~ Open letter 2 to Tasmania Commissioner of Police Darren Hine ~
Legality or illegality of operations
Dear Commissioner 'Darren' - In respect of the legality or otherwise of the ACTIVITIES of the Police Service in their interaction with members of THE PUBLIC, I wish to bring you further into a much deeper comprehension than was expressed in my previous letter/email of July 12th being ITEM update 39 on the 'Freedom of religion' document on my web site:
This new email letter 2 will become ITEM update 40 thereon.
It needs to be clearly understood by everyone, from politicians, judiciary, police and THE PEOPLE alike, that the officials employed by the organisation naming itself 'The government' receive their operational mandate to interact with THE PEOPLE from the AUTHORITY that stems from THE CONSTITUTION.
This being the reality, it clearly follows that any interaction or activity which is IN CONTRAVENTION OF said Constitutional Acts is ILLEGAL but equally, it is also a sign of anarchy and is TREASON against the Sovereign Authority.
Since 'man' sees NO 'God' or ignores the existence of God, man or 'most men' simply observe material objects via or such as TEXT in their books of 'rules or laws.' As a consequence I can 'only' reach into your consciousness using the Constitutional TEXTS which YOU can read, comprehend and act upon.
I do not personally need to rely on the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts given below because I do SEE and KNOW that THE Sovereign Ruler of man is not the Constitution but it is God THE FATHER. He is the ONE dictating THE POLICY of PEACE to BE adhered to by His children you and you and you and me.
However, since He knows that His errant children living outside of His pure Light are thus 'blind' to this reality, what He did do to assist the 'lost' was to inspire the minds of those who elevated the global organisations named 'governments' by inserting the 'Freedom of Religion' or 'freedom of conscience' ACTS so that THE TRULY PEACEFUL would by HIM be 'permitted' to live outside of His punitive control of the non-believers who cause harm and wage war in their continued defiance of HIM.
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What I am saying is, that irrespective of whether or not a person believes in the existence of any 'God,' the following is the reality as one interprets the Freedom of religion Acts of the Constitution:
1 - If a person is an officer of State then they MUST abide within (conform to) the precepts of the ideological code of conduct (religion) as given within THE CONSTITUTION and furthermore in respect of legality or otherwise:
No official can legally interfere in the life of a peaceful person because, the Constitution ACTS state (No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.) and - - - ("The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,") (Religion = ones ideological policy of 'peace or war.'
It follows that IF an officer of State ignores the Constitution for ANY reason (e.g. Deciding to follow or use later day politically invoked rules) as their JUSTIFICATION to interfere into the life of a peaceful person and cause harm, then they are 'Guilty of Treason.'*
They are also ( imposing their religious observance 'punitive ideology,' and prohibiting the free exercise of a peaceful religious ideology )
Note: 'Guilty of Treason.'* - On this material level, Treason against the Sovereign is punishable by the 'execution' of the individual. On a spiritual 'note,' Treason against the Command of God the Sovereign Power results in banishment to the underworld namely Hell, the realm of darkness and ongoing sorrow and agony. Man sees not that when 'he' man disturbs the peace and causes harm that he is using God's dark energy and it is this energy which contaminates his soul as IT flows through his soul during his activity. This 'sin' energy then drags his spirit soul down and away from the Light.
2 - If a person is simply one of THE PEOPLE being reviewed by officers of State, THE people have THE CHOICE to either:
A - Conform to or with the (subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.) and NOT be interfered with nor controlled OR, - - -

