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~ The 'Judgment' papers ~

God's Judgment of 'Treason' in man's Court

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~ The Judgment of God ~
Upon Peter the man as given by me

Mr. Wilson, please deliberate on these facts:

If you believe that you can continue to ride "unopposed" into this town each month on your 'black horse' named 'Death' on behalf of some distant Dark Power and "shower" the local community with disdain as you impoverish them and their families and incarcerate them for no 'offence' then you are mad as well as vain.

For you also use the local Peace Corps paid a wage by the contributions of the local community to protect you in your "works" untrue. For so long has this bad "practice" been permitted to run, that you have forgotten the return of the son of the SUN who did say: "I will return to pass Judgement upon all one day." So today I pass "Judgement" upon you as I say:

"On a soon coming day the Dark Sovereign Power that invisibly used you will deem that IT will now dispose of your carcass, - - -

And if perchance you continue on entering this "place" then via the mind of another "local or two or more," IT will "waylay" you on the road as you have done to others, and IT will incite ITS "fresh" victims to take you to a public place, - - -

And IT will either 'drown you' or 'hang you' on the 'Yard arm' used to offload fish at the waterfront, and any of the local Peace Corps who have continued on earning a false wage by 'backing' you, will also suffer the same public fate."

As said, that is the 'fate' to be if you continue on the 'road' you presently be. If you change your Role then there will still be a 'similar' fate appointed thee at some other later time, probably in the afterlife when for a time you will be incarcerated in Hell to meet your presently accrued dues.

But, if you now follow me and become a 'peaceful' man, then whilst still in the flesh you can help God and me to implement change so that all men do see your courage in "coming my way."

Thus too there will be a 'distant' day when all your past accrued debts to God have been met in full and our God will then via my 'hand' unlock the gate to the 'Underworld' Land, and you will be permitted to climb out with a mighty shout:

"I am free, the Light of God I did see."

If however you defy me today and decide to continue on in your present way then for sure you are a 'dope' with NO 'hope' as you slip off the 'end' of my golden rope.

I also add that there are presently 'few' in this town who are as peaceful as I would have it be, who would simply 'catch' and counsel thee and set you free.

So it would be the continuance of your dark way that would 'result' in some 'innocent' becoming the 'victim' of the dark shark and being ITS avenger so that on a 'rope's end' you sway. Now you see how easily all fall prey to the Dark's 'power play.'

My 'Judgement' of you is true, and I have given you a 'way out' of eternal suffering too. So the whole world awaits to see "what" sort of soul is within you.

It is the time for all to see that the Dark Deceiver uses people to be ITS 'arm' and then abuses them. For IT cannot 'share' ITS Power. It can 'permit' you or another to be ITS 'Judge' for a time and a time until IT gets tired of living swine, and then disposes of them via other 'ignorant' fools who deny my sacred pen.

It is I The Authority to now claim this earthly 'realm' for the Sovereign Light Power, and advise you all that the Dark Sovereign Power is to relinquish ITS 'grip' on this realm by ITS own WILL as IT smashes all ITS 'forces' men whom in their past used ITS power, and they shall by ITS Power be sent below for a time and a time until they my message get to know.

Note: Any 'judgement' placed upon man is placed upon their own soul by their own deeded hand. It is but that none understand that our God is the ONE to enforce the 'return due' upon any of us when we to God and ourselves are untrue.

The 'difference' between a 'Caesar' man (Judge) and me, is that he not only passes 'sentence' on behalf of the Dark, but he also takes it upon himself to mete out that sentence by personally ordering them to the 'gallows.' Whereas I "as" God's Judge do not 'smudge' my soul as I stroll, I 'merely' foretell what is to be, and let God do what God will do in God's time and place.

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~ Plea for the soul of one man ~
Magistrate Peter Wilson

Sir, we both stand here today before the 'merciful' creative God of Light as well as the 'merciless' destructive Source of Darkness who both await to see "which way" we 'stack our cards.'

I "ask" that you heed "Pontius Pilate" and be as wise as "he," for I "break" no 'Law' of God and I do abide in God's "Walk in peace" Command. Thus you can "certainly" permit me the freedom of the road as you today to this court say:

"This man has not offended God
and thus I find no fault in him and he is free to go as he came."

Then I ask that you "do" as "Matthew" the 'tax' collector, and divest yourself of your black robes of retribution and replace them with robes of white, thus showing God and man that you do from this moment on walk upright, and then you will 'follow' me and mete out 'justness' by helping the community as you direct true offenders to places of good counsel as given by me.

Our God of Dark below now awaits to see "which way" your mind will be, for if I do have "past" spiritual debts to pay then HE will try and use you to me abuse so that HE can "deeper" imprison thee for your audacity.

Please now release me unconditionally to walk my way in peace, as I spread God's final message to all that will prepare them for the coming "spear."

Our God of love above now waits to see your intent, so I hope it be MERCY.

Sincerely - Terence

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~ Notes & deliberations ~

I believe that any "persons" employed to serve the community who "think" that once employed that they have an "open" Mandate to dictate their own "Rules of engagement" & "Rules of control" over their employer, are in fact people who are vain and insane.


It is also my belief that I do not have to "join" this insanity and comply to men who have "lost" control of their "reason" to the Dark Sovereign invading Power who "possesses" their psyche and uses them in what I believe is an obscene Anti-Christ manner.


I believe that the present Code of Conduct of the "System's workers" you, being the servants of the people is wrong, as it is apparently beyond the control of the employer, the people. I also believe that all sane men and I must "stand apart" from this "bad" conduct and "follow" God.


If you believe that in order to maintain order in the country, that it is "right" to impose legislation that not only uses punitive measures, but also enables the extortion of money off the community, then that "belief" is contra to mine, and I choose to "follow" the Commandment of God that issues forth from the Land Divine.

I am however "aware" that you are not aware of a "harsh" reality. Being that "as" your mind is "possessed & controlled" by the Dark Sovereign invader, that IT will use you to mete out ITS punishment to me or any other that IT sees as a spiritual "debt" to IT.

And as IT does have the "right" to disturb the peace and invade the "homes" of past offenders and abduct them and punish them, it will continue to use you or any other vain "bugger" for as long as you "permit it" to.


It is my God given "task & duty" to warn you and advise you and every "sinner" that none of you stand "above" ITS Divine Law and all "punishment, control, & regulation" meted out by IT through your "grubby" paw is "chalked up" to your account.


Every "Summons" sheet with the accompanying "Pain & suffering & financial loss" suffered by those who stood "trembling" at your feet, will be taken into account and used against you on a soon coming day, when the Dark Sovereign Power decides to "exact" ITS due dues from you.

Your "accrued" dark karma is of immense proportions unseen as yet by you, and I can but again advise you and all that God's Law is immutable for sure, and it applies to the rich and the poor and the "mandated" for sure:

"As you do is done unto you"


Your only "saving grace" is that your accrued debt is "reduced" somewhat by God's Mercy as it is to be "shared" with every member of the community who employed you by paying your wage, for it was "thus" that you were operating as their servant, and thus they supported and condoned your nefarious practice.


Man's "bestial" nature demands that "bad guys" be placed in prison. None seeing that all "living" outside Heaven are "bad guys" in God's eyes. Not only for being a "sinner" in many a way, but for supporting and funding the punitive Systems of the day that all are "contra" the Commandment of God.


In God's eyes, any punitive measure causing physical harm, or emotional or mental "trauma" by one upon another is a crime against humanity under all circumstances. Be it by the public against the public, or those members of the public employed as Police or Judiciary or Army etc.

NONE stand above God's Law. If you defy God's "ask" to "Only walk in peace and be merciful and forgiving" etc, because it is your "job" to so do, then you are truly untrue to your own soul.

For every "arrow" sent out of your "mouth" or by your hand will "veer" as a boomerang and come back exactly with the precise "pain and trauma" that it caused to others on the way out. That is the "Justice" that you all demand is it not? But when "sending," none of you feel or see the pain you cause to the other, or do you?

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Man "raised up" Courts to enable man to legitimise the satisfying of his "bestial" retributive emotions that grew within his soul aeons ago. Man also used this "Court" as a means to legitimately punish those who complied not with his "pecuniary" extortion off the community.

