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Registrar of motor vehicles
service of Tasmania

Dear Martin, in 'good faith' Gillian, God's daughter, a lass of charm paid her annual vehicle 'registration' so as to assist the funding of roads maintenance and insure others in the event that they were injured by her vehicle.

She never has the INTENT to cause others harm but you, and those as you who INTEND to cause her harm, are factually already intimidating, threatening and coercing her because you have taken up the 'cudgel' for MPES extortionists, and by this FACT you are already waging a psychological WAR against Gillian.

Not only have you stipulated that her registration will be suspended in a few days time (3 June 2015) but, if she does not 'submit,' then you and the others of your ilk intend to and will walk deeper into the DARKNESS in factually causing more harm, loss or suffering and emotional trauma.

I ask you: "Why does your conscience permit such ATROCITIES"?

Was it IN your 'job' application that the 'rules of engagement' with THE PEOPLE would require you to help extortionists and become a part of the government monetary enforcement service collection agency?

Was it IN your 'job' application that the 'rules of engagement' with THE PEOPLE would require you to factually become a PUNITIVE person and a 'jailer' enforcing persons to being restricted to their homes and unable to move freely?

You 'Sir' stand before God as is every other 'sorrowful' person who is DOING THE WRONG THING.

If you 'wish' to join in with the 'hoards' of wasps gathering to STING Gillian or Clemencia or myself, then 'bro' you can take it from me a man who does and can into the pits of Hell SEE that; - - - liquid AGONY and terror is the FATE of all who FAIL to OBEY their Creator. (He is the Creator and the destroyer ~ the light and the dark ~ naught exists outside of His 'frame')

He 'son' is THE ONE who becomes THE ENEMY of all who defy HIM and NONE can 'win' say I. His Light SHE Mother has sent ME to alert humanity and TRY and save even ONE before HE destroys EVERYONE, for all are presently ON the wide road to Hell albeit they see it not.

Man cannot see the deceptive power of THE DARK ENERGY. (His to use only) This energy is super, super INTELLIGENT, and as you may all now become aware of, ITS super intelligence is what JUSTIFIES your use of IT in your controlling, subjugating, extortionist and punitive interaction with others.

Why does IT so do? (justify your negative interaction) - - - Because everyone is 'busily' using ITS 'force' to interfere or control or punish others either personally or via state servants, and thus all deserve to BE controlled and punished more and more and more within ITS punitive 'Law of return.'

It is thus that the 'Lords of the manor' politicians receive more and more telepathic subjugation and INPUT from IT (The Dark) to impose more and more controls, restrictions and punishment. All enforcers become TRAPPED by their feelings of POWER and their 'right to enforce.' Its power, a power by God forbidden to be used by man because IT sets out to destroy everyone using it or competing with IT. Once some of ITS energy is within your soul then you become its target.

Indeed, you become 'blinded' to the FACT that you are making others suffer and bleed in fear and anxiousness and more as YOU simply state: "If you fail to obey 'our' rules then you deserve to suffer the consequence."

None of 'you' see that those who disobey God's Command 'rule' (Love one another) and obey 'text book' RULES and uphold them and cause harm are, in so doing, the ones who by GOD are now to BE controlled, subjugated, dispossessed and injured as HE fulfills His immutable Law.

Not only this, but as you FACTUALLY cause harm, you are using the DARK energy and IT stains your soul more and more and is what drags IT (your spirit soul) deeper into the underworld in the after-life.

MPES is NOT simply 'the one to collect money,' - - - for IF the money is not forthcoming, it is the MPES who directs others (Registrar) to join in and use 'threat, coercion and intimidation' in their efforts to STEAL and join in with the extortion attempt and finally, - - - they do join in and punish others through registration suspension and thus cause even more 'pain and suffering' and, - - - all on this 'bandwagon' of defiance of God accrue a further DUE to God.

Martin, when YOU restrict the freedom of movement of a person's vehicle you have become a JAILER restricting the freedom of movement of a person. Both you and the 'heads' of the MPES have through/via 'rules' in 'text books' elevated by politicians been given UNLIMITED POWERS TO DESTROY YOUR OWN SOULS.

I am not here to 'argue' with anyone. I am sent by God to alert EVERYONE to the 'facts of spiritual life' and it is up to THE INDIVIDUAL to implement change before it is too late.

I am now very old and tired and I MUST now rest my pen - I wish you ALL 'good luck.'

Terence -

page 2

Open letter (2) to Martin Crane

~ The 'Ordering voice' & the 'Reality check' ~

Dear Martin,

I am the man telling the world that it is the time  for everyone to take  a reality check on their personal interaction with others. The reason I am now focused on you is because to my wife you seek and intend to be interfering and untrue.

You have so far already stepped over the line in God’s eyes and you are therefore very unwise because you have threatened Gillian with 'closure' as that relates to her freedom of the road. In short, you are therefore already classified as an interferer who has decided to interfere into the life and affairs of another man’s wife.

Brother, there are many places on earth where husbands kill or maim people who arrogantly and disrespectfully try and impose their will upon their wife. Fortunately for you and for me I am a reasonable man, a part of God’s greater plan to educate the lost like yourself by doing my best to elevate their conscience back into the Light so that their face and consciousness can again be seen in the pure Light

Ask yourself: “What gave me, Michael, the right to begin to interfere into the life of Gillian, a lass and spiritual sister who I have as yet not even met"? Was it a 'slip' of paper or an email order directing you to so do or what?

Either way, it was an ‘ordering voice’ arriving on your desk as a command or demand that you become untrue to Gillian, your God, your conscience and therefore yourself, for why would you cause harm to another man’s wife, a lady, being God’s daughter?

The 'silly' thing is that in fact it was just a text message sent to you by some other errant who themselves were justified in so doing either by some 'other' or by a text RULE they found in a book. Everyone 'up' the line who has caused you to become the swine need to be 'checked' by your notice to them that you then send back up the line.

It needs to State:

"I Martin Crane am engaged in a duty to the people of Tasmania to keep a 'Motor vehicle registry' in an orderly fashion. I cannot any longer be a vindictive, callous merciless person disadvantaging people in the community particularly since they pay my wage.

Neither can I be the one to cause them ongoing mental and emotional trauma or loss of freedom because I do now see that it is a slur on my family name and a denial of the Command of God to: "Only Love one another" as has been reminded to me by the Spirit of Truth personally therefore, - - -

Be advised all of you 'up' the line all the way to the Text Rule book that I Martin Crane find that my conduct to date has been a dereliction of duty and a cruel act and therefore I re-instate or rescind all registration of vehicle suspensions or all driving licence revocations by advising said persons of my decisions and the reasons 'why.'

I shall from this day henceforth simply be true to God and myself and only be a keeper of 'keeping records' and never again will I threaten anyone or interfere in their life in any way. I will only assist others with advice if so asked of me.

From this day forth our God is my 'wife' and my life and I will henceforth love all God’s Children as is my primary duty to God and man."

Martin,  do this for our Mother of Love (God) and She most definitely will respond benignly and lovingly as you show your commitment and care towards Her other children.

I add, if you cannot this do then ahead you will surely 'quail' due to the 'FACT' that you continued to defy THE SOVEREIGN POWER AND AUTHORITY God the Father and He most definitely will cast you down into the underworld.

This 'Sir, brother, son' is NO 'threat,' it is simply a basic "FACT" of LIFE to now take place for anyone and everyone who defies the 'ask, demand or edicts' of God via my sacred pen.

Sincerely - Terence