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Reference my 'case' judgement at St. Helens court on 4th November 2015

When a magistrate (Mrs. Cure) in 'open' court states that she has read my defence but, - - - states that its content, on line linked at page end, has no 'relevancy' in her mind, it is a CLEAR indication that she, like many, has absolutely NO 'idea' or comprehension as to the meaning of or validity of THE Constitution.

Unfortunately her belief that the Constitution has NO relevance in this case is FALSE because HER belief means she can recklessly deny me my Judicial Right to Protection, a right which is my Constitutional Right. She also  herself defies THE limited mandate of THE Constitution which DENIES lower courts of petty sessions the right to hear cases of conscience, belief and religious ideology.

Why does she this do? Simply because she is even more 'drunk' on 'Power' than the aborigine lass she snidely 'condemned' for being unable to hold her 'likker' due to that 'failing' on the part of the 'Aborigine race.' The young lass was already being assisted with good counsel and did not need the hefty 'fine' as was imposed, because no doubt she could not afford it and with its added 'worry' imposition it would probably lead her back to drinking.

Magistrate Cure also publicly stated that her State RULES should be administered in her 'lower' court of petty sessions. This is true but this does not alter the reality of the truth of my defence because she does not see nor accept that cases of Religious Ideology cannot be heard or judged legally in any court other than the High Court.

By illegally using State rules against me in her court of 'petty sessions' she tries to 'rob' me of my absolute right to live by my conscience and religious ideology, and imposes punishment illegally in taking over the 'role' of the appropriate court, The High Court.

Why is it I 'wonder' that I spend hundreds of hours exposing the errors of the day when Police and magistrates cannot comprehend the written WORD of THE Constitutional Acts I place before them? Do none comprehend the English language?

Why is it that magistrate Cure placed an 'insane' fine of $2,500 upon my 'head' when I made it CLEAR that according to my pacifist philosophy, belief, faith and religious ideology that for me to fund 'her' punitive system would, to me, be defiance of God's Command, and it was 'therefore' the reason why I could not pay fines?

In fact, why would I so do knowing that I then would be complicit to her (As my servant) imposing fines upon so many others in the community and thereby I would become complicit to her causing them harm on my behalf? I did state that I was an EDUCATOR happy to fund any benign community effort.

Magistrate 'Cure' justifies her extortion attempt at stealing money in fines due to my receiving a 'pension.' She sees not and knows not that I work very hard both day and night counselling mentally disturbed community members for FREE (monetarily) as my 'time' is 'priceless' and that it is THE 'peoples' money funding me, it is not the 'State's' money. The wages of all public servants are also paid for by THE PEOPLE and not one 'penny' is the 'State's' money.

The 'outcome' of this 'case' is now THE PROOF that the Australian and Tasmanian Constitution has become null and void. It automatically FOLLOWS that the National Flag has FALLEN in disgrace and that NO official has ANY 'legitimacy' to carry out their duties.

It also follows that communist Dictators have seized control of the land ILLEGALLY in defiance of THE Sovereign Power. It also highlights that State RULE now rules because it is backed by armed forces men (Police) who are all now treasonable anarchists waging WAR upon the people because they have sided with said communist DICTATORS. Being those court of petty sessions magistrates from whom they now take their orders from and support, rather than honourably supporting THE Constitutional authority and protecting THE PEOPLE from 'white collar' criminals.

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Any person who now picks UP the 'cudgel' to 'report' me to the 'mad' magistrate when I am NOT 'disturbing the peace; "Is to DIE in the underworld" says God on high.

When I was a 'copper' in Africa in the 1960's I was a 'stickler' for upholding THE LAW. I 'wonder' 'why' the Tasmania Police are UNAWARE of the FACT that their Mandate to operate and to 'Police' stems from THE Constitution? Not from State rules. Do they truly not know that Constitutional matters relating to the Freedom of Religion cannot be LEGALLY heard in the lower court?

I did advise the magistrate that I could not pay fines because according to my religious ideological belief I could not fund (fine payments) to any person or organisation that was causing harm to people. Six Tasmania Police officers listened to magistrate Cure threaten me coercively as she stated: I could fine you $18,000 and jail you and if you do not obey the decrees of the court you will go to jail if I see you again.

What none of the Police understood by the magistrates threatening statement is that she was in FACT trying to coerce me into defying my religious ideology of pacifism. This is a blatant IMPOSITION whereby the magistrate is using ‘her own ideological belief in a ‘supposed’ UNBIASED 'case’ by attempting to force me to join her punitive ideology.  

What the magistrate fails to see clearly is her OWN bias since, by forcing people to change their 'religious ideology' she is in fact making an attempt to ‘legally impose constriction of Religious Beliefs and observance.’  

This is an illegal attempt, one that is a FORBIDDEN activity which can be clearly seen as set out within the Acts of the Constitution. I 'wonder' if or when someone in the PEACE force will comprehend what I am stating, for if I was in 'uniform' I would have had HER 'arrested' for her illegal defiance of THE Constitution Acts reference;

 The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 clearly states:

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for -  establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, -

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, - on account of his religion or religious belief.

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NO State rules/laws can be LEGALLY used to nullify or void or avoid the above Constitutional ACTS. The fact that my 'case' was even presented to and heard and judged by a subordinate court of petty sessions using STATE laws was/is an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY.

Regrettably, the PEACE CORPS Police are being used ILLEGALLY and seem oblivious to that fact and equally oblivious to their own TERRIBLE FATE to be, as our invisible God's Wrath now explodes over the planet for the reasons and in the manner delineated on my web site.

