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~ The 'hand' & 'Act of God' ~
The 'crucifixion' Cross

"Every suffering 'woe' suffered by you is a suffering that upon another you did bestow."


The 'hand' of God is written across the sky and, if you think that God did not create you then you are living a lie. If you think that you can avoid the 'void' if you so 'try' without heeding God's message via me you will die. (spiritually)

Man has been taught falsity by 'men of the cloth' that God is "Only love" and thus totally 'merciful and forgiving.' Man conveniently forgets that 'in the beginning' our God said: "If you defy ME and you 'sup' on the fruit from the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil being MY Dark energy essence then you will 'die in your sin' and you will learn the difference between good and evil."

It is my pen (God's) to reveal that this 'evil' is simply God's Dark destructive Power, and once you use IT in your interaction with others then IT (The negative aspect of God) never forgets nor forgives and HE (God) via His merciless and unforgiving energy will persecute you until you have been subjected to ITS 'Law of equal Return' and you have suffered all you imposed upon others when you used ITS forceful and destructive power. To become FREE you must not retaliate in any way.

All the village 'Chiefs or emperors, kings or queens are THE GREATEST SINNERS who are all full of liquid vanity, pride and arrogance (Dark energy) to the point that they BELIEVE in their RIGHT to BE as 'God's' and use you as their slaves to serve them and to uphold their dark controlling and invasive ways and they impose the suffering of stricture after stricture upon you and, - - -

If you refuse to obey them then they persecute you mercilessly until you are totally 'bereft' and impoverished and neither you nor they SEE that they are keeping everyone defiant of God's Command and everyone REMAINS on the wide road to Hell.

When I say that they 'Chiefs and others are inspired by God to Rule YOU, I mean that the dark aspect of God 'incites' them (deceives them) into believing that they are 'as' God and thus 'empowered' to mete out His divine retribution so as to fulfill the punitive aspect of His "Law of equal return." None of them nor you seeing that as this they do, all simply place themselves INTO the very same aspect of God's Law for NONE are 'above' the return factor of God's Law.

So the 'god-given' Right to RULE others is simply the deceiver in action. (The dark energy of God keeping ALL sinners walking backwards as they daily accrue MORE painful spiritual dues to God)

Try and see that NO 'Chief' or Queen or other has the Right to RULE anyone because as we are all God's children we are 'born' EQUAL. The 'right' seized by ungodly people is simply their taking by force of arms (stealing lands) as they defy God in the first instance due to their GREED to seize control of everyone and everything. In so doing they cause liquid terror, impoverishment, cause harm and destruction and they kill any opposition mercilessly.

Only when this you see and you set yourself FREE using your conscience and the 'Freedom of religion' Acts are you then able to show God your FIDELITY to His "Peace & love & mercy & forgive" Command and you begin your Salvation path. Narrow indeed is the road and few indeed will save themselves as they turn now to THE LIGHT. (My sacred words)

Do not 'vote' to be ruled by any mortal because they all FORCE you to back them in their control or punishment or killing of OTHERS.

By now you should be able to see that all 'leaders' or 'heads of State' are despots who are cruel, merciless and unforgiving as they 'happily' defy God in their use of 'force of arms' to invade, steal and openly destroy their opposition.

Foolish indeed are YOU if you support them by vote or taxes because these very DARK overlords who know NO 'God' are keeping you ALL walking the wide road to your eternal damnation and suffering.

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The 'Hand of God' - an 'Act of God' and the termed 'Natural disaster.'

Let it here be said and 'observed' that a natural occurrence such as a Tsunami, or earthquake, or volcanic eruption or other possibly 'cataclysmic' material event is not a 'disaster,' it is an occurrence that happens from time to time as does the coming in of the tide. It is an 'event' of nature.

Its 'happening' may indeed have 'disastrous' results upon the lives of human beings, thus the 'disaster' is the apparent and resultant misfortune that people endured and are forced to endure in days or years ahead.

In some cases this suffering of mental, emotional, and physical 'trauma' goes on and on for a very long time and yes, it is all this 'resultant' suffering that is the 'act of God' and 'hand of God' in action.

The 'action' is the 'reaper' meting out 'payback' upon people that have forced others to endure pain and suffering. Be it from their direct negative and punitive or warring actions, or the actions of their 'servants' being the 'warring' armed forces and community policing forces that 'war' against civilians.

