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~ Prison - negative emotions & God's Law ~
The subjugation of errant man and the imposition of trauma upon another.
Jails, being the endless trail of torture & tears.


This section was written within the cell 'cage' of Risdon jail in Tasmania during the first week of September 2006, at which time the writer was held hostage by state forces due to his 'rebuttal' of an attempted extortionist attempt by a Supreme Court judge and his officers, as they misunderstand their own 'rights' and mandated authority within the Constitution of their own Institution, and due to their non understanding of either the Command of their Creator nor of the power of their Creator to subject them to His immutable 'eye for an eye' Law at a later time.

This document has been written so as to reveal in its fullness how errant man spirals down into the Abyss due to his ignorance, as he simple man for a mercenary "30 pieces of silver" wage takes up arms to uphold political decrees, being naught else than 'dictates' that force him to defy God and kidnap and detain persons as a vengeful vendetta of emotional torture and tears and, - - -

To thus inflict upon the prisoner great trauma that keeps them emotionally 'disturbed' in ongoing duress, being cruel 'treatment' that is seen as 'correction' rather than the 'torture' that it is and, - - - neither the police, the judiciary, the jailers nor the public at large realising that every 'drop' of negative (dark) emotional energy 'strumming' within the prisoner is an imposition of suffering that becomes a spiritual "due" to be felt by every person condoning, funding, or complicit to the event.

It is the time for man to see that when one 'bashes' another and 'bruises' the flesh of another, that this negative interaction is but one aspect of how one becomes a 'criminal' in the eyes of God. For what is now needing to be seen is that persons 'labelled' as "Offenders" or "Criminals" who are treated as "offal" and lower than dogs and thus "valueless" in the eyes of ignorant men, are still children of their Creator and, - - -

That the treatment meted out to them is in fact bruising their souls as they are not only "held" against their will, but this and other 'activity' imposed upon them keeps them emotionally 'aroused' and bound within with dark emotions of fear, despondency, frustration, hatred, vengeance and anger etc., and this is what makes "criminals" out of their 'captors' that perceive themselves as honourable citizens for upholding the rules of man known as 'the law.' 

None seeing that their interaction with those they hold in bondage is abhorrent in the eyes of their God, who is now to bring all to "account" for what He perceives as conduct unbecoming and conduct defiant of His "Go in peace and be merciful and forgiving" Command, and He will now separate souls for eternity within His superior "As you did sow so shall ye reap" LAW.

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~ Perceptions ~
My mental and emotional and visual observations of D 6 section.

Behind the facade of strength, bravado, aggression, mate-ship of the men held in the 'open ended' and open roofed windswept 30 x 12 metre or so steel cage named the "yard," there are moments when one sees the inmates gazing into space as they feel the grief and frustration and despair rise up to engulf their senses.

Day by day they walk up and down, up and down, the endless walk to nowhere. It is a place of endless monotony where one either walks or sits on cold aluminium benches, and when locked in their cell at night they 'frown' and drown as their isolation predicament weighs them down and they emotionally drown.

They are unsure of their release date because not only must they serve the allotted time, but once within the walls of the castle of doom there are more rules, and at any time they can "offend" these rules and be inflicted with more punishment, and longer becomes the 'time' in jail. Thus the torture begins, for no person knows "when" they will be free for that is only revealed once they are set free.

I pick up a "Country Decorator" magazine and read the words "With a feeling of Victorian elegance and plenty of charm this welcoming cottage is a pastiche of bygone designs and modern comforts set in a garden of English blooms" - - - I ask myself "Why would you the 'lucky' taxpayer sitting in your country estate fund, condone and support the Devil and His dark works"?

Do you not realise that the society you live in is ruled by a cruel and monstrous Dictator having NO conscience, being the text in a book of rules, and that all the suffering and grief imposed upon others by your society by said 'rules' will come back to you and your family and your 'garden of peace,' that ahead will be destroyed by God.

It is God who ensures that it (your garden) falls like a brown leaf 'dead' upon the ground as a 'reflection' of one other that your 'men in power' have confined and bound so unthinkingly and, your God must fulfill His own Law to be true unto Himself and you, and this 'abomination' to you via others equally untrue one day He will so do.

Yes you will feel the deprivation of freedom and cold lonely isolation in a 'cell' somewhere in this or another realm, for the time always comes when the 'underdog' finds the same JUSTIFICATION to invade and terrorise and destroy you and yours, and at this 'insane' moment you pay every due.

For all prisoners are 'constricted' and at the "Mercy" of some other person, this 'other' being the merciless who cannot exercise their own God given conscience because they are bound to honour and obey the RULES, rules that determine their own code of conduct each day that is required of them because they receive a weekly pay.

Any person who takes a wage that forces them to defy their God is either 'happy' to be the executor of 'justice' or they are simply doing it as a 'job.' None seeing the END result to them one day.

Neither the 'guards' nor the prisoners are rehabilitated, and both 'sides' continue to be 'recalcitrant' offenders in God's eyes.  The force and its men are the 'worst' as they offend God every day as they 'criminally' arrest, bind, detain, transport, kidnap and incarcerate any who they are told to and, - - -

Their victims remain victims to their own thoughts that will again lead them astray on another day when they are released, for ahead their minds might be filled with thoughts of vengeance and they become the 'unpaid' force of the day and equally, the police, judiciary and guards also remain victims to their own thoughts that continue to justify a dark punitive response due to taking their mercenary pay.

