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~ The 'Question' of identity, ID ~


by Terence – the spirit of truth

Note: - This entire article is written by me so as to expose you to an apparently 'unreal' and inconceivable possibility. I do however add, that it is a fact backed by my depth of insight, and it is due to my insight that I reveal this to you because, - - - unless and until you consider it as a fact you will continue to be 'attacked mentally & materially, impoverished, abused, denied, taxed, enslaved, coerced, deceived and held in bondage to the Devil' and, - - -

I also advise you that He who is also named 'The Serpent,' The Dark Sovereign Power, (God) is now to destroy the very fabric of every 'society' on earth, and it will be a time of absolute terror and no mirth, and my 'expose' is simply to show you 'why' and what you need to do in order to survive spiritually, as you personally begin to implement a new and benign ideological 'lifestyle' strategy that is only loving and peaceful and, you stop supporting and funding punitive and warring iniquity.

The weapon of the Dark 'Alien' force is primarily its superior intelligence and its capacity to keep man locked into the false ideological belief that peace and orderliness and freedom is attained through the use of punitive force and control of others. This is the deceptive code of conduct 'error' that is followed by simple man.

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~ The ‘material’ Identity Card ~
The God given name or the Devil's number.

The question of identity is to do with the need or otherwise of a 'material' ID identity or other identity card, as well as the spiritual right or otherwise for a person to remain anonymous or, whether mankind should be forced to reveal their name or 'number' to another when it is demanded of them, using coercive punishment for non conformity and, - - -

It is also a 'question' of whether a person or institution has the divine right to refuse a person the right to go their way in peace and to carry out their daily business unhindered if they do not have a licence 'certificate' or an ID card and, whether a non 'certified' or non ID card carrier is to be treated as an 'alien' or an enemy or an 'illegal' person, as they are today by every society. The 'Birth' certificate is the primary ID card imposed upon people by institutions of man for which a 'fee levy' is charged.

Ask yourself, "Why should I be forced to 'identify' myself to the other person or institution and, why should I require the 'permit' permission of any other person or institution prior to carrying out any or every known activity and, why must my business and other affairs be proven as having been 'licensed' to operate by any other person or institution?"

For the reality is, that if I do have to be regulated and controlled by the rulings of other men via an institution, then it follows that they are dictators and they are my master and I am their serf or slave.

I say that the time must come when there is no more ID Identity. No more "Cards" will there be. No more "passports" required. For all the above by the very Devil are "Sired." Being, that "Someone" wants to "know" who you be, and which way you go, and that you prove to them that you are 'true' to their cause and, they demand forcefully that you conform to their dictates and their controlling and punitive ideological ways.

God says: "Now is the time My children on My truth will dine, and My children will walk free on earth I say to thee. No one will ask or demand, or give another any reprimand."

The ‘Question’ of ID is simple, for it is in fact a spiritual matter of showing God and humanity to ‘whom’ you align yourself, your soul, and your destiny. Is it to the benign Light or the Dark ‘Inquisitor.’

The ‘Question’ of ID is difficult, for the Dark and negative and controlling aspect has woven itself into every aspect of the ‘fabric’ of society, and thus it has become difficult to see the difference between the positive benign, and the negative malignant aspects of ‘material’ or ‘worldly’ ID identity.

The ‘Question’ of ID is simple, for you can have and do need a ‘material’ form of ‘Identity’ in some aspects of living. For by this benign nature of identity you can show others ‘something’ helpful that has not been imposed upon you by the strictures of any controlling authoritative force.

For example, a driving school issues you a 'drivers' Certificate of Competency showing others that you have: - - - Completed a course of driving instruction with a driving school and have passed the required syllabus, and you are thus a competent driver. This certificate is yours and does not belong to any State Authority.

The driver’s 'Licence' ID card denoting that you have paid a ‘licence fee’ annually is simply a negative tax ‘levy’ imposition by a Dark Authority, and has no relevancy as to your driving skill or validity to drive on the road.

This 'taxing' nature of ‘permit’ ID needs be abolished, and insurers need to pay claims that are accompanied by a driver’s certificate of competency, and they must not void or avoid payment simply because a driver has refused to pay any ‘tax’ and thus has no drivers ‘licence fee permit’ that simply indicates he has 'paid up' an extortionist demand.

The roads are owned by God and funded by the public purse, they are not owned by ‘Caesar’ (State) nor by his demonic forces that roam this land.

Another example, you have a benign Certificate of Competency showing others that you have: - - - Completed your internship or apprenticeship or other ‘syllabus’ and are thus qualified in your chosen profession.

If any Authority demands that you pay it an annual licence ‘fee’ prior to being ‘licensed’ by it to carry out your business as teacher, tradesman, fisherman, builder etc., then the licence receipt ‘docket’ being the 'numbered' ID is simply a negative tax ‘levy’ imposition by a Dark Authority, and this form of extortion from the pockets of God’s children must cease and, the ‘brave’ and all ‘believers’ must simply refuse to pay it.

Note: If you are a businessman selling your wares to the public and you impose ‘sales tax’ and collect a tax for some ‘authority,’ then you are identified by the Dark Sovereign Power as one of ITS operatives, and you accrue a suffering ‘due’ every time you add the tax to the purchase price of your goods, for you are an extortionist 'operative' working for the ultimate thief through your own fear of reprisal.

Note: If you are an employer and you deduct a 'tax' fee amount from your employees wage prior to paying them the money, and you are doing this for and on behalf of another person or for some 'authority,' then you are a thief and, you are identified by the Dark Sovereign Power as one of ITS operatives, and you accrue a suffering ‘due’ of 'loss' for you are an extortionist 'operative' working for the ultimate thief through your own fear of reprisal.

Note: If you are a policeman or a member of any punitive establishment that arrests, detains, fines, punishes or incarcerates any person that 'failed' to 'pay up' money to another person that was not in fact a 'debt,' for it had not been borrowed, then you are identified by the Dark Sovereign Power as one of ITS operatives, and you accrue a loss and suffering ‘due,’ for you are an extortionist 'operative' working for the ultimate thief through your own ignorance and for a 'mercenary' wage as you defy God's Command.

Note: If you are a policeman or a member of any punitive establishment that arrests, detains, fines, punishes or incarcerates any person that 'failed' to 'pay up' money to another person that was in fact a 'debt,' for it had been borrowed, then you are identified by the Dark Sovereign Power as one of ITS operatives, and you accrue a loss and suffering ‘due,’ for you are a punitive 'operative' working for the ultimate thief through your own ignorance and for a 'mercenary' wage as you defy God's Command.

Note: You do not 'owe' Caesar any money unless you have borrowed it. You do not owe man or 'Caesar' (State) money simply because they 'someone' have by 'decree' stated that you do, for that decree is simply 'extortion' backed by force of arms and, - - - it (this extortion racket) was 'biblically' sired by the vain 'scribes' who 'lied' as they said that it was 'spoken' by your brother Jesus, when in FACT they were told to so say under 'threat' from Caesar that, - - - if they did not include it in their text they would be 'fed' to his lions.

That is the factual truth as revealed by me. For it is the 'literal' truth backed by God through me that, - - - you owe naught to any other unless you have borrowed it at a prior time or, goods purchased or services that you asked for have been 'rendered' to you and, - - - any person believing otherwise is totally misinformed and ignorant or, totally insane due to their sin of vanity.

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Another example, if you are an airline operator and you demand that passengers produce a ‘passport’ or other ID prior to being sold a ‘ticket’ or boarding the aircraft, then you are identified by the Dark Sovereign Power as an ‘enforcer,’ being one of ITS operatives, and you accrue a suffering due for being a ‘controller’ that is interfering, demanding, and denying the free movement of others if they do not have an ID or, that did not wish to purchase one that required a 'tax' levy.

You are also a controlling and regulating 'operative' working for the ultimate controller through your own fear of reprisal.

There will always be kind and caring public servants of the benign Light but, - - - any person that identifies themself as a public servant or public service provider, but is one that collects council 'rates' and other taxes on behalf of any institution or, that imposes strictures and punishment through enforcement, is not a public servant.

They are an imposition upon the public by the invading retributive force of darkness posing as benign. They are servants to the malignant Dark Sovereign Power. Rates, land, and other taxes and levies are simply the state controllers and their enforcers plundering the pockets of everyone they 'patrol' within their designated area, and this they do using legislation, and 'kangaroo' courts that are backed with the GUN.

Never take any form of Identity ID that is itself a ‘receipt’ permit Licence ID. * For that identifies you to God as a fearful person that is being controlled by an extortionist superpower and, - - -

By your ‘bowing’ to its demands you are in fact condoning its controlling and punitive ideological principles by funding its coffers, and you are enabling it to interfere in the lives of others and, you become complicit to all the suffering imposed upon others by its forces and, within the Law of God you are ‘identified’ as one deserving to be punished equally.

Note: ‘receipt’ permit Licence ID. * - As many of you will be 'unhappy' to burn any existing ID, I can but suggest that for the purpose of satisfying God in no longer paying taxes, levies, licence or 'permit' fees, royalties etc., that are partly used to fund the punitive 'arm' of institutions that, - - -

For the purpose of this document that you deem the ‘receipt’ permit Licence ID * as any 'receipt' for funds paid by you from this moment forth to State coffers, for if you do continue paying you will receive a 'numbered' receipt that denotes your continued support of iniquity and your continued accruing of suffering.

Every monetary receipt docket is in fact an ID (identity) 'permit' licensing you to operate. It is State proof that you have 'paid up' and 'bowed' to the Decree of Caesar. (State)

NB: Example - You hold a valid passport, driver's licence, or other 'operational' docket. Simply go your way without 'renewing' them by monetary payment. Any 'restriction' of movement or 'closure' or punishment factor imposed by the arrogant 'enforcers' is your due to God. Suffer it and become free spiritually. Fund community welfare and other positive effort directly to the 'Service provider,' e.g. schools, hospitals etc.

The Dark Sovereign Power through its earthly institutions seeks to keep you ‘identified’ and thus aligned to its controlling and punitive cause, for it is thus that IT is justified in controlling every aspect of your life and in destroying your soul.

In its mind and the minds of its earthly operatives if you are not ‘registered’ and thus are not in its ‘data base’ with an approved ID identity, then you are perceived by its forces as an illegal ‘alien’ to be cast out or locked up.

It is entirely up to you as to what you do in the days ahead, reference ID identity. I can only give you examples and suggestions. For if you wish to be truly true unto God and your soul and your fellow man, then you will cease being identified by God as a ‘supporter’ of controlling and punitive institutions of man, and this means that you will go your way without having their fee paid ‘permit,’ being their proof that you are a conformer and one of them’ and, - - -

Do not pay any ‘fines,’ for in this you also receive a ‘receipt’ ID, showing that you have funded it* and condoned it in a roundabout way, and that you have ‘acknowledged’ its supremacy over you as you ‘bowed’ to its dictates.

Note: it* - Is the Dark punitive and destructive energy of God the Dark Sovereign Power operating via His  'instrument' on earth, being His earthly 'instruments,' being all 'regulatory & punitive & warring institutions and their armed forces and judiciary.'

Due to all the above, if you simply go your way in peace and do not pay any licence 'fees' you will be ostracised; you will be persecuted; you will be jailed; you will be denied access to travel; you will be forced out of business; you will be denied access to welfare payments; you will be denied the right to do business etc. To survive you will need to live ‘underground.’

You will in fact be made to suffer and to thus pay your ‘back’ spiritual dues unto IT the Dark Sovereign Power, and you will only become free men once all past dues are paid, for through your past support of its ways you became complicit to all the control and punishment and suffering that was imposed by it upon others.

Those that fearfully continue to fund it or serve it will accrue greater dues to IT, and their ‘turn’ will also come and become unbearable but unavoidable in this or the after life.

When you carry an institutional 'ID' number that enables its departments to extract a 'tax' or permit 'fee' or 'royalty' excise levy from you, it means that you agreed to that 'extortion' payment, and you are thus in grave spiritual DANGER because your funds are used to restrict, detain, maim, punish, ostracise, and kill your own family members or any stranger, and this is being carried out by your servants operating in your name and on your behalf.

Note: ‘receipt’ permit Licence. * - The 'moment' you 'burn' your ID you become 'restricted' in what you can do within the 'eyes' of State enforcers, and you are punished for non-conformity. This punishment and the consequence thereof is simply payment of past spiritual dues * that have naught to do with the present failure to 'pay up' a tax or licence permit.

Note: past spiritual dues * - Past fiscal support of State coffers supported the taxation extortion of others funds as well as the use of force to 'covet' their goods and this disadvantaged them and was 'punishing' them in some way, and every taxpayer is guilty and in need of correction within God's Law.

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~ The dangerous & the safe ID identity ~

Any ID identity that is issued to you by 'another' as their requirement of you and, - - - that is issued upon receipt of a fee payment by you to them and, - - - that is accompanied by a 'punitive' factor for any non-compliance to be imposed by them upon you and, - - - is issued as their requirement of you as a 'prerequisite' prior to you doing 'something,' as in carrying out any business or other venture etc., is an ID identity 'Mark' of the DARK, and 'one' to be avoided at all costs because, - - -

If you receive the ID identity 'Mark' it shows you, them, others and God that you 'fearfully' bow to their coercive demands and, - - - that you support their extortion, punitive and warring ways and the control over you and others and, - - - it shows you that you are complicit to funding their wages and their 'weapons' and 'arms' used against others and yourself and, - - -

Any currency payment to a 'punitive, controlling and warring' ideological institution or other 'body' of terrorists shows God that you support and are 'complicit to' upholding an ideological Code of Conduct that is of the DARK, and that activity is in contravention of God's Code of Conduct Commanded unto all: "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

It follows that all the suffering & terror & despair & frustration & destruction imposed upon other people by the RULES upheld by the 'officers' of the institution becomes your 'suffering' DUE within the absolutely 'Just' and immutable "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God.

Any 'funding' of punitive or military Might leads to suffering and ultimately to spiritual DEATH. Just go your way in peace as you 'quietly' deny any taxing or other extortionist attempts. Only fund benign services provision organisations or private businesses that do not coerce, threaten, demand or punish.

The Light of God would have it that you go about your daily affairs without being 'licensed' by any other person or institution. By all means you need to fund community services by 'free giving donations,' but NOT the 'pockets' of slave masters and their mercenary forces. Funding 'law and order' enforcement is wrong, only fund 'peace' corps units that use care and education and enlightenment.

The only spiritually SAFE form of ‘data base’ or material ID identity is one where you are not paying an imposed annual ‘taxing’ fee cost E.g.;

Your bank needs some of your personal details, name, address etc.

 Note: If it also requires other forms of ‘licence fee’ identity (driver’s licence, passport etc) because it is controlled by a dark superpower, then you cannot ‘join’ the bank until the day comes when it becomes a truly benign service provision organisation free from encumbrance to any enforcement institution.

 Your ‘club’ be it the yacht club, golf club, football club etc., needs your name and address.

 Note: If it also requires other forms of ‘licence fee’ identity (driver’s licence, passport etc) because it is controlled by a dark superpower, then you cannot ‘join’ it until the day comes when it becomes a truly benign service provision organisation free from encumbrance to any enforcement institution.

Your essential services supplier of electricity, water, sewerage, telephone etc., needs your name and address.

 Note: If it also requires other forms of ‘licence fee’ identity (driver’s licence, passport etc) because it is controlled by a dark superpower, then you may be denied its services because you no longer have an 'authorised' ID, - - - until the day comes when it becomes a truly benign service provision organisation free from encumbrance to any enforcement institution.

If you are in need of welfare assistance:

 Then you can give out your personal details to any organisation or institution, so that they can identify you and your needs and have you on their data base, and they may need you to be able to show them a 'free' ID card issued by them prior to passing on welfare aid that they handle for the community.

Note: If it also requires other forms of ‘licence fee’ identity (driver’s licence, passport etc) because they are controlled by a dark superpower, then you cannot receive welfare from that institution until the day comes when it becomes a truly benign service provision organisation free from encumbrance to any enforcement legislation.

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You can only ask for aid, but you must never demand it, and if for any reason it is denied, then you must accept that decision without ‘fighting’ against it.

The power of the dark invader is such that it has interwoven itself through every thread of the fabric of society, and as you now see, it will be difficult to survive as a ‘godly’ person that is truly true to the Creator and not fund ‘iniquity’ * unless you are prepared to ‘suffer’ your dues as revealed by God as being your due unto HIM.

Note: fund ‘iniquity’ – The funding of governments is presently not seen as  iniquity’ as the controlling, manipulative, and punitive ways of state are hidden behind the ‘good’ things that are done for the community, being provision of schools, roads, hospitals etc., that it accomplishes by using community funding.

But the individual needs to now fund the benign aspects of society separately, for any funds going into the 'main' coffers of governments is partly used for enslavement, abuse, punishment, war and killing, and funding that is what destroys your own soul.

For you to now become a good citizen of earth and in ‘favour’ with your Creator, you need to ‘burn’ existing ID documents that have an annual ‘licence’ fee ID, be it a business registration number, vehicle number plate registration number, passport document, driving licence, rates notice etc., being any ID identity 'article' requiring a fee ‘levy’ paid to any punitive and controlling institution and, - - - you simply get on with your life 'unregistered' with God as your wife.

For the reality is, that any ID docket 'permitting' you to do something requires you to first pay a 'coerced' levy to the dark punitive institution, and thus your ID 'permit' fee paper marks you as an offender to be dealt with by God for your funding of iniquity.

Go about your daily affairs without paying anyone an up front $ ‘permit’ levy to any authority, for this is extortion and control. If the funding of community services is needed, then these funds must be donated only and not extracted from your pockets forcefully, and these funds must not be 'lumped' together with the funding of any enforcement or punitive sectors that other 'non-believers' may wish to support. Naturally if you wish to fund punitive institutions then you are free to so do.

Once the psyche of man becomes enlightened, then man will become a true ‘earth citizen’ that goes his way in peace and sees all others as equal, and as he will never be 'taxed' by any other, he will have greater capacity to freely contribute to community endeavours that do not have to 'feed' warriors and their war effort and prisons etc., and all members of the community will be far better off.

You may ‘mark’ your property with any ID identity number, name, or address you wish to for your own convenience.

Identify your own needs, rather than the needs, wants, desires or demands of others or institutions. If you wish to continue relying on the forces of arms of man to protect you then continue on funding them, but you will accrue even more terror and suffering as your due.

If you wish to become happier and free then it is the time to ONLY fund, support and condone benign community 'effort' and other welfare organisations, as you rely on God for protection once He has received every past due from you for your past contravention of His "Go in peace" Command.

Because 'enforcers' have seized control of every aspect of community endeavour, it is difficult to decide how to only fund the 'peaceful' aspects of road maintenance, schools, hospitals etc., directly. I leave this to you as individuals. Try now to pay your own way without the support of the 'fatherland' and its controlling and punitive forces handling your funds, for they will first fund their 'control & punishment & war' operations.

Remember, the 'Divine Right to Rule' is ONLY God's prerogative, and any person or institution that seizes that 'Right' using force of arms is backed by the Dark Sovereign Power's Might. Do not 'follow' them down into the ABYSS.

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~ Prison Camp 'Globe Earth' ~

Planet Earth is a GIANT prison 'farm' similar in many ways to the Tasmanian 'Hayes prison farm' near Hobart. Both are 'open' in the sense that the 'inmates' can wander around outside 'freely' but, you have to get 'permission' from the Commandants 'officers' prior to carrying out any activity.

In both 'places' people earn very little for their daily labours because at 'Hayes,' they are treated as slaves earning a daily 'pittance,' whereas in the greater 'Globe Earth' prison all are taxed on every endeavour of existence, and they all have to pay an 'up-front' permit fee tax levy to the serving officers of the invisible Camp Commander, the Dark Sovereign Power. (God the Father)

The Prison Camp 'Globe Earth' Commander is an infinitely hard, cold, calculating, and absolutely merciless 'Commandant,' and although He is invisible to your eyes, you are not invisible to Him, and He observes your every action and interaction with others every moment of passing time.

Your inner SIN being the negative emotions (fear, greed, anger, hatred, jealousy, vindictiveness) etc., within your soul is your proof and the proof to God of your spiritual ID 'identity,' being the Dark 'stain' Mark of the Beast upon your soul that signifies that you are a criminal in God's eyes.

For this dark punitive, forceful, and destructive 'energy' attribute indicates to Him that you defied His "Peace" Command in the past, and you supped on* His dark forceful and destructive energy (The fruit of the tree of evil) and it was forbidden by Him to so do, and thus you are a condemned THIEF.

Note: supped on* - every time you criticise another, control another, shout angrily at another, raise your hand against another, restrain another, cause harm or injure another, punish another, you at that moment are using the dark destructive 'forbidden to use' energy of the dark aspect of the Source God the Father, and He condemns you as a bad seed for being a thief and for defying His Command and, the negative emotions within your soul grow larger and you become more 'despotic' and merciless and whatever you have done unto others will by the DARK be done unto you.

Prison Camp 'Globe Earth' is simply a biological realm of punishment and suffering, a place where you deserve to be, but it is also a realm where He the Dark Sovereign Power can and will deceive you more, so that you will suffer more and more in perpetuity.

It was and forever is a "forbidden" Act to sup of the fruit of evil, (The use of punitive force) and the more you hunt down and persecute and punish other criminals for their dark deeds, the more of a criminal you become for stealing more dark energy from the Dark Sovereign Power and, your own soul becomes stained darker, and greater becomes your spiritual 'suffering' dues unto Him.

The Dark Sovereign Power through His 'Agent' known as the Serpent observes everyone that is actually, factually, or complicitly active in their contravention of the Command of the Light of God: "Go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving of those yet sinfully living" Command and, - - -

It follows that any person 'controlling or interfering' in the lives of others or, any person that is involved in 'investigation, persecution, prosecution, detainment' etc., for the purpose of punishment is an offensive criminal, deemed as being one to be sent to a lower state of consciousness in the after life, where His controlling and punitive forces in that realm are more cruel, perverse, and punitive.

It is the deceitful Serpent that via the minds of vain men of 'state' and their rules that states:

"You have My permission to walk free ONLY if you conform to the Rules of this 'Camp' as dictated by Me and, I demand a 'tax' for each and every 'activity' because you are a knave and you are My slave and, if you do not carry My ID identity 'permit' then you cannot be 'permitted' ANY freedom to do anything, and I will punish you for non-conformity."

The deception being that, - - - for as long as you do conform to his 'rules' and you do continue to fund the wages of controllers, legislators, enforcers and others involved in punishment, the more 'debts' to God you accrue, and more suffering becomes your due.

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So the only way to become spiritually free is to individually 'deny' the voice of the Serpent and ONLY give your funds away freely to benign community works that you 'wish' to fund, and that have no 'punitive' or invasive or dictatorial or warring ways within their Constitutional 'policy.'

The Serpent is so cunning, that he has 'stitched up' his 'sections' of the global prison using rules that he dictated telepathically via the 'sin' of pride, vanity, ego, power, greed, control, vindictiveness, etc., that are contained within the souls of all seeking 'glory' in the eyes of other mortals.

These rules justify the use of his 'force' as being the means for protection, and his earthly forces men say: "It is for your own good that we protect you," and it is thus that everyone is now forced to rely on and conform to his punitive and forceful ideology.

Yes, even his 'official' servants are blind to this fact because all their controlling, taxing, invasive, terrorising and punitive ways are 'backed' and mandated by TEXT, and all now 'bow' to the institutional Rules falsely perceived as 'the law.'

None seeing that He the Dark Sovereign Power Dictator and prison Commandant is forcing them all into continued defiance of the Light of the Creator, and all daily accrue a further 'punitive' DUE, payable either prior to exiting this Globe Earth Prison Camp or, when 'arriving' at the next lower spiritual destination that is a more 'formidable' place.

Prison Camp 'Globe Earth' is a place where coercion and force is applied upon you by serving members of the 'constabulary' and prison officers that are unknowingly implying that, - - - you are an ILLEGAL person and an OFFENDER if you do not fund, condone, and support their institution and 'bow' to their commands and regulatory statutes.

None of them or you realising that all that so do 'bow' and conform are in fact aiding the controlling, extortionist, and punitive regime, and thus all deserve to be controlled and taxed and punished more.

The Dark Sovereign Power has permitted my Light (pure soul) to enter this 'Camp' so that I can place THE TRUTH at your feet to give you one more FINAL opportunity to turn over a new leaf and make amends to Him before He separates the recalcitrant 'wicked' from those that are seen by Him as making an effort to become good as they lay down their arms and conform to the Command of His Light that says: "Go your way in peace."

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If you read this line of text and you continue to fund, condone, support, or work for* any punitive 'war' machine or punitive and controlling regime in ANY capacity, then you have identified yourself as being a 'wicked' person of criminal intent and deed, and for sure you will 'bleed' and suffer on for a very long time. For in the eyes of God it is a criminal act to assist the operations of any institution that is operating in contravention of God's Command.

Note: work for* - As 'workers' employed by 'governing' institutions of man are both operationally benign as well as inquisitional, enforcing, and punitive, I can only give you a few 'pointers' because there are deeper implications, and 'naturally' the community still need the benign services, and most of these are within the 'control' of government agencies so, - - -

You can 'work' for any institution as long as it is only benign and,  as long as your personal 'work' is only benign and not controlling, inquisitive, or punitive or, it is not contributing to the 'injury' or detainment or destruction of others and, - - - you must not be 'paying' it the institution any 'permit' fee or 'tax' levy or other 'licence' fee to the coffers of that institution as a prerequisite for your services.

So if you are required to show any ID proof of identity 'approved' and thus 'licensed' by it before you can work for it, then you should not apply for the job. If you are required to pay a 'tax' to the institution after receiving a wage from it, then you cannot work for it.

It follows, that if you are presently engaged in ANY work for any government 'agency' or community 'council' today you are in spiritual danger, for all are dictatorial and punitive. It is now the time to totally disassociate yourself from being an 'employee' of any punitive organisation of man.

The Globe Earth direction can be seen as escalating insanity, irrationality, confrontation and destruction, and this is a negative vortex that is similar to a tornado in that its 'conclusion' is the total destruction of material property and, in the spiritual sense it is the annihilation of the souls of all mankind that become 'trapped' by the dark and vengeful and destructive emotional energy.

He the 'Camp Commandant' is telepathically inciting people into perpetrating more terrorism against their neighbours. He 'justifies' this activity in their mind and emotions for the SOLE purpose of dragging their souls deeper into the mire of agony and restriction and more torment and punishment that lies below and, because they all deserve to suffer their dues for being so untrue to the Light of Creation.

So I can only 'suggest' that you the individual come to your own decision as to whether your daily interaction with other members of the world community are in His eyes in conformity to His PEACE 'directive' or otherwise.