Yes all trauma is imposed by God, and there are no 'innocents' living outside Heaven, and even children have 'adult' spirit souls within them that have reincarnated into the flesh to 'suffer' past karmic 'debts,' and all 'spirit souls' incarnate or discarnate are to be 'exposed' to my truth at this end time.

For 'Redemption' comes only when each individual 'accepts' and conforms to the Holy Word of God and 'forgivingly' and peacefully lays down their own 'sword' and stops the abuse of others and, - - -

This only takes place when people read my revelations and realise 'how & why' they are accruing painful karmic debts that keep them impoverished and held in ongoing suffering.

It needs to be understood, that all 'tragedy' that is loss of life and trauma resulting from any 'occurrence' or disaster is 'deserved' Justice and the fulfilment of God's immutable Law:

"As you do is done unto you."

For since time 'immemorial' there has been suffering in every 'realm' or 'level' of consciousness outside Heaven and on this Planet, as man fought against man in defiance of their Creator, and, - - -

At this 'end time' the 'last' being the materially poor and physically 'enslaved' by the 'rich and powerful,' shall be the first to 'pay' their accrued spiritual dues and enter heaven, those 'in control' will suffer more, and be the 'last' to have the opportunity to enter the 'pearly gates.'

Let in now be understood, that each of you 'readers' and ALL will also soon be 'faced' by pain and suffering and loss, and only if you now heed your Creator and 'turn the other cheek' when faced by' nature' or 'angry' men will your 'ongoing' suffering cease, for all will now face the 'Lion' as it emerges from its 'den' as revealed by this pen.

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Man seems to be unable to 'believe' in spiritual matters or spiritual reality until he has scientific proof of confirmation, and I just wish to say that there is a 'proven' matter of great relevance to mankind with reference to God's 'Eye for an eye' or 'You reap what you Sow' Law being, - - -

The proven fact that: "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."

All the 'invisible' Creator is saying to humanity via others and me is, - - - that the above proven scientific 'reality' also applies to the use of God's 'two' energy polarities, one is negative (Darkness) the other is positive (Light)

The Source of all Creation says:

"When you use my creative light and let it flow through you onto others, then my light will return to you via others on an 'equitable' and Just EQUAL 'eye for an eye' MEASURE of PLEASURE."

The Source of all Creation says:

"When you use my destructive dark and let it flow through you onto others, then my dark will return to you via others on an 'equitable' and Just EQUAL 'eye for an eye' MEASURE of PAIN."

The Dark energy essence is the ultimate 'rapist,' for once it has 'invaded' your soul space, it uses you to rape the 'body, mind, and soul' of others and thus cause them distress, grief, turmoil, loss, and great suffering.

For its negative energy is the driving 'force' that energises and justifies your negative anti-God interaction with others. Being 'dark' actions that you are unable to perceive as 'wrong' at the time of using its energy. For all you 'do' seems 'right' and justified by you.

By this 'stage,' your ideological 'belief' has become one wherein you believe that you are justified in 'extortion, kidnap, seizure of goods, control, regulation, punishment, abuse, invasion, destroying property and killing' other people.

So all the negative and iniquitous acts 'permitted' via rules and done by man in his interaction with others, is 'purely' and 'simply' the result of man having drawn in to his soul the (Sin) Dark essence of the Source, - - -

Thus man has become 'as' it, and is enslaved 'by' it. Once it has used man as its 'Reaper' it then 'turns' and within its own 'eye for an eye' Law it then 'invades and rapes and imposes' all the above iniquities upon you, for being to it true and very unwise and foolish too.

Try and see that whenever you 'control' others or them abuse, or punish or destroy from your own direct 'volition' or, because you have been mandated to so do by rules in a book or, you have been 'ordered' to so do by a superior, that it is all one and the same thing in the eyes of God. Being a deeded 'action' carried out by you directly or by your servants on your behalf, and you thus are spiritually responsible and you are subjected to an EQUAL 'eye for an eye' return due under God's supreme Law.

All mankind has erred, and my pen tries to 'stir' your consciousness before you fall into a very 'deserving' underworld of great suffering. For that is now to be the eternal FATE of every person that believes not in my pen. Change your 'belief' and 'way' today.

"Extend only Peace and goodwill unto all mankind"

The Source of all knows all, sees all, and 'Justly' returns unto all an equal 'measure' of pain or pleasure in the time and place and 'realm' of its own choice. Heed me and to your own soul be now true.

