The Commissioner document -  A Treatise on Truth

~ Open letter to the Commissioner of Police of Tasmania, Darren Hine ~

~ Introduction ~

This is an educational document

This is an advisory letter of complaint to the Commissioner of Police in Tasmania to assist him to see the reality of what is taking place 'criminally' and globally, and I use a brave 'victim' of the State of Tasmania (Clemencia) as an example so that everyone can see the 'white collar' criminality taking place openly but unseen by all, other than me.

I also seek to bring back our 'God' into the equation because everyone is walking the wrong way and only my pen can 'solve' the problem and 'save' those who believe in its revelations. We all now stand at the brink of 'heaven or hell' because the prophesied separation of souls has begun.

One truth of the matter is that man has a choice to be 'this or that' and to be 'free' or, a 'bonded slave.'

If one has God as 'head of house' and therefore lives in accordance with God's pacifist ideals, then one does have God's protection.

If one votes for 'man' to be 'head of house' and relies on man's armed forces for protection, and this protection involves the causing of harm to others, then one must 'pay' for said protection while understanding that to do so results in you accruing a painful spiritual 'due' for your complicity to the causing of harm to others by your 'servants.'

Man also loses God's protection when he chooses to cause harm to others because he must 'suffer' within the 'Law of equal Return' of God's Law which states: "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you - be it kindness expressed or suffering imposed." This is the absolute justice of God's creative or destructive energy in motion.

This document is to prepare everyone for the soon coming times of intense insanity and global chaos brought about by man's greed, vanity and pride and disrespect of others.

This document is to prepare the 'peace corps' presently known as THE POLICE who must now return to their primary duty of upholding the peace of the land by halting their interference into the lives of citizens. The police must also stop being 'revenue raisers' and armed enforcers for politicians.

Soon there will be no politicians, chiefs, kings or emperors dictating policy as God's Wrath explodes across the globe and man pays for his past and ongoing iniquitous activities in defiance of the Command of THE CREATOR in the manner revealed by my pen.

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~ Letter to Tasmanian Police Commissioner Darren Hine ~

Dear Commissioner 'Darren,' I can but hope and trust that this missive will be read by you because I believe that its content will prove me to be a man who can see clearly.

I see you as a man doing his very best to assist the community, but the load now is so great that your young face is lined with worry because you cannot understand 'why' people are so unkind to their own families, why they are beastly and why they are also absolutely disobedient to the orders issuing from magistrates while  they continue to abuse their wives and children.

Brother, for over fifty years I have searched for the way of true liberty, peace, freedom and happiness and since I have found it I am able to say to you; please now relax and let me handle the situation for you and the police force before you all begin to lose your sanity and thereby suffer.

Firstly you need to realise that you cannot serve two masters and be honourable to them both. You must either BE the upholders of the PEACE as you only work for the good of the people OR you continue to be lackeys for politicians acting as their armed backup force.

If you continue to be their 'policing back-up force' it means that you are helping them to continue extorting endless sums of money from the people, monies demanded by politicians in fees, licences, taxes, fines etc. Also, on behalf of politicians, you interfere into every aspect of the lives of the PEOPLE.

During the 1960’s I was a police officer in Africa, my birth place. At that time I was in command of a police station in an African township having 30 black constables whose weapons were wooden pick axe handles.

The 'lads' did cause a lot of pain during the course of our enforcing the rules of the white legislators and the time came when my conscience revolted and I therefore left the force.

However, I continued on with my search for the Truth as to why people are so cruel and merciless, controlling, subjugating, punitive and destructive.

During the last few years of my 77 lived, I have found the answer to the DISOBEDIENCE of man of all races and the cause of all sorrow.

Primarily it is the defiance in man to obey the Command of the Source of all energy (God) resulting in man using the forbidden to use dark destructive  forceful power of God.

As man uses it this energy, it flows through their soul and hand and some of it sticks or grows within their soul (creating negative emotions within them) while over time and time they become as it IS. It is this which makes mankind's nature more and more destructive, merciless, cruel, vindictive, unforgiving, disobedient, callous and destructive.

As this power grows within their souls they also become more vain, proud, arrogant, insensitive, disrespectful and full of self-importance which is now the demeanour of all heads of countries, or their political leaders who all now have or hold the ideological BELIEF in their RIGHT TO RULE, tax and enslave the people in the name of: "Its for your own good" while they control by rules using YOU the police, as their private enforcement army.

Since the people, via vote, appoint the politicians to rule THEM, the people become complicit to all the imposition of control, extortion, punishment and suffering imposed upon others in the community and as a consequence, within the Law of Return of energy, it follows that all the people complicit (voters & taxpayers) receive an equal return of control upon their own heads and consequently they continue to be manipulated, controlled and they suffer more and more to NO END.

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I am on earth to awaken everyone to the FACT that in the eyes of their Creator, they are all an abomination deserving of their PRESENT destination being Hell, a place of absolute control and agonizing suffering because there, all scrabble and fight for their presumed ‘rights.’

It is my pen to reveal that there is an escape clause for any person seeking true liberty, freedom and peace from the control of others.

This release is granted within the Freedom of Religion Clause of the Constitution of man I give to you this information to aid you and all who are a part of the government system.

It does not apply to me for I neither vote nor do I rely upon the protection of man or their armed forces. I simply live my life with God as Head of my home and at all times and in all situations I obey His command of love, peace and mercy and therefore never raise my voice or hand against anyone for any reason.

Presently there is no more respect or share and care as government officials have little or no concern for persons who are branded by rules or by other departments as errant offenders. These persons may not even have caused any harm nor disturbed the peace but are nevertheless persecuted and branded by Magistrates as requiring punitive correction.

In many cases this 'correction' entails loss of liberty or the extortion of money so as to force them (coercion) to obey political dictates which are in conflict with God’s Command as well as being in conflict with the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution, and therefore a violation of the Constitution.

It is now the correction of the truth time for all currently living like swine.  Any person failing to  now amend their ways is to face a truly terrible fate ahead as escalating insanity and confrontation will now be seen globally but, we cannot lock-up everybody every night.

Those in power or their armed forces (you), cannot stamp out the escalating insurgency because it is caused by the invisible Dark energy essence of THE SOURCE flowing through man. It is having 'Its day of retribution' and the only way to stem it is through educating those being used by it. Since I do know what to do please let me assist you and all the police so that we can implement positive change through education.

So, if you would like to begin to being TRUE to your wage and the people, you need to change the role of the police service back to one of being upholders of the peace rather than being 'lackeys' recovering money for politicians. The police force is currently operating as if they are a 'debt collection agency enforcement arm for politicians, judiciary and councils.'

To 'whom' must the 'boys in blue be honourable and true? Is it to the politicians or the judiciary? NO.
It is TO THE PEOPLE the Police must be honourable for it is the people who fund their wages.

You can make a start by assisting a 70 year old lass 'Clemencia' to ward off an attack by the Australian Taxation Office who are illegally using a Launceston Petty Court to 'overrule' its limited mandate by said court magistrate defying the Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitution. This attack by the head taxation prosecutor Eddie Storace is a criminal, treasonable and unethical one and further, in contravention of the Constitutional authority and is proof of his infidelity to his wage.

I give the relevant details below as well as various links to other documents to assist you to be true to Clemencia, yourself and your God who is now observing your every activity, for you are one of His caring souls sent to earth like me, to uplift society.

