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~ Open letter to David Owen, government house Tasmania ~
Bonded to the 'devils powers'
 Complaint NO: 1590494, C. Barnes. Launceston magistrates court 1st October 2015.

Dear Sir, It is a 'hard' road indeed even for one as me trying his best to get EVERYONE to see that their minds or 'psyche' is bonded to the overpowering RULE of the very Devil himself to the point that not ONE of them can see that by their 'activity' they daily defy and deny the Holy Command of their Sovereign God and are therefore unconscionable and therefore also unfaithful to their OWN soul.

All also are totally unaware of the invisible power of the creative benign or destructive malignant ENERGY of our Sovereign. This is the energy which we use indiscriminately in our interaction with others and is thus 'outpoured' onto others as IT flows through us and motivates us 'energetically' but, - - - all are unaware that no person has the power to halt ITS (God's) 'Return unto user' as IT (God) fulfils ITS immutable Law.

"As you do is ahead done unto you."
 ~ For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction at the time and in the place so ordained by THE ENERGY via others ~

No mandate, badge of office or social standing can 'void' or halt ITS Return of Love for love given or ITS Return of merciless persecution and suffering having being imposed by YOU upon others.

You 'Sir' refuse to communicate with me so all I can do to try and 'reach you' is to write yet again and I say: When a person is taking a wage for the purpose of causing harm it is 'one thing.'

I add, when a very high ranking person such as you or the Governor are is taking a wage to uphold the Constitution of the Sovereign Power and defend IT against IMPROPRIETY and, when you also have the power to HALT the ILLEGAL causing of HARM to a peaceful citizen of the land, but you 'quail' or fail to so do, - - - it is an act of unconscionable treason and the act of taking a false wage.

It is also a foul activity on the part of everyone involved in the 'cowardly' attack or persecution and intimidation of an elderly seventy year old lady (Clemencia) the person in 'question.'

You Sir are regrettably 'branded' by my pen as being of the same 'ilk' as Eddie Storace the persecuting complainant and his 'cohorts.' Woe indeed is your spiritual destiny to be say I.

You Sir have NO integrity
You Sir have NO compassion
You Sir have NO 'reason'
You Sir have NO conscience

The very  DEVIL via the 'rules' and via the minds of the ignorant who assume 'all power' because they are backed by GUNS has entrapped the entire inhuman race into having THE BELIEF in their RIGHT to defy and deny the "Only love" Command of God. "What now" say I the plenipotentiary of the Most High.?

Only those who can see their iniquity and can see the 'way' I show will by my pen be elevated into Paradise and 'saved' from their PRESENT 'hellish' DESTINY.

The mind of the magistrate is God's but, - - - he as all mankind is subject to THE LAW of God say I.

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Sir, the ATO officials have been 'hounding' Clemencia for over 15 years using Dark 'power' to try and coerce her into joining their 'forces of war' and they know that her 'judgement' is to be finalised on October 1st but a few days away, and they also know that she is emotionally terrified at the possible outcome due to having been told that she faces up to 10 years jail and $85,000 in fines if she fails to 'bow' in submission and fill out tax returns before said FINAL 'due date.'

Does the prosecutor Ed Storace and Crown prosecutor Katherine Drake await the finding of the court? NO, in fact THE TRUTH of the matter is that they are not 'interested' in the 'non-conformity' punishment factor but they are interested in forcing her via coercion to BOW to their demands because the DARK energy inspiring them seeks to obtain HER as ITS 'eternal' victim and to drag her soul into eternal darkness and agony. This is unseen by her persecutors but clearly seen by ME.

How do her persecutors (Ed & Katherine) continue to threaten and coerce her prior to the finding of magistrate Marron? In sending her yet another - - - page document of demands on Friday 25th September just a few days before the case in an attempt, as already said, to terrify her into SUBMISSION.

This is indeed 'foul' play and most certainly her oppressors will eternally remember my words of the CONSEQUENCES of defying the Command of THE SOVEREIGN Power GOD as well as arrogantly denying a peaceful citizen her LEGAL Rights within the Constitution of the institution all state offices are 'sworn' to SERVE judiciously understanding that they are paid a wage to so do by THE PEOPLE.

Mr. David Owen, it is a foul business indeed because I have investigated every 'avenue' possible seeking to find 'someone' who is honest enough to assist a lady in desperate need of succour but to NO avail, because everyone simply 'passes the buck' as they state to me: "I cannot do anything due to the separation of powers which exists and thus 'I' or our 'office' cannot interfere in any way."

