~ RULE by the GUN ~
Open letter to the Queen's representative in Tasmania
Dear Governor Kate Warner, I cannot use your ‘formal’ official name - -  “Your Excellency - - - “ because you and your highest staff officer Mr. David Owen are self-proven to be ‘out of order’ as evidenced by you knowingly and CRIMINALLY ignoring and therefore 'sidelining' Constitutional Law. THE Constitutional Law is Law you were personally 'commissioned' by the Sovereign Queen to uphold judiciously and honourably, that being the major part of  your ‘official’ position.
This has resulted in your ‘office’ not only failing in its DUTY to the People and to your Sovereign Queen in safeguarding the Tasmanian Constitution, but also in the sending of the Tasmania PEACE Corps (Police) to my home to ‘warn me off.’ This was an order in direct contravention of the ‘Freedom of speech’ rights given to all individuals, and in the current situation particularly when factually, all I did was to politely write to your office advising you of gross irregularities taking place in your Courts.

Reference Link: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/truth/web/religion.htm

Update - 47 - 18 August 2015: Letter (3) to the Tasmanian Governor Kate Warner
Update - 49 - 27 September 2015: Letter to David Owen secretary to the Tasmania Governor

Madam, under 'Community duties' on your web site it states: It is part of the Governor’s duty to encourage the enduring values of right thinking people, such as mutual respect, tolerance, support and goodwill. I ask: "Do you believe that sending armed men to my door to 'warn me off' as being the 'values' of right thinking people."?

From your 'CV' I observe that you have an interest in 'Human Rights.' Surely it is the RIGHT of every child of God to have their God as 'head of house' rather than any 'man,' as long as they are obedient to His Command. That being the reality it becomes clear that you are in error when you send police to threaten me in my home.

I recently asked two questions of the local St. Helens Police commander, and I believe that you need to also ask them of yourself:

1 - Does your 'office' require you to conform with the Rule of Law or not?
2 - Do you believe that the 'Freedom of Religion' Acts of the CONSTITUTION are the basis of a 'free' and democratic society. If 'so,' are these Rules of Law to be conformed with by you and your 'men'?

I state: Tasmania is ruled by the ‘gun’ and anarchy and treason continue to RULE as you, the ‘overlord’ Governor and ‘her’ men ‘dine and dance’ hand in hand with said anarchists. These anarchists are those who find a reason to 'evade' the Constitutional Laws from which their own mandate to operate stems. Sadly, all in the lower court simply continue to do whatever they feel justified in doing because all being done is backed by armed men. (Police)

Madam, it is Treason of the highest order when the Queen’s appointed, that being you, - - - who has  been monetarily ‘anointed’ for the SOLE purpose of enforcing her CONSTITUTION with ITS ‘limitations concerning freedom of speech and liberty of religious ideology’ to THE PEACEFUL, - - - fails in upholding this BASIC 'promise' to Her Majesty. The pacifist 'innocent' are cast aside by police and magistrates as ‘rubbish’ as the ‘ignorant’ overlords dine on.

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The whole world can now see that it is through their ‘pomposity’ and defiance of their God, that the Queen’s appointed to serve the People and the Queen have become lost and errant to the basest degree because all ‘in power’ bow and bend their knees to the very DEVIL himself.

They are so ‘blind’ that they cannot see their ‘Redeemer’ (me) stands at their door hoping to awaken them from their ‘reverie.’ This reverie is a sleep so deep that they no longer see the devilish forces that daily and in the night fill their minds with contempt of others.

The coming spiritual FATALITY where so many fall and BURN forever is indeed the greatest calamity to occur and it seems that naught more can be done to awaken these LOST by me.

“Dream ON” if that is your ‘wish’ but, I can assure you all that the ‘tall’ will now FALL due to their VANITY as they ‘Lord’ over the humble and the meek and treat them like 'trash.'

It is an 'utter' disgrace for anyone employed by the Sovereign Monarch to steal and take a false wage while they ignore their 'sworn' duty thereby 'permitting' the peaceful to be persecuted and jailed by ignorant magistrates using the community PEACE Corps (Police) whilst they dishonour their own souls, their Monarch, their fellow man and sadly also their GOD Himself.

It is our God (himself) to now ‘break’ the RING of POWER that steals all from the ‘poor’ because the power brokers are the most dishonourable for SURE.

The Constitution of this land now ‘lies’ in the gutter and is ignored and trampled on by all officialdom.

