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From: Terence
Sent: Sunday, March 12, 2017 10:55 AM
To: Derby Police
Subject: Constitutional truth and the freedom of conscience guaranteed by the Tasmania Constitution


~ Bearing false Witness ~

Open letter to officer Andrew Chadwick - Derby Police station

Dear Andrew, reference your 'halting' of my vehicle B 06 QP on Saturday 11th March pm at Derby.

I am quite aware that according to the 'direction' within your 'Holy Bible' (State rules) that you uphold for a wage that you presently believe that it is 'in order' to interfere in the life of a peaceful citizen who was not 'disturbing the peace' in any way.

I remind you that I advised you that within the Constitution of the land, (Australia & Tasmania) I was certainly living within the 'Law of the land' and had thus NOT 'broken or contravened' any rules or laws as such.

I did suggest to you that prior to issuing me with a 'Summons,' that you looked up the Constitutional acts section 116 which I give herein to assist you. I also advised you to speak with the area Commander prior to issuing any summons and I give further reasons herein.

If I do receive a summons then I will be presenting to the Court a defence submission in writing and IT will also be 'filed' on my web site for the world to read and I will be including this email with more added. It will be recorded before God that you are the 'bearer of false witness' against me because:

1 - If you 'report' me as 'having erred and needing punitive correction' by a magistrate when I have not disturbed the peace then:

2 - You will have 'lied' before God and:

A - I am living by my God-given conscience and within my constitutional Rights as an absolute pacifist and did not disturb the peace.

B - Matters of conscience or 'faith' are not 'subject to' State law/rules and can only be heard LEGALLY by the High Court.

C - For you to place a constitutional matter before a court of Petty Sessions is TREASON and forbidden by the Constitution.

3 - If I am punished by an ignorant or arrogant Magistrate then it was so 'done' by your personal instigation, and within the 'God' aspect you are complicit to any suffering I am exposed to and you place your own soul into the punitive aspect of God's immutable 'Law of equal return.' You will ahead in this world or the next be exposed to the same suffering.

4 - I ask: "Why would you place the destiny of your soul in the hands of a magistrate who as you may have NO 'idea' that the Constitution limits and restricts 'his or her' operational MANDATE to matters of State."? Matters of conscience or 'faith-belief' cannot be LEGALLY 'heard or judged' by state magistrates.

5 - I suggest that you take the personal steps to satisfy yourself as to whether that State receives its mandate from the Constitution. I suggest that you also ask the northern Commander if the Police operational mandate is 'governed' or restricted by the Constitution.

6 - You also need to understand that your personal 'wage, mandate, uniform' or ignorance to the FACTS does in NO way exonerate you from God's Law.

7 - You also need to understand that you are ALSO entitled by the Constitution to live by your conscience and BELIEF, but ONLY as long as YOU do not disturb the peace of others. You 'disturbed my peace' in making a threat that I was to be summonsed in full knowledge that the magistrate would punish me or even jail me and cause my family trauma.

You need to SEE that you have 'contravened' the section 116 below (for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and) for IMPOSING your belief (religious observance) upon me and thus bringing my vehicle to a halt and making demands upon me to 'breathe' in a machine to PROVE my 'innocence.'

You also contravened section (46.1) Tasmania Constitution below as you denied ME my Freedom of conscience RIGHT.

My 'task' for God is to elevate the consciousness of errant man and thus break the ever ongoing program of punishment and suffering that is in contravention of God's command and keeps all voters and taxpayers walking backwards and DOWN to Hell.

You cannot 'claim' ignorance because we are ALL responsible to God personally and individually. YOU are also responsible for operating within the limits of the institution you serve. (You presently are NOT)

My conscience 'dictates' that I MUST live by the Command of our God and it is my entitlement to so do. I cannot fund nor support nor condone the actions or rules of OTHER men who cause HARM to other children of God.

You are a 'gun-toting' mercenary and an anarchist, albeit you see it not. A mercenary is a person who works for himself or who takes a wage and works for a military style dictatorship (as do you) and is 'happy' to go forth armed and to interfere in the lives of others and to cause them harm. All this in defiance of God. You are an 'anarchist' because you are armed and you believe in your right to DEFY the 'ruling restraint' of your OWN institution and your God as you DO "whatever you wish to."

You are 'obviously' a peaceful and respectful 'natured' person - - - BUT - - - in the course of your perceived DUTY you are ONLY so as long as YOU are in control of the situation. I was within my LEGAL rights to NOT 'pull up' simply because an armed man demanded (signalled) that I so do. Try and see this.

Ask yourself 'what' you would have done if I had RIGHTLY simply ignored you? I did not ignore you because I knew of your 'ignorance of the facts' and that if I did ignore you, I would be tempting you to place yourself in spiritual danger by doing something wrong in God's eyes as you tried to force me to halt my journey. You MUST now take personal responsibility for your actions and READ the constitutional mandate yourself because IT limits and restricts your 'interference' to those who DO 'disturb the peace' and who THUS place themselves within the State law rulings of punishment.

It is my 'task' for God to WARN the (backed by weapons) controllers that they are operating illegally and that soon, very soon, all citizens will RISE UP, and filled with hatred they will themselves take up arms and become THE FORCE of darkness in action. All will now be faced with vengeful retribution and NONE will be able to avoid their karmic DUES. Read my 'National Security Alert' given below.

