From: Terence
Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 11:32 AM
Subject: The consequences of condoning illegal judgements of magistrates

~ Open letter to Mr. Neale Buchanan ~
MPES - Monetary penalties enforcement service of Tasmania

Dear Neale,  further to my recent email, I write this to you in respect of letters of monetary demand to Gillian Hay, Clemencia Barnes and myself which are accompanied by threats of further ‘sanctions’ or further enforcement activity.

I am now in my 77th year and many years ago in the 1960's I was a police officer with the Kenya police. This was a time of great 'unrest' in East Africa and it was at that time that I became conscious of the fact that the rules governing my required conduct policy activity of controlling any unrest conflicted with my conscience. I left the service and became a fisherman using a small 32' prawn trawler along the East African coast from Somalia to Tanzania, my place of birth.

I came to Tasmania in 1991 and decided to sit with my elderly wife Gillian in a small 7 x 8 metre cabin which we built in the Blue Tier range. I have always been a spirit medium with very deep insight into spiritual realms and I had decided to write down my thoughts with their wisdom so as to try and uplift the consciousness of this 'fallen' earthly race as perceived by me. I have just completed this task with the completion of my nine books on line.

I am a mental health consultant who has always been aware of the capacity of beings in lower, darker spirit realms to interfere telepathically into the minds of people on earth.  I became aware of the extent to which people living in spirit realms control the everyday  activity of man in the flesh to a very great extent indeed. (Martin Bryant would be an example of that). In the old days this was known as 'spirit possession.'  I have catalogued a great deal of information on that aspect in my on line suicide document. (Book 5 of 9)

I have been prepared to 'confront' the system by living my absolute pacifist ideology and through this was able to see the high levels of control over everyone by the rules established by politicians. Rules which even force your good self and all other workers within the systems into the 'justifiable' persecution of others and causing them harm simply because of the punitive measures attached to every decree for non-conformity and/or the vindictive nature of men in power. (armed men)

Realistically, what we are seeing is a supposed 'Christian' democracy in its true light which is clearly  no more or less than the dictatorship of slavery because, irrespective of 'who' is voted into power, the rules established by politicians in power simply continue by dictating subjugating policies which  enables the ongoing controls and extortion of money.

My task for our God is to simply uplift as much truth as I am able so that each individual has the opportunity of elevating their own consciousness and thereby SAVING THEMSELVES. The danger to workers in the system is that, in order to honour their 'wage' they are bound to enforce dictates from 'above,' dictates which appear to be, or in truth are INSANE decrees.

My question to you is to ask, is it sanity to isolate a medically unwell 76 year old grandmother and to punish her further if she uses her vehicle simply because some other person failed to place sufficient money in a parking meter? What would you do if she had failed to put money in the meter because she believed that the streets were public property and not owned by any other?

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I write to you because every MPES letter of demand ‘page’ sent out has the words (Signed) ‘Director,’ Monetary penalties enforcement service at the end and presumably you have sanctioned or agreed to your name (Director) being thereon.

I also write to you because in respect of Mrs Gillian Hay your ref 22330088, I wish for you to be made aware of the fact that Mrs Hay (now 76 years of age and unwell for some years) has never parked her vehicle nor accrued any fine because she no longer drives it. It is driven by others including myself as her ‘carer’ and she/we live far out of town.

If I remember correctly, 'Monique' from your office spoke with Gillian and myself a few days ago at which time I advised her that the ‘fine’ had been accrued by myself and that it had been so reported to yourselves some time ago.

Be advised therefore that it is nothing less than an aggressive attack upon Gillian to use the opportunity to cause her great inconvenience by suspending her registration.

I also write to you in respect of Mrs Clemencia Barnes of White Hills since I have been her ’counsel’ for many years, and I see that she is also receiving letters of demand from your office and coercive threats of further ’assault’ to her sanity if she does not conform to your dictates. She cannot support the warring aspect of the organization you call 'The Government.' 