It is I to teach the greater community to change their way.

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~ Dungeons & Dragons ~
The 'garden' dungeon

When the door of the dungeon slams shut and the lights go out then the fiery dragon does emerge to scourge your emotions with his fire.

What would society think if you built a private steel cage at the far end of your garden with an inner concrete dungeon with a 'safe' door, and you locked up your children for days on end or weeks or months or more for failing to conform to your personal book of ideological rules. Being a book that sits on the kitchen table, being your dictates that you have named 'the law'?

What if you locked up your sisters and brothers and mothers and fathers? What would your Creator think?

A garden dungeon would be seen as a home torture chamber, and the person forcing their family members to be subjected to mental and emotional ANGUISH and physical deprivation of LIBERTY would be seen as offensive CRIMINALS whose conduct was abhorrent and non civil and openly lacking of moral values and defiant of God's Command.

So why do you fund a political system to employ a mercenary force to do it for you? Do your really believe that the prisoners are criminals? Do you perceive yourself as honourable and 'clean'? Are you not aware of the massive prisons existing in the very towns you live in that are in your back yard?

If so then you have been institutionalised, for you believe in the right to TORTURE others mentally, emotionally or physically, simply because someone somewhere made a statement and enshrined it within a book of text, and invented a 'system' whereby others would uphold the dictates of the book for a mercenary wage using force of arms, being negative interaction in direct contravention of the Command of their God.

If you believe that torture is corrective and the only way for you to feel 'protected' then you are living in a delusion, and desolation and suffering is your fate and eternal destiny. It is the time to see that all 'followers' of the unholy TEXT BOOK  of rules religion (ideological belief) are doomed, for IT was inspired by the Devil the Dark Sovereign Power via the minds of the pompous, greedy and vain NON-believers in God and God's Truth and Light and Way.

These power hungry men truly believe that for this INIQUITY they will not have to PAY, for they perceive themselves as God and thus above the Law of God and, they have deceived the police into being their 'intimidating' bullies with a false mandate of death by withholding the truth from them.

Yes, the police are 'permitted' to be above the rules and rulings of every code of natural conduct of man and they can be inhumane, brutal bullies, and they 'stand over' others as they intimidate you and threaten that, - - - unless you 'strip' and 'squat' naked before them so that you know that you are lower than a dog and they are the Master, - - - then you will be punished by their 'magistrates' for failing to OBEY their orders barked with a harsh voice.

Foolish ignorant men, so many love the feelings of power over others, and the rules that they use so formidably can give them endless opportunities to destroy their own souls, - - - and they see it not, - - - and many of the meeker ones can also become slowly drawn into this 'unconscionable' way of life.

The prison guard is no different from their prisoner, all have similar emotions and needs and wants and desires, but it is they who keep others under lock and key and this they need to see. For it is not enough for them to be kind and considerate for their God expects this from everybody, but God forbids any person to hold others under lock and key except in the manner and for the time given by me in my 'Offender' document.

And what of the police transport vehicle used to carry your children from Launceston to Hobart. Is it necessary to ensure that they cannot run away by first handcuffing them, and then placing them into a 'central' solid steel vault in the vehicle that is hardly 1 x 1 metre square having a steel 'safe' type locked door, and when the vault is closed one is confined in utter darkness until the vehicle is started and a dim light comes on and a tiny 'vent' opens.

Yes, I do feel very 'sorry' for any person who suffers from claustrophobia for their emotions will 'fizz,' and they could 'die' in their fear if they hypo ventilate and become unconscious.  I needed the experience so that you could know of it, for the two hour journey is extreme in its unpleasantness.

Certainly there is another 'tight' steel cubicle in the vehicle to fit four others, but there is no excusing the fact that 'we' the community show God our utter ignorance in what is done in our name by callous men who state as you enter in their 'rolling stock' cage that: "If you 'wet' the floor you will be 'charged' and punished more," and they are certainly in no 'hurry' to release one the other end because 'kindness' or respect or 'consideration' of the youth or the elderly is not in their dictionary.

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~ Institutionalised ~
The false belief that via the institution all the attributes of the Beast are legalised.

Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: torture others.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: keep others bound.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to:
invade others space.

Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: cause mental suffering.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: cause emotional suffering.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to:
abuse others.

Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: punish others.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: persecute others.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to:
kill others.

Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: tax others.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: regulate others.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to:
disturb the peace.

Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: intimidate others.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: deceive others.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to:
kidnap others.

Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: incarcerate others.
Institutionalised means that you believe in the right to: employ others to inflict all the above on criminals.
Institutionalised means that you believe that others have a right to do these things to you if they are mandated to so do.

Institutionalised means that you believe that others have a right to RULE you using their books of rules and thus forcing you to live according to their ways. All the above abominations contravene the code of conduct of God that says:

"Go in peace and do not disturb the peace of the land."

