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~ To the 'self-empowered' who defy their own 'holy bible' Constitution ~

 Open letter to the Tasmania Police Commissioner.
c.c. The Tasmania Governor, Launceston Magistrates, MPES director and all other officials of the State.

Dear Commissioner,

Reference: The PERSECUTION of Clemencia Barnes - MPES Reference 2154 9621

I am the spiritual guide and counsellor to Mrs. Clemencia Barnes. I make this Statement as follows:

Clemencia came to me today, 7th March 2017, in a state of absolute and deep emotional trauma as she fearfully advised me that she had disobeyed her God and her conscience for no other reason than abject FEAR. The fact for Clemencia being, that for many long years (15+) her mind has been inundated with endless ongoing coercive threats sent to her by the ATO, (taxation office) prosecutions, Magistrates and the MPES department. 

The fact is that she (Clemencia) became so afraid of the threats levelled a her for failure to comply by the MPES senior staff member that she allowed herself to be coerced to give in for fear they would follow up the ultimate threat, it was the fear of losing all she had worked for for years of her life, and due to her present mental incapacitation she gave in to the DEMANDS of the MPES.

Since the time of giving in to the monetary demands of the MPES in November 2016, Clemencia has been deeply troubled because she denied her own conscience and religious belief, which also meant that she was now defying the Command of God to: "Only fund benign community effort." Sadly Clemencia gave in and has been paying the Tasmania government fines enforcement department 'money' as said, through fear of ongoing persecution and fear of losing her home, no doubt aided by her now limited mental capacity due to her assessment of Alzheimer's.

Clemencia finally came to me for my advice this week because she knew that she had failed her God in funding a contra ideological doctrine. (Religion) The adherents to it having the doctrine of control, monitory extortion and punishment.

I said to Clemencia: "Do you wish to revert back to following your own conscience and the Command of your God"? and she replied....I do...I do...I do. So I took her to the bank (7th March 2017) and she immediately cancelled her payments to MPES and felt much happier with her decision.

Clemencia's Alzheimer's coupled with her intense fear had caused her to erroneously make three MPES payments on the same day, 30th November 2016, totalling $4,817.00 dollars instead of only $100 being the MPES demand of the day. (Fortnightly repayment scheme)

I have advised Clemencia that all monies paid by her to date totally $6,270.00 have been extorted illegally and in contravention of the Acts of the Constitution. It is anarchy and treason to threaten and coerce and thus force a person to change their ideological belief, conscience or religious ideology.

The monies demanded were due to various Petty Sessions Court Magistrates decisions to deny Clemencia her Constitutional and CIVIL RIGHTS, and over the years, Magistrates heard and Judged matters of the Constitution illegally and treasonably. The fines enforcement officers simply also assumed their 'legitimacy' to issue many ongoing threats as they also ignored my letters alerting them to their own defiance of the Constitution.

Magistrates and fine enforcers and police need to quickly realise that the State rules that they hold 'sacred' as being their 'Holy Bible' has no legal power and no legal authority in Constitutional matters. To use said State 'Bible Rules' in Constitutional matters is an invasion of privacy, treason and anarchy. It is also disturbing the peace of a citizen and denying them their CIVIL RIGHTS. It is purely and simply 'Religious PERSECUTION.'

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Dear Commissioner, it is not Clemencia on trial here, it is the State officials named at the head of this page, (Including the Police Service) who need to awaken from their reverie BEFORE WHAT I SEE BECOMES REALITY. (Chaos and insanity) You also need to now REALISE that all the unconstitutional criminal activities taking place are only 'feasible' because they are 'backed' by your armed forces. (Police) Your 'force' has become the 'private army' of State extortionists.

In the past four months and unbeknown by me, Clemencia had become very mentally disturbed. She was also additionally troubled because she felt that she had let me down since I have been supporting her with my 'pen' (God's) for over 15 years.

Her trauma and fears were great indeed, and it was obvious to me that this 'ladies' mind and emotional state needed calming rather than the 'castigation' she assumed would be forthcoming from me. I placed my hand on her shoulder and said:

"Clem dear lass, you have done all and more than your God expected, and this 'giving in to the State' seen by you as 'disastrous' is not, in fact it is a blessing in disguise because it is the PROOF to God THE Sovereign Power and to all concerned that all of them (state officials) are now PROVEN to be in 'cahoots.'

