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This UPDATE 27 dated 4th February 2105 of the 'Freedom of Religion' Act article on line at < > contains three letters. It is in response to the 12th January Launceston petty court decision and the accompanying 'orders' given to Mrs. Barnes by the court clerk as well as a letter of threat sent to her by the  deputy commissioner of the Australian Taxation Office.

This 'paper' is in respect of collusion between Australian taxation officers, the commonwealth prosecutions and magistrate ‘Brown' to ignore the Sovereignty of the Constitutional Authority.

Letter -  1 - Letter to the Governor-General and others
Letter - 2 - Letter to the ATO assistant commissioner
Letter - 3 - Letter confirming Mrs. Barnes stance to the ATO
LINK - 4 - The Sovereign Constitution of the land

Letter 1

~ Open letter to Governor-General Peter Cosgrove ~
cc - House of Lords UK - justice department - police commissioner - police minister - magistrates court.

~ Culpability & Complicity to Anarchy and Treason ~
In the case 1490710: ATO v/s C. Barnes - Judgement 12-1-2015 Launceston.

Dear honourable Peter Cosgrove. Sir, I wish to advise those who are supposed to UPHOLD the Sovereign Authority of the Constitution of the government of Australia as well as everyone in the Australian community that Anarchy exists and that Treason flourishes in the institutions of the Judiciary and other government departments.

I bring to your attention the most severe allegations of INJUSTICE, treason and anarchy being carried out openly by 'officials' of THE SOVEREIGN POWER against peaceful citizens in a far distant land, Tasmania.

I had written to your office on a previous occasion to no avail because to date there has been NO formal response.  I therefore send this open letter to you with a copy to the House of Lords in England for their attention. My aim is to allow  THE PEOPLE of Tasmania  to know if the protection guaranteed to the peaceful by said Constitution is still 'valid' or now permanently INVALID. My previous letter to you is on line here:

Update - 16 - 28 June 2014: Letter to the Governor-general Peter Cosgrove - ref ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes.

Please advise the 'rebel' Judiciary of Tasmania and the local constabulary to 'stay their hand' against Mrs. Barnes until this very serious matter and breach of protocol has been examined by those of the 'Queen's men' who are TRUE and loyal to their God.

I attach my response to the Petty Court judgement above.  This is comprised of the 'JUDGEMENT' test of Faith email. I also give  below some more information in my response to the court 'order' she Clemencia has received in order to assist and educate any reader of this on line case. This is a universally global 'case' which has been ongoing for fifteen years now. (15)

Please note that all correspondence around this case is on line at:

Please NOTE that in this matter a persons 'religion' is not the name of the institution such as Islam, Christianity or Buddhism because what I write about is in respect of the TRUE meaning of ones religion, being the individuals ideological code of conduct policy. It is in respect of ones benign (peaceful) or malignant (warring) ACTIVITY that is ones RELIGION or ones 'religious affiliation' to the LIGHT of God or the DARK aspect.

Currently government officials are ignoring the 'limited powers' granted to them within the Constitution, a Constitution which they simply ignore and perceive as a nullity.

Officials of the Judiciary are using threat, coercion and intimidation (which is a terrorist activity) to terrorise the peaceful into submission so that they can be forced into changing their ideology of PEACE to that of WAR by giving-in and funding said warmongers.

This appears to be a strategy whereby magistrates think they can bully believers into becoming complicit to their ways as they have a total disregard of the individual's rights to 'Freedom of Religion' as set out in the Constitution.

page 2

IF the constitutional 'powers' have no 'teeth' and cannot uphold the 'freedom of religion' clause and values granted within the Constitution of the organisation, then the PEOPLE of Tasmania need to KNOW that their taxes are being used to ILLEGALLY 'trespass' out of bounds and cause harm to the 'innocent.'

This  would mean that every taxpayer is COMPLICIT to said criminal actions carried out by their SERVANTS, and tax-payers then become 'bound' to suffer the consequence within THE LAW OF GOD. (And man)

Once THE PEOPLE realise what is going on, they will HALT all funding support of what will now become known as THE DARK TREASONABLE SYSTEM, as is their Right to so do.

