves and killers of men.

God states:

"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy as you 'turn the other cheek' if abused & go as a 'lamb to the slaughter' if confronted by non-believers because you must never retaliate."


"I give you good precepts so do not forsake my teaching ~ Let your heart hold fast unto my words ~ Keep my commandments and live ~ Do not enter the path of the wicked and do not walk in the way of the evil ~ Do not swerve to the right or to the left ~ You cannot serve two masters ~ Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness extended unto all mankind IS THE ONLY WAY."

If you are presently funding 'warmongers,' how can you equate their and your ACTIVITIES as being in conformity to God's command unto man?

You cannot, and what you need to understand is that NO 'mandate' of man nor position of 'office' exonerates any punitive or warlike activity. All activities are subject to God's: "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law. It also applies to the ACTIVITIES of YOUR servants. Government officials or any other paid a 'wage' by you.

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Try and see that you are funding warrior warmongers who STEAL endless sums of money so that they can 'fill' their own bellies and cause untold misery, loss, pain and suffering and even kill MILLIONS of God's children in your name and paid for by your 'subscriptions.'

IF you do not awaken from your FALSE beliefs and present 'doctrine' you aspire to, then that is your CHOICE and my pen says: "You will suffer eternal torment for your chosen STUPIDITY." Only fund benign community effort directly, and if any person demands that you pay them a 'fine' or tax 'ransom,' simply IGNORE their demands and suffer the consequence quietly, as you 'turn the other cheek and FORGIVE them for their trespasses against you.'

If you are paying the wage of ANY 'armed forces' or are employed as an 'armed force,' you are ON the wide road to HELL.

As for myself, I as all grew up in a false culture as did you, and I was thus a part of IT and ITS dark ways until my mind became 'enlightened' by our God. I have had to suffer at the hands of the 'ignorant' merciless even when living the ONE TRUE FAITH for the reasons revealed herein.

I now do LIVE my own ONE TRUE FAITH BELIEF using my God given conscience and I am always prepared to suffer at the hands of the unconscionable. I do this in the foreknowledge that any imposition of grief is setting me free from my past as long as I remain steadfast in God's Command and never retaliate. I do hope that my reasoning 'story' assists you to change to the better.

There is a MASSIVE 'gate' at the entry point to the highest realm of Paradise, Heaven, and it has been now open for a time to permit lost souls 'entry' if they amend their ways. However, it is also a little like the Jewish 'wailing wall' in that once it swings SHUT, all those who failed to pass their LAST test will find themselves locked OUT forever. This becomes the FATE of any who use dark energy and fight for freedom as so many yet do of all 'races & tribes' on earth and under the earth.

These will truly 'gnash their teeth' and wail and scream in anguish as demonic forces from the lower lands drag them down and away into the underworld to BEGIN their tortuous karmic 'payback.' A payback which goes on and on and ON forever because, their minds have become controlled by BAAL and HE keeps them 'locked into' retribution and THUS forever suffering the 'eye for an eye' LAW of RETURN.

So as you CAN now ALL see, irrespective of your named religion or your present belief, if you are funding the coffers of a punitive warring institution which is causing harm to others or interfering in their lives and controlling or punishing them, then you are a BAAL worshipper with dark forces at work seeking to bring you to account before you can become free spiritually.

I wish to advise you that as insanity and confrontation escalates globally that unbelievable agony is going to be imposed upon God's children. If YOU are supporting it in any way then great indeed are to be your ETERNAL tribulations. You need to understand that multitudes will go to 'work' each day but will NEVER return and will NEVER meet their loved ones again if they fall into the UNDERWORLD. The 'workings' of your OWN mind are what saves your soul. NO other.

Any person or group using the name of a 'religion,' be it Islam or Christian or other as their justification to FIGHT, as they try and coerce the other into bowing to their ideals are 'heretics' and all are in FACT working for the SAME dark energy essence of He the DEVIL and are using His Might.

True believers of any 'race' KNOW that the use of the aggressive 'mace' is forbidden by God and is in contravention of God's "Love one another" Command. It follows that all users of punitive FORCE are the DECEIVED and all are working for the same hellish force and all are on the wider road to HELL.

We now stand globally at TODAY where every tribe and creed and religion and secular institution ALL have been deceived as ALL believe in their RIGHT to FIGHT, subjugate, control, dispossess and destroy their perceived enemy. All are devilish workers demanding RETRIBUTIVE JUSTICE and it is HE the Dark Sovereign Power (God) who IS their overlord meting out His 'eye for an eye' Law via them. Woe indeed, for ahead, they ALL similarly bleed in a never-ending 'tit for tat' basis.

All are misled by their political 'heads' and false 'religious' elders. All these are the very worst criminals for misleading God's precious children.

I wish you well on your way and say: 'PLEASE amend your ways TODAY.'


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Notices to Magistrates, politicians & armed forces

Let it be CLEARLY understood by all mortal men and those in 'spirit' realms that politicians, magistrates and their armed forces are the 'tip' of the burning hot satanic SPEAR. As they 'draw blood' so shall they be blooded. Do not fund their impositions upon others or you will also be 'so' blooded and suffer excruciating anguish.