Andrew, God Commands: "Go your way in peace," and the Constitution guarantees immunity from persecution IF you "Go your way in peace." So WHY do politicians, magistrates and police DENY the people their RIGHTS? It is a VERY SERIOUS MATTER needing attention because the truth is, that politicians believe that they have the RIGHT to STEAL endless sums of money (fines) to maintain their power and control over the masses which they do using YOU. (Police services)

Andrew, the Police officers are the 'fall guys.' Why? Because they are being USED by politicians and magistrates to wage war upon citizens who they are paid a wage to PROTECT. Citizens need to be protected from 'white collar' criminals who self-empower themselves to extort money using 'text' in books to validate their extortion. I am the ONLY person free of 'sin' within who has the capacity to know the reality and who has the 'courage' to face the criminals, irrespective of what they do to me backed by THE POLICE. All I seek to do is to: 'Set the Police FREE from COMPLICITY to unconstitutional CRIMINAL activity.'

Why do you think God is permitting me to still continue to be 'on the road' even after 20 years of facing 'dissident' magistrates? It is so that the Police services and all PUBLIC SERVANTS can be given EVERY opportunity to read and see the error of their ways before God's FINAL judgement is imposed by HIM.

The 'shadow' UNDER God's hand is now slowly creating a harmful 'darkness' over the globe, and will soon enshroud IT totally as His DARK retributive forces in the underworld 'Balance' the 'Scales of justice' for the DARK. All who used Dark energy to impose God's punitive force will suffer their fate within THE LAW.

I further advise you that it is one thing to impose the Law, but you must FIRST be operating LEGALLY yourself and thus yourself within THE LAW. (Note: It is never legal to defy God in the first instance, nor is it legal to use 'force,' being the 'fruit' from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil)

I refer you now to the reference of my 'case' judgement at St. Helens court on 4th November 2015 - when I was judged by magistrate 'Cure' -
Update - 22 - 5th November 2015 on page 3 of the "Freedom of religion' document - My
Response to magistrate 'Cure's' Judgement -  I wrote:

Any person who now picks UP the 'cudgel' to 'report' me to the 'mad' magistrate when I am NOT 'disturbing the peace; "Is to DIE in the underworld" says God on high. - - - -

I did advise the magistrate that I could not pay fines because according to my religious ideological belief I could not fund (fine payments) to any person or organisation that was causing harm to people. - - -

Six Tasmania Police officers listened to magistrate Cure threaten me coercively as she stated: I could fine you $18,000 and jail you, and if you do not obey the decrees of the court you will go to jail if I see you again.

I am advising you of all the facts Andrew because I do not wish for you to 'test' the arrogant resolve of magistrate Cure or any other. I am advising you of all the facts Andrew because I do not wish for you to put your foot into the eternal 'snare' through ignorance. I also remind you Andrew that IF I am to see you in a State Petty Court then it is proof to God and all that YOU have chosen to deny me my CIVIL RIGHTS.

You would have also chosen to "Bear false witness" against me (A spiritual sin) in an ILLEGAL court gathering, rather than directing this matter of 'faith' or conscience to the appropriate High Court. You would thus have 'judged yourself' as being unworthy of entering God's paradise, and you have cast your own destiny into the underworld of eternal damnation. You have been 'kindly' warned and your eternal fate is now within your own mind and hands.

None of us can 'change' the past, but SHE the Light of God hopes that 'some' amend their ways before it is too late.

Sincerely - Terence (God's Plenipotentiary)

This email will be sent forth to the Police HQ and magistrates. It will become UPDATE 25 on page 3 at;


What needs to be clearly understood by all of God's children is that the grace of God grants all His children the right to live by their conscience in so far that ones 'thoughts' or deeds guide one to live in a kindly benign and respectful to others manner in accordance with the precepts of God's Command of love, peace & mercy, compassion and forgiveness of the dark ways of others.

In fact this is also the Civil Right granted unto man by the 'forefathers' who raised UP the Constitutions of many lands with the 'proviso' that man was FREE to live according to this peaceful ideology (religious belief) as long as they did not 'disturb the peace of the land nor cause harm to others.'

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

Note: What is or is not ones religion?

Ones religion is not any of the 'named' organisations such as Islam or Christianity or Buddhism, nor is it the named individuals such as Buddha, Muhammad or Jesus espousing the Policy purportedly ordained by the invisible God.

Ones religion is ones specific ideological code of conduct Policy. A doctrinal Policy followed with great devotion in relation to a ‘way or order’ of existence. Ones religion is espoused by ones 'faith or belief' in the requirements of a supernatural being (God) or other Force. An example of this is evidenced by whether individuals choose to 'follow or engage in' WAR or PEACE.

The Constitution LIMITS and RESTRICTS the powers of lower courts whose activities are 'supposed' to always be subject to the constitutional authority. Note:

Legislative powers of the Parliament [see Notes 10 and 11]

The Parliament shall, subject to this Constitution, have power to make laws for the peace, order, and good government of the Commonwealth with respect to:

(xxiv)  the service and execution throughout the Commonwealth of the civil and criminal process and the judgments of the courts of the States;
(xxv)  the recognition throughout the Commonwealth of the laws, the public Acts and records, and the
judicial proceedings of the States;

PLEASE NOTE - Section 51 above states: All State rules/decrees/dictates ARE subject TO the Constitutions of Australia  and Tasmania given above. Any State Constitutional Act applies equally to all States or territories.

It is VERY clear that it is the duty of magistrates to never 'hear' cases in respect of 'Freedom of religion' because freedom of religion is a constitutional matter which can only be legally 'heard' in the High Court. Regrettably, it is widely known and recorded that all magistrates totally ignore the above and simply 'hear' all cases presented to them by arrogant prosecutors who have 'no' idea even that their own 'powers' are granted and limited by THE CONSTITUTION.

THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY (God) is now to 'show' arrant man HIS Power to mete out divine retribution upon the 'heads' of all who defied His 'Peace, love, mercy, compassion and FORGIVENESS' Command and caused punitive harm to others.

EDUCATION is the way forwards using the 'Feeling Easier' Seminar

National Security Alert: