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~ Judgement Day ~

agony or ecstasy

This is the final revelation of God/Allah/Mungu given unto mankind by me the 'pen' of the Heavenly See

By Terence, the Spirit of Truth



It is I the messenger of the Most High to advise you all that it is and always was incumbent upon yourself the unique soul created by God to choose your own life destiny. For it would not be right for any other uniquely created spirit to have the power of control over your destiny of  agony or ecstasy for all stand equal in the eyes of the Creator.

Thus the final destiny and judgement placed upon your spirit soul is not in fact an imposition by any other, no, not even by the creative energy essence, (God) for He ~ She created you to live in the Light as a happy and loving and kind and joyous being, to be a delight in their sight eternally.

From the initial time of your unique creation 'aeons of time' ago where you existed in spirit realms, you were told that within the 'frame' of God there existed an opposite polarity to the love and light, being the 'forbidden to use' Dark energy, but if you are reading this then you no longer exist in that space and thus you must have grown bold an eternity or so ago and forgot or defied or ignored what your Creator did say.

In so doing, you took it upon yourself to sup on the Dark energy essence that is forceful, powerful, controlling, punitive, vengeful and destructive. IT is the 'Sin' within you, and IT now holds a powerful sway over your mind, for IT is in fact your negative emotions within you that grew within your soul over an eternity of time.

I simply state that there is no 'angel' standing at any 'gate' to heaven who directs anyone up or down. That is purely a 'simple' children's  story that has become ingrained in the psyche of many as have other falsities.

It is simply a matter of the God 'energy' of which we are comprised which, - - - at a certain 'point' in time - - - 'judges' us in a FINAL way. In that ITS 'mass' AT that moment in time, being either 'pure light' or, 'light' contaminated by 'dark energy' will be vibrating at a certain frequency within the possibilities of 'one' to over a million or infinitely more frequencies of vibration.

Each 'frequency' has its own spiritual realm resonating at that particular frequency, and once your spirit soul is no longer 'bonded' to your biological flesh, IT will 'streak' to ITS level of vibration drawn there 'magnetically,' and everyone 'else' residing in that realm will be of a similar nature to your own.

At the moment of departing the flesh there is absolutely no 'choice' you can make as to your destination, that is entirely dependent upon your inner energy frequency. So irrespective of any cognitive 'belief' or teaching, your present destiny IS the frequency 'state' of your soul TODAY and every moment of eternal time.

Yes we are beings of 'spiritual energy,' and by our use of either benign positive and creative energy OR, the malignant negative destructive energy of the SOURCE in our interaction with others, we 'pave' our own eternal destiny, being our freedom of choice to so do. The more benign energy we use the more refined our inner energy, the more destructive energy we use the coarser our energy.

It needs to be understood that our essence is God's, that IT is indestructible, thus we cannot die 'suicidally' so to speak, for we will continue to exist FOREVER in one of the millions of possibilities available. Only pure spirit souls enter the pure Light, Heaven. The more Dark energy you drew in or continue to draw in is what coarsens your inner energy vibration and draws your soul away towards the Dark spectrum, Hell.

If you are reading this then you have the opportunity of enlightening yourself and enabling the power of the great outpouring of Light energy which is presently taking place at this time. It is able to unburden your soul of 'Sin' within if you turn over a new leaf TODAY.

To so do, you need to turn your face to God and bow in TOTAL and ABSOLUTE obedience to His:

"Go your way in peace and love one another" Command.

If your daily actions are but ONE of those listed below in the section; 'The way of error and coming agony and terror,' then rest 'assured' that you are a defiant and very miserable creature who is deserving of the fate you choose for YOURSELF through your own arrogance, vanity, pride or other, but certainly NOT through ignorance. For long ago prior to you EVER 'considering' to defy God you were taught THE TRUTH that you have chosen to deny up to today.

You have as stated by me below a VERY BRIEF window of opportunity to save your own soul from damnation and eternal torment. I ADD, there are yet many wolves in 'sheep's' clothing who 'offer' salvation through the 'joining' of their supposedly religious 'club' in the elevation of the names of prior messengers of God. (Avatars) ALL present scriptural teachings contain  FALSITY say I THE MOST HIGH messenger of THE ALMIGHTY. Those that promote them are in a 'graver' situation than others through their ignorance, in that their promotions contain absolute deception.