Please now begin to hear my 'voice' or you will DIE in your Sin.

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~ The 'taxing' extortionist thief ~

The national and global 'economy' is depressive and based on negative 'gearing.' Certainly the mass 'volume' of currency generated increases each year due to population increase and currency devaluation, but this does not have any positive effect on members of the community, for they have to earn more and more and more to survive.

The currency 'tax' levy extortion increases proportionately as currency devalues, and the cycle is a downward spiral into total oblivion for every individual, for as the poor become unable to survive, their emotions and minds become driven by dark thoughts and they then go forth and take from others by 'stealth,' and ultimately by force of arms when survival becomes the 'order' of the day.

All the 'top men' of the prison camp sectors around globe Earth 'happily' wine and dine on the 'cream' of the crops grown by the prisoner slaves, being the simple inmates of Prison Earth. They see not that their glass castle of 'power' is built on sand, and neither do they care nor understand the error of their ways, for they are happy to simply be the 'elite,' that are looked up to by the others on the street.

These 'top gun' politicians, chiefs, kings, queens, and other war lords all preen themselves as they strut around in self importance, for they are all of the belief that what they do is the 'best' for me and you and their God, none seeing that HE the Dark Sovereign Power is using them to PUNISH all eternally for everyone's ongoing iniquity.

These blind 'idiots' raise up more and more rules to protect and control people, and this means;

More interference in the lives and businesses of people
More punitive measures
More taxation

All the above equals less freedom of movement and less productivity and more financial costs to the people, and the purchasing power of currency falls annually and the cost of purchases increase annually, and thus after a 'time,' all will become homeless and be unable to afford to eat.

Not only this, but all the control and punishment and interference by officials means less mercy, compassion, and forgiveness, and all defy their Creator more and all accrue a greater karmic due within the frame of God's Law and all eventually suffer more and, - - -

The State department of every land is 'inquisitive' because its 'forces men' are the 'eyes' of the Serpent, and they go forth inquisitively interfering in every aspect of living due to the fact that their intrusiveness is backed by the might of the sword of the Serpent and, He knows that every one of His prisoners on earth and under the earth in every lower realm has accrued a due and, that NONE deserve to live in peace and harmony.

The invisible Prison Commandant smiles gleefully as he sees that all his prisoners are on their knees bowing to Him and His dark ways, as they go about singing their praises of joy and acclaim to man and God. Seeing not the gigantic 'plot' to destroy them one by one, and every one of the 'top men' by Him will also be brought undone once they have served their 'temporary' purpose in His 'pay,' and greater than any others will be their suffering on a later day.

Surely you can see that it is insanity for people to even believe there is freedom or democracy when nothing can be done without FIRST obtaining a paid for 'permission' certificate in the form of a licence 'fee' denoting that you have asked the 'authority' and paid it a monetary 'levy,' for that is your 'permission' slip.

When you pay a 'fee' tax it shows that what you are in fact doing is ensuring that IT the dark maintains its control over you, for it needs your 'money' to fund the weapons and wages of its warrior forces. Certainly you live under the impression that they are maintaining orderliness and peace, but that is simply a delusion, for when it the Dark is 'ready,' it simply sends out 'someone' to invade your 'sector' of the global Prison Camp, and utter turmoil, terror, destruction and misery results, and all 'suffer' a lesser or greater bit of their spiritual dues accrued.

There is only release and surcease from suffering when you THE INDIVIDUAL lay down your weapons and, you stop funding any punitive institution with its punitive POLICY that is in contravention of the Command of the Creator.

page 9

You must not 'wear' any identity that is imposed upon you coercively by any other person. You must not carry any ID identity that is imposed upon you by others that via legislation say: "You must carry this ID of ours and produce it whenever it is asked for so that you are able to prove who you are." For this form of ID denotes that you are a SLAVE to the Dark force that inspired the 'unconscionable' text in a book.

You may 'register' your name and address and date of birth etc., to any benign organisation that needs IT in order to be able to provide you with a service or, so that they can contact you if you wish to be a service provider to them.

You may 'register' your name and address and date of birth etc., to any benign organisation that needs IT in order to be able to provide you with a certificate of competency in your chosen profession stating that your endeavours have met the standard of excellence of their institution.

It is entirely up to you as to 'when' and with 'whom' you wish to reveal your identity to.

It is God that sees ones every intent and deed, and for you to become free, it is you personally that needs to implement the 'changes' to the positive as given by God via me. Do not ID identify yourself with anyone or any institution that controls the land forcefully.

My 'pen' says: "Burn every licence' or 'permit' of authorisation form of ID that is a 'receipt' denoting that you have paid your due to any institution of man that controls or punishes others or yourself using the 'back up' of force of arms for any non-conformity."

My 'pen' says: "Burn every 'pass' book ID such as a 'passport' that is proof to the institution that you are 'one' owned by IT and enslaved to ITS text book authority and controlled by ITS earthly forces."

My 'pen' says: "Vote for no man to be 'head of house,' for only God and His "go in peace" Command is what man needs to follow."

If you wish for the world to become a 'decent' place, then it will only begin to so be as you follow me, for everyone else that denies their God will be swept into the Abyss for an eternity, and that 'vision' has been seen by me.

Yes you will be disadvantaged by the operatives that uphold the Rules of the satanic one, and they will impose punishment that by you must be seen as your 'dues' to be met by you 'unflinchingly' and without retaliation nor by payment of any fines. This suffering is simply payment for when you supported the iniquity imposed upon others by the institution of darkness when you supported it and funded it.

It is better to 'starve' and suffer or be a prisoner for a time rather than for ALL eternal time, and only those that willingly so do will obtain their FREE 'passport to heaven' and eternal freedom.

Try and understand that the 'approval' of the State and the 'permit' permission fee paid as required by State 'operatives' prior to you doing anything, is not the requirement of the Light of God, it is the requirement of the Rules that force everyone into bowing to the Lord of darkness.

I am not an 'approved' or 'licensed' by the State  'Teacher of Truth,' so it is up to you to 'consider' my teaching as to whether it is of 'worth' to you or otherwise, and if any institutionalised person seeks to punish me for any apparent 'infringement' of the rules in their unholy books then so be it, and their name will become lost forever in the maze of darkness that lies below in the underworld of eternal torment.

page 10

~ The 'warrior' Services men ~

Police and other enforcement agency men need to ask themself:

"How does God view my actions? Is it true or false that simply because I believe in my mandate to 'operate' that my mandate exonerates me from 'suffering' within God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law? Am I really entitled to do all the bad things that the common man is forbidden to do by the Creator and by the 'conscience' of decent human beings?"

"Am I truly 'free' when I interfere in the lives of others and arrest, detain, seize goods, smash down doors and buildings, kidnap, transport prisoners, imprison, abuse, torture, cause harm and kill? Or is there the possibility that all these activities will have a 'comeback' to me as well as to the public that fund me?"

"Is it just possible that the Creator would condone my actions if I only hauled in persons that did disturb the peace of the land, and I handed them over to community members to have them counselled and educated rather than being fined or imprisoned?"

I say that all mankind need to now look forwards, and forget all past precedents 'set' by arrogant men like 'Caesar' who assumed he had the divine right to control, tax, enslave, punish, wage war and destroy God's children. He did not.

I can assure you that his soul lives on in a very dark realm below where there is no light and, I can assure you that other even more angry and arrogant men crush his ego and cause him excruciating pain every passing moment of eternal time and, I can assure you that their minds are also controlled by the Camp Commandant who telepathically tells them to do so.

Warriors and other services men need to understand that in the eyes of their Creator it is NOT 'honourable' to control, tax, enslave, punish, wage war and destroy God's children. It is only deemed honourable by Him if you treat all with respect, kindness and compassion, and you humbly do your best to set them free of His Dark energy that they so stupidly 'stole' from His Domain as do you.

Let us now only condone, promote and fund benign community endeavours, and let us cease making demands upon any that infer to God that 'we' expect them to conform to our ideals. If they are 'useless' in what they do then that is their prerogative to so be and do, and if any 'suffer' as a consequence, then that is their 'due' unto God, for it is not up to you to 'protect' others. It is simply up to you to educate those that you can, through your wisdom and kindness.

For as long as you remain enslaved to the taxing, interfering, controlling and punitive IDEALS of any institution of man, the greater becomes your suffering to be, for the demands and expectations of the Ruling Decrees of the regulatory institution become greater and eventually they force you all to your knees.

Any 'policing' force or Army cause huge amounts of mental, emotional and physical suffering, and material loss and destruction of property and much 'collateral' damage and unseen emotional trauma and, what you and the forces men need to realise is, that all this 'injury' to other children of God has to be suffered by YOU in order to 'satisfy' the "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" Law of God in order to balance His 'Scales of Justice' before you can rise up to the light of heaven and live free of restriction, terror, abuse and other suffering. 

It follows, that relying on a community agency that use 'force' in order to protect you is NOT protection, for what they do in your name has to be done unto you to fulfill God's supreme and 'Just' Law.

It follows that any form of 'anti- terrorist' protective measures carried out to save you from injury are useless, for only if you deserve to be 'injured' will you be in the wrong place at the right time chosen by God. So ones suffering 'fate' is unavoidable when we are the instigators of the suffering of others.

Far better to sit on an aircraft next to a known terrorist with a bag full of explosives, so that you have the opportunity to give him your good counsel and thus save his soul as you 'defuse' his troubled mind, and at the same time you save your own, for if you report him for the purpose of punishment then, - - - will 'God help you'! - - - No, He will punish you.

When you identify yourself with a 'Voter' ID number to vote in a new President, then you become complicit to the injury imposed upon others by people employed to uphold the 'command orders' of the 'text' contained within the institutional Rule books and, as you in this way unknowingly wage war upon others you turn against God, and HE becomes your enemy and I can assure you, that HE is invincible.

Try and understand that NO 'activity' of man that contravenes God's Command ever goes unpunished. It cannot, for it is carried out by the Dark Sovereign Power in the time and place and spiritual 'space' so ordained by Him, so as to maximise the suffering for all concerned with  the V - for Vendetta process of inquisition, torture, and punishment. (What errant man sees as 'Correctional accountability')

The ONLY thing you as a true believer need to protect yourself against is, - - - losing control of your MIND, for that leads to insanity, instability, irrationality and loss of respect for the lives and livelihood of others, and you become either depressed and suicidal or, you become vindictive, demanding, unforgiving, retributive and defiant of God.

ID identify yourself with God as being a benign, loving, peaceful, kind, compassionate, merciful and forgiving creature. A "Good seed."

Let no man say unto another: "Give me your ID identity and thus prove who you are."
Let no man say unto another: "Pay me a wage to protect you, for only thus are you safe."
Let no man say unto another: "Here is some money, please use all the force at your disposal to protect me."

ALL are presently defiant of their God.
ALL are presently outside the divine protection of their God.
ALL are presently within the punitive hands of the Dark Sovereign Power. (God)

page 11

~ Community local Council ~

These few words are to prepare you a little for the changes that will take place not too far away. You have all been 'indoctrinated' into the negative and controlling and punitive  system of belief whereby there is nothing you can do without first asking 'someone' permission. Be it the Federal or State or local Council departments that then 'refer' to their standing books of RULES.

You cannot 'fly' away without a passport 'clearance.' You cannot build a home or do many other things without 'permits' and permission from someone else. In fact you have been 'led' by the nose as a 'bull' enslaved from birth unto death. I wish to make it clear that this 'way' is soon to fall away, as fear and confrontation and utter devastation soon encompasses the whole planet for many reasons, as given on my main web site 'home pages.'

The 'strictures' forced upon every community by 'rules' imposed by their 'governing' Council officials and legislators must now be seen for what they are - INSANITY - being the absolute control of the lives of others brought on by vanity. This 'enacted' way has caused many problems that now affect you and all.

The 'least' being that as land 'use' and zone classification is regulated it is almost impossible for any 'farmer' to break up their land into small 'lots' for sale at the today rural land prices. This results in the never ending escalation of 'town & city' land prices that are already far above the 'reach' of the average person.

Desperate times are at hand, and every person living by the sea will need a 'section' of land and, not only this, but already the youth of the day and others need to be able to access land at a low cost so as to enable them to start a new life. I can but 'suggest' to farmers that they now 'brave' the wrath of legislation, and simply mark off 'acre by acre' sections with 'common' access areas, and offer them for sale to the youth and to any 'needy' that they feel would benefit.

They would also advise 'purchasers' that it would be their personal responsibility to supply their own infrastructure and, - - if any farmer is kind, they may sell the section at half price or a minimal price and, if they are a true 'believer,' they may even decide to give some sections away to others for free or, to 'permit' the needy to simply become 'squatters' on designated areas.

Soon there will be incomprehensible 'masses' of people moving back and forth across the planet from place to place, and they will ask no other for 'permission,' and they will be the kind the cruel, the caring and the dictatorial, the loving and the destructive, the merciful and the merciless. Your God will observe your response, and if you are funding the 'gung ho' border patrol force then "God will destroy you."

It is now the time for the 'local' community in every village and town to 'reassert' their needs, and to advise their local 'Councillors' that the past regulatory and controlling ways must cease. It is now the time for every 'welfare' department to stop being a 'governing' and regulatory and 'taxing' body, and to become solely an advisory body and service provider that aids the community endeavours. If 'Council' workers do not conform to public needs then simply 'sack' the lot and pay them naught.

As the planet 'relapses' into total chaos there will be the need for you all to read and seed your minds with the fresh wisdom of my pen, that has been chosen by your Creator to guide all out of the Lion's den of 'Caesar' and into the Light of freedom.

