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Financial assistance required

Time is running swiftly by, and in order to reach the multitudes with the final message and Wisdom of God, there is the need to fund the translation of this web site into many a language.  There is also the need to translate the 2 page 'Brief Summary' into the multitudes of different dialects that exist on this planet.  To date the few translations have been done using friends, but I now need funding on a larger scale.  I also need to publish the content of this web site into printed 'paper' material in different languages.

I need to 'alert' all to this final message from God, so that all can prepare quickly for the final battle for the soul of man that is a battle between good thoughts v/s evil thoughts in the mind of man and, - - - if you wish to assist God in elevating the consciousness of the human race by helping others, then please send me a donation that will be seen by God as your personal reach out to aid your fellow 'sisters & brothers.'

Truly blessed are the true - Truly blessed are the few
Truly blessed are those that believe in me, they shall the 'face of God' see.

The Spirit of Truth - Terence


Commonwealth Bank of Australia:

 Pay to: T. Malaher - BSB 067 407 - Account no: 10114903


Thank you