Amongst other duties, a magistrate is simply a person meting out punishment and is also 'tempting' and thus 'seducing' people to continue on funding THE DARK. How so? The verbal imposition of a FINE is the demand, and the alternative to this payment being the THREAT of incarceration is the coercion.

Once you can see this 'factor' you will never again pay any fine or licence 'fee' or tax LEVY to THE DARK. You ONLY support and fund the educative or benign provision of services you need, want or desire to, and you freely GIVE to those in need of care or support or whatever you wish to fund.

Magistrates and other judges need to try and see that their 'role' is a little like being an 'actor' on stage. But every day when they step through the 'sacred door' of their court 'rooms,' they take ON the 'mantle' of God. At this moment they have the power of God to use and CRUSH their victims in many a way and to DESTROY their life and livelihood and they even have the power to kill them. This FACT to me is 'beyond belief' that anyone would be so arrogant and foolish as to 'play' at being GOD for a wage. (30 pieces of silver)

"Judge not lest ye be so judged" sayeth the TRUE and real GOD via my pen, HIS.

It is because 'we are NOT God' that we suffer. God is THE ENERGY and we are but the 'vessel' through which the emotive and energetic energy of God flows through when we interact with another, be IT the benign giving & creative Light or the malignant punitive & destructive DARK.

The energy is 'above' ITS 'Law of EQUAL Return' but, - - - we are NOT.
The Dark energy is liquid ARROGANCE because IT knows that IT is all-powerful but, - - - we are NOT.

The more you 'play' at being the retributive arm of God in action, the more dark energy grows within your soul, and you begin to 'strut around' like Mussolini believing in your invincibility and divinity. You ARE at this moment DOOMED because your VANITY far exceeds your REASON.

All 'enforcers' and dictators of edicts imposed upon others are on the road to great TRAVAIL say I.
Lay down your 'arms' and become a benign EDUCATOR.

Did our God grant any man the RIGHT to enforce anything? Yes indeed, God granted all men the RIGHT to go forth unarmed and 'arrest' or 'restrain' and haul IN any person who is causing harm to others or is disturbing the peace of the land or is involved in immoral activities. (Drug dealing, threat, coercion, monetary extortion, stand-over tactics etc.)

What is to be done unto these 'offensive ones' who disobey their God? They are to be forced to attend a feeling easier seminar as given on this web site, at which time they are counselled and educated and taught how to control negative thoughts and then are to be set free. Education is the way, not punishment.

If you are a magistrate or soldier or other enforcer, then please make an educated and informed decision as to your next 'move' because, I AM HE.
I am The Last Call 'caller' of God and ANY who fail to heed my silent 'Voice of reason' most definitely place their own soul into the eternal FIRE.


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~ Criminal Intelligence ~
The absolute 'paranormal' destroyer
Educational document

Open letter to: Chief of Army: LTGEN David Morrison, AO & MAJGEN Angus J. Campbell, DSC, AM & MAJGEN Jeff Sengelman, DCM, AM, CSC.


This paper is written now to reveal the existence of an invisible infinite super intelligence which exists and 'twists' the mind of mortal man for the singular purpose of their destruction due to their use of IT for the purpose of interfering, controlling, subjugating and destroying others.

The Military is the highest 'force' available by man to force others to submit to the demands and commands of another. Its 'Might' is invoked by man for many different reasons but for many centuries now it has been invoked for the purpose of subjugation, control, extortion and punishment, and in the course of its 'action' being terrible destruction, injury, mental & emotional trauma and often killing leading to total annihilation of societies, has been a frequent outcome.

In order to 'succeed' and thus 'win' a war it has always been very important to have 'intelligence,' being information about the 'other side,' so that the operational planners can more easily come to an informed decision as to their next move, for it is not as 'simple' as a game of chess where the moves of others are 'open' because all their warriors are visible on a chess board.

So the 'mastermind' behind EVERY 'overpower & destroy' operation is the key figure and it is my pen to now expose a REALITY which has remained unseen since earth's creation, but now reveals ITSELF via my pen.

The reality of which I speak is the infinite intelligence of the DARK spiritual energy essence which exists, has a limitless 'boundary' and permeates the 'ether' of not only this 'universe' but of every other realm of consciousness outside of the pure LIGHT energy essence. This Light energy essence also exists at the other 'end' of the infinite energy spectrum and has a benign all knowing 'wise' and creative intelligence which guides this pen.

Sourcing Military 'intelligence' is sourcing information about ones 'victim' and is also obtained from within ones own mind as an 'idea or thoughts' entering the mind of someone who has an INTENT. The intent can be either to assist or to destroy.

What takes place when you 'seek' intelligence in respect of the 'other side' which is your perceived 'enemy'? If the intent is to seize control of the other or to punish another or to gain a punitive advantage or to destroy, then ones mind is linked instantly via telepathy through to the infinite intelligence of the DARK spiritual energy essence in Dark realms 'below.' Whether you believe it or not is irrelevant, it is a FACT.