If you feel the need to aid others from over the sea, then they must be free to visit and stay without any other having any 'say' on the matter. I hope that you begin to see the new way that is soon to be, as all 'controlling' books of RULES are buried or burnt, and all become simply sisters and brothers that are free to roam on earth's sea or loam.

Let it here be now said, that these are the END DAYS when many will suffer and feel dread and, let it also be said that any person or a person in any 'position' of 'officialdom,' that interferes in the lives of others place themselves in a position of 'indisposition' in the eyes of their Creator.

No 'mandate' is any protection from the one Law of God that is now exposed by me as being God's:


"As you do is done unto you"  
love for love
given - abuse for abuse imposed.

What man 'presently sees as the 'Law' are simply the dictated decrees of 'Caesar' (State) now to FALL.
sanity and respect now prevail as God sees the true and the untrue and, - - - 
God will do what God will do unto you and you and you.

Remember, as exhaustion, frustration, anger, and desperation becomes the normal, great will become the pressure upon the minds of all of society, and cruelty, retribution, un-forgiveness, and savagery will become the 'order' of the day. Seed your minds with my wisdom and be prepared for every eventuality, as spiritual survival is the agenda of the day.

Mankind is enslaved to and follows the false doctrinal ideology of Satan, that is 'regulation and control and punishment and War.' It is the time for true believers to reinstate the TRUE ideological doctrine as Commanded by the Creator of "Peace unto all" that encompasses the Command to only "Be merciful, compassionate, and forgiving."

God says: "Ask and you will receive."
God did not say: "Plunder the pockets of community members to satisfy your demands."

page 12

~ The BIG picture ~

Do not work for, support, condone, or fund God's punitive earthly forces, because that 'policy' activity leads you to Hell and liquid terror.

Only the Free are not 'numbered' by the Serpent's "prisoner" ID identity. Only the Free give only their name to any other that says to them: "Who are you and where is your ID identity." For the Free are not 'afraid' to simply say; "God named me on my birth day through the mind of my mother and I need no other ID identity, for that 'Mark' would signify that I fund the Dark and its iniquity."

Yes, all of you that fund the punitive system of man are supporting the Dark Sovereign Power in His 'effort' to destroy others and yourself, so even as you 'register' or pay a 'fee' to the State for a 'tag' to clip on the ear of your cattle or sheep or 'skin' of a kangaroo or other pelt you are funding iniquity, and you become more GUILTY in the all-seeing eye of the ultimate Destroyer.

You see not that HE the Dark is simply extracting His dues through you as you pay him a 'levy' for every movement or transaction, and the more you pay Him the higher goes the cost to you and all on a later day and, - - - as long as you keep funding Him the more in debt you become.

The Dark controls you through FEAR of reprisal from His state officers that use His book of regulations. The Dark controls its Camp 'officers' with pieces of silver and their uniform that keeps them dutifully bound to defy the "Go in peace" Command of the Light, and to fight you if you do not conform to His dictates being, - - -

That prior to carrying out any business or other activity you must first pay a 'levy' tax or licence fee that funds His enforcers and pays off some of your ever growing debts to Him. He via the State states that every activity must be approved by His ruling decrees (legislated acts) and paid for.

You need to try and see that you do not have to pay ANY licence fee or other tax or 'levy,' but the day you decline to so do, you will be hunted down and 'purged' by His ignorant, vain and arrogant earthly forces until they have extracted every OWED due to Him before you become a Free man spiritually.

Yes these forces men believe that they are as God or, they believe that their 'mandate' is God, and they believe that they have the right to control the free movement of others, and this is due to the power of their inner sin and, they see not the GREAT plot of their invisible 'Commander' to destroy them on a later day.

For they see not that their 'Orders' or mandate to go forth and punish you is simply the manner in which He 'entices' them to be defiant of the "Peace" Code of Conduct. They feel so proud and honourable as they uphold His black book of Rules.

There NO is such thing as benign 'Rule by Law,' for this rule by law implies being ruled by a malignant force that is cruel, greedy, proud, and vain, and its operatives are arrogant and vindictive due to the fact that they are forced to conform to the 'orders' dictated unto them by text. They are also forced to look upon others as 'numbers' with no name and no consequence unless they prove they are 'innocent,' and they are only perceived as innocent if they are a 'paid up member' that is complicit to the trail of torture and tears imposed upon all.

God the Dark Sovereign Power 'plunders' the pockets of His Prisoners (you) using legislators and their enforcers. The Dark aspect of the Source (God) is simply responding to our own negative ways and fulfilling His divine law as He balances His 'Scales of Justice.'

Every form of punishment is a forced and imposed 'sentence,' and it is only imposed upon those that in God's eyes are offenders. All 'criminals' are known by an ID identity number rather than by their name, and this is the material Mark of the Beast - the Devil - the Serpent - the Dark energy of God.

The punishment purpose behind the taxation extortion is, that taxes impoverish you and keep you enslaved to hard labour. The punishment behind increasing taxation and increasing impoverishment is that your funding of the 'taxing' system enabled the enslavement of others and thus you accrue a heavier penalty sentence.

The punishment purpose behind imprisonment is that prison brings your 'living' to a halt. The punishment behind increasing prison sentences and less 'freedom' is that your funding of the 'punitive' system enabled the punishment of others, and thus you accrue a longer penalty sentence.

Try and see that Your: Tax file identification number. Your: Business registration identification number. Your: Car registration identification number. Your: Boat identification number. Your: Builders licence permit identification number, and every other 'licence permit identification number' are receipt dockets 'permitting' you to operate and, - - -

They are 'proof' that you are owned by 'The authority' as one of its slaves, and at the same time it means that you daily accrue a further penalty in the eyes of God because a 'portion' of your funds are used to control others, tax others, and to punish them.

Benign receipt dockets are different, being payment for services that you were NOT forced to have e.g.:
Dentist, plumber, and other services that are available if you call upon them.

Punishment is only imposed by the ignorant 'sinner' that is unknowingly being used by the Serpent.

page 13

~ The 'religion' Fraud ~

The Dark force via its Dark earthly mainstream 'religions' and other sects keeps you believing falsely that God is only merciful, and via the minds and false teachings of these religions it (the dark) tells you that you can continue to 'sin' and avoid, 'void' or nullify the application of God's 'eye for an eye' Law if you are a mandated officer of state or, you 'praise' a past 'Avatar' or, if you pay a weekly 'tithe' to the institution and conform to its rituals.

The Dark force via its Dark earthly mainstream 'religions' and other sects has instilled the false belief of 'forceful protection & war' as being 'honourable,' and 'priests & clerics' wage wars against others and even today walk hand in hand with 'politicians' and their armed forces men.

Religion also taught that you were safe and saved through the 'suffering' of some other man. This falsity is exposed in detail on this web site in the 'Crucifixion of religion' paper and, - - - I can state quite categorically that all the suffering imposed by your 'institution' or your hand upon others must be suffered by you at some stage in your eternal existence. That is Justice is it not?

God's "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law exists and is in operation at all times.

As you all 'sing-along' and go about your daily seemingly 'good' business, and as you fellowship with one or another religion or 'sect,' you are all unaware that you are presently daily accruing a 'longer' prison sentence that will continue on in a 'lower' realm of consciousness when your soul departs the biological flesh.

Within the absolutely 'Just' and singular Law of God there is NO avoiding the 'return' due unto you.

Within the Light and benign aspect of God, you receive an EQUAL return Tribute of goodness and happiness equal to that which was given unto others via the energy action of yourself or your servants. The Light essence of God is forgiving and merciful.

Within the Dark and malignant aspect of God, you receive an EQUAL return Retribution of suffering and terror equal to that which was imposed upon others via the energy action of yourself or your servants.  The Dark essence of God is unforgiving and merciless.

God is ALL

God said: "Judge not lest ye be judged." God today says:

"Every one of you has judged falsely my children, and every one of you will pay the same price, the 'blood price' you invoked, and I can only suggest that from this day forth, that you judge your fellow man according to My decree being, that you can only judge those brought before you as to whether or not, in My eyes, they have disturbed the peace of the land and unwisely caused suffering or injury to any of My other children and, - - -

In this case you may judge them as 'Guilty' and as requiring correction in the manner as given by My messenger and, - - - if they have not disturbed the peace of the land and stolen from or abused others, then any judgement other  than "You are free to go" will be perceived by Me as unwise and unjust."

Politicians, Kings and other heads of State seek to use Constitutions and 'legislation' as a weapon  backed by force of arms as a means to their own ends as they extort money from My other children, and any 'Judge' that is honourable needs to be able to separate 'fact from fiction,' and thus not themselves be coerced or tempted by a 'wage' to punish any person that has 'offended' or rebutted taxing rules or the decrees of other men. No mortal stands above God, and God only condones the education of those that foolishly and arrogantly disturb the peace of the land as they interfere in the affairs of others. 

Any form of punishment is the 'invocation' of the Dark that so easily accesses the minds of the vain and arrogant.

Suppression of other 'criminals' using darkness is itself darkness in action., and all the participating 'combatants' be they uniformed and mandated or, be they clothed in black 'rags,' are all simply the ignorant revolving in ever deepening darkness. It is now the 'choice' of the individual at this point in eternal TIME if they wish to become free of bondage and suffering.

God is GOD, and I can assure you that SHE is in control of every destiny that seeks to ' Only love,' and She sets them free.
I can assure you that HE is in control of every destiny that seeks to 'control' and wage war, and He binds them eternally.

You can only 'dwell' in the Light of the Kingdom of heaven if you are in the eyes of God a peaceful, loving, kind, compassionate, merciful and forgiving person. If you are not yet 'that' but make the effort to so be, then the God of Love will assist you.

If you continue to be 'less' than that and make no effort to amend your ways then the God of Dark will keep you in bondage as the result of your own actions, and HE will ultimately 'consign' your spirit to the PIT of oblivion, for He 'suffereth not' the foolish that are vain, proud and arrogant.

He is the 'game keeper,' and you are permitted to fly around the place and to feed as do the wild 'grouse' but, - - - rest assured, there is absolute Justice and He carries the GUN, and you are eternally in its sight until you have paid every due to Him and, - - - He knows 'when' to blast you out of the sky so as to 'maximise' your pain before you hit the 'deck' of the Abyss and spiritually die.

page 14

The ‘balance’ of POWER

The balance of power in Globe Earth is presently ‘held’ in the hands of the 'mightiest' and most powerful and aggressive nation and, - - -

The balance of power is presently ‘held’ in each 'sector' of Globe earth by military style enforcement agencies that receive a ‘mercenary’ wage to uphold the statutes and rulings of men that backed by ‘force of arms,’ supposed ‘legitimacy’ and the gun.

These ‘official’ persons are all unknowingly working for the invisible satanic force but what they need to see is, that their ‘service’ is only being carried out by them due to their receiving a monetary wage, and once their pay packet dries up they will no longer be 'institutionally' operational and, - - -

What they and every community member needs to realise is, that there is already a very dark and clandestine force in place in every community on earth, and it is ‘poised’ and ready to replace the perceived benign and peaceful community political and judicial force just as soon as their minds tell them to in the manner exposed by my powerful pen.

Their ‘role’ is absolutely terrifying, cold, merciless, callous, cruel, controlling, dictatorial, punitive, warlike, and destructive AND it is totally unstoppable because, - - - their Master that controls their thoughts is the far distant and invisible ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY and, He long ago warned man that all would pay the ‘blood price’ for being less than kind and nice and, - - -

These ‘forces’ men are the ‘living’ dead that were incarnated up from dark spirit realms where forever they have upheld the DARK ‘eye for an eye’ aspect of God’s Law, and forever they have waged war upon each other and any other sister or brother that their minds directed them to, and forever they have suffered the painful consequence and, they will return to that level to again forever suffer and, - - -

Any of YOU that turn your hand against them will join them down below forever, and you will fight on forever and suffer forever because, as them, your mind will become totally controlled and enslaved to the warrior and punitive and vengeful and merciless warring Code of Conduct of the ultimate powerful dark energy of GOD.

What you need to realise is, that the use of darkness in your interaction with others results in IT the darkness consuming your soul. This it does silently to the point whereby you no longer have control over your thoughts, and you can become possessed instantly by the thoughts of the Dark Sovereign Power or His demons and, you will be TRUE and honourable in His eyes as you smite His enemies being ANY that defied the “Go in peace” Command of the Light.

These dark forces that walk in your very street in every land are presently ‘invisible’ and, what is more terrifying for you is, that they know not 'who' they 'spiritually' are and, they may well be seemingly kind and nice but, on THE DAY their minds erupt insanely they will go forth and shoot to kill or maim any their mind directs them to for NO pay, and already they begin to show up here or there or anywhere and, - - -

As every governing system of man crumbles and everyone stumbles, these 'clean shaven' citizens or ‘shabby’ dirty, callous, angry, fearful, hateful and vengeful men will roam far and wide as ‘piratical’ brigands and they will enslave, tax, extort, restrict, invade, control, punish, torture, and maim and kill ANY person that in their ‘minds eye’* needs correction.

page 15

 Note: ‘minds eye’* - Their minds eye being the eye of the Dark Sovereign Power that sees all and knows all and is simply meting out divine retribution in order to ‘balance’ His Scales of Justice.

 His ‘slaves’ or filthy minions will simply go forth in a crazed frenzy, and in fact they will be unaware* of what they do, but they will feel His ‘ecstasy’ emotionally as they ‘incinerate’ you and they are so ‘ignorant’ that they see not that what to you they do will by others be done unto them later too.

