~ Open letter to commander Richard Cowling, Tasmania Police ~
Reference: The 'limited powers' granted by the Constitution to officials.

Dear Commander Cowling, I am aware of your 'ask' of me to write no more letters to you, however, I take my 'job' even more seriously than you do yours, so please allow yourself to read this 'last ditch stand' note from me because its content holds an extremely serious 'issue' for everyone on this Tasmanian 'shore' as well as globally.

You 'live' under a 'banner' of 'Peace,' naming your officers as protectors and upholders of the peace. I perceive the  actions and of your 'troops' quite 'differently,' and I will try and explain 'how and why' as I get to the  'point' of my 'spear' that is aimed at your conscience and spirit soul.

Your troops are no less powerful than any military style dictatorship, and you have a 'front line' trench in which you 'sit' and inhabit each day. This is your 'precinct,' and over the road is the 'front line' of the opposing 'mass' being THE PEOPLE who you CONTROL with all and any military force of arms you personally deem necessary.

What is this 'thin blue line' of separation? Is it the commands of your superiors being the political dictators who stipulate:

1 - If any person DISOBEYS our 'orders or decrees or rules or laws' then you must go forth and haul them in and have them punished.
2 - If anyone DISTURBS THE PEACE of the land then you must go forth and haul them in and have them punished.

It is all very CLEAR to me as to 'whom' you believe your duty lies. It is NOT to THE PEOPLE but it is to the decrees imposed upon your troops by other mortal men (Politicians) and also to your weekly wage.

What I would like you to see is that PRIMARILY, those politicians issuing 'orders' are in the first instance themselves BOUND to the LIMITED authority and powers granted unto them by the Constitution of the organisation they are paid a wage to SERVE. This also applies to YOU and your troops.

Any official who for any reason exceeds said powers are guilty of treason and anarchy irrespective of their 'beliefs' around the issue.

If others such as lawyers or prosecutors or magistrates or ignorant 'expert' advisors exceed this authority for ANY reason then it places you and your troops in the vicarious position of being forced to act ILLEGALLY and with CRIMINAL intent.

Naturally since you and THE TROOPS are 'permitted' to invade, detain, destroy, punish or even kill, it is 'likely' that FEW of the 'civilians' you PURSUE are going to 'complain' because of  their FEAR of reprisal or fear for their lives stops them from challenging' the courts,' but what is regrettable for you is that you neither see nor do you feel said FEAR arising from the fact that you are condoning 'terrorising' activities perceived by you as 'legitimate' and normal.

Indeed, once your 'forces' climb OUT of your 'front line trench' and step into 'no man's land' for the purpose of hauling IN some 'unfortunate' who in your mind is trespassing in said 'space,' or so 'believed' by YOU, your forces are self-permitted to themselves do all or anything that other children of God are denied and even forbidden to do by THE CREATOR.

"What" I ask, does it take from my 'pen' to show you that:

1 - If your troops are operating outside of their operational mandate then they are in FACT classifying themselves as TERRORISTS within the Terrorist ACT legislation.

2 - If other officials including ATO - CDPP and local magistrates are openly defying the 'text' words of the Constitutional authority and thus terrorising a PEACEFUL person (lady) who FACTUALLY is living in accordance with THE LAW, then they are operating outside of their operational mandate in an illegal and criminal manner.

I ask: "Are you simply going to IGNORE these FACTS and 'join in' the ILLEGAL crucifixion of the one of whom I speak, - - - namely Clemencia Barnes"?

I ask: "Do you truly believe that you or your troops are ABOVE THE LAW of the land"?
I ask: "Do you truly believe that you or your troops are ABOVE THE LAW of GOD"?

Sir, I 'venture' to ask you to PLEASE look deeply at the 'case in hand' because I AM THE ONLY ONE to fully understand the DARK Power at work in this and every land. You 'Sir' and your 'men' are being USED in a very underhand manner as THE PUBLIC are soon to LEARN. What will they learn?

1 - It will be very displeasing for the public to KNOW that their funds are being used to wage war upon other peaceful members of the community and that said 'war' is being waged in their name and on their behalf.