Firstly, the 'biology' of this world consists of a material body and is simply a 'spacesuit' form, enabling the soul of a spirit 'being' to walk in this realm and intermingle with souls from many other levels of consciousness.

The 'flesh' of this world is NOT 'us,' we are the thinking, feeling 'spirit being' created by God aeons ago which has been sent into the 'flesh' of this realm for a time. When the 'biology' becomes uninhabitable due to injury, illness or old age, the spirit simply steps out of it and is drawn swiftly to another realm of consciousness, one vibrating at the same frequency as the frequency of the unique spirit being. There is NO 'death.'

The more LIGHT energy within the spirit being the higher towards the pure Light we go.
The more our inner Light has been contaminated by Dark energy (sin, negative emotions) the lower we fall, away from the Light.

All Military personnel are 'militants' with their minds linked to Dark forces in spirit realms below because their intent is to control, subjugate, punish, injure, kill, or destroy property which is not theirs. They all follow 'orders' and thus cannot use their own conscience so their 'ideology' is always 'warlike.'

The dark beings who link into their minds are the destructive force behind the ideas that become their own, but they are in fact incoming thoughts which actually 'possessively' direct their actions.  These dark (demonic) forces are invisible and unseen by man but they are REAL and they EXIST in lower levels of consciousness in a spirit 'form' as ours, but their 'body' is indestructible and exists forever as does our spirit soul.

Below them are even darker realms with more powerful 'demonic' forces, being the souls of those who have drawn in huge amounts of dark energy in their eternal existence, and these 'direct' the activities of those higher up who are linking in to your mind.

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The lower and darker the realms (worlds) the more infinite cunning and destructive is the intelligence available. In the 'pit' of the Dark is the super consciousness intelligence' of THE DARK Source, God who is THE ONE directing every 'earthly' chess game of WAR.

Does the infinite super intelligence of the Dark Source win EVERY battle and if "Yes" then 'how'? Yes IT (the dark source) does win every 'battle,' be it a 'playground' battle between two seven year olds or the 'grown up' battles where all control, injure, maim or kill or simply subjugate others.

How does IT 'win'? It wins simply by getting YOU to draw IN more of ITS Dark energy into your soul. (Sin) The result being that your spirit soul becomes 'colder' and 'harder' and more 'ruthless, cruel, uncompromising, vindictive, merciless and demanding of 'justice,' and as it departs the flesh it falls further away from the Light into a lower and darker realm. A place where others are equally retributive, merciless and meting out ITS 'Justice' within ITS Law and sorrier indeed is ones ongoing plight.

No 'combatant' ever wins, as both sides either 'suffer' their dues or draw IN more dark energy and accrue more dues to IT, to be suffered possibly far ahead on another day. All ultimately fall into ITS Lair to suffer on and on and ON and they become 'liquid evil.' These beings all end up in the eternal fire after having descended slowly over aeons of time into the utter depths of depravity due to the mass of dark energy drawn in.

Yes, the Dark Source has infinite intelligence at ITS disposal and IT is the mastermind 'guiding' both sides of every 'battle' and ITS 'energy' and dark forces 'gleefully' plot and plan and scheme every move which IT (the dark energy) CAN foresee. It is our GOD who destroys those whom IT (His dark energy) perceives to BE 'bad seeds' unworthy to live in THE PARADISE which HE created. There is NO 'glory' awaiting any person who defies their Creator.

THE COMMAND of God to YOU states: "Go your way in peace and love one another," for ONLY thus do you accrue a 'happy' RETURN due within THE "eye for an eye - return unto you" LAW of THE benign ENERGY used and your inner Light becomes more BRIGHT.

Let us all now lay down our weapons and be kind and caring as we forgive and EDUCATE our perceived enemy instead of meting out MERCILESS RETRIBUTION for and on behalf of God the Dark Sovereign Power. The Dark forgives NO person. The 'eye for an eye' Law is THE LAW. Men of 'religion' have been deceived by IT the Dark and they have deceived man for ages of time. God is God, the Light & the Dark energy essence.

The DARK Power in 'balancing' ITS 'Scales of Justice,' is operating LEGALLY and simply IS what it IS. When you take up the 'cudgel' for IT or the nation or the flag or for any other reason, you are operating ILLEGALLY with the CRIMINAL INTENT to cause harm and you place yourself within ITS Law.

It (God's dark energy) is what it IS, you must 'learn' to control your thoughts and become 'lambs' or DIE IN YOUR SIN.

As 'common' man supports, condones, and funds police or other armed forces they also are 'complicit' to any injury imposed by said 'forces men' and accrue a daily spiritual due when awake or asleep. The 'time' always 'comes' when the reaper knocks at their door as is now to BE in every country. Non-retaliation is the only way to become free and to survive spiritually.

If you can halt your use of dark energy then the great outpouring of Light will now purge your soul of the dark energy you drew IN through your past negative interaction and your spirit soul will be set free as is revealed in God's message via me.

Education, enlightenment & upliftment rather than interference, punishment & killing.

Note: "karma" = Absolute Justice - The deserved 'return' of joy  given or suffering imposed by the Law of God for every action in ones interaction with others, at the time and in the place so ordained by the Creator.

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