Open letter to Magistrate Tim Hill
An educational document

~ Absolute Justice ~
The law of man v/s The Law of God

Introduction - The Law of the Beast - The real God perception - Closing summary

~ Introduction ~

Dear magistrate Tim Hill, the last time I stood before you was a few years ago on 5-8-2009 you refused to accept my written statement of submission because your thoughts justified the stance you took being, that in your belief my submission was irrelevant to the charges laid against me.

You also stated that you; 'did not wish to waste the time of the court' and summarily dismissed my right to have the written 'plea' I wished to present to be read and therefore heard. You then judged me as 'guilty.' I remind you of this because in my opinion it was you who erred and you will err again if you refuse to read my submission because of the 'contempt' you hold for my belief in my entitlement to hold God as my leader rather than bowing to your politically inspired rules.

Your 'contempt' of me takes the form that, irrespective of my 'Religious ideological belief' you stated that you had taken an 'Oath' to uphold secondary legislation and thus set my 'belief' to one side and imposed YOURS. In truth, why would you not have a belief in your absolute right to impose your ideology when all your actions are backed by guns (force of arms) are they not?

As you may very well never get to read this part of my submission nor my 'kingsroad4.pdf' defence due to your disagreeable 'mindset,' I have placed it up on line to EDUCATE world readers to at least give them the opportunity of inner reflection as to their OWN ways, action and interaction with others. You sadly fail to see that we DO all stand before God at every moment of time and He does observe all our interaction. (kind and merciful or cruel and punitive)

Magistrate Hill, it appears that you are unaware that the 'law' pertaining to the Tasmanian Rules, rules which you are bound by a 'wage & oath' to uphold ARE 'governed' by the superior laws/rules/acts of the Tasmania Constitution. If in the course of your DUTY to the STATE organisation you work for you defy the superior RULING RULES, either through ignorance or arrogance, something which you have done in the past, then, if you do it again, you are guilty of TREASON for a second time.

Note - 1 - My driving into a 'road block' recently is to PROVE to the state enforcers that Freedom of Religion does NOT exist in any land, and that the 'protection' guaranteed by man (The political officials of the government institution of Australia) to the PEACEFUL does NOT exist.

How and why is this so? Because our God is the ONE in charge in this and every realm outside THE LIGHT of Heaven. It is His Law which is THE LAW OF THE LAND in every realm and, - - - if any person trespasses outside of His Command, it is He via 'armed unconscionable men' to punish them.

The 'protection' RACKET by government enforcers in FACT leads man deeper INTO daily accruing MORE painful spiritual dues for condoning and funding the punishment and interference and injury of OTHERS in the community.

God's 'Just & equitable' Law of EQUAL return is in operation at all times when either the benign or malignant ENERGY used by an individual 'balances' ITS 'Scales.' No mandate nor official position nullifies the balancing of ENERGY since this energy sees no 'race, colour, creed, position or other.' IT (the energy) is ONLY aware of ITS 'movement' as IT flows through the actions of the user.

Be they kind and merciful OR cruel and merciless - Light or Dark in motion.

~ The Law of the Beast ~
The 'underhand' of God

The purpose of my 'testing' the Freedom of Religion act/clause of the Constitution of Australia and Tasmania is to show all mankind that 'Justice' according to the 'law' of man (rules books) does NOT exist. How so? Because 'according' to the Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitution, a peaceful person living as per their conscience, belief, and religious ideology of ABSOLUTE PACIFISM and, who never disturbs the peace of OTHERS is 'guaranteed' protection by the nation, flag and constitution etc., - - - BUT - - -

According to the mindset of every magistrate that I have been 'up' against all have refused to acknowledge this basic CIVIL HUMAN RIGHT of individuals because the Magistrate's 'minds' are OVERRULED by thoughts coming into their minds, 'possessive' thoughts forcing THEM to IGNORE the Freedom of Religion clause.

Why is this? It is because this earthly place is an 'underworld' RULED by the Dark Sovereign Power of God who is both merciless and merciful while always being absolutely 'Just.' 

