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~ Open letter to the Police 'Chief of Staff' Tasmania ~

Dear Sir,

Reference: Complaint of criminal conspiracy and treason by State and mainland criminals.

It is proven beyond a 'shadow of doubt' that a criminal conspiracy of gigantic proportions exists in the land mass of Tasmania and mainland Australia.

This illegal activity is a vicious persecution of an elderly lady living in the Launceston. This is a woman who continues to be coerced, threatened, intimidated and exposed to 'terrifying' emotions because of the punitive and illegal activities by 'official' persons operating OUTSIDE of the 'named' LAW of this land as well as outside of their constitutional mandate.

It needs to be understood that these 'officials' are operating in contravention of THE Command  of THE Sovereign Power, God THE Creator as well as them being in contravention of the Acts of the Constitution of Tasmania and Australia which they are sworn to uphold and also from 'where' their limited operational mandate stems.

It is my request that these persons now named herein be caught, examined and educated so that they may LEARN to:


1 - Respect the Constitution of their Institution and - - -
2 - Respect the peaceful ways of others and, - - -
3 - OBEY the command of the Creator before they are confined in the Abyss for HIGH TREASON.

Other than that, my CONCERN is for officers of the Tasmania constabulary who are already complicit to their Terrorist attack on this old woman which they have done through their NON-action in the past when these officers were clearly ADVISED by me.

My other CONCERN is that if they NOW fail to take the action which is required of them under their own rules, then the whole world will KNOW that the 'force' known as the Tasmania police service is a 'clan' of dishonourable people who are posing as paid servants working FOR the people, when in FACT they are in cahoots with GANGSTERS who openly defy the Laws of the Constitution.

These gangsters do openly as they 'strut' around in delusions of grandeur because their activities are 'backed' by the Police Service and the local magistrates, all of whom are operating 'out of bounds' in their activities.

This letter will be sent 'globally' as well as to the 'Examiner & Mercury' newspapers. I now simply ask that:

IF there are ANY police persons 'concerned' about this 'shocking' situation then please, please send them to me so that we can discuss the matter.

Mrs. Barnes, the VICTIM is leaving the matter in the hands of God since she relies on my pen to expose this STORY as best I can to 'apparent' NON-believers.

IF the Police 'Chief of Staff' cannot spare the time to have this matter fully investigated then THE PEOPLE need to know that the 'supposed' upholders of THE PEACE are asleep and need to be dismissed from service due to being in 'cahoots' with criminals, and THE PEOPLE need to insist that 'fresh faces' be employed. Being people who receive a wage paid to them DIRECTLY by THE PEOPLE.

This complaint is not 'brought' by Mrs. Barnes but by my own choice because I decided to freely assist her 'cause' with my spiritual counsel, in this Freedom of Religion choice matter of hers in which she has chosen to LIVE in accordance with the Command of God and within the constraints of the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution.

This all means that she is living within 'the law of this land' as that pertains to the Constitution. Since she is mocked for living a moral and peaceful life it follows that all her persecutors are treasonable anarchists and those keeping 'silent' but complicit are all in need of good counsel.

These offensive persons desperately need positive redirection before they LITERALLY 'hang' themselves, because demonic forces controlling and using their MINDS will force them to so do. (Once they awaken to the depth of their negative actions their public 'shame' will be overwhelming)

These TRAITORS must be apprehended before the Public lose  FAITH in the services provided or lack thereof.

The lads and lasses of the Tasmania peace corps also need to be educated to certain FACTS surrounding the issue of their own operational mandate

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The public upholders of the PEACE (police) need to ask themselves:

1 - Is it in the interest of THE PEOPLE to be governed and controlled by armed enforcement officers who deny them their civil RIGHT to live in peace UNDISTURBED as they use their own conscience as they also obey their God's Command? NO, it is not in the interest of the people.

2 - Is it in the interest of THE PEOPLE to be governed and controlled by armed enforcement officers who deny them their civil RIGHT to live UNDISTURBED as they also live within the CONSTRAINTS of the Freedom of Religion acts of the Constitution which are also 'supposed' to be upheld and obeyed by said officials? NO, it is not in the interest of the people.

