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~ Open letter to his Excellency Peter Cosgrove Governor-general of Australia ~

Anarchy & Treason & the illegal use of force.

Dear Governor-General, I wish to 'alert' the Constitutional Authority to the fact that there is soon to be civil unrest of unprecedented proportions within the Australian community for reasons known ONLY by myself.

I also wish to alert the 'Crown' that this unrest is going to be exacerbated by the illegal activities of armed police who are already causing civil unrest due to their total ignorance as to their Constitutional rights or otherwise and due to their present illegal interaction with peaceful members of the Tasmanian and Australian mainland communities.

This 'outreach' is not a 'complaint' because I am not seeking the punishment of the 'offenders.' I am simply seeking for them to be alerted to the facts of the matter so that they can amend their 'obnoxious' ways before they find themselves in very deep water indeed.

I make a few stated facts below and believe that those concerned need to have their activities halted until such time as THE Constitutional AUTHORITY has looked into the matter in an appropriate manner so that everyone concerned learns as to 'what' is the factual extent of their mandate to interfere in the lives of the peaceful in respect of the Constitution and/or latter day political decrees. I give a few proven facts below:

1 - Police & Judiciary in Tasmania are exceeding The executive power of the Commonwealth vested unto them by the Constitution.
2 - Police & Judiciary in Tasmania are using subordinate rules latter day rules in the local magistrates court to 'subvert the course of justice.'
3 - Police prosecutors & magistrates in Tasmania simply ignore the Constitutional Rights of citizens because:

a) Through ignorance or arrogance they choose to usurp the Constitution or -
b) They are receiving erroneous advice from legal experts who give them the false belief that the Constitutional Freedom of Religion clause is now invalid or 'voidable' and of no authority today in a secular world or -
c) They and/or their legal advisors are misconstruing and misinterpreting the true meaning of the words contained in the sentence TEXT deliberately or otherwise.

Either way it does not make their decisions RIGHT and it simply places all complicit into the category of being; treasonable anarchists needing correction because their activities are illegal and criminal.

4 - Police & Judiciary in Tasmania are waging civil war upon peaceful members of the Tasmanian community for the purpose of:

a) Extortion of money backed by the illegal use of force.
b) Endeavouring by threat, coercion, enticement and false imprisonment to force people to change their religious ideology from the one of absolute pacifism to that of condoning and supporting civil unrest or war.

5 - The above activities are a direct contravention of the 'civil' RIGHTS granted unto those who do not disturb the peace of the land who are factually 'guaranteed' immunity from persecution and protection by said Constitutional Authority. (Military Might - The Queen's Army)

This 'conflict of ideological belief' is soon to cause 'civil unrest' due to the intimidation, interference, control and subjugation of people going about their daily business in a peaceful manner. They are being mentally and emotionally 'terrified,' stressed, disadvantaged and persecuted by very ignorant and arrogant officials who BELIEVE in their RIGHT to IGNORE the BELIEFS of others and to impose their 'will' as they see fit more particularly since they are backed by magistrates in 'lower' and therefore subordinate courts having no 'powers' in respect of Constitutional matters.

6 - Using subordinate political edicts enshrined as 'rules' Police prosecutors are placing the peaceful before Magistrates who are not qualified to deal with Constitutional matters and Magistrates should state to the police prosecutors:

"I have considered your 'complaint,' and since this case is a Constitutional matter please redirect your complaint to either the Federal or the High Court because, any dispute involving ones conscience or ideological belief and thus 'Religion' is a Constitutional matter and is outside of my JURISDICTION."

7 - These 'officious' personnel are in FACT using the armed forces as their private 'army' to accomplish their activities which are illegal, criminal, vindictive, mercenary and Treason against the Constitutional Authority of their own institution and, - - - I add that these actives are also in direct contravention of God's Command unto man: "Go your way in peace & love one another & be compassionate, merciful & forgiving."

I do know that these persons are doing what they do in total ignorance both through their lack of understanding concerning the Constitution and because everyone has become blinded by the darkness operating through vanity and emotions of absolute POWER & CONTROL and BELIEF. Their belief centres on their right to subjugate and enslave everyone in the land by utilising the endless 'latter day' decrees tabled by politicians as their justification to ignore the Constitutional Authority.

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Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

  The Tasmania 'act' does in fact also apply to every state in Australia.