The facts are however different because the armed Police force that is supposed to PROTECT THE PEOPLE is being used by all the departments as their private ARMY of enforcers! If the Police 'chiefs' cannot see this reality then there is naught I can do for them or their lads who have become 'mercenaries' used by everyone to STEAL money from and to punish the innocent PEOPLE they are paid a wage to PROTECT.

Dark indeed is the deceptive power of the 'underhand' ENERGY of God because ITS 'forces' are all intertwined and UNITED as ONE.

So much for integrity, there is NO separation of powers because every government department is totally 'entwined' together by THE DARK and IT and ITS Power controls them all, even the Police service is controlled by IT and entwined by ITS power to all the 'dark stuff' and not ONE individual has the capacity to this see nor to do anything about it.

Only my 'pen' is doing ITS 'duty' to mankind as IT does its best to expose the error of the ways of mankind, and I can but hope that there are a 'few' who to THEMSELVES will now BE true and side with Clemencia to uplift her sweet soul a little and at the same time uplift their own 'spirits.'

Brother 'David,' there are ONLY three days left for you and your office to 'ameliorate' the situation and bring It to a HALT. My brother, I am not backed by guns but only by TRUTH, and I can state quite categorically that if your office fails in its duty then it is proof that ANARCHY exists with the highest office of the land.

I add, 'rest assured,' albeit the peaceful such as I will do naught about it but the DARK energy essence KNOWS and ahead, IT will 'rectify' the situation and IT, via the mind and hand of other 'anarchists,' will bring everyone to 'painful' account in the manner given to mankind on my web site.

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Brother 'David,' there is ONLY one way to THE LIGHT, it is peace, peace, peace, and in the doing of ones duty TO the Sovereign Power if one is employed to so do or, if one is as I am, of the belief in assisting the 'lost' to find their way home to the Light.

I add that all who have the 'power' and use IT to control, interfere, subjugate, deceive, extort money, coerce, invade, cause harm, maim, kill or wage war are on the 'wide road to hell,' as are those 'in power' who FAIL to DO their DUTY as do YOU.

If you and 'yours' had any 'guts' or honesty you would simply pick up the phone to the Launceston magistrates Court and state to magistrate Marron: "Please be advised that in the case of the ATO v/s Clemencia Barnes NO: 1590494, since it is a Constitutional matter of 'belief' it is beyond your jurisdiction to even 'hear' it. Please therefore apologise to her on the date and advise her that she has NO case to answer."

My brother, the depths of the Dark (underworld) are foul and smelly and terrifying because all therein have lost their 'reason' and they are as 'rabid dogs' and total madness abounds with NO surcease. If it were not 'so' I would have retired years ago to a peaceful beach under the palm trees.

Please try and believe me, for 'why else' would I write day and night for 25 years in an effort to AWAKEN the inhabitants of this 'sorry' world?

Some say: "Once a 'cop' always a cop." It may be true because I had been a policeman 50 years ago and yet am an 'investigative' officer doing my best to ALERT all 'cops' and others 'in power' as to the 'grave' they dig for themselves within THE LAW OF THE DARK ENERGY they use even in non-activity as do YOU as you TAKE a false wage.

All the 'keen' young lads of the Police academy having the honourable INTENT of serving the community in protecting the people and upholding the peace all end up as political 'tools' or lackeys upholding interference, control, subjugation, punitive coercion, monetary extortion and the CAUSING OF HARM to God's children.

All Police officers need to comprehend that even though their duty is to uphold 'laws,' that within the Freedom of Religion Acts of the Constitution they always maintain THE RIGHT to use their conscience in their interaction with the public.

This means that they can legally override the Rules if they so wish and ONLY haul-in those who DO disturb the peace or who are carrying out immoral activities (Drug dealing etc) because they have in FACT 'sworn' to uphold THE PEACE.

It is very apparent to an 'old' school boy such as myself that the 'head' of the Dark black SNAKE has swallowed up all integrity, decency and honesty to the point that everyone using destructive force to maintain control is very 'comfortable' in doing so due to the fact that via their minds IT (The Snake) keeps them of the BELIEF that they are above 'accountability' to IT. If only they knew the truth of the matter.!

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The fact that taxation officials, prosecutors, justices of the peace, magistrates and the local 'Peace Force Police' as well as the Governor of the State can ALL be complicit to the ongoing imposition of terror, threat and coercion upon a peaceful and kindly Lady of the Light, a Lady who ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN RULES is going about her business LEGALLY, is quite beyond my comprehension. Would you crucify your daughter, sister, aunty, mother or 70 year old 'granny' as is Clemencia in this manner because that is what you are so doing in funding the system of darkness.