His 'eye for an eye' (equal return) LAW of PUNITIVE retribution EXISTS, and His DARK forces do EXACTLY what they choose to do or impose VIA the minds of magistrates. How so? Because their minds are 'bound' by God's Dark energy and all knowing brilliance which ITSELF knows all past accrued dues by those standing before the magistrate whose mind is equally BOUND.

Since every 'state' law is overruled by the Constitutional Freedom of Religion clauses, in respect of absolute pacifists, then when the magistrate ignores the Constitutional ruling mandate, it shows the man in the 'dock' that the laws of man are NAUGHT and can be overridden by telepathy emanating from the dark BEAST.

Note - For an absolute pacifist to be jailed it simply means that there was a time in their past or past pre-birth time when they held some other 'hostage' or disadvantaged them etc., and by this act they defied God's command. The present 'law or ruling' used by the magistrate to 'punish' has naught to do with the matter unless 'harm' has been perpetrated. (Our spirit soul once created by God's energy exists forever in one realm or another, there is no 'end.')

The "As you sow so shall ye reap - as you do unto others is done unto you" LAW of God is always in operation. Be it in the court of man or in the street or home because it is the interaction ACTION between individuals as they use either the benign Light or the malignant dark ENERGIES of God.

The whole purpose of my 'case' and expose' and the Taxation processes of the persecution of Mrs. Barnes is to show the persecutors and prosecutors and magistrates that they have the CHOICE to:

1 - OBEY the Freedom of Religion clause of the constitution of their organisation and be respectful and kindly towards THE PEACEFUL.

2 - OBEY the Command of their creator God and BE kind & peaceful & merciful and forgiving, - - - BUT - - - in making ANY threat or coercing or using the dictates of politicians to CAUSE HARM to THE peaceful, (or anyone) it is an action which shows everyone that they are anarchists and treasonable and taking a false wage and, - - - it is my 'pen' to 'judge' that their actions place the magistrates themselves into the DARK 'beastly' aspect of THE LAW of GOD.

I add that all must and now need to UNDERSTAND that whatever they IMPOSE will be IMPOSED upon their own 'heads' another DAY in this realm or in the next by equally merciless, unconscionable men ALSO backed by THE GUN and force of muscles as their minds are 'so' JUSTIFIED by intrusive THOUGHTS.  - - - Magistrate Hill:

You hold the belief that EVERYONE living in Tasmania is subject to the laws/rules’ you uphold daily.
You hold the belief that the rules/laws you uphold override the authority vested unto you by the RULING Constitution of both Tasmania and Australia.
You hold the belief that a person cannot simply obey God because for you your ‘god’ consists of the Tasmanian ‘secondary’ state rules you uphold.
You choose to ignore the Freedom of Religion clause of the Constitution which is in fact the 'corner stone' on which your law degree must turn and which in fact should govern your daily operations.
You simply state that any ‘complaint’ I may have in reference to ‘false arrest’ must be taken by me to the constitutional authority or high court. What you the magistrate fail to take into account is that it is your institutional rules that state - - - it is the role of the magistrate to check every case against the constitution.

I do know that I do not have to prove anything because I believe that I can live by my own conscience and never disturb the peace and never defy my God as is ALSO granted unto me and everyone by your own Tasmania Superior Laws which overrule the ones you chose in the past and may again so choose to do in this case.

I do know that the freedom to live peacefully and NOT be 'disturbed' ONLY takes place when ones DUES TO GOD have been 'balanced' in suffering without retaliating when imposed upon by the merciless.

Ref Note - 1 above. If perchance the magistrate is honourable in this case and does accept and read my 'defence' and does then release me from the charges laid at my feet, it in fact also PROVES that: A peaceful person factually living their peaceful ideology who HAS paid all their past 'negative' spiritual dues to God and has thus balanced the punitive 'Scales of Justice' is by GOD set free from any 'guilt' or punishment via the mind of the magistrate.

~ The real 'God' perception ~

There are many people on the land who are 'troubled' by incoming (uncontrollable) thoughts which lead them to defy God and 'justifiably' cause harm to others.

The harm can be in the form of verbal or physical abuse or, it can be the detainment of a person against their will, and extorting money from them using threat or coercion or dispossession etc.

Officials of any institution be they politicians or magistrates or 'law' enforcers need to REALISE that in the course of their duty to rules or their wage that their ACTIONS are NO different to those of 'civilians' who are being 'swine' and causing duress etc. The mandate or uniform changes NAUGHT. All are simple children of GOD who most CERTAINLY gives them the 'evil eye' when they defy HIS Command.

All causing other sorrow or suffering or loss or injury FOR ANY REASON are of the same 'lost soul' ilk. Some are wearing 'silk' and others are not but they are all being used by THE DARK to balance ITS 'Scales of Justice' and all are later subjected to ITS 'return' Law. Why? Because it is what everyone demands and it is THE immutable LAW of ENERGY being:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

EDUCATION is the ONLY way forward wherein the police and all 'officers' of any organisation are 'safe' within the precepts of God's Command and within the 'return' aspect of His immutable 'eye for an eye' Law. (Do GOOD and IT returns unto you ~ Cause HARM and you WILL be EQUALLY harmed)

~ Closing summary ~

Dear Magistrate Hill, it is not I who is on trial today but you, for I have done NO harm. I have simply disobeyed or disagreed with a Rule in your 'books of rules' which your institution has set up and named 'the law' which they are NOT, for they are simply decrees imposed by force of arms upon THE PEOPLE.

Punitive rules are imposed in the BELIEF that you are helping the community to see the error of their ways, and not until 'your grace' becomes humble and fully 'of grace' with an earnest desire to right the wrong which has been perpetuated for aeons of time, will a change for the better be set into motion. A movement that will truly help you yourself as well as helping the community which you have chosen to serve.

Let all mankind LEARN that 'Absolute Justice' exists, and that NO person defiant of God's 'peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgive' Command are safe because HE and HIS Mighty Energy is a LAW UNTO ITSELF - "As you Do is DONE unto you."

Finally, in 2009 in your 'summary' you stated on record as saying: "You are entitled to live according to your belief (godly and peaceful) - - - BUT - - - I have sworn an oath to administer the traffic act under the subordinate legislation - - - - and within these rules find you 'guilty' as charged." "Sir," in this you are IMPOSING your ideological belief upon me in contravention of your 'powers' and, - - -

You could or should have said: "As you are living within the constraints of the SUPERIOR LEGISLATION of the Tasmania Constitution and as you are living within the constraints of God's 'peace' Command, I grant you 'freedom of the road' today."

Please therefore now READ the below extract from my defence submission before passing judgement this time, for you should then see that it is you who must according to your 'oath of office' and the superior rules of your institution set me FREE unconditionally.

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

The constitutional authority guarantees citizens immunity from interference, control and religious ideological persecution as long as they are of moral standing and do not disturb the peace of the land. Where does this now lead ME? I state that:

"For your PAST transgressions of THE AUTHORITY granted unto you by the Tasmania Constitution and God your conduct is seen as unbecoming of a servant of THE PEOPLE."

It remains to be seen which way you go in this present case laid at my feet. All I can say is that IF you do not see 'reason' and set me free and you thus impose a 'fine' or other, then it leaves a very CLEAR message to the POLICE from YOU. A message which states:

"Irrespective of the supposed freedom of civil rights and religious ideological beliefs of others in the community, I magistrate Tim Hill give YOU the authority to override and overrule the Constitution of our organisation and you can continue to interfere in the lives of the peaceful and cause them harm or loss or disadvantage or eviction as you do your best to coerce, threaten and intimidate them so that they are FORCED to obey us and deny their conscience and defy our God."

As the POLICE are also SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE, they MUST respect the RIGHTS of individuals who by their ACTIONS prove their allegiance to the Command of God.

It is the time for the police 'service' to NOW take personal responsibility for their OWN interaction ACTIONS with others and NOT rely on political or magisterial decisions. Only my 'pen' knows the RIGHT way forwards and IT states:

"Cause no harm for IF you do then YOU are doomed to die."

Terence - the Plenipotentiary of God Almighty.

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