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~ Open letter to the Police Service Commissioner ~

The Reality check on living ways

Dear Commissioner,

When a person is living PEACEFULLY and Morally in accordance with God's Command unto man and in accordance with the precepts of the Constitutional Acts (Law), you as a Police officer or other state official cannot LEGALLY bring ANY 'charges' against said 'peaceful,' nor can you in any way interfere with their life, arrest, detain or interrogate them. Refer to:

(46 (1) Tasmania Constitution:

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, - on account of his religion or religious belief.

If a Police officer or others so DO, (interfere with their life, arrest, detain or interrogate them) then they are themselves GUILTY of disturbing the peace and carrying out immoral activities in contravention of both God's Command and the constitutional authority.

You can ONLY arrest, detain or interrogate a person who has disturbed the peace or is carrying out immoral activities. (Drug dealing, stealing, causing of harm etc.)

In a CIVILISED (Christian) country where democracy rules and a constitutional 'Freedom of religion' Policy is in 'vogue,' it is ILLEGAL for a PEACE Corps officer (Police) to 'hold up their hand' and say "Stop," and then question a person or ask for their ID (Identity) unless they have disturbed the peace.

Subsequent to this, if a person has disturbed the peace, you the INDIVIDUAL have one of two options:

1 - If your religious ideological philosophy is that of merciless unforgiving persecution or V - for vendetta using State rules, then you will obviously seek punishment and the extortion of money in the form of fines.

2 - If you are a pacifist as I am, and having the religious ideological philosophy of peace and love and mercy and compassion towards the ignorant or arrogant offensive ones, then you will detain them for a day or so and have them EDUCATED as they attend a 3 hour 'Feeling easier' Seminar during which time they will be taught:

1 - How to fortify their minds against incoming dark thoughts that seek to mislead them.

2 - The reality of the superior and immutable Law of God being: THE Law of equal RETURN at which time they will be imposed upon by others who are equally ignorant or arrogant and forced to suffer all they had imposed at the time and in the place so ordained by the super-intelligent energy of God used. (Creative or destructive) Be it immediately or 1 to 30 years later etc. (The 'Absolute Justice' everyone 'demands' - eye for an eye - steal an egg you lose one egg)

Please ADVISE all your personnel that when they place a person in front of a magistrate and the person is PUNISHED, be it through emotional trauma or fine or jail or other, that said officer and all complicit have accrued a spiritual PAIN due because, a 'badge of office,' mandate, political decree enshrined as 'text' in a book or a 'position of authority' cannot in any way void, avoid, abrogate or nullify the return factor of God's LAW.  The Police are always the 'fall' guys being used to accomplish control, interference, arrest, punishment, detention etc.

Be advised, it is now PROVEN that, - - - Magistrates are so 'arrogant' and 'drunk' on feelings of POWER, that they totally exceed their mandate and they ignore their LIMITED authority granted by THE Constitution, and they deny their 'victims' their basic HUMAN RIGHTS to live as God commands and not be persecuted or punished, as granted by the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts. Be further advised that, - - - their ILLEGAL judgements do not 'legalise' their punishment of people.

It follows that everyone complicit to the fines imposed, restrictions imposed, sale of property, traumatic emotions they and their families are exposed to, will have accrued a part of the spiritual dues to God resulting within His immutable law.

Once again, it is the Police officers who 'manage' the prosecution, defence, arrest and enforcement who are THE FALL GUYS being used as the political and judicial ARMY rather than simply UPHOLDING THE PEACE. The Police must now detach themselves from the 'political, judicial and punitive court' system and stand apart as they simply get ON with their 'sworn' DUTY of hauling IN dissidents of any 'ilk.'

It is my 'pen' to alert everyone to said FACTS and to ADVISE everyone that God only 'permits' a LIMITED detainment factor as per the articles in my Feeling Easier Seminar on my offender document. Any official or magistrate or other who exceeds said factor place themselves in a very sorry state indeed.

The eternal separation of souls has begun - Heaven or Hell is at 'stake.'

Sincerely - Terence

There is a copy of this letter on line at page 3: