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Complaint no: 34483/15 - State of Tasmania v/s Terence Malaher

Defence submission

~ Constitutional anarchy, treason & absolute justice ~
The meaning of  "Strict Liability" and reference herein this statement of defence.

Your Honour, my pacifist religious ideology and 'variance' of belief  to that of my persecutors has been ongoing now for 20 years and it appears that for some reason our God has now emplaced you within it and I believe the reason being, that you may well be the only one to comprehend the 'dispute' and bring it to an end 'Justly' and honourably.

It is both a complex matter as well as 'simple' that you have had placed on your plate and I can but trust that you will give it your due diligence because I believe that you of 'all' persons have the capacity to resolve this matter within THE LAW of the institution you serve.

In a recent case 1st October 2015 – ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes with magistrate Reg Marron during which I assisted the defendant, there was reference to the words "Strict Liability" to which I respond to now as it applies to all State officials dealing with my 'detention' and their intent to punish me using State laws/rules as they choose to ignore their and my Constitutional RIGHTS. The meaning of the words 'Strict Liability' is:

"Defendants will be convicted even though they were genuinely IGNORANT of one or more of the FACTORS that made their acts or omissions CRIMINAL." Or in ‘layman’s terms:

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

In this case of mine, it is apparent that the ‘complainant’ is determined to ignore, void or avoid the LIMITED mandate granted to him within:

1 – The Ruling Commands of the superior LAW of the Constitution. (Tier-2 Sovereignty) It is my task to awaken him and all to THE REALITY that ITS 'Freedom of Religion' Acts makes his actions CRIMINAL, albeit neither he nor the judiciary yet perceive it to so be, and neither do they realise that the words "Strict liability" factually apply to their illegal ACTIONS.

In this case, it is also apparent that the ‘complainant’ is determined to ignore or void or avoid the LIMITED mandate granted to him within:

2 - The superior Command of God (Tier-3 Sovereignty) and places him and all complicit into the punitive aspect of God’s solo LAW. It is my task to awaken him and all to THE REALITY that contravening God’s Command makes his actions CRIMINAL and subjects him to the ‘eye for an eye’ or ‘As you sow so shall ye reap’ LAW, albeit neither he nor the judiciary yet perceive it to so be, and neither do they realise that the words "Strict liability" factually apply to their illegal ACTIONS.

In respect of the 'driving of an unregistered vehicle' 'charge' laid upon me. The vehicle was ‘in’ registration as it had been registered by the owner my wife but it was ILLEGALLY de-registered in an attempt by the MPES director to inhibit my freedom to use it, and his actions were totally criminal because no offence was ever committed by its owner my wife. (Gillian Mae Hay) My wife has not driven for 7 years due to ‘incapacitation’ through illness.

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In respect of driving whilst disqualified, my disqualification was not imposed through any fault or error in driving, but solely because I had not held a driver's licence for over 15 years due to my having handed it back to the Police with a notification as to my reasons.

This I did because I believed that my driver’s certificate of competency issued on passing my driving test was my 'pass' validation to drive safely, and that I could no longer fund any punitive 'system' with an annual $ payment to keep it validated. To me that would have meant that I was funding a punitive organisation which was in contravention with my religious ideology.

The Police and judiciary have the False BELIEF that they ONLY have an allegiance to their (Tier-1) State rules/laws in their 'engagement' interaction with the public, and they uphold said laws judiciously.

They also have the BELIEF that every person on the land also has a "Strict Liability" to adhere to said rules/laws or be punished by financial loss, or loss of their freedom of movement because any non-conformity is perceived to be an illegal and criminal activity irrespective of whether or not the 'offender' person perceives their actions to so be. (Total control is imposed backed by force of arms)

Every official in the land has either forgotten or has become ignorant of the FACT that their operational mandate is LIMITED by and RECEIVED from the 'rules of engagement' Laws of the (Tier-2) CONSTITUTION of the institution they are paid a wage to SERVE on behalf of THE SOVEREIGN Powers and the People who support and fund their actions.