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Try and see that every person that: - - - defies the "Walk in peace and love one another and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving" Command of their Creator, - - - is a person that is trapped in perpetual suffering, - - - for there is no surcease from the 'fulfilment' and imposition of God's divine Law.

There is nothing 'disastrous' about the 'suffering' of people, for it was brought upon them by their own 'hands' and their past deeds. None of them 'saw' the effects that their actions had when they imposed 'disaster' upon others, and destroyed others homes, lives, and families.

Man is totally ignorant of the power of their invisible God, and they see not that their spirit soul is 'placed' by their Creator into a fleshly body as they incarnate and, - - - in the time frame and 'place' and family on earth where their God knows they will be 'forced' to experience a particular style of living and, - - - they also will be placed within a particular race that may be different to the one in their prior life

If you are a person that does any of the following 'acts' then rest assured, your suffering will most definitely go on and on in perpetuity, even when your spirit has departed the flesh and goes down to dark realms, where all 'defiant' of their Creator are 'crucified' in one way or another on many a day, and end up living a very painful and sorrowful existence:

A person that uses their hands or feet or any weapon to defend themselves is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

A thief or liar or cheat or deceiver is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

A person that uses rules to control, tax, or manipulate the lives of others is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

A person that uses religious 'rites & rituals' to control the lives of others is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

A person that uses the 'Courts of man' to seize the funds or property of another, or to in any way cause any other person to be incarcerated or to suffer in any punitive way is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

Any person that interferes in the lives of others is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

Any person that criticises, persecutes, judges, and condemns another is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

Any person that wages war or imposes sanctions upon others is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

Any person that votes for, or funds, or supports any 'Federal or State' System or Institution of man that itself is 'taxing, regulating, punitive, or warring' is:

An 'infidel,' being a non-believer that has not 'heard' God's Command of 'Peace unto all & be merciful & forgiving' and they fall into suffering the consequence.

You only now become individually free from suffering when you stop causing others to suffer, be it from your hands or actions directly or, indirectly from the actions of those operatives that God perceives as your paid servants.

Stop funding iniquity and set yourselves free.

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If you think that you or your 'mandate' is greater than God or God's hand you will most certainly cry. God's 'hand' is mine as this I do write, and I say that you will never see God's face if you ignore what I write and, - - -

Your Creator will strike you many a blow until the day that you 'die' below, this I do know. For God is THE LAW of this and every land, and God's Might works through me and many another's hand. I refer now to:

The Unbelievers Lament

"Out of the depths I cry to you Oh Lord. Lord, master, listen to my voice, let not your ears be deaf to the voice that calls on you for pardon, for with you there is forgiveness. Please Oh God hear my 'plea,' for out of the depths I cry to you saying: 'Listen to my voice Oh forgiving God. Be Thy name ever revered."

God replies:

"Listen to MY voice you 'faithless' one, for then and only then will I 'spare' you."

So be wise and be true and heed all I write, for it is written by God to aid you. For man believes falsely that he can make others grieve and be forgiven, but this forgiving 'act' would be a denial and contradiction of God's supreme 'eye for an eye' Law and thus it is false, for God grants no 'one' any 'Pardon' until their due within HIS Law is met in full.

For what you here and now today need to understand is that God's: "As you or your servants do unto others is done unto you - good for good, abuse for abuse" stands immutable and 'undeniable,' for it is God via many an 'act' to enact out the fulfilment of His Law.

The 'hand' of God is Mighty and it is hard and cruel, and it is also kindness and love. It is administered daily and 'truly' every 'moment by moment' from above as God sees fit to so do.

For those that to themselves would be true, then the simple facts of life must be understood and met 'faithfully' too. For if you 'suffer' and complain, then you are arrogant and vain and you show God that His Word you hold in disdain. For when He says: "Love one another," He does also mean, - - -

"If you think any other is being 'mean' unto you, then you are 'simply' suffering a 'Just' karmic due and, - - - even if it is they who may or may not be 'workers' for those from MY Dark Land below, upon them you must still 'Only love' bestow."

For they may be 'openly' also holding God's "Only Love" Command in vain or, they may in fact be simply being positive and caring but not complying to your demands 'vain' or insane.

However, mankind must try and see that 'Justice and crucifixion' is 'cruelty' that is merciless and unkind and, is the 'moment' when darkness and evil 'unwind' but, - - -

You must also see that the suffering each does receive is but the 'comeback payback' that is the due accrued for deeds that you or your servants employed by you did impose upon others and, at that moment in time you all sullied your own inner rose.

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There is only one place where there is no 'pain' crucifixion going on and that is Heaven, where each sings happily under the sun. So if you wonder 'why' you suffer and cry, then try and 'wonder' why you are on earth and not under Heaven's sky.

God works through those of 'love' administering kindness from above, - - -
God works through those of
aggression and vanity to impose suffering & insanity.

God also works through every 'Act of God' natural disaster, for He knows where and when all will 'happen,' and those deserving of pain & suffering & loss will just 'happen' to be living in 'that' place when a stone 'rolls,' and upon all places its 'dross.'

So if you are dealt a blow by a Tsunami, then it is your 'cross' to bear. If you are 'drowned' in a Tsunami then you are released from past dues and become free to rise up and join me.

If you suffer mental and emotional trauma due to the 'loss' of a loved one, then that is your 'cross' to bear. If you are being denied access to a 'child' loved one by your daughter or husband or wife or lover, that is your cross to bear for when in your past you failed to similarly 'share.'

In Heaven there is never any loss or pain or suffering, for none ever 'bestow' such upon others, they only bestow love and kindness. In this planet earth 'realm' you all believe that you are 'justified' in abusing or rebuking, and you all squeal as you begin 'puking.'

In every 'case' the suffering imposed upon you or suffered by you mentally, emotionally, and physically is the crucifixion 'cross' you made another 'bear' a 'while' or a long time before, maybe even imposed by your spirit before it 'incarnated' and entered earth's shore and, - - -

Any person that imposes the cross upon your 'shoulders' is one that is a 'dark operative' unto themselves untrue, - - - for the Dark One using them will unto them the same thing do. The 'Dark One' is the self empowered 'arm' of God that 'crucifies' any that are foolish enough to use any of its 'darkness' in their interaction with others.

Foolish is any person that 'sups' on the poisonous dark 'juice' of the forbidden tree. God can you 'find' anywhere, for God can all see. Every 'abuser' or political 'enforcers' daily drink their own 'blood,' for as they abuse others their own souls turn to mud.

Do not 'employ' 'soldiers' or police that abuse others or them destroy. For by that 'act' it is your own soul to be 'de-buoyed' and sunk into the 'oblivion' of misery, even though you see not 'why' your God makes you cry.

If you are 'suffering' in any way then if you are 'male' - - - be a man, and if you are female then be a woman true and keep silent, - - - both of you. For there is naught more 'blindingly' stupid in God's eyes than the ignorant being more unwise.

This they do as they 'complain' to 'someone' saying: "Look what - - - - is doing to me," not seeing that they are confirming their own 'past' insanity when they were vain and holding God's "Peace & love & mercy & forgiveness" call in disdain.

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Whether you are 'battered or bruised' or 'raped or impaled'* upon a stake or 'smashed' by a 'rake,' it is simply that you suffer mental, emotional, and physical pain, and whatever you suffer is most certainly your DUE for when in your past 'life' time (eternal) you were 'faithless' and untrue.

If you wish to NOW be set free eternally to never again 'suffer' in any way, then please fortify your mind in the manner given by me, so that IT never places you in a BIND due to you becoming again unkind to others.

If you wish to be a spiritual 'leader' true, then do not impose your suffering or 'whinges' upon others. For that is a vain and selfish and ignorant thing to do. Suffer it in silence and carry your own 'cross' dutifully as Jesus showed you by 'example' how to so do.

I say a 'few' more words now to men, for they are physically 'stronger' than women and thus they 'easily' find themselves in the Lion's den. For if you a 'man' in any way cause any trauma to God's daughters through disrespect or failure to them protect * or, - - -

You them abuse or misuse in any way, then be prepared for great 'travail.' For I have not yet 'shared' with you the 'mind' of God and HIS 'thoughts' of what HE via the 'demented' will do unto the men untrue.

Note: 'raped or impaled'* - Women that others 'try' and cause them to suffer or cry do get 'raped' by men forcefully one way or another in this life or another. Men that 'rape' women do get 'impaled' forcefully upon a stake anally for being such 'ungracious' swine to God's daughters divine. So when any 'imposition' is 'thrust' upon you, then you need to see that it is the 'hand & mind' of your Creator working through the vain, and punishing you for when in some way in your past you were untrue to HIS "Peace & love & mercy" Command.

Note: protect *- Share what you have, care for them kindly, do not abuse them, and 'protect' them from your own vindictiveness, jealousy, or anger. But you do not use any 'force' to protect them from any enemy. That is between them and God.

Note: End Days - In this 'separation' of souls time you will all 'suffer' trauma, loss, disease, deprivation, change, homelessness, starvation, thirst, acceptance, commitment, education, spiritual reality, and the reality of the Might of your invisible Creator God. You will need to learn:

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Important NOTE

Man is 'crucified' by suffering pain due to non conformity to God's Word of "Peace unto all mankind," and there is a very 'simple' reason why you all invoke a 'spell' * (see note at end) upon your souls even whilst asleep, and this spell is the one binding you all into ongoing suffering.

The suffering that could in fact be greater in total than a 'million' crucifixions. For if you continue on and on unknowingly causing others to suffer, then you continue to unknowingly accrue a painful due within the singular Law of God that says:

"As you do unto others is done unto you"

And what none of you are aware of is, that the above 'clause' within God's Statement of fact also applies to any 'actions' good or bad done by any person or persons employed by you and thus acting for and on your behalf.

The Police say: "Don't take the law into your own hands or you will be punished according to the LAW." Why do they say this? Because of the text within their 'Doctrinal' books of RULES and, - - - it is these rules that they enforce but, - - -

The deep truth of the matter is, that not only do the rules 'hide' the FACT that they (the text) are misleading you and the police because, as the police are your 'employees' (servants) in the eye of God, you are still personally 'culpable' and responsible for their punitive 'actions' against others. (As are they)

The Police and the 'legislators' all believe that as the RULES were raised up by supposedly 'authorised' mandates acting in accordance to 'prior' rules, that they (the police) enforcers and magistrates are 'entitled' to play 'God' with the lives of others, and force them to conform to the dictates of the RULES.

They also believe FALSELY that in so doing, that they are above the LAW of GOD. It is now for you all to realise that no person is above the Law of God. For we are always subject to God's Law, whether we are good or bad.

Man's rules are not the law, they are but the dictates of arrogant men imposed with the threat of punishment for any non compliance and, - - -

If the rules enable them the legislators and enforcers to 'invade, seize goods, tax, punish, incarcerate, condemn, destroy' etc on our behalf, then the return unto us all within God's 'Just & equitable' LAW means that we are also to receive such a return and be - - 'invaded, goods seized, taxed, punished, incarcerated, condemned, and destroyed.'

The 'fall' of man into ongoing suffering resulted from a 'thought' that entered the mind of 'someone' a long time ago. The thoughts said:

"Use force to empower yourself, and in so doing you are the Chief or King or Emperor who will protect the people and, - - - once you are 'in power' - - - I will guide the minds of those that you 'elect' to legislate rules and, - - - within the rules I will give you and your men immunity from the Wrath of God, being the 'eye for an eye' Justice of God that God said was His Law."

Thus was man deceived by the 'Deceiver' into using force and punitive measures and defy their God of Love and Light and, as all 'mankind' condones and funds and supports their 'Chief, King, or Emperor' and their 'enforcers,' it follows that all mankind defies their Creator who said:

"I your God Command you to walk in peace and love one another, and if you defy ME and are less than kind, merciful, compassionate and forgiving, and you fail to walk in peace, then I will destroy your seed and you will suffer and bleed eternally."

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In order to operate any form of community welfare services or schools or hospitals or road maintenance etc, there is the need for funding. The present ungodly manner in which funds are raised is through the forceful coercion and threat of punishment.

This is because 'Institutionalised' people believe that they have the divine right to legislate revenue raising 'policies' that not only impoverish everyone, but that are backed by 'guns' and 'courts' and prisons for non compliance.

It is now the power of my 'pen' to bring this Dark Mafiosi 'club' to an end, as the newly 'enlightened' send all the 'rule books' to the local 'furnace.' God would have it that man is no longer RULED by other men or their legislation.

God would have it that all men now look direct to their Creator as 'head of house,' and we thus never again 'permit' any other to rule 'us,' and we only employ trustworthy people that do not feel the need to steal never-ending sums of money using force of arms.

From now on individuals will first earn a wage before needing to GIVE some to the welfare of all or others. There will be no 'licence' fee required prior to or whilst operating any business venture. There will be no import-export restrictions or embargoes or royalties, and individuals will have no restriction with whom they do business with over the sea.

The 'servants' or employees of any community department will no longer have the 'power' to dictate their terms of office or wages, neither will they ever again have the 'means' whereby they can force others to pay taxes, for the people will now know that in supporting such dark actions they are contravening God's Command.

All 'major' community funded endeavours such as communications, power supply, banking, air, road, and sea transport, schools, libraries, hospitals etc., being 'fare-ye-well' operations will all become non profit and 'run' at a 'cost' only basis.

No person is to be forced to pay for anything, but as people will be 'wealthier' and happier, they will be in a position to give more, and they will give to or 'support' the many different aspects of life that they wish to.

Every 'facet' of industry or commerce or other will need to have its own Codes of Advisory 'conduct' or 'quality' reference publicly available, so that any person seeking to engage in any particular business can have access to this information freely.

No 'Club' or 'King' owning any land mass. Thus no need to 'belong' to any 'Nation.' Just the need to 'exist' happily and be free to travel without telling anybody or needing a 'passport' or 'permit.' "All that 'nationalistic' nonsense is now abolished by ME the Creator you cannot see."

There will be no 'command' demanding any compliance, for each person will follow their own 'dreams' and build their house on straw, sand, rock, or other as they see fit. No more regulation, only advice and education and FREEDOM.

Let us now see that we do not need 'Law abiding people,' we only need people that conform to God's Code of Conduct Command of "Peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness," for if we and our 'employees' so do, then the return unto us all within God's 'Just & equitable' LAW is also "Peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness."

Let us now 'burn' all the rule books and start again with a fresh and clear 'conscience,' in the knowledge that we "Yes" have to suffer for our past but, will no longer 'accrue' any more 'pain' dues from God. Let us turn over a new 'leaf' and begin to GROW with no more sorrow.

We do not need different political 'factions' nor any 'leader' to control any country. It is insanity that a 'majority' claims the right to impose its 'beliefs' upon any minority. All will now simply BE one 'BIG' earth family wherein every person has their Creator as their 'head,' and thus conforms to HIS/HER code of 'peaceful' and merciful CONDUCT as all go about their daily business.

All must now see that GOD is a reality, and God is to now send all manipulators, thieves, warmongers, controllers, and abusers down into a very dismal place. So please now quickly change the 'way' of your 'race' into one of peaceful and respectful coexistence before God bears down with HIS mace.

Yes we need to have departments that 'handle' community affairs, and yes we need 'Codes of Conduct' guidelines in many facets of life to educate people that it is best to e.g. Drive on a particular side of the road, or wear a seatbelt for ones own safety but, - - - there will never again be any 'default' punishment factor attached.

For that 'clause' is the Devil's 'act,' and any supporting that 'way' of living do make their 'pact' and home with the Dark force below for a time and a time, where daily persecution and 'crucifixion' and suffering is the way of life.

No more armies or 'police force,' only a community aid 'welfare & peace' force.
All the 'suffering' now to be seen is the 'Wrath of God' in action.

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Note: 'spell' *

You are 'blinded' by the false belief that State 'systems' have a divine right to impose taxes and rules that you their 'slave' must conform to. (Slave to the rules)

You are 'blinded' by the false belief that State 'systems' have a divine right to dictate their religious 'doctrine' of persecution and punishment upon you 'ahead' of your own 'peaceful' beliefs.

You are 'blinded' by the false belief that State 'systems' have a divine right to  force you into supporting and funding and condoning their punitive religious ideology even though it 'contradicts' the Command of the Creator.

You are 'blinded' by the false belief that if you follow and conform to the rules of the State Institution, that you are 'right' in God's eyes. Dispel now this 'myth' and break its 'spell' over you.

You are only 'operating' in the Light or Right 'side' of God's Law when you are loving, peaceful, merciful and forgiving and, - - - your 'employees' are equally 'so' living. You must all now study and understand fully: - - -

God's today LAW
As you do is done unto you.

God's today WORD
Heed this my faithful pen.

God's today COMMAND
 Go your way in peace, and lovingly be merciful, be compassionate, and be forgiving.

The TRUTH that God is both Light & Dark



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