Open letter to the St. Helens police station secretary.

Dear, dear Ros, who would have 'thought' that my good friend Kent Ritchie the 'golden boy' copper, my ongoing 'nemesis' would be the ONE chosen by our invisible God to be shown God's power, the power to 'arrange' a 'meeting of chance' with absolute precision! The meeting was between the hunter and the hunted, and in fact, it appeared that 'we' were the only two vehicles on the road today, Sunday.!

On the one 'hand' Kent commenced a journey from St. Helens for 'what' purpose I do not know but he was heading for Pyengana.

On the other hand after much deliberation over two weeks I had decided to finally go and look for a fresh place to cut some firewood along the road to Gladstone, and having placed my chainsaws in the boot I headed off at exactly 9.50 am.

At approximately 10.15 having covered some 20 kms, my mind started to 'think': Maybe it was not a good idea because I was feeling a little 'weak,' having started a 'fast' and in fact I still had plenty of dry wood at home, so I looked for a place to turn around - - - I turned the vehicle and went back and met the highway at the Gould's country turn off and headed towards Pyengana at a steady pace.

Lo and behold, after some ten minutes and but a few hundred meters from the Anchor road turn-off, I saw a 'police' vehicle behind me! As I turned into Anchor road it also turned in so I assumed it was a 'meeting' meant to be, as it was and I pulled over.

I did mention to Kent that it was NO coincidence that we met. I certainly believe that it was a 'guided from above' process to do with my ongoing educative and enlightenment of humanity work. Only Kent can know 'what' he was thinking before he suddenly 'found' his adversary 'dead' in his SIGHTS.

I was advised by Kent that I would be receiving a 'court' summons, so I feel it important to write the below to Kent and for the 'general' education of all serving police officers. Please ensure that he and the station commander receive a copy.

~ Notice of intent ~

Dear Kent, your words to me reference a summons to the local magistrate court to be 'served' by your 'hand' is an implication of your intent to cause me harm through loss of funds, loss of time, possibly deprivation of liberty, branding me as a criminal and 'whatever' else you can 'get me for' being your words spoken by you long ago in the St. Helens police station.

Before you take the 'fateful' step of issuing me with an arrest warrant which is what a notice to appear in court' is, because if I fail to attend I will be detained, it is very important for you to understand something:

1 - When you came upon my vehicle it was being driven in a careful and steady manner and in no way did I display any irrational or negative tendencies of careless driving. Thus I was in NO way guilty of disturbing the peace.

2 - In FACT, due to the 'instruction' from some other government department to 'restrict' my freedom of movement you came to the 'fateful' decision to go forth and disturb my peace and cause me harm without even considering the connotations of your OWN treasonable actions and, - - - not even aware of the RIGHTS granted unto me by THE AUTHORITY of your own institution.

3 - In FACT, I am living within THE LAW of your institution. I am also within my RIGHTS granted to me by the OVERRIDING Authority of your institution, but YOU are exceeding  the operational mandate and limited powers granted to YOU by your Constitutional Authority albeit you presently see IT not.

4 - It is well known by you and many that I am a man of peace who has the ideological belief that I am living within my LEGAL rights within the Constitutional authority LAWS of your institution because, the 'Freedom of religion' ACTS of the Australian and Tasmanian Constitutions guarantee MY rights to live by my conscience and my religious ideology of peace without 'let or hindrance' and without being 'interfered with' as long as I do NOT disturb the peace and am of 'moral' standing.

For many years now your 'force' has been IN ignorance of its limited 'powers' and in fact exceeds its AUTHORITY. This is a criminal, illegal and treasonable ACT.

This activity is backed by equally ignorant magistrates who 'simply' hear and judge any 'case' placed upon their 'plate' by those as you even though it is their 'job' to KNOW that a 'case' of conscience, belief or religious ideology cannot be LEGALLY heard or judged in their 'petty courts.'

5 - It is a FACT that any 'complaint' you wish to bring in respect of another's belief or ideology MUST by you be laid at the 'feet' of the High court ONLY. So 'sayeth' the TEXT mandate or operational code of conduct POLICY of the Constitutional HANDBOOK.

I know that you are man 'incensed with ABSOLUTE JUSTICE who 'looks into' the law books so as to be 'seen or found' absolutely 'Just and honest' and thus honourable. Sad indeed when YOU place a man (me) in front of an absolutely dishonest and dishonourable man like magistrate Wilson who on seeing me in the 'dock' stated publicly: "I do not wish to hear even one word of your defence, - - - go straight to jail"

Why I ask do the police prosecutors not even 'consider' the illegality of such as 'kangaroo court' judgement? Why do the St. Helens officers sit silent? Why do they become COMPLICIT to my months of incarceration by keeping silent when in FACT, to be honourable to their wage they should have ARRESTED the magistrate on the spot?