3 - Is it in the interest of THE PEOPLE to pay the wages of 'peace keeping force' officials who actually 'aid and abet' corrupt state officials to STEAL endless sums of money from THE PEOPLE? NO, it is not in the interest of the people.

4 - Is it in the interest of THE PEOPLE to pay the wages of 'peace keeping force' officials who 'aid and abet' treasonable magistrates who OPENLY hold 'hearings' in their petty court when dealing with Freedom of Religion constitutional matters when said matters of 'conscience' can ONLY be legally 'heard or judged' in the 'High Court' of the land. NO, it is not in the interest of the people, especially when the magistrate has been told of his error, but his vanity and arrogance is so great that he chooses to ignore his own criminal activity having dangerous consequences.

5 - When will the police 'Chiefs of staff' awaken to the FACT that the state officials who defy their LIMITED operational mandate granted unto them by the acts of the constitution are committing the criminal act of HIGH TREASON?

6 - When will the police 'Chiefs of staff' awaken to the FACT that when their officers support and uphold the court findings dictated by the magistrate that their 'follow-up' actions to seize or dispossess or 'transport' or incarcerate the peaceful backed by the force of arms they 'bear,' that this ACTIVITY is not only complicity, but it is also an illegal act of HIGH TREASON.

I ask; when a High Court 'Freedom of Religion' Act 'case' has been illegally 'held and heard and judged' in a lowly petty magistrate's court, and the VICTIM has thus erroneously been 'found' to be GUILTY through collusion between the complainant and the magistrate, why do the 'peace keeping' officials fail to arrest and detain said anarchists and have them counselled and also advise the 'victim' that they will be protected by said peace-keepers?

The FACT that the peaceful are being 'bullied, harassed, intimidated, threatened, coerced and punished' by CRIMINAL 'white collar' gangs of officials of government office means, that INSANITY prevails in Tasmania and mainland Australia (Vic) and that the Police 'chiefs' are complicit.

It is the TIME for THE PEOPLE to be advised of these illegal activities so that they can 'consider' raising UP a TRUE and honourable Peace Corps who are respectful towards the INNOCENT and who are also able to RECOGNISE the criminals and who then are not afraid to arrest said persons and have them enlightened and educated as to the ERROR of their WAYS.

The police 'chiefs' need to understand that the 'youth' entering the 'force' are being misled and are learning that it is their right to assist in the interference, intimidation and extortion of money from THE PEOPLE because they (police constables) simply follow ORDERS. They do not know that THE LAW of God exists, nor do they know that the constitutional ACTS must be adhered to as must the command of God. (Peace & love, compassion & mercy)

State officers including politicians and magistrates are all riding on the crest of a huge wave named INVINCIBILITY. These persons need to see that neither Clemencia nor myself require the 'police' or political  protection.

It is the ones who are terrorising Clemencia who require your INTERFERENCE and PROTECTION so that they can learn to amend their ways and protect their own MINDS from incoming intrusive thoughts which justify their illegal and treasonable activity.

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A true community peace corps officer must now no longer rely on directives of biased or erroneous judgements of magistrates. They must only rely on their own understanding and judgements with God and His Command as their GUIDE.

All need to understand that the 'party' in ERROR is the one using threat of punishment or loss, coercion and intimidation as the one needing CORRECTION.

Police enforcing rules using punishment are in FACT causing HARM and emotional trauma in contravention of God's Command and place themselves within the 'eye for an eye' punitive aspect of THE LAW of 'EQUAL RETURN' of GOD.

Police must adhere to the 'Peace & Love' command and ONLY haul in persons disturbing the peace or carrying out immoral activities. This factually applies to this case at hand where magistrate Brown and all involved in the persecution of Clemencia are GUILTY of acting immorally for monetary gain and disturbing the peace of an innocent lady IN CONTRAVENTION OF the command of God and the Constitutional authority of their own institution.

All these offenders need 'facts of life' EDUCATION

It must now be clearly understood that very DARK FORCES 'brood' and awaken as their 'power' is increased by the wrathful FORCE of God's energy within them, and they are NOT civil 'civilian' people of THIS WORLD but they remain unseen, but their THOUGHTS 'trespass' and more and more now gain telepathic access and control over the minds of mortal man via the vibration channel of their negative emotions. (The Dark SIN within)

Any of these Dark demons who see 'earthlings' as stealing from God's children are empowered by God to AVENGE, and they are God's 'judges' and enforcers of the Dark punitive 'eye for an eye' (Equal Return) Law of the DARK of every land and, - - -

What they do SEE is the ongoing iniquity when the 'sworn' to Uphold the Peace officials are themselves in 'cahoots' with extortionists and, - - - I can but add that their telepathic POWER will now be seen as it is KNOWN by ME to EXIST. Woe and terrible is the retribution now to BE.

I know as do many that the 'King's men' and politicians and officials are stealing more and more from THE PEOPLE in order to feed their own pockets and bellies. I am the 'Judge of God' who now warns all of what is to BE if you FAIL to acknowledge me and my wisdom.

Your 'commanders' need to realise that ANY assistance given by your officers to the ongoing persecution of Mrs. Clemencia Barnes is seen by God as complicity to enslavement, subjugation, coercion and extortion of money and to CONSPIRACY.

You as 'yet' are so 'ingrained' by your powers that you see NOT 'what' is soon to encompass all the vain who hold God's Command in disdain. There is a REASON 'why' all DIE who disturb the peace of others for ANY reason, and your 'peace keeping force' is being USED as the 'muscle' to STEAL and impoverish other people.

It follows that your wage that is paid for by THE PEOPLE, is being TAKEN dishonourably because it was given to protect the people but is being used to ENSLAVE and punish and dispossess them.

If you and your ADVISORS cannot see THE TRUTH from my pen then that is regrettable for you will suffer the eternally ongoing consequences.

You 'Sir' need to come and see me so that I can prepare you for what IS TO NOW BE. In the meantime, your forces need to DISARM and show their RESPECT to those who truly pay their wages. being the ONES they are paid to PROTECT.

Foolish indeed are you if your forces continue to support thieves who defy the rules of engagement of their own institution and who thus arrogantly also take a false wage. Sir, our God sees all, knows all, and all are now to FALL who continue to defy Him THE FATHER.

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~ The natural 'order' of things ~

The man of this land called 'earth' is like a 'ship' floating on the sea because he cannot see the natural 'rise and fall' of the tide being 'moved' invisibly by energy until he lands either on a sandy beach with waving palm fronds or, he is smashed upon a rocky shore and shredded by barnacles on the rocks.

The police who punitively uphold decrees (rules) of mortal men as enshrined in books of text named by man as being 'the law,' are similar to the man lost at sea. Neither ever sees the 'ending' of natural 'order' which EXISTS invisibly until such time as he is either crushed in heavy machinery 'accidentally' or conversely, in passing out of his fleshly body when he finds himself in a beautiful land of milk and honey where NO rules exist and he is happy and FREE.

Either way, unless he is as wise as me he will not be aware of the FACT that prior to the 'end' of his journey he was being 'swayed' by the natural 'order' of the benign or malignant SPIRITUAL ENERGY which he chose to use or, in the case of the forceful, malignant DARK essence, he used in ignorance of the consequence.

Mankind needs to now see that all suffering on earth is the punitive 'arm' of THE SUPERIOR LAW in action. This is done invisibly through the mind and hand and emotional energy of the vain, arrogant and ignorant NON-believers in love, mercy, compassion or forgiveness.

Man believes in his RIGHT to 'judge' others using 'tiers' of court 'houses' ranging from the 'petty' lower magistrate's court all the way up to the 'high' court.

Man sees NOT that 'way up above' everything gleaming bright in the 'sky' is the 'house' of the Lord our God which in FACT holds 'sway' over the ACTIONS of everyone and everything INVISIBLY.

God's energy is 'untouched' by the actions of man for both 'energy' aspects of THE SOURCE are fulfilled and happy as they give their 'return unto user' for the creative or destructive energy used by man. God's energy is simply His creative or destructive energy set in motion by YOU the individual in YOUR daily interaction with others. If YOU choose to defy God and USE His 'forbidden to use' DARK energy essence then YOU suffer the UNAVOIDABLE consequence.

As you DO is to BE done unto you.
At the time and in the place so ordained by the infinitely intelligent energy.

Man can twist and weave and love or forgive or kill or deceive but, - - - at all times man is being JUDGED by the invisible ENERGY he is using in his ACTIVITY.

If you 'judge' some other as to be in need of your 'correction' punitively and they subsequently suffer 'this or that,' then that same judgement RETURNS upon your own head at some time later. The police tell the public: "Do not take the retributive law into your own hands" but - - - they themselves fail to see that as they (Police) take the Law of God into their own hands, that they subject themselves to ITS 'Return policy' that is NOT VOIDED BY ANY MANDATE OR UNIFORM.

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God's LAW is inviolate and UNAVOIDABLE and no rule or decree or law of mortal man or badge of office or standing has even the slightest possibility of changing the 'course' of his 'destiny' once his ACTIONS are moment by moment completed.

What you did unto another but five seconds ago cannot be erased and the energy used that 'moves' your being has INVISIBLY recorded said ACTIVITY and as said, instantly or one-hundred years or longer ahead IT will flow back to you and, if you retaliate, a further due of suffering you ACCRUE.

Please now understand that NO 'legitimacy' via any official or other 'position' is recognised by THE ENERGY. It only recognises the 'party' that IT flowed through and marks them invisibly as IT passes through them.

It follows that every mortal using forceful power who interferes, subjugates, steals, deceives, causes pain or dispossesses others has to suffer EXACTLY the same fate EVENTUALLY. Have I said enough?

What you do lovingly or vengefully to others you are doing to yourself because the NATURAL flow of energy cannot be controlled once used, and NOTHING can 'sway' IT from ITS return path.

IT the energy is simply what it is, the creative or destructive ENERGY of THE SOURCE. IT stands above and beyond all 'courts' or judgements of man.

The invisible energy of THE SOURCE sees all the conniving ways of magistrates and others and in FACT it is the DARK energy essence  of THE SOURCE justifying their use of IT so that IT ahead can justifiably destroy THEM. Beware say I.

All stand 'equal' in its vision, for no king or emperor or other DICTATOR is any different to you, so please now tell your 'advisors' that they must stop trying to use RULES to void or avoid MY TRUTH for there is NO way OUT of Hell for you or them unless they now obey their God

IF Eddie Storace and his ATO 'cohorts' and magistrate Brown were as wise as me, they would 'bow' before Clemencia on bended knee and apologise for being so UNWISE and ask her for HER FORGIVENESS. As she is a being of Light she would respond positively and make no demands upon them but, - - - she knows that their past error of imposing terror would never be forgiven by God until HE had balanced His 'book' and they had suffered as had she. That is THE LAW of RETURN of SPIRITUAL ENERGY.

Absolute Justice in action 'naturally' and eternally.

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~ The 'reins' of power ~

Who holds the POWER? Is it the chemical 'ice' driving man insane or is it their negative thoughts which they cannot contain? Is it the police 'Chief' or army commander whose weaponry brings down GRIEF or is it the advisory department 'heads.' Who advises the political minister? Is it the group of advisors who simply get their 'ideas' when they stand in the shower?

I am the ONE who knows from whence come THE THOUGHTS of all CONTROL, subjugation, enforcement and punishment. It is the THE DARK SOVEREIGN POWER He the Father who imposes His 'will' upon all mankind and keeps them in a 'bind' because of their disobedience to his Command. He our God is the absolute Ruler and Sovereign POWER.

Indeed, it is He who keeps all people sliding backwards and downwards because He 'forgives' no-one until they HAVE paid all dues of suffering to HIM. All must FIRST 'reap what they sowed' before being set free spiritually. (Absolute Justice forevermore)

It is now the time for all government officials to see that it is their controls over everybody backed by the use of weaponry that is the cause of all suffering and impoverishment, an impoverishment which is to intensify DRAMATICALLY for reasons known ONLY by me.