All the above abominations are simply established principles set by precedents prior to your birth. All politicians and their judiciary and armed forces men need to see this as gross ERROR, and soon global terror will result and any who fail to now heed me and set themselves free from doing any of the above personally or via servants will spend a very long time in the Abyss below.

Institutionalised means that you believe that you must fight to defend your self and family - ERROR
Institutionalised means that you believe that you must fight against oppression and evil - ERROR
Institutionalised means that you believe that you must fight to defend national borders - ERROR

You must stop funding or supporting any people or institutions that use sanctions or war or force of arms to oppress others. You must do your best to enlighten others who are stuck in any institutionalised belief, and you must not obey any 'command' or ruling of man that forces you to contravene the Command of God. Be advised that any dictate by man that demands compliance from you is itself in conflict with God's Command.

Try and see that planet earth today is a GIANT prison camp, and every nation is controlled and its borders are patrolled by men with guns, and there is no 'free' movement of men or materials without fees and permission to the head 'honcho' who rules with an iron fist. Every citizen is a slave to their 'masters' at the top who will be the last to enter paradise, if ever.

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~ God's dark energy ~

All must now stop using God's dark controlling and forceful energy, for only thus do you the individual find inner peace and freedom. For if it takes the use of dark negative and forceful energy to tax and control and punish then one is lost.

If it takes the use of dark forceful energy to remain free from slavery to the dictates or abuse of others then one has lost the race. To become free and fly 'high' and one day 'soar' to the heavens above you must be at PEACE and stay steady and calm and non aggressive.

All God's precious children, women and men of 'altered' circumstance are all needing love, compassion, care and understanding, not punitive under handing. All forms of 'torture' are simply the Dark sovereign Power (God) imposing its punitive response through your unconscionable hands, and it thus entraps you in its 'web' from which there is NO escape for any who defy my pen.

People 'branded' by you and state enforcers as criminals are your daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, fathers and mothers, so why do you deliberately fund the  Book of rules' that forces all to make them cry and yourself incur a penalty due within the Law of God up high?

What lies at the end of your road, happiness or a burdensome load? For at present you are all trapped in a 'cyclic' downwards spiral into more control, regulation, traumatic depression, suffering and loss.

It is the 'Rule book' religion of the day that all 'bow' to that is forcing young men and women in the judiciary and enforcement process to themselves fall into the FOUL side of God's Law. It is the fear of non-conformity to rules that keeps the community funding the iniquitous ways of the system and causing all to also fall into the FOUL side of God's Law.

For there is absolute justice forevermore and man always 'screams' out for "justice" for sure, seeing not what TRUE justice be as it is only exposed by my sacred pen. Being the true 'eye for an eye' where all who caused the mental, emotional and physical suffering do ahead suffer it in every way, be they the 'common' criminal or the 'judicial' criminal with a mandate of man to inflict punishment.

Yes, even they will one day 'gaze' at the wires of the cage and weep silently in anguish in their inner distress when they hear that 'outside' other men are visiting their homes and their wives undress, and that their children do weep as fear and loneliness into their souls does seep as 'swine' do their mom's and dad's in a prison for years keep.

Prison is the place where you are FORCED to suffer and endure the negative emotional energy of God by an inhuman society. It is the place where one sees the reality of the false DOCTRINE in action where the enforcers of the punitive 'religion' invoke their right to CONTROL the freedom of movement of others because they see no God and believe not in any God.

There is the ongoing "Dance of doom" that is unseen by man, for man is only aware of the immediate present time or a little span and sees not the eternal life of the soul. Enforcers see not that their 'activity' is in fact a 'dance' with others, where after a little 'time' they change roles and the jailed one becomes the 'master at arms' elite, and their jailer has lost control as God places them in a lower 'space' for their arrogance and they then feel the 'boot.'

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Yes the energy of God is absolutely just, and it is my intent to release mankind from the influence of the Dark energy with its ongoing dance of death, for only when each believes in the absolute justice of God will they seek their own rehabilitation and release from the downward spiral into the Pit of the Abyss.

When a magistrate or a policeman justifies their negative interaction (detainment of others) they remember it not because it was inspired by Dark energy that is invisible, and they see not their use of IT nor do they see ITS use of them.

However, as their victim becomes prisoner and suffers the dark emotional energy flowing within, the dark energy flowing through forgets not, and neither does the prisoner 'victim' of dark energy. Thus the dance of doom where maybe years ahead the unforgiving and retributive Dark energy of God balances ITS 'Scales of Justice' and the past enforcer becomes ITS victim.

IT IS THE TIME for all to individually stop using the dark emotional energy of God for God forbids it, and all who defy the Creator will suffer the painful consequence and, - - - a mandate of authority bestowed by a 'signature' giving you 'license' to interfere and control and subjugate and incarcerate others does NOT nullify or 'void' the absolutely JUST Law of God.

It is CRIMINAL activity in the eyes of God to interfere into the interaction of others for the purpose of punishment. For in so doing the 'interferer' is using Dark energy because they are determined to subdue, control, and force into submission for the purpose of inflicting cruel, merciless, vengeful RETRIBUTION to the FULL extent 'permitted' by their MIND or their mandate.

In God's eyes when you see someone abuse another or, if it is so reported to you, the only mandate given to you or any by God is for you to intervene PEACEFULLY for the sole purpose of helping the aggressor to be rehabilitated through education.