 Note: unaware* - Every politician, policeman and judge today is equally  ‘unaware’ as to what they are in fact doing unto you, for they also feel ‘justified’ and happy as they punish you. They now will be on the ‘sharp’ end of the stick together with any that funded and condoned their merciless ongoing iniquity, being you.

If you would become free to rise up into the Light, then you had better set yourself free* as given by me. For your every activity is judged by the Light of God and by the Serpent, the servant of God.

 Each aspect of the Source operates within the “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God, and gives unto you a ‘Just’ and equitable return, being a loving Tribute or painful Due.

 Soon there will be NO freedom of movement for any other than the insane, and once their ‘work’ is done and they have ‘died’ at the hands of others, and the ‘meek’ have been purged of their inner sin (negative emotions) then and only then will peace reign, and all mankind will ‘bow’ to the “Go in peace” Command of the Creator, and none will ever again use force to control, tax, enslave, punish, interfere or wage war.

Note: set yourself free*- Cease condoning, supporting, or funding any punitive or controlling or warring institution or other similar ‘body’ of men or individuals. Do not pay it or them any ‘royalty’ or tax levy. Do not carry any ID identity number* showing that you are ‘one’ of them.* Fund benign community works directly. Never raise your hand against any other for any reason.

 Do not fight terrorists, they are simply ignorant people being used by the dark and they will only do to you what you deserve and after receiving it you will become free if you do not retaliate.

 Extend your heart, your hand, your care and share with all others that God sends to your door. Fortify your mind as given by me in the Star Prayer and prepare to suffer and die quietly in a non-retaliatory manner.

Note: ID identity number* - Identifying you as a 'supporter' of the dark system delineated by a Tax file number, Business registration number, Licence to operate number, vehicle or aircraft or boat registration number, etc., that you received from them on payment to them of a 'permit' fee.

Note: you are ‘one’ of them.* - Means that by 'fees paid' you are funding the wages and weapons of the servants of the Dark Sovereign Power in paying taxes, licence fees and permits etc., and are thus 'marked' by God as an 'infidel' (non believer) and one to be punished and deceived and ultimately destroyed for being a bad seed. Fund benign community works directly or via 'office departments' that have no punitive aspects. Never raise your hand against any other using 'employed servants' for any reason.

page 16

~ The welfare recipient & the worker ~

This section is for the benefit of those of you that have 'saved' superannuation funds with the State institutions or other facilities and, - - - it is for those of you that receive an old age pension or a disability payment, or other form of 'benefit' from the punitive institution of man that is presently in total control of all mankind's endeavours.

It is also for the benefit of those of you that work for the various departments in said institutions and their subsidiaries, and the reality is that everyone to a lesser or greater degree has become 'dependent' upon this institution due to its interference in every aspect of life on earth.

In the foreknowledge that - - - irrespective of what I do or say, the Dark Sovereign Power (God) will soon 'break' the Systems of man that IT devised because, IT now wishes to extract ITS dues from everyone and, - - - if my prophecy is correct, then all funds given unto it via taxes and all funds held by it will dissolve and evaporate due to escalating insanity, confrontation and destruction and the resultant currency collapse across the Globe and, - - - every one of you needs to now come to a personally informed decision of which way you will 'turn.'

For ultimately the destiny of your soul is at stake, that is if you believe in God or that my message is from God, and you need to decide whether you will 'suffer' any loss quietly and peacefully or, whether you will demand your perceived Rights and fight.

In the foreknowledge that - - - funding from government agencies will cease due to you either being refused it or due to it drying up, you need to decide now as to 'where' you need to go to survive, and with 'whom' you can join with, and jointly make some provision for the desperate times soon at hand across every land on Globe Earth.

In the foreknowledge that - - - any person that continues to fund the punitive system of man accrues a 'suffering' penalty due to the Dark Sovereign Power. It is incumbent upon every State 'worker' to decide whether they seek to continue on in their 'dutiful' way, or whether to seek an income with a private sector service provider.

In the foreknowledge that - - - present 'welfare' recipients will soon have no daily 'bread,' and that every industry will soon shut down, and all funds will cease their daily 'merry go round' and sustain income production, every person in every 'industry' needs to begin to implement a strategy whereby they can show God their intent to help any needy person coming to their door as they make provision for coming times.

In the foreknowledge that - - - those in 'high' places believe that the 'poor' civilian must continue to feed them and their armies, all I can say to them is: "Be advised and warned of the consequence of 'requisitioning' (seizing) the goods and livestock of God's children for your own 'ends,' for this is an illegal act in the eyes of the Creator, and for SURE all persons that now continue to enter upon the 'space' of others and take what is not theirs to take, will be banished to the underworld for an eternity long time."

In the foreknowledge that - - - all systems are presently interwoven by both positive and negative 'works,' stalwart citizens need to begin to implement strategies where community works can be contributed to, and operated in a solely benign manner, having no 'permit' or other controlling and punitive attachments.

In the foreknowledge that - - - the more 'funding' you as an individual or you as a department demand from 'the government' of the land, the more its officials have to take from the community and, even though 'Robin Hood' foolishly stole from the rich, the 'Authority' controlling every land steals from the rich and the poor, and all suffer more for sure.

I do not have any more time to go into any 'finer' details surrounding "Right action in the eyes of God," and it is up to you to now take personal responsibility for your own soul, as you withdraw from demanding to be 'kept' by others and, you halt the funding of warlords and their ILLEGAL governments.*

If you already have a 'paid for' ID identity document that is your 'permission' to travel or engage in business etc., issued by a 'governing' Regime, then you must not renew it if you wish to begin to set yourself free from ongoing 'accruing' of spiritual debts of suffering and enslavement to the Dark.

NoteILLEGAL governments.* - Any institution of man that controls the activities of any person is an illegal institution that is in contravention of God's Command, and its 'ruling' decrees are treasonably imposed by the vain and ignorant for they are backed by the sword and the spear and the gun and the forbidden destructive FORCE of the destroyer.

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~ The eternal journey of the soul ~

Yes there are many of God's angels clothed in the flesh of this world, and they do wander around helping so many to become unbound of their misery by bringing happiness to earth, as they lovingly help the needy and prepare the 'ground' for the day all darkness is swept away and globe Earth becomes a Paradise.

There are two 'reasons' for spirit souls incarnating into this material world. Being that 98% of you are errant souls that have drawn in much darkness (negative emotions) into your souls, and you have karmic debts to 'settle' within God's Law, and you have entered from one of many other less than pure light realms to be educated by the wisdom of God via my pen and, - - -

The remaining 2% are pure souls that came down from the pure Light of heaven to hold your hands and help you to walk through your 'crucifixion' and subsequent purification, and these 'angels' that exist in every town and village as yet know not 'who' they be, and only they already have a spiritual return 'passport' to heaven. Being the power of their inner Light.

Vain and proud and vindictive emotions expressed turn you into a BEAST. Good emotions expressed keep you human.

Try and see the difference between an imposed ID identification that denotes that you are owned by an institution, being one that forces you to bow to its 'taxes' and rules, and an ID identification given by yourself for the purpose of facilitating ones needs.

Bowing to the dictates of man burdens your spirit soul, and delays its return journey to the Light from when it 'fell' from grace a very long time ago. Simply fund, condone and support benign community effort and, if you are a servant of the people, then NEVER use the back up of legislation or force of arms to obtain the funds that you believe that you require in order to aid them or yourself, you can only "ask" for their free giving donations.

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~ Land ownership ID identity ~
The Valuer-General's office

The 'freehold' ownership documents are presently fraudulent, and are the 'original' primary means for man to be taxed by the Dark Sovereign Power through His earthly 'overlords,' and their invidious control over man still exists today.

Certainly God owns the Earth He created and all the land 'sections' that man inhabit but, - - - the creative aspect of the Source would have it that every person is entitled to hold a true 'Freehold' Title over their plot of land, and thus be able to relax and not be annually taxed by any other.

So what you need to realise is "why" you are annually taxed increasingly as time passes under the 'guise' of 'Rates & Taxes,' for it is not simply a 'matter' of supporting the needs of any local community. For that aspect could be carried out simply by a contribution 'offered' annually to those elected to serve the needs of the community, and this action by God would be seen as benign and within His "Go in peace Command."

However, man succumbed through fear to the overbearing demands of warlords over the ages, being their coerced 'rape' and pillage of manpower, food, livestock and other supplies from the people they controlled. This 'tax' turned into a 'currency' based revenue raiser once the currency 'commodity' was invented, and the annually imposed 'collection plate' contribution was then based upon a Land 'value' Tax, that itself is based upon a 'Notice of valuation' docket issued by the 'officers' of the 'Crown.'

This 'docket' is the primary 'authority' given unto the local Council office, and it is a Decree by 'rule' that itself forces the local office to 'tax' any person holding a 'Land Title' ID number and, as times passes, the taxes are raised as the land value is increased by the Crown 'valuation' assessors.

The reason "why" the Dark Sovereign Power 'taxes' you via His earthly 'minions' is because you are condoning, supporting and funding the 'Crown' and its ongoing imposition of taxes and the punishment of others that default. This nature of imposed extortion is error and is what brings man to his knees for funding it. For by so doing, he is funding the wages of the police who themselves are forced to seize property or evict anyone that is a non-conformant.

I am not a 'Titled' land owner and if I was, I would certainly be happy to fund any road works or other community services provided to my 'estate' that I asked for but, - - - I would not fund any 'office' that had any forceful or punitive sector, nor would I agree that my land or buildings be 'taxed.' I would simply pay the services of private or public service providers that were solely that - - - service providers. Not 'masters' dictating their demands to me.

The 'longer' you 'submit' to the ongoing 'rates & taxes' fraud, with the accompanying interference in your personal affairs, the more you will lose in the long term and, the more penalty of suffering you accrue for funding the wages of those that enforce the interference, eviction and taxation of others. For as they accrue a 'suffering' spiritual due from their controlling, taxing, and punitive impositions, you also are complicit and accrue a 'share' of the same penalty within God's Law.

The primary purpose behind the land tax imposed by the Dark Sovereign Power through His earthly 'overlords' is to impoverish the people and, to keep them enslaved to hard labour because, this is their spiritual due for being untrue to their Creator, through their continued support of the controlling & taxing & interfering & punitive Regime of the Dark Sovereign Power.

Community effort must only be on the basis of the free giving of the community.

This would be my 'response' if I received a 'revaluation' assessment form from the Valuer-General of any State department:

Dear Sir, I am in receipt of your notice of 'Re-valuation' of my property, and I 'wonder' on what authority and for what reason you send me a note stating that the 'value' of my property has increased by $ 50,000, thus raising your total valuation to $150,000?

It also stipulates that this notice is only a notification, and that it is not a demand for payment of rates and taxes and, it goes on to state that if I wish to respond or 'query' it that I need to give the property ID identity number.

Sir, I do know that a very long time ago a vain 'King' declared that he owned all the land 'held' by his 'crown' using force of arms and, - - - I do also know that the only reason for any ID identity MARK issued by your (his) office is for the sole purpose of taxing & impoverishing the occupants of said land so that he can 'wine & dine' freely and fund his ongoing control of the masses.

I wish to advise you that the reason for the 'new' increased valuation is because another department of the 'king' will use it as their 'justification' to increase their tax demands that they issue under the 'guise' of rates. The 'statutes' of your own institution state: < The Act provides for statutory valuations to be undertaken by the Valuer-General for rating and taxing purposes on a cyclical basis. >

I further add that as the 'land' and all the structures and contents upon it are mine, they do not belong to any 'king' or state department, and thus you have no 'business' advising me of anything. Did I 'ask' you to give me a valuation appraisal of my property?

The jurisdiction of the land lies solely in my 'hand' and it is now the time for your 'king' or 'crown' and his 'forces' men to understand that my KING the God of Heaven is the one that enabled me to acquire said property, and thus it is not 'yours' to interfere with and, - - -

Whether I paid for it with 3 sheep or a cup of tea or, it was given unto me should be irrelevant to you, and if I sell it for $1000 or I bequeath it to another is also none of your business, and this fact both you and your institutional 'heads' need to recognise and, - - -

Anyway, even if the land was owned by your king and leased to me, what you also need to understand is, that the 'currency' value that you place upon it does in no way 'reflect' upon the actual value of the land, for if you now say that its value has increased by $50,000 since your previous valuation or time of agreed 'lease agreement' amount, then I would say that due to the mismanagement of your own currency, that its value has dropped by 30%, and that in my opinion would be NO justification for you to try and burden me the 'lessee' with paying you more. For the land is the same as it was and will forever be.

Be advised that no land on earth is 'owned' by anyone unless they paid for it by the sweat of their own brow or, they 'carved' it out of God's forest themselves, or they were bequeathed it by another, and your Department most certainly does not own my land.

Please be advised by me that my land does not need your ID identity, for as said, your 'authority' over me is ZERO, and if you think that you have the 'right' to use force to steal or take anything from me, then you are wrong. But "Yes," you can if you and your 'armed' forces so 'wish' to but, - - - your spirit soul will become NOTHING and you will see nothing, as your 'lights' go OUT in the Abyss below.

Please now seed your mind with my wisdom and stop working as a 'legitimate' THIEF.

page 19

~ The marriage 'celebrant' ID identity ~

The Dark authority operating through the mind of vain men via its/their statutes  states and believes that: "Nothing is 'legal' until and unless it has been applied for, approved by, and 'licensed by'* the State,"

Note:  'licensed by'* - The payment of a fee 'tax levy.'