As stated above, the Justice system is utilizing ‘terrorizing’ attacks against peaceful community members and this has been going on for years in Tasmania and is a situation which is ongoing in this present ‘case.’
This case no: 1490710 is one wherein a peaceful lady is being threatened, coerced and bullied in an attempt to force her to forgo her ideological religious belief by forcing her to join the opposition punitive force of darkness, an action which is against her conscience.
Why is the 'Judgement' of the Justice system magistrate and others a criminal and illegal case of anarchy and treason? Because it is in contravention of:
1 – God’s Command unto mankind.

2 – It is also in contravention of the LIMITED AUTHORITY granted unto state officials within the ‘Freedom of Religion’ clause of the Constitution of Australia.

3 – It is culpability and complicity by various ‘parties’ in the legal profession to sideline their mandated authority by circumventing the possibility of testing the ‘Freedom of Religion’ Acts and instead, surreptitiously trying to force a person to go against  both their religious belief and their conscience.

4 - It has now become the 'norm' for state officials to totally ignore their limited powers granted unto them by the Acts of the Constitution.

The result of said intimidation is, in this case, the judiciary's culpability and complicity of the various ‘parties’ to thwart the course of justice by interference in the life of a peaceful person through the illegal use of force of arms backup.

This is proven by bringing down a judgement of a case which legally can ONLY be ‘heard and judged’ in the High Court of Australia. This highlights the reality that in the magistrates court, parties concerned are exceeding the LIMITED powers granted to them by the Constitution of their institution.

This is obvious anarchy and treason particularly when all ‘parties’ have been advised on many occasions of the above factors, but magistrates continually choose to ignore the reality and individual's 'Freedom of conscience and religious ideology,' as granted in the Constitution and instead, through their liquid arrogance, and  backed by force of arms, they continue to defy the operations mandate of their own Institution

The parties to these criminal activities are:
A - Officials of the Australian Taxation office.
B - The ATO head prosecutor.
C - DPPC commonwealth prosecutions officials.
D - Magistrate Brown of the Launceston magistrate’s court and court officers.
E - Tasmania police force officials.
F - State prison officials.
page 3

All the above persons are culpable to colluding to many criminal activities as yet to be determined by the Justice department of Australia. It is regrettable that the Police (Peace corps) are being hauled into illegal and therefore criminal activities. This may be due to the police associations and advisors misinforming the police of the constitutional RIGHTS of the peaceful who are not disturbing the peace of the land.

THE People need to KNOW if there is a 'power' protecting the SOVEREIGNTY of the Constitutions of Tasmania and Australia or not.

The Launceston Magistrates Court is a lowly PETTY court ruled by ignorant and arrogant men who live so far away from the 'House of Lords' of THE SOVEREIGN RULER that they believe they can go unnoticed as they carry out their inquisitions and treasonable ways of harassment and intimidation as they terrorise and 'convict' a little 70 year old 'granny'  believing that they will not pay the price of anarchy and treason.

Presently she, Clemencia, has as her protector my sacred pen and it now ASKS:

"Where are the honest, honourable and loyal who are true to their God and their Constitution"?
"Where are the men who are loyal to their uniform and their badge of office and their wage"?

Ask yourself: "Would I or should I pay taxes to dishonourable men who use this money to intimidate, harass, terrorise and persecute the meek and mild oldies or any others who are living in accordance with their conscience as well as their peaceful ideology and who are obedient to God"?

Where are the decent folk who treasure their own grandparents? Where are the decent folk who especially treasure the 'grannies' of others?

Why do men, backed by force of arms, take up arms against a grandmother by utilizing latter-day political decrees as their justification when said decrees are a NULLITY in the eyes of the Constitutional Texts as well as in the eyes of God the ULTIMATE authority?

Mr. Michael Cranston the deputy Commissioner of Taxation, has ruled in his letter of demand of 12th January 2015 that if Clemencia disobeys and fails to comply with the ILLEGAL rulings of the Petty Court, that she could be fined $85,000 and be jailed for 10 years.