All monetary demands backed by threat and coercion, as for example in the case of Clemencia Barnes is what keeps all complicit because they keep their victim locked into the punitive aspect of God's 'eye for an eye' LAW unless, - - - as in this case, the victim is wise enough and mentally strong enough to say to themself:

"No, I will not obey the demands of extortionists, I will defy them unto 'death' if necessary because I cannot fund terrorists and neither can I defy the 'peace & love & mercy' command of my God, my Creator."

This case is one in which Clemencia Barnes is being used by God and me to 'show up' the vanity, pride, greed, arrogance and insanity which exists in the judicial system of man, that system being the one which was 'set' and emplaced thousands of years ago when 'a' person said to another:

"I am THE ONE who is now THE CHIEF and everyone in this 'village' is my servant and any person who does not bring me the TAX of 'sheep' or 'beads' or 'fruit' I impose, will be excommunicated and cast out into the wilderness of poverty, and they will lose all their possessions."

The 'right' of 'some' to rule and control others has been 'accepted' as 'normal' and their rules enshrined as UNHOLY TEXT in their books of enslavement are by them upheld by using force of arms and mercenary men paid 30 pieces of silver.

Why am I exposing this shocking situation? because everyone now believes it to be the RIGHT of the government system to be supported and paid whatever ITS officials demand, need, want, desire or IMPOSE forcefully. Because of this 'forceful imposition,' the public support given is collusion to the controlling POLICY thereby ensuring that everyone is defiant of God's Command. The result of which is that all are ON the wide road to the Abyss.

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Clemencia Barnes 'case' reveals the TRUE path in which all mankind needs to follow if they are to become free of suffering 'eventually.' This is because God requires all to lay down their 'weaponry,' whether that be in the form of either physical or emotional or mental weaponry, for all seeking 'Salvation' MUST now only fund benign community effort and to only educate and rehabilitate offenders, being those who disturb the peace. There must be no more punishment.

Only those who this DO will by Him (God the Father) be set free. The LEGAL way OUT of the 'system' of control, subjugation and enslavement is given in the 'Freedom of religion' clauses of the Constitution, because it is in the Constitution that all are GIVEN (granted) the opportunity to obey God and to 'go their way in peace' and not be persecuted but only if YOU no longer fund INIQUITY as you live by your own pacifist ideals and therefore never cause harm nor disturb the peace of others.

It is now the time for government officials to see that when they cause GRIEF to ANY peaceful person said officials become TREASONOUS and this is the PROOF that the officials are anarchists defiant of the ACTS of the Constitution.

That being so means that the time has come for these people to BE 'hauled in' and counselled and educated by my pen. The only alternative if they continue ON in their nefarious ways is that they will be dispossessed and killed off by others of their ilk, being the mad who shall soon to be seen rampaging around and stealing everything owned by those dressed in 'silks.'

If the prosecutors and magistrate Brown and his cohorts cannot see their error, then that simply is the way it be. Clemencia and I leave 'fools' to God and I know that He is 'clear' on what He does to those who disturb the peace of others so as to grease their own 'paws' monetarily.

What a 'shock' to see the depths of depravity that exists amongst the clan naming themselves 'Justice & liberty.' Indeed they are as all 'powerbrokers' who have armed themselves to the teeth, and that is the 'way' of THE THIEF.

But I do not fear for the humble, the kind, the merciful and the forgiving for they will follow me to the land of eternally living in Paradise, - - - those who now continue AGAINST me and my 'lambs' will fall by the wayside as VERY DARK FORCES become their 'master' and all die in horrible circumstance that leads to the underworld of suffering BELOW.

So actually, my 'job' is very easy, I simply show others their error of way in which they 'play' with the forceful POWER OF GOD by failing to see that when they against other children of God 'plot,' their own soul they seal with a dark painful  FUTURE in that upon their own 'backs' they place more than one 'weal.'