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 A criminal and treasonable conspiracy to cause harm to a peaceful citizen

My complaint is that for over fifteen years now an elderly lady aged 70, a resident of Tasmania, has been harassed, threatened, intimidated, terrorised emotionally and treated as a common criminal by a 'gang' of 'white collar' thugs from mainland Australia.

These persons have been and yet are doing their 'best' to force her by coercion into defying her God and her conscience and her legal Rights within the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Tasmanian and Australian Constitutions.

This action on the part of Australian Taxation Officials via their prosecutor Eddie Storace is for the SOLE purpose of setting a treasonable and illegal 'Precedent in law' using an ignorant petty court magistrate (Brown) of Launceston as their means.

If this precedent is 'finalised,' it 'paves' or leads the way for innocent and peaceful members of the community being exposed to criminal activities by public servants who will be 'entitled' to force peaceful people to 'cough up' all monetary demands imposed and enable them to be mercilessly harassed, intimidated and terrorised and dispossessed of their properties.

In the case of the FALSE and illegal complaint of Eddie Storace and other taxation officials, and with the collusion of a 'rogue' magistrate (Brown) and other ignorant justice department persons, there has been a brutal and ruthless attack on the 'sanity' of their chosen 'mark.'

This unconscionable activity has the INTENT of not only forcing a person to OBEY demands and thus 'break' their resolve using forceful POWER, but in so doing, what they will have also accomplished is the dissolution of THE  Power and Authority of THE Sovereign Constitution of their own organisation. This is ANARCHY and Treason.

The case was formerly 'heard' on 12th January 2015 at which time a punitive 'fines' factor was imposed illegally by a petty court magistrate exceeding his powers granted by the Constitution. This magistrate also gave a coercive threat of greater fines ($85,000) and jail (10 years) if Clemencia did not comply to his demands within a month.

Five months have now passed, and as Clemencia has refused to comply due to my advice that she hold fast to her ideological belief, a follow-up hearing is now 'listed' at the Launceston magistrates court for the 11th August 2015 since magistrate 'Brown' has already usurped his authority and thus 'set' a precedent by self-entitlement to ILLEGALLY impose a punitive judgement on a Constitutional matter.

That precedent has 'voided' the Constitutional authority to the extent whereby Brown now believes that he can legally 'judge' constitutional matters of religious ideology, and no doubt he feels 'strong' enough to impose a great deal of suffering and expects THE POLICE services force to back him up into coercing a peaceful citizen to support his iniquities and illegal punitive impositions. 

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If the magistrate now imposes 'jail' or 'property dispossession' for monetary extortion as was threatened, it is a 'sign' that the ideology of the perpetrators is dark indeed because, they seek to finalise the setting of the precedent and thus allowing future absolute domination and control over all peaceful citizens.

I trust that the Police commissioner can see that this is in contravention of the LIMITED mandate granted by the Sovereign Constitutional Authority to State officials. This attack is proof of the INFIDELITY of Clemencia's accusers to their wage and their Constitution and their God's Command.

Note: A different magistrate (Marron) has now been appointed to 'hear & judge' the ongoing assault on 11th August.

Since Mrs Clemencia Barnes is clearly living her peaceful religious ideology of absolute pacifism, and since NO complaint has ever been made to those UPHOLDERS OF THE PEACE police services officials, due to Clemencia never having been 'reported' as having disturbed the peace, she is proven to be living within or under the 'umbrella' of protection guaranteeing her immunity from persecution by the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution.

The Constitution is the 'guiding light' and Sovereign authority of the organisation that both the Police and her 'attackers' are 'sworn' to uphold and serve and through which they receive their operational MANDATE.

Since her 'attackers' and persecutors are operating with criminal intent and deed, they all need to be immediately arrested by TRUE police services officials who do UPHOLD THE PEACE of the land 'judiciously' and honourably.

In reference to the 'complaints' of the 'white collar' criminals they are thus PROVEN to be:

1 - False.
2 - Illegal and thus criminal activities.
3 - In contravention of the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution and a violation of the Constitutional directives.

4 - An attempt to and factually using a criminal and treasonable magistrate (Brown) to force Clemencia through punitive coercion to change her religious ideology to that of her persecutors in contravention of said constitutional authority.

5 - Trying to impose their own punitive and aggressive religious observance in contravention of said constitutional authority.

6 - Trying to prohibit her from living her peaceful religious observance in contravention of said constitutional authority.

7 - INVALID because the taxation legislation is naturally 'void' and is being used ILLEGALLY because the  taxation legislation used in the complaint is INCONSISTENT with the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution.

8 - Trying to impose possible incarceration, loss of liberty, dispossession of property and the unlawful detention of a peaceful person.

All the above are treasonable activities and in contravention of God's Command unto man.  This activity is in fact also an attempt to force a person to change their religious ideology to that of those involved through 'fear.'

All the above is extremely DISOBEDIENT conduct. It is harsh, merciless, cruel and unkind. This complaint formulated by myself shows the truly EVIL nature of arrogant man who has the DARK ideological BELIEF that HE 'somehow' has a 'right' to interfere, control, subjugate, enslave, intimidate, terrorise and cause ongoing mental and emotional trauma to another. In this 'case' to their divine spiritual sister Clemencia, a former Nun and servant of God and presently a truly true but, - - - terrorised, intimidated and traumatised individual.

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The criminality of the Australian taxation officials and prosecutor is on TWO COUNTS:

1 - Total contempt of, disobedience to, and defiance of, God's code of conduct POLICY as encoded within His Command unto man being:

"Love one another and go your way in PEACE" meaning; - - - - "Do NOT disturb the peace of others."

2 - Total contempt of, disobedience to, and defiance of, the Constitutional code of conduct POLICY as encoded within the Freedom of Religion Acts wherein is stated to every government official and voter including Mr. Eddie Storace the named complainant:

"You may live by and according 'to or with' your own personal religious ideology or faith, belief or conscience as long as YOU do NOT disturb the peace of others and YOU are not carrying out any immoral activities."

To persecute or prosecute, intimidate, threaten and coerce a peaceful person, a person who is living within their LEGAL RIGHTS by God's Command and within the Sovereign authority of the Constitution, with the intent and deed of causing mental and emotional trauma, loss of funds, liberty and the sullying of a persons good name, is the CAUSING of HARM which is both an uncivil, immoral activity and it is disturbing the peace of another and is a sign of ANARCHY and TREASON.

This complaint is 'laid' now by my pen in an attempt to 'stem' or HALT the ongoing intimidation and harassment as well as to educate all humanity and to also 'enlighten' those sorry souls perpetrating the use of DARKNESS in action, so that they can be rehabilitated back into society as peaceful and respectful individuals before for them it is too late to reach 'heaven's gate.'

Since I AM the plenipotentiary and 'judge' of THE MOST HIGH I can state quite categorically that all or any persons joining IN with the persecution and CRUCIFIXION of Clemencia by their OWN Acts of Treason consign their OWN souls to the ABYSS.


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~ The 'victim' Clemencia ~

Clemencia is doing her best to live by her belief in peace and rely on her conscience to not defy God. To do this she must not fund the war machine of the organization naming itself The Government of Australia.