Is there anyone out there who PROTECTS the texts of the Constitution or NOT?
It matters not to either Clemencia or myself because we do not bow to insanity. The TRUE do not give in to infidels.

Can Clemencia's persecutors not see that by over-ruling the Rules of their own Constitution that they are treasonable and they are tightening the noose they have already placed around their own necks?

I only use my my pen to stem the advances of Terrorists but, others in the community will not be so forgiving when they realise how unwise it is to support and fund terrorists who come cloaked in 'white collars.'

The earthly super-power, being the armed military, is known by me to be the punitive force of God on earth who are supposed to uphold the Constitutional Sovereignty of the Constitution on behalf of the earthly sovereign king or queen or emperor as well as for our invisible Sovereign Power (God), but, - - -

The previous letter I wrote to complain to the Governor-General 'yourself' brought NO response so you Sir, at that time, showed our God and me of your own complicity to treason and the taking of a false wage.

page 4

What next? The next step in this saga is to await the date chosen by magistrate Brown, wherein he states that she, Clemencia, will be further persecuted on the 15th February if she fails to comply with the order of the Court Clerk.

Since she is the instrument of God, being used by HIM to show up the white collar criminals, it is He to now show everyone if the Tasmanian Police Commander will be sending forth an officer to arrest and detain Clemencia by taking her to the court or the jail and by this action become COMPLICIT to Treason and anarchy.

Why is this so? Because, He - God, via this earthly pen (scribe) is warning the local commander of the PEACE corps and the commissioner that if they step upon the homeland of Clemencia to enforce the court order, then it is to show all mankind that the police are NOT peace keepers but are merely a part of the white collar monetary extortion mob.

This will be noted by THE PEOPLE who will then understand without a shadow of doubt that their taxes are being used to wage war and extort money from ALL THE PEOPLE.  They will also LEARN that they are culpable and complicit to said criminal activities by funding the 'system' and they will therefore also suffer the consequences.

I sincerely HOPE that the police commanders and their 'Minister & Commissioner' see REASON and employ the services of a person TRUE to the Constitution and therefore do NOT become complicit to this ongoing iniquity but then 'haul-in' all those engaged in the illicit 'trade' of the persecution of the peaceful. Being the arrogant and vain who are defiant of God and their own LIMITED powers.

People who exert the 'forceful power of God' illegally need to be AWARE of the hidden 'poison in the cup' from which they so arrogantly SUP.
People who fund said 'terrorist'
persons are complicit and they also need to 'hear' of the 'hidden in the cup' POISON which they financially UPHOLD.

Soon, the 'mist of death' being the satanic 'breath' is to flow across every land as formerly prophesied by me and others before my 'time.' Cold, harsh and very painful and traumatic indeed it is to be for any who disturb the peace of others personally or via paid servants.

The consequence for the continuation of this punitive and destructive activity is eternal damnation and suffering.

The whole planet is soon to become a 'wasteland' of death and destruction and anyone who does not have the strength of character to put down their 'arms' and stop causing harm and begin to OBEY their God will BE swept away in the rising tide of BLOOD.

Education of the wicked (the deceived) is a very slow process and for those enlightened as me, it has to be a long, long STORY before the lost finally see their own coming MISERY.

Do I want them punished - NO
Do I want them to suffer -

I just want them EDUCATED so they can themselves halt their iniquity and begin to be humane.

Why do I wish to awaken these lost sheep quickly? Because I do know that ABSOLUTE JUSTICE exists and the real Superpower, God is NOW to call-in all debts owed to HIM for the use of HIS dark punitive energy.

If THE PEOPLE are paying an organisation (government) for protection, and the supposed 'protectors' use said funds to wage WAR upon THE peaceful in the community, it shows that the 'system' is CORRUPT and must no longer be supported monetarily by anyone who is peaceful and obedient to GOD.

I know that for some like Eddy Storace, it is too late to avoid hells fire 'grate' but, if I can awaken you and you so that you NOW begin to be to God and yourselves TRUE, then it will be a blessing in that all which I did write, elevated some from a coming hellish plight.