B - They can IGNORE the 'policy' requirement and live
immorally and disturb the peace and then be CONTROLLED and forced to PAY the punitive consequence.* The consequence within God's Law being the RETURN imposition of suffering as THE DARK  energy flows through the mind and hands of ANYONE who is arrogant or ignorant and via their vengeful 'demeanour' the DARK balances ITS 'Scales of Justice.'
Note: punitive consequence* - Presently, the deceptive power of the DARK energy is so great, that IT has established a belief in the minds of kings or politicians that if anyone defies their 'dictates' of 'control' and 'taxing monetary extortion,' that they have the RIGHT to punish, and this punishment factor is now ingrained as their 'retributive ideological belief,' (religion) and is the BELIEF in their RIGHT to extort more money as fines or incarcerate those who cannot 'pay' and it is the 'loss of liberty' which becomes the coercion to PAY 'next time.'
The only punitive consequence allowed by God to be imposed upon a person who has disturbed the peace or is carrying out an immoral activity, is as given within the Offender document on my web site.
It is EXTREMELY important for all concerned, especially the POLICE Service to comprehend what I am stating because Police are presently being used ILLEGALLY in their daily interaction with THE PEOPLE.
Police officers must now 'consider' whether the political and judicial JUSTIFICATION to use the Police PEACE FORCE to 'legalise' their demands is ILLEGAL and in defiance of God's Command and in defiance of the Constitution or not.
It is illegal say I, because Police officers are being forced to themselves contravene the Command of God and the Constitutional Acts in disturbing the peace and enforcing monetary extortion. This means that they are factually enslaving THE PEOPLE to servitude for and on behalf of politicians, chiefs, emperors and kings.
It follows that, since control, subjugation, punishment and extortion are unconscionable and immoral activities, the Police service officers are also being forced by their activities to defy the (subject to public order and morality,) clause of the Constitution as well as the Command of THE SOVEREIGN POWER, God.
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As far as I am concerned, every person of any standing or position has the right to obey or disobey our GOD the Sovereign Authority or the Constitution being the 'earthly' TEXT Sovereign Power but, either 'way,' they are always subjects of and subjected to the 'Law of equal Return' FACTOR. (Being the immutable law of 'energy in motion' - for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place the intelligent energy used so decides)
Since the political 'arm' of government are clearly in error as are their punitive judicial 'arm' and as are their policing enforcement arm, it is now up to the Police services 'union' of persons seeking to honourably discharge their duty to THE PEOPLE to simply 'walk away' and become a separate 'entity' TRUE TO THE PEOPLE of the land and to no longer be the enforcement agency for politicians and their magistrates.
Politicians are using the Police service to keep man enslaved to their every 'wish and whim' in using Dark FORCE. Politicians are in FACT themselves enslaved 'mentally' by and to said 'Dark FORCE,' and IT will surely have ITS 'day' when IT forces them to PAY their dues to IT for believing that they are as powerful as IT and therefore erroneously entitled to assume 'god ship' over others. The dark energy is THE POWER, not the ones using IT.
Man, chiefs, kings, emperors or politicians elevated into positions of power by vote or by being backed by force of arms, need to try and comprehend that the USE of God's destructive dark energy has an extremely painful PRICE. The 'price' is the 'deadly' return factor of suffering and loss to everything they IMPOSED and which becomes imposed upon the political or other 'user' in this world or the next.
Mankind needs to realise that this earthly realm (level of consciousness) is outside of the pure light of heaven and that within this realm exists an all pervasive super intelligent dark matter ENERGY of The Source. IT has one INTENT, being to cause harm to and ultimately destroy everyone for their continued defiance of THE COMMAND: "Love one another and go your way in peace."
Dark energy is infinitely unforgiving, merciless, cruel, dispassionate, uncompromising, dictatorial, controlling, vindictive and destructive. Its deceptive nature is what keeps errant man ON the downward slide into the 'oblivion,' sorrow and agony which exists within ITS 'frame.'
It is my task for THE LIGHT to retrieve and uplift any ONE I can as I expose THE TRUTH because, very soon, everyone failing to see my Truth and AMEND their errant ways will BE lost FOREVER.
It is the time to show the Light of God (She) that YOU honour and respect Her creation, and then He God the Father THE Sovereign Power keeping you TRAPPED will release you from bondage to eternal servitude to Him and ongoing travail.

Be now honourable and TRUE to God, yourself and your fellow sisters and brothers.

Now in the case of Eddie Storace a high ranking official v/s Clemencia, it is proven beyond any 'shadow of doubt' that Eddie BELIEVES that he 'as' a Dark Knight can legally or illegally 'clout' and fight a damsel of the Light causing great harm and travail and not be 'classified' as a treasonable 'lout.' (This is error of ideological belief)


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Eddie is incensed by his unconscionable belief (irreligious ideology) in his RIGHT of absolute ruthless domination and the use of intimidation and aggressive force to subjugate his victim. This is ideological WAR.

I hope that the Peace corps service can now protect Clemencia's DIVINITY and show their God that they are honourable.