6 - What you need to DO to become an honourable person is to READ and comprehend the wording of the below Constitutional ACTS and then write me a letter of apology and never again disturb my peace unless I do disturb the peace.

If you 'insist' in your right to persecute and prosecute me then at 'least' you need to send your complaint TO the High Court of Australia because - - - if you fail to so do and you place your summons complaint into the petty court then you are GUILTY of 'tempting' the court clerk and the magistrate INTO themselves 'breaking the law' and hearing a case which is BEYOND their jurisdiction.

I ask, why do you INTEND to place my 'fate' into the hands of PROVEN to be merciless magistrates who defy their own rules/laws when all they then do unto me becomes your OWN 'fate' within the higher 'eye for an eye' Just and equitable Law of return of God?

 7 - Brother Kent, I am a 'feeble' old man but I do SEE the coming terrible fate awaiting everyone who BELIEVES in the power of their GUN or 'force of arms' or rules in a book as their JUSTIFICATION to simply do whatever they are inspired to and LEAVE THE OUTCOME in the hands of others such as criminal lawyers or criminal prosecutors or criminal magistrates or criminal advisors etc.

Kent, ask yourself: Is the Constitution of Tasmania and Australia 'a' document giving me 'free licence' or is IT controlling and limiting my INTERACTION with members of the public?

Kent, ask yourself: Is the power to interfere, control, detain, punish or harm citizens granted to the police by the CONSTITUTION or not?

Kent, ask yourself: Is my authority to bear arms in public and to use force or maim or injure or kill or detain LIMITED by the Freedom of religion Acts or not?

The TRUE answer to all THREE of the above is: "YES, the Constitution LIMITS my authority."

Kent, look in the mirror and ask yourself: Why am I seeking to use 'latter day' political edicts to persecute and harm a man of Peace? It is truly IRRATIONAL Kent. Please now BEGIN to uphold the PEACE rather than using rules to yourself DISTURB THE PEACE.  

If you are exceeding your mandate then you are an anarchist who is guilty of CIVIL UNREST and Treason.

Further to the above, when you 'arrest me' and have me punished or 'fined' it is in fact COERCION. It is an attempt to get me to fund your contra system of belief in imposing your religious observance (doctrine) upon me and thus trying to force me to change my peaceful ideology into bowing to and supporting your punitive and warring ideology. This ACTIVITY is absolutely forbidden by your own Constitution.

(Ref: shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, )

My friend and nemesis, we are joined by the LOVE of God who is using both of us to open the eyes of THE UNWISE.

God and I now 'await' to SEE if you are a truly honourable man wise enough to FIND the TRUTH or, whether you will remain asleep and awaken one day to a terrifying REALITY. I need you on 'my' side to elevate the consciousness of mankind BEFORE the world falls into CHAOS and disarray.

I did state that it was my 'wish' to take over the Remand centre and use IT as a Seminar educative facility, and not 'if' but when that takes place, I would like you to consider being my 'liaison' officer. If you agree you will need to 'disarm' as I need NO 'protection.'

Kent, please do NOT rush into filling out any 'summons' in haste because, if you do brother, you SEAL your own agonising FATE.

Finally, I do not see the 'court' officers or the police or the prison guards as 'enemies' or adversaries, I see everyone on the planet as 'lost' and in need of God's council via MY pen so,  - - - you are welcome at my door for a cup of tea or a chat anytime, just phone first. Soon brother, you will see that ALL POWER lies in the 'pen,' not the 'sword.' My truth will remain through the coming turmoil and ITS 'Holy Word' will bring IN eternal peace.

Constitution Acts. Acts which authorise and LIMIT the actions of public servants who work for the institution of government:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) - State Constitutions apply to all states

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.


Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Politicians have failed to take into consideration their own mandate to legislate, in that no legislation applies to the peaceful of moral standing who believe that they are entitled to live as absolute pacifists according to their own conscience. It also follows that they are NOT TO BE VICTIMIZED by armed men.

Equally important to understand and accept is that on this ‘material’ level, the overriding power of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116 supersedes all subsequent legislation.

Section 116 of this Act is a general prohibition applying to all laws and subsequent legislation, under whatever powers these laws have been made. It does not compete with other provisions of the Constitution and it prevails over all laws and limits all provisions that give 'someone' the power to make laws.