I give an simple example:

If I say to you a lady and your man or, to you a man and your lady; "By saying "I do" in God's sight, and in declaring your love for one another as true, you are married." I have stated a truth unto you.

But, - - - the State 'authority' or other would not accept this nor give their 'blessing' as such, for they would 'declare' that your love for each other as being 'invalid and untrue' and, that you were possibly 'living in sin.'

Whereas if I had a 'paid for' licence ID number denoting me as an 'approved' marriage celebrant, then the State would approve the declaration of love, and would believe that your love for each other was real. It is ridiculous is it not? for in the first instance, it is not the 'business' of any other mortal as to your personal love affair with another. God says:

"If you wish to have a celebration event that is 'witnessed' by one or more of your friends during which time you openly declare your love for each other, and your intent is to go forth from that day together on life's road and, - - -

To raise a family together and to support each other through 'thick and thin,' then you may do so with ME as your invisible witness, and you may also have your earthly witness 'celebrants'* and be legally a delight in My sight.

You are only 'divorced' from Me when you 'fight,' and when you fight each other you prove to Me that you are 'unworthy' and in need of My correction.

If you were 'licensed' by any state authority, then the 'permit fee' paid was an 'ownership' docket enabling you to be persecuted within the court of man, and that 'Policy' I ban."

Love, simple love is the BOND. If your love is by the other seen as 'unfulfilling,' then do not give them a 'grilling' for loving some other sister or brother. Stay true to Me the God you cannot see and I will  send you one to 'satisfy' thee if I see that you deserve it."

Note: witness 'celebrants'* - those celebrating your joy with you.

There is an 'overriding' factor behind every activity of man, and that factor has grown within the psyche of all due to the 'longevity' of time that it has existed within every community on earth. It is the imposition by 'force' factor of control over the lives of God's children that has crept in over the ages, and it has hidden itself from our sight as easily as the dust mites in our mattresses that come out at night.
It is the invisible Dark force that via the Rules of man states:
"If you do not conform to my dictate you are a 'low life' - so 'Pay up and conform - - - or else I will punish you."
It is the invisible Dark force that via the Policemen states:
"If you do not conform to my dictate you are a 'low life' - so 'Pay up and conform - - - or else I will punish you."
It is the invisible Dark force that via the Court of man states:
"If you do not conform to my dictate you are a 'low life' - so 'Pay up  and conform - - - or else I will punish you."

It is the force that backs up every one of its dictates with control over the living ways of everyone, even those that would entwine on a life's journey of LOVE with another one. It is the ultimate extortionist that all have assumed to be the natural way of living, being, to obtain permission and $fee paid prior to doing anything. This is error and the false way. God says:

"All saying: 'If you do not conform to my dictate you are a 'low life,' so 'Pay up  and conform or else I will punish you,' are extortionists operating under the guise of legitimacy."

If you wish to 'adopt' a homeless 'waif' or child, then you may so do without any ID identity licence fee, for this simply means that 'ownership' of the waif has been passed to you by the 'authority,' and I say that no 'authority' or person 'owns' any other and, anyone can have an 'open door' policy where others can be invited to live or stay for a day or year or less or more without the 'intervention' or 'permission' of any other. It is not for any other to decide upon your 'credibility' other than the waif or her/his mother or father if she has one.
You may also say to your adopted 'visitor' on a later day: "I no longer wish you to stay with me so please now move away," and you assist them to move forwards, and your God will observe the 'situation' as He has been doing forever and a day because, both the 'waif' and you are His children and His responsibility, and all He expects of you is to treat His 'younger' children with love and care and respect as you share your wisdom with them for the time you are together.
~ The ID identification of a Terrorist ~
In the eyes of man & in the eyes of God

Is it not 'insanity'? or is it simply vanity wherein the State 'authority' by the ruling of its rules 'permit' some people in the community to wear 'black' masks, to carry weapons in public, to smash down doors, to invade ones privacy, to seize and steal their property, to dispossess them from their home and land, to steal funds out of their bank accounts, to cause mental and emotional stress, to cause injury, to drag people out of their homes, (kidnap) to detain them for as long as they wish to in cells, (keep them as hostages) and to even kill them?

It most certainly is insanity and is the arrogance and vanity and ignorance of all that pervades every society in this sorry 'earth globe' land, where the police and other 'mercenary Dark forces are 'permitted' to carry out every 'contraband' activity in the guise of "It's alright and its a bright and pretty activity if we do it on your behalf."

Are these persons not themselves terrorists in disguise? Do they truly believe that a 'writ' (written note) by a man is actually a valid reason to defy their Creator simply because the 'magi' man has by some other man been 'permitted' to do wrong by mandate of his permit ID number?

How do you or I identify a person as 'intending' to be a terrorist or, factually being a terrorist?
How does God identify a person as 'intending' to be a terrorist or, factually being a terrorist?

You need to now ID identify the real Terrorist that is 'killing you softly, silently, secretively, mercilessly.'
It is the invisible Dark force that via the mouth of vain 'political' men says:

"You need Me to look after you because you cannot live on your 'own' because you need 'direction' and you need My 'protection,' and for this you need to pay me a fee every singly day for every activity or non-activity."

If you want to know 'Why,' then I say that it is because you are all 'criminals,' and none 'deserve' to be free of the Dark force for being so arrogant and unwise as to defy God's "Only love" Command that issues forth from the skies.

This invisible 'terrorist' mastermind is the driving force that incites man's vengeful, greedy, vain, and destructive emotions, and it inspires their thoughts. It is the same force driving an uncivil 'civilian' perpetrating domestic violence, as well as those named 'militants,' religious zealots and those naming themselves 'the legitimate government.'

Every government institution of today is a militant controlling group that believes that IT and its 'officers' have the sole Right to 'determine' the conduct, the activity, and the 'way' of all mankind within their forceful and punitive control. Yes, the  system's workers believe that they using 'rules' can inflict the 'rulings of rules' upon all for the benefit of all.

They are terrorists being unknowingly 'driven' by the Dark Sovereign Power unto their own destruction.

Any person using the back up of force of arms or coercion or deception in an attempt to force you to comply to the 'ways' of the 'vote' of the majority or the ideals of even ONE other is a terrorist in the eyes of the Creator.

If you 'capture' another person for the purpose of punishment then you are a terrorist being captured by the Dark invisible Power. You need to ask yourself: "From whence come all the 'thoughts' in the mind of men that give them the 'idea' to require others to be 'licensed' for every activity and to be punished for non-conformity"?

The Dark seeks to maintain CONTROL using the mind of the vain and the fearful that fear to be 'exposed' to possible danger from a stranger. None place their 'faith or trust' in God because they are deaf and dumb, blind and unkind as they plod along.

More and more RULES = more and more tax levies = more punishment factor.
This requires more and more enforcers = more taxes, control & impoverishment & more rules ad infinitum.

Every 'permit' or 'receipt' has an ID number 'registering' that you have been MARKED by the BEAST as 'one' that has funded His 'WAR machine' that controls, interferes, invades, abuses, tortures, and kills all opposition. Payment of any 'royalty' or tax levy means that you are a slave of the Dark Sovereign Power. Free giving for community requirements is the only positive way forward.

Terrorists as perceived by God are those that carry any form of 'weapon' in public, for they will use it to subdue, terrorise, or kill any their mind orders their hand to so do. They are also those that raise their 'vexatious' voice as they demand that others obey them.

Terrorists as perceived by God are those that go forth in any disguise that disturb the peace of others, that seize others property, that interfere in the lives of others in any way, that impose rules and regulations, that enforce rules or regulation, that demand that others bow down to their dictates. For all this dark activity 'terrifies' the fearful, and it does cause them to suffer mental, emotional duress and physical pain.

A terrorist is any person mandated or otherwise that goes forth to seize goods, reduce property to rubble, kidnap, abuse, punish, hold hostage, intimidate, or kill. God ID identifies you as being a 'terrorist' by association, through your supporting and condoning and funding terrorist activates.

Any form of punishment is bad, for it is abuse and injury' imposed, and it is definitely wrong action in God's eyes.
You must never 'punish' or fund the wages of others punishing God's children.

~ Tasmania Police Commissioner ~
Open letter
Dear Commissioner, as always my intent is to 'save' as many souls as I can from their bondage to the 'impenetrable darkness into which only I am able to see. I am particularly concerned with the services men and women that are so dutiful and 'honour' bound to serve mankind.
It is as you know my belief that they are misled by rules, and that they are in grave danger spiritually, (as are the public that fund them) and thus my continued efforts to do what I can to enlighten all to the point that they can begin to see a 'possibility' that my 'reality' could be real and true.
Soon the 'question' of ID identity rears its 'head' again, and due to this I have again arisen early each morning and wielded my pen, and what IT does say as for God and man it does 'sway' is quite 'alarming,' and the implications for all now deepen. Sadly we all have walked far into the dark side of the river and thus everyone has a 'due' to suffer in the coming times of dread.
The ID 'card' means that; - - - for those that 'have it not,' will not be 'permitted' by YOUR forces 'to travel, to work, nor to live in peace,' for they will be ostracised, evicted, hunted down, punished, incarcerated, banished to far lands and, even killed if you are so ordered to do by 'someone' else or, even your own 'fearful' minds if you feel threatened.
This document clearly delineates the difference spiritually between a malignant and a benign form of identity ID.
I do believe that as 'believers' in God begin to see the reality of what is taking place around them and what is being exposed by me, that they will ONLY wish to fund a benign community peace corps effort.
I do believe that there will be even more people that either do not believe in God or that are so fearful that they WILL continue to fund the wages of an armed 'protection' agency that are prepared (for a wage) to defy God and to go forth and KILL.
I do believe that there will be even more people that are so mentally 'disturbed' by negative emotions (despair, fear, frustration, anger, hatred, revenge) and, by telepathically induced thoughts from invisible demonic forces, - - - that they will run 'wild' and, they will do to me or you whatever their minds inspire them to.
It is certainly going to be an incredible time of liquid TERROR that for 'some' will NEVER end, for the end result of their participation in  being terrorists (mandated & uniformed or otherwise) will drag their souls down into the Abyss, where they continue ON being terrorised by others and terrorising others in perpetuity for the spirit soul lives on for eternity.
I do believe that Tasmania being an 'island' nation, that it has the perfect opportunity of leading the world in implementing change to the positive, and to also become a 'teaching' establishment where the new way of 'handling' offenders as given in my 'Feeling Easier Seminars' can be carried out by the TAS 'police'* once they become a true community 'peace corps.'
I do believe that if the police continue on in their present 'offensive' role, that they will soon be perceived by the greater community as a 'threat' to be fought, and it will then be too late for the mighty police 'army' to be used by the community in a benign role. This would be a huge waste of public money and, it also would mean that both the 'offensive' forces men and their 'citizen' opposition would become totally defiant of God and suffer the consequence as uncivil war erupts in every land.
I do believe that if you do not read my manuscript in its fullness, that you have in fact failed your God in your duty as 'head' of the Police force, and in so doing, you are also 'complicit' to those in the lower ranks continuing on in their 'bullying' capacity unto their own spiritual demise, for they rely on YOUR 'command.'
I say this, for they are presently engaged as the political 'strong' arm that is extorting never-ending amounts of money from the community purse and, you are engaged by politicians using funds from the community purse to wage war upon the community for and on behalf of said politicians via their rules that govern you.
I do also believe that once your organisation implements a community awareness program guided by my pen, that even the most 'hardened' criminal minds can be swayed, due to the fact that the core of every soul created by God is pure light and, once they do not have to fear you, and once they are enlightened by me, then your men will be happier also, as they will not fear to walk unarmed in the street for they will only greet others with a smile and a helping hand, as together we walk the last 'sad' and 'sorry' mile to the Holy Land.

It is truly the time for man to ‘identify’ the real terrorist mastermind behind the escalating power struggles, confrontation, and escalating insanity and suicide, being revealed by me as the invisible Dark superpower that is exerting His invisible influence over the mind of mortal man with the sole intent of destroying their souls.

Note: 'Feeling Easier Seminars' can be carried out by the TAS 'police'*  - These Seminars may be carried out by personnel from any 'ex' policing force that becomes an unarmed 'peace corps,' and also by any villagers in any town on earth that conform to God's Command and, - - - any person continuing to be a 'police' enforcer or any other armed man will be 'considered' as being a person needing to be arrested and 'corrected' if they interfere in the lives of others for any reason, and they will be required to attend a Feeling Easier Seminar.