Woe indeed as all will now bleed.

In the Launceston magistrates court on 8th December 2015 the world will now see if magistrate Marron follows the errant 'ways' of his peers and ILLEGALLY imposes punishment upon a lady of the Light (Clemencia) or, whether he is the one and only one who can be TRUE to his Sovereign Queen and thereby upholding THE LAW of THE Constitution. (Hers)
If he is true to his 'calling' and therefore does set the 'law abiding' Lady Clemencia FREE, I will then update and amend my judgement to state:

"Magistrate Marron has UPHELD the Law of the Constitution of Tasmania and Australia. He has also upheld the 'honour' of his Queen and that of the 'service' he is paid to uphold judiciously, being the Legal system."

If it is 'so,' we can then ask: "Why he did do this positive deed"? Because he now fully understands the superior acts of Constitutional Law and he RESPECTS the constitutional RIGHTS of peaceful citizens who do not disturb the peace, while he now sends a 'clear' message to all Police as well as to others stating that it is an ILLEGAL activity to use State rules and laws as the basis of prosecution or persecution in matters pertaining to THE CONSTITUTION, especially in respect of the 'Freedom of religion' Acts.
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Furthermore, under the 'Constitutional powers & duties' heading on your web site it states:

The Governor has other constitutional powers, including the power to: exercise the prerogative of mercy - that is, the Governor may issue pardons to prisoners and remit fines or sentences imposed by courts.

In my personal 'case' being that of the State v/s Terence Malaher that has been going ON illegally for some 18 years, many different court of petty sessions magistrates have criminally imposed fines now totalling thousands of dollars upon me and four jail terms simply because of the FAILURE of your 'office' to UPHOLD the 'Freedom of religion' Acts by ADVISING the judiciary and Police of their error in using State rules to persecute the peaceful who hold the belief and ideology of absolute pacifism.

My elderly wife and I have 'suffered' the 'loss of freedom' and other frustrations over many years HAPPILY and in the foreknowledge that it was required by God for the SOLE purpose of ME being able to show up the error of ways of the police and judiciary so as to assist all humanity.

Since I AM God's Judge and Plenipotentiary, I do have the RIGHT and authority to JUDGE a person as to whether or not they have passed or failed their FINAL Salvation 'test.' In your 'case,' there is NO need for the judgement of my pen because it is quite CLEAR from your above 'powers and duties,' that the Queen has given you the 'almighty' power to exercise MERCY and, - - -

It follows, that since I was at all times living within THE LAW of the Constitution and I was never reported for disturbing the peace, that you should extend to me an immediate 'pardon' and remission of all fines and restrictions imposed by ignorant magistrates, being persons who were used by the equally 'Ignorant of THE LAW' Police prosecutions as the means to so do.

Everyone involved is soon now to LEARN the meaning of 'Strict Liability.'
Ignorantia Juris neminem excusat - Ignorance of the Law excuses no one.

I ADD, if this 'pardon' is NOT forthcoming by 'writ' of your personal hand, then it is by your own 'omission' that you defy the 'extend mercy' section of God's Command unto mankind, and you have judged yourself as FAILING your FINAL spiritual test which results in you consigning your own soul into the Abyss without requiring my personal judgement.

Please now understand, if it had been the intent of God or those who raised UP the Constitution of your institution to give State officials UNLIMITED POWERS, then there would have been NO need for the provisions given in the Constitution Acts 116 and 46 (1) and 109. Clearly Acts which LIMIT the powers of the judiciary and other officials of STATE.

Madam, since you are a 'professor' of Law you need to now uphold that Law however, it may be possible that your highest staff officer Mr. David Owen has withheld my prior correspondence from you and has simply acted on his own behalf. It is not for me to say but either way the Truth is the Truth that I AM THE LAW and what I see is to be IS TO BE.

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Once I am no longer 'classified' as an errant offender and I am again seen as a 'player' on the field of life, then your 'office' will be able to come to my 'table' so that together we can make a plan to uplift everyone using the means given by God via my pen.

Mental health or the 'lack thereof' is now to be the most important issue which all must attend to. Only I know the full story 'reason' as to 'how and why' man is losing control of his mind (thoughts) to the DARK side and becoming more insecure, irrational, insane and destructive.