They are also totally UNAWARE that standing above these TWO 'Tiers' of government by man there is a THIRD and superior Tier of LAW and Commands. These Commands and LAW are those of the Sovereign Power and absolute ruler of man, GOD. The content of these three 'Tiers' is given at the end of this paper.

In the case in question the police complainant officer Kent Ritchie has known for over 15 years that I am NOT a 'person' to be subjected to the State laws (Tier-1) backing his COMPLAINTS for the following reasons:

Since his 'religious philosophy' (doctrine) is that of interference, control, punishment, disturbing the peace, the causing of harm and killing, his BELIEFS are opposite to my absolute pacifist IDEALS. These ideals preclude me from in any way 'voting' or supporting or funding the punitive aspect of his institution. (State or Caesar)

His Police services organisation has also known for over 15 years that the superior Law DECREE of the Constitution of his institution grants those as me THE FREEDOM to live unhindered according to my own conscience and religious ideology with the proviso that I do not disturb the PEACE.

This BELIEF of mine is known by both officer Kent Ritchie and his HQ because of my many on line letters so stating (60 or so) ref. pages 2 & 3 of my 'Testing the Freedom of Religion Acts' on line document at:

In which I have stated that I cannot and do NOT fund any part of his 'System' by TAX or 'levy' or fine levy requirements of his State Laws because:

 (a) I do not believe they apply to me and
 (b) I am promised and guaranteed immunity from persecution by the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitutional AUTHORITY.

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Since the Police 'office' knows of my ideological stance it is an ILLEGAL and criminal activity on the part of any of its officers or the judiciary to expect me to conform with their dictates or commands or for them to seek to punish me in any way, for in so doing, they are exceeding the mandate granted to them by said Constitutional AUTHORITY.

It is also a criminal and treasonable activity for the Police to make use of a Court of petty sessions in attempting to thwart the course of justice by wilfully IGNORING Constitutional POLICY which then 'sidelines' the High Court.

Since the Police officers, the Justices of the peace, (JP) Court registrar and clerks all know through having been advised of my immunity and PROTECTION guaranteed by the Constitutional powers, it is clearly a 'mean' and cruel effort of religious persecution for THE SOLE PURPOSE of coercing me or trying to force me through 'jail' time or other intimidation to give up my BELIEF and join their ideological doctrine through supporting or funding IT by fee or tax or other ‘levy.’

My conscience and my God dictate that I can only support or fund benign community effort and the education of offenders. I cannot fund control, punishment or the intimidation of others.

It is the time for the Police services to ONLY UPHOLD THE PEACE as is their 'Sworn' DUTY because it is a "Strict Liability" to so DO as it is also a sworn ALLEGIANCE to the Sovereign Power whereas presently, they are engaged in the CRIMINAL activity of DISTURBING THE PEACE and waging a war against a peaceful citizen. (Myself)

The Police, judiciary and magistrates all have a STRICT LIABILITY to NOT ignore s 109 nor 116 and 46 of their Constitution. It is a most serious matter indeed and it has always been my INTENT and DEED to ASSIST all back to their SANITY in seeing the ERROR of their ways.

The Police and judiciary and all complicit to bringing charges or imposing punishment need to themselves COMPREHEND that the  "STRICT LIABILITY" content: "Defendants will be convicted even though they were genuinely IGNORANT of one or more of the FACTORS that made their acts or omissions CRIMINAL" words apply to THEM because in reference to my case and that of Clemencia Barnes, all involved are ignoring the Policy rules of their own Constitution as shown above.

Since the Police and judiciary are by my PEN proven to be EXCEEDING their mandate and their authority, they are proven to be treasonable and GUILTY and they will BE 'convicted' by the Sovereign Authority even though they were "GENUINELY IGNORANT of the FACT that their acts or omissions were CRIMINAL."

There is NO LENIENCY nor MERCY within the LAW of the Sovereign Authority as all will now see.

For close to 20 years I have been trying my best to get the ATO (Australian taxation Officers) Police and Judiciary to see that it is not ‘I’ exceeding my ‘mandate’ ILLEGALLY but THEM. I do not disturb the peace but they continue to so do and to terrorise everyone on a daily basis.