Accordingly, no law can escape the application of s 116 and all legislative powers are subject to the condition which s 116 imposes. Clause 5 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act says:

Operation of the Constitution and laws [see Note 3] This Act. - All laws made by the Parliament of the Commonwealth under the Constitution shall be binding on the courts, judges, and people of every State and of every part of the Commonwealth, notwithstanding anything in the laws of any State.

It follows that the 116 'Freedom of Religion' Clause giving immunity and protection to those who wish to live by their conscience or peaceful ideological belief clearly overrides any latter day  ACT.


Note: valid law - The implication being that State law is valid unless it is overruled by a Commonwealth Law such as the ‘Freedom of Religion’ Act. This is an Act that is only 'valid' to those who have not disturbed the peace of the land and have their God as head of house rather than mortal man.

In the Annotated Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia, Section 330 titled "Its Interpretation," John Quick and Robert Randolph Garran say:

"In the exercise of the duty of interpretation and adjudication not only in the High Court, but every court of competent jurisdiction has the right to declare that: A law of the Commonwealth or of a State is void by reason of transgressing the Constitution.

This is a duty cast upon the courts by the very nature of the judicial function. The federal Parliament and the State Parliaments are not sovereign bodies; they are legislatures with limited powers; and any law which they attempt to pass in excess of those powers is no law at all, it is simply a nullity, entitled to no obedience."

What role do the courts play in Australian governance? Australia's system of courts is the third arm of Australian governance and is known as the Judiciary.

The role of the Judiciary is to:

  • apply the law as made by the Parliament
  • where necessary, interpret the laws made by Parliament and
  • Ensure that laws comply with the Australian Constitution

The question of today is 'What is the meaning of the word 'Religion'?

The right of and importance of Religious freedom for the citizens of Australia has been clearly affirmed by the rulings of the High Court of Australia (The case of Church of the New Faith V Commissioner of Pay roll Tax (Vic) 1983 154 CLR 120) where: Justices Mason and Brennan, in a joint judgment, stressed the importance of the case in determining fundamental questions of religious freedom in Australia and the extent to which an individual is free to believe and act without legal restraint.

Justices Mason and Brennan said, "Freedom of religion, the paradigm freedom of conscience, is of the essence of a free society. The chief function in the law of a definition of religion is to mark out an area within which a person subject to the law is free to believe and act in accordance with his belief without legal restraint."
The definition affected the operation of the religious-freedom guarantee under the Constitution and many other laws granting religions special benefits. "Protection is accorded to preserve the dignity and freedom of each man so that he may adhere to any religion of his choosing or to none," they said. "The freedom of religion being equally conferred on all, the variety of religious beliefs which are within the area of legal immunity is not restricted." The judges stressed the importance of "The Actions of the adherents" rather than the dogma itself.

I Terence de Malaherre believe that the word ‘Religion’ is the belief in a superpower entitled to be revered and obeyed and, IT IS THE IDEOLOGICAL CODE OF CONDUCT POLICY as Commanded by the Sovereign Power (God) that is to be obeyed.

Note: Australia's own Macquarie dictionary – page 835 (Compact version)

Religion = - - - - the quest for the values of the ideal life - - - the ideal, the practices for attaining the values of the ideal, - - - a system of belief in the worship of a supernatural power or God' or the recognition by man of a superhuman power entitled to obedience, reverence, and worship.

Religious = - - - - scrupulously faithful, pious, devotion - - - this means that ones 'religion' is not any named 'Church' organisation, but it is the policy of ones daily code of conduct interaction with other children of God. (Peaceful or controlling)

It has become a 'common' ERROR of belief by the 'warrior' tribes on earth who use force of arms to interfere, control, enslave, subjugate, extort money and punish or wage war that, - - - the RULES they raise UP as text in books somehow legitimises their ACTIVITIES and somehow nullifies or voids or avoids the LAW OF GOD 'factor.' The factor being THE Law of EQUAL RETURN of the  benign or malignant energy used.

It is my 'pen' to now somehow bring to the attention of all mankind that God's LAW reigns supreme and is immutable and is inviolate as will be seen as man now PAYS for his 'folly' in the manner revealed by ME.

"As you sow so shall ye reap ~ what you do unto others will be done unto you on an EQUAL and thus 'eye for a eye' basis"

It is simply the LAW of ENERGY IN MOTION

'For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction' at the time and in the place the intelligent spiritual energy so decides.