Mrs Barnes has clearly set out why she must refuse to support your system. This she did in an open letter to the Taxation Department.  All the  Magistrates have decided that  her total belief in always turning the other cheek and never retaliating is not to be considered by the court even though she knows that the Constitution clearly supports her right to live according to her conscience.

I would by now ‘imagine’ that some of my correspondence has reached your attention on this matter in which it is clarified that both she and I are living within the constraints of God’s Command as well as within the rights granted unto the peaceful by the Constitutional authority, acts which the prosecution, magistrates and yourself appear to ignore through arrogance or plain ignorance.

Due to your failure to consider the facts for yourself, you have now dragged IN Martin Crane to suspend Ms. Hayes' vehicle registration. Why is it that everyone in the "Justice" system simply keeps obeying the directives of others and remaining totally unaware of the SPIRITUAL consequences to THEMSELVES?

Your departments are backed by the armed police services who are themselves no less than ’lackeys’ to orders issued to them from above, ORDERS which forces them to be complicit to your monetary extortion and other nefarious coercive tactics.

This is  regrettable because they now also become complicit to the coercive aspect of the activities carried out in the name of ’Justice’ not seeing that this 'Justice' causes much anguish emotionally to the ’ladies’ mentioned, even though they are operating quite legally within the Constitutional 'gov' process, a fact as said, simply being ignored by everyone.

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Brother, you are my spiritual brother so I just wish to state that I am extremely concerned for your spiritual welfare because you also choose to not only defy or deny the Command of our Sovereign God, but you also treasonably defy the acts of the Constitution of your own Institution and simply, as said, choose to also ignore my ‘claim’ that Gillian was not responsible for any parking ticket. - -  SO - -

It is obvious to me that you have the belief that you are entitled to bring down GRIEF upon ’our’ heads simply because your treasonable activities are backed by armed men who bear weapons of destruction.

You are indeed entitled to hold to your belief but it is now I to make a statement of FACT to you and anyone who ’sides’ with you against Gillian or Clemencia or myself.  This statement of mine comes into effect if you;

1 - Fail to rescind notification of registration suspension on  Mrs. Hay’s vehicle imposed by Martin Crane on 3-06-2015 and/or
2 - Fail to nullify the $238.00 stated as being owed by Gillian and/or
3 - Invoke any further punitive activity against Clemencia whatsoever and/or send her any more letters of demand.
4 - Fail to remove my name which you state has been published on the internet for the sole purpose of ‘shaming’ me publicly and/or
5 - If your office sends me any more letters of demand or invokes any further punitive activity against me.
BE ADVISED, the above is no 'threat,' it is simply a fact that there are repercussions to those who take up a 'cudgel' against ANY of God's children. Persons using the forceful dark energy of God place themselves INTO Its 'Equal return’ LAW. Persons as myself who ONLY use God's benign, merciful, compassionate and loving light energy place themselves into Its 'Equal return' LAW.

I am well aware that in the 60's I was as you using forceful punitive power to subjugate 'blacks' who were making illegal 'grog' and or disturbing the peace and I did cause them HARM and loss of freedom, hence I have been a happy prisoner four times in Tassy jails. Happy that I was paying off my dues to God's energy in non-retaliation so that IT could set me free to later live happily as I now do. I never berate my oppressors I simply do my best to educate them and uplift them.

Gillian, Clemencia and I are living in accordance with our ideological belief of PEACE and as God sees IT, we are entitled to so do. We are also living within the 'Freedom of Religion' constraints of the Constitutional authority of your own institution and it follows that all charges made by magistrates against us were fraudulent, treasonable and ILLEGAL.  If you  believe that it is simply your ’job’ to follow the orders you receive then that ’bro’ is just too bad for YOU because:

My statement to you is to the effect that: IF YOU PROCEED and ignore my 1 - 5 above then you will have placed a ’hex’ or SPELL upon your own head through your own arrogance and you will have been judged by God via my pen (as His Plenipotentiary), as ONE who has failed their final spiritual test. 