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~ The illegal treasonable precedent ~

Honourable Magistrate Cure, I am not expecting to be treated with any 'leniency' nor do I wish to set any precedent. I simply wish and require that I be treated according to THE LAW of the Constitution as is my RIGHT and because I am a peaceful person who never disturbs the peace.

The Sovereign Power and authority governing the land factually guarantees those absolute pacifists such as myself immunity from religious persecution within the 'Freedom of religion Acts of the Constitution as given below.

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.


Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

The Tasmania 'Act' does in FACT apply to every state in Australia.

 The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 clearly states:

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, -

I refer the honourable Magistrate to section 109 of the Constitution:

Section 109 of the Constitution of Australia clearly declares that:

The valid federal law (Constitution Acts) override ("prevail") inconsistent State laws. Section 109 of the Constitution of Australia provides that:

When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid. Section 109, has been considered to be the foundation for the existence of the judicial review power in Australia.

This Act, (109) and all laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution, shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State...

"Invalid" does not mean that a State law is invalid in the positivist sense that the State Parliament lacks power to pass it. The State law, though enacted with full validity, merely ceases to operate. No State law can be used in or against cases of Constitutional Law.

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It follows that when I Terence live in accordance to my absolute pacifist religious ideology (Constitutional acts 116 & 46/1) and within the precepts of that ACT, I cannot be persecuted or punished LEGALLY by persons who use State rules/laws or past illegal precedents to so do. For them to so do is anarchy and Treason against THE SOVEREIGN POWER.

No State rule or law can compete with or 'void or avoid' the constitutional ruling. Any ACTIVITY by the Police or judiciary that is USURPING the Acts of the Constitution is an illegal criminal activity. No majority 'vote' to the contrary or illegal precedents set changes anything, albeit the ignorant see it not.

Note:  Perhaps the time has come for the judiciary to see that it is not I on trial here, but rather it is the Tasmanian Judiciary which is on trial. They are being tested to see if they are prepared to exceed their mandate by even hearing, let alone presuming in their right to judge a High Court matter.  Is that Treason or not? Indeed it is.

Why then do the Australian Taxation Officials, Police, judiciary and Petty Court Magistrates deny those as myself our RIGHTS? It is because some 30 years ago or so the ATO and the judicial 'system' decided to set a treasonable precedent which they did and is so proven.

It was a treasonable precedent because many 'conscientious objectors' to War and the funding thereof for the causing of harm or 'killing' became entrapped through coercion because of their emotional FEAR of punishment, a fear which caused them to succumb to the monetary 'take' imposed through the ILLEGAL precedent which became 'commonplace' once established.

Not only this, but they then became complicit to all the harm or loss caused to other people in the land or over the seas by the punitive forces of the System. (Army & Police) How or why? Because when one funds any punitive or warring organisation one becomes complicit to all which is being done on your behalf and in your name by those now operating as your 'servants.'

What was and yet is this precedent that was so CRIMINAL, which I now expose by my pen? It was when the ATO officials backed by the Police (peace services) and the judiciary colluded to IGNORE their LIMITED mandate as granted by the Constitution. The Constitutional ACTS referred to being the Command of the Sovereign Power and authority. (The Queen)

In so doing they treasonable exceeded their mandate because they used the Police and judiciary to 'sideline' the HIGH COURT 'system' and they were then able to persecute and persecute all cases but more particularly, those cases such as mine involving ones conscience, faith, belief and religious ideological doctrine and sadly they did so ILLEGALLY by using lower courts of Petty sessions run by Magistrates who should have known full well that this action was a felony and act of treason.

It is my pen to reveal that NO State rules/laws can be used as 'evidence' in or against ANY Constitutional matter. It is strictly forbidden by the constitutional authority.

Why has this 'process' been allowed to go ON for so long causing so much trauma and the blatant extortion of money from so many? Because everyone was 'asleep' and Magistrates assumed that all cases 'placed' before them on their 'plate' were fair 'bait' to be dealt.

It appears that even they were unaware of the fact that matters of 'faith, conscience and religious ideology' were and always have been Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' matters beyond their limited jurisdiction.