Your Excellency, as you are the Australian representative of her majesty the QUEEN with the 'job' of upholding the Constitution, I need to remind you that:

If the Earthly Sovereign Power (mortal Queen or King) truly BELIEVE that their authority stems from God and/or the Constitution of their INSTITUTION and, - - - said authority grants THEM the Power to RULE God's children, then they and ALL their serving officers, be they politicians, police, magistrates or armed services militia, they need to CONSIDER that said AUTHORITY granted by God THE FATHER is LIMITED to and by the FREEDOM OF RELIGION clause of said Constitution.

The REASON for this clause is that IT 'permits' those TRULY OBEDIENT TO GOD to NOT be subjugated, enslaved, humiliated, harassed, intimidated, persecuted, controlled or punished by officials USING later subordinate and often politically expedient edicts enshrined as 'rules' in books of 'law.'

These truly obedient to God ARE the TRUE believers who do not vote for political rulers nor fund the coffers of the CONTRA ideological doctrine of any punitive or invasive or warring institution. They never 'disturb the peace of the land' because they ARE 'Absolute Pacifists.'

It needs to be clearly understood by THE GOVERNING Authority whose 'job' it is to UPHOLD the Constitution that; if they are 'asleep' and permitting ANARCHY and Treason to exist within the community, in that THE PEACEFUL are being 'abused' by harassment, arrest, intimidation, fine, transportation, jail, coercion, threat or other, that:

The Sovereign Power is failing in its 'Duty to God' and their duty to their own nation, 'flag' and community etc., which of ITSELF has 'dire' consequences for EVERYONE.

It appears to me that 'The Law of the Beast' now rules and those empowered by THE GUN simply go forth in ignorance and arrogance while stealing MONEY and causing HARM to the peaceful.

Your Excellency, police officers and prosecutors and subordinate magistrates now BELIEVE that they are 'answerable to no one' and that their ACTIONS are 'above the law' of this land. If her majesty the British Queen is the ruling 'Sovereign Authority' of this dominion and ITS government then she and her 'staff' need to know what is taking place.

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Today the 'law' is all about 'grab the money or whatever you can' as enforcers use the limitless political power via latter day ‘rules’ as governments make them available to suit their pecuniary purpose. It remains unseen to them that all such rules, when used against THE PEACEFUL, are in CONFLICT with the Constitutional mandate as well as within the 'limited' authority granted within the 'Freedom of Religion' clause.

It appears that there is NO 'Lion hearted King' to administer Justice to his people in this far away dominion. I simply await to see if there is an honourable man in existence today. A man who has the 'will' and courage to uphold the Constitutional authority for a very 'old' and ailing Queen living in a distant land.

Maybe the Imperial LION has become to 'old and tired and toothless' and too 'weak' to admonish local 'official and officious' TRAITORS not only in every community but also in the courts.

Your Excellency, in order for peace to flourish in this land of hundreds of different tribes, races and languages, each with their own 'particular' rituals and beliefs, it is now the time for everyone to comprehend that there is a God given 'entitlement' backed by the Constitutional Authority of the governing institution guaranteeing immunity from persecution with the proviso that the individual does:

"Go their way in peace and does live in a moral manner and thus causes NO harm unto others."

In the 'event' that THE individual is immoral or does cause harm, then they are to be hauled IN and counselled (educated) as per the 'Feeling Easier' Seminar contained with the 'Offender document' on my web site linked below.

Your Excellency : -

The Tasmanian judiciary and police services presently hold the peaceful in the land in utter contempt.
The Tasmanian judiciary and police services presently hold the Command of God THE CREATOR in utter contempt.
The Australian Taxation officials also hold the Commonwealth Constitution 'Authority' and ITS 'Freedom of religion' clause in utter contempt.
The Tasmanian judiciary and police service officers presently hold the Tasmania Constitution and ITS 'Freedom of religion' clause in utter contempt.
The Tasmanian judiciary and police services presently hold the Commonwealth Constitution 'Authority' and ITS 'Freedom of religion' clause in utter contempt.

No one appears to be 'aware' that causing harm or impoverishment is in fact ASSAULT.

It appears to me that the 'Military' is so focussed overseas in obedience to the cause of its American 'allies' that it sees NOT what is taking place to its own citizens and that the Constitutional 'Authority' is daily being downtrodden through arrogance and ignorance in various courts.