Let it be clearly understood that Clemencia Barnes is living within the constraints of THE LAW of man's Constitution and within THE COMMAND of our God as is her RIGHT and, - - - as far as she is concerned, she can never fund those who injure or fight others and she will only fund benign community effort.

Note: - The hidden 'poison in the cup' - The poison is God's forceful destructive power and its use is by God forbidden.
It is the 'fruit' from the 'tree' of the knowledge of good and evil.

Why is it poisonous? Because this evil, deceptive, harmful and destructive energetic power not only causes great suffering when imposed upon others, but as IT is a LAW unto itself, all the suffering imposed becomes an unavoidable spiritual due of suffering (Return) upon the head of the user within ITS 'eye for an eye' or "As you did do unto others will be done unto you by others" Law. (God's Absolute Justice) Hence the term 'Judge not lest ye be so judged.' Only 'judge' perceived offenders as needing education, not punishment.

It needs to be understood that no mandate, position of office, uniform or position of authority exonerates the user, nor can the return aspect of God's Law be voided or avoided by anyone.

Mankind is to now learn that God is God, God is ALL. God is the Light and the Dark ENERGY. Obey God's Command and you live in God's Light and within ITS benign Law of Return aspect. The use of said 'poisonous' energy is what contaminates your own soul. As you use it then it grows within you and is what is termed 'the sin within man.' Its heavy vibration is what draws your soul down and away from the Light.

Sincerely - Terence

God's Judge Terence de Malaherre
Centre of Enlightenment
Spiritual Leader of the ONE True Faith organisation

Lalapanzi - Anchor road
Pyengana - Tasmania 7216

61 363 736188


Letter 2

~ Open letter to Michael Cranston - Australian Taxation deputy Commissioner ~

Dear Michael,

Reference your letter to Clemencia dated 12 Jan 2015

I refer to the wording of your letter wherein it states:

The court orders of the Court of Petty Sessions made under section 8G of the taxation administration act 1953 require tax return lodgements before the 12th February 2015 and, - - - further states:

1 - Failure to comply will result in further prosecution action.
2 - The penalty of failing to comply is a fine not exceeding $ 8,500 and 1 Years jail for EACH of the 10 offences of failing to issue tax returns.
3 - Do not disregard these orders.

Please be advised by this pen of mine that as I am Mrs. Clemencia Barnes' spiritual and constitutional advisor, I have advised her to ignore your demands because as far as I am concerned, your missive is naught but an extraordinarily ignorant and totally ILLEGAL 'proposal,'  a  coercive threat which seeks to force Mrs. Barnes to change her present allegiance to God to that of your warmongers in funding their injurious activities and, - - -

Furthermore, the FACT that the 'case' was presented to a lowly 'petty' court rather than the High Court is a now proven ILLEGAL ACTIVITY. Your other illegal activity is the culpability and complicity to interference in the life of a peaceful person, the causing of 'terror'  and an attempt at monetary extortion by magistrate Brown and everyone who was/is a 'party' to this case. These persons also include the 'petty court clerk' who signed the 'orders to comply' pages.

Be advised that Constitutional Law is supposed to provide a stable and secure basis for the exercise of government power and also seeks to limit that power to protect against absolute dictatorship. The Commonwealth Constitution imposes substantive and procedural limitations upon the powers of all three organs of government.

The SUPERIOR LAW within the Constitution guarantees protection to and immunity from persecution or prosecution to THE PEACEFUL who do not disturb the peace of the land. This clause enables said peaceful to OBEY their own conscience and their God by NOT funding terrorist activities in the form of the 'military war machine' since that constitutes a direct defiance of God's command that: "None must kill or cause injury to any others."

I can ASSURE you and everyone that the error of judgement by a lowly petty court magistrate does NOT 'overthrow' the Sovereign authority of THE CONSTITUTION even if vain and arrogant 'magistrates' so assume. Please read my letter of 'Culpability & Complicity' addressed to the 'supposed' protector of the Constitution (Governor-general Peter Cosgrove) and others.

I would like to ask the local Judiciary: - - - by ‘whom’  were you told that a Constitutional matter of Conscience, Faith and Ideological belief or Religion could be ‘heard or judged’ by a magistrate in a court of Petty Sessions?
I ‘wonder’ at the arrogance or ignorance  of Tasmania’s  Magistrates in assuming that they have the powers to deal with constitutional matters?
I also ask why the witness for the prosecution, Eddie Storace, was allowed to bear false witness in a lowly provincial court by utilizing the erroneous ‘reasons’ of past cases wherein the ‘judges’ were also ignorant of the implications of the text contained in the  Freedom of Religion Acts?
To my mind these Freedom of Religion Acts, whilst very brief, are nevertheless very clear and very concise and consequently cannot be misinterpreted by any other than those who are very vain or arrogant.   These presume in their right to sideline the Constitution and thereby cause serious harm and mental and emotional trauma to many innocent people who live according to their absolute religious conviction.
Please pass ON all my letters to your advisors so that they can ‘grow up’ and become stalwart honest citizens as they cease using threats and  coercion, and by bearing false witness as they DEFY the Law by openly DISTURBING THE PEACE of the PEACEFUL.
Further, ask yourself: “Why would a peaceful person knowingly fund the wages of known ‘infidels’ who take up arms against them and against other members of the greater community"? It would be irrational would it not?

If you visit the document concerning  'religion' you will find  (Update - 18 - 05 Nov 2014) the defence submission given to the court.  Other than that the content of the submission was 'summarily' dismissed by the magistrate as irrelevant even though said content clearly set out the reasons 'why' this case was a CONSTITUTIONAL matter and not for the magistrates 'discretion.'  I submitted that information simply so that state officials became aware of their own ERROR.

The officials of the magistrates court need to realise that, irrespective of ANY 'rules' they wave at those TRUE to God  as their way of JUSTIFICATION in using the Magistrate's court rather than ensuring  a Constitutional hearing, that 'we,' Clemencia and I are not 'interested' nor 'bound' by said rules because we choose to OBEY our GOD unto the END OF DAYS.   

If you choose to persecute and/or evict us from our property to satiate your need for money then so be IT. We simply obey God's Command and do not 'reprimand' you using force but simply try and expose your error and coming TERROR.

It is now very obvious to Clemencia that government officials and local judiciary are IGNORANT in respect of from 'whence' their authority to control, interfere, subjugate, detain or punish comes from.

All need to quickly LEARN about the existence of the Sovereign Constitutional Authority and of ITS superior Laws which restrict or 'limit' the LEGAL powers granted unto enforcers. Its RULE OF LAW overrules all subsequent legislation and against which every taxation 'act' is a NULLITY. (Null and void)

Naturally men backed by force of arms such as those of your office can do whatever they wish to but, - - - it does in no way exonerate them from THE CONSEQUENCE that is unseen by you but seen by ME.  God's Karmic Law can never be nullified, we will all reap what we do sow.

The very sad fact is that your prosecutor believes in the 'uselessness' of the Constitution as a  defence against his demands and consequently, he places the taxation ACT on the table as a way of backing his claims upon the 'plate' of an equally ignorant or arrogant magistrate who as he, also has no belief in any constitutional powers limiting his decisions.

So the 'kangaroo' court 'sits' and ignores the FACTS and then delivers its verdict as all are blinded by their own importance, vanity and arrogance keeping themselves ignorant of their state of anarchy and treason.  They also fail to realise that THE Sovereign Power and absolute Authority - God, sees all, knows all and soon punishes all who deserve to be punished.

BE advised that your own culpability to criminal activities is also now PROVEN as per your personal signature on your letter to Mrs. Barnes.

Sincerely - Terence

Note - there is a copy of this letter on line for global readers as Update item 27 at:


Letter 3

My name is Clemencia Christina Barnes. This is the story of my journey to the True Light, God.  

God’s truth rests on the fact that no matter who you are or what you believe, all of us are required to live according to both the Command and the Demand of God. 

The Command of God.

The Command of God throughout oral and written history as perceived by me states that we are required at  all times and in all situations to:

"Love one another and go our way in peace whilst being merciful, compassionate and forgiving toward any who abuse us."

The implication of God's Command is that I must never retaliate when confronted by the adversity of those who would harm or wrong us in some way.  This means that I must never use force of arms to harm another child of God.  It also means that if I am abused by another I must 'turn the other cheek' in non-retaliation and simply "forgive them for their trespasses against me."

When we are able to turn the other cheek and even to forgive those who would do us wrong, no matter what the provocation, we are in truth acting in accord with the Command of God to always do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

It is my belief that the return to the user for the use of God's  benign or malignant energy is immutable within Gods Law.  It is also my belief that when I live in accordance with the Command of God, that the return to me is always benign the result of which is that I will live happily within the umbrella of God's LOVE so to speak.

Conversely, should I  defy God and cause harm or loss or any other form of other deprivation it will mean that I have used His destructive forceful energy and THAT energy then returns to me the user as I  suffer the same consequence as that which I imposed upon others. Both the above possibilities have the same 'Return unto user' of Absolute Justice.

The Demand from God

The  Demand from God to His children is simply this - No matter which energy you use it has to balance itself but it returns to the user either instantly or at some far ahead time when least expected and, either in this or in the after-life.  This simply put means that:

"As you do will be done unto you on an equal or 'eye for an eye' basis."

God's ENERGY not only IS absolute justice but also demands absolute Justice so for any of us who presume to ‘be’ as God by imposing His dark forceful destructive energy upon others simply means that we place ourselves directly under the punitive aspect Demand of the ‘eye for an eye’ Law of God.

These are the truths under which I have laboured for the past 17 years, truths that have resulted in my having being persecuted over time, a  time when I suffered much emotional trauma (fear and terror) which I believe was simply my spiritual due to God for using His energy to judge others in the past.
My story began to unfold in 1995 when I first discovered a book titled The Testament of Truth.  I was so taken by the depth and the simplicity of what I read that I allowed myself to stand up for this ’truth’ to the extent that I was prepared to write openly to the Commissioner of taxation informing him that I could no longer support  a system of government which believed in the ’right’ to ask me to financially support a system of ’belief’ in the right to kill others IN MY NAME or ON MY BEHALF.
I also informed said commissioner that it was my right under the Constitution to refrain from supporting a system of belief in the ’right to kill’ others in my name because to do so would be in direct contradiction to my belief in God and His One Command to never harm any of His children and never to seek retribution to any who caused harm to me. Ultimately I simply had to quash my fears in order to be capable of choosing to follow my conscience in the foreknowledge that the Taxation officers would persecute me through their own ignorance.

My religious belief is simple - God is head of my home. This means that I must never retaliate no matter what the circumstance.  This means that I must always be forgiving and never retaliate no matter what the provocation.   My aim is to always do unto others as I would have them do unto me because this  means that I never retaliate no matter what the provocation but always turn the other cheek and offer the hand of forgiveness to any I meet.

In 1997 I wrote to the Commissioner of taxation to let him know that I could no longer support a system demanding that the youth of this country  go to war to kill other children of God 'in my name.'  I informed him that I could no longer pay tax but that I would certainly continue to assist any who needed assistance as long as I was not required to be part of the control of subjugation or injury to others. I am happy to support and fund benign community effort.



Constitution Acts. Acts which authorise and LIMIT the actions of public servants:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

 (2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.


Note: Australia's own Macquarie dictionary – page 835 (Compact version)

Religion - - - - the quest for the values of the ideal life - - - the ideal, the practices for attaining the values of the ideal, - - - a system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Religious - - - - scrupulously faithful, pious, devotion - - - this means that ones 'religion' is not any named 'Church' organisation, but it is the policy of ones daily code of conduct interaction with other children of God. Peaceful or warlike - kind or cruel - benign or malignant etc.

Any fine or punishment imposed by a magistrate upon an absolute pacifist who was not disturbing the peace is a coercive attempt into forcing a person into changing their ideology (religion) by funding a contra 'punitive' doctrine and is an unlawful activity within the Constitution.

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God the absolute Sovereign Power

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