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It has now become commonplace for magistrates to openly state or imply that:

"You are entitled to live according to your belief (godly and peaceful) - - - BUT - - - I (the magistrate) have sworn an oath to administer acts under the subordinate legislation - - - - and - - - within these rules I find you 'guilty' as charged."

These magistrates have all been causing an 'awful' lot of liquid TERROR to their 'victims' and everyone involved presumes themselves to BE 'above the law' of their OWN institution because they wield the 'Power' backed by guns. Woe indeed is the agony for them soon to be.

Even the Governor of Tasmania whose sole responsibility and sworn DUTY is to uphold the INTEGRITY of the Constitution and protect it from being 'sullied' or 'overthrown' by dissidents and to also PROTECT the innocent and peaceful citizens of the land failed to so do through their ignorance of what was taking place beneath their very 'nose.'

Why do I now tell all of this to you? Because all the 'criminals' involved in all the past and ongoing cases are to now learn the TRUE meaning of the words "Strict Liability" because each and every one of them is soon to be brought to 'account' PUNITIVELY for their arrogance or ignorance by very DARK forces as exposed by my pen.

Honourable magistrate Cure, please therefore CORRECT this error. Not by setting any fresh precedent, but by discontinuing the present debacle of ILLEGAL hearings and illegal judgements so that those who are exceeding their powers and mandate ILLEGALLY can be assisted BACK to sanity and 'reason.'

Madam, I am an 'ex' Kenya policeman from the 1960's, and I am now an old man and I know that earth's halls of power are guarded with jealousy, venom and merciless CRUELTY. God Commands 'Mercy' and it is now over to YOU.

Your honour, I am not here to prove my 'innocence,' I am here in this court to prove to YOU the GUILT of those now seeking to use YOU to accomplish their CRIMINAL and treasonable ACTIONS upon which YOU ahead will become the 'one' to take the 'blame' if you 'convict' me in defiance of THE Sovereign Powers who uphold the Constitution.

I now REITERATE the TRUTH and sincerely HOPE that the Police or other readers comprehend the English language enough to absorb and understand the text words of s. 116 & s. 46 & s. 109 of THE overriding authority LIMITING their punitive interaction because, - - - the words "Strict Liability" apply EQUALLY or MORE SO to them when they interfere in the lives of THE PEACEFUL in CONTRAVENTION of the above statutes.

It is truly the 'time of day' for the magistrates and police and corrective services to sit at the 'round table' with me and discuss what is coming our way and 'what' to do about it.

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God Commands 'Peace'
Christ’s Message Commands 'Peace'
The Constitution of the land commands and demands 'Peace'

The Police and others are using the Tasmanian judiciary ILLEGALLY so as to force a peaceful citizen of Tasmania, myself, to change my ideological belief to theirs being 'terrorist' and disturbing of the peace of others forcefully. This invasive, persecution and punitive activity is TREASON.

I Terence state that if the Tasmanian judiciary do not 'awaken' to this criminal activity, they will ALL become treasonable anarchists who will PAY the ultimate 'price' for their collusion against God's REPRESENTATIVE (myself) whom they presently seek to CRUCIFY publicly. I hope the judiciary and POLICE services will awaken to this tragedy before they also consign their own souls to eternal damnation. All need to see that:

1 - I have the CIVIL RIGHT to OBEY the Command of God.
2 - I have the CIVIL RIGHT to have God as my 'head of house.'
3 - I have the CIVIL RIGHT to live by my own conscience, faith and belief as along as I do not disturb the peace.
4 - I have the CIVIL RIGHT to rely on God for my protection rather than the protection of 'armed men.' (Caesar or State)

This court 'sitting' is illegal and therefore a criminal act invoked for the sole purpose of treasonably thwarting or avoiding the Acts of the Governing Tasmanian Constitution.

This is not only to my detriment but also to the detriment of all sane, respectful and peaceful citizens. In this situation I will, under no circumstance, forego the Command of my God, nor my conscience.

The "Strict Liability" to conform with State rules/laws only applies to voters and taxpayers who believe in funding WAR. It does NOT apply to THE people of THE absolute pacifist code of conduct ideology (religion) UNLESS they do "Disturb the Peace."