Certain members of the establishment naming itself The Government of Australia are doing their best to force Clemencia to change her belief by making her fund their coffers, and they are using threat, coercion and intimidation as  they illegally use a Petty Court Magistrate, backed by the armed police force to enforce their demands. (The police are supposed to be upholders of the peace).

The taxation officials and prosecutor are of the worst 'calibre,' having in the past entered into the commonwealth bank and by 'stealth' stolen money from Clemencia's bank account. This was done without having informed her of their deed. This proves their ruthlessness, arrogance and vanity which exceeds that of a Mafiosi BOSS.

Clemencia's oppressors appear to have free reign to do whatever they wish to backed by the Police Army. So all Clemencia can now do, backed by my pen, is to simply trust that her God will somehow protect her.

She knows that if she pays any demanded monies to the 'agencies' oppressing her that she has then conceded to their punitive and warring ideology and thereby denied her own conscience because she would be defying God's Peace and love Command.

I can only hope that the terror Clemencia has been exposed to can be handled by her. As for her persecutors, what more to them can I say, nought other than; "PREPARE to meet your own fate for truly, the very Devil awaits you. If you 'lot' cannot pull in your horns and become civil and respectful of the rights of others, then you must and will definitely suffer the consequences."

All who subjugate others to their rule by the gun are vain, arrogant, and are very deluded lost souls. My mind and pen has been sent to earth to try and awaken them before, for them, it is too late, and they literally FRY but cannot die because their inner energy is comprised of God's indestructible ENERGY.

The factual reality is that if there is no freedom of conscience of belief when a person is being forced by others to give into their system of warring belief or ideology.  That is indeed a sad truth .

The FIRST reality is that the armed forces men are living by their ideological belief. The belief that they can use force of arms to back Magistrates who coerce and steal all of ones money or, magistrates who dispossess you or jail you if you do not agree to their demands.

The police forces men need to be aware of the above reality wherein they are being used in a contra and dishonourable manner to that of their sworn purpose of upholding the peace. As for me, I cannot be coerced neither can I deny my conscience. I simply LIVE my peaceful ideology and leave the arrogant ones to God because, I know that all they do unto others will be done unto them within God's Immutable Law.

As Clemencia so aptly states - "If its Good enough for God it is certainly good enough for me" because all I have done so far is to live by God's Command of 'peace, love and respect,' rather than subject myself to living by the sword of men who defy God's Command.

My advice to Clemencia is 'Do not go to court and attend an illegal gathering,' for in so doing, you are tempting people to SIN through their arrogance or ignorance.

No person has the Legal or official right to demand that you present yourself to be heard or judged in a court of punitive justice. If you were to do so willingly, you are actually enticing them into committing a sin, causing you harm. (Defiance of God's Command).

You only go to a good place willingly and be peaceful if you have been caught disturbing the peace or carrying out an immoral activity because, you are being taken there to be educated and given good counsel. (Enlightened)

We must now all break the spell of the belief that others have a divine right to tell us what we can or cannot do or what we must or must not do. We must all understand that no official or mandated position gives a person the right to control you, punish you, terrorise, or demand that you obey them.

Clemencia's pacifist and non-intrusive ways are proof of her fidelity to God's command as well as consistent with the ideological requirements of the Constitution in respect of never disturbing the peace of others. Her web site content gives credence to this:

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~ The separation of POWERS ~

The Police services 'union' of persons was elevated into being established for the purpose of 'Upholding the PEACE' and was invoked as an EXECUTIVE public AUTHORITY for the purpose of 'Protecting THE PEOPLE.'

To 'appease' the conscience of THE PEOPLE and make it 'appear' that there is no 'slavery' or collusion in the government 'system' it is stated and believed that there is a separation of powers. What is this supposed doctrine of separation of powers? It appears that they were spoken of hundreds of years ago:

Montesquieu, in his book “The Spirit of the Laws” wrote:

“There is no liberty, if the judiciary power be not separated from the legislative and executive. Were it joined with the legislative, the life and liberty of the subject would be exposed to arbitrary control; for the judge would be then the legislator. Were it joined to the executive power, the judge might behave with violence and oppression.

What have I got to say about this which will assist THE POLICE to see that they are the 'fall guys' for both the legislators and the judiciary? As far as I see it and interpret it there is NO 'separation of powers' because all three 'aspects' are tied in together as I give here below.

'Legislative' means to invoke or raise UP by political decrees and all must submit on bended knee.
'Judiciary' means to impose judgements which were 'voiced' by the politicians and all must submit on bended knee.
'Executive' means administrative enforcement of both the decree and the judgement and all must submit on bended knee.

Indeed THE POLICE who are supposed to uphold the PEACE and PROTECT the citizen are now used to ENFORCE and administer interference, control, punishment and the causing of harm, loss of freedom, financial or material deprivation of THE PEOPLE for and on behalf of politicians and 'magistrates.'

In fact it is the decrees of the politicians which are backed by the magistrates and then enforced by the Police which enables ongoing monetary EXTORTION.

What EXACTLY is this 'causing of harm' FACTOR the Police are imposing for politicians? It is the COERCIVE factor enslaving THE PEOPLE who through FEAR of 'suffering' simply 'cough up' all financial demands and suffer all restrictive impositions.

The policing PEACE force is being used DISHONOURABLY by vain politicians and their 'magistrates.'

Due to the supposed 'separation of powers,' magistrates now 'believe' they are as God and above the 'rules' of their own Constitution as they treasonably usurp their own mandate. Tasmanian magistrates all defy the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution.

The PEACE force is also being used DISHONOURABLY by vain politicians and their 'magistrates' to ENFORCE criminal and treasonable 'judgements' because the Police now believe that their 'duty' is to enforce  judgements rather than fulfil only the upholding of THE PEACE.

Police are now in fact required by the judiciary to DISTURB THE PEACE as they 'aid and abet' the decrees of politicians and judgements which facilitates and enables extortion and the causing of harm which in actuality is  the 'coercion to pay' factor.

In FACT there is NO 'separation of powers' because all THREE 'aspects' (legislators-judiciary-police) are presently LINKED in a 'devilish' dance or 'marriage' of absolute dictatorial control over everyone.

The Police must now perform their functions with integrity and independence and without fear or favour, affection or ill-will. They must steer clear of party politics. They must ONLY protect citizens by ONLY hauling-IN those who factually disturb the peace or who are acting immorally through family violence or child abuse or drug dealing and other immoral activities.

The Police must now NO longer be used to arrest or detain or transport anyone 'listed' as offenders by magistrates if said person has NOT disturbed the peace. If they have disturbed the peace then they can or must ONLY be transported to an educative facility to be helped back to rationality and sanity.

Everyone needs to NOW try and understand that NO 'political' decree of rule or 'law' is legalised by politicians being VOTED INTO OFFICE. God's Law of 'equal return' (As you do returns to you be it kind or cruel etc) stands FIRST and SUPREME and cannot be voided or avoided by man.

Police are presently being USED by political decree to interfere, cause harm and enforce monetary extortion from THE PEOPLE.

Police are presently being USED by the judiciary (magistrate decree) to interfere, detain, cause harm and enforce monetary extortion from THE PEOPLE. The 'laying of charges' by Police for 'non-disturbance of the peace' activities paves the way to the instigation of coercive activities enabling monetary extortion.

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The police officers ARE the FALL GUYS, ahead, in this world or the next they lose ALL and suffer all they IMPOSED FORCEFULLY.