The Dark Sovereign Power of God used man's Court as HIS means of "redemptive" recovery of "suffering dues" accrued by ignorant man. Man sees not that by "permitting" this Dark Court "action," that he man became enslaved more by the Dark Sovereign Power and the "burdens of debt" rose annually.


Man fights to "repel" others whom try and impose their rule of law upon him, be it as "Civil War" or from repelling far distant land invaders.

Man needs see that in "this" instance he must not fight, he must abide in God's Code of Conduct and not retaliate with force, but only in non-compliance to imposed directives. For only in this peaceful way does he remain within the Positive side of God's one Law and thus accrue no more dark debt.

Man must try and see that any invasion of his privacy is God sent as punishment for his past ways, and that he will never halt the Dark Sovereign invasion with force. That only makes matters worse.


Any enforcement 'official' who believes that a 'mandate' to impose is a licence to become a 'super human' inhumane person with the power to defy God and get away with it is one living a delusion, as is their superiors.


As for the "way & manner" of the servants of man's System (Club) what can I say? They show God and all that they are uncivil, and thus also I cannot support their "Club" nor be a "party" to IT.

For what civil man would find "cause or reason" to kidnap his neighbour from home or off the street, and drag him away to be "shot" or locked up for many a long day, - - or to have him "stand" before another equally arrogant man "posing" as a wise elder but who is not, for "this" one then pretends to have the authority of the TRUE LIGHT of God but in FACT is naught but a "clown" playing at being the Dark Avenger.

It is my belief that I do not have to comply to these "Club Servers," and thus I now choose to stay home and just "POST" this document to the one called "Judge" and his "policing force" men, rather than myself "jumping" into their Lion's den to be ridiculed before other men as he the Judge previously refused to even let me speak when I sought to give him my good counsel.

So I now rest my pen and do go about my God given business, and if any man "decides" to arrest me themselves or on behalf of any other, then that should show them their true "dark evil" nature, and I suggest they absorb the message from this God's sacred pen before they again demand that I stand before their "man" and be admonished.

I have also "posted" this document on God's web site. It is a Decree from God given to man via me that stipulates: "Any man who continues to accept the "Mark of the Beast" freely without resistance will consign their own soul to HELL."

Thus this document is a FINAL "Call" to those of the "System of man" and its Police & Judiciary that says: "Please now implement the Offender Seminar as given by God via me, so that the real criminals such as you can be counselled by our God TRUE and set free from their present iniquity."

For all "jailed" in Tasmania's Risdon prison and elsewhere on this Planet need urgent mental assistance so that they are quickly rehabilitated and set free. It is insanity to build more jails, for that will not keep up with the soon escalation of "desperadoes" seen on every street as prophesied by me.

The dark vindictive attitude of the common populace being "Lock them up and throw away the key" shows their own "deference" and indifference to God's Code of Conduct demand.

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What they and they need to see is that the Dark Sovereign Power can & will access their minds more and more now, and they will become real criminals too. So let us all now see that the 'common' enemy is ONE, being the dark essence that eternally tries to bring all "sinners" undone.

It is our God to bring about Prison Reform by re-forming the consciousness of man using the fresh uncontaminated wisdom of God that does now span the heavens on God's golden web site.

The 'Sin' within man (negative emotions of fear & anger etc) are similar to a computer Virus "worm" that sits inside its host, and under certain circumstances it is "triggered" and acts destructively, and if permitted to so do, destroys its Host.


GIVERS - will become those whom in the Light will be 'livers.'
TAKERS - will become those who in the Dark will be 'rock breakers.'


Any 'forcing' punitive Law be it Religious 'Sheria' or State 'Caesar' are all of the Dark Sovereign Power who soon in their 'face' they will HIS eyes 'glower.'


Cleanse your Spirit with my Light, for only God can remove the original 'sin' forces from within you if you do as God asks. God 'unmasks' its presence within you to assist you, so please now begin to follow God's Code of Conduct in all you do, and God will then set you free from IT the dark within.

The 'sooner' the better, for as my Testament reveals, the Dark Sovereign Power is soon to 'activate' its retributive needs and unleash its energy through your inner sin and you will then become a 'nasty' offender. So please "let me in" to your lives and begin to make amends to God the LIGHT.

So together we'll walk the new way 'last leg' of our journey and try and heed God's Code of Conduct. For all are 'blind' to their own dark within as IT critically points out the error of the other's 'Sin.'

There is a 'common' enemy that separates man from man, being the dark energy that they 'inspan' into their souls as they it use, and IT makes them believe that they have a 'right' to take from others and to make others grieve. Let us unite against IT.


I AM the Christ soul, I have NO negative emotions of greed or hatred or criticism or fear or jealousy within. No, they (the dark emotions) are not the "natural" State of God's children, and unless you assist God's children to of "them" become free, then Abysmal is your ahead destiny.

I do not despise the magistrate's deeds, for we all were "once" a part of a similar "lost" breed. All the above and "following" documents form a part of my Submission to the Court of man and humanity.

Let it here be known that a 'Curse' is a death 'wish' placed by man upon his own soul when he man walks his road contra to God's Code of Conduct.

I "rest" my pen

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~ The Last Vision ~

It was "in" the Tasmanian "jail" a place where for generations many a soul did "freeze" with cold as he sat in a filthy "rotten" spot, that God gave me "license" to tell you of the final vision I did see.

This vision was of a dungeon way way below in the pits of pain and sorrow where men are bound in a very small space and "other" violent men enact "unspeakable" deeds unseen and unknown of in this earthly place.

A place where you are "mentally" forced to lie naked on a cold stone and the other is mentally told to skin you alive with a "cut throat" razor that "splits" your spirit flesh as it does "sheer" layers of flesh that part for a moment before they again join together.

And your "silent" shrieks are unheard for your mouth is bound and you issue forth no word, and even if you could, none would heed for all are merciless and "of" the satanic breed.

And when their deed they did do, then their mind tells them to change place with you, and you then heed those "fateful" thoughts untrue and to them the same thing do.

Yes, you all reap what you do sow and for an eternity does the suffering excruciatingly flow, for in that realm there is no freedom of choice, for you all heed the Devil’s voice.

Believe you me for I can see into the depths of depravity, and any who continue on and deny me God’s "favourite" son will become filled with sin and thus be drawn down into the Devil’s "sinbin," and there I cannot them reach, for it was their choice to breach God’s Commandment to "Be only loving."

Savagery begets savagery. Kindness begets kindness. If you are kind to the blind, then you are helping them control the 'devil' within them, so that IT does not out of their mouth stroll. Wash away mud with the water of forgiveness, not vengeful blood.

I the son of man and the Son of God have had my say,
Prepare now to make your bed of ‘rest’ forever and a day.

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~ The happy 'Jailbird' ~

The happy jailbird is a man whom does sing even though the silent cries of others whom suffer 'ring' in his ears, and heavy 'blows' may his flesh sting.

He may even be one 'stuck' in a dungeon in realms far below where I do know that torture does oft flow, and men stand bound together trading blow for blow because the truth sent from heaven they do not know.

But the one who is 'happy' is silent and meek, even if through pain he would loudly shriek. For this 'one' is one whom did the truth hear, and thus he is able to overcome his inner fear.

In the knowledge that if his mind was strong and he abided in my non retaliation song, that he would one day be set free to live in heaven with me.

So what more can I say to mankind today? I have done my best for you all, so it is up to you each to now 'as me' for all folly pay. For it is ones 'just' due meted out by our God true. Not by you.

Remember, be always kind and never let any dark emotion through you unwind. For if you do, then its pain will follow you, and there is nowhere in the universe to go and hide, for our God in every 'space' does see and abide.

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~ Letter to Magistrate Wilson ~

Mr. Wilson, I send this 'email' today with a link to my web site so that you can read what to you our God did say on my public 'Defence' called 'The Judgement Papers.'

It is but an 'expose' to assist you and the planetary Judiciary too, as you all soon fall 'undone' for the Reaping of humanity is now begun, and God will separate the 'wheat from the chaff' and soon none will sing or laugh.

For all mankind was blind and unkind, and pure terror you will see within you and around you as prophesied by me, as 'common' man's mind is 'found' by DEMONS living in a far distant invisible land.

They for sure will 'screw up' this whole planet, for man via his 'disgrace' invited darkness into his 'spiritual space' within and the result of this folly all will now see.

I did 'freely' come and stand before you on 2 Oct as stated to the local police at St. Helens that I would do. As you had not the courtesy to let me speak and as you refused the 'Plea' for your soul I tried to give you, I have had to place IT and my defence openly on the Internet for all to see.

For if you 'wish' to follow 'Rules of man' then by your hand you will need to 'sign' a warrant for my arrest, and again before God I attest that for this act of TREASON you will by God's forces be 'tried' at a soon coming insane season.

I am a man of peace, and thus I 'suggest' that you issue me a 'release' from further persecution and prosecution or you bring your own soul further undone.

I shall send a copy of this and the 'Judgment papers' to you by postal mail with a CD of my web site enclosed. It is a 'self opening' CD.

I wish you well Peter, your fate 'lies' within your own hand, your own mind, and you stand before your God as do I and all men. We are all ONLY responsible to GOD. This is my last communiqué to you. I hope to see you at my home one day so that together I can guide you to the Light true.


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~ Police Commissioner McCreadie ~

Dear Richard, for so long have the invaders living on Capitol Hill by precedent believed that they have a divine right to subjugate me (the people) to their "whims," that they do not see the new invaders coming, who in the mind of man will more and more now 'overspill.'

It may seem a little hard for you to conceive what I say, but believe you me there is 'undreamed of' trauma coming earth's way because so many 'politicians' and their Judiciary thought they could every 'sucker' ream and control.

Surely by now you can a little 'wonder' that I may be right when I say it is wrong for the Police to fight the public who pay their wage, just because the System says that it is right and honourable to so do?

Does no man under the Sun have the Democratic "choice" to follow the ONE God true and thus not do what other men living far away say they must do or suffer and die?

I say that all 'controllers' are soon going to FRY due to their arrogance, for they did unknowingly 'TEST' the sanity of our God up high, and HE now as given by me is going to wash away all whom HE sees as trash into the Abyss 'sea' below.

Now before all our good Peace Corps men go that way because they are being used in a false way, I 'suggest' that you try and see that you are personally 'blest' by this one me who is the soul whom does all see, and thus you make the effort to understand 'something' so that all your 'team' are prepared to meet the "forces" underhand soon to be 'crawling out' from underground.

Not 'literally,' but telepathically, and they will take over the mind of every one who believes not me the returned Messiah sent by God to 'awaken' everyone who yet it seems is 'sleepwalking' and thus to fall undone.

I enclose my 'defence' to the Judiciary as they too are blind and cannot see their own impropriety. Please accept this FINAL outreach by me so that we can together live happily. Please also advise your Tasmanian 'crew' that if any of them restricts my 'car' or me then they place their own soul in the 'stew' of painful brew below.

I await to hear from you so that I do know that you are yet sane and not thus vain, and that we do have a 'chance' to bring forward the 'Offender Seminar' program before the coming sharp 'Lance' that is to spear every fool who believes not that God's Wrath is near.


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~ Inspector Lieutier ~

Dear Fiona, as you now see, the "wages" can send us into a dark destiny. You may not believe 'all' I say, but I can but pray that you have the insight to see the 'time of day.'

Where men who are arrogant and untrue to God and themselves are using you (the police), for we do have the Divine Right to follow a personal belief as long as it brings no other grief. This applies to your belief and actions too.

I believe that I am not a slave. You believe that I am because your paymaster says that I am if I do not 'pay' him a royalty on a prescribed day. Can you see your folly if you merely believe him because you receive his pay? For no 'private' person would be concerned whether I paid others 'ought' or not.

I say that the Devil is a knave who did 'con' everyone, and I AM he the one to help all to so see. Please tell your lads to not 'harass' me, for their destiny already very 'bleak' be believe you me, and when they are "gathered up" off the street it will be too late to "I am innocent" bleat.

For the wolves that drag them away to their 'foul' nest are merciless and are truly "blessed" to do what for God they are inspired to. This is what you all need see, for there is a soon coming day of TOTAL insanity.

I am your friend, God did me to earth send, so please now choose to continue to a peaceful man abuse or, change your conduct Code to one of NOT disturbing the peace of the innocent who travel the road.

All magistrates use the words "Render unto Caesar his due" as their justification for demanding that I adhere to Caesar's "laments" for 'coin' by licence fee.

Thus today, God has told me that I can now 'release' the remainder of the text in the words spoken 2000 years ago that were not "reported" by biblical scribes because Caesar told them that if they did, that he Caesar the all powerful would place them in the Lions den on 'Sunday' to be eaten alive.

As they feared Caesar he was then "able" to maintain his "grip" on God's children up to today. The relevant 'passage' of which I speak will be revealed to you and the world when I send some more pages your way in a week or two.

Believe you me, it is because I can see what is in store for all whom "follow" Caesar that forces me to put my 'head' on the chopping block in an "attempt" to awaken you all. For I am a "brother" TRUE.

PS. I have 'reversed' my previous decision and will bring myself to the court on 6 Nov so as to assist all to see what all will see.


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~ Constable Hibble ~
Police Prosecution Office, Launceston

Dear Constable Hibble, you 'son' it seems are not only "incensed" because of my 'free' way, but drool & dribble at the thoughts coming your way that I soon will feel the full weight of man's "Book" and then of my freedom I will be forsook.

Did you not hear yourself to the magistrate say: "This man must be stopped because he 'confronts' the police every day, and he is 'anti' them and he believes that he 'somehow' is entitled to follow another divine power that makes him believe that he is above our rules & law"?

Did I not quickly 'stand' and say "Objection - I am not contra or anti the police force but am a man of honour doing my best for the police force."? Did you not hear the magistrate say: "We'll see about that," ref your comment about my 'anti-rule' way?

Did you not hear the magistrate say to me: "Do you know your bible that says 'Render unto Caesar what is Caesar's"? Did I not loudly to the court say: "I am the Messiah with a message from God to elevate all mankind on this sod"?

I did not say that I was God, neither did I so say last time when my spirit soul stood in the flesh of Jesus and did on earth plod. No, I said "I am your brother born of the same heavenly Mother and sent by Father to assist all the lost and untrue," and that dear brother applies today to you.

It is you 'son' who believes that Caesar (The System of man) stands above God's Holy Law, and I say that your presumption is false, and I say that via my sacred pen our God now says: "I will see to that for sure."

It is not 'I' son to be 'stopped,' but it is for me to "break" the 'Spell' over your mind and Caesar's that does say: "Continue on your punitive way, for you know that Caesar is as powerful as God." God's authority stands above Caesar.

I say that for so long has the "Caesar" Club used a 'club' to control the masses that it assumes it has a divine right to play "God." Soon the whole 'bag' of blood and pus is to be 'pricked' by me and then you will suddenly see 'something.'

For you and all the Judiciary and Caesar are floating down a very dark river on a huge "raft," and you are so "full" of yourselves that you see not the coming giant waterfall ahead as you 'laugh & joke' daily in your Court 'sport.'

Sir, I have for years done all that God has put into my head to awaken you all before into the Abyss you fall. Already the "current" is very strong and thus you see not that it is you who all do wrong. For you all heed the unforgiving satanic 'song' of retribution and painful distribution.

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When God lifts 'up' the 'scales' off your eyes then pure terror will be in your cries, for you all do 'Lions' breed as you confine them behind bars, seeing not how they emotionally bleed, and how the very Devil does 'thoughts' in their minds seed.

I was utterly appalled at the "conditions" in the 'Cells' the other day, a great deterioration since when 3 years ago I was put away. For the minds of the criminals inside were like an 'agitated' Lion Pride.

But of them I did not need to 'fear' even when to me they did in a 'crowd' draw near to say: "Old man we're gonna f ---- you right up your arse right here and now," and I replied to the 'wild one' named DJ: "Son, I have a message from God to you today and I am the returned Messiah," and by 'pen' I wrote him a 'poem' of love and his attitude changed and he was then as a dove, and no longer did he 'run' to the barred gate 'roaring' at the guards saying: "You are all soon my 'bait' you f - - - lot of - - - - ."

Then all did crowd around asking if I could their thoughts 'unbound,' and this I did do for a full day, and before I went away the 'attitude' was calm as all had felt God's balm.

And the one 'Jason' who had been "possessed" by a powerful demonic 'voice' that had forced him with no choice into setting fire to a building was from him freed, so that he was of his mental bondage freed.

Hibble, believe you me, so many soon will be mentally "found" and mentally bound like Jason and Martin Bryant were at their 'darkest hour,' and there will be no "bars" to keep them away from you, and then you'll wish I had been permitted to run my "Offender Seminars" true. For only I know how to 'tame' demons and bring them back from the brink of insanity.

I am not your enemy, I am not God, I AM the Spirit of Truth returned to this sod, and all my 'troubles' are but to set you free and the magistrates et al, and I can but hope you all soon awaken and stop harassing me.

What you don't see is that everyone being 'canned' for actually defying God's Code of Conduct by disturbing the peace do have a mental problem. These can be helped by me during a 3 hour Seminar and then set free wiser and happier and no longer 'offensive.'

The "minute" you prosecute with the intent to punish, you are not only working for the Dark Sovereign Power that has the intent of using you to destroy others mentally & emotionally, but ahead, the very same 'force' will have to under ITS own ONE Supreme Law make you "pay" in a similar way for yourself contravening ITS "Rule" of Law that says:

page 14

"Do not disturb the peace of the land, for if you do, justifiably or otherwise it is very unwise, for I THE Supreme Dark Commander AM sharper 'toothed' than a great white shark, and as you do for ME is done unto you by ME."

Hibble, every person who offends God knowingly or unknowingly by disturbing the peace of others, and being merciless & unforgiving, is in fact an ignorant person taking a "moonlight" swim in a very dark sea, and as it is 'moon' light they see not the depth of the darkness of the water, nor the current.

Those as you whom for so long have been "offshore" see not how 'far' you have drifted away from the safe shore, neither do you see the "frenzied" packs of "teeth" now standing between you and the shore, and they are empowered by the ONE LAW of God to ensure that as "Piranha" they strip your flesh to the bone in payment for every 'bod' who in solitude did groan and suffer due to your actions untrue.

Yes son, I also 'sat' with a young man 'Danny' who was but 27 or so who told me that he had spent many years in Sydney jail and Brisbane, and now on the way to Risdon, and as he had left behind a young wife and child he was 'mild' but terrified for them, and so "distraught" that for hours his fingers were entwining this way and that until I had a chance to with him 'chat.'

I did tell him to not worry that his wife had no money for the rent and knew 'no one' in Tasmania, for she could phone my wife Jill for help. I also showed him how to strengthen his mind against the revolving onslaught of negative thoughts keeping him trapped in mental purgatory.

As you sit in your 'ivory tower' you see not that every man on the 'shelf' suffers every moment of the long boring day if their mind is in a 'troubled' way. You need to know what is coming to you so that ahead in this life or the next you can be 'ready' and stay steady and true to yourself.

God, son has NO Leniency under HIS ONE LAW, for IT is immutable and unchangeable, and this law is "Just" for sure. So when HE decides to take you "off" the road then just remember that FOR God I did tell you and all that for NO MERCY, all do pay. Even if it takes them a million trillion years or an eternity and a day.

Son, if I did not know and could not see into the Dark where terror ad-infinitum leaves its mark, believe you me I would not be "harassing" thee with any "apparent" flouting of the law NO, I would be back in Tanzania sitting under a palm tree by the sea with a fishing line on the end of one toe.

In this day and age we do not need "fast shooting" cops, we need mentally alert and mentally strong, and mentally wise cops who know what life is about, and who are keen to learn and serve God and humanity. Please wake up or you will be late for the Land Divine.


Note: If the 'State' Prosecutor 'thinks' that he is 'presenting' his 'case' on behalf of the people of the land, then he is not, for no member of the public has come forward with any 'complaint against me. Thus I say any 'charge' is one of vindictiveness due to my saying 'No' to an 'attempt' at extortion against my State 'Heaven.'

Only a 'bad' State would employ someone to extort money off God's children, and only an insane man would employ someone to make rules that permit their 'servant' to prosecute and punish them.

I believe that the 'hokus pokus' has gone on long enough and I do not choose to 'party' with any 'rotten' Club or State, and any man who persecutes and prosecutes falsely be it through ignorance or otherwise shows God that he has taken on the alias of 'Rotten Des.' Please awaken out of your 'devilry' revelry, for you see not the inevitable consequence of playing with fire.

page 14

~ Legitimising the use of 'force of arms' ~
The authority to persecute & prosecute & judge & condemn.

Letter to Mark Miller, Police Legal Services Tasmania.

Dear Mark, I write to you as I am trying to assist humanity to see how they have all 'lost the plot' due to greed and vanity, and in order for me to this do, I have had to do as asked of me by our God true.

Which is to 'show' by example that not all men are 'enslaved' by any 'Caesar' Style governing 'body,' and to show this I travel freely on the roads with no number plates or registration that are 'demanded' under your 'Club' legislation, and due to the false belief of your 'Caesar Club' officers that their 'Club' not only owns the roads, but that IT (The Club) also own the souls of every person on the land and thus they (the 'serving' officers of the Club) have 'jurisdiction' over their freedom.

Some officers of the 'Political State Party' have taken it upon themselves to wage war against me and 'finger' me in a manner most foul as they lay false charges against me using 'rules' from your Club statutes, and - - - force of arms is used to bring me to your 'Court.'

I spoke to Sergeant Class Visser who 'heads' your Launceston division to ask him 'something,' being "For whom do you bring your 'charges' against me? Are you persecuting me on behalf of the State or on behalf of the Public? I need to know whether the prosecutions department has the 'dual' role of both 'State & Public" or is it but one or the other. For no member of the public has ever laid any complaint.

I ask that you give me a quick reply as I need to know it before 6 Dec when I face my 'hearing,' and I also 'ask' that you set your mind to task by reading my 'public' on line defence that is found on my web site.

Class Visser was only able to state verbally that the authority to 'pursue' and prosecute was (he thought) on behalf of the government, but was unable to answer me as asked in writing.

He told me to ask your good counsel, as you are the Police legal advisor. He also stated that 'somewhere' in the bible it was stated that God gave 'some' men the power to rule other men, and it is in reference to this 'belief' that there is much sadness and grief to now encompass many arrogant men.

Some men as me can see the deep reality that in every 'land' on earth there are precedents 'set' by our forefathers, that placed their 'presumption' on a 'horse' called 'The false bet' as these precedents enslaved their own children who are all God's precious children.

For the Caesar' style 'boys club' that came into 'vogue' in every land planetarily are in fact rogue clubs that not only 'force' all 'souls' on the land to 'join up,' but they also assume ownership of all lands and hold all souls therein in bondage to slavery using their police force.

I am 'told' by our God that I as all 'men' are already a 'citizen' of the land they abide on without needing a 'man's certificate,' and that all have a God given right to just heed God's Code of Conduct that simply says: "Do not disturb the peace of the land at any time or you will feel MY stern hand."

page 15

God does not say that 'some' men are empowered to tell others how they must walk their way. Wise men are 'empowered' to give guidelines and good counsel only, and no man is 'entitled to' or authorised by God to either 'extort' monies from, or to mete out any pain and suffering upon any other. That is God's prerogative ONLY.

Neither are any people 'empowered' themselves to defy God's ONE Command, as all are 'subject to' God's ONE Law: "As you do is done unto you."

Yes I am the Messiah sent to give you and all MY good counsel before you all 'fall' into great suffering being your due. Yes I am trying my best to show the Police force a better way to honestly earn their pay.

For as I see it, the public pay their wage and expect the police to "Uphold the peace in the land" by hauling in real offenders who do disturb the peace, whereas the police are in fact being used by legislation to be enforcers who wage war upon the public if for any reason the public do not 'toe' the political line.

For 'some' reason all who hold seemingly 'powerful' positions believe falsely that in the course of their duty to the 'State,' that they can disturb the peace and not be penalised by God. This is error.

It was 'truthfully' recorded in past scriptures that: "Man would wrest the scriptures unto his own destruction." Yes, man has mandated himself into 'god-ship' wherein he man can 'play' God with God's children as a daily 'sport.'

The man 'Howard' who calls himself the Australian Prime Minister tells the public that even though there is a threat of 'terrorism,' that 'we' the public must still go our way each day and do our business.

What he and the 'judiciary' have failed to see is that we the public cannot go our way peacefully, for unless we 'submit' to the extortionist demands that politicians 'sit' upon us, then his private 'army' the police lads will terrorise us, and this they daily do as they 'kidnap' people off the street, and also lock them up and also destroy their families and their livelihood.

And at the end of the day you (the police) collect your pay seeing not the 'terror' daily accrued by you for in God's eyes being so arrogant and untrue. I am trying my best to set the Police force free from the political iniquity and have documented my new "Peace Corps" role for the Tasmania Police on my web site.

For God says "Judge not,' and - - - do not interfere in the lives of others, and - - - any persecution of others by you will end up with ME your God persecuting you."

Mans rules justify the contravention of God's Holy Commandment to: "Only be loving and - - - do not disturb the peace, and - - - be forgiving and merciful and - - - love thine enemy and - - - turn the other cheek and - - - 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' if the ignorant seek to crucify you."

page 16

Encoded within man's 'books of rules' are the 'authority' to extort money via 'fine, levy, tax, royalty, etc. Therein is also found the 'authority' to defy God by 'arrest, abduction, detention, imprisonment, physical abuse, and the 'killing' of another.

Amongst all this is the written authorisation that is attested by signatures, the 'attest' by the arresting police officer to bring the person to arrest, the 'attest' by the persecution department to prosecute, the 'attest' warrant signed by the 'judge' that hands down the sentence imposed. All this 'accomplished' by men using 'force of arms' in direct contravention of God's Holy Commandment.

All these 'persons' are simple people who have been 'conned' by 'someone' into believing that they are 'somehow' empowered to defy God for the benefit of mankind, and they also assume falsely that they are above God's Law and that they do have some 'divine' authority to defy God and use force of arms in their interaction with God's children.

What a terrible calamity there is now to be seen, and I wish to say to you: "Will you please ensure that you give 'the' prosecution department a little guidance after you have read my defence."

For I say that they are all 'lost sheep' being sent Hell's way by a book of RULES that may be 'valid' to any of ITS members who wish to be enslaved by darkness as they 'uphold' and bow down to the Devil, but it the 'Club' and its 'rules' or black conduct code does not apply to one as me who can the Light of God see.

The 'rules' also say that police must use the 'minimum' force needed to 'arrest or detain,' this is a misnomer due to the fact that the police are by 'rules' empowered to use the maximum force needed, even to seriously wound or maim or kill a fellow human being.

Any 'worker,' be they a State employee or a private enforcement Agency worker who relies on a 'book of rules' to give his actions 'legitimacy' and thus 'protection' against having to comply with God's "Peace" Commandment, and thus 'protection' from God's ONE Law is an IDIOT, for God's ONE Law is eternal, immutable, and inviolate.

All men have 'bowed' to the dictates of 'elders' with their superior force, be they Chiefs or Kings etc, and all men have 'bowed' to the rituals these 'elders' used in their 'cloak of office' that 'mandated' the simpletons to defy God as they saw the 'office of man' as equal to God.

As neither the simple 'chief' nor his simple 'worker' could see God's face nor their own 'defiant' spiritual disgrace, they assumed that their role of 'godship' being their self given authority to punish and abuse and destroy was 'divine,' not seeing the 'mill' at the end of the 'water race' that all disbeliever's in God do face as their soul departs this place. They can also suffer a 'part' here also.

Constable Hibble the local prosecutor 'scoffs' at my statement that I follow a higher divine authority that is above man's rulebook. Seeing not that it is a truthful statement.

For the book of rules he 'upholds' is inspired from the 'lower' land of impropriety as it condones defiance of the Higher Authority I follow, that simply states: "Walk in peace and never defy ME nor 'grease' your hands with dark grime."

As a 'legal advisor,' I can only ask you to advise well, for in my considered opinion, any 'mandate' that gives any person of any 'station' in life 'the authority to persecute & prosecute or kill' is a mandate straight from HELL. May our God of love & light inspire your insight as you read the TRUTH from my pen.

page 17

If you are 'interested' in aiding the Police force then read my 'Offender' document, for thereon is my 'Feeling Easier Seminar' that GOD says is the new way to assist in the rehabilitation of real offenders, who are to be released after being taught how to protect their minds from negative thought intrusion that leads them astray. (Real offenders are those who disturb the peace).

I say that the police lads are already in big trouble with God, for they take a 'false' wage from the community they are supposed to serve, when in fact they are being used by the politicians as a "Private collection Agency" to collect taxes and taxation by fine through 'coercion, threat, and force,' and at the same time they are interfering in the lives of all and destroying the lives of many for their false 'silver' penny.

The present daily police business is to interfere into others lives and to disturb the peace of others and to punish any whom refuse to comply with the extortionist demands of RULES that exist in a 'book of rules' established by other vain men who all defy their God due to their vanity.

Truly, our children are enslaved by the SINS of their fathers and forefathers. Deliberate on these facts and then set yourself and the police 'worker' free from being complicit to skullduggery by not supporting any such punitive system of man. Just heed God and go your way in peace and respect all.

The 'authority' that man has 'vested' upon himself via rituals in all his 'punitive & controlling & extortionist & atrocious warring' actions has all stemmed from the Devil, being the 'forceful' avenger who 'accessed' the mind of 'vain' men, and HE the Devil 'authorised' them to defy the LIGHT of God. All 'military' force (Caesar's) is the Dark Sovereign Power (Devil) in action.

The 'judiciary' and police think that I am 'accountable' to them, I say that they are all accountable to GOD as am I, and this FACT is soon to be 'realised' by all men whom on earth daily plod, as they 'try' and hide their face from God as they 'bloody' their spiritual soul with a 'red & black' - X - on their 'forehead,' that shows the invisible demons 'something,' being: "This one is for us to punish for sure."

Police & judiciary use 'rules' as their empowerment to abuse people, demonic spirits need no 'such' empowerment, they just do what their thoughts tell them to, and thus as man becomes 'possessed' by their 'intelligence,' they 'man' need no such 'obligation' and they will mete out retribution as their minds are so forced to do by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power and ITS demonic forces who operate telepathically.

There is a HUGE calamity coming earth's way as there is a very powerful invisible alien race of demonic spirits attacking all telepathically, and this will lead multitudes into insane acts that will 'topple' every authority in every land as the 'dark' invisible band of satanic men use common man to punish others who defied God.

As all mankind is to be 'subjected to' demonic 'attack' mentally as revealed by my wisdom, there will be a 'million to one' invisible army against any police or other army 'authority' or any abusive 'commoner,' and thus the collapse of society and a personal calamity for any 'force of arms' men who are so ignorantly placing themselves in the 'firing line' due to their false sense of security.

They all need to change their role now so that when they leave home each day they will be doing it ONLY to assist the community, and thus not only earn true pay, but they will not be 'soiling' their souls with darkness that will return on a soon coming day. I want the police lads demure and secure against any 'dark' karmic comeback.

I have 'suggested' to the prosecutors that they withdraw their false charges, but if this they cannot do then that is the way it BE, and the resultant 'complicity' for them in bringing these charges against ME the 'son' of God the 'peacemaker' they will shortly see, as their spirits are sent below into the Abyss for an eternity of HELL and there my truth they will get to know.

page 18

For I have already 'watched' 'your' savage & vindictive court prosecutors in action as they 'snarl' at the 'simple' whom they bring into the Devil's 'dock,' and - - - if they decide to 'proceed' against me and leave my 'fate' in the 'hands' and mind of any 'judge,' and - - - if they also 'believe' that any 'grieve' that comes my way from the 'judged' decision is 'not their problem' due to the judge's decision being his and only his, then they are deluded.

For any men who are 'complicit' and a 'party to' attacking the peaceful, have in God's eyes all committed an 'act' of TREASON against the STATE of Heaven and they will 'die' spiritually.

I do not 'threaten' as the police do; I merely make a Statement of FACT backed by our God for whom I have returned to 'judge' all mankind including you.

Mark, what man cannot see is the depth of cunning of the Dark Sovereign Power, as it silently and invisibly 'deploys' deception via emotions of vanity and arrogance and other 'sin' emotions within man.

This it does, as ITS intent is the total annihilation of all 'created' by the Light whom defies the Command of the Light to "Only love and never fight." This destruction of 'ignorant beings' can only be achieved by the initial 'enslavement of the blind' who defy ME.

For I do eternally speak 'for' the LIGHT, for eternal is the spiritual 'fight' of 'evil v/s good,' but even that saying is misunderstood. For evil does never against good win, it only wins against others who deploy evil as they 'sin,' and the battle is but one within the mind of each spirit, be they incarnate or discarnate.

So 'your' police lads do 'bad' each day as they do abuse others, and if 'open eyed' they should be able to this fact see. But what they see not, is the length of the invisible dark 'fishing line' that has them powerfully 'hooked,' and they are 'fed' plenty of 'slack' that may be a lifetime or more of 'freeway' on their dark way.

That is until IT decides to 'snap' on the 'drag' brake, and at that moment the 'fall' of the idiot on the line begins to 'slow' and then suddenly it stops, and then and only then as pure liquid pain and terror encompass the 'hooked' one with a REALITY, do their 'eyes' pop out of their sockets and their hands come out of their pockets and they fall on their knees saying to God or ME: "Please."

Son, since time on earth began there have been 'bad' boys on the 'run' with sword and later the gun. All inspired by evil that came from the lower Source, the Devil. It is now the Devil to 'shut up shop' and sup on the 'blood' of every 'sucker' who supped on ITS 'poison ivy' vine.

Your only 'hope' and that of every 'bearer of arms' or 'user of force' is ME and the Wisdom of God I bring thee. Please tell all the 'big bad lads' to "Go slow" and look deeply at the TRUTH I now sow.

I wish you and all men 'well,' Mark, even those who 'finger' me and whom would again 'crucify' me, each now stands under God's 'spotlight' and God awaits to see each man's 'final' move as each 'proves' their worth and the 'colour' of their seed. Any 'found' contravening God's Code of Conduct of "Peace & respect unto all" show God their 'dark' deed, and they consign their own soul to HELL.

In deep Sincerity - Terence

page 19

~ Constable Shane Biddle ~

Shane, just a short note to enclose a letter for your wife to place within Jake's book of 'happenings,' so that ahead he can read it as he goes his manly way that will be very different to the way of today.

As for you, well I do hope that by seeding your conscious mind with God's truth that it enables you to sort out the truth from the trash so then within your own work each day you can decide for yourself the 'correct' way.

For if we do meet on a 'Thursday' you then can with a CLEAR conscience give me a wave as you see that I am not disturbing the peace and thus am not an antisocial 'knave' needing to be hauled in for counselling.

I do hope that you see that only if and when you do start 'behaving' in a proper manner in God's eyes that you have become a man wise, AND - - - that your son will then not have to 'fear' that his dad might not come home one day because GOD made him pay for some 'folly.'

I seek but to ENSURE that all you 'lads' never do something bad and 'shoot' another in the foot etc, this you might see as an impossibility, but rest assured, if there is ever any 'big' civil disturbance in the land then without my good counsel many 'constables' and others will be ordered to 'shoot' or put in the fatal 'boot.'

I want to KNOW that from that 'dribble' of 'shit' you remain free so that your family are happy when you go out as they learn that the Tas Police has become a KNOWN Peace Corps that is not a danger to other children of God and thus themselves.

We all await to see the 'judgment' placed by GOD via the mind of man over me. For the dark one will be able to have his say on a soon coming day, and if HE has 'naught' to say then I will walk free to continue to help humanity.

As I can read his 'mind,' I have already 'spoken' HIS judgment over Wilson via ME that is on line as you may have by now read. Wilson may 'laugh' seeing not that I do 'carry' the GOD given Authority to 'Judge' man.

But even though I 'pass on' God's Judgment, it is not me to be so foolish as to 'sign' the 'death' warrant. This is what man needs to see. We must only be merciful and counsel offenders, not be the 'one' to set the wolves upon them. That is self-inflicted insanity.

'Jill' remarked on your words "I do not agree with all Terence does say," so why not come this way sometime to discuss the 'uncertainty' that does entwine in your mind, for it is but thoughts flowing through from spirits in the past who are relying on YOU to find the truth for THEM. - Bring your lady too.

PS, you need to ask yourself something: "If I believe that I am entitled to haul in Terence for 'punishment' according to my 'Club' book of rules that were 'drawn up' by mere men, then surely if there is a God who says: "Do not disturb the peace of ANY, or my 'Wrath' you will meet one day on the street," then why do I even 'consider' blocking Terence's peaceful way? Do I actually 'think' that our Creator is an 'impotent' creature who will not see my 'iniquity and defiance of HIS Command"?

Shane, all I can say is that there is soon ALL HELL TO PAY and that painful payment will continue ON and ON and ON for any person who at this 'calm' time cannot see what I say, for when they truly ARE emotionally 'stressed' in the difficult times soon at hand, then there is absolutely NO way they will be able to even 'think' of what their God of Light did say.

You said to me: "I work for the community." I say that you do not, for you are presently working for a 'book of rules' that authorise you to wage war on the community and you do 'raise up a sword' as you disturb the peace of the land in a manner very underhand in order to fulfil the demands of the rules in the Devil's 'State rule book.'

I say that I am the Messiah, the Messiah is God's messenger, being the 'counsellor' true who comes to earth to give all God's good counsel that says: "Never find a reason to 'raise a sword' in defiance of ME the invisible God you cannot see."

It is time for you all to take me very seriously. For not only am I a wise Elder of the local community whom you the 'supposed' Peace Corps 'worker' employed by the community defy, but I also know that if you cannot see my reasoning and you continue to work for the 'political book' and defy your God then you will more than cry.


page 20

~ Certainty ~
To: Constable Kent Ritchie

Hello Kent, it is due to my concern for you a young man who could 'burn' another and thus himself, that I take more of my time to write to you today, even though I am very busy preparing my 'defence' for the 'day' when other political wolves via their Edicts would put me away using you. Thus I write as you in a 'cloud of dust' drive away.

You are yet a young man no older than one of my sons, but you are 'determined' that a quiet man who could be your father is by you "stitched up" and brought to his knees through 'someone's' vindictiveness and thus brought undone. Have you ever 'wondered' who is this someone who pays you?

So you operate 'on' with a callous certainty that your 'job' will be done and by all men seen so to be. Being that 'any' that comply not with Caesar (the arrogant politician) will be punished under God's sun by another 'someone.'

Have you ever 'thought' of the 'time of day' on a Sunday after 'noon' you disrespectfully pull up outside my house and expect my wife to 'come' your way?

Son, I do sleep in the afternoon and there is a 'sign' below my house that says "Parking," but you lads are too lazy to walk a metre or two if your vehicle can 'bulldoze' and reach right into my lounge, and more to the 'point,' you believe that 'as' in your eyes I am a criminal, that disrespect is my due from you.

Son, would you do what you do to Richard McCreadie or your parents or J.H. the Prime Minister? Its time for you to 'inspect' the thoughts in your mind son that scheme and plot, for I am a 'counsellor' true and I do know the power of the invisible forces directing you.

I also know that once they have used you ahead 'one day,' then they can also turn your gun to your own head as their thoughts overpower you from within, even though this you cannot even conceive, but I can but say: "I speak truth and it is unfortunate that so many disbelieve for they all soon will grieve."

I write today on Certainty, for I have been tested before by MY God true, and via me HE says to you: "Son, you are vindictive and malicious too and thus to ME your God and yourself you are untrue. Please look deeper at what MY son Terence does say, for on your present 'way' is great danger. For if you fail ME your God then it is 'I' to put you away."

Kent, maybe you are too 'young' to yet understand that there is an invisible world 'below' wherein are very powerful forces underhand. They can reach 'into' the mind of man and they can telepathically even your mind 'span.'

AND - - there is a God as all will see and that God does inspire me. I am not 'physically' strong like you, but I have a mind infinitely stronger that yours, and God has tested it more than once to see if I could do what I have to, to help you and all humanity too.