However, the "Strict Liability" Policy of the Constitution applies to all officials who usurp their powers and who use State rules/laws as they disturb the peace of THE peaceful. They will be punished by the Sovereign Authority for their arrogance and ignorance.

Whether we know it or not, if we disobey the Command of God (Tier-3) below we will be 'sent down' to suffer FOREVER. There is only a very 'brief' moment in time available for the errant to amend their ways and disarm and become PEACEFUL.

We owe NO allegiance to any man or 'Caesar.' We ONLY owe allegiance to our CREATOR and HE defines the 'nature' of the allegiance being PEACE, not ‘War.’

In the cases of THE STATE Rules/Laws v/s Clemencia Barnes and myself, "Strict Liability" (culpability) do not apply because the State rules CANNOT legally 'overrule' or stand against the Constitution, - - - however, - - - the words "Strict Liability" do apply to the Police, ATO and all officials bringing said 'charges' because they are the ones who UNKNOWINGLY are causing harm in defying the Constitutional authority in ILLEGALLY and CRIMINALLY using State legislation as their weapon. (Tool)

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I am quite aware of my civil, human and divine rights to be left in peace unless I disturb the peace granted by our God, but the forces of darkness (punishment intrusion and war) are not because they are ‘set’ in their ways of ignorance and arrogance due to holding THE POWER.
I can but remind them:

"Defendants will be convicted even though they were genuinely IGNORANT of one or more of the FACTORS that made their acts or omissions CRIMINAL." Or in ‘layman’s terms:

Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

The prosecutor’s ideology is in opposition to mine because he believes in funding persecution, retribution, punishment and war. My belief is one of peace in accordance with God’s Command. For me the Command from God is: "Go your way in peace and love one another and never retaliate punitively no matter what the provocation."

Note: What is or is not ones religion?

Ones religion is not any of the 'named' organisations such as Islam or Christianity or Buddhism nor is it the named individuals such as Buddha, Muhammad or Jesus espousing the Policy ordained by the invisible God.

Ones religion is ones specific ideological code of conduct. A doctrinal Policy followed with great devotion in relation to a ‘way or order’ of existence. Ones religion is espoused by ones 'faith or belief' in the requirements of a supernatural being (God) or other Force. An example of this is evidenced by whether individuals choose to follow WAR or PEACE.

Further to the above, I BELIEVE that in order to satisfy my God, my conscience and the 'terrorist' laws of the government, that I cannot support or fund any person or institution that IN MY OPINION is classified by me as being a terrorist organisation.

(Causing terror and inflicting grievous bodily harm, killing and utter destruction of property) WAR. This is what the military and other armed forces operations of Australia do and this I cannot accept.

To satisfy my conscience and my God and the RULES (law) of the Constitution of your organisation, I can and will ONLY fund benign community effort directly, as is my RIGHT. It is also my right to state that I cannot use any taxation officials or tax department as the 'middle man' to make use of 'some' my ‘tax funds’ for the purpose of indiscriminately bombing, maiming and killing God’s children of whatever nation in defiance of God.

Once people in positions of authority have had ‘the power’ to DO whatever they ‘wish to,’ it is indeed extremely difficult to revert BACK to being polite, humble servants of their INSTITUTION and polite, humble servants of THE PEOPLE they are paid a wage to SERVE.

The ‘power’ of which I speak is THE forceful destructive energetic power of GOD. It is the ‘forbidden to use’ FRUIT of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

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Why do all government officials continue to totally IGNORE the overriding Sovereign authority of the RULING LAWS of the Constitution of their own organisation?

I say that it is pure arrogance and because it de-powers them and LIMITS their authority to interfere and cause harm. They see not that they are causing harm as they continue using the Subordinate State rules/laws ILLEGALLY in punishing the peaceful.

Everyone in the judiciary is totally ignoring their LIMITED MANDATE as granted to them by the Constitution and it has become very CLEAR to me that, prior to you taking over this case, the prosecutor and magistrate Brown colluded to void or transgress Constitutional Policy.

The three 'tiers' of COMMAND & LAW governing common man.