The Police must now separate themselves from being the criminal enforcement 'arm' of persons who have the FALSE ideological belief that they (politicians & magistrates) are entitled to invoke ANY 'idea' or 'judgement' and enshrine IT as a 'text' or scriptural decree.

It is this enshrined TEXT that enables absolute control over every aspect of the lives of THE PEOPLE as well as the extortion of money in every factor of living such as the endless payment of fees, licences, duties, taxes, fines or punishment etc.

The Police must now see that it is their 'arm' and weaponry that is used in being the military might and muscle, and used as the 'tool' to interfere, subjugate, enslave, control, extort money, cause harm and daily go forth and DISTURB THE PEACE of THE PEOPLE.

If politicians or magistrates seek to inflict anything upon THE PEOPLE then let them personally go forth in service to themselves. In this case, if they are causing harm, then THE PEACE SERVICE will haul them IN and have them counselled.

I now refer to village 'chiefs,' kings, emperors, dictators or politicians. No person has ANY God-given divine RIGHT to tell ANY other person 'how' they must live their life.

All whom so do, be it verbally or using 'legislated' TEXTS are vain, arrogant and very ignorant of God and His Command and His immutable LAW, "As you do is done unto you." The only people HE (God) permits YOU to bring to 'account' are those who are disturbing the peace or carrying out immoral practises and these may be caught ONLY for the purpose of their educative upliftment. (Offender feeling easier seminar)

Our God (In the manner now exposed by my pen) is now to consign all to the Abyss who continue to exert their assumed RIGHT to control, subjugate, tax, punish or kill. It matters NOT your 'station in life' or 'who' you are or 'who' you think you are.

If YOU assume such a 'Right' due to your physical 'strength' or Might or, - - - because another person's legislative TEXT in a book decree with ITS assumed 'legitimacy' to defy God, - - - YOU are a FOOL kneeling at Satan's footstool.

Darren, what I say to you hear and now may seem a little UNREAL, but that is only because you (Police) have been doing what you do for so long that IT to you has become NORMAL conduct, and you see NOT just how much you CONTROL and subjugate the very people you are supposed to PROTECT.

Since your INTERFERENCE is so normal now you see IT not as CONTROL especially since you perceive IT as: "For the good of everyone." The police 'service' is NOT a BENIGN organisation but one of absolute DOMINATION and backed by "force of arms" weaponry.

This facility backed by RULES is a DICTATORSHIP and there is absolutely NO 'freedom of choice' for the individuals you RULE with a very stern fist. THE PEOPLE can do NOTHING without 'permission' and a 'permit' for which they need to pay a $ fee and this 'factor' is indeed INSANITY, but as said, simply normal activity to YOU.

I cannot easily change your perceptions, but the coming CHAOS and terror will, and only when THE POLICE feel insecure will their own 'reason' return as they experience what they have been IMPOSING as normalcy.

This document is written so as to assist THE POLICE service. Please now amend your WAYS and ONLY uphold THE peace rather than being ENFORCERS of RULES that are simply endless political DECREES bringing the whole 'nation' to its knees.

Total obedience by God is required by you the individual to 'pass' the coming TEST of obedience and fidelity to His Command as you are faced by His tribulations imposed by extremely insane, wrathful, hateful, destructive forces who will bring YOU the individual to 'account' for your past iniquities or your support in funding others to so do on your behalf.

Have I made IT perfectly CLEAR?

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Acts which authorise and LIMIT the actions of public servants who work for the institution of government:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) - State Constitutions apply to all states

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

A 'white' policeman's 'lot' in East Africa in the early 1960's

'Africa Addio' DVD by D. Jacopetti & Franco Prosperi


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~ The 'KILL' report or 'just pass the message on' ~

Letter to David House Assistant Register Launceston Court
Reference the Chain of Command and the 'Kill Factor'

It is a fact that the destructive dark energy of the Source blinds everyone to its silent punitive ways as it, via man, balances its scales of punitive justice invisibly via the mind and hand of sinners.

In the case example of the State v/s Clemencia Barnes, its destructive ACTIVITY (the dark energy) is revealed by my insight which I pass on to you and every reader seeking Salvation * who reads my Testament.

Someone, such as the ATO prosecutor thinks a 'thought' which entices or invites them to legally or illegally impose a stricture or demand upon someone (Clemencia) using a magistrate as the tool to cause harm, inflict emotional trauma or financial loss or loss of freedom.

The complainant (in this case Eddie Storace) passes on the complaint to a Justice of the Peace to 'legalize' summonsing a person so that said summons can be passed on to the Court Registrar to make the appointment with the "executioner," in this matter, the magistrate.

Everyone in the chain is happy to do their 'duty' unquestioningly because they BELIEVE in the legitimacy of their ACTION and they also BELIEVE that they are not in any way complicit to the outcome of the VENTURE. This is error of belief because we are ALL complicit to the causing of harm when involved IN ANY WAY.

I ask, can none see that the Magistrate is exactly the same as the Mafiosi BOSS who decides the punishment to be carried out by His armed forces?

In the case of the political and judicial arena, the Police armed forces are the ones to carry out the punishment factor for the Magistrate being the 'boss' in the matter.

I ask, if the complainant has the intent (As does Mr. Storace) to cause untold emotional trauma for year after year, and via the magistrate, uses threat and coercion, then why does the court registrar who makes the court 'appearance' date not comprehend that HE is the one ensuring that the victim (in this case Clemencia) is going to be harassed, intimidated, emotionally  tortured and caused great harm? This is the 'crucify or KILL the purported offender' factor.

The ongoing suffering of man only ceases when man OBEYS GOD. Woe indeed upon the heads of any who use rules in a book as the means to cause harm and make others BLEED.

No justice department nor police 'person' is presently at all 'interested' in the legalities or otherwise of their personal actions as they all simply 'pass the buck' ON to the next person and ultimately to the magistrate. The magistrate is 'happy' to attend to everything placed on their 'plate' in assuming it is a legal matter through ignorance of the Constitutional limitations.

In this coming 11th hour 'case' on 11-8-2015, the Registrar having now been advised more than once that the gathering is ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL has the RIGHT to remove the 'case' from being heard and advising Clemencia that she is released from the 'summons.'

I simply wish to categorically state that IF said assistant register David House FAILS to remove said 'case' from being presented to the presiding magistrate of the day, then he has shown his God of his utter disbelief in God's Command as well as showing his God his utter disdain of the superior and Sovereign Constitutional authority of his own institution and he automatically FAILS his 'Salvation' test and consigns his own soul to the Abyss himself.

So sayeth my pen.

Today, as ever, the world works on domination, control and enslavement. It is the time for BELIEVERS in 'Peace' to 'break away' from complicity. ('Complicity' means, that you are 'guilty' through participating in; the causing of harm.)

If this 'hearing' for the imposition of punishment takes place then on the day, (11th August 2015) I will represent Clemencia and I will 'offer' the below letter to magistrate Marron together with this entire document to assist him. - Terence

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 ~ Open letter to Magistrate Marron ~

To be spoken by Clemencia in Court on 11th August 2015 at Launceston.

Your honour,  before you pass any punitive judgement against me for failing to comply with the court order directive as imposed by Magistrate Brown on 12th January in respect of section 8H of the Taxation administrative act, 1953, I ask that you please first read this my submission.

I make this request because I believe it is ignorance, error and a dereliction of duty for a Justice of the Peace to summons a person to appear at a court of petty sessions when the matter is clearly a constitutional matter which can ONLY be legally 'heard and judged' by the High Court. I also believe that it is ignorance, error and a dereliction of duty for a Court clerk to place the Constitutional matter on the plate of a Court of petty sessions Magistrate.

I state the above because it is now common practise to so do. This now means that the peaceful are disadvantaged by the imposition of fine and punishment simply because magistrates 'handle' whatever is placed before them to be heard without consideration of the superior Constitutional Law.  All this goes on irrespective as to whether it is Legal or Treason.

I also advise you that at the prior hearing I found myself being gripped by considerable fear due to the fact that I was being denied the right to have my spiritual advisor/counsel  speak on my behalf.  This caused me not only to feel powerless but meant I was quite unable to speak on my own behalf.  In short  I was silenced by the magistrate.

The result was a sense of overwhelming emotions more specifically because I saw my eight page defence papers  being  'flicked' through with a casual distain rather than it being carefully read because within said paper was the proof that I was within my Constitutional rights as follows:

My right to live by my pacifist ideological belief, a Right which magistrate Brown simply ignored as irrelevant in his court of petty sessions due to the reality that his function not being valid because my matter before this court is was 'constitutional' one.

My right to live, receive immunity and protection from persecution by the Sovereign  Constitutional authority in respect of the 'Freedom of Religion Acts' of the Constitution. These Acts clearly overrule any and ALL later day Taxation Acts,  Acts deemed as invalid and void due to being overruled by my personal God given beliefs as well as by the Sovereignty of the Constitution.

In short, I have not been heard by the judiciary because:

1 - They presume to judge me using State rules despite the complainant prosecutor and the magistrate having been informed that:

a) The matter was one of religious ideology and is therefore a matter which could only be legally heard and judged by the High Court and;

b) I am an absolute pacifist, a conscientious objector who has and will always continue to obey God in His Command to never cause harm to any of His children. This means that I cannot and will not fund the causing of harm through warring or punitive actions carried out on my behalf which I would be doing IF I paid taxes.

2 - In 1996 a book named 'The Testament of Truth' was placed into my hands and on reading it my conscience was 'pricked' as I realised that payment of taxes was contributing to me facilitating the great harm being done to young soldiers who were asked to maim and kill in my name. As a consequence of this I informed the Department of Taxation in 1997 that I would no longer fill out tax returns nor pay taxes since I now believed that to so do would be a total denial of my belief in absolute pacifism which meant that I was in contravention of God's Command unto man.

3 - The proof of my belief and religious ideology was/is that in the same year I arranged a meeting between the author of the book and a priest, a barrister and a doctor so that the author could be questioned by them. At the end of this 45 minute 'video' discussion I openly stated to all present that I firmly believed in its message to humanity as being from God. The program is available as both audio and video at:

Audio in MP3: Item 14 thereon

14 - The last hour interview - 44.20 minutes playing time -  40.1 MB
Terence is interviewed by an Australian barrister, an Islamic doctor and a Spanish priest and the interview is hosted by Clemencia.

The Video is viewable at:

Your honour, I am in your hands but understand that I am living in accordance with the Command of God as well as within 'The Freedom  of Religion Clause of the Tasmanian Constitution. In your court this means that Constitutionally, this matter is not for a magistrate to hear or pass sentence upon because this is a matter for the High Court as set out in the Australian Constitution.

I do believe that I, Clemencia and others holding my pacifist ideology:

1 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to OBEY the Command of God.
2 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to have God as their 'head of house.'
3 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to live by my own conscience, faith and belief as along as I do not disturb the peace.
4 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to rely on God for their protection rather than the protection of 'armed men.' (Caesar or State)
5 - Have the CIVIL RIGHT to only support and fund benign community effort and the provision of benign community services.

This court has been convened to pass punitive judgement on a matter beyond its jurisdiction hence my determination to advise the presiding magistrate of this fact.

This illegal gathering is the continuation of a criminal conspiracy instigated by Ed Storace who, with the collusion of ATO officials, the commonwealth prosecutor, court clerk and Magistrate Brown to set a precedent whereby the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution can be voided or avoided by a lower court which permits monetary extortion to fill their coffers.

Your honour, since I believe in the Sovereign authority of God the Father, I also believe that I must at all times conform to or with His Command given to man, that command being one of 'Peace and love and mercy and forgiveness.'  This means that I cannot fund the terrorising of others nor allow myself to fund others to go forth and cause harm or kill others on my behalf.

Since I also believe in God's Sovereign and immutable Law of equal return: "As you sow so shall ye reap," I also believe that IT applies to all men of any official or other standing.

I now add the below words written on my behalf by my spiritual advisor who was to give it you today as he had advised me that he was going to appear on my behalf.

Sincerely - Clemencia Barnes.


Contribution by Clemencia's counsel, Terence

Your honour, I have come here today to speak on behalf of Clemencia Barnes who has been advised by me not to attend this gathering and I simply wish to address the court so that you do not walk unknowingly into quicksand.

I am Terence de Malaherre, the spiritual head of the One True Faith and I stand before you as a man of the 'cloth' as spiritual guide and legal advisor to Mrs Barnes whom I have represented for over 15 years in respect of the ongoing 'attack' and demands of the Australian Taxation Office.

I believe that Clemencia was summonsed to appear today for you to determine the punishment factor to be imposed by your pen for her failing to 'submit' and thus fulfil the demands imposed upon her by magistrate Brown.

Magistrate Brown's 'orders' were that she must pay a fine and that she must also obey the demands of the taxation prosecutor Eddie Storace and fill out ten years tax returns. This 'order' was accompanied by a threat and coercion being, that if she failed to so do, she would be jailed for up to 10 years and fined up to a maximum of $ 85,000.

On asking my advice I advised her that the  threat and coercion was in fact the temptation for her to deny her conscience and defy her God in funding a proven warring and punitive organisation which for her is in contravention of the precepts of God's command to ONLY 'Love one another and go your way in peace.' I advised her to remain strong to her belief and faith and to not submit to the directive of magistrate Brown but to simply trust in God.

Magistrate Brown, who presided over the previous sitting on 12th January 2015 did not appear to be aware of the presumptuousness of presiding over a High Court matter of Faith, conscience and religious ideological belief, and as such, he refused Clemencia my legal and spiritual counsel. He also totally ignored the content of her 8 page defence I had prepared while openly colluding with the commonwealth prosecutor and their witness Eddie Storace.

I now ask that you please assist the cause of TRUE JUSTICE in regards to the Sovereign constitutional Freedom of Religion Acts by reading my today's submission and the full 8 page statement of defence issued to Magistrate Brown before you summons Mrs Barnes to appear on a later date. In fact I do hope that you will later simply write to her stating "You have no case to answer."

Within the papers I wish to submit to the court today is a complaint of a conspiracy to commit treason against the Australian Constitution by the complainant (Eddie Storace) and members of the Taxation office and of the Judiciary and Magistrate Brown. This complaint was sent to the Tasmanian Police Commissioner three weeks ago.

I have advised Mrs Barnes that it would be inappropriate for her to attend an illegal gathering * and therefore she is not here today. 

I trust that you will accept this submission given on her behalf, but written by myself, as her counsellor which I believe will assist you to UPHOLD THE LAW. I also attach the summons issued on 13th April for Mrs Barnes to attend today. (This summons was deemed by me as an 'illegal document' since it has no named Justice of the Peace or number thereon, copy attached).