It has been my task for God to reveal that all who use the dark energy essence of God THE SOURCE subject themselves to the agony of ITS 'Return unto user' POLICY. (The sorrow, harm and agony you impose becomes your due)

In fact, all whom use IT become 'as it,' cruel, forceful, merciless inconsiderate beasts who are 'savage' because their souls become DARK and they all 'fall' into the depths for IT 'claims' ITS 'servants' back into ITS underworld.

Please now try and understand that the DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE is totally deceptive. It ENTICES 'officious' man to use ITS destructive energy to entrap others perceived as offensive FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of entrapping these officials.

Why? Because presently, officials entrap others for the sole purpose of their punishment, seeing NOT that if the officials were TRUE to God they would only 'entrap' or haul in offenders for THE SOLE PURPOSE of educating them and uplifting their spirits.

Once ignorant man begins to ONLY uplift others with love, compassion, mercy and education, then they are ONLY using the LIGHT energy essence of THE SOURCE in their interaction, and then the 'return unto user' POLICY within the LAW of the benign energy would ONLY give happiness and JOY back to the user.

Any person who as 'yet' has the capacity to see their own iniquity has but a very limited time frame to show their God their 'light' and inner GRACE.

My 'pen' has spoken

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Added notes:

In this case of the Australian Taxation Officers and others against Clemencia Barnes it is very clear 'cut' because in 1997 she wrote to the taxation office commissioner stating that the funding of the ATO has caused a conflict of ideology in her conscience because she did not wish to continue funding warfare or other punitive activities and thus disobey her God. She has had no response.

It follows that the subsequent action against her is clearly a case of RELIGIOUS PERSECUTION which is a FORBIDDEN ACTIVITY within the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution.

The vanity and collusion between magistrate Brown and Ed Storace the ATO prosecutor was 'obscene' and openly displayed in the court before public and official witnesses.

Prior to entering the court Ed Storace approached me stating that he would ask the magistrate to deny my 'presence' as spiritual counsel for Mrs. Barnes because I was not a licensed 'lawyer.'

On entering the court he did approach the magistrate and 'whisper' such into the ear of magistrate Brown who then forbade me from speaking on Clemencia Barnes defence even though I advised him that since the 'case' was one of conscience, belief and religious ideology that Mrs. Barnes was entitled to have a spiritual 'man of the cloth' as her counsellor.

All this coupled with his cursory flicking through the eight pages of her written statement of defence and summarily dismissing IT showed all present and our God that the hearing was but a conspiracy 'set up,' and that the threats given for punishment to be imposed for non-conformity was a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY in contempt of the religious freedom granted unto man by God. These unconscionable men of 'power' are backed by the police service.

Mrs Barnes is entitled by God to live by the 'absolute pacifist' precepts of Christianity and not be harassed, intimidated and disadvantaged. The precepts being:

"Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgive others yet sinfully living and, - - - if persecuted or struck then turn the other cheek in non-retaliation and, - - - do your best to educate the oppressor and uplift their consciousness."

Sad indeed it is if a truly Christian lady is persecuted in a 'supposedly' Christian country when she is obedient to God. What would be the case if a respectable absolute pacifist person of the Faith of Islam had been the 'subject' of this nature of oppression?

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The persons named by me as 'guilty' of Treason, anarchy and terrorist activities and directly complicit thereto:

The primary guilty persons are: Chris Jordan ATO (Australian Taxation Office) - Michael Monaghan ATO - Craig Briggs ATO - Cheryl-lea Field ATO - Eddie Storace ATO prosecutor - Miss Megan Hickton DPPC - Magistrate Brown, Launceston court.

Those directly complicit are: Launceston Court registrar and all state officials attending the case Complaint No: 1490710 - Commander Richard Cowling - Director of the MPES monetary collection enforcement agency and all advisors to the aforesaid who failed to acknowledge the appropriate truth of the matter of the Constitutional 'Freedom of religion' Acts which would have assisted the victim.