The proof of Clemencia's ideological belief in God's Command: "Love one another" is also shown by her statement to that effect at the end of the 45 minute interview she hosted many years ago, namely, 'The Last Hour' - You may hear the recording at:


Terence is interviewed by an Australian barrister, an Islamic doctor and a Spanish priest and the interview is hosted by Clemencia.
Many people believe that without political guidance and enforcement there will be CHAOS as is now becoming visible. This chaos is now to intensify due to the interference and subjugation of the mind of man by very powerful dark invisible forces seeking to dominate YOU and 'claim' YOUR soul to their domain.
I can but add; if you are a person taking a wage to obey an 'order' that is voiced or, you impose a rule or decree or 'law' in a 'text' book forcing you to go forth and steal, interfere, cause harm or emotional trauma, you are a lost soul deserving of your fate in the underworld.
If you the individual through your own 'determination' go forth to steal, intimidate or traumatise and cause harm, you are a mentally disturbed person being used by the dark energy of God and in need of good counsel and educative correction.
Arrogant men such as 'Eddie' or magistrate Brown will one day LEARN that their God created WOMAN to be a delight and blessing unto man and to be treasured.
Eddie most certainly is soon to learn that when a man abuses God's treasured daughters that he, simple man, is consigned to a low level of consciousness where there are NO 'females' and NO 'joy.'  - - - SO BE IT - - - It simply is Absolute Justice.
On January 12th 2015, Eddie had his SAY and he had his DAY, and he swayed the court over to his WAY. Now on 11th August another magistrate is to be USED to make Clemencia PAY. I do not wish for any serving police to become involved in the enforcement of the demands of any insane people.

Darren, please do NOT permit your officers to become 'entwined' in Eddie's callous and destructive deeds. It is not for the Police Service to decide on the 'debate' but to decide on:

1 - Who is the one disturbing the Peace of the other.
2 - Who is the one needing community correction.
3 - Who is the one needing Police protection.

These words below I speak to every 'reader' of this page.

Please try now as an INDIVIDUAL to stand UP straight and be honest as you serve our invisible God and the text Constitution, and ONLY walk in peace and assist everyone you can. Be merciful and compassionate and forgive thine enemy and you will then SPIRITUALLY survive the coming holocaust. Fail God and you fail your own 'self' and, - - - the coming holocaust soon engulfing you and all will continue ON forever in the dark wastelands below with YOU trapped within it.

The upholders of THE PEACE must now decide 'who' is true to God and the Constitution and 'who' is NOT.

In Sincerity Darren, I add a few lines of Truth below - Terence
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~ The deadly 'games people play' ~
The devil's dance

What I write now is not for the 'faint-hearted' for it is also a truthful REALITY needing to be exposed at this point in time because if I do not, then it will never be stated because I am the only one who can see IT.
The whole Judicial system of man is an abomination in God's sight because IT permits man to FIGHT in an apparent LEGAL fashion which it is NOT.
It also enables the Dark energy essence of the Source to have ITS 'say' and ITS 'way' via the mouth and 'signature' hand of man (magistrates) who see not that; as they 'judge' punitively so shall they be judged PUNITIVELY by THE DARK energy they deploy and, - - - regrettably, every 'honourable' lass or lad in the Police PEACE Services commission becomes complicit through being present and/or through upholding EVIL and ITS imposition upon someone.
Regrettably also, every taxpayer becomes complicit to all the suffering imposed through paying the wages of these 'judges' and enforcers and thus all sully their inner ROSE of LOVE and deny their own soul a 'return' journey to the Paradise above. There is NO love or mercy, compassion or forgiveness as commanded by God in a court of man.
The walls of the court are 'lined' with invisible 'devilish' spirit beings who 'gleefully' give their input knowing that all threat, coercion and punishment they telepathically impose on the victim (defendant) through the minds of the arrogant and ignorant magistrates, is entrapping all the 'officials' present within the Law of equal Return. All 'sitting in' on the punitive judgement are criminals.
These court 'rooms' or halls of POWER are full of dark matter energy and ITS vibration is what fills the 'air' so to speak to the point, that all those 'called' are feeling fearful and uncomfortable. Some are literally terrified through being in ITS presence which is intangible.
I say a few more words now on the 'Eddie v/s Clemencia. Eddie is a very devious, cunning, evil and extremely dangerous person. How or why the Australian taxation office employ him as their 'front man' prosecutor is quite beyond my comprehension.
I am a mental health professional with very deep insight into the psyche of man and my work is to do with 'spirit possession.' I classify Eddie Storace as DANGEROUS, and he should not be an 'operative' employed by the State as CHIEF PROSECUTOR because he is an unconscionable man who is prepared to 'get his man' at ALL 'costs.'
I am not concerned for the safety or otherwise of Clemencia or myself, but for the many other CITIZENS he is investigating for the Australian taxation office for the same purpose of DESTROYING THEIR LIVES AND LIVELIHOODS.
Eddie is now beyond restitution because the Dark power has his mind firmly in ITS 'grip.' I have tried to help him by 'phone' and I have sent him five letters, (Updates15-22-23-24-15 at http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm) which are on line, but he has remained RESOLUTE in his determination to CAUSE HARM by any means 'fair or foul.'
The constitutional Freedom of Religion ACTS are written in very PLAIN English but he cannot see this REALITY, and it is a sure SIGN of his INSANITY and his spiritual destiny is more than bleak.