Sincerely - Terence
~ Inspector Lieutier ~
State Intelligence Services, Tasmania
Open letter
Dear Inspector, I do believe that it is the time for the Commandant to realise that every new 'decree' raised up to regulate or tax or punish the community means that his forces 'men' and women are themselves then forced into accruing more 'karma' because they are the ones mandated and paid a wage to go forth and seize goods, invade premises, drag people away, hold them in cells etc., and - - -
I note your new (State Intelligence Services) 'designated' position, and do realise that the importance of it keeps its personnel so fully engaged in what others are possibly doing that is error, that they do not have the time to look inwards at their own deeds (in God's eyes) that may be leading them to possible spiritual danger.
The whole 'purpose' behind my 'Spiritual intelligence services' to humanity is, that my 'information' is given to me by the absolutely 'intelligent' authority that is all seeing and all knowing and, - - - my message to all is, that depending upon our 'intelligence' our inner wisdom our belief etc., we will take one of two actions when dealing with offenders, - - - merciful and benign, or merciless and malignant.
So the message sent to me by my telepathically inspired 'intelligence' Source states:
"I Command mankind to be benign in dealing with those of My children that are foolish, insane, vain, arrogant, cruel, abusive, punitive and destructive because - - - that IS MY Command and, - - - because it is I that IS THE LAW and, all of you are MY subjects that I subject to My "As you sow so shall ye reap" Statute and, - - -
Once you have 'investigated' and found 'someone' that is a threat to themself or another, then you are to treat them with respect, as you protect your own soul by not yourself becoming as them because - - - if you so do, then you place yourself within the punitive aspect of MY singular 'eye for an eye' Law, and it is you to also suffer ahead the same 'injury' that you buttered their bread with."
So you see the difficulty for me, for everyone is happily and busily 'whacking' everyone they see as offensive, and none see the 'Justice' of God that is in operation at all times and, my intelligence source also states that all the suffering imposed upon any by the policing forces IS the deserved due of their 'victim' - - - but not for the 'charges' laid at their feet by man - - - but for some past time when they defied God and, - - -
All the suffering imposed upon any by the policing forces becomes the deserved due of the police persons that operated for the Dark Sovereign Power as its earthly punitive agent. Hence my continued 'ask' of mankind to stop funding punishment, and to only fund the benign, educative, rehabilitation of errant man.
I see that the 'intelligence' services are the 'spear' head, and the arresting person is the 'shaft' of the spear, and the magistrate drives it into the soul of the other and ''inflicts" the injury they deserve but, - - - what of the consequence to all receiving the 'mercenary' wage of which I spoke of long ago - - - being the '30 pieces of silver' received by man from Caesar to 'do' the deed of saying "This is the guilty one in need of punitive correction," and I also know that the majority of people on earth are 'lost souls' and all demand that the guilty one be 'strung up.'
I add, I do believe that in this day and 'age' of merciless terror and unforgiving vengeance, that we do need an 'Intelligence' Agency, but not for the purpose of entrapment and punishment. The intelligence gathered needs to be used for the purpose of the 'arrest' of any person that intends to defy God and commit a criminal deed as delineated by God to be: "Being less than peaceful and disturbing the peace of the land."
This person may be 'arrested' and their deed thus 'thwarted,' - - - for the sole purpose of giving them good counsel so that they do not 'injure' themself spiritually.
Rest assured, any person that does 'suffer' at the hands of others did deserve it. Be it administered at the hands of 'Mandated Judges' or, by persons named 'Terrorists,' for all imposing punitive and retributive 'justice' are terrorists in the eyes of the Creator, and all at some stage in eternal time do suffer the consequence within the supreme Law of God.
Presently, all police officers not only go forth with the INTENT to disturb the peace of the land, but they by DEED so do as they punitively 'injure' others. Regrettably, they see not their 'intrusion' or 'addiction' to meting-out punishment as 'offensive,' nor as a 'disturbance' in the life of the other because, in their minds it is JUSTIFIABLE and, it was 'authorised' by Statutes.
I have spent over 20 years gathering "Intelligence" about the greatest threat and enemy faced by mortal man, and IT is also the greatest enemy of every 'enforcer' employed by man who will soon be faced by its FORCE operating though the mind and hands of others ignorant of its 'seductive' power.
I am simply TRYING to pass on this "Intelligence" to 'someone' and everyone with the intelligence to understand what I am saying, so that we can 'defend' ourselves against its SUPERIOR intelligence. Only when you as an individual REALISE that IT is 'invincible' and indestructible, will you realise the importance of defending yourself against ITS superiority.
The 'face' of 'terrorist' or 'punitive' man is simply 'manifesting' the retributive malevolence of the force driving his deeds, being the invisible intelligent Power that justifies their actions. It cannot be 'halted' or destroyed by weapons, but it destroys the user of its energy slowly but surely over time and more time.
Note: - The Commanders of the police armies of the world take their function 'orders' from someone. Is it the rules? Is it their superiors? Is it their political Minister? Is it their conscience? Is it a signed piece of paper docket? Is it their Creator? These 'questions' need to be resolved on an individual basis, especially due to the soon coming extraordinary times, wherein the various departments of governments will all be seeking to make use of the police force to accomplish their own agenda, and IT will be a V - for Vendetta one against 'someone.'
I go my way and wish you well Fiona, as I silently hope that ahead we jointly elevate Tasmania over the 'Style.'
Sincerely - Terence
Spiritual Intelligence Services
~ Intelligence ~
The 'Intelligence Services' of man

Intelligence is the capacity to be able to quickly understand 'something,' being the mental power or capacity to comprehend it. Most people do not realise that it also means the ability to give the 'unknown' its due consideration, for it may have intelligent 'comprehension' as well as an invisible and improvable capacity to influence the psyche of mankind.

Is man an intelligent being if he gathers 'intelligence'? "Yes,"
Is it possible that the 'gathering' of 'intelligence' keeps some people dumb or in ignorance of a truth? "Yes."

The answer to any 'equation' does lead to a conclusion, but if you are only 'interested' in the conclusion that you seek, then you may fail to intelligently observe the possible consequence of the journey, for it might have a conclusion different to the 'expected' outcome you were so diligently seeking.

What is the purpose of sitting in a 'cabin' on a raft that is floating down a river, - - - discussing with others the 'Intelligence' information each gathered so diligently during the day, if all fail to see the actual END result of their inactivity?

Being that they were so 'intensely' concerned with the importance of their 'program,' that they failed to stand up and look ahead in the 'possibility' of an unseen danger and, - - - the result of this inactivity was the sudden terror all felt when they heard a 'roar' and their raft was swept over the lip of a giant waterfall.

Where lies the possible danger in gathering 'Intelligence' when the sole purpose of the 'operation' is to help humanity, maintain the peace of the land and 'orderliness'? There is no apparent danger, but I say that it lies in the meaning of 'peace & orderliness' as perceived by others and by the invisible 'intelligence' God.

Is the invisible intelligence God the one that knows all or, is it men that think they know all that do know all?

If man was intelligent enough to simply seek 'Intelligence' so that his 'quarry' could be assisted into becoming a peaceful person prior to or after having erred, then God would say: "Man is enlightened and intelligent."

Regrettably man only seeks to gather 'Intelligence' for proven negative deeds. Be it for gain, control, extortion, entrapment, etc., with the gathered information being used to wage war 'against' his 'prey' in a dark, vengeful, and punitive way and, man then inflicts as much 'pain' upon the other as he can using the 'full extent' of the powers granted to him within 'rulings' of Statutes that were raised up by other men.

Due to mans ignorance, he fails to see that his own 'actions' are not only unkind, but that they are in contravention of the 'Statute of Liberty' clause known by the invisible super intelligence, and given to man by the power and authority of the super power intelligence. It the Statute of God stipulates quite categorically that:

"Those that gather information 'Intelligence' for the benign purpose of assisting others and thus maintaining peace & harmony will themselves live in harmony.

Any person gathering 'Intelligence' for the purpose of maximising the suffering of another is an 'enemy' of the State of Heaven and, - - - by God they are 'judged' as being offensive terrorists."

They are offensive, because they do cause another to suffer and to be 'inconvenienced,' and they do terrorise their enemy. I ask you the reader: "How can you 'identify' whether you are perceived by God as being an offensive terrorist?"

I say: "If you are 'active' in any role or capacity of injuring another or are bringing another person to 'account' for their misdeeds or their intent to commit a misdeed for the purpose of their punishment, then you are a terrorist in God's eyes and HE the Dark aspect of the Source becomes your invisible 'foe' who sets out with His superior intelligence to destroy your PROVEN bad seed.

No mandate of man or 'official' position in any 'agency' can void or nullify the judgement of God in this matter. You are only safe in your 'Intelligence' operations if the information gathered leads you to the conclusion that, - - - the person in your 'sights' is either "Free to go" or, is to be detained and assisted as designated by God.

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Whatever you do - - - by God will be done unto you.
That is God's Justice and is THE LAW of God in every land.

Man sees not that he is the 'black & white' spotted fish in a bowl, and surrounding him is a vast sea of super intelligence that is not only invisible, but that can effect 'change' to the little 'fish,' so that they can either become completely black and sink to the cold dark lower regions of the bowl or, they can become completely white and rise up to the warm bright region at the top of the bowl.

Yes, the intelligence that surrounds man is the infinitely superior intelligence of the all knowing energy essence of the Source, and its energy is both black and white, positive or negative, kind or unkind, and as man swims hither and thither doing his daily deeds, his soul draws on either one or the other or both of these energies, and they 'feed' his soul with a resultant END outcome of the ultimate spiritual 'equation.'

Being a very easy one, understood even by a simpleton that gives IT a little thought, for if your soul contains both positive and negative emotions that grow as they are watered by the ingress of white/good/benign or black/bad/malignant energy then:

White + black = white & black, negative & positive, malignant & benign.
White + black + white added ad infinitum = 99.99999% positive and good and free and eternally happy.
White + black + black added ad infinitum = 99.99999% negative and bad and confined and eternally miserable.

If you perceive 'punitive accountability' as being positive and good, rather than negative and bad policy, then you are lost.
Every time you do a bad = black activity in God's eyes you add dark energy into your soul.
Any form of punishment is bad, for it is abuse and injury' imposed, and it is definitely wrong action in God's eyes.

The superior intelligence of your spiritual ENEMY has the capacity to use you to destroy yourself, and ONLY you can destroy yourself, for your spirit soul lives on forever.

He the Dark Sovereign Power first 'cons' you into being His 'acolyte,' so that your deeds are of His dark and punitive inspiration, and He then knows that you are kept feeding on His destructive forceful and punitive energy through your arrogance and ignorance, and this 'act' destroys your soul as the weight of dark energy accruing within it drags it down into oblivion and terror.

The '1 against 100' TV program is a little example, in that the 'mob' of 100 tempt you to continue on into 'unknown' waters so that they can claim the 'prize,' and I say that you actually are 1 against 100 demons that daily, silently, and invisibly try to keep your thoughts focused on being their instruments of revenge accountability.

As this you do, your soul is drawn deeper into the darkness, and when you awaken from your 'reverie' you will be shocked at the 'tally' that they have recorded against you, being the suffering that your actions imposed upon others, and you will 'agonise' at what you now are accountable for at their hands and minds that will operate via the mind and hands of others as ignorant as you were.

The 'game' of life or death is not a game, for the invisible intelligence that I see is absolutely 'Just,' and it is infinitely merciful in its Light aspect realm, and infinitely merciless in its Dark aspect realm.

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I am giving mankind this information so that you the reader can come to your own personally informed decision as to its validity and, so that you can prepare yourself. For I say that there is no defence against God (the enemy) if in His eyes you have sinned and need 'correction' according to His singular Law for HE is unstoppable, invincible, invisible, and indestructible and, - - -

Even if you were to kill 100 or more other arrogant or ignorant men incited by HIM to bring you to account, then HE would simply send more until HE has accomplished HIS 'mission'* against you, and all that you would have 'accomplished' would have been to ADD more suffering and misery upon yourself.

Note: HIS 'mission'* - The balancing of His "As you sow so shall ye reap" on an equal 'Scales of Justice' basis.

Do you have the intelligence to understand what Divine Justice or Divine retribution is?

Identify your daily deeds as seen by the superior intelligence. 
You can as yet choose your own destiny or, you can 'permit' the Dark One to do it for you.

People are watching people watching people watch people. - - - "Why"?
Because everyone is fearful and all are being taught to be a "spy." - - - "Why"?

Because they have all become the 'eyes' of the Dark Sovereign Power and, He is using them to 'bring to account and convict' so that He can 'condemn' them the 'reporter,' for as they make the 'arrest' and punish, - - - He then does them condemn and He does them detest and, He will also 'bring them to account and convict them.'

Yes, the all-seeing EYE of the Source is now observing EVERY deed that each mortal does seed.

Rather than being complicit to any punitive conviction you should learn the word "Omerta" - For 'silence is golden,' for if you remain silent when pressured to speak out against any for a 'penny' or, for yourself to remain free from assumed 'complicity' due to your silence, then you are 'speaking no evil' about another, and no dark energy enters your soul.

If you call in the known 'peace corps' lads when you 'hear or know' of someone doing wrong in God's eyes, then you are being a 'golden angel' because the 'good guys' will go forth and capture them for the sole purpose of counselling them, and helping them to turn over a new leaf.

Punishment is the 'crime,' education is sublime.

~ Anarchy & Treason ~
'In God's eyes'

Who is ID 'identified' by God as an 'anarchist'? An anarchist is a person that is committing a treasonable ACT against the State of Heaven due to their defiance of the Command of God to "Go your way in peace and love one another" as they disturb the peace of this or any land.

This 'act' of Treason is absolutely 'abhorrent' in the eyes of God, and the maximum 'penalty' imposed by God the super power is spiritual death, being the eternity long confinement of a spirit soul in a 'tortured' state in the absolute dark of the inky black Abyss and, the further eternity long torment in the eternal fire.

The 'Vox populi' (voice of the people) words emitted by the legislators of 'Caesar' (State) and his enforcers and 'court' officials is the supposed 'backing' of the mandate of 'authority' as they say:

"All we do is by the 'democratic' vote of the people, and all we do is in their name and on their behalf and for their benefit."

It needs be understood by man that 'the law' backing the 'authority' of the Rules or Decrees of Caesar (State) that bring all to their knees in slavery and impoverishment and suffering is THE GUN and THE SWORD, wielded by an ANARCHIST that is directed and 'moved' by Rules, and thus he defies the HOLY WORD of God for a wage. If the 'State' sword or gun is backed by your vote and funding then you are an anarchist.