I do understand that a part of your role is ceremonial, but I am now speaking in reference to the other aspect of your role in upholding the Constitutional authority with integrity and honour.
If that does not exist, then THE PEOPLE of the land who are suffering at the hands of 'wolves' posing as 'sheep' need to know and be made aware of the fact that they have NO 'protection' because, the 'ship' is 'rudderless' and 'adrift' on stormy seas. It may well be 'found' that it has already and unsuspectingly been captured by 'pirates' and THE PEOPLE are truly now solely in the hands of God as am I.

I do hope that 'someone' with open eyes is able to see a 'little' of what was stated by me in paragraph (1) of this letter because, the civil unrest of which I speak will also become the 'norm' within every sector of Australia's armed forces and insanity is to be seen everywhere.

Please read my 'National Security Alert' linked below and then send someone to me who is a trusty and honourable person with intelligence, so that together we can plan ahead a new strategy to save 'Australia' and lead the world as the frightened & hungry global 'masses' all head 'South of the Equator.'

I write this letter to see if there is any honour left in this world or whether the people in positions of POWER are so 'drunk' on IT, their power, that they can simply ignore the rules governing CONDUCT.

Officers go around armed in public while interfering in the lives of the peaceful in apparent 'disdain' of common decency and openly steal money and cause harm as they sweep aside the BELIEFS of the peaceful who are being TRUE to GOD.

I remind everyone that irrespective of man's rules/edicts/laws, that our God is THE ONE to uphold His 'eye for an eye' immutable LAW. People are entitled to live their lives without 'bowing' to any political control, interference or domination as long as they bow to God's code of conduct Command.

It is clear to me that a 'web' of fantasy has been 'spun' ages ago and all are now lost.
Maybe my PEN can 'awaken' you and a 'few.'

Sincerely - Terence de Malaherre

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Note: Absolute pacifists are of the Religious ideological BELIEF that to remain within the precepts of God's Command they must only support, condone and fund benign community effort. They cannot support nor fund the imposition of interference, control, subjugation, punishment or injury upon other members in the community or, the aforesaid being carried out anywhere globally.

"Cause no harm" is the Motto of the absolute pacifist.

Absolute pacifists have the 'policy' of "Not in my name nor on my behalf" in respect of any activity which conflicts with God's Command unto man to:
"Go your way in peace & love one another & be merciful & compassionate & forgive your perceived enemy."

This is their entitlement as given by God and also guaranteed to THE PEACEFUL by the Constitutional Powers of Australia.

An absolute pacifist does not require the 'protection' of armed forces (Caesar's) because they rely on God's protection. This means that they never use the court of Caesar (man) to make claim upon another. Nor do they retaliate in the face of adversity. Nor do they defend themselves using the strength of their 'arm' or support others who believe in their 'right' to use strength of arms.

Absolute pacifists simply turn the other cheek if struck and go their way in peace IN THE FOREKNOWLEDGE, that IF they are injured or disadvantaged, that it is the 'will' of God operating through the minds of the ignorant and, - - -  they know that they must have offended God in their past and are thus happy to receive their dues imposed by God as HE fulfills His 'eye for an eye' Law and sets them FREE spiritually.

It is due to this BELIEF in their sole reliance on God for their protection, that they do not need to fund the armed services of Caesar (State) and it is thus that they owe NAUGHT unto Caesar.

They also know that IF they were to fund Caesar's armed forces, that they would be defiant of God's Command and would become complicit to all injury, loss or suffering imposed upon others by State forces because, what was being done to others was being done on their behalf and in their name - - - and they then, ahead, would also be forced to suffer the  SAME 'blood price' RETURN within God's Law.


Note: Police are 'supposedly' armed and 'licensed' to use force to 'combat crime,' but instead, they are in fact causing mental & emotional trauma and physical injury and harm to civilians who are openly threatened. Such threats and conduct result in the police  themselves being 'guilty' of 'disturbing the peace of the land' due to the error of their belief and in using political decrees to so do.


Note: Many people today including some taxation officials do not have any 'belief' in God nor of the 'after life' nor in the:

 'Eye for an eye' ~ 'As you sow so shall ye reap' Law of God.

This results in them as Atheists believing as do ALL that our society is a 'secular' one and a 'state' of living. Nothing is further from THE TRUTH because the state doctrine of absolute domination, control, fine and punishment is in FACT an ideological belief in itself.

This results in them turning their 'belief' into a 'Religion.' Equally, since the Australian parliament begins ITS 'day' with the invocation of the 'Lord's prayer,' politicians are proven to BE 'professing to be' of the ideology of Christ and THE RELIGION of Christianity.

The 'political' High Priests of the State Religion believe in their RIGHT to IMPOSE their 'control' over the populace using 'licensed' forceful men backed by force of arms, punishment, threat & coercion as their means of monetary EXTORTION.

Reference the Slave Citizen document proof of being a religion:

Woe and more woe indeed is now to BE as seen by me because, the 'religious' and unavoidable consequence 'aspect' of man's interaction with others is that man is using the ENERGY of the Source in his benign or malignant ACTIVITY and the LAW of THE ENERGY is simply what IT is being:

" For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

It is THE TIME for us all to ONLY use the Light, benign and creative energy so that we ONLY receive a 'return unto the user' of IT and users become free of ongoing suffering.

The world's belief has changed over time to the negative because those empowered to 'Rule' who are funded by the wages of THE PEOPLE to help the people, have all become dictators. They now believe that only they know what is 'best' for THE PEOPLE and they now impose stricture upon stricture backed by coercion and punishment and force of arms.
If there is NO 'freedom' to live by ones own 'conscience' and thus by ones own 'ideological BELIEF,' then there is NO 'democracy' nor freedom and SLAVERY exists.

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Note: - A little spiritual truth known by absolute pacifists
The Law is THE LAW, I speak now of God's: "As you sow so shall ye reap" immutable Law - its implications are very simple indeed.
The more you support and condone and fund the control & punishment & extortion of monetary tax from others, the more control & punishment & extortion is imposed by God via the minds of politicians via their DICTATED legislation. There is NO democracy or freedom outside of Heaven when you vote for political rule, only DICTATORSHIP.
Officiousness and the Right to control and dictate 'policy' mandated by Rules has become so much the 'normal' that the Dictators now BELIEVE in their Right to interfere into every aspect of the living ways of OTHERS and in their Right to impose punishment upon others for any infringement of their POLICY.

This is a DARK BELIEF indeed, backed by Power, Force and Greed.
It is MADNESS and is the policy of every government 'office' on earth.

All society is now to stumble and then crumble due to every 'penny' owned by the people being stolen 'legally' by licence 'fees - fines - customs duty - taxes - royalties - gst' and more. Very sad indeed is the arrogant society man did breed.

The unseen reality is that the Queens political rulers have become Military style Dictators imposing their endless 'taxing' monetary demands to the point, that they have in fact become 'modern' highway robbers who 'hold up' anyone on the global highway. This is accomplished by using the Police force as their PRIVATE ARMY monetary collection agency.

It is now the time for the police officers to understand that they are the 'fall' guys who accrue the main spiritual dues within God's Law. It is now the time for the police role to revert back to that of only hauling in those who factually disturb the peace or are involved in immoral activity and have them counselled and educated.

Police must now be 'depowered' and do their duty to man and God unarmed and thus of no threat to others nor a danger unto  themselves.


Note: The deep Truth: Freedom and democracy are the LIBERTY to DO whatever you wish to without 'constraint.' Whenever there is constraint then SLAVERY and Dictatorship exists, and without doubt IT exists in every land on earth today. 

The 'constraints' of men ARE the rules - myths & other rituals they impose 'in the name of' God or their 'system' as their personal demands.

Salvation is NOT attained through rites or rituals or living by the 'myths' of others such as 'tax obligations.' We are ALL daughters and sons of the Creator and in order to 'overcome the world' we have to OBEY the Holy Word of the Creator sent to earth via men of 'flesh' and thus we all must:

"Love one another and go our way in peace and BE merciful and compassionate and, - - - we DO forgive those who trespass against us and, - - - we 'turn the other cheek' when abused and, - - - if persecuted we 'go as a lamb to the slaughter' as we NEVER retaliate against our adversaries and, - - - we NEVER defend ourselves nor do we fight or cause harm to others."

Those of any race or creed or colour who DO Bow in submission to the above requirements of the Creator are the TRUE who will 'overcome' the SIN of this world and will be elevated into Paradise


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