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Feeling Easy 'audio' Seminar is on YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6d79nLQbM4

As you will see below there are 'music' channels between the talk sections (e.g. - a2 - Green door) Regrettably on the YouTube program above there are no 'audio' music below in PURPLE  because YouTube cannot accept them. Neither will my internet service provider so if you wish to access the original texts and ALL audio music tracks they are only on the DVD.

Once I have found a marketing agent for DVD's I will place that information LINK up on line HERE.

This seminar is designed to assist people to control their thoughts so as to be able to stay rational and sane when faced by adversity.

The following FULL Seminar of 23 tracks (MP3) on the DVD are here given.

a1 - Terence speaks
a2 - Green door

a3 - Terence speaks
a4 - Morning has broken

a5 - Terence speaks
a6 - On the road to find out

a7 - Terence speaks
a8 - Bad moon arising

a9 - Terence speaks
b1 - Clemencia's talk
b2 - Terence speaks

b3 - Dots on shells
b4 - Tar and cement
b5 - Sounds of silence

b6 - The Drummers of Africa talk
b7 - Terence speaks
b8 - Gillian speaks

b9 - Ark of the mind meditation (adults)
 - Terence speaks
c2 - Terence talks

c3 - Take a chance on me (Seminar ends)
c4- Yellow River


There are also another 14 - MP3 Audio tracks  included here.

Items 1, 3 , 5  listed are a part of the 'Feeling easy 'Seminar program that you will find on the "Offender document" rehabilitation program on the Testament site.

1 - ARK - adult's meditation - 7.32 minutes playing time - MB 6.9
This recording will assist adults to strengthen their minds and lessen the impact of negative emotions and thoughts and will remind the listener of God's message of peace.

2 - STAR - children's meditation - 9.52 minutes playing time - MB 9.03
This recording will assist young children to be happier as they are comforted by the words. When they go to bed at night it is also a good time.

3 - The Drummers of Africa story - 43.40 minutes playing time - MB 40.1
This 'narration' is a story of Nyati the angry hippo and Kalulu the jealous hare whose 'exploits' have a spiritual message for those of any age.

4 - Family conflict enlightenment - 37.47 mins playing time
Clemencia - Terence and  Gillian will assist you to a deep understanding of spirit interference in your mind and how to daily fortify and  protect it.

5 - Minds under Siege - 19.37 minutes playing time - MB 17.9
Clemencia speaks on the reality of 'minds under siege.'  (Unstoppable intrusive thoughts)

6 - The Carer's Manual - 26.00 minutes playing time
Clemencia speaks on mental health to Carer's.

7 - Criticism - 20.13 minutes playing time - 18.5 MB
Terence  speaks on 'criticism.'

8 - Justification - 26.11 minutes playing time - 23.9 MB
Terence  speaks on 'justification.'

9 Spirit communication talk - 19.31 minutes playing time - 17.8 MB
Terence  speaks on communicating with invisible spirits.

10 - Spirit possession talk - 20.44 minutes playing time -  18.9 MB
Terence  speaks on 'spirit possession.'

11 - Spirit education talk -
Terence  speaks to the 'devious' spirits interfering in the mind of 'Inge' a lady possessed by vindictive & critical thoughts.

12 - The spirit of truth speaks - 36.58 minutes playing time - 33.8 MB
Recording of an Easter gathering at a Catholic church in which the priest asks a female guest speaker to participate and the speech is responded to by the Spirit of Truth.

13 - Peter the fisherman - 27.47 minutes playing time
The educating of 'Pete' from 'Pyengana' as to how to elevate the consciousness of lost spirits who are devious, cruel, forceful, intrusive, arrogant, controlling and very destructive.

This audio content shows Pete and all 'preachers' the correct and ONLY way to 'deal' with dark forces in a manner which keeps all within the precepts of God's "Peace, love, mercy, compassionate and forgive" Command. The 'old' way of forceful 'exorcism' promoted by false 'preachers' in their attempts to cast out devious spirit people by condemning them to eternal persecution and damnation in the underworld leads everyone involved to the same hellish place to all suffer together forever.

14 - The last hour interview - 44.20 minutes playing time -  40.1 MB
Terence is interviewed by an Australian barrister, an Islamic doctor and a Spanish priest and the interview is hosted by Clemencia.


~ Let me remind you all ~

Our God is omnipresent, and that means that the invisible spiritual ENERGY ESSENCE of the Source is present and ready to be used and IS used by us each and every time we 'act,' be it verbally or physically and, - - -  dependent upon our INTENT we 'link in' to one or the other aspects of the twin energies and, - - - dependent upon our emotional state which can 'flick' from positive to negative in a blink of an eye, we can change our 'allegiance' in a flash from the Light to the Dark energy etc.

The LIGHT energy of God - Creative, benign, kind, soft, compassionate, merciful, forgiving, respectful, good, reliable, honest.
The DARK energy of God - Destructive, malignant, cruel, hard, dispassionate, merciless, unforgiving, disrespectful, deceptive, dishonest.

Both have the same immutable 'Law of return' - 'As you do is done unto you' by the energy used in your interaction.

Thus in every ACTION you are placing yourself within one or the other 'side' of ITS Law.

IT is absolute Justice and absolutely JUST.

If you are suffering then let all know that you imposed the same upon another before, be it in this life or a pre-birth time.
If you are imposing 'martial law' upon others then you WILL suffer the same ahead.

If you are filling others with dread then you know what lies in 'store' for you ahead.
No official position nor 'mandate' nor badge of 'office' nor 'Law' of man nullifies God's Law.


Only 'do' unto others what you would have be done unto YOU.


I AM merciless with the unmerciful
I AM kind to the loving & merciful

I AM what I AM - I AM ALL



~ I Terence say: I wish you well on this your final journey ~