Being to 'face' the Court of man to "show it" that I AM who I say I AM. For only this way can I set "its men" free of their 'role' of robed iniquity. Yes, for unto themselves they are untrue in what they do, and it is for them and you that I stand unarmed and 'defenceless' before them too.

page 21

But I do not 'fear,' for I know MY God is near, and a long time ago when in Africa on the slopes of Mt. Meru in Tanzania I did a Rhinoceros on a narrow track meet, and at that very moment our God spoke to me saying:

"Son, a test of MY power you will now 'greet' and I will 'hold' your life in MY hand so that ahead you do understand MY invisible power. I tell you to stand your 'ground,' and as the Rhino does charge you I will make it go around and not touch you."

So I 'offered up' my life to God at that time and as the Rhino charged I stood my ground, and it did at the very last moment swerve away, for if it had not then I would not today be able to say to 'Caesar' and you: "It is I the Holy one" sent by God to save you."

Please look deeper into your own eyes in the mirror and ask: "Why do I feel so determined to 'crush' someone because I 'receive' pay to so do"? Is your 'boss' the 'book of rules' so loved by you that to your own soul you would be untrue?

Did your 'Father' in heaven not say to you that all whom are 'merciless' will die in their 'sin'? Do you 'think' that I am so foolish as to openly face 'wolves' who are untrue if there was not a certainty from God flowing through?

Son, believe it or not I can into the other 'worlds' see, and that is why I am prepared to die or cry for you, so as to save you from a 'fate' worse than death, and I did also in the past say that I would call on you to help me on my 'Offender Seminars' ahead. So please 'awaken' to the Light I did see in you and to IT be now a little TRUE.

You may 'think' that you hide your true identity as you in 'plain' clothes and an 'unmarked' car do seek out your victims, but I do know that the one 'using' you can all your deeds and intent see, and it is HE to 'number' you as 'one' to whom ahead HE will speak for being less than meek.

My God of Light does say to you today that SHE fears for the way that you travel as SHE can see that there is great peril for all men afloat on the Dark Sea as it soon will become very turbulent, and as you 'capsize' there will be none to hear your cries, and the story of 'Jonah and the whale' could then become your tale, as well as the fresh one I reveal that does seal all its victims in the belly of a very large great white shark, who leaves many a painful mark before it swallows its victims.

Kent, it is 'one' thing for a sinner to punish a sinner, but for a sinner to 'try' and destroy the very HOLY one sent by God to take him out of the belly of the whale is a different tale.

Son, I am he the one sent by God to 'save' thee and all sinners. If you have the courage to 'relent' and withdraw your 'charge' then you will be set free.

Try and see that 'falsity' is error and brings upon the 'head' of 'Judas' great terror. For I am your eternal friend so why for a few 'pennies' send your own soul into the ABYSS below?

I speak with CERTAINTY - Terence

page 22

~ The 'DEATH' road ~

Foolish and ignorant is any man who 'pays' a State employee a wage 'permitting' him to abuse & punish him (their master, you).

Foolish is any man who works for another (e.g. a State employee) and feels 'justified' in punishing his Master (employer) due to some 'rule' in an unholy book.

Foolish is any man who works for any 'State' system (Caesar) and for '30 pieces of silver' defies his God and prosecutes another.

Foolish is any man who 'raises' his verbal or physical 'Sword' against a 'stranger' or his sister or brother.

Foolish are the above, for all defy their Creator the God of Love as they 'blindly' work evil for the Devil, who 'gleefully' grins in the foreknowledge that the 'persecutors' will ahead in HIS HELL be persecuted.

Let all men know that countless souls are 'below,' and only I with my 'Godly mind' can set them or you free if you 'listen & heed' what I tell thee.

If you cannot 'change' your 'road' then you increase your own burdensome 'pain' load. When you attack any, it is against God you have 'wagered a penny,' and as our God stands more tall than you, this is a 'bad' wager for 'tis you to FALL.

You cannot wage war against the Sovereign Light or the Sovereign Dark and win, for both are 'equal' in Power and 'ONE' the Source.

All who wage 'war' do fall and do suffer for their arrogance in defying the Commandment to "Only love" and the Code of Conduct to be "Respectful unto all."

Woe unto any man who for a 'wage' (30 pieces of silver) wagers that he can interfere in the lives of others and destroy their livelihood or their life and 'somehow' avoid the Wrath of their God.

Foolish is any 'man' who does live in 'such' a daydream, seeing not the Authority that 'backs' the ONE Law of God.

"As you do is done unto you"

page 23

If you use darkness to wage war against the LIGHT
the DARK will destroy you.

If you use darkness to wage war against the DARK
the DARK will destroy you.

If you use LIGHT to love & respect others living in the Light
LIGHT loves you.

If you use LIGHT to love & respect others living in the Dark
the DARK loves you.

For God the 'Source' sees that to IT you are true.


Children, when you 'set out' to plot or scheme to 'entrap' another and them destroy or their 'knuckles' rap, the DARK does this already know, for it was ITS thoughts that through did 'schemingly' flow. Once this you do see, then of IT you will try very hard to set yourself free.

For if it does your every move know, then it does 'follow' that it can easily incite another on another day to find you and make you for your folly pay.

You cannot 'hide' from God. It is only the 'arrogant' who so believe as they on earth plod. I am here to set all men free, please, please now listen to me.


If you make any other weep, then your 'bones' will be 'chiselled' and into the very marrow will coldness and excruciating pain seep. If the 'JUSTNESS' of this you cannot see then you are truly blind and deserve what is coming to thee.

I reach out to you with respect, love, care, and my wisdom I share with you, even though you would punish or destroy me and to yourself be untrue. There is naught more I can say to any of you for I have 'slaved' for many a long year to reach through to God for 'wisdom & truth' for you.

Look now direct to God, for no man on earth can save any from the Wrath of their God. Go home now and read all from my pen, for only this way will you be 'freed' from Satan's den. For to HIM you are all 'bound' until your mental freedom from REVENGE is found.

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~ Passing Judgment ~
The 'Dark'

Any person who 'uses' darkness and inflicts negativity upon another, be it verbal or physically punitive has passed judgment upon the other for the Dark Sovereign Power who 'spoke' through them at that 'offensive' moment.

At that moment they also 'accrued' a similar 'dark' due to be received back under the one Law "As you do is done unto you" at the time and place that the Dark Sovereign power chooses to so do.

This 'face' seeks to divorce all its 'users' from their sanity, and the irrationality' shows itself in its 'minimal' strength as people 'argue or bicker.'

Its 'stronger' projection is when one abuses ones wife, or when near a 'bar' an abuser wields a broken bottle or a knife.

Its more serious 'moves' are when it controls the minds of political men or those such as 'Judges' that wield its sacred pen. It is 'sacred' because it is judging you and ensuring that you receive a past spiritual due, not necessarily the 'rule' that made man 'think' you were untrue.

When this deadly force uses its 'top guns' it allows them a lot of 'rope' and a seemingly long 'run.' This it does do to ensure that its 'heavies' control you and you, but - - - it also is ensuring that the 'heavies' accrue a very heavy penalty due too, for their arrogance.

I can only say that every 'dog' gets his 'bone' one day, and all passing any punitive judgment are soon to be 'faced' by 'stony eyed' men who do not need a 'pen' before they mete out their judgment upon you.

No, they are 'merely' true to the thoughts and feelings too that are both 'of' the Dark that did 'smother' their Inner Light spark, and thus they are merciless and cold and very dangerous and very 'bold' and they are of God's DARK 'fold.'

Note: Any man who 'believes' that because his 'position' of authority is 'authorised' or 'mandated' by a 'Club' or 'System' of man by man that he is 'somehow' above God's law, was and yet is deceived.

A 'license' to 'judge' another or to 'police' and carry a gun does not 'absolve' you from God's return due on actions done by you. You will feel like 'kicking' yourself when you awaken to the 'way' you have been, and to the 'volume' of your due accrued by you.

Darkness 'corrupts' the soul of man with its 'apparent' truths that are all lies, for its punitive 'way' leads one away from God's heavenly skies due to one 'learning' to criticise and despise others who are but 'sinners' like you.

Satan did already beguile your ancestors via their 'sin' within, and you did their false way learn. It is now I to teach all how their freedom from pain they can earn.

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~ Passing Judgment ~
The 'Light'

The Light in heaven also passes its 'judgment' every moment of time upon the true whom in heaven walk. Their eternal return due is 'showered' upon them as a Tribute of love and tenderness too.