It is due to the FAILURE of the Governor to maintain the Sovereign authority of the Constitution that anarchy exists in every level of government as has been exposed by me. A true Police Services organisation would be hauling-IN the dissidents whether they be taxation or prosecution officials or other such as current treasonable magistrates.

The imposition of TERROR upon communities overseas which is leading to people all either 'running away' or picking up 'arms' to fight their oppressors will soon be seen here say I.

The only reason that Clemencia stands 'firm' and does neither (running away nor taking up arms) is because she is helping me to expose the liquid vanity and insanity so that YOU the reader can come to your own educated decision as to THE REALITY. She also stands 'firm' in her faith to assist YOU and others to make a 'choice' as to what YOU personally will choose to do. She knows that an eternity awaits YOU, be IT in the Dark below or in the Light above.

I am not 'confronting' the system's officials simply as a 'nuisance' factor. I am 'in their face' because I AM the ONLY one who can see THE TRUTH as well as the only one who has the mental capacity to elevate their consciousness and to thus save 'someone' or everyone an awful lot of suffering.

I do not expect anyone to 'obey' me per se, it is simply advisory information to you ALL individually that each of us is linked directly to the Source, God. In that way we each stand beneath His 'spotlight' directly with NOTHING in the 'way' so to speak but try to understand that we 'each' have to satisfy HIM now or forever become lost in abject poverty, eternal agony in HIS dark underworld.

It is quite 'simple' to see that IF I am the only ONE to speak 'up' in order to assist a 'helpless' damsel while all others involved are complacently 'happy' that she be publicly crucified for simply being OBEDIENT to THE 'love one another' Command of her Creator and therefore not not funding warmongers, then why should God not cast all the NON-believers  into HIS 'pit.'?

Where I ask are 'King Arthur's Knights of the round table' who honoured God's damsels of the light? Long gone it appears to me as the arrogant, ignorant or darkly bold roam the globe seeing nothing as 'sacred,' not even the 'golden girls' who gave THEM 'life.'

As I can see into the dark depths below I know that where they soon 'go' there are NO ladies to be seen EVER because all 'prison' style realms of consciousness as such in the underworld are 'sexually' segregated.

It is the time for all creations of our God and King to raise UP your voices and praise HIM by your OBEDIENCE to His Command or die.

Where are the TRUE I ask of YOU?
Where are the 'hearts of love' I ask of YOU?

Truth be told, the coercive and terrorising actions against Clemencia are the worst case of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE against a lady because it is all 'backed' by the Police armed forces 'team' who are paid a wage to uphold the peace but who sadly 'side' with terrorists who are so proven to be by their defiance of the code of conduct Policy of their own institutional Constitution. It is madness in its most insidious form.

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Sir, if you 'care' to read my  Update - 46 - 15 August 2015: Response papers to magistrate Marron linked at the end of this page prepared by me for Clemencia Barnes to present to the magistrate on 1st October next week, you will see on page 3 therein that the constitutional authority is VERY CLEAR in ITS mandate of LIMITED authority granted unto judges and magistrates in that they are NOT 'permitted' to use any State laws as the basis for a complaint in reference to THE CONSTITUTION, this includes matters of conscience, faith, belief and religious ideology.

The valid federal law (Constitution Acts) override ("prevail") inconsistent State laws. Section 109 of the Constitution of Australia provides that: When a law of a State is inconsistent with a law of the Commonwealth, the latter shall prevail, and the former shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be invalid.

It follows that since the Tasmania judiciary are ignoring that FACT that Anarchy and treasonable activity is taking place, and if your office fails to act that means that there is also NO 'official' government and this means that all and ANY punitive activity is ILLEGAL.

Since Police service officials have stated in writing to me that they are 'backing' and thus supporting all or any punitive measures imposed by the Launceston magistrates upon a peaceful, civil and innocent person, (C. Barnes) it follows that they, (Police armed forces) are also Anarchists of the same 'ilk' as the Taliban or I S I L or any other 'group' of armed men who openly TERRORISE their victims for the purpose of:

RELIGIOUS persecution and the EXTORTION of money.

It also follows that if your 'office' having the DUTY to uphold THE Constitution FAILS to so do, that your own officials (yourself and the governor) are 'in collusion with' the PROVEN treasonable 'mob' and 'grave' indeed are the consequences to BE as seen by me.

If the Police service 'acts' punitively against any peaceful civilian, be it Mrs. Barnes or myself or any others, then they are PROVEN criminals of the 'worst' order who are taking a FALSE wage for siding with PROVEN terrorists who are carrying out ILLEGAL activities.

That is the judgement of God's PEN.

The Police services must now 'separate' and stand alone and ONLY uphold THE PEACE.