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~ Judgement ~

At the moment of time on THE DAY that our invisible God is to 'Judge' each individual it is simply a matter of FACT that IF there is even ONE 'speck' of 'Sin' energy within your soul, (small negative emotion) then you exclude yourself from ENTRY to the pure realm of Light, Heaven.

How so? Because your energy 'vibration' will be 'coarse' and you cannot pass through the 'refined' energy barrier that exists at the entry point to THE PROMISED LAND, for NO Dark energy can 'blot' the infinitely pure beauty of God's eternally moving canvas of absolute 'magic' and ecstasy.

The 'Citadel' that stands at the entry point to Heaven is simply a barrier of pure LIGHT that repels and 'expels,' and I am not required to tell you 'how' it 'expels' but, reference its 'repel' aspect there is NO 'way' that even one speck of dark energy can approach close to IT. Thus it follows that no spirit soul having any negative emotions within their soul can enter the pure Light.

Once every eternity there is a greater outpouring of Light ENERGY as God's fire being His DESIRE burns very bright for a 'time,' and this Light energy generated that 'lives' within the soul of each spirit being the core of LOVE exudes such a magnitude of said Light during this 'allotted' time, that it purges Dark energy OUT of the souls of sinners who become less 'burdened' within, and their energy vibration becomes more refined, however, - - -

You have the capacity to 'deny or lessen' this purging of your spirit soul by continuing to defy God's Command and, although the purging Light is assisting you, you can foolishly keep drawing more Dark IN, through continuing to use IT the Dark energy in your interaction with others, as you criticise, despise, injure, control, judge, persecute, defend, abuse, punish, tax, invade, destroy, kill etc., as YOU continue to defy God's Command.

Why? Probably because the Dark energy of God HAS the 'Right' and IS 'Justified' in meting out Retributive Justice 'honourably.' As you 'stole' some of this 'godly' forceful and destructive energy and have some of IT within you, you now FEEL and believe in your right to so do. (Punish or wage war upon others as offensive as you) None seeing that ONLY God and His 'energy' is above THE LAW, not YOU.

It is now entirely your personal choice as to whether you will IMMEDIATELY 'bow' in subservience to God's Command or NOT. I say that IF you cannot or do not do so immediately, then 'slim' indeed is the 'chance' that you will you be able to do it ahead when your soul is filled with absolute arrogance, vanity, pride, terror or dread.

It is only by elevating your consciousness in reprogramming your conscious and subconscious minds that you will be able to see 'reason,' and be able to bow in obedience to your Creator. Why so?

Because you will LEARN that what it IS that excludes you from entry into the pure Light of Heaven is the Dark, negative, cold, hard, cunning, deceptive, hateful, vengeful, angry, jealous, vain, proud, arrogant and destructive ENERGY ESSENCE of God the Father within your soul.

He cannot 'permit' this energy to exist in His Paradise, being His eternally moving 'canvas' that is a delight in His sight and, - - - this energy is in fact the 'essence' of the many negative emotions within errant man that they drew IN as they supped on the 'fruit' of the Tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

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The dark energy essence is the SIN that contaminates the soul of the USER at any or every 'time' their interaction with any other is outside the precepts of God's Command.

There is absolutely NO way that you are able to draw out this energy from within as IT cannot be cut out with a butcher's knife. Nor can it be removed by any other means known to mortal man.

You need to try and SEE that it is the POWER OF GOD that IS the Dark energy, and thus once you have drawn some of IT into your soul, IT is what makes YOU 'think' that you are above God or equal to God and IT incites you to wield 'Justice' for and on behalf of God.

As the dark energy of God IS a 'Law unto itself' with THE TASK of 'Reprisal' or 'Vendetta' against any other that used IT, you become controlled by IT, but IT only lets you see yourself as 'honourably' balancing God's 'book of Law.' (Scales of Justice) You see NOT that you are placing yourself within ITS punitive 'eye for an eye' Law.

