~ Open letter to Police officers Lovell and Ritchie ~
Dear Matt and Kent, - - -
Reference ‘Reason - Sanity and depravity’
So nice to see you lads with smiling faces at my door today however, - - - it was with considerable concern for me to learn that the ‘high  priest’ Governor’s office of the state institution felt the need to send you (The Peace corps) to deliver a personal 'word of command' to me to the effect that any further emails must not be sent by me to her office.
I wonder if it crossed the mind of the St. Helen's department recipient of this ‘request’ to ask the complainant: “Has Terence disturbed the peace in any way? For if he has, then we most certainly will call on him and ask him to give an account of his misdemeanour and we will do our best to ‘correct’ his way."
The concern for me is that the ARMED ‘upholders of the peace’ (Police) are being used as ‘lackeys’ to go forth and disturb the peace of an old man who was simply and politely advising the Governor of THE following FACTS being:
It is clear that certain members of the Tasmanian judiciary remain ‘dissidents’ who are operating ‘outside of’ the precepts of the Constitutional authority and therefore are treasonably operating in contravention of the Freedom of Religion ACTS (116 -  43(1) and 109) and thus causing harm to peaceful citizens and using threats and coercion to extort money that was not theirs to TAKE and, - - -
At http://www.govhouse.tas.gov.au/governor/function-governor - It states the duty of the Governor as being:


The primary role of the modern Australian governor is as a form of insurance.  It is a hedge against constitutional impropriety.  - - -

Constitutional powers & duties

Essentially the Governor's role is to safeguard the Tasmanian Constitution and the democratic parliamentary system - - - the view expressed by the Victorian economist and writer, Walter Bagehot (1826-77) remains valid that a Governor has "the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn".

Surely an enlightened person such as I am, one who has PROVEN and therefore has been in a position to 'judge' that members of the judiciary and other state officials are criminally involved in usurping the authority granted unto them by said 'Constitution' Acts, that those whose 'job' it is to uphold the Constitution would be 'happy' to have been alerted to the IMPROPRIETY that has been ongoing for YEARS but instead, 'someone' in the governing authority has apparently decided to take a 'stand' for the criminals as evidenced by two policemen coming to my door.
What disturbs me is that persons of criminal INTENT, the intent to interfere into the lives of the peaceful, to cause them harm and to steal their money, utilized the community PEACE force officers as their ‘messenger boys’ to deliver a 'veiled'  THREAT, - - - if that is not the TRUTH of the matter then please enlighten me.
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The Verdict
The ‘government’ office has delivered its ‘verdict’ to me, that verdict being: “OBEY our command and do not contact our office again.” I am quite ‘happy’ in the knowledge that for our God I have exposed to the ‘Governor’ and her officials their own CRIMINALITY and their ‘lack’ in respect of their deficiency regarding their sworn duty to uphold the ‘validity’ of the Tasmania Constitution. So I now leave them to their ‘fate’ which all will see when God, THE Sovereign Power and Authority, decides to ACT.
Indeed, the Tasmania ‘Office of the Queen’ is now knowingly failing in its duty to uphold the Freedom of Religion acts of the Constitution due to certain officials permitting the gravest of irregularities to exist and all to the detriment of peaceful citizens. This is anarchy and treason of the highest order brought on either by liquid arrogance or total insanity however, - - - I now turn to the Police Service as I say:
Can you now see the ‘way’ the world is now ‘heading’ and what that means when those who are paid a wage, to supposedly uphold democracy, decency, rationality and to PROTECT those having the religious ideology of absolute pacifism, actively turn against these peaceful by utilizing the Police Service as their own personal TOOL?
It is in fact INSANITY on the ‘rise’ in the minds of the supposed ‘wise’ as was and yet is prophesied by my pen.

I am not seeking PUNITIVE measures against anyone, I am simply trying to get all the 'wayward' to see and UNDERSTAND that they are being USED 'telepathically' by a very DARK insidious and devious 'energy' force. Understand that the Dark energy has the intent is to use the arrogant or ignorant or vain to mete out pain and suffering unto their OWN destruction within ITS immutable 'eye for an eye' LAW.

Regrettably all the 'innocent' such as the Police Services men become COMPLICIT as they have yet again today, and since I am an EDUCATOR with a deeper insight into spirit realms than any other person on earth, I simply seek to awaken everyone. (Refer to my National Security Alert linked at the end of this paper.)

My 'delight' at this unexpected 'turn of events' is that the Police can now SEE the reality of what is being IMPOSED upon them by anarchist dissidents. How or why? Because the Governor's office 'clerk' or secretary could have simply dropped me a note saying:

"Sir, thank you for your time and effort and your 'exactness' in proving to 'us' that State officials and magistrates have been and yet are ignoring the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution and 'we' will look into the matter and we will rectify it as it is our sole duty to uphold the constitutional authority."

Instead, they have used you to threaten me because as I see it, why 'else' would they send 'armed men' to my door to 'warn me off'?

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I believe that you and your 'Chiefs' should now be able to see the extent of the iniquity because as they so brazenly use you in an attempt to 'shut me up,' it simply means that they feel 'confident' that there is NO 'authority' to bring them to 'account' and thus to me they are implying:

"We here are self-empowered to do whatever we wish to irrespective of your 'beliefs' and we and 'our' system is now to use the Police force and magistrates to STEAL endless sums of money from everyone because we need it to fulfill our requirements and, - - -

Since we 'pay' the wages of the Police service they will do exactly what we tell them to and, - - - if you cause any 'problem' then our armed forces Police will also be used to sell you up or evict you or more, so 'shut up' or suffer the consequence because 'we' hold THE POWER and the Police and judiciary are 'ours' and they will force you through coercion to fund our punitive ways."

Matt and Kent,  your 'force' will soon be 'waging war' more and more upon the peaceful as myself who see the 'way' the world is going and as we are TRUE to God and thus cannot fund warfare, it will be you being forced by 'rules' or directives to punish us endlessly as you yet do. Can you not see this reality and the reality that your punishment is the coercion to try and force us to change our religious ideology?

All this punitive activity is in TOTAL contravention of the Constitutional mandate granting your 'officers' their operational licence, and it follows that your activities are thus criminal, illegal and treasonable.

Politicians and other persons in 'high office' have become very 'bold' because they cannot 'imagine' how anyone can bring them to account because they hold THE POWER. (Your armed force)

It has been my DUTY to THE real invisible Sovereign Power to REVEAL unto arrogant man how HE is now to bring to account EVERYONE who has or yet is defying His Command. Few indeed will BELIEVE that He is using my MIND telepathically to EXPOSE what IS NOW TO BE.

My very GREAT concern is that you 'lads' BELIEVE that you are upholding the Peace on behalf of THE people but you are NOT say I, - - - you are being used to 'terrorise,' cause harm and STEAL $$$.

I do not believe that the Governor of Tasmania, Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner would stoop so 'low' as to use her prerogative: < A Governor has "the right to be consulted, the right to encourage, the right to warn" > Thus it is quite possible that some 'lowly' clerk or secretary in her 'outfit' assumed the Right to be 'as if they were' the Governor and issue the command in her name, an ILLEGAL command resulting in the complicity of the community peace services.

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If I was the Police 'Chief of Staff' I would certainly be looking deeply into that aspect because anyone using the 'name' of their overlord to threaten peaceful members of the public in using the public PEACE Service need to be 'admonished' and removed from office in disgrace.

I am of the BELIEF that the Police peace service needs to be an independent 'body' beholden to no other authority than that of their 'office' because they are funded by the people for the people to UPHOLD THE PEACE. The fact that the Police can be 'sent forth' by 'someone' to disturb the peace of an 'innocent' citizen clearly shows me that they believe that the 'someone' is their 'master' rather than the citizens who pay their wage.

We NEED 'peace-keepers' who work FOR the people and who are a BENIGN community PEACE service who 'stand alone' with their OWN 'code of conduct' policy and who take 'orders' from their own God-given conscience as they OBEY the "Peace & love & compassion & mercy" Command of God THE Sovereign Authority as do I.

In so doing they do NOT interfere in the lives of the peaceful nor disturb the peace of the peaceful but will ONLY haul IN dissidents of any 'standing' or those carrying out immoral activities as are presently being carried out by the highest officials in this land, and have them counselled, educated, and set free.

When my 'pen' states the words: "Do or die" it is simply my 'pen's' reiteration of God's statement unto man being: "If you defy My Command and you cause harm to My children then you WILL 'die in your sin' because as you use My Dark forceful destructive energy IT contaminates your soul and is what takes you DOWN into My underworld."

All that remains to be seen now is whether on 6th November magistrate 'Cure' is wise enough to comprehend the 'enormity' of what was revealed to her by my pen in my defence statement (Update - 19 - 6th October 2015 - Defence papers to magistrate Cure.) and for her to 'revert' the past errors and thus be able to say to me: "You Sir are free to go" and thus it also halts the criminal involvement of the Police for being accomplices to the illegal denial of the constitutional Freedom of Religion Acts rights of PEACEFUL citizens and, - - - the same applies to the case judgement of the ATO v/s Mrs. C. Barnes on 8th December. (Launceston Court)

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NOTE: Added spiritual comprehension: Since the beginning of TIME on earth there have always been men in every 'village' who claimed the status of 'Chief' of the valley, a chief who dictated the introduction of a multitude of 'policies.' The policies were not only ones to be obeyed but were policies backed by punishment and force of arms to ensure all accepted 'conformity.' These policies were ones in which the dictator assumed the RIGHT to steal a part of the 'income' or cattle or crops grown by others.

The sad REALITY is that nothing has changed because currently we are still RULED 'dictatorially,' but in this 'modern' age of 'text' in books the dictated policy of 'some' is enshrined as text named 'the law' by THEM and backed by armed men. (Force of arms) It follows that DICTATORSHIP still exists in the form of the 'text' rules imposed by others, and any failing to comply are simply forced to suffer the consequence.

It is still all to 'do' with the extortion of money, (pre-operational licence fees and taxes or fines) and the text rules imposed as 'law' ensure that the 'system' of control and extortion and punishment and the waging of war is funded and all who support it are guaranteed to be forced to suffer forevermore within the punitive aspect of God's immutable Law: "As you do unto others is done unto you." I state that we must now only fund benign community effort to become free from suffering. God states: "Ask and you will receive."

The Freedom of Religion clause (Act) was granted by God so that the few TRUE to Him and His Command could live according to their own conscience. This Freedom of Religion Act is what guaranteed the TRULY loving and peaceful and TRUE to God's Command the RIGHT to live their pacifist ideology.

It is a FACT and spiritual TRUTH that once a person becomes 'enlightened' meaning that they they no longer fund warmongers, and once they have  PAID all past spiritual 'pain' dues accrued, which happens to any who, through suffering in non-retaliation, they will no longer be persecuted by their ignorant 'oppressors' and they will then be left in peace.

For any person to 'attain' the status of being PROTECTED by God and therefore protected from further suffering, they must have halted all support and funding of aggression which means they must stop being complicit to the causing of harm to ANY others.

This is why those absolute pacifists such as I now am do NOT live by the rules/laws imposed by other mortals because we live by our own God-given conscience. This means we OBEY God's 'Peace and love and mercy and forgive' Command.

It also means that we 'gladly' suffer any or all punitive impositions in the foreknowledge that it will come to a halt once our outstanding 'pain' dues to God have all been met, a reality that only occurs when we live the Command of non-retaliation. In order for this to so be, we cannot pay any monies demanded from us as 'fines' for if we were to so do, we would still be funding the contra ideology of war and other brutality which would once again mean we would become exposed to more karmic suffering.

The I S I L forces of 'Islam' see NOT that their enemy is NOT the USA, British or OZ or other 'coalition' forces. The enemy of the coalition forces is not I S I L. They both have a 'common' invisible enemy controlling their minds from afar telepathically. It is the DARK energy essence of THE SOURCE seeking to destroy all 'combatants.'

The 'enemy' of a mentally disturbed person who steals, causes harm or suicides is the same DARK power, and the sooner mankind realises IT the better for all. The power and capacity of this INFINITE force is revealed by my pen in the National Security Alert below.

The sooner Tasmania implements the 'Feeling Easier' Seminars (Item - 1 of my Offender document) the better off we will be because we cannot 'lock-up' the whole nation each night. The 'rate' of offending is now to increase dramatically for the reasons revealed by my pen, and Tasmania has the capacity to lead the world into THE LIGHT using my insight.

This is why the Police PEACE FORCE must now become 'such' meaning that from now on none must cause harm to any other and all the Police can do 'legally' in God's eyes is to haul in dissidents but only for their EDUCATION.

I hope that soon, the police 'Chief' will join me for a cup of tea before for ALL, - - - it is TOO LATE.

Kent and Matt, you are both welcome at my place anytime.


Read my National Security Alert: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/alliance.htm
read my 'Offender' document: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/offend1.htm


This letter becomes (Update - 20 - 16th October 2015 - Letter to officers Lovell & Ritchie)