They are also PROVEN to be Guilty of ANARCHY and TREASON under the CONSTITUTIONAL ACTS for ILLEGALLY using threat and coercion in contravention of said ACTS and ILLEGALLY persecuting you to the point that they ILLEGALLY forced you to fund their system and therefore ILLEGALLY forced you to change your ideology (belief in peace) in support of theirs." (Belief in the use of threat, coercion and the use of force to control, subjugate, extort money and punish)


What needs to be clearly understood by all of God's children is that the grace of God grants all His children the right to live by their conscience in so far that ones 'thoughts' or deeds guide one to live in a kindly benign and respectful to others manner in accordance with the precepts of God's Command of love, peace & mercy, compassion and forgiveness of the dark ways of others.

In fact this is also the Civil Right granted unto man by the 'forefathers' who raised UP the Constitutions of many lands with the 'proviso' that man was FREE to live according to this peaceful ideology (religious belief) as long as they did not 'disturb the peace of the land nor cause harm to others.'

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

The Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania) states:

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

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Dear Commissioner, I can but ADD: It is now quite PROVEN now that the 'coercive' efforts by many State officials have in fact IMPOSED THEIR RELIGIOUS OBSERVANCE upon Clemencia and of itself is an IMMORAL ACTIVITY and a 'disturbance of the peace of a peaceful citizen.

Clemencia has never DISTURBED THE PEACE.

Sir, you must be aware that for over 15 years I have been alerting the Police, prosecutions and Magistrates and MPES to the FACTS that their actions are TREASON. It is now also PROVEN that not one of 'them' has the mental or emotional power to bow in obedience to their official MANDATE, since they all defy the Constitution of their own organization.

This State crime is of the worst nature and is also in direct disobedience to God's Command unto man (love one another) and HE, the Sovereign Almighty now has a few words to all concerned via my pen. (That being His pen).

Father God THE ALMIGHTY states:

Let it here now be clearly understood by EVERYONE concerned, from the Governor of Tasmania down to the Magistrates, Police Chief, MPES Director and the Prosecution that IF they jointly or severally FAIL to amend their ways within 21 days of the below date, they will severally or jointly follow the Judgment of this Pen as was imposed upon Maree Bricknell and find that for 'evermore' their arrogant souls are trapped in the abyss of eternal torment.

(Bricknell reference document page 7.

Since the Tasmania Governor is the earthly power responsible to protect the "Freedom of Religion Belief" of citizens, and since the Magistrates and Police Chief are also paid a wage to so do, it is a requirement of this pen that:

1. Magistrate Brown.
2. Police Commissioner Hine.
3. Governor Kate Warner.

Jointly or severally visit the holder of this pen at his residence and present him with a written apology to Mrs Barnes and a cheque for the money she has paid to the MPES. Why? Because the Constitution you 'serve' faithlessly guarantees her immunity and protection from PERSECUTION.

Failure to so do by the due date ( April 4th - 2017 ) seals the eternal fate of those concerned.

Father God.

I Terence now state: The very first 'lines' of my The Testament of Truth website state:

God is greatest ~ God is greatest ~ God is greatest

Father God is the Sovereign Power

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It now needs to be seen by all mortals that THE Sovereign Power (God) is a REALITY, and all my revelations in the Testament of Truth are now to unfold and it is truly TRUE that only a few will 'make the grade' because the DARK energy of God within them (Sin) will continue to deceive them into believing in their personal INVINCIBILITY.

Note: It is the 'Sin' within man (God's Dark energy - negative emotions) that 'self-empower' some people into believing that they are as 'as god' and that they are thus entitled to 'do whatever they wish to with no 'karmic' comeback. (Above the Law)

Soon, very soon, the ENTIRE population of 'sinners' globally will be TEMPTED telepathically and USED by demonic forces to BE 'criminals' JUSTIFIABLY, as they mete out divine retribution for the DARK energy of the Source. (God) This is 'enabled' by their inner SIN, and "God help you" is all I can say because 'they' THE PEOPLE, (commoners) will ALL RISE UP every night and day to BE the instruments of Divine Retribution.