We are created in God's image, being a 'minute' but uniquely individual part of His ~ Her energy essence, and thus this essence being a part of God is indestructible and exists eternally but, - - - when you use the dark POWER of THE SWORD in defiance of God's Holy Command then in fact you ARE GOD IN ACTION against other infidels because, the powerful destructive ENERGY flowing though YOUR soul at that moment is God's ENERGY and, - - -

IT is using YOU to inflict divine retribution (Justice) upon some other who in their past also used IT to cause suffering etc., and 'round and around' you all keep revolving and being subjected to the 'ONE' immutable PUNITIVE Law of God. Yes, at a later date His Almighty Power will operate 'clandestinely' through the mind and 'arm' of some other 'fool' who will impose THE LAW upon YOUR HEAD.

The more you are IT in 'action' the more of IT grows within YOU, and the less you can see the error of your WAY. Yes, you 'die' in your attempts to uphold ITS 'Justice' and the colder within you grow, and you become stern, harder, crueller, more callous, merciless and UN-forgiving.

The Dark ENERGY of God never forgets nor forgives you for being UNTRUE until His Law (ITS) is fulfilled. Once it is 'fulfilled,' then no person will ever find reason to cause you harm, even if they are insanely 'mad.'

So the DEADLIEST DANGER lies within your own soul, IT is the 'Achilles heel' within you that HAS the capacity to send YOU to HELL. Not only this, but the dark vibration of the energy within you LINKS your mind to others (demons) that IT trapped below, and they seize control over your mind telepathically in an instant if ANY ONE of the negative emotions within you become aroused.

How will you or anyone KNOW the moment in TIME of Judgement Day? You will not and cannot, for its occurrence is taking place in an invisible spiritual space that is as invisible to you as is your own spirit soul within. All you will know is when your spirit soul and consciousness exits the flesh is that you will 'arrive' somewhere and be standing there.

You will either be in absolute awe and joyous delight with many smiling faces to greet you or, - - - your terror will burgeon as very dark demonic forces 'pounce' and instantly bludgeon you, and your torture and trials begin, and deep indeed is the 'regret' that will fill your stupid soul.

Other than that occurrence, there will be a time on earth when all 'war mongers' and controllers have been swept from the face of this earth and peace reigns. This is a material 'sign' that everyone left on earth is 'sin' free and of spiritual purity. For a very long time thereafter the ONLY spirit souls incarnating through the union of man and woman will be 'sin free,' arriving directly from the pure Light to pave the way when far ahead 'some' of the ones that went 'below' will be permitted to re-enter and be educated.

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Interpretation of 'Judgement Day' as revealed by God

The meaning of 'THE DAY of Judgement' is simply THE MOMENT in eternal time when the 'Great outpouring of Light ENERGY' that is presently purging dark energy out of 'sinners' will 'slow' again to its 'normal' state and, at this normal expression of light there will be no more 'cleansing' of dark energy from the soul of man for another eternity, when once again there comes another great outpouring of Light.  The 'breath of God' so to speak.

The LAST DAY is the moment in time when God THE FATHER closes the GATE to Paradise within YOU as HE 'shuts down' His 'fire grate' to ITS regular pace.

At the spoken above 'moment' the state of your INNER ENERGY will BE what it IS, meaning, - - - if there is not even one 'speck' of darkness within you then, when your spirit soul exits the biological flesh of this realm your spirit will be drawn directly into the Light of Heaven.

If you have not been purged of dark emotional energy then whatever volume of dark energy (sin) remaining will remain there for another eternity or, if during that TIME frame you continue to sup on God's Dark energy, then your vibration will coarsen and greater becomes your burden.

Yes, over trillions of 'years' of time His Dark energy will again grow within you, UNTIL it has dragged your soul DOWN through all the levels of consciousness to the brink of the FIRE 'grate' (His) and you will then 'fall in' and  FRY as all the dark energy within you is consumed and transmuted into LIGHT.

The amount of dark energy remaining in a soul at the moment of 'Judgement' can be from 'miniscule' to a million, trillion times greater, and dependent upon THAT volume is what determines your destiny as your spirit departs the flesh.