As eternal time did pass,  man 'forgot' his God and thus FELL into abysmal ways and little by little lost his 'mind' and his 'conscience' as along the road to Hell he slowly progressed due to a 'blinding' SPELL woven by the DARK energy of THE Source which he man could neither see nor 'foretell.'

I give below the three 'tiers' of COMMAND and thereafter the three 'tiers' of LAW which control man punitively either knowingly or unknowingly. I begin with the 'lowest' set of ruling commands of man set (1) and progress to the ULTIMATE Command of THE invisible Sovereign Ruler of all.

I refer now to set (Tier - 1) the Basic STATE COMMAND 'Rules' of the INSTITUTION.

The COMMAND is the 'word' of chiefs or kings or politicians who state that their commands must be adhered to. Failure to so do places 'you' within the punitive aspect of their ideological beliefs. The greatest of these beliefs is their belief in their absolute RIGHT to be 'as if they were' God and govern your activities according to their policies. Policies which they enforce using FORCE OF ARMS. (Activity forbidden by God)

I refer now to set (Tier -1) THE basic STATE 'Laws' of the INSTITUTION.

(Note: these 'laws' have ZERO% legal validity against set (3) below.)

It is the governing institution naming itself 'the government' by decree of mortal MAN bearing weapons to defend their perceived RIGHT to RULE other mortals. This RULE comprises the 'thousands' of State 'rules, acts or decrees' named 'the laws' which are invoked endlessly and annually by politicians, as they try their best to 'cover all bases' in reference to controlling everything from extorting money, meting out punishment, and interfering in every aspect of living as they 'kill off' any internal opposition through forceful punitive suppression. (The Police Army)

These laws are LIMITED in that they cannot LEGALLY 'compete with' or 'conflict with' or 'overrule' the LAW of the CONSTITUTION. If there is any 'difference of opinion' the Constitutional AUTHORITY REIGNS SUPREME above State laws. IT the Constitution is the sacred WORD of THE  earthly Sovereign Power and supreme ruler of Tasmania and Australia (Queen Elizabeth) as given below in (Tier - 2).

(Note: Why do these above 'laws' have ZERO% legal validity against set (3) below? Because they are in total contravention of God's Command unto man)

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I refer now to set (Tier - 2) the COMMAND 'Rules' of the CONSTITUTION.

The COMMAND of the Constitution is the mandate to operate 'govern' as granted unto man by the earthly Sovereign Power (King or emperor or dictator) and IT limits or restricts the activities of officials who are mandated or 'licensed' to 'exist' or establish or administer or operate within the bounds of said ACTS. These Acts stand ABOVE the 'common' rules/laws/decrees of the State Institutions.

This means that any person operating as a State official (set - 1) above who exceeds their mandate will at some stage be 'found-out' and then be subjected to the punitive laws of THE constitutional authority.

I refer now to set (Tier - 2) the LAW of the CONSTITUTION.

(Note: these 'laws' have 50% legal validity against set (3) below.)

The Constitution contains the VALID Law standing ABOVE any State rules, decrees or 'laws.'

Note: 1 -  valid law - The implication being that State law is valid unless it is overruled by THE Constitutional Law such as the ‘Freedom of Religion’ Act. This is an Act that is only 'valid' to those who have not disturbed the peace of the land and have their God as head of house rather than mortal man. They do not 'vote' for any politician and they do not seek the armed forces protection of man. (Caesar) They simply rely on God to protect them.

In the Annotated Constitution of Australia, Section 330 titled "Its Interpretation," John Quick and Robert Randolph Garran say:

"In the exercise of the duty of interpretation and adjudication not only in the High Court, but every court of competent jurisdiction has the right to declare that: A law of the Commonwealth or of a State is void by reason of transgressing the Constitution.

This is a duty cast upon the courts by the very nature of the judicial function. The federal Parliament and the State Parliaments are not sovereign bodies; they are legislatures with limited powers; - - -."

In this case it follows that any STATE law which is being used in a Constitutional 'Freedom of religion' matter is a 'law' in  excess of those powers and is no law at all, it is simply a nullity, entitled to no obedience especially when a magistrate is trying to overthrow the 'validity' of the Sovereign Constitution.

