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Send 2 - Ref: C11617-035

Dear Cdr. Bonde,


I add this second letter to you because its content is of extreme importance to all Police officers of this and every land on earth. Further to my email of yesterday I feel inspired to add the following words to assist your Police Service with regard to Policies in respect of the words:


Further to your prior words in your statement relating to the my letters in terms of their 'religious and philosophical' bent. By that statement I assume that you did so state because you BELIEVE in the fact that there EXISTS a 'separation of powers' between Religion and State. With the 'State' meaning "The Government" being SECULAR * while the word RELIGION meaning related to "Church or spiritual."

Note: Secular * - means Worldly or separate from Spiritual or Religious, and being of a political or social Philosophy.

What is my "Plain Truth and Warning" in terms of what my writing pertains to?

It is the revelation via my pen that is the plain Truth, the ADVISORY 'Warning' is to alert everyone including the Police Service that ANY trespass into the domain * of the DARK negative Energy in our interaction with any child of God has an extremely painful comeback. 

Note: trespass into the domain * - We 'trespass' into the Domain of the DARK destructive elements of the Source when we use ITS destructive force or when ITS force uses us to impose ITS forceful punishment upon others. When this energy flows through man it not only grows within man's soul, (Sin) but the user places themselves within ITS aspect of the 'Law of equal return' of 'energy in motion.' 

My pen also reveals the 'how and the when' that comeback is to take place, * whilst that pen also reveals that there is no difference between Church and State because both factors have a Philosophical BELIEF or 'religious' DOCTRINE. Thus the belief that one is 'secular' and not a 'religion' is ERROR because the State 'doctrine' is a Belief, the belief in the total 'ownership' and control over everyone and everything on the land, in the sea, and in the air.

Note: comeback is to take place, * - Through the mind and hands of the mentally disturbed who will become 'possessed' telepathically and in a sudden frenzy of INSANITY they will simply do unto others what their thoughts drive them to do. The Dark force operating through their mind and hands knows EXACTLY 'what' the karmic dues of ITS victims are. Refer my National Security Alert linked below.

Politicians and their Police force BELIEVE that they as 'Secularists' have a RIGHT to forcefully OVERRULE the peaceful and non-violent beliefs of others. Neither the Politicians nor the Police comprehending the Supreme Authority and immutable LAW of God.

Men of religion as it is referred to, are supposed to have the doctrine or ideology of Peace as commanded by God and Jesus. Men of 'secularism' such as yourself and other members of 'the government'  fail to SEE that their BELIEF in the RIGHT to defy the Command of God and God's messenger is an INVALID belief because:

1. Of itself the rules-decrees-and laws invoked by politicians do NOT void or nullify God's Law of Equal Return.
2. Neither do these political rules over-rule the Freedom of the Religion Act of the Constitution.

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

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Further to the above, State officials do not SEE that their unconscionable beliefs and punitive activities are a philosophical DOCTRINE and therefore of themselves a RELIGIOUS IDEOLOGY. 

Reference:   ~ The proof of 'State religion' Paper ~
"The fundamentalist State Government Religion"
Direct Link:

The 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of Tasmania (reference above) are CLEAR because their Texts apply to EVERYONE including YOU. So in FACT they state that YOU the Police officers can live by your conscience as long as YOU do not 'disturb the peace.' Do you or do you NOT comprehend this? Your 'badge of office' does NOT in any way overrule the Holy 'constitutional' WORD of THE Sovereign powers.

The Police badge Lion symbol means the arrival of an officer who makes royal proclamations for and on behalf OF the Sovereign Power. The royal proclamation is in FACT the content of the Freedom of religion TEXTS being the 'holy word' of THE SOVEREIGN. If a state official exceeds the LIMITATIONS of said Holy proclamation then they are treasonable anarchists.

The ROYAL limitations are that YOU the serving official NEVER DISTURB THE PEACE OF A CITIZEN who is NOT disturbing the peace. The peaceful are NOT 'subject' to ANY State rule UNTIL they DO disturb the peace:

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are:
 subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

In the 'case' of Rebecca who was driving her child to school in an unregistered vehicle, she was NOT disturbing the peace and thus your officer 'Chandler' should NOT have 'thrown' your 'book' at her and stolen the number plates from the farm vehicle she was lent and was using to sleep in. At the time, her home had been 'smashed' by her mentally disturbed husband, a fact Chandler was aware of.

Not only was this done to her once, but a 'second' vehicle lent to her by a caring friend (myself) was also halted by your officer and its 'plates' also stolen.

If Chandler had been a caring man of the 'village' he would simply have said to her, Madam, I am concerned that since insurance cover is not given on unregistered vehicles I can find someone to give your daughter a lift to and from school until you are no longer homeless and in untenable circumstances. If Rebecca has not disturbed the peace then all charges against her need to be revoked and the stolen number plates returned. 

My chosen task for many long years has been to TRY and show the Police that it  is  they who must NOT disturb the peace for or on behalf of political rules in text books UNLESS there IS a 'disturbance of the peace.'  The Police are paid with money supplied by THE PEOPLE whom the Police swear an 'Oath' to PROTECT as is also GUARANTEED by the constitutional AUTHORITY..