No 'majority' vote or mandate or 'order' or 'writ' of any man has the 'authorisation' of God the Creator to go forth 'armed' over the land to interfere, punish, or INJURE any other, nor to try and 'enslave' them to their ideological belief.

In this supposedly 'modern' day and age, every person 'born' into globe earth enters into a 'low' life level where 'anarchists' abound, and they are not only the 'obvious' and named ones, they are also the 'officials' and their 'minions' that govern every land and, it is they that are the non-believer ANARCHIST and, - - -

Their controlling, subjugating, taxing, punitive and destructive ways are TREASON in action and, - - - every person funding and condoning these atrocities are complicit in the eyes of the Creator and the Dark Sovereign Power and are deserving of punishment within the supreme and ONLY Law of this and every land:

"As you do will be done unto you."

Ask yourself: "What exactly is the meaning of the words 'The State Authority' that people use as their justification to demand your 'conformity' to the rules of their institution that they name 'The' Government"?

The FACT is, that its 'Authoritative Power' is the muscular 'strength' of many men and their guns or other weapons used to 'subjugate' man. This 'force' is what gives them the supposed 'Right' to rule you. The capacity to use force does not legitimise enslaving others to ones belief or ones rulings.

The FACT is, that as soon as some other 'army' or other 'race' or 'non-conformant' comes along with even more muscle and greater fire power, all scrabble and fight and to the 'Devil's' delight many pay their dues to Him and many more accrue greater dues and, the greater invading force  takes control and they also then say: "We now are the State Authority and you now must bow to our decrees and pay taxes to us."

So as you see, every 'land' has been taken by force and is controlled by force, and the 'citizens' of every land have by PRECEDENT been misled into believing that their dictatorial government is legitimate in God's eyes and it is NOT.

Force is the forbidden energy used by the Dark Sovereign Power through the mind and 'arm' of sinful mortals to invade, dispossess, control, punish, and destroy, and this it does in perpetuity as it tightens its 'grip' over the psyche of all that defy their God of Love.

The deceit of the darkness is that it says that one has to 'do it in this way' (by force, with force) in order to establish peace. This is error, for peace is only established as each conforms to their God. If you reduce it down it actually all 'boils down' to two men in a village, the stronger one with the axe, sword, or gun saying to the other:

"I am the 'important' chief (king) and you 'son' must live according to my ideological belief with its rules, for it is my 'rules' that are 'the law' and, they are backed by the authority of my GUN and, - - -

I command you to give me any or all funds that I need to support myself and, I will give you a little back if you behave and give me no 'back chat.' For if you do, then I will punish you according to the 1001 decrees I have annotated for you in my holy text book."

If you can ID identify yourself as being an anarchist in the eyes of God then you had 'better' amend your ways. If you cannot identify yourself as being an anarchist in the eyes of God then that 'objection' needs be stated to God for His deliberation and judgement.

The absolute Authority (God) stipulates that man will only be free from His (God's) interference, when they halt their interference in the affairs of His other children and, at all times His stipulation remains and reigns supreme: "Go your way in peace or DIE."

Let it be clearly UNDERSTOOD, as the rules force you to 'pay up' fines, taxes, or other licence fees and by this 'factor' you are supporting a Military backed government, it follows that you are unable to live according to your loving 'Christian' ideological belief of peace & mercy & compassion & forgiveness and, - - - you are being forced to live by the enslaving contra ideological belief of interference, control, regulation, extortion, punishment and war and, - - - it follows that irrespective of any 'other' religious belief you have, be it Buddhism or Islam, (peace) or any other, you are in fact in error in God's eyes, for in bowing to the 'rules' of mortal man you are in contravention of God's 'Peace, love, and mercy' Command.

~Rehabilitation ~

No punitive imprisonment alters the mental state of inmates to become positive. For every day a person is locked away their mind and emotions 'hum and strum' in the negative mode as dark energy is released within, and burdensome is their ongoing emotional load and they fear the 'boys in blue and black,' for they are proven to invade, interfere, detain and attack.

Mankind is daily becoming more de-humanised and moronic as punishment and aggression is seen as normal and 'just' and soon all goodness and mercy will become unknown and meaningless words as all become dark operatives who go forth each day looking for someone to 'report' for having failed to bow to the dictates of some new regulation and, - - - these informants will all be looking for trouble.

Fines and incarceration are not "Correctional Services," they are destructive forces at work using intimidation that breeds fear and 'latent' aggression. The revolving negative energy drawn into the soul of the inmate as they are tortured within grows as cancerous 'sin' that cannot be removed with any 'knife.'

Equally but in a different way, a policeman needs to see how easily they accrue a spiritual due, for when a person on parole fails to report in and are incarcerated, they have in fact caused no harm but the police 'person' is guilty in God's eyes for they have caused harm, and all endured by their victim becomes their own due within the absolutely JUST Law of God.

So it is simple text in a book of rules that force police to defy God's "Peace" call, and they go forth to arrest or detain or to 'serve' others with a 'summons' to attend their 'punishment factory.'

None seeing that they are perpetrating vindictive oppression through their 'obedience' to a book of rules that is itself not 'alive' nor has it any conscience, nor is IT interested in their activity, nor is the one that invoked the 'rule' even aware of the consequence of the interaction.

The text is the invisible 'ordering voice' that invokes the issuing of a 'blue' piece of paper that is used by the mercenary as his authority to go forth and disturb the peace, and it the piece of paper is to him more important than the living flesh of the person named upon it, for if they try to escape they will be 'tackled' to the ground and bound or shot.

The  'stripping' naked of the incoming 'inmate' to the remand centre and forcing them to squat down openly in full view of others is done in order to denigrate and humiliate and to compound the emotional stress factor of this 'victim' of the prison officials.

This practice is pure 'depravity' carried out by ignorant men having a perverted mentality who 'insanely' seek to subjugate a person that they have never met before, and they have the opportunity to exercise their own 'criminal' and beastly emotions that they justify simply because they have been 'told' that the one coming into their 'fold' has been 'marked' by a magistrate as a non-person for a time and a time.

The state enforcers that carry out such perverse activity see not their own humiliation on another day, when they will also be publicly exposed when God's Law fulfils its own 'obligation' unto itself, and God will place them 'similarly' with other cruel swine who will flay them alive for having been so stupid, blind and unkind to so many for so long.

There is no rehabilitation today, for even if an inmate has settled down for a year or two he can suddenly be presented with outstanding 'warrants' for long past parole violations, and in a moment utter despair is felt as their 'brain' is scrambled with thoughts, and feelings run riot within.

The instigator of the 'mission' of delivery of the form to the prison have no idea what they have invoked and imposed upon another brother, neither do they see the future extent of their own emotional despair for having 'violated' the "Go in peace and be merciful" Command of God. Yes, greater forces will invade their own space and crush their inner rose with a heavy 'boot' armed and projected with dark emotional energy.

All must now see the need for true rehabilitation and assist me to implement the 'Feeling Easier Seminars' so that all can become free. For any person that disturbs the peace of others needs to learn 'why' their mind let them down and 'how' to fortify their mind against 'errant' thoughts.

Why are enforcers 'happy' to bruise others mentally and emotionally for a wage?
Why are enforcers so determined to satisfy the written 'text' in a book?
Why do they suppress others to achieve a political conviction and themselves lose sight of the LIGHT?

Where has all the kindness gone?

It is time for mankind to be led by God, not by political men who all choose taxation extortion, control, slavery, punishment and WAR. If you choose to now follow your Creator then follow the message of TRUTH from God via me.

Man is only rehabilitated once they have learnt to never disturb the peace of others, and they are no longer indoctrinated with false institutional beliefs.

Enlightenment through EDUCATION is the way.

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~ The indictment of God against man ~

This is I the man to now man judge by bringing forth God’s "Edict" being God’s indictment against man who did his own soul "smudge" with deepening sin, as he turned away from God’s Light that was in his soul within. The indictment does read:

"You did seed evil by your personal actions against mankind.

You did thus bind your own soul over to the Devil who was the one who inspired you to others abuse.
You did thus lose your freedom to walk as a free spirit.

You thus are now to receive your "Just" punishment as foretold by ME your God of Isaac and Abraham.
You all now will be cast into the Lions pit where you will be incarcerated for a time and a "bit."
You will also be mauled and will suffer pain until you have paid your full due.

You will also by the darkness be "incited" to retaliate. If you do retaliate from the arrogance of your sin within then your "jailer" ME, the invisible God you cannot see will bind you for an eternity or two.

You by ME your God are now "reduced" to less than human until you not only pay your dues but also heed my dove who on earth does plod.

You by ME are also now further warned that any of you who scheme or plot to bring others down will for sure forsake your own soul and will suffer a painful fate both night and night for there is only darkness below where all do fight.

I your God have spoken today and it is today that the forces of darkness are unleashed to make you all pay for your wickedness. Be advised that the WORD "forgiveness by me" does not exist in Me, that is a word inspired by the deceiver you cannot see. I always say: "YOU must forgive your enemy if in heaven you would live."

Heed now the dove who on earth does my wisdom and truth give. He will tell you how to pray so that you as he can stand calm when lions come your way.

MY indictment has been given to you by my judge who is eternally true, and his WORD now spoken cannot by any million trillion men be broken."


Let it be clearly understood that when kings, chiefs, 'mandarins' or politicians invoke 'statutes' having punitive 'decrees' attached that send forth your 'servants' the armed police force to arrest and imprison people, and thus set these 'unfortunates' upon the trail of TORTURE & TEARS then, rest 'assured' of the Just outcome being, - - -

Demonic forces in dark spiritual wastelands below do know, and they then gather around and sharpen their 'spears' in readiness for THE DAY when you come their way in the after life, and they for sure will make you endure the 'Justice' of TORTURE & TEARS as you 'pay up' your spiritual dues.

There is no 'Kingdom come' of fun and joy and happiness for anyone that defies their God of Love.

So sayeth His/Her dove.

I AM ‘Terence’ the Spirit of Truth

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~ Summary ~

 Mankind needs to 'learn' that spiritual freedom is ONLY 'earned' by those that halt their funding to the punitive systems of man, thus they must stop paying taxes, fines, licence fees, and other 'royalties.' For by the act of monetary support they become complicit to the punishment, control, waging war and killing of other children of God, and within God's immutable "As you or your servants do unto others will be done unto you" their personal suffering 'due' grows even as they sleep.

 Mankind needs to 'learn' that spiritual freedom is ONLY 'earned' on an INDIVIDUAL basis when people CONFORM to God's "Go your way in peace and be loving, compassionate, merciful and forgiving unto others that are yet SWINE."

 If you promote deception or, if you keep others bonded to the deception promoted by others, then you are NOT 'peaceful' in God's eyes, you are spreading deception and keeping others in bondage as you 'refer' them to untruthful literature promoted by the BLIND, vain, and ignorant who themselves are 'commissioned' by demons that control their minds from a far distant realm.

 Mankind needs to 'learn' that spiritual freedom is ONLY 'earned' when the individual ceases to be a Dark operative and halt their controlling, regulative, inquisitive, abusive, punitive and warring ways, and they stop bringing others to account for their misdeeds, for all that seek to bring others to account and ‘corrected’ for their misdeeds are themselves very offensive in God’s eyes and marked by God as needing punishment and correction.

 Mankind needs to 'learn' that spiritual freedom is ONLY 'earned' when as an individual, you reach out to those that terrorise you and you bless them with the wisdom of God's holy word and you do NOT punish them, you educate them.

 Mankind needs to 'learn' that spiritual freedom is ONLY 'earned' when you reprogram your mind with the content of my revelations of the day.

 Mankind needs to 'learn' that spiritual freedom is ONLY 'earned' when you fortify your mind as given by me using the STAR prayer so that when you are confronted by the insane that seek to crucify you, that you can stay within the Light of God's Word and not retaliate in any way.

 Mankind needs to 'learn' that spiritual freedom is ONLY 'earned' when your inner 'sin' (negative emotions) have been drawn out of your soul by God's GRACE and this SHE will only do once you conform to the Code of Conduct Commanded by God and, when you have paid ALL spiritual dues.

You will 'fear' to make the changes as given by me unto you because, as you turn your 'back' on the punitive system, then you show IT that you wish to become free, and as such you are giving IT your 'permission' for its DARK  forces to draw near and set you free from your past. You will need to be brave to follow me home to the Light.

We are all in the same 'boat,' even me. For every one of 'us' was born into a place of disgrace and have 'erred' due to the false precedents set by our forebears.

None of us have been peaceful, this is a TRUE message of peace
Let us all now gracefully bow to the Command of the Creator.

The force of darkness that inspired the 'soul' of Hitler will again now impose its dark black 'rose' upon humanity.
Will you or your men continue to work for IT, or for me the Light of Creation you cannot see?
Few on earth know of the value of LOVE, and any person that punishes another is in fact causing them duress, stress, injury, frustration, mental and emotional trauma, displacement, restriction, lack of freedom etc., and as this they do, they are 'casting' their inner light & love aside and into the 'winds of time,' as they pave their own coming 'time' within which they will live without any light or love in the Abyss with other swine.
In God's love you were created, and if you deny IT then HE will destroy you for defiling His 'gift' to you.

~ Supporting & accompanying documents ~

 Item  - The DARK ‘Establishment
The spiritual revelation of the ‘capacity’ of the Dark Authority of God.

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Versus the Law of God

Item  -  The 'death' of the soul
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The Feeling Easier Seminar



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