Every 'act' of kindness and compassion and mercy and helpfulness and forgiveness 'passed' from one to another is the judgment of the Light at that moment given for a past 'good' done.

The light shows its 'face' in heaven as joy and passion and gaiety and never ending adventures of love that are inspired by our God above. She gives all of 'hers' an open road with her smile.

Let her love through me assist you on this last mile.


Note: There are 'countless' levels of consciousness in the spirit realms, each at its 'unique' vibration, and the more darkness within your soul the 'heavier' the vibration and deeper the dark destination.

Contrary to 'common' belief, the 'sin' being negative emotions within is not the 'natural' state of being. The natural state is one where there are no 'sinful' dark emotions within and thus the spirit is a 'Christed' soul having only pure light within.

The 'lighter' and more refined your spiritual energy, the higher the realm you find yourself, and once freed within of sin, then and only then can you 'enter in' the ultimate level (heaven) and begin your eternal 'holiday' where there is forever 'freedom of the road' and all is in loving 'overload' and much joy and zest and inspiration eternally.

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~ The Truth on 'Treason' ~

TREASON - Is an 'attack' upon the Sovereign State of God the Source.
TREASON - Is 'punishable' by DEATH, spiritual death.

Any person who 'sets out' and attacks another person verbally or physically, or restrains them for the purpose of in any way attempting to extort money off them legally or illegally, or to abuse them in any way, or to punish them in any way, or to threaten them in any way, or to coerce them in any way, or to manipulate them or their affairs in any way, are - - -

Guilty of an 'Act' of Treason against the 'Light' core of the other that is a 'part' of the Sovereign STATE OF HEAVEN.

This 'foul' act of the guilty one is seen by the Dark Sovereign Power of the Source and IT then sets out to destroy the offender. For any 'attack' on ITS LIGHT REALM is in ITS 'eyes' punishable by spiritual death.

The Dark Sovereign Power deems it ITS right to by any means 'convince' the offender of the 'justness' of their 'cause,' for in this 'deception' is the means whereby the offender draws in more darkness into his soul as he 'acts' offensively, and thus he falls deeper into the darkness to be 'destroyed' by the Dark Sovereign Power if that is to be.

The Dark Sovereign Power can only 'justify' the continued attack by this offender against the other person if the 'other' in their past was an offender who themselves 'committed' a treasonable attack upon another 'sister or brother.'

Try and see the reality, being that when you support any 'war' effort or punitive 'law' enforcement agency or government System by giving them funds or other support, then you unseeingly incur a spiritual debt of pain due to the 'treasonable' actions of your servant 'employees' the departmental workers in the System.

Thus ahead the Dark Sovereign Power incites someone else to 'come over the hill' and abuse you in a 'justified' return due, be it your neighbour who 'punches' you, or a 'distant' enemy inspired to invade your territory and destroy you or your family.

At the very moment when you are personally confronted, the Dark Sovereign Power incites you to 'justifiably' defend yourself, and as this you do and you cause pain to the enemy, you draw in more of ITS dark energy and thus you fill your own soul with more of ITS dark 'pus' and thus IT 'manages' to drag you down 'further' into ITS lair in the afterlife.

All who mete out 'strife' fall in the afterlife. Leave the 'punishing' to God. God can do it all below in God's Dark Sovereign Power STATE called HELL.

Any in the 'flesh' who work 'for' ITS earthly punitive 'States' do become bound by IT as they fall into ITS lower State. 'Wake up' before it is too late.

Ever since this material earth realm was created, it has been inhabited by spirits who incarnated from realms outside Heaven's Light State due to them having 'sin' within.

This 'energy' of the Dark has 'related' their ways more to the unforgiving and punitive 'punishing' aspect of the Source, and thus all 'justify' making other 'offenders' cry. None seeing that in God's eyes all are thus offensive offenders deserving to die.

Also, none see that the punitive way is error and the Dark 'seduces' their 'souls' that way, so as to get them deeper into 'debt' to IT and thus it can impose upon all more 'self-imposed' terror.

It is 'I' the Master from above who has returned to say: "I am God's messenger 'dove,' and only if my truth & wisdom you see, will you by your own efforts and God be set free.

Any of you whom 'choose' to justify meting out perceived 'justice' will receive your 'Just' due in purgatory below, where all 'defiant ones' are to now be sent by the same Source of all who sent me to elevate thee."

You only become 'safe' from 'home-invaders,'
when you stop funding & supporting


page 27

Any 'use' of darkness is itself an offence punishable by death due to the 'necessary' act committed in its use against another.

If you do not 'wish' to be TRIED by GOD on a 'Treason' charge then do not persecute or prosecute any other, and do not 'fund' such iniquitous atrocities against humanity.

Just heed God and walk your way in Peace and be respectful unto all.


If the DARK sees you are 'guilty' of:

Interfering in the lives of others.
Interfering in the businesses of others.

You are guilty of Treason.

If the DARK sees you are 'guilty' of:

Punishing any other.
Verbally abusing any other.
Physically abusing any other.
Employing people to do any of the above.

You are guilty of Treason.


If you attack the 'Light' within any person.
The DARK sees that 'act' as an act of

If you attack the 'Dark' within any person.
The DARK sees that 'act' as an act of


Treason is an 'attack' against God the Sovereign Power.
Being the
Joined as -


Let the 'wise' now see how 'treasonable' all 'sinners' are,
and just how far they have 'fallen away' from God's heavenly Star.

The Dark is the 'retributive arm' of the Source, and IT will 'divorce' any from
Heaven who defy 'heaven's' leaven.


Leave the 'eye for an eye' to God
If you 'take it' you are untrue to yourself and will lose yours too.

'Peace unto all, or you fall.'


I have many times told you:

"As you do is done unto you"

page 28

~ Sacred Duty ~

It is my sacred duty to our God of love
to give
Her good counsel from above
via my mind
Her 'counsel' be
sent to earth to set all men free

And this 'we' can only do
if my 'mind' stays strong and true
Her Light and Love to you
so that you believe what
She via me says to you

I did my very best do
and I again send more 'letters' through
to your 'head man' of the Police 'Clan'
hoping that he is a true man

One who can see very clearly
the depth of the 'trap' set through man's vanity
and as for me I have naught to fear
as the Lion's 'den' draws near

For I am the 'true' Santa Claus today
with the 'present' of
Salvation I bring this way
and any whom it do not believe
cast aside a
'gift from God' and will grieve

So I now 'await' to see what comes my way
'persecutionary' men in the Devil's pay
did I them 'convince'?
or will they try and 'turn' my 'meat' into mince?

page 29

~ The Conclusion ~

It is concluded now by God through me
that all men have been given enough for them to see
to see the
error of their way
and the reason for the
terror coming earth's way

For God did say that all for folly do pay
and God did say that there would be Hell on earth one day
So my 'conclusion' says that the police are very
as they into the lives of others do daily intrude

This they do 'thinking' that they are true
not seeing the 'reasons' why this they do
It is because man likes to others
It is because man likes to at others shout

Especially if they think the other is wrong
especially if they think that they are more strong
so it is an
unforgiving tendency
by some basking in their own 'pure' resplendency

Not seeing that somewhere further along the way
are others who to them will have a say
I am having mine as all will see
as I place my
truth 'on line' for free

And my 'say' will not cause physical hurt
for it but says that all 'policemen' with deadly danger 'flirt'
for they believe that they are above the
that God says comes to all whom do not me believe

I say that it's soon going to be very 'rough'
and for the 'police & judiciary' extremely 'tough'
for it is now proven that they are an arrogant RACE
of people who enjoy wielding a heavy

As said as they daily intrude
into the lives of God's children and God sees this act as rude
so HE now will have the 'say'
that HE told man via me on a long past day

So I do not need to see any more 'smiles'
from police officers who plainly show their 'wiles'
for they are 'bewitched' by power
as they arrogantly stride forth and darkness 'shower'

Onto God's children in every way
as for the Devil they make them for their past
it is 'pure' JUSTICE this I know
that the police & judiciary & 'corrections' do bestow

But God did say to you and me
that what we do comes back to 'we'
yes 'Sirs' and 'Madam' it will be very, very tough
and I for one have said enough

So I now go on my 'merry' way
and 'God help' any who have ought to me to say.

The Spirit of Truth

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