Punitive 'correction' is not education, it is torture and tears and suffering imposed by some upon others, and all who so do place themselves within the punitive aspect of God's Law.

Non payment of levies or taxes or royalties is not a 'default' in the eyes of God, it is simply defiance of an extortionist demand and the police need to see that fact, for the bulk of their 'terrorist' activity is their efforts to aid the extortionist ways of slave masters who pose as benign servants of the people. In reality they are the truly lost who enslave and mislead the population and lead them directly into the Abyss, for they 'preach' the religion of War and retribution.

The license to carry out 'taxing' extortion using force of arms was bequeathed unto these latter day kings and politicians by precedents set by 'evil men' in the past, who found that by deceptive ways and instilling fear they could force others to give up their hard earned income.

It has become so 'common' that none see the error of the way and the adding of taxing rules are seen as normal affairs of state and regrettably, the police forces personnel see not their complicity nor their coming downfall as God's Dark energy begins its return 'swing' of the pendulum.

Try and see that the negative dark energy of God within others cannot be 'changed' by you punishing them, for all you are in fact doing in your emotional abuse of them is drawing more of IT into your own souls.

The negative energy of God cannot be destroyed, and you set yourself free of it by not using it in your personal interaction. Then and only then does the Light of God purge your soul, for it cannot so do if you continue to be untrue and you keep drawing in more dark energy.

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~ Cause and effect ~

What of the new multi million dollar prison complex now ready for use at Risdon? Is it going to be a new luxury tourist resort where visitors are free to come and go and 'see' what it was like in the 'olden' days when men live in wire cages behind razor wire? Or is it to be a modern concentration camp built to house those who built it?

When will man learn that when his 'efforts' are concentrated on control and punishment, that the 'centres' they fund, build and condone will be used by God to imprison them?

Yes, very 'tall' and dark forces lurk underground in realms far below, and telepathically they bestow their 'program,' for they know what each of you did in the past do, and via the minds of others in the flesh who are equally tough and cruel and merciless they are soon to telepathically invade this realm, and they will 'impress' you into servitude and bondage in the very concentration camps you 'service.'

Let us quickly turn around before the 'clock' strikes 'midnight.'

All men have to learn the meaning of CONTROL, for if you of your servants in any way control the way of living of others or, the freedom of movement of others who in any of God's Kingdoms stroll, then you will havoc wreak upon you and yours and you will be subjugated and made sorrowful until you learn to become meek.

Society has been led (taught) to believe that those 'branded' by rules as criminals are people who deserve mental or emotional torture as their names are 'listed' in a newspaper that is similar to the 'stocks' of olden days where they can be ridiculed and scorned.

In my sacred Testament of Truth book it is seen that it is society that has the criminally insane mentality of the Devil, and all need to be educated into RIGHT ACTION in the eyes of God.

For enforcers and magistrates and jailers have no remorse because they are simply doing a 'job' and receiving a wage, and they have been led to believe that they have a 'gold plated' mandate of authority that places them and their own punitive and criminal actions above the Law of God and beyond the civil code of conduct of man that they so judiciously uphold using a gun.

If any person wears the 'ring' of POWER of the Devil on their finger they are in deadly danger, for belief in the 'sanctity' and sacredness of any book of rules is what leads all men into the Abyss, be they the enforcer or the ones funding the 'protection' agency.

All men who are paid a wage to uphold ITS dictates using force of arms as 'back up' to control others are by IT the book of rules enticed and forced to interfere into the lives of community members, and IT also forces them the mercenaries employed to uphold the statutes within IT 'the book' to persecute and punish any 'non-conformist' who may have a contra doctrinal belief.

Whether you the policeman or the jailer are awake to reality or not is your 'business,' but I am a simple 'informant' telling you that it is God to decide as to your 'way.' Be it seen by God as peaceful and merciful and forgiving or whether you need disciplining because you justify the use of forbidden force to make others pay for their 'sins.'

It is my pen to judge the true and the untrue. I have had my 'say' and you are 'free' to do whatever you choose to until God calls you. If you take a wage to enforce 'justice' and bring others to account because you believe that 'someone' has to do it, then your reasoning is error because you do not have to do it.

It is simply your choice to so do similarly as it is the personal choice of any 'terrorist' to go forth with the intent to interfere and cause harm because their mind is also controlled by the 'vengeance & accountability' call of the Dark Sovereign Power. (Devil)

It is God the father to judge all and it is I to say "how" He will do it. Yes, I speak now to the 'wire cage' guards. I see you on the outside looking in at 'us' your 'charges' who you choose to 'hold' as hostages for and on behalf of a 'signature' on a piece of paper inspired and invoked by a RULE in an unholy book.

Your faces are 'blank' and stern as you look on at the named criminals who daily suffer and 'burn' because of you. Soon it is your turn to be them as revealed by my sacred pen, then and only then will you understand the meaning of torture and tears and inner fears.

In the PIT of hell all scream out for "Revenge" and many of them are awaiting your arrival.
Amend your ways somehow, for you are the greater criminal.