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Note: illegal gathering: In this case a gathering of white collar criminals having the intent to:-

1 - Defy the Constitutional Authority of the Land by setting a Precedent to nullify the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution.

2 - Instigate an illegal attack upon a peaceful citizen (Mrs Barnes) for the sole purpose of causing harm and using her case as a ‘Precedent example’ enabling the voiding of the Constitution and thus allowing the ongoing persecution of the peaceful.

3 - Incite or invite or entice a Petty Court Magistrate to become an accomplice so as to accomplish an Act of Treason.

4 - Use threat and intimidation as a means of coercion to force compliance in having caused Clemencia over 15 years of travail.

The taxation Prosecutor and his office departmental staff colluded with Katherine Drake of the Commonwealth Prosecutions as well as other members of the judiciary to use magistrate Brown 'knowingly' as their means to assault a peaceful person, in this instance, Mrs Clemencia Barnes, with criminal, illegal and treasonable intent so as to cause her harm, loss and emotional trauma which is  in contravention of and in violation of the Constitution of the government organization they 'served.'

Since this matter is one of faith, conscience and ideological belief I request that you either:

1 - Have the complainant Eddie Storace and his 'team' and all complicit arrested for professional and criminal misconduct or -
2 - Have Mr. Storace and his team re-direct their complaint to the appropriate High Court Authority, because it is only the High Court which is ‘legally’ able to hear and Judge matters arising from the Constitution.

I submit to you a formal complaint given to the Commissioner of Police and simply request that you read it before coming to any final decision as to the fate of Mrs Barnes.

In the event that this case goes ahead with a Magistrate ordering the police to detain Clemencia when everyone involved, including the police, have been made aware that it is 'an illegal' gathering, then if the community peace force (police) trespasses on Clemencia's property to arrest her, they become complicit to all taking place, because as stated, the complainant, Eddie Storace and magistrate Brown know/knew full well (as now do the Police and all Judiciary,) that since this case falls within the Jurisdiction of the High Court, it cannot be legally heard in a petty court.

Be advised that since I am God's end days plenipotentiary sent to elevate the consciousness of mankind, I stand before you with more spiritual authority than any bishop, cardinal or 'Pope,' and it is my 'pen' to judge the conduct of everyone as being either; in conformity with or, in contravention of, God's Command and therefore their 'failure' or 'pass' in respect of their Salvation or spiritual demise.


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Legal Fact and Criminal Conspiracy

Is it a legal and therefore a lawful fact that people of Tasmania have the right to have opposite or conflicting beliefs on matters of conscience or religious ideology to the ideological belief of others? YES.

Is this right enshrined within the constitutions of Tasmania and Australia given below in this document? YES. Is it a legal and therefore lawful fact that one has the right to live by ones personal conscience, faith belief or religious Code of Conduct ideology or actions as long as one is not disturbing the peace and not committing an immoral act as stated within the Constitution? YES.

Does the Constitutional sovereign power guarantee protection to a peaceful and moral person having this religious ideology which  grants them immunity from persecution? YES.

If there is a difference of opinion between two persons because they are of opposing religious ideals, faiths or beliefs, and one seeks to have the conflict settled in a court, is it a fact that said freedom of religion Act applies and that the complainant must place their complaint before the High Court? YES.

If the complainant, knowing of the Freedom of Religion Clause, seeks to sideline the High Court procedure of “hearing and Judgement” and places their complaints on the plate of a Petty Court Magistrate, is the complainant guilty of an offense and if so, is the offense a criminal and treasonable activity? YES.

If a petty court magistrate has been given written advice that the case placed before him is a matter of faith, conscience, belief and religious ideology, and is therefore a Freedom of Religion’ complaint which is a matter for the High Court only but, a FACT which the magistrate  ignores by going ahead and judging the case, and said magistrate imposes a punitive judgement factor upon the defendant, is the magistrate guilty of treason, anarchy and criminal action? YES. 

If the plaintiff knowingly  places a Freedom of Religion case on the plate of a Court Registrar, one who then asks a Justice of the Peace to sign a summons for the defendant to appear in court and be judged by a petty court magistrate, is the Justice of the Peace guilty of collusion to the causing of harm or loss? YES.

If the summons is delivered by a police officer to the premises of the defendant demanding that the defendant appear in court or be arrested and, the police station commander knows that this is a Constitutional matter; is the station commander and/or his serving officer complicit and therefore also guilty of anarchy and treason for their defiance and rebuttal of the orders of the Sovereign Power of the Constitution. YES.

Since this case was presented to a Petty Court by a high ranking government official in an attempt to set a precedent, a precedent whereby a lowly court 'punitive' judgement would result in thousands of peaceful citizens being able to be 'lawfully' coerced,  intimidated and forced to change their 'pacifist' ideological belief, is it not a fact that all persons complicit to the case are guilty of a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the Sovereign Authority of the Constitution? YES.

In any case, who upholds the sovereign authority of the Constitution and to whom must a complaint of ‘foul play and criminal illegal and treasonable conduct’ be submitted?

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This case is not dissimilar to that of the Bali 'nine.' In that case the consequence of 'collusion' between police forces having the INTENT to cause harm led some to their death, deaths which could have been avoided if the Federal Police had in ‘thought and deed’ had the BENIGN interest of Australian citizens to the fore. Instead, the Federal Police  did the opposite, thereby letting the now deceased Bali men become entrapped.

In this current case however, it is the Tasmanian Police force and their northern commander who will be disgraced and dishonoured if they 'permit' a peaceful person (Clemencia) to be harmed by punitive measures on 11th August 2015 in the foreknowledge that a 'crime' has been perpetrated and is to be perpetuated on the 11th August. 

How is this so? Because they will have colluded with a mainland complainant to the detriment of a peaceful citizen of Tasmania, in that a "Miscarriage of Justice” was knowingly allowed for the sole purpose of setting a precedent affecting multitudes of others by rendering the Freedom of Religion clause of the Sovereign Authority of the Constitution as "INVALID."

Since this case is to be continued or 'judged' again on 11th August 2015, everyone involved in the conspiracy, whether knowingly or unknowingly, need to be educated, and this process needs to be halted before the 'judgment' and subsequent proving of their guilt by my pen publicly.

This case came to my attention and as a humble servant of God I offered my assistance when the victim (defendant) approached me for my spiritual guidance and advice which was given. On  looking into the matter raised, I realised the incredible enormity of what was attempting to be achieved by the government claimant and presumably their Prosecution counsel as well.

I state this because as I see it, the Freedom of Religion Clause of the Constitution was a God-given SURETY given to man that:  "Any person who showed their God their TOTAL OBEDIENCE to His peace and love and mercy command would receive His protection and the protection of those earthlings who uphold the Constitution."

If this case is permitted to continue on by being heard and judged in a Petty Court by an ignorant magistrate who thereby sets a precedent whereby THE PEACEFUL could or would be persecuted, intimidated, harassed and punished, that would constitute a CONTRAVENTION OF THE CONSTITUTIONAL POWER, then for sure CIVIL UNREST will follow via a total collapse of society because, all will see that the Police, who are paid a wage by the people to be upholders of the peace, had become lackeys for thieves seeking to enslave, subjugate and steal all their money.

