~ IN the case of Complaint No: 34483/15 ~


Snr Sgt Luke Moore of the Tasmania Police State v/s Judge Terence of the State of Heaven


It is hereby stated that: On the 7th October 2015 at the St. Helens court house there are two 'judgements' to be made on or after said date.


The one judgement to be made is by the local magistrate of the day being; - - - whether or not judge Terence is to be arrested and detained for:


(a) Failing to conform to a summons and be 'tried' as 'guilty' or otherwise and:

(b) Failing to conform to or with directives imposed by officials using State rules/laws.


The other judgement to be made is by our invisible Sovereign Lord God via the 'pen' of His earthly plenipotentiary (Terence) the defendant, in respect of Treason on the part of all involved in this illegal and criminal persecution for either exceeding their mandate or, for failing in their 'sworn' duty. This applies equally to Clemencia's case at Launceston on 1st October 2015.


In the case of Judge Terence, those principal persons on trial by God are:


1 - State police officer Kent Ritchie the 'reporting' official.

2 - State police officer Luke Moore the 'complainant' on the summons.

3 - Mrs T. Kerrison the 'summonsing' Justice of the Peace.

4 - The court register/clerk for tabling the summons for 'hearing.'

5 - The presiding magistrate of the day.

6 - The governor of Tasmania.


+ Any State police officers who are required to arrest, detain or transport Terence.


This 'case' is the finalisation of Judge Terence's quest to ascertain whether or not 'he' and others can live as absolute pacifists according to their own conscience and religious ideology of peace without being interfered with, harassed, hounded, persecuted, threatened, coerced, bullied, punished or jailed by State government officials.


This 'case' is also a FINAL spiritual 'test' for all involved in Terence's persecution over the years to see if they have failed their own test. If they have failed in their 'honesty' test they are by THE Sovereign Power God to be banished to the underworld when their spirit soul exits the flesh and departs.


This 'judgement' will be 'reserved' until such time as judge Terence is advised by our God of His judgement on or before or after the earthly case concludes. This applies equally to Clemencia's case at Launceston on 1st October 2015.


Both these cases are 'open' and on line (www) so that readers or visitors to the 'site' can receive EDUCATION as to the SEVERITY of what is taking place globally in respect of the separation of souls by God. That being so 'each' person shows their God whether or not they can live in accordance with His Command of: 'Peace, love, mercy, compassion' and yes, even in 'forgiving their oppressors.'


In this case in 'question' judge Terence lives as an absolute pacifist as commanded by God and he never disturbs the peace and he is being persecuted for not bowing to the ideals (dictates or demands) of other mortals who have the contra ideology of control, subjugation, intimidation, punishment etc.


If the prosecution goes ahead and succeeds on this earthly level and judge Terence is thereby detained for even one hour of one day, it is the PROOF to God THE ultimate authority that all complicit are treasonable anarchists defiant of the Command of their God as well as the Command of the Freedom of Religion acts of their own Constitution. By their actions they will all have 'consciously' sealed their own fate. (Their destiny in the underworld)


This 'paper' text document is sent forth giving all concerned at least 30 days prior 'notice' of WHAT IS NOW TO BE so that they cannot 'forevermore' think, state or believe that they were not freely GIVEN the opportunity to make amends with their CREATOR before being 'sent down,' which appears to be their present destiny due to their disgraceful ACTIONS having the intent to cause harm to their 'saviour' and God's plenipotentiary.


All presently exceed their limited operational mandate or they ignore their sworn duty.


Further to the above, I give everyone concerned a LINK to my personal and Clemencia's ongoing persecution letters so that everyone can READ and SEE that both she and I are living in accordance with or to the demands of a CIVIL SOCIETY. The sixty (60) letters. The Link is given below.


As hereby stated, I shall not be attending an illegal court sitting on 7th October at 10 am because matters of conscience, faith and religious ideology can ONLY be LEGALLY presented 'to' and heard 'by' a judge of the High Court. If my attendance is still required by the prosecution on the 7th then 'someone' will be required to arrest me at my home and transport me illegally to said place of admonishment.


I can but ADD that I simply hope and trust that my persecutors find their God-given conscience and REASON and leave me in peace because, if they cannot, it will certainly not be my 'fault' that their eternal destiny becomes one of abject misery and agony.


Let it now be clearly understood, conversely to common 'belief' or teachings of man, our God is utterly merciless to the merciless to whom He gives NO clemency because His Law is not only immutable, but it is also Absolute Justice. It simply is what it is, the unchangeable Law of 'Energy in motion':


"What you put out be it kind or cruel comes back to you."

 "What by you or your servants is done unto others will by others be done unto you."

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place the benign or malignant energy used so decides."


In this case, if it proceeds to a court of petty sessions then the Governor of Tasmania is guilty of failing to do her sworn duty to uphold the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Constitution. The other five named persons are also guilty of exceeding their mandate through ignoring the superior Rules/Acts of the Constitution. It should be known by all legal experts that matters pertaining to the Constitution can only be heard or 'judged' in the High Court.


In this case, each of the six persons named is capable of halting the 'case' without the assistance of any of the others.




Note - 1: Since police officer Kent Ritchie was the primary 'factor' I will use him as the example whereby the matter can be rectified and set to rest amicable and legally and I state:


Kent, if on reading this and other letters sent to you by me you may realise that the State 'rules/laws' used to persecute me are subject to the Constitution and, since you know that my 'case' is a matter of conscience, faith and religious ideological belief, my persecution using State rules is therefore an illegal activity.


Kent, I am not looking at a 'winner or loser' situation. Errors of judgement have been made through ignorance of the higher authority of the Constitution in reference to RELIGION. (Ideological belief) I simply seek to move forwards, and this way we link hands and together we uplift the consciousness of all Tasmanians as we teach everyone how to control their thoughts and emotions so as to maintain sanity and PEACE. In this way YOU are upholding the peace as is your sworn duty.


You can rectify the present matter by simply writing to the five (5) other persons with a copy to myself stating:


Be advised that I am now of the belief that I was in error in reporting Terence as being in contravention of State laws because he was at all times living his belief in absolute pacifism and he was not disturbing the peace. The truth is that he was living in accordance with the precepts of the superior Constitutional Law of our institution as well as the Command of our Sovereign Lord God.


Be advised by this letter that I withdraw my original report 'complaint' before God and man and request that you also do the same.


Signed - - -                                                             dated - - -

cc Terence


By this personal 'act' on your part Kent, irrespective or any non-retraction of the others, you will have 'cleared' yourself with God and your conscience will 'sit' easier.


Note - 2 : Reference the 'crucifixion' of Jesus or other beings of Light. Since this world is a realm of darkness in which everyone purports to be 'godly' but in fact most are vindictive and vengeful, it follows that in order to assist in the enlightenment of the 'lost' race, those entering into this level such as Jesus, Clemencia, myself or others are required by God to expose themselves to the existing 'systems' of man and be prepared to be crucified or exposed to suffering so as to be able to 'show the correct way forward.'


The crucifixion of the man Jesus in no way absolved man of man's accrued debts within God's Law. That 'fable' is exposed by me as a falsity because Jesus was not 'ransomed' by God as man's 'debtor' for that is an impossibility since we 'each' stand before God to be judged by HE individually. Jesus, Clemencia and I all 'show the way' by being prepared to suffer unto crucifixion rather than 'giving-in' to coercion and funding the contra ideology of war.


The case 'Testing the validity of the Freedom of Religion Act of the Australian Constitution' can be found at:



This letter becomes Page 2 of the above:  Update - 16 - 1st September 2015 - Advisory reference God's 'case'  judgement.