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~ The Prison gate keeper ~
Letter to Mr. Mulder

Dear 'Syd,' the reason why I write this personal 'open' letter to you is because I do believe that the light of God exists within you and thus you will be able to see your own 'depravity' that is making you denigrate your own soul in front of me, - - - and other men, - - - and your God.

For it is not a 'natural' act to perform a depraved 'ritual' when people are thrust into your 'care,' but regrettably it has become so 'habitual' today to demean oneself, that the spiritual reality remains unseen.

I ask you: "Why do you personally undertake to 'glower' over an 'old' man and forcefully demand that he 'strip' naked before you and 'cower' down and squat on his heels as you tell him that you are in a bad mood and thus demand instant conformity 'or else' - - - ? Is this act necessary to show him that he is lower than a dog or is it to show God that you are an 'animal' who knows no God"?

I ask you: "Do you force people to do this simply because they 'enter' your 'foul' playpen? Or, - - - is it so 'ruled' in a book of rules that you 'place' above the Command of your Creator who says: I command you to go your way in peace and be merciful and compassionate and forgiving to those yet sinfully living? Or, - - - do you do what you do simply because you feel the need to subjugate those deemed as 'criminals' by the 'pen' of a Judge"?

Our God did say that the day would come when everyone stood before their God to be judged by ME the 'invisible one' (soul) that none can see and, - - - what you did not know was that on THE day you 'stood over' me, - - - that our God did judge you as being of 'criminal' and depraved mentality, and one needing to be corrected by me 'verbally' via my pen so that when HE God forces you to your bended knees, then you will learn about the suffering that you forced others to endure emotionally or otherwise.

As said, I do believe that you are an 'old soul' deserving of my 'bread' of life so that you can become merciful and TRUE to the light of God within you, and then help me 'resurrect' the fallen race before all fall to the mace.

Ask yourself: Is the 'decreed' punishment factor one of being 'jailed' and withdrawn from society or, - - - is it 'correct' for jailers to 'attach' a beastliness attitude that is added to the 'misery' of the detained one by the criminal intent and deed* of those as you, and are these 'attachments' to the penalty sanctioned by your position or rules? To me they are 'signs' or 'shades' of Abu Ghraib prison.

Note: criminal intent and deed* -

In the eyes of God - - - it is criminal intent and deed to humiliate others.
In the eyes of God - - - it is criminal intent and deed to denigrate others.
In the eyes of God - - - it is criminal intent and deed to be unkind to others.

In the eyes of God - - - it is criminal intent and deed to be disrespectful to others.
In the eyes of God - - - it is criminal intent and deed to be merciless towards others.

In the eyes of God - - - it is criminal intent and deed to detain others for the purpose of punishment.
In the eyes of God - - - it is criminal intent and deed to force others into conforming to your decrees.
In the eyes of God - - - it is criminal intent and deed to Judge another for the purpose of punishment.

In the eyes of God - - - it is a treasonable act against the State of Heaven to defy the Command of God and, the maximum penalty for any 'infringement' of God's commanded:

 "Go your way in PEACE" code of conduct is spiritual death.

Do you think that God 'sanctions' any activities of man that contravene or are 'contrary' to His dictate?

page 9

Foolish 'man' sees not that when he 'breathes' Satan's breath upon others that he invokes a 'deathly' spell upon himself, for he is in fact inviting a similar return of fire within the 'eye for an eye' Law of the eternal one, who is by their dark action then 'permitted' to seduce that arrogant soul into more negative interaction.

Any using dark energy draws it into their own soul and it becomes 'dark' and ultimately it becomes one of Satan's men who live in the underworld if it (their spirit soul) fails to amend its ways and conform to God's holy Word as given by me.

Try and see that the forceful, controlling and dictatorial dark energy of GOD used by you or 'yours' against others or me is our joint enemy. We cannot fight it, for if we do then we become it in action and any use of it is fraught with danger.

So to become free of it we must simply never use it in our interaction because it then returns later (possibly years) to set the 'record' straight within ITS 'eye for an eye' Law and it attacks us via others ignorant of ITS Power.

Any interaction by any person with another must only be the extension of kindness and respect, especially unto those as you who 'unexplainably' lost their reason and did do something untrue to others and consequently unto themselves.

If one believes that being 'on duty' to an institution elevates one above the Command and Law of God they are in error of belief and in a deluded state.

You are Hell bent when you are making others feel BAD.
You are Heaven sent when you are making others feel GOOD.

When others 'grimace' at you then know that the Dark face of God shines through their psyche.
When others  smile' upon you then know that the Light face of God shines through their psyche.

When you make others feel 'unhappy or sad' then it is the Dark energy of God flowing through you.
When you make others feel 'joyful and happy' then it is the Light energy of God flowing through you.

When my TRUTH impinges upon your consciousness and you realise what you have knowingly or unknowingly done unto others, and consequently understand what you will have to 'suffer' before by your God being set free, and you thus 'groan' and feel fear stir in your belly, then know that all your guilt and suffering to be is imposed by ME the invisible God who speaks via me the soul from eternity and, - - -

This imposition is done through others who are also ignorant of MY Law as they follow the call of 'Justice & retribution & accountability.' All inspiration for punitive interaction emanates from the dark depths of the Abyss telepathically into the mind of sinful man via their emotions of anger, hatred, vengeance, pride and vanity.