Read my National Security Alert: ( )

Everything is to COLLAPSE as the 'globe' goes into relapse and there will be NOWHERE TO HIDE for those 'rulers' who did ILLEGALLY confide with THE DEVIL as they defied the Command of THE SOVEREIGN POWER as well as the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of their own Constitution.

I only 'Judge' whether the ways of man are ERROR, but HE the Almighty knowing all 'choices or moves' is the ONE to PROVE His invincible Power and eternal 'Judgement.' I am a 'spirit medium' empowered by God's LOVE (She). I do see and know the consequence of defiance of HE and the subsequent TERROR. Please now take my 'pen' VERY seriously.

Let us all now use our REASON and begin to elevate the consciousness of errant man and not punish nor STEAL money from community members. If any person decides to 'question' Clemencia's 'return' to the 'fold of God' and sends her a letter of threat, coercion or monetary demand, then the response from my pen will be swift and sure and ITS decision FINAL and IRREVOCABLE. Leave her in PEACE. (Please)

I Terence EXPECT a written apology addressed to Clemencia to be delivered to my door by anyone who has been complicit to her traumatized state. Fail her or me and your fate ahead awaits, and it is clearly seen by ME because I am HE the Spirit from Eternity.

Clemencia has exposed herself to years of trials and tribulations for YOU and all humanity, not for herself. She knows God exists but you apparently do NOT. She is merciful, compassionate and forgiving and she seeks NO 'recompense' from her persecutors.

It is the sworn DUTY of the Police Commissioner and his staff officers to uphold the peace and protect the peaceful and to haul IN dissidents who disturb the peace. Why then does the Commissioner and his staff continue to permit the ongoing ILLEGAL and criminal persecution of a peaceful citizen and thereby become complicit to the monetary extortion and the causing of harm taking place?

The Commissioner needs now to show his TRUE colours and begin to serve his GOD by taking an honest wage as he obeys the Sovereign Constitutional Authority and now protects the innocent and peaceful.

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State 'acts' rules or laws are NOT "Constitutional POLICY." Constitutional Policy is the 'voice' of THE Sovereign Power to the "Governor" and her/his officials stipulating and delineating their LIMITED authority in respect of their 'powers' to INTERACT with THE PEOPLE.

Many politicians and state officials of 'today' have acquired the BELIEF that their mandate or authority to interfere or control or punish is UNLIMITED. Nothing is further from THE TRUTH, because 'culpability' to defiance of the Sovereign Power exists.

Constitutional Policy cannot LEGALLY be overruled by any 'acts' of parliament or 'belief' of anyone because, one cannot LEGALLY challenge the written or 'text' wording of THE CONSTITUTION in any Court of man. No, not even in the High Court of the land.

Since one CANNOT legally use any political rules/laws of State to challenge ones religious belief or conscience in any Court, due to it not 'permissible' to so do against a Constitutional matter, it follows that any past 'judgement' made using said State laws as the 'justification' was a criminal and treasonable Act. An action in contravention of the mandate bestowed via the Constitution upon all officialdom and Judiciary and Police.

It follows that to 'submit' these illegally acquired precedents as 'proof' to a Court of petty sessions Magistrate as the VALIDATION for him to 'find in the favour of the persecution' and punish Clemencia, is an illegal, treasonable and anarchist ACTION.

The Magistrate should 'throw the case' OUT. The Police should arrest the prosecution and other officials complicit who illegally 'tempted' the Magistrate to be their 'tool' to defy the Constitutional authority and CAUSE HARM to a peaceful citizen, a person who was and yet is living in accordance to Constitutional POLICY. (Act 46 (1)

I have written three letters to the Tasmanian Governor asking her to do her SOLE and 'sworn duty' to uphold the Constitution and the only response received was a visit to my door from the Police to 'warn me off.' (Letter 3 reference: Update - 47 - 18 August 2015: Letter (3) to the Tasmanian Governor Kate Warner )

The Tasmanian Governor should quickly take steps to HALT all treasonable and illegal activity taking place in the judiciary and by those of the Police service in their complicity to criminality. All involved in this religious persecution need to learn the meaning of "Strict Liability."

All 'found' by God THE Sovereign Authority to now continue being in contravention of His Command unto man are to be "sent down" ETERNALLY.