Mr. Storace, by his own past and continuing attacks and terrorising of a peaceful lady named Clemencia is a self proven anarchist and a villain, because he believes that his office can ignore their limited powers by overruling the Sovereign Power which in this case is being done by sleight of hand as  exampled by Mr. Storace  placing a High Court matter on the plate of a Petty Court Magistrate.

It is now important for the police service to not become involved or enticed in any way by assisting in the disturbance of the peace of a person (Clemencia) who in no way has broken any laws and should be receiving the protection granted to her by the sovereign powers and or by the community upholders of the peace.

The Police service of HONOUR must now become a truly civilian operation working solely for THE community. They must stop being the 'armed forces arm' of the dictatorship. A truly civilian corps is unarmed, so that its officers pose no threat to others, nor to themselves.

There is no democracy on earth because every political head is an 'armed forces dictatorship' demanding to be obeyed using the military muscle of the Peace Corp (Police service), as their private army.

No civil civilian society uses dictatorial force. No civil civilian uses dictatorial force. No civil civilian business can borrow endless sums of money and bankrupt the Nation because it is only accomplished by political idiots' who are spell bound by liquid vanity and insanity.

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The Police services 'union' of honourable men must now revert back, as said, to being a true community service provider paid for directly by the community. This police service is only for the sole purpose of upholding THE PEACE. They must never again be lackeys for power brokers being used to extort endless sums of money FORCEFULLY.

This means that any political dictators demanding money from anyone will have to do the extortion themselves. This means that any dictatorial magistrate seeking to extort money in the form of punishment will also have to do so themselves.

Political and judicial entities will soon be a thing of the past as God smashes all continuing to 'steal or punish,' because that activity is in contravention of His policy of Peace and frankly, our God is fed up with all pretenders to His throne and HE now will quash all in opposition to His command and His leadership.

Stop funding iniquity and only fund civil and therefore benign community effort directly.

The REALITY is, that anyone making any monetary demands are 'Mafiosi' persons who are disturbing the peace, be they elected or otherwise, and they need to be hauled in by the true police PEACE services and educated as to their error of way before being set free.

The whole globe will shortly be in CHAOS as all suffer their past accrued spiritual dues and anyone failing to obey God's Command will be sent BELOW to continue on in insane chaos forever.

The new community peace corps services (police) need to have a six monthly community outreach requesting funding support and/or a subscription towards their service of upholding the peace. They may also 'charge' for any services rendered to those asking for help.

Thereby the community are directly paying the wages of their TRUE servants who will no longer be funded by any political dictators seeking to use said services for their own benefit, and said 'service' will be benign as it only hauls IN those who disturb the peace or are engaged in immoral practices for the purpose of their rehabilitation via education ONLY.

No more 'fine & punishment' resulting in the police officials becoming defiant of God and accruing painful debts themselves. As it will be a truly peaceful and educational operation, short staffed police may call on citizens to assist in making arrests.

I now ADD in respect of my 'Complaint.' Commissioner Darren, if this illegal 'gathering' SITTING is permitted to continue ON and a punitive sentence is passed, your Police 'force' will be required to:

1 - Keep the 'subject' Clemencia under 'arrest' and detain and transport her to a detention facility and/or;
2 - Raise funds on behalf of the 'State' through the sale of her property causing more harm through eviction and loss.

The above and the causing of ongoing emotional trauma becomes a spiritual DUE upon the 'heads' of the Police lads complicit. Please therefore examine my FINDINGS and then discharge your duty to Clemencia a peaceful citizen of Tasmania honourably, and bring her treasonable 'attackers' to arrest and detained until THEY have attended a 'Feeling easier Seminar' and have thus become enlightened to the error of THEIR ways and then set free.

In this manner (way) you EXTRICATE the Tasmania Police Services from being 'lackeys' into BEING honourable servants of THE PEOPLE.

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~ The mandate to TAX ~

It is not 'economic' to have greedy and 'mindless' people enforcing their supposedly  'economical' monetary requirements because they neither think 'straight' nor do they limit their expectations as to 'how much' people are able to PAY monetarily without being impoverished or going 'broke.'

For any 'nation' to 'go into the red zone' through overspending or 'borrowing' is a 'sign' that madness exists and enslavement of THE PEOPLE exists. It is madness to pay the wages of persons who once 'in power' have the belief that they can 'legally' tax YOU endlessly in invoking decree upon decree to the point, that not only YOU go broke, but the value of the currency collapses, and they still have not met their 'promises' to YOU the PEOPLE because their minds are totally irrational.

In the coming NEW AGE to be, after the coming chaos, with those continuing to defy God having been 'swept away' into the Abyss, there will be NO 'taxing' by punitive enforcement because no 'person' will assume the Right to 'lead or rule' or demand monetary funding by others.

Everyone will learn to feed themselves or be paid a wage for the benign services they 'render' to the individual as required by the individual. No services will be imposed or enforced by 'gun-men.'

The 'exchange' paid for services rendered will be agreed upon solely by the parties involved and they will NOT be deliberated upon or controlled by anyone else.

There will be no more 'unions' making demands and holding 'businesses' to 'hostage.' If you the employee do not like working for the wage offered then you are 'free' to "Go your way in peace" as God commands. Every 'strike' force is an illegal activity leading all involved into darkness and suffering.

The mandate to "Tax" was "taken" by force by arrogant men who their souls did 'divorce' from the ways of the "Christian" God as they plundered all as on earth they trod.

And we have become "used to" this way, even though it be a "denial" of "Give freely to those needy each day," being the only "equitable" way to help your neighbour along his troubled way.

Learn now about the "change" coming soon. It will be very strange. Upon pure truth now reflect, be concerned not with "Tax," only your soul now protect.

Please try and understand that when we have employees and we tax their wages for and on behalf of the taxation office, we are in fact making it a ‘condition of employment.' This 'condition' forces the 'desperate' worker needing employment into an uncivil, immoral ACTIVITY, the funding of the causing of harm to others or killing them. Albeit neither they nor you presently know it.

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It follows that the worker cannot exercise their own faith or belief because they are being forced to fund a punitive, warring institution in contravention of God’s Command and secondly, they are unable to obtain immunity within the Freedom of Religion Clause of the Constitution because it is an immoral act to wage war or cause harm to others which one is doing when funding a warrior tribe who wages war.

It follows that your employees tax subscription to the war effort ensures that they will suffer painful 'Karma' and ensures they remain defiant of God’s Command.

All employers and employees must have the right to not fund war 'coffers' if they wish to obey God and are pacifists as is their Constitutional Right to so be.

It also follows that a 'seller of goods' who adds GST to the price of goods and then pays that money to the taxation office have also become tax 'collectors' This aspect also keeps the individual in error and it also raises the costs of goods and thus de-values the currency.

There is no such thing as another person having the legal right to control you or demand that you conform to their demands or 'suffer the consequence.'

If you fund the coffers of any group or person by levy, stamp duty, fine or tax, and that person or any other uses a part of said income to terrorise or cause harm to others, you are criminally insane because you are funding people who interfere, extort money forcefully, dispossess, wage war or kill because they sit in punitive judgment of others causing great hardship through their own arrogance and ignorance. Do not become complicit to their deeds.

It is an illegal activity for anyone to judge another for the purpose of their punishment. It is God's prerogative ONLY to punish.