David Owen 'Sir' I ask, are you aware that the Police and all others COMPLICIT to the terror already suffered by Clemencia over 15 years can BE halted if you do your DUTY? "Halted" meaning, that they will accrue no more painful karmic debts within God's Law from 'her' case. You have 3 days to 'ameliorate' much for so many, say I. I add, the consequence of decisions made today can last FOREVERMORE.

The JUDGEMENT of God upon Clemencia will be 'given' on or after the 1st October unless you halt the process. The judgement of God upon your own head has already been given by my 'pen' for your failure to:

1 - Show any respect or compassion to God's daughter Clemencia.
2 - Failure to do your duty to God the Sovereign Power who 'backs' the Constitution.
3 - Show any respect to me God's plenipotentiary.

The entire inhuman 'race' is revolving in never-ending DARKNESS say I. A tragedy of immense unseen consequences but of gigantic proportions is soon to be openly visible globally. "Please awaken Tasmania" !

You 'Sir' have a duty to God, your 'office' and your own soul - DO IT or 'die.'


Please read my : Update - 46 - 15 August 2015: Response papers to magistrate Marron

Read the 'Cause of all sorrow':

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Added Note on deep spiritual truth


The protection offered or guaranteed by man (Caesar or State) is the 'deceitful' promise given by Chiefs, kings, queens, mandarins, presidents or emperors who all state: "We are the authority and we will protect you from harm as long as you are faithful to our cause, flag, nation and support it and pay us the endless sums of taxes we require to manage our operations.

We also guarantee and grant you immunity from persecution or prosecution or loss of liberty or goods in that you can live FREELY in following your own conscience, belief, faith in a God and religious ideology of your choice as long as you do not disturb the peace of the land."

Why is it that these 'rulers' and their 'your Excellency' personages so state? It is because they are vain, arrogant, ignorant, power hungry and very greedy and they need the 'force of arms' of your children and your money for their protection and for their well-being for they wish to be 'as gods' and to live as 'kings' off the 'fat' of the land 'tilled' by your hand.

The TRUTH is that their guarantees given above are all 'lies' and worthless because if you FAIL to conform to even ONE of their demands, their forces (your deluded sisters and brothers) will hound and persecute you unto the ends of the earth as is now proven unto you all by my hand.

The deep 'sad' reality is that for these powers to maintain their positions of impropriety they have to deny and defy the Command of THE Sovereign power, God and in so doing, each and everyone supporting or funding their controlling, punitive and warring ways place themselves within the punitive return factor of God's Law. None can void or avoid the spiritual consequence of defying God in using HIS destructive powers.

From my many long and arduous years 'seeking' and testing of the Freedom of Religion clauses of the Australian and Tasmanian Constitutions it is quite clear that the text 'words' guaranteeing 'protection or immunity' from persecution are mere words having NO substance for they are PURE liquid deception.

Why and how is it so? It is so because there is absolutely NO immunity from the return factor of or for the use of God's benign or malignant energy, and IF you have any punitive dues to God accrued from any defiance of His Command then there is NO mortal man or king who can HALT the RETURN UNTO USER of God's energy in motion.

God's energy return is 'as' the unstoppable rising and falling of the tide on the sea shore.

It follows that IN supporting and funding iniquity that you become complicit to all the harm caused unto others in your name by your servants and this is what GUARANTEES that ahead, you will suffer harm and loss and agony and deprivation.

It clearly follows that to BE 'safe and saved' one MUST obey God's Command and live within ITS precepts at all times and in all situations and NEVER condone, support or fund warmongers.

I do hope that our beloved sister Clemencia can 'hold fast' and stay TRUE unto God's Command in her 11th hour testing by THE Devil's earthly cohorts and NOT falter nor give-in to the demands of the terrorist forces gathered before her because, - - - if she fails and falls, they will have dragged her SOUL down into their lair.

I Terence solemnly state and 'swear' that if she has no more outstanding dues to God, then he the magistrate of God's DARK Powers will via his mouth say: "Madam, you are free to go your way in peace." Let the world now see what is to be.

Either way, she Clemencia or you or I are forever able to and entitled to live by our own 'conscience' but, - - - no mortal man can 'stem' God's punitive 'voice' if we have NOT paid all our dues to HIM.

Any preaching or teaching to the contrary, such as that 'Jesus' or any other paid our dues is liquid deception and absolute error of doctrine.

Brethren, the Creator exists and He is all knowledge, wisdom and power, eternal and everywhere present, and His energy creates souls and bestows His energy upon them to live, move and have their 'being' but, - - - the ONE Law is: "What you do is done unto you, what you or your servants put OUT comes BACK, be it kind or cruel."

It simply is absolute 'Justice in action.' 

~ Ends ~