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I now add a few words of advice and wisdom. It is in respect of 'Tasmania v/s the beliefs of some politicians.' Freedom to 'practice' ones religious ideology or their associated 'rituals' of prayer or dress code need to be more fully understood by those such as Pauline Hanson as well as by Tasmanians.

Why is this so? Because as the 'globe' goes into insane chaos the major cause of hatred and insanity is to be the 'religion or belief' aspect. Pauline Hanson does not 'hide' the fact that she 'has it in' for those of 'Islam' who she perceives as being people who must be forced by legislation to 'amend their dress code.' (Amongst other things)

Why? Because she states: "Muslims must respect our culture and our way of life." Pauline sees NOT that everyone is entitled by God and the Constitution to live according to their own 'culture' as long as they are peaceful. Pauline is herself guilty of 'disturbing the peace,' being disrespectful, and causing UNREST, and sees it not, nor does she realise what is 'coming our way.'

If political 'activism' such as displayed by Pauline is 'permitted' to sideline the Constitution there will be 'hell to pay.' Islamic ladies are 'modest,' and if they wish to 'hide their face in public' then so be it. If Australian politicians 'ban the burqa' it will result in a religious WAR with the Military 'might' of Indonesia knocking down every door.

Let 'us' now keep Tasmania FREE from INSANITY by NOT interfering in the lives of the PEACEFUL. We here in Tasmania need to now stand 'apart and firm' in the BELIEF of the entitlement granted to all within the 'Freedom of Religion' acts of the Constitution because they are 'sane and reasonable.'

The Tasmanian Governor and Police Chief need to make a PUBLIC statement via the newspapers stating:

"Irrespective of any State laws to the contrary, no person who is peaceful will be halted or interfered with by the police, irrespective of their race, colour, dress code or religious ideology or beliefs, unless they 'disturb' the peace."

Let Tasmanians lead the world back to SANITY.

Since the beginning of 'time' on earth there have been 'strong men' backed by 'force of arms,' bow, spear, axe or gun who used and yet use threats, coercion and FORCE to impose their demands upon others for GAIN.

It is anarchy and treason against God's Command to threaten and coerce and thus force a person to change their ideological belief, conscience or religious ideology so that they then back and support the 'warrior' Clans who fight others and cause HARM.

None of them (warriors) are 'aware' of God or of God's "Law of equal return" for the use of God's benign or malignant ENERGY. Please now seed your mind with my wisdom and revelations and do NOT rely on the advice of others. Rely solely on your God-given conscience, (If you have one) because IT is solely yours, and if IT leads you astray, then you can blame NO other.

The separation of souls 'forever' has now begun. So please make amends to God today and do NOT delay.

I simply trust that sanity will now rule in Tasmania. Terence (March 13 2017)


1 - Extract from the Government House Tasmania web site: Constitutional Powers & duties of the Governor Kate Warner; Essentially the Governor's role is to safeguard the Tasmanian Constitution. She is the Queen's representative.

2 - The words on the web site also state: "Associate Professor Richard Herr of the University of Tasmania said: The primary role of the modern Australian governor is as a form of insurance.  It is a hedge against constitutional impropriety."

3 - The debilitating illness Clemencia is now beginning to 'endure' is all all physical illnesses. Simply a matter of the biological 'spacesuit' and has nothing to do with the inner spirit soul therein. The dna and all other aspect of the earthly biology are 'left behind' once the inner spirit exits the flesh.

I add this herein because of a 'reality check' needed by everyone being; How will you and your 'spirit' be 'remembered' once you depart the flesh, and how does God observe your actions of TODAY?

I know how I and Clemencia's other friends will remember her. Simply a bright shining light so full of life and love for everyone and always ready to 'serve' and assist the needy. I give you her 'image' taken by me in 2014 in her small-holding vegetable patch in the country:

Page 3 at

4 - Some years ago I was asked a question by John Wielstra a Tasmanian businessman. I believe it needs to be read and understood by everyone. His 'ask' was;

"Do you believe that the bible is the infallible Word of God."

"The 'Wielstra' Treatise"

~ The infallibility of God's WORD ~
The fallibility of the Biblical texts


God's Judge Terence de Malaherre
Centre of Enlightenment
Constitutional & Spiritual Consultant