What role do the courts play in Australian governance? Australia's system of courts is the third arm of Australian governance and is known as the Judiciary.

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The role of the Judiciary is to apply the law as made by the Parliament and where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament and ensure that laws used comply with the Australian Constitution.

(Note: Why do these above 'laws' have 50% legal validity against set (3) below? It is because the individual is granted a choice therein. The choice is to be either an ILLEGAL warmonger and thus operating in contradiction to God's Command or, to be a LEGAL peaceful person in conformity with God's command.)

It is  now THE time for all mankind to learn that all commands invoked by man (set (1 or 2) above are subject to the below Command set (3) of God.

I refer now to set (Tier - 3) the COMMAND of GOD.

God's COMMAND is simply what it is as reiterated here: "Go your way in peace and love one another for all are sister and brother and be merciful and compassionate and forgive others if they trespass against you and turn the other cheek if abused."

When man lives or acts or 'dances' in ACCORD with this Command man is using God's creative, benign and loving LIGHT energy essence and IT grows within man's soul which becomes 'brighter' and man is happy as he receives an EQUAL positive, benign and loving RETURN within the SOLO Law.

I refer now to set (Tier - 3) the LAW of Return of God's energy used by man. 'God's Law.'

(Note: This SOLO 'law' has 100% legal validity because it is absolute immutable Justice)

Since my task for God is to correct the error of way of man, it is incumbent upon me to REMIND everyone wielding God's FORCEFUL POWER that IT, as all of God's energy is a LAW UNTO ITSELF.

Thus its RETURN unto user action cannot be controlled by man at all, and IT, being either the LIGHT benign loving creative energy of God or, the DARK malignant hateful destructive energy of God simply 'offers' itself to man for man to use if man so wishes. God forbids man to use the destructive forceful aspect because God knows THE RESULT, as do I.

This LAW of ENERGY RETURN is THE REAL INVISIBLE SOVEREIGN LAW because it has but ONE 'rule' being that:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction - good for good, cruelty for cruelty.
Mercy to the merciful - merciless to the merciless
Joy for joy given - suffering for suffering imposed
What you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you.

Man needs to comprehend that the energy of THE SOURCE is within you and is what sustains your eternal existence as IT is indestructible and is what gives you LIFE to live, move, and have your being. It is eternal and everywhere present. All knowing and IT sees all.

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What mankind needs to now comprehend is that every 'decree' or rule or law of MAN is 'subject to' the spiritual law of return above.

Man needs to try and comprehend that in supporting, upholding and funding State commands or punitive 'laws' in set (1) they are illegally operating in the DARK energy essence aspect of set (3) in defiance of God, and all are ON the wide road to Hell.

For over fifteen years (15) I have been doing my best to awaken the police and judiciary as to their excessive use of force through using IT against the peaceful in contravention of the standing rules of their own institution. (The Constitution)

I Terence add, it is necessary for the victim (myself) to do my best to adhere to my conscience and peaceful ways by remaining obedient to the Command of God (3) irrespective of any punitive consequences imposed by the ignorant.

What man now needs to see is, that the state politician’s, magistrates and police enforcers have seized the power of (2 & 3) in IGNORING ITS superior authority, and they are thereby illegally playing 'God,' seeing not that the real Power of God's ENERGY is now to bring everyone to account in the manner revealed by me.

I reiterate, in this case the Police officials are seeking to set yet another illegal precedent in a court of petty sessions so as to sideline the Constitutional Sovereignty and its limitations of Powers in illegally using the Petty sessions Court magistrate as their 'tool.'

Please visit my web site

Please also read my National Security Alert wherein is revealed 'who' and how and what and when invisible spirit forces will seize control of open minds and use said persons to mete out "Strict Liability" punishment to which NONE will relate and NONE will be able to AVOID.

Man will now LEARN that God is the absolute Ruler and Dictator and any who find 'reason' to disobey His Command do NOT 'live' to now the consequence they 'die' as they suffer forevermore.

This defence document is on line as Update - 19 - 6th October 2015 - Magistrate Cure on page 3 at:
Testing the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the Australian Constitution

Sincerely - Terence Malaher