Why are they proven GUILTY by my pen? Because prior to or subsequent to the case being 'heard and judged,' all had received letters from myself clarifying the Constitutional Acts and their authority granting immunity to Mrs. Barnes who at all times was living LEGALLY within the constitutional requirements of citizens and, - - -

As it is now over one-hundred days since the case ended on 12th January 2015, not ONE of the aforesaid has come forward to complain to THE Sovereign AUTHORITY upholding the Constitutional Acts listed below on page ten in reference to the treasonable, illegal and criminal activities carried out and, - - -

It follows that my 'case' is now PROVEN as the Director of the MPES (Hobart) has on 28th April 2015 formerly advised Mrs. Barnes (MPES Ref 2154 9621) that his department of Justice is now to ENFORCE the 'fines' directive of the magistrate due to her refusing to submit to magistrate directives.

The records of all my 32 letters correspondence of this case are on line at:

One of the 'worst' aspects of this case that the guilty parties named above need to see is that in threatening, coercing, intimidating and terrorising Clemencia, they have tried to FORCE her to go against her conscience and the command of God and change her religious ideology from that of absolute pacifism into the opposite 'belief' of the offensive ones who have the opposite extortionist, punitive and WARRING ideology.

In so doing, they have themselves defied the Acts of the Constitution which:

1 - PROHIBIT officials from IMPOSING a contra ideology, see below: < for imposing any religious observance > and
2 - PROHIBITS officials from PROHIBITING an ideology <
prohibiting the free exercise of any religion >

The relevant Constitutional wording is VERY CLEAR:

 The legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians*.
 Guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion.
Freedom of conscience - - - subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.
No person shall be subject to any disability,
- - -  on account of his religion or religious belief

Note: Tasmanians* - State Constitutional Acts apply to all Australian states.

page 10

I give the relevant clauses of the Constitution here:

Constitution Acts. Acts which authorise and LIMIT the actions of public servants:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.


All persons 'party to' the attack on Mrs. Barnes are guilty to terrorism in the eyes of God and their own institution..


What is my intent in writing this submission complaint? Is it to bring the guilty persons to 'account' and have them punished? NO. My intent is to assist them and every reader to see their own errors of 'way' and educate them all so that together, we can uplift the consciousness of the whole planet from Tasmania and together, prepare for the now times of great travail as sisters and brothers in truth, light and love who mercifully assist other offenders to rehabilitate themselves.

What 'if' Tasmania could become the leading light of the world?

become the first place to abolish fines and punishment?
become the first place to abolish all licence fees and levies?
become the first place to stop interfering in the lives of others?

become the first place to educate those who disturb the peace?
become the first place to implement the new mental health strategy?
be the first place to only support and fund benign community effort?

become the first place to implement the 'Feeling Easier' offender seminar?
become the first place to prepare for what is now to be, escalating insanity?
become the first place to disarm the peace corps so that they were no threat to others?

become the first place where the people became enriched and could then freely 'give' to others?
become the first place to stop controlling 'crown' land so everyone could obtain a free acre to live on?
become the first place to live as God Commands?

It is probably 'thought' to be beyond the bounds of reason to have no political control with their endless departments covering every aspect of living ways but, - - - the reality I see is, that soon, very soon, the armed forces of man and their political 'heads' who stand between man and their God of Light will be gone.

The Dark punitive and destructive aspect of the Source which inspires all control and armed 'insurrection' and extortion will now turn all warmongers against each other globally, and after the chaos and insanity is over, and the eternal separation of souls completed, peace will flow IN for the first time since the creation of this planet.

There will also be no 'ministers' of religion because everyone remaining will be absolute pacifists of the same one and only TRUE FAITH who adore and obey their Creator at all times.

No more rules and regulations nor punishment nor taxes nor 'fees' for anything. Simply people getting on with their life who will freely give to the community endeavours and they will treat everyone with love, care and respect. All will be true sisters and brothers of THE LIGHT.

Sincerely - Terence

Read the National Security Alert.
Read the Cause of all suffering:
Read the Facts of Life:

There is a copy of this document on line as ITEM 32 at:

God's Judge Terence de Malaherre
Centre of Enlightenment
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