Let all Tasmanians now 'turn around' and become true believers, and set their young police officers free from being forced by rules to "Break and enter premises, extort funds, seize and steal goods, and to do all the criminal activities that others are taught to not do."

Let us become educators as we all now treat other criminals with respect as we protect them and our own souls and we only rehabilitate them and ourselves using the wisdom of God as contained within my message to humanity.


page 10

 ~Director of fines enforcement Tasmania ~

Dear Sir, I wish to bring to the attention of yourself and your officers of certain facts that do have a ‘karmic’ bearing upon your own spiritual welfare.

 I am aware that you receive a wage to uphold ‘texts’ in a book of rules that form your code of conduct ‘engagement’ policy with members of the greater community.

The policy of which I speak is the one whereby you believe that as an ‘enforcer,’ that you have the divine right and authority to enforce the ‘extortion’ of money from people and, - - -

 To send forth others (police) to kidnap people from their homes, transport them away, keep them imprisoned, and to cause them and their families and children ongoing distress and disruption of their lives.

 Not only this, but this you do because you have received ‘direction’ from another person or department within your institution, namely a person named a ‘Magistrate,’ whom you believe also has the divine right to interfere in and control the lives of any person who does not conform to the code of conduct dictate of the rules of your institution.

I refer to two very important ‘articles’ that do have a direct bearing upon you personally, as well as those ‘served’ by you being the magistrates penned decree that brings many a person to their knee.

 The first is that what you need to try and come to grips with is: “Is every person on the land a serving member of your institution or not”? If you believe that every person is, and thus is a ‘subject of’ and thus one to be forced into the subjection to the rules and doctrine of your institution that you name ‘The Gov,’ then, - - -

 How does this belief equate to the PRINCIPAL clause in the Constitution of your establishment upon which ALL of its subsequent authority is based? For it clearly states therein that:

 Within the Commonwealth Constitution there is a provision that forbids the 'raising' of any 'act' or 'rules' or 'law' that either: imposes any religious observance, or prohibits the free exercise of any religion, or establishes any religion.

Act (9th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - - -

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

It follows that if I have a ‘proven’ contra religious belief, then I am at ‘Liberty’ to live my life as my conscience sees fit as long as I conform to the Command of God who says: “Go your way in peace and do not disturb the peace of others”

Please try and see that we do have a DIFFERENCE OF RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY.

There is the BELIEF in the use of force for ‘extortion, control, defence, punishment or WAR,'  
and this 'way' is the abusive doctrine and religion of War inspired from Hell.

There is the BELIEF in the use of love for ‘free giving, freedom, forgiveness, mercy  or PEACE,'  
and this 'way' is the loving doctrine and religion of Peace inspired from Heaven.

  page 11

Each 'doctrine' has its own 'peculiar' ways that show all quite clearly 'who' is 'fellowshipping' with 'which' particular religious belief. Irrespective of what people ‘say’ as being their named religion or belief, it is by their deeds they are known, being the daily actions sown by them or their servants.

 Due to my religious ‘observance’ it is ERROR and wrong for me to fund the ‘ways’ or doctrinal belief of a contra religious doctrine, especially one such as yours that is punitive and wages war and thus directly contravenes the Command of our Creator.

 This is why I refuse to pay any monies to your institution. Be it to ‘validate’ my personal driving certificate of competency, a ‘fee permit’ that members of your institution do pay or, any other ‘taxes’ that your ‘officers’ try and impose upon me. 

Not only this, but as I do not vote, fund, condone or support and thus ‘fellowship’ with your ‘order’ or institution, your police officers and courts and yourselves have absolutely no legal jurisdiction over me and my ways.

 The fact that you and yours try and ‘coerce’ or force me to “Pay up or else” is proof to God and sane man that you are out of order within the RULES of your own Constitution that is supposed to be your ‘law & authority’ is it not? And, - - -

 You are also out of order within the eyes of our Creator and, by this fact as yet unseen by you, it is you the ‘criminal’ in God’s eyes, being a person who defies God’s “Go your way in peace” command, and places themselves within the punitive aspect of God’s “As you sow so shall ye reap” LAW. I say this, because all the interference and suffering imposed upon others by your instigation will come back to haunt you in this or the after life.

 This letter to you is simply a ‘notification’ and courtesy call from your spiritual brother ME. I AM God’s Emissary sent to elevate the consciousness of mankind and to warn all of what is now to be.

 When you set forth each day with the INTENT to use the rules of an institution to make others feel unhappy, it is you who will feel the pain on another day as God's eternal Law swings into action.

 The  'arm' of God’s eternal Law is longer than a million lifetimes, and consequently God 'permits' your dark deeds for as long as God wishes to, so that God can crush you into eternal silence within the 'eye for an eye' boundaries that God must adhere to within God’s absolute Justice. God ‘abhors’ those who defy HIM and HIS Command.

 You may believe that it is your ‘Divine Right’ under your ‘man-made Laws’ to “Direct” me to go against what God demands of me but let me remind you, that under your own man-made Rules that you name ‘the law’ there is the above Constitutional clause.

 It is the clause that by me has been referred to magistrates and judges, they all chose to ‘scoff’ at it and God’s holy word and, they are both arrogant and ignorant people who have laughed at my words because they feel as ALMIGHTY as God due to being backed by force of arms.

page 12

 It is now for you to decide whether you will soil your soul by making another attempt to force me to submit to your monetary demand by further threats of imprisonment.

 I believe that it is you and the police who are the ‘fall’ guys, and what you need to do is to ask your own conscience whether it is ‘worth’ checking out the Constitution personally or simply taking that apparently easy way by following the directives of others who ‘purport’ to be wise, but who in fact are leading you into the abyss and great suffering and, it may be wise to ‘consider’ the true meaning of God's“Go your way in PEACE and BE merciful, compassionate and forgiving unto ALL.”

 I would also suggest that you also go to the end of the main Index of my web site and you will see the following statement of FACT:

Let it here be known that any "person" who tries to "violate" my "person" or the content of this God's sacred web site by any "Act" of intrusion, or any person who "directs" any other to so do, will by God be deemed an "offender" in God's eyes and by their own deed as one to be eternally "despised" by the Source (God), and their eternal destiny decreed by God THE AUTHORITY shall be one of eternal misery in the Dark "Hell" land below, for this "note" as all else by me written, has been done to set you free. 

This applies to any person who seeks to denigrate me or my message, for by this 'act' of vindictive darkness it may well result in others being turned away from God's sacred message, and thus turning away from their own Salvation to their spiritual demise. Thus this same 'fate' will by God be placed upon the 'denigrator.' It is better or 'best' for any perceiving me as false to tell others to read my message and come to their own personally informed decision.

Peace and goodwill unto all mankind
The Devil will you bind

None stand 'above' God's One Law - "As you do will be done unto you."

I further add, you are obviously not concerned for the welfare of my ‘person’ or my family, but I most certainly am concerned for you and yours. For the ‘status quo’ of the day wherein politicians and their enforcers and men of ‘religion’ have used force of arms to dictate and impose their demands upon the community in defiance of the command of God continues on and, - - -

 As this they did and yet do for the purpose of enslavement and extortion and control brought on by GREED that is unseen by you, their God observed their daily foul deeds of impropriety and iniquity and HE now via my pen ‘tells all’ what is to be.

 I am one of the very few who can see through the veil of ‘mist’ into the beyond spiritual realms, and I do see into those depths of torture and depravity below where so many go for their defiance of their Creator and, I do see ‘up’ into the pure light above where the ‘illuminated’ who ‘bowed’ in submission to God’s Command of “PEACE” do abide, and they dance their eternal dance of love and creativity and freedom of expression in a world of pure joy where no ‘warriors’ or non-believers exist.

 I can assure you and all that THE time is now here when all ‘controllers’ will feel fear as they ‘lose control’ because others will be incited mentally as exposed by me, and this GIANT army will be anybody in every community and their minds controlled telepathically by the Devil (Dark Sovereign Power) will go forth as ‘robots’ to their thoughts and mete out divine retribution as revealed by my pen and, - - -

With reference to those that are 'members' of your institution you also need to ask yourself: "Am I wise or foolish to defy my Creator and use 'rules' or others 'orders' to send forth wolves to disturb the peace of others and cause them harm for and on behalf of said rules and, is a 'majority vote' enough 'authority' to 'overturn' the Command of my Creator and 'overrule' His supreme Law"?

I ask you this because there is nothing I can do to help you if you 'choose' to continue on your present way because, the 'choice' to 'live or die' spiritually is an individual one. Your personal Salvation is between your God and your mind.

I wish you well, and can but hope that Tasmanians now amend their ways and assist me to bring the entire race to God’s holy well of sweet water, for you have the choice to defy God and deny me or, to help both God and I and all humanity. 

This is God’s FINAL CALL 


  page 13

~Rehabilitation ~

No punitive imprisonment alters the mental state of inmates to become positive. For every day a person is locked away their mind and emotions 'hum and strum' in the negative mode as dark energy is released within, and burdensome is their ongoing emotional load and they fear the 'boys in blue and black,' for they are proven to invade, interfere, detain and attack.

Mankind is daily becoming more de-humanised and moronic as punishment and aggression is seen as normal and 'just' and soon all goodness and mercy will become unknown and meaningless words as all become dark operatives who go forth each day looking for someone to 'report' for having failed to bow to the dictates of some new regulation and, - - - these informants will all be looking for trouble.

Fines and incarceration are not "Correctional Services," they are destructive forces at work using intimidation that breeds fear and 'latent' aggression. The revolving negative energy drawn into the soul of the inmate as they are tortured within grows as cancerous 'sin' that cannot be removed with any 'knife.'

Equally but in a different way, a policeman needs to see how easily they accrue a spiritual due, for when a person on parole fails to report in and are incarcerated, they have in fact caused no harm but the police 'person' is guilty in God's eyes for they have caused harm, and all endured by their victim becomes their own due within the absolutely JUST Law of God.

So it is simple text in a book of rules that force police to defy God's "Peace" call, and they go forth to arrest or detain or to 'serve' others with a 'summons' to attend their 'punishment factory.'

None seeing that they are perpetrating vindictive oppression through their 'obedience' to a book of rules that is itself not 'alive' nor has it any conscience, nor is IT interested in their activity, nor is the one who invoked the 'rule' even aware of the consequence of the interaction.

The text is the invisible 'ordering voice' that invokes the issuing of a 'blue' piece of paper that is used by the mercenary as his authority to go forth and disturb the peace, and it the piece of paper is to him more important than the living flesh of the person named upon it, for if they try to escape they will be 'tackled' to the ground and bound or shot.

The  'stripping' naked of the incoming 'inmate' to the Tasmanian remand centre and forcing them to squat down openly in full view of others is done in order to denigrate and humiliate and to compound the emotional stress factor of this 'victim' of the prison officials.

This practise is pure 'depravity' carried out by ignorant men having a perverted mentality who 'insanely' seek to subjugate a person who they have never met before, and they have the opportunity to exercise their own 'criminal' and beastly emotions that they justify simply because they have been 'told' that the one coming into their 'fold' has been 'marked' by a magistrate as a non-person for a time and a time.

The state enforcers who carry out such perverse activity see not their own humiliation on another day, when they will also be publicly exposed when God's Law fulfils its own 'obligation' unto itself, and God will place them 'similarly' with other cruel swine who will flay them alive for having been so stupid, blind and unkind to so many for so long.

There is no rehabilitation today, for even if an inmate has settled down for a year or two he can suddenly be presented with outstanding 'warrants' for long past parole violations, and in a moment utter despair is felt as their 'brain' is scrambled with thoughts, and feelings run riot within.

The instigator of the 'mission' of delivery of the form to the prison have no idea what they have invoked and imposed upon another brother, neither do they see the future extent of their own emotional despair for having 'violated' the "Go in peace and be merciful" Command of God. Yes, greater forces will invade their own space and crush their inner rose with a heavy 'boot' armed and projected with dark emotional energy.

All must now see the need for true rehabilitation and assist me to implement the 'Feeling Easier Seminars' so that all can become free. For any person who disturbs the peace of others needs to learn 'why' their mind let them down and 'how' to fortify their mind against 'errant' thoughts.

Why are enforcers 'happy' to bruise others mentally and emotionally for a wage?
Why are enforcers so determined to satisfy the written 'text' in a book?
Why do they suppress others to achieve a political conviction and themselves lose sight of the LIGHT?

Where has all the kindness gone?

It is time for mankind to be led by God, not by political men who all choose taxation extortion, control, slavery, punishment and WAR. If you choose to now follow your Creator then follow the message of TRUTH from God via me.

Man is only rehabilitated once they have learnt to never disturb the peace of others, and they are no longer indoctrinated with the false institutional beliefs on page 4 above.

Enlightenment through EDUCATION is the way.

page 14

~ The indictment of God against man ~

This is I the man to now man judge by bringing forth God’s "edict" being God’s indictment against man who did his own soul "smudge" with deepening sin as he turned away from God’s Light that was in his soul within. The indictment does read:

"You did seed evil by your personal actions against mankind.

You did thus bind your own soul over to the Devil who was the one who inspired you to others abuse.

You did thus lose your freedom to walk as a free spirit.

You thus are now to receive your "Just" punishment as foretold by ME your God of Isaac and Abraham.

You all now will be cast into the Lions pit where you will be incarcerated for a time and a "bit."

You will also be mauled and will suffer pain until you have paid your full due.

You will also by the darkness be "incited" to retaliate. If you do retaliate from the arrogance of your sin within then your "jailer" ME, the invisible God you cannot see will bind you for an eternity or two.

You by ME your God are now "reduced" to less than human until you not only pay your dues but also heed my dove who on earth does plod.

You by ME are also now further warned that any of you who scheme or plot to bring others down will for sure forsake your own soul and will suffer a painful fate both night and night for there is only darkness below where all do fight.

I your God have spoken today and it is today that the forces of darkness are unleashed to make you all pay for your wickedness.

Be advised that the WORD "forgiveness by me" does not exist in Me, that is a word inspired by the deceiver you cannot see. I always say: "YOU must forgive your enemy if in heaven you would live."

Heed now the dove who on earth does my wisdom and truth give. He will tell you how to pray so that you as he can stand calm when lions come your way.

MY indictment has been given to you by my judge who is eternally true, and his WORD now spoken cannot by any million trillion men be broken."


Let it be clearly understood that when kings, chiefs, 'mandarins' or politicians invoke 'statutes' having punitive 'decrees' attached that send forth your 'servants' the armed police force to arrest and imprison people, and thus set these 'unfortunates' upon the trail of TORTURE & TEARS then, rest 'assured' of the Just outcome being, - - -

Demonic forces in dark spiritual wastelands below do know, and they then gather around and sharpen their 'spears' in readiness for THE DAY when you come their way in the after life, and they for sure will make you endure the 'Justice' of TORTURE & TEARS as you 'pay up' your spiritual dues.

There is no 'Kingdom come' of fun and joy and happiness for anyone who defies their God of Love.

So sayeth His/Her dove.

I AM ‘Terence’ the Spirit of Truth

Read page. 94 of The Testament of Truth "God is GOD"



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