It follows that you in FACT are the sole proprietor, judge, director, controller, instigator, or 'owner' of your destiny. (agony or ecstasy) For we all 'stand' equal in the eyes of the ENERGY OF GOD. We are 'free' to use either ENERGY but - - - as it is written, we are all subject to ITS immutable Law of ENERGY:

"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction."
"What we 'allow' to flow through us in our interaction with others returns to us via others on an equal and thus 'eye for an eye' basis."

The Light Sovereign Power is God the Mother. SHE is the Light who creates us, and loves us eternally and yearns to see our face shining in Her Light.

The Dark Sovereign Power is God the Father. HE the Dark who creates us, but sets out to destroy us the moment we defy Him and use His Dark energy to 'control or injure' any of His other children that He expressed through Her, His 'bride.'

She is His LIGHT that His Power creates, and any 'idiot' who chooses to live in His 'underworld' of darkness is free to so do, and WILL so do for an eternity UNLESS they now heed me and 'bow' IMMEDIATELY to His Command so that SHE and Her Light can set them free.

In order to avoid the 'agony' being the PRESENT destiny of every spirit soul* living in any realm of consciousness outside the pure Light of pure love, it is required that you now set aside all weapons, no more 'attack or defence,' and set aside all prior texts of the various religious sects purported to be 'holy' or 'sacred,' for within NONE of them will you find the way OUT of your PRESENT predicament and destiny of fire & eternal torment.

Note: every spirit soul* - This does not apply to the 'angels of light' who inhabit the biological flesh of this realm to assist God's 'mission' on earth as we impart the absolute truth to the lost in every land. Further details are on the 'Note' at the end of this document.

How 'then' are you going to be able to 'resist' RETALIATING when faced by adversity, and turn the other cheek when faced by 'crucifixion'? Being the possible penalty required to SET YOU FREE from your past when you 'bled' others? Will you tie or 'lock' yourself to a tree and throw away the 'key' so that NEVER AGAIN will YOU be a 'threat' to anybody? Maybe you need to.

I suggest strict daily observance to the Star Prayer document and other information in my Testament that will assist you.

I can state quite categorically: THERE IS NO OTHER TO SAVE YOU THAN YOURSELF

All God or I or any of His 'guardian angels' can do for you is our best to AWAKEN you from your present delusional 'reverie.' It is a reverie of false belief resulting from your OWN 'home grown' spell imposed upon yourself, as you 'listened' to the 'whisperings of the Serpent' through the teachings of other mortals rather than simply going about your existence as an absolute pacifist and thus being a true and faithful child of God. Having the 'armour' of God in your heart and mind as you simply bowed in absolute obedience to His Primary Ruling Command, and forgoing & forsaking the demands of all others.

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~ The way of error and coming agony and terror ~

Any person 'found' by God the all knowing, all seeing super intelligence of the Source to be doing 'any' of the below automatically disqualify themself from being 'chosen' by God to LIVE in His - Her Paradise.

1 - Deceiving others and falsifying the Truth of God's "Peace, love, mercy, compassion & forgive" Command.
2 - Preaching that the : "As you sow so shall ye reap" Law of God can be voided or nullified or avoided.
3 - Preaching or teaching that a 'uniform' or 'badge of office' or 'mandate' or 'official' position granted by an earthly authority, decree, rule, law, statute, mandate, vote, invocation etc., abrogates or nullifies or voids the implementation of God's Law.

4 - Preaching or teaching that one is 'saved' by grace rather than through ones ONLY 'benign' interaction with others.
5 - Preaching or teaching that one is 'saved' in saying a prayer of 'repentance' and acceptance of Jesus as their saviour.
6 - Preaching or teaching that Jesus' crucifixion 'paid the price,' and thus absolved others from the spiritual consequences of their own iniquitous ways.

7 - Preaching or teaching that one is 'safe or saved' by any other 'means' than total and absolute conformity to or with God's Command as contained within the 'One True Faith' document on this web site.
8 - Preaching or teaching and elevating into 'godship' by praising the names of past messengers of God, be they Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus or any other.
9 - Preaching or teaching that a particular religious 'order' is the one needed to be 'joined' as it holds the 'key' to Salvation.