"Judge not lest you be so judged."

What then is the answer? Its all very simple. When supporting a punitive system of man, with "man as head of house," one is FORCED to live unconscionably because, all are then forced to obey 'orders' by cruel men. Orders forcing you to defy or ignore God's Command.

This is the way the individual places themselves into suffering and remains on the wide road to Hell. The power of the dark invisible force is its capacity to use arrogant men to coerce you into continuing to fund the imposition of fiscal or other demands upon other people and self, and all this has a Karmic comeback within God's Law.

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As for the disobedience to the decree of magistrates, you and all will find it hard to believe but, the invisible Dark energy essence has no concerns for your disbeliefs on this issue because, the dark energy is absolutely justified in doing its job by balancing its 'books' or 'scales of justice' and it uses the ignorant to do its bidding. (Refer mental health below)

To 'tax' means 'to impose stress and strain and hard labour upon others. In the new world 'order' to be there will be no such abomination whereby 'some' impose their 'fiscal' demands upon others.

If I am a simple fisherman earning my keep from catching fish then why would I be the slightest bit interested in 'funding' those sending 'rockets to the moon' or funding warmongers who would go forth in my name pillaging the earth and causing harm, injury, havoc or destruction?

Naturally we need to 'pay our way' and fund services rendered unto us that we did INDIVIDUALLY ask for, need, want or desire or, contribute to by way of donations. If you wish to use a Peace Corps service (Police) to assist in upholding the peace and hauling IN offenders who factually disturb the peace and have them educated, then pay for the SERVICE directly.

Never vote for, support or fund people or organizations (Governments) who promise to protect you. Why? because they all use God's Dark destructive power to control and force, punish, invade, injure, kill and destroy people, lives and livelihoods.

All the above is a DENIAL of ones belief in God and if you continue to give your monetary support to any political 'governance' then you are truly as lost as they are.

ONLY UPHOLD THE PEACE through being peaceful, even in the face of adversity and even unto death. The Police need to uphold the peace by EDUCATING offenders as per the 'Offender Seminar.'

Every government organization on earth is now to fall without my assistance, and never again will there be any governments. There will on earth eventually only be kind, caring, peaceful and loving people obedient to God and doing their very best to help everyone. Never again will there be any priests or politicians making demands and laying down their misguided rituals, rights, beliefs backed by punishment or banishment.

I trust that THE POLICE SERVICE now realises 'how' IT is being used to interfere in the lives of the people and steal endless sums of money from THE PEOPLE it is paid a wage to PROTECT honourably. I can say no more because I have said enough and it IS UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL to decide whether my 'words' are wise or to treat them with derision or contempt.

Only fund benign community effort.

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~ The mental health aspect ~
the rehabilitation of offenders

There is only ONE deadly, unstoppable and intensifying ISSUE of concern on earth TODAY that will affect everyone, including the PEACE CORPS Services.

The issue is the escalation of MENTAL problems resulting in INSANITY that brings about escalating civil disobedience, unrest, conflict, justified killing and destruction of property. These are all devilish activities. (Dark energy in action)

The now visible insatiable greed need of politicians to 'find' or extort endless $$$ from the community through overspending is soon to bankrupt every nation. This will add to the emotional trauma, fear and despondency now being experienced by multitudes.

Far greater POWERS will be 'legalised' by politicians and imposed upon the Police Services in an attempt to control THE PEOPLE and stem the tide of aggressive behaviour. At the same time, politicians will continue to raise their monetary extortion as they seek more funding. The Police service need to HALT supporting this activity as they ONLY assist the community through educational rehabilitation programs to combat rising emotions and uncontrollable thoughts.

I hope that Tasmania will now lead the world in implementing the 'Feeling Easier Seminar' program so that offenders (those who factually disturb the peace) can be made aware of 'how' to regain control of their THOUGHTS that are presently becoming 'out of control' and leading people into being 'enforcers' for the dark energy.

Offenders must also be taught how to fortify their minds and learn that there is a 'comeback' to them within the Law of Return of the dark energy they are using when they disturb the peace. The spiritual FACT is, that it THE DARK ENERGY is using them to be ITS 'instrument' of retribution.

Further to the above, I find no 'crime' committed by the accused but I find that criminal intent and deed has been committed by the complainants.

Darren, the Police Service needs to now see the conspiracy taking place around them to which they have now become a 'part of.' The dark energy of the Source is using political Decree to punish everyone for using ITS destructive and controlling energy.

I would like to use the Launceston Remand Centre as the 'place' where offenders can be educated and rehabilitated as they attend a 3-4 hour Seminar and are then released rather than being fined or jailed.

It will also be imperative for schools to have their children attend Seminars at the school so that they also learn how to stem the intensifying negative emotions and uncontrolled thoughts.

I simply give a few Links to relevant documents on my web site to assist the Police Service because every police 'person' ALSO will need educating, for everyone is soon to be subjected to greater telepathic psychic attack from very powerful demonic forces living in  the underworld.

A copy of this most important case goes out to Police 'Chiefs' of over 100 Countries globally because they are all 'in the same boat' and all needing the opportunity of inner reflection and a positive change of direction to the benign.

Commissioner Darren, I hope and trust that this outreach will assist you in your efforts ahead.

Sincerely - Terence

PS. One cannot uphold PEACE if one is being controlling and punitive. Regrettably, the global Police Service has raised up a highly trained destructive force of men dressed in BLACK to deal with mentally disturbed individuals. These 'lads' are taught to shoot to kill - kill - kill, and it is incredibly difficult to instil into their minds that within the 'superior' Law of Energy, all they DO unto others they DO unto themselves.

Note (page 9) on: Salvation * - People have the 'quaint' but erroneous belief that their spirit is born 'outside' of the Light of Heaven and whilst on earth, they are ON the road TO Heaven.

This error is exposed by me, for in FACT, everyone living on earth other than a few 'helpers' from the Light did in fact FALL from 'grace' into lower spiritual realms before their soul incarnated here, and they are presently ON the 'wide road to hell' for their continuing defiance of God.

You can only become 'safe and saved' when you ARE a seeker of Salvation and it is the WISDOM from my pen that is the 'enlightening' factor needed by the seeker. Once you understand IT and you amend your personal ways, then you are on the road TO Salvation. However, you are ONLY 'safe and saved' when you have paid all your outstanding dues to God's Energy as you suffer in non-retaliation.

The teachings of men of religion that 'someone' by their personal crucifixion somehow exonerates you from suffering and thus voids or avoids or nullifies the imposition of THE LAW OF GOD 'return factor' is utter rubbish.

Similarly, as in this 'case' of the attack upon a peaceful person by treasonable anarchists, they are of the erroneous belief that they can go forth and cause harm in defiance of their own Constitution and in defiance of God's Command and 'somehow' void or avoid or nullify the imposition of THE LAW OF GOD 'return factor.' This ideological belief is also utter rubbish.

Note - Dark Powers - For centuries it has remained unseen by mortal man that the retributive or vengeful punitive aspect of God's energy (the dark)  has been using the arrogance and pride and vanity in men (chiefs, emperors, kings and their politicians and magistrates) to be ITS means of balancing ITS 'scales of justice' in causing harm JUSTIFIABLY to 'sinners,' being those who personally do or support the control and 'warfare' imposed upon others.

Let us all now try to become TRUE to oneself and others through education rather than vindictive punishment. 


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