THE POLICE must now FOREGO all political decrees and ONLY haul in persons who do DISTURB THE PEACE.

The Police must now stop 'enjoying' the causing of HARM in imposing political dictates upon the peaceful because these dictates result in extortion of money, loss of freedom, inconvenience, disruption of family life, causing of stress and mental and emotional travail.

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The peaceful are entitled to NOT fund or support warring government activities and for this they must NOT be harassed by your officers because as your men so do, it is the Police who are showing their defiance of: 

1) The limitations directives within the Constitution -
2 - The limitations directives within the Command of God - (a)
3 - The limitations directives within the Command of God - (b)

(a) - "I your God COMMAND you to go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate, and if you are abused then you must turn the other cheek in non-retaliation and forgive your perceived enemy because, ONLY in this way do you pay outstanding spiritual dues to Me as you suffer, and ONLY in this way do you not accrue any further dues to Me your God because you are no longer causing others harm."

(b) - "I your God FORBID you to use My DARK forceful and controlling and destructive energy essence in your interaction with others because the USE thereof results in the CAUSING OF HARM and destruction and it is My prerogative to so do but not yours."

My Plain Truth WARNING is re-iterated how all offensive people are to be brought to a very painful account by the INSANE, and I can assure you and every 'earthling' that the most terrifying time EVER seen on earth is soon at 'hand.' Anyone found by God's REAPERS who has treated others callously or with disrespect are to SUFFER.

My plain TRUTH WARNING simply states that any person failing to OBEY God THE Sovereign Power, do place themselves INTO THE FIRE. Please refer: The King's Demons document set out by my pen. (Link at page end)

Martin Crane of the fines Department stated to a friend ...... "Your vehicle was photographed on the street and since it has no registration receipt payment, I advise you that you will be fined $3,000.00 if it is seen to so be again."  I state that his written words are a threat and coercion to this woman.  

The coercion inherent in his letter shows clearly the following....... "Unless she bows to political decrees' she will be punished." This highlights clearly how everyone today believes that politicians and their decrees are the LAW but they are NOT. These warnings are followed by their decrees which in turn are used to extort money and by so doing, THE Police are being used by the judiciary to be collectors of ever more money.

Please now attend to my WARNING because your officers INTERFERE into every aspect of life which means they  are in DEADLY danger in believing that they can use GUNS to maintain political control. THIS my last request is to help you understand  that nothing can stave off the Karmic process that is SWIFTLY COMING.

BE peaceful is the MESSAGE.

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All politicians WORK for the DARK SIDE of the Source and IT - via politicians - STEALS endless sums of money to maintain ITS CONTROL and 'grip' over all SINNERS. For your staff to operate LEGALLY in obedience to:

2) Constitutional LIMITATIONS
3) Protecting THE PEOPLE from crazed idiots, then your officers must NOT become 'crazed' idiots and you must BE peaceful and non-intrusive to people who are NOT disturbing the Peace. Your officers must Haul in dissidents and have them EDUCATED as per my 'Feeling Easy' Seminar and then set free. You cannot lock-up the whole world.

Basic YouTube - Feeling Easy 'audio' Seminar  (1. 41 mins):

This seminar is designed to assist people to control their thoughts so as to be able to stay rational and sane when faced by adversity.

If you wish to access the original texts and audio music tracks then go to:

The Queen and her military forces are supposed to be the ones to uphold the LIMITATIONS imposed by the Freedom of Religion Acts decreed by the Sovereign Authority, the limitations being that NO state Rule - Decree or Law applies to any person on the land if they are living by their conscience and NOT disturbing the peace NOR carrying out immoral activities.

Naturally any State ADVISORY ruling - for example: "Drive on the correct side of the road and do not overtake on double white lines" are positive 'safety' ADVISORY guidelines that need to be adhered to because if a person drives on the incorrect side and overtakes on a double line they would BE driving in a dangerous manner that would be classified as an IMMORAL ACT that could also end up with the 'care-less' driver causing a disturbance of the peace and causing HARM.

Regrettably we live a long way from the Queens residence so she relies on State Governors to UPHOLD the Acts of the Constitution. The politicians and state servants all SWEAR to uphold the rules of the constitution but ALL OF THEM IGNORE their oath of allegiance as is proven by this pen.

Since advising the Governor of Tasmania in regard to the treasonable actions by prosecutors and magistrates on three occasions, I have still not received a formal reply but what did occur is that instead, I was confronted with visit a from two local police officers to tell me that they have been asked to "warn me off."

Why is it that the servants of the people do 'whatever they wish to' and simply IGNORE their OWN rules of engagement? It is simply because of their vanity and ignorance and because your officers are "In the pockets of politicians" which means you are prepared to do whatever the political team authorises either via mouth or through their decrees enshrined as texts in books. (All this backed by force of arms, GUNS)

I am here to AWAKEN you if I can because all others will suffer, cry and FRY.


Noted LINKS -

National Security Alert:

The Kings Demons:

Reference:   ~ The proof of 'State religion' Paper ~
"The fundamentalist State Government Religion"
Direct Link:

This letter becomes Update - 24 - 7th December 2016 - Letter - 2 -  to the Police Internal investigations
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