10 - Using Dark energy in their interaction with others being: Deception, abuse, disrespect, coercion, criticism, force, interference, control, extortion, stealing, seizing, punishment, sanction, eviction, banishment, invasion, injury, killing, destruction.

11 - Wearing the 'dress' or 'insignia' or 'name' of 'preacher, priest, cleric, rabbi, holy man or teacher of spiritual truth or enlightenment' who teaches any doctrine or ideology that 'conflicts' with the teachings within this 'The Testament of Truth' message from God.

 12 - Wearing the 'dress' or 'insignia' or 'name' of 'preacher, priest, cleric, rabbi, holy man or teacher of spiritual truth who walks 'hand in hand' with governments or their armed forces, and thus either condones their controlling and punitive and destructive warring activities or, openly engages in the 'nature' of punitive reparation, excommunication, eviction, banishment, war and destructive ways.

13 - Invoking any controlling, punitive, invasive, destructive legislation that causes any interference in the lives of God's children or, in any way results in their injury or mental, emotional stress or, ordering others to carry out their directives or imposing the punitive aspect of any contravention to their 'orders.'

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~ Absolute Power ~
Immunity - protection
"As God is so shall ye be"

Our God has ABSOLUTE POWER and thus does not need any immunity from suffering nor protection from any 'adversary.' How so? Because our God is 'untouchable' and is also above the punitive aspect of His 'eye for an eye' Law because He IS THE LAW and THE ENERGY that activates that Law.

Thus God can create or destroy, dictate, control, regulate, berate, interfere, banish, punish or kill with absolute IMMUNITY from 'persecution' and NO 'consequence' and He needs no 'protection.'

Is the absolute "as god" power available to you? Yes it is, but what you need to see is, that you never stand 'above' the Law of God because you are always an instrument of God. Be your actions benign or malignant, for there is always an 'equal' return to you of energy used by you.

As man has always been free to 'choose' to use either or both aspects of God's energy, man needs to see that when choosing the Dark destructive aspect one is "as god" meting out retributive Justice upon others who defied God and, are operating on behalf of God in being the punitive energy of < destroy, dictate, control, regulate, berate, interfere, banish, punish or kill > in their interaction with others but, they have NO permanent 'immunity' from the 'eye for an eye' Law of God.

This revelation is to show you the INDIVIDUAL how you can become "as god," and thus become free from persecution and never require 'protection' from armed men and have IMMUNITY from ongoing persecution and suffering.

First I speak on the 'beastly' ways of man and what man perceives as ABSOLUTE POWER. To mortal 'sinful' man who fell from grace the obvious way to become free from persecution and suffering was to be the 'all powerful' armed persecutor who went forth with his 'mercenaries' who were paid a wage to be his 'followers' and to subjugate or kill all opposition.

Once his dictatorial position was established, he then, backed by 'force of arms,' was able to control and 'tax' every person living within his patrolled borders, and to seize and 'rape' the seas, forests and minerals of the lands he took by force and, all the time assumed that his dictatorial position was 'safe' because he was protected by said armed forces. He then gave himself the 'title' of Emperor, Dictator or King and spread the 'word' that his 'Right to Rule' was backed by 'religion' and, that his 'blood' and that of his progeny was 'blue' and thus royal. 

It is I now to reveal that he and all his supporters, followers or 'protectors' were and yet are all deluded, for all they 'sowed' or yet 'do' unto others is in contravention of the Command of THE REAL GOD and, is done unto them in this or the next world and, they will all 'find' that they have NO immunity nor 'protection' from God's Reaping forces. Being others like them who will also impose, interfere, seize, steal, tax, punish and destroy with an even greater force at their disposal when IT so decides. (God's Dark energy)

Remember, His Dark energy is all powerful, absolute power, and IT is the 'genie' in the bottle who offers you everything and more. But once you 'sup' on ITS POWER IT 'touches' your soul, and IT never lets you go until the Wisdom of the Light you get to know and FOLLOW.

The DARK energy of God is 'brilliant,' and IT hypnotises you and keeps seducing you to be ITS 'friend.' A friend who is so blinded through ITS and your own arrogance that see you NOT that, - - - all whom 'suffer' or are disadvantaged through your actions ARE receiving God's punitive 'eye for an eye' JUSTICE at your 'hands' and, all such as you imposing this Retributive Justice are forced to suffer the same karmic 'fate' on a later day. There is NO 'immunity' available nor 'escape' from the punitive aspect of God's ABSOLUTE Justice.

I now advise you that to attain ABSOLUTE POWER and become free from persecution, and no longer a 'slave' to the interference, control and 'whims' of others, you need to comprehend the TRUTH as contained in my WISDOM, for only thus will you become "as god" with NO need of any immunity or 'armed' protection of man, and FREE to simply BE.

Once you have decided to NEVER defy God's Command and, you NEVER cause any harm to another and, you always 'turn the other cheek if abused' and, you always 'forgive your perceived enemy,' it is THUS you suffer and 'repay' any outstanding dues to God through NON-retaliation.

You also never support nor fund those of the 'dark' contra ideological doctrine of control, punishment or war. Thus your actions and those of your servants ARE ALWAYS BENIGN AND POSITIVE AS YOU ARE ONLY USING God's benign Light ENERGY and, - - - the result of this is that your 'return' within the 'eye for an eye' Law of God is ALWAYS loving, kind, benign and giving etc.

How 'then' does one receive immunity and protection against thieves, murderers and other criminals?

It is 'simple,' for criminals, legislators, extortionists, enforcers, warriors etc., are ALL operating for and on behalf of the punitive aspect of God whose Dark forces below telepathically 'directs' their 'animosity' against those who need to receive their 'eye for an eye' retributive dues and, - - - once your outstanding dues have been met, then these dark forces will never 'eye' you, and neither they nor their 'earthly' operatives will be inspired by God's Dark energy to persecute you in any way. No, they would simply 'pass you by' as they 'sweep' through your village killing those who deserve to DIE.

To receive God's 'energetic' protection you must from this moment ON be strong of mind so that you can at all times 'bow' to His Command, even if being put to the sword for your past support of iniquity.

"Go your way in PEACE and LOVE one another."

It is thus that one has the immunity from persecution and the protection of God. For then "as" God you have become, and are never 'subjected' to the punitive aspect of His Law, as you now stand 'above IT' as He is because, your actions are always within the precepts of His Command.

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~ The book of Revelations - The Testament of Truth ~
The Testament of Truth is the final book of revelations which reveal the true nature of the Source, God, and the absolute power of God to 'bind' or 'free' man from eternal slavery and sorrow and persecution and agony in perpetual hellfire.
This 'book' which was initially written and 'bound' in Heaven until this moment in time on earth has now been fully transmitted telepathically from the place of true Light 'above' via the mind of the incarnate 'Spirit of Truth' (Terence) and is placed within the 'clouds' of earth's 'heaven' for all to see and access freely so that they can avail themselves of the Wisdom therein and save themselves.
This book reveals the infinite power and intelligence and capacity of God the Father to RULE all who defied His Command stating:

"You may enjoy and partake of all the 'delights' which I give you freely within My 'light' wherein your spirit soul was created but, - - - you must NEVER sup on the 'fruit' from the Dark Tree which contains My Dark energy, for IF you so do you will 'die in your sin' and you will know the difference between good and evil and, - - -

I thus forbid you to defy ME because IT My Dark energy essence has a totally destructive nature and, - - - if you use My dark forceful energy (Sin) then IT will contaminate your soul and draw it OUT of My 'sight' and you will fall for an eternity or two and 'burn' in My eternal FIRE."

Note: past scripture - "For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil." Prior to becoming contaminated with dark energy one knows no 'evil' nor 'good' for one simply exists in a natural paradise.

This book reveals how IT the dark energy grows within the soul of man because it has the capacity to DECEIVE the most intelligent of God's children as it JUSTIFIES a 'reason' in their mind to defend themselves in the face of adversity and to retaliate and FIGHT.
None seeing that in so doing, they are using said Dark energy which flows through them and grows within their soul as a cancer within. Being the negative emotions of anger, fear, hatred, jealousy, vanity, pride, criticism etc.
This book reveals how once in an eternity there is a great outpouring of Light flowing through the soul of man which forces OUT the dark energy which was drawn IN, and this purification of the soul enables one to return to the pure 'space' Heaven IF one is completely purged and freed within of 'sin' (negative emotions) and, - - -
In order to so do and become freed of dark inner energy, one must HALT all vindictive retributive interaction with others when faced by adversity so as to NOT draw more dark energy IN and, - - - one must thus obey God's Holy Word and "turn the other cheek and go as a lamb to the slaughter."

This book reveals how one must fortify ones mind against the telepathic assault from lower realms of consciousness which would mislead one and justify continued retribution against other offenders.

Note: - One is misled and kept defiant of God through incoming thoughts which justify your continued use of dark energy as IT says in your mind: You have a right to defend yourself and a right to punish others and to thus educate them.

This error of belief has blinded man for eternal time, for in setting the other 'right' punitively one accrues a further due to the dark energy used, and IT continues to grow within your soul. Ultimately to your spiritual demise. God's energy can balance ITS 'scales of justice' without your assistance.

This book also reinstates the holy word of God of: "Love one another and go your way in peace and be merciful, compassionate and forgive your perceived enemy," for ONLY as you suffer your dues already accrued within the "As you did sow so shall ye reap" Law of God can you be set free after said LAW has fulfilled itself. (Balanced ITS Scales of Justice) It cannot balance ITS 'books' if you keep retaliating and accruing MORE 'dues' and drawing IN more dark energy.

This book reveals how we are complicit to the punitive deeds done by our servants. For as they go forth and interfere, control, subjugate, injure or kill and destroy others in our name and on our behalf, we accrue a spiritual due of suffering and loss.

Thus on an individual basis you must halt all support and funding of government agencies and only fund benign community effort and the rehabilitation of offenders rather than their punishment.

READ ALL ABOUT IT and become FREE spiritually. There is NO other 'Salvation' way other than obeying God and bowing to this His/Her message. All are presently ON the 'wide road to hell and agonising hellfire.'

Please start spreading the NEWS. We do not need controlling, interfering 'governments' - we only need to OBEY our God and get ON with life in a civil and obedient way and pay for social services we use and need. Fund NO mercenary protection forces or warmongers or extortionists.

For a time we will need a 'peace' corps who will ONLY haul in those who 'disturb the peace' and these will be counselled and set free.

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~ The 'will' of God - The freedom of choice - The absolute power of God ~

Let it BE clearly understood: It is the 'will' of God which desires and commands man to "ONLY BE LOVING" because God loves His creation, (YOU) and He wishes to see you in your pure beauty living in pure bliss, joy and happiness in His sight within His LIGHT which emanates from His 'fire.'

Let it BE clearly understood: As you are 'as' God in that your spirit soul is His/Her energy manifested into a unique being, you do have the choice to defy His command and use some of His DARK controlling, interfering, injurious, punitive and destructive energy, for that is your FREEDOM OF CHOICE but:

Let it BE clearly understood: The absolute power of God is that as you USE His Dark energy in your interaction with others in defiance of His 'will and command,' you draw IN some of that Dark energy into your soul and you also place yourself within ITS 'eye for an eye' Law, and you DO 'reap what you sow' within said Law and suffer the consequence of your actions and, - - -

If you continue ON your present 'track' of defying Him and using His 'forbidden to use' Dark destructive energy, then IT will drag you down into the fire of Hell and you WILL then burn forever until your soul is purged of all the Dark energy IT drew in and you will then be 'reborn' into the LIGHT.

So the 'will of God' is ALWAYS accomplished. Be it the 'easy' way where you OBEY His Command and live as happy little creatures in His LIGHT or, you fight and disobey and then suffer excruciating agony far beyond you capacity to comprehend FOR AN ETERNITY.

The more dark energy you draw into your soul the further away from the Light will be your abode, and the further away from IT the Light you are the easier it is for you to be seduced, tempted, coerced into defying HIM and the more Dark energy you draw IN and eventually, - - - you cannot get OUT of your situation and you are drawn around the eternal wheel of God's energy until you become fuel for the flame.

It is YOUR choice - I have done my best to enlighten you.

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Arrogant, ignorant and VAIN man sees NOT that when they use the 'forbidden by God to use' DARK, destructive energy of God against HIS other children of ANY race or creed that HE (God the Dark energy) becomes their 'sworn' ENEMY. 

Try and comprehend that NONE can 'win' against HIM, for He sees all, knows all and is the ONE to keep you 'Justified' in continuing to use His destructive energy IN THE FOREKNOWLEDGE that as you so do, that IT (Dark energy) continues to contaminate your soul. For IT is the SIN and thus you remain in eternal torment for your continued defiance of HIM and, - - - 

The 'weight' of your inner SIN is what drags your 'faithless' spirit soul away from His LIGHT and into the ABYSS of eternal suffering where you 'die' in your sin, in that you suffer eternally for your ongoing defiance of HIM, for in that 'realm'  of consciousness your 'overlords' are utterly 'coercive' and everyone keeps retaliating forever.

Man sees NOT that there is NO mercy NOR forgiveness NOR 'clemency' within His ONE immutable LAW: "As you do unto others is done unto you." It is the absolute JUSTICE of an 'equal' and thus 'eye for an eye' condition of this immutable Law that if YOU have 'blooded' others then you will be 'so' blooded by others sent by HIM before HIS Law is satiated, satisfied, and ATONEMENT with God is reinstated.

EQUALLY, when you are living within the precepts of His Command you 'love your enemy,' and in kindness, compassion and understanding you do your very best to assist them peacefully as you educate them with my wisdom then within the ONE Law of God you will receive a benign loving and kind return on an "Equal" basis.

Every 'war' is a 'Holy war' IMPOSED by God upon those who continue to exercise their right to use His Dark energy in their defiance of His Command, and they simply keep revolving within ITS 'cyclone' of agony eternally as THAT is their choice.

Heed now the wisdom granted by HIM for one last moment in time and set yourself free. IF you choose to continue to  defy Him or deny His final message via me then you will revolve in a holocaust of agony eternally.

Honour God THE CREATOR, not mortal men. Never 'bow down to nor obey any directive invoked by any man in any 'station of life' that in your eyes or 'conscience' is in contravention of God's Holy : "Peace, love, mercy, compassion and forgive" COMMAND.

There are billions of lost and deluded souls on earth, and few indeed will believe the absolute truth I seed. If you are one of the 101 million true then your duty and personal 'quest' for God is to reprogram your minds quickly.

Make provision for these END days, and reach out as best you can to those God sends your way and, irrespective of their 'dark' aggressive or fearful nature, you simply stay true and assist them as best you can as you educate them with THE TRUTH, as you remain THE living PROOF of the LOVE of God as do I.

Note: every spirit soul* - There are 101 million souls in the flesh who are excluded from this destiny of agony. They are God's helpers sent down to earth who are in every village and town and they are here to administer to the lost. They will all return to the paradise from whence they came.  Reference end of page 44 Book 8 of 9 - The Visions of the Last Prophet

Note: The spirit soul within - Irrespective of whether you believe in 'life after death' or that there is naught when your flesh fails you, there IS a fact that I can state being; your flesh is but biological and cannot of itself 'stand,' and thus it has a spirit being within comprising of God's energy. Each spirit is unique and imbued with senses and a unique mind that is contained within. Thus the conscious mind of this life 'time' is miniscule but all 'recorded' flows back into the soul mind to burgeon as you step out of the flesh and move to the other side so to speak.

We are indestructible and do live forever. Please consider this possibility, and remember that you hold the destiny of your sweet soul in your own 'hand or mind.'

This is what I say today to every seeker of Salvation and others.

"Bear 'arms' and cause harm and you will 'die,' in that your consciousness will be forced to 'exist' in an inconceivable place of torment.
Bury your weapons, do no harm, turn the other cheek when abused, and live."

"Love one another & go your way in peace"

Terence - the Plenipotentiary of God

God's Law must BE fulfilled before any can be set free by HIM, His controlling ENERGY.
I have returned to reveal the Fulfillment of the punitive aspect of God's LAW.


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