This makes you self-proven yourself to be unworthy of entering paradise and on passing out of the flesh of this world you will find yourself incarcerated with multitudes of others in a very dismal, dark space where all will experience extreme mental, emotional and physical agony forevermore.

WHY? Because you chose to defy your God and you chose to leave ‘fateful’ decisions to other mortals. These decisions mean that you turned yourself into a cruel, merciless person who has NO love, compassion or mercy towards other children of God and, - - -

I thus suggest that you amend all your demands to give yourself the time of 'grace' to look very deeply at what I am saying. It is THE MOST SERIOUS MATTER. A personal matter of salvation or self-damnation through ignorance or arrogance. Priests and their ‘impudent’ rituals of forgiveness does not come into it. They are all deceivers ‘coming’ in the name of Jesus or God etc. 

I add but a few more words to assist you. As it is proven that local magistrates 'Brown' and others totally ignore the 'limited' powers granted unto them by THE CONSTITUTION, and they thus 'hear and judge' constitutional matters, being an illegal, criminal and treasonable activity, it follows, that the police or others such as yourself administering their illegal 'judgements' are also complicit to criminal treasonable activity.

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In your organisation there is a separation of powers between the Parliament and the Judiciary. The Parliament makes and amends the 'law' or rules and, - - - the Judiciary makes judgements on said rules of Law. Please understand that:

It is not up to the judiciary to MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THE 'LAW OR RULES' from their 'bench.'

In the case of Clemencia, since magistrate Brown chose to bring IN a new set of rules (law) whereby he invoked a NEW ruling whereby he, in a petty court session, could defy the Constitution and 'hear & judge' a Constitutional matter of conscience, it follows, that his 'hearing of the case and judgement imposed' was an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY because, by bringing IN a new rule in conflict with the Law of a constitutional matter, his judgement was/is a NULLITY.

It also follows that to remain honourable and within the law of the system, the POLICE services MUST then simply ignore the judgement and NOT in any way assist in its implementation of punishment and neither should YOU.

If you choose to be a 'party' to an illegal, criminal and treasonable matter then you need be aware that there IS A CONSEQUENCE within the Laws/rules of the establishment you are paid a wage to SERVE. So say I, but if everyone chooses to simply ignore the FACTS because their ‘advisors’ are ignorant, then that also is simply the way it is because they are backed by GUNS and 'we' are not.

I am aware of the escalating MADNESS, a time where everyone is going to ignore the RULES and simply follow the dictates of their own THOUGHTS. Since I have had the 'pleasure' of standing before many Tasmanian magistrates, I have been 'privy' to their absolute arrogance and utter disrespect displayed towards community members and I am aware of the most terrible fate awaiting each and every one of them. Woe indeed is the insanity now to be seen everywhere.

It is due to my spiritual insight that I am aware that magistrates and all others have OPEN minds to the DARK via their (Sin) negative emotions, and it is thus that they are receiving overpowering thoughts which justify their illegal activity.

There is naught to be said to a person who at a particular moment is mentally disturbed because their minds are full of thoughts and they cannot absorb what is being said to them, in my 'book' they are suffering 'temporary insanity' through their 'Sin' of arrogance or vanity. 

I shall send a copy of this ‘brief’ to the local constabulary of the northern areas of the state because if any of them trespass onto the property of either Clemencia Barnes or Gillian Hay for any ‘uninvited’ reason, they by God will be seen as COMPLICIT and they will most definitely suffer the same FATE all suffer who defy their God and/or the ruling authority of their own organisation.

I can but ADD; if you were I, having the capacity of spiritual insight I have as a spirit 'medium,' then you would IMMEDIATELY take corrective action and never again be seen by your God as an ‘objectionable’ non-believer.
One way or the other, every morning and every evening my words will be remembered by YOU. I can but hope that you can remember them favourably in the Light of heaven and thus ‘thankful’ for my time spent trying to awaken your consciousness.

Please put everything on HOLD until you have satisfied yourself. Be TRUE to your SOUL for IT is very precious to Mother God the Light.

Feel free to drop by anytime you are in the NE.


There is an on line copy of this letter as Update 34 on page 2 at:

 ~ Response ~

Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2015 5:31 PM
To: Terence
Subject: RE: The consequences of condoning illegal judgements of magistrates
Dear Terrence,

Thank you for the email.   I’ve read through the content and noted your past contacts with this office.  

 I reiterate previous advice from this office that you need to take up your concerns with the issuing authorities or seek redress through the courts.   My role is simply to collect outstanding monetary penalties.  I do not and cannot make judgements about whether they were legitimately imposed.

I appreciate the invitation to drop by when I am in the north east.  I would happily do so but I suspect this is not a matter on which we can reach agreement.   Nonetheless, if you believe there is any room for compromise please let me know and I will reconsider. 

Regards, Neale Buchanan - Director

Hello again Neale,

Ref your words < you need to take up your concerns with the issuing authorities >

Maybe you can advise me around the named 'issuing authority,' for from my perspective, your signature as 'Director' on the demand notices are from the issuing authority are they not, being your office? For you are the ones taking up the cudgel so to speak and are also the ones who will take the matter further if you deem it necessary?

From my perspective, I will not seek any 'redress' from any court because they are all 'manned' by persons living their belief of simply upholding punitive edicts in defiance of their God, as are you, and thus they as you look no further. All thus are bound to continue ON in the role of causing harm and I can do no more than impart my 'advice' as to WHAT will soon be taking place to all whom pick up the cudgel against others for a wage, '30 pieces of silver.'

Your words < I do not and cannot make judgements about whether they were legitimately imposed > - - - what can I say? Since I have revealed that the magistrate has exceeded his authority is it not pertinent for a public servant (yourself) to ENSURE that their own personal activity is LEGAL?

It appears to ME that you have taken the same 'course' as the magistrate, he is of the opinion that since a case was placed on his 'plate' that he is entitled to 'hear & judge' it and thus inflict harm upon someone. Nothing is further from the TRUTH. The truth being that in the course of his duty to his office and his wage a magistrate is 'bound' to check each case to see if in any way IT conflicts with the constitutional authority and powers granted to him by said authority.

The words spoken by magistrates: 'Ignorance of the law is no excuse' applies equally to them and to YOU.

I am doing my best to get you to see that you are guilty of imposing an illegal 'claim' upon a citizen of the land and you are thus engaged in a criminal terrorist attack upon people KNOWINGLY, for you have been so advised.

You are a PUBLIC SERVANT who is being dishonourable to yourself, your family name and your fellow spiritual sisters and brothers because not only do you intend harm to your victims, but you are also required to use the 'PEACE FORCE' officers to further your demands. For it is they who will be required to drag people to prison or steal their goods on your behalf.

You are presently operating outside of 'the law' of your own institution. This actually means that you are no different to the Mafiosi criminals.

Your words < My role is simply to collect outstanding monetary penalties. > - - - what can I say? When you 'simply collect' money as you put it, surely you can see that IF there was/is a misdirection which leads you to cause great travail and harm or loss or eviction etc., how can you so 'calmly' tell me that it is of no 'consequence' to you as to whether or not your actions are legal?

To hear this from the CEO of a multi-million dollar collection agency is beyond comprehension.

page 2

Surely it would be wise to look within and ask your own conscience whether or not it would be a wise move to personally examine the facts especially as it is 'common knowledge' that any matter of Constitutional Acts can ONLY be legally 'heard & judged' in the High Court - - -

So, for any prosecutor to place a matter of conscience, faith or ideological belief before a lower 'petty case' court and actually have it 'heard' and with a punitive judgement passed, would indicate to any SANE person that there is/was collusion with the magistrate.

I would also presume that any SANE person would NOT 'wish' to become complicit to treasonable activities.

From my perspective there is NO COMPROMISE, how can there be? I AM living within the 'Law of the land' and I AM supposed to be 'guaranteed' immunity from persecution by the powers who are supposed to uphold the CONSTITUTION.

If said 'powers' and THEIR guarantees of religious freedom, being THE FREEDOM to live in peace as God Commands and NOT fund persecutors or those causing harm or waging war are FALSE guarantees issued to 'con' everybody, then it is the time for all community members to be made aware of that FACT. Why should anyone be forced to condone and fund persecution, causing of harm or warfare in defiance of God?

My task is to assist everyone to THE FACT that the SUPERPOWER 'God' is in FACT the invisible 'twin' creative and destructive  and infinitely intelligent ENERGIES which exist like an invisible mist and that BOTH have one and the same 'Law of return.'

So 'bro,' irrespective of your legality or otherwise within the endless 'texts' of rules in 'books,' there is NO 'legality' in defying the command of THE SOURCE because if one FAILS to use the benign energy to be loving, peaceful, merciful, compassionate, kindly and forgiving and instead uses the malignant punitive energy - - - it follows that the use of rules enshrined as texts enabling (legitimising) one to use force, cruelty, merciless persecution, coercion and other TERRORIST tactics simply places the individual within the immutable Law of return of God's destructive punitive energy and ahead, they receive the VERY SAME 'eye for an eye' return of loss, suffering, injury etc,. as they imposed. (Can you not see the absolute justice of this?)

I can but presume that you probably are not of the same 'belief' as am I and thus you believe that as long as you are following 'orders of men' or 'text' rules that you are 'safe' and beyond the 'reach' of the return factor of God's Law?

God 'Sir' is THE Sovereign Power not mortal politicians.

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I have written to the attorney-general asking 'who' upholds the Constitution, but to date I have had NO response. Maybe she will be seeking advice from others before responding because IF said advice is truthful, then she will be required to 'manage' the 'anarchist' magistrates and many such as yourself will have to be 'hauled-in and brought to account or be educated by me.

Presently, you as Director direct or authorise others in your office to send out letters of demand to 'pay up or else' or, suffer greater consequences. (The threat and coercion to pay)

If the money demanded is not forthcoming YOU alert others - - - THE POLICE - - - (armed men) who are then forced to do something which results in a person suffering mental, emotional trauma or being dispossessed of their property, or being jailed etc.

It all comes back to YOU and those who assist you - - - the police - - - so in FACT the police, (protectors of the citizens and upholders of the peace) are sent forth to DISTURB THE PEACE and CAUSE HARM for and on your behalf and on behalf of your 'paymasters' being POLITICIANS.

The ONLY thing between you and the realm of Hell is the 'enlightening' power of my PEN and your own conscience. If your conscience is unperturbed by your punitive actions against others there is NAUGHT I can do for you and as said - - - if you cannot revoke your 'attack' upon Gillian, Clemencia and myself and see 'why' it is necessary, it simply means that THE SIN (Dark energy within you) is now too 'great' and it is thus that for you TOO LATE.

Neale, I did make a statement with 5 'points' and it is naturally your personal choice on the matter as to 'heed or deny' and there is naught I can do about that is there? NO, we each choose our eternal destiny and few indeed appear to believe that my pen IS the 'Voice of God on earth.' It is the voice of SHE trying to uplift your soul back into Her realm of happiness.

I ask, if you cannot 'stay' your hand from causing terror or trauma or loss or dispossession to a person who has caused YOU no harm ever, then what will you be 'like' when an avenging 'angel' inspired from the pits of hell does cause you harm? Will you retaliate? IF you do 'bro' then with the very DEVIL you will 'mate.'

As for the registrar of motor vehicles nullifying the registration of Gillian's vehicle, that is also his choice, but 'we' Gillian and I have always been happy to fund the roads and insurance as IT is a benign community effort however, the day the rego is suspended is the day we never again fund said roads maintenance but we will still use the PUBLIC ROADS as is our RIGHT.

An upstanding registrar of motor vehicles has the 'job' task or recording persons who have kindly contributed to roads maintenance and who required an insurance policy. An honest registrar would never give in to an 'order' from anyone expecting him to become 'party' to a coercive attempt at extortion by suspending a vehicle registration or threatening to so do.

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BROTHER, we are all born of the same spiritual MOTHER, She the creative Light. (The light loving creative positive energy) HE the Father is the dark forceful, destructive energetic POWER, (Negative energy) and He forbade man to use HIS dark energy (The fruit from the deadly tree of the knowledge of good and evil) and HE forgives no-one who defies Him. His ENERGY  simply is what it is, but we term it EVIL, deceptive, destructive because as man imposes IT upon others it causes pain, loss, anguish and destruction.

This dark energy tempts man to use IT and ITS thoughts incite man and deceive man into justifying the use of force as the thoughts say: "No, you will not die in your sin - you will simply know good from evil." So begins the downfall of man as he uses God's destructive force to control, subjugate, enslave, extort, punish, cause harm, kill and destroy, and then forever lives in sorrow for having placed his own soul into THE 'Law of return' of THE DARK.* (See Note - 2 at end)

In fact, all my thousands of pages written on line are written for YOU and YOU and YOU, so I am not your enemy, I AM your VERY best friend seeking to save your SOUL. Only I know of the destructive energy essence and ITS capacity to draw unto IT all whom use IT. It the Dark is the agony, the Light is the ecstasy. Your choice.

Please read my 'National Security Alert'

Read my 'synopsis' of God's message to humanity.

Note - 1: Politicians, magistrates and God - Politicians have given magistrates the most extraordinary Power. The power to 'legitimately' defy God and thus be; merciless, unconscionable, dispassionate, cruel, uncompromising, causing mental and emotional trauma, extort money forcibly, seize a persons goods, jail or dispossess them of their land and home.

This activity is a total contravention of Christian principles and utter defiance of God's Command unto man and it is to me quite incomprehensible that everyone in the community actually now believes in the 'righteousness' of this DARK and destructive punitive activity that is an ABOMINATION in GOD'S EYES.

Politicians then try and 'remove' themselves from complicity to said ATROCITIES in separating themselves from the RULINGS of the magistrates in stipulating that the 'judiciary' is 'a law unto itself' so to speak. This they cannot actually 'do' because in the first instance it was they who 'gave' LIFE to the 'Rules of engagement.'

These DICTATORIAL Rules of engagement granted by political decree are unlawful, anti-social, anti-god and contravene all Christian principles and they ENSLAVE the entire community.

Politicians or other 'heads of State' are all 'playing god' and standing between man and God, and the REAL God is now to show His 'hand' in a very wrathful manner and, - - - anyone 'found' by His avenging forces to be defiant of or complicit to defiance of His 'Peace & love & mercy' Command and who is using RULES to enslave or punitively reprimand His precious children are by His forces to be treated as 'beasts of burden' themselves, and subjected to their own 'torture' imposed coming back upon their own heads. No person of any 'standing' or position in the universe will escape this final 'Absolute Justice.'

Politicians have the 'quaint' but unfortunate ideological belief that 'simply' because they were 'voted in' by a majority vote that they could be the 'stand in' for God. None comprehending the Power of THE DECEIVER to telepathically 'con' them into believing that since they hold the power backed by force of arms that they were ENTITLED to RULE backed by force of arms.

Anyone is entitled to defy God and do anything they wish to but, - - - NONE can avoid the implementation of the 'Return unto user' God's LAW factor. Absolute Justice imposed in the place and at the time so ordained by the Light or Dark energy essence of THE SOURCE.

The ONLY 'nature' of magistrates required at this time of escalating insanity is a kindly, respectful, wise, educated, civil 'counsellor' style person who KNOWS 'Right from Wrong' and thus never uses his 'position' to cause harm or to send forth others to cause harm.

These 'new age' magistrates can recognise that the 'offender' placed before them is one to be 'judged' as needing to LEARN how to fortify their mind against the 'advances' of negative incoming thoughts which would lead them astray. This way the offender becomes educated and is able to 'better' themselves as they elevate their consciousness and begin to please their GOD.

These 'offender' persons need to be caught and 'held' in a remand centre until they have attended a 'Feeling Easier' Seminar.

The 'factors' governing society today are 'greed and need' and lack of THOUGHT CONTROL. The greed in man and the need of governments to access more and more money, and the need for more money by the community through being impoverished monetarily more and more by the greed-need of politicians. Everyone is suffering from 'lack' of thought control and this is now to lead to more confrontation, destruction and insanity.

I hope that 'we' in Tasmania can awaken and lead the world into the new age of peace.


Note - 2: THE 'Law of return' of THE DARK.* - It is now revealed by me that the 'Law of return' of the DARK of God uses vain, ignorant and arrogant SINNERS to be ITS instrument.

The dark essence is 'so' deceptive and 'so' invisible that 'private' persons meting-out vengeful retribution or members of the judiciary meting out 'official' JUSTICE see NOT that they in fact are being used by THE DARK to be ITS instrument of justice. (Its telepathically induced thoughts enter your mind via the avenue of the energy vibration of your inner sin. (SIN = negative emotions within you, being ITS energy within you which you drew in when using IT in your interaction with others over eternal time.)

If you are passing by a 'pub' late at night and a drunk 'glasses' your face, he is simply the victim of the dark energy flowing through his mind and hand and, - - - you are receiving a 'just and equitable' return from a time in the past, be it this or pre-birth when you OR YOUR SERVANTS caused some other to suffer the same.

IF the 'drunk' is punished by State enforcers then they accrue a similar 'due' to that which they forcefully IMPOSED. No mandate of man or political ruling voids the implementation of God's LAW. That 'belief' is a fallacy.

If you the 'glassed' one are 'wise' you simply go your way in PEACE as God Commands and 'forgive,' because you have been released from a past debt to humanity. If you seek punitive recompense then you start your future suffering all over again.


Note - 3: Debt collectors - Many years ago the ATO enlisted the services of a debt collection agency to collect monies from Clemencia Barnes. The agency used was 'Baycorp collections PDL Australia' and I responded to their claims with two documents clarifying the issues of the day which apply to YOUR collection agency MPES.

Having read my submissions, the CEO of Baycorp wrote to Mrs. Barnes stating that they withdrew all claims against her. I ask, is it simply because THE GOVERNMENT 'Justice' system is backing your claims that you believe that YOU are above the law?

I Link my two Baycorp 1 & Baycorp 2 submissions for your interest.


 ~ Letter 3 ~

From: Terence
Sent: Saturday, May 30, 2015 10:35 AM
Subject: Truth
Dear Neale, it is ONLY through my 'letters' interaction to you and so many others* that my TRUTH is enabled to flow though and hopefully, - - - at least ONE other reader will become enlightened enough to save their own soul as I awaken their CONSCIENCE.

Note: - so many others* - 238 other letters LINK 

Just a few more 'thoughts' come into my mind around the issue of coercion, punishment and monetary extortion. You see it all comes back to the Mafiosi style 'extraction' of MONEY. Today it is carried out by 'white collar' criminals who give themselves the 'authority' to so do using RULES in books of text. Brother in the eyes of God and 'civil' man there is nothing LEGAL about it.

