~ Open letter to Des Jennings - Northern Midlands Council CEO ~

Dear Sir,

Reference your final notice of demand for $1,583.44 - Clemencia Barnes issued on 7/3/2017

I find it extraordinarily OFFENSIVE that you continue to threaten, coerce, and make monetary demands upon an elderly citizen who is living within THE LAW of the land and in obedience to the Command of her God and the Constitution.

In the first instance, your staff assisted by a solicitor as their advisor and representative, placed a High Court matter illegally before a Court of Petty sessions. This was 'done' in the foreknowledge that it was a criminal and treasonable matter to so do because it was a matter of 'conscience and religious ideology.' (Belief)

It appears that you continue to intimidate Clemencia for reasons known only by yourself as 'signatory' to all council affairs. You must be well aware that your prior complaint to the Court of Launceston has still not been finalised, so why 'pre-empt' the decision of the Magistrate which may well be in her 'favour'?

You 'Sir' are now advised by my pen (God's) that the words spoken on page 3 of my 'police7' document on line at:

http://www.the-testament-of-truth.com/truth/web/police7.htm apply personally to YOU - Reference

Father God THE ALMIGHTY states:

Let it here now be clearly understood by EVERYONE concerned, from the Governor of Tasmania down to the Magistrates, Police Chief, MPES Director and the Prosecution that IF they jointly or severally FAIL to amend their ways within 21 days of the below date, they will severally or jointly follow the Judgment of this Pen as was imposed upon Maree Bricknell and find that for 'evermore' their arrogant souls are trapped in the abyss of eternal torment.

(Bricknell reference http://www.the-testament-of-truth.com/truth/web/magi.htm document page 7.)

Time to make amends to Clemencia as GOD requires is very short as stated on the --- police7.htm --- document:

Failure to so do by the due date ( April 4th - 2017 ) seals the eternal fate of those concerned.

My 'brother,' difficult it must be indeed to believe that God's representative walks this earth 'invisibly' unseen, (as a thief in the night) but it WAS so prophesied IN the Holy scriptures. Please now do a little research into THE LAWS of this land and THE LAW of God because it is not 'I' to prove God's POWER, it is HE to so do and regrettably, it will BE far too late when He so does.

In all sincerity - Terence