Finally, "Lest we forget," all men who are 'armed' with guns can do anything they are ordered to or are inspired to but, - - - it is all ILLEGAL in God's eyes. As it was written it is so: "Those who live by the sword die by the sword," for that simply is the 'Law of Return' of God's energy in action. It is dishonourable to defy God's 'Peace and love' Command and obey political decrees that bring others to grief. That is the 'gravest' of errors.

True Christians or True Muslims OBEY their God, be He named such or named 'Allah.' The truly TRUE never fight nor do they cause harm because they respect others, and because they are ENLIGHTENED persons who "Only love" as God/Allah Commands.

I have had to speak on this for if I did NOT, then not ONE of you 'infidels,' (non-believers) will be Saved.

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Added Note - 1 - On deep spiritual truth:

There is a reason 'why' Eddie chose to use Clemencia as his 'mark' to set a treasonable precedent, and that is because our God is within the 'equation' so to speak.

Eddie could have chosen a million other victims but he was directed to THE ONLY ONE who knew me, and I AM the only one with the mental capacity and need to awaken the Community Police peace services from their 'reverie.' I am also the only one capable of realising what was actually taking place and having the capability of exposing IT in a manner able to be understood by the reader.

I am also the only one (with God's inspiration) able to break the spell-binding TRYST or 'union' of the three factors locked together in a 'dance of death,' the politicians, their judiciary and their enforcement arm. (Police)

This case enables the global upholders of PEACE in the community to break free from political and judicial interference and become a true CIVIL operation working for the benefit of THE PEOPLE.

Note 2:

The use of man's 'Court' is an example wherein man 'unseeingly' defies God, whereby the use of man's 'rules' permits man to defy God and be 'cruel, vindictive, unforgiving and merciless' and to wage war against his neighbour and openly steal money, goods, chattels and children using the 'power' of rules.

Simple man now fails to see his error of 'judgement' and his coming terror. From the moment you use 'dark energy' (punitive force) to gain or attain, you have 'abrogated' your personal 'control' of your body and life and placed it 'squarely' into the 'hands' of the Devil for defying God's command to: "Go your way in Peace."

Officers of state or religion believe that they can use darkness in their interaction because, your 'support' of them is your mandate to them to so do. Foolish are those that 'permit' others to 'run' their lives for them as they 'blindly' believe that it is for their own benefit.

Try and see the reality being that, - - - the moment you or your 'armed forces' servants or local 'enforcement' agencies cause any person to 'endure' pain or suffering or loss, then they and you personally accrue a 'painful' spiritual due within the: "As you or your servants did sow - so shall ye reap" Law of God and, - - -

In God's ordained time and place it is you to be 'faced' by the consequence of 'fire' or other misfortune at the hands of an 'oppressor' when least expected, a time when it is you 'forced' to endure the same suffering and you will wail and, - - - at that moment, if you then fight back in 'fear or anger' in self-defence and cause any pain to the other, you at that very moment draw-in more 'sin' (dark energy) into your soul, and the possibility of your Salvation recedes far away.  Peace is the only way.

Note 2:

The base 'raw' REALITY is:

1 - No person can legally make any demand upon another for payment of money that was not borrowed. No money is ever owed unless initially borrowed. Naturally if one has asked for a 'service' to be rendered and it has so been done, then one must pay for that service. No person can legally demand that another pay for any service that they do not wish to subscribe to.

2 - No person or institution can legally demand that 'another' must pay them a licence 'fee' as a 'permit' or permission before going fishing or for any other activity.

It needs to be seen that the present 'way' that exists due to the 'sins' of our forefathers is now abolished by God via my pen, and in the New Age to BE of PEACE, once insanity has been replaced by rationality, no person will see themselves as a 'Lord of earth's manor.'

Our God as ever will be the 'sublime' ruler smiling down upon everyone who will be obedient to His command.

From this day forth if you or your organisation requires funding for any 'worthy' or benign cause; "Ask, and you will receive" sayeth God.

"Cause no harm" is the only Salvation SURETY.