2 - That if they truly 'love one another' and thus OBEY the Command of their God, and thus refuse to be complicit to terrorist attacks upon others or the waging of war against others over the sea, that the armed forces of the land will turn upon THEM in a very underhand manner and steal everything they have or hold precious or worse still, they will be disenfranchised from their holdings, jailed or killed.

Sir, as the Limited Authority granted by the Constitution in respect of the Freedom of Religion acts are definitely being 'usurped.' Who is responsible? Is it by the 'wish' or decree of the earthly sovereign power the Queen? Is it by arrogant or ignorant treasonable officials? Who is complicit? All these things need to be considered before THE LAST DAYS of total tribulations because anyone found treasonable by THE SOVEREIGN POWER our God is to be cast into the underworld forever.

I 'Sir' AM THE ONLY ONE able to save your 'soul' and that of all 'Peace-keepers' OR Terrorists. 

This letter is for the upliftment of the consciousness of mankind and for your considered opinion. 
May God grant you the wisdom to uplift your OWN soul –

I wish you well Sir - Terence

Please read my National Security Alert:

A copy of this letter to you is on line as ITEM 28 on page 2 at:

I enclose herein a letter sent last night to Professor Richard Vann of Greenwoods solicitors.

As Australia’s largest specialist tax advisory firm, Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills has more than 50 tax experts in their Sydney, Melbourne and Perth offices.
From: Terence
Sent: Sunday, February 15, 2015 11:08 PM
Subject: Fw: Treachery, treason & anarchy amongst the Queen's Australian judiciary.
Dear Richard, I write to you in respect of a taxation ‘issue,’ and in viewing the profile of Chris Jordan I saw that he was previously employed by your firm and as I am interested to see whether any of your personnel have experience with Constitutional matters I looked up your web site. It appears to me that you have as much or more experience than most hence this note to you and a copy to ‘Chris’ as a matter of courtesy.
My primary interest is in respect of a lady ‘Clemencia’ who is being persecuted by officers of the ATO using a ‘petty’ court in Launceston as their ‘enforcer.’ I am an educator in respect of spiritual truth as I ‘head’ the One True Faith organisation and I have been guiding Clemencia for over 15 years in her ‘case’ which climaxed 12th January 2015, and the ‘orders’ of the court come into effect tomorrow 16th.
Since she will not have complied to their directive to fill out 10 years tax returns or suffer the consequence being up to $85,000 in fines and up to 10 years in jail there could well be police or others sent to pursue her and cause her emotional and other harm..
My secondary but not ‘lesser’ interest is in helping the ATO prosecutors and officials see their error of way as well as the consequences thereof as known by myself in respect of the spiritual Law of Return as well as the consequences of defying and exceeding the LIMITED Constitutional powers or authority granted unto state officials.
I shall be phoning Mr. Jordan on Monday morning to ask if he would consider ‘staying his hand’ and not asking the court to enforce his demands until the matter of the Constitutional aspect as exposed within this and other correspondence has been deliberated on by truly expert persons. Why? Because as said, as far as I am concerned any further false move on the part of the ATO or Courts will have very severe though presently unseen consequences for many people and I simply seek to assist them to avoid that.
I write this to you simply to ask if you would ‘for free’ and as a courtesy to HUMANITY examine this and other documents on line and give your considered opinion on the matter to the ATO officials. It may assist the ATO officers to reconsider their ‘claims’ if you find error on their part.
As perceived by ME, it is a very cut and dried affair, on the one hand the ATO officers believing that they have full powers over everyone on the land with NO exception, and as you will find at the end of the page, the Freedom of Religion acts of the Constitution clearly guarantee ‘some’ the RIGHT to live by their conscience and religious ideological belief and not be persecuted as long as they do not disturb the peace.
Other than that, for a Constitutional matter to be placed before a very ignorant magistrate of a petty court when it should have been presented to the High Court is yet proof of liquid arrogance and collusion between the ATO officials, their prosecutors and the magistrate.
What is at stake here? The enlightenment of mankind who will soon learn that to fund any system that wages war on others is error and defiance of the Command of THE Sovereign Power, GOD and is what keeps everyone enslaved to ongoing misery, loss and suffering.