~ The clemency of God ~
Granted unto Clemencia Christina

It is a 'far cry' from me pre-empting our Father God the Sovereign Power, the Almighty however, - - - I do believe that He and only He is the ONE who controls all punitive activity throughout every realm of consciousness and that His 'will' is executed as quickly as a 'bolt of lightening' from the sky in that when He deems that someone receive their punitive dues, His earthly forces act swiftly.

In this 'case' of the State v/s Clemencia Christina B, she has stood 'fast' against her fears of further persecution and she has thus resisted the 'temptation' to simply do what is commanded of her and demanded by the 'order' of the lowly court of Tasmania and, - - -

By this ACT of non-conformity she has proven to He the Almighty that she is a TRUE BELIEVER in His Holy Word of: "Only fund benign community effort and do not fund punitive or warring effort" and, - - - through her 'act of faith' in the face of threats, coercion and intimidation and great adversity, she has PROVEN her allegiance to THE LIGHT of God (His) and He will now ensure that NOBODY will ever again make demands upon her.

So 'believeth' my pen

It is that that I inscribe this note as update 30 and add, - - - only if our God wishes to 'disprove' my 'ending' to this case will there be another 'update,' so unless you see another update, you will KNOW that you can personally ONLY become spiritually free when you follow in the footsteps of 'she' your divine sister and never again fund INIQUITY.

He THE FATHER is the one granting anyone Clemency.

Note update: Subsequent to this page being elevated the 'case' has continued and there are further updates culminating in No: 52.

Having been exposed to further persecution, it became apparent that there was the need for further revelations in respect of the complicity of the Governor denying Clemencia's Constitutional rights, and this having been proven it has now ended the case. Clemencia is now FREE to go about her daily business and is being ignored by the taxation office albeit she remains defiant to its demands as well as those of the Court.