Since magistrate 'Cure' was given the FACTS of the 'case' in my defence pages and she chose to exceed her mandate and defy the constitutional authority, she has proven to God, man and the local Police present that she is a treasonable anarchist taking a false wage and she must be 'dishonourably discharged' because she is NOT 'fit' to be a public servant in 'high' office.

That is the judgement of my 'pen' and albeit there are 'few' who would believe that I am God's END DAYS 'Judge,' the judgement of my pen (God's) is always FINAL. I add, any 'police' persons who follows or upholds the 'orders' from the pen of magistrate 'Cure' is complicit and will suffer the same consequence as she is due to endure.

Absolute Justice exists and is what everyone DEMANDS, including our God as all will now see. His LAW is very SIMPLE:

What YOU do unto others will BE done unto YOU on an EQUAL and thus 'eye for an eye' basis.
As you sow so shall ye reap - for every action there IS an equal and opposite reaction.

All punishment leads to monetary extortion, - - - backed and enabled by the PEACE CORPS. People such as magistrates who rely on 'force of arms' to back up their monetary 'claims' are all defiant of God.

To be 'safe,' the Police must now revert back to their pacifist role of ONLY hauling in persons who do DISTURB THE PEACE or who are carrying out immoral activities and have them EDUCATED. Police must now ignore State politicians and their rules and their magistrates and ONLY Uphold the Peace and uphold the Law of the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts.

All the rules or decrees or laws of MAN having any punitive 'attachments' are in contravention of God's Command and all upholding such are GUILTY of defiance of God and have placed themselves within the punitive aspect of God's immutable 'eye for an eye' Law.

The Sovereign Power (God) who gave man the 'freedom' to be left in peace if they were peaceful as I am, will now impose HIS 'strictures' upon all THE UNFAITHFUL say I.  Most terrible indeed is the FATE of errant man now to BE as seen by ME.

My 'job' for God is now DONE and it is entirely up to THE INDIVIDUAL as to their final spiritual destination, be it UP or DOWN and I simply repeat the 100% pass mark required by God as being: "Peace and love and mercy" is the ONLY WAY to the Light.

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I give a simple explanation of the role and meaning of THE CONSTITUTION of the governing system of Australia - UK.

The Constitution is simply a document raised up by past community elders to bring 'orderliness' to the unruliness and chaos that existed in every land. The Constitution was invoked so that PEACE would exist, and in order to facilitate this, man invoked LAWS which were simply the decrees of those bearing 'force of arms,' and any persons who disobeyed were punished.

The chaos spoken of was due to many persons having differences of OPINION and differing ideological beliefs, (religions) and initially,  there was only a single 'factor' required being, that everyone would be left in peace and undisturbed as long as they did not disturb the peace nor engaged in any immoral activity.

So the constitutional DOCUMENT was raised up and IT was and yet is the 'licence' or MANDATE legalising all officials to go about their business. There was and yet is only ONE 'proviso' LIMITING their authority to interfere or control or punish. This LIMITATION was and yet is the 'Freedom of Religion' ACTS.

These acts clearly state that;

1 - Individuals who LIVE in accordance with the: "subject to" clause therein and who thus live in a moral way and never disturb the peace WILL BE PROTECTED by the Sovereign powers.

2 - Individuals who
disturb the peace or who engage in immoral activities will be subjected to the punitive laws of State.

It needs to be CLEARLY understood by the Police 'enforcers' that IF or WHEN the peaceful of moral disposition are being persecuted using State rules, that ANARCHY exists and that of itself, this treasonable anarchy is illegal, unlawful, criminal 'chaos' in action.

It needs to be CLEARLY understood by the Police 'enforcers' that if they are involved in any way in this activity that they are COMPLICIT, and that they will suffer the 'dire' consequences for denying others their LAWFUL Right to live peacefully as God commands and to NOT be forced or coerced through jail or other punishment to change their ideology to that of the VINDICTIVE warmongers by supporting or funding their merciless and punitive ways.

It needs to be CLEARLY understood by the Police 'enforcers' that not ONE State rule or law applies to a person living in accordance with the precepts of the "Subject to" clause of the  'Freedom of Religion' ACTS.

They have the RIGHT to go 'fishing' without being taxed by having to pay a $50 fishing licence. They have the RIGHT to only participate in funding benign community effort of their own choosing.

Naturally they have to pay for the use of essential services they use, be it hospitals, schools, roads, plumber or electrician etc. They know that their God owns 'all' and sees 'all' and they thus bow in subservience to Him and His commands and they 'treat' all others with respect and they NEVER cause harm nor punish others, they only do their best to educate offenders.

Added Note - 2 : I only use the constitutional acts to assist everyone who is a supporter of THE punitive aspects of the SYSTEM of which I am NOT. I simply use the Constitution to show the 'enforcers' that within their OWN 'system' I am living as required. (Peacefully)

I am a 'follower' of God and His Command and as I AM in conformity to IT I am at 'peace' within myself as I REFUSE to fund what to me is a TERRORIST organisation causing harm to God's children due to having the contra belief of VINDICTIVE RETRIBUTION.


Note: Dictionary: Communism is rule by State rules as dictated by the 'dictator.' (In this case political decree and their followers)
Link: Defence papers submitted to the magistrate : http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/cure.htm

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 My Response to magistrate 'Cure's' Judgement