In the beginning of this Gillian 'debate,' the primary extortion began with the parking meter, for those in POWER decided to 'own' the public streets and make an extortion 'earn' from the public. In reality, the whole community 'owns' the road, not the 'council' heavies' who also use the PEACE force to their own 'ends.' (force of arms)

Further to your words that 'higher level enforcement action' will be taken, is it not possible for you to see that the suspension of the registration for a ‘day’ would 'surely' be punishment enough for not placing 20 cts in a meter?

No, you see it not but as said, its all about the MONEY, (honey) and I do know that THE DARK uses all the justification IT can to keep YOU punishing me (Gillian) until either:

1 – She loses her home if need be, just to satisfy THE RULES on the one hand and on the other, to satisfy your wage taken by YOU as an 'operative' for the extortionists.

2 – IT the Dark has trapped YOU ‘in toto’ or to the point that you are totally controlled by ITS telepathic powers unto your own ‘doom.

You are 'happy' to exceed the 'God's Law' factor of one for one, e.g., steal an egg and you lose an egg. (Absolute justice) Why so? because man is vindictive and extortionists are all "Mafiosi' who are completely UNCONSCIONABLE and thus in extreme danger themselves albeit they see it not.

Fortunately for you, as God IS absolutely 'Just,' the 'only' comeback to you in the case of 'Gillian' is that ONLY the suffering or loss you impose and she 'suffers' becomes your dues. God does not multiply the ‘injury’ x 1000 as do your rules.

Maybe you need to ask yourself 'why' if heaven exists that YOU are not presently living therein? I know why, because the negative energy within you and all 'earthlings other than a 'few' as me (sin free – no negative emotions within) all fell due to their defiance of God as they supped ON the dark forceful energy, being the 'fruit' of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Brother, there are zillions of spirit souls existing in the pure Light who have NO knowledge of evil or negative emotions etc., because they have NEVER defied their God since the moment their unique spirit soul was created. Thus they never contaminated their souls with negative energy which is what some as you did do, and the coarse 'heavy' vibration of this DARK energy drew your spirit down and AWAY from the Light.

Men of RELIGION have forever 'conned' people into believing that if the people paid them a weekly 'subscription fee,' that the 'church' would be their protector and they would attain salvation. This falsity is exposed by me and all will suddenly see that their 'security' blanket is whisked away as for their 'sinning ways' they in agony PAY. (God's Law is immutable)

It is my very difficult TASK for THE PURE LIGHT to do my very best to 'awaken' even ONE of the lost earthly 'race' so that they then turn direct to God and NEVER AGAIN use punitive force against others nor make ANY demands upon others.

IF my words do not tickle your conscience NOW, then ahead it becomes harder for YOU and for SURE, you will then be UNABLE to amend your ways due the coercion and punishment already awaiting YOU at the hands of others even more merciless and demanding than you are.

You state that I have the choice of some 'options' and I respond saying: YOU have the option to place 'Gillian's case' into the 'too hard basket' but, whether your conscience and mind can override the incoming thoughts stating that "You MUST go ahead," is another matter.

Men of POWER (Defiant of God) have also forever 'conned' people into believing that if the people paid them a weekly 'subscription fee' that the ‘State’ would be their protector and they would live in peace. Nothing is further from the truth, as state enforcers such as you actively interfere in the lives of others for the sole purpose of ‘collecting money’ and CAUSING HARDSHIP.

Not only this, but everyone funding the enforcement aspects of the ‘protectionist’ system becomes complicit to all done punitively to OTHERS on their behalf, and all are ‘kept’ defiant of God’s Command and ON the wide road to HELL.

I am only ‘interested’ in condoning, supporting or funding BENIGN COMMUNITY EFFORT.

This is my God-given RIGHT and also granted within the ‘Freedom of religion’ ACTS of the Constitution of YOUR institution but, - - -


God cannot ‘help you’ – you must help yourself using God’s wisdom via my pen, His/Her's

Sincerely - Terence