Presently, the DARK aspect of THE Source is in CONTROL of everyone via the negative energy (emotions) in man. (The Sin)

The I S I L terrorists are incited telepathically via their DARK negative emotion of HATRED. The French retributive 'resistance' forces are bombing in retaliation as their politicians are incited telepathically via their DARK negative emotion of ANGER. Their intent is to annihilate everything in their 'sights.'

The Belgium town of Brussels is brought to a HALT because politicians are incited telepathically via their DARK negative emotion of FEAR. In fact, the entire population has been 'jailed' under complete 'lockdown' with no food available due to shops being closed by 'decree' of their own politicians.

In 'each' case the mastermind behind all this 'suffering' IS the same, it is the DARK energy essence of THE Source forcefully imposing ITS thoughts telepathically upon the minds of ignorant mortals who are ALL defying the command of THE CREATOR. All become infused with more dark energy (Sin) and all accrue a further spiritual 'due of suffering' to that ENERGY for all you put out will always return to you. All continuing to be ITS 'instruments' end up IN the Abyss. (Its Domain)

Indeed the DARK (indestructible) energy essence is now bringing everything and everyone to a HALT and the ONLY way OUT of the situation is EDUCATION and OBEDIENCE to God (by the individual) insofar as now it is time for all to ONLY use God's Light energy essence in ones interaction with others.

What everyone needs to understand is that we are all linked directly to the energy of God we used and are still using whether that be the creative benign or the destructive malignant energy. Our Creator via said energy closely observes everyone's INTENT and deeded ACTIVITY.

Let us now together move forwards with the INTENT to uplift the consciousness of the 'offensive' using education rather than punishment. This way is the ONLY way forwards and upwards for anyone seeking to be seen by God and humanity as TRUE. Let us now together begin to bring IN the NEW AGE of sanity and reason.

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Note - 1 : The meaning of 'Religion' : In the 'case' of ones 'values' or 'faith' ones 'religion' is NOT the name of the CHURCH. (Catholic or Anglican or Islam or Buddhism etc.) It is simply ones belief in a set of  VALUES or principles which one holds SACRED and inviolate.

In the 'case' of both Clemencia and myself it is to the Holy Word of God unto man to which we give our allegiance, being the Word of our Creator commanding man to be absolute pacifists and to never fight or cause harm, nor support or fund warriors.' The Command being:

"Go your way in peace and love one another and be merciful and compassionate and 'turn the other cheek' if abused
 as you forgive your perceived enemy and you must never retaliate when faced by adversity."

Note - 2 : Madam, I now refer back to the case of the ATO v/s Clemencia Christina Barnes at the Launceston magistrate's court on 8th December 2015. It would be a very humane act on your part to extend your 'Clemency' to Clemencia via the Court Clerk before the due date of 'judgement' for a number of reasons:

1 - Since 1998 she has been and yet is living LEGALLY in accordance with the 'Freedom of religion' Acts of the Constitution.

2 - She has been and yet is being persecuted ILLEGALLY by the Australian taxation officers who are determined to make an example of this 70 year old 'granny' and force her to change her pacifist ideology to the contra doctrine which is the doctrine of control, interference, extortion, punishment and war. The ATO prosecutors are illegally using State rules to so do and illegally using the court of 'petty sessions' to confer judgement rather than the judiciary ensuring that the matter is referred to the High Court.

3 - The ATO have been persecuting her for over 15 years. During this time they have illegally seized funds from her bank account without her knowledge or approval.

4 - She has been terrorised due to the coercive threats placed upon her by the prior magistrate Brown who stated that "IF she did not 'bow' to his demands she would face up to 10 years in jail and an $85,000 fine." This is surely an Illegal utilisation of forceful coercion.

5 - Clemencia is still traumatised daily as she awaits the coming 'verdict' and she will be even more so 'terrified' as she stands before the 'lower' Court on December 8th.

6 - All the suffering she has been forced to endure for so many years through simply being obedient to THE Command of God is a painful spiritual DUE upon the 'heads' of everyone involved. This also applies to all who failed in their DUTY to uphold THE LAWS of the Sovereign and extend mercy.
Clemencia is simply another 'victim' of State rule as she stands TRUE to her peaceful ideology.

Clemencia has always been an upstanding member of the community as a mental health counsellor and a clinical family therapist working with individuals on farms throughout the northern areas of Tasmania. She has written her own 'Treatise of Truth' Mental Health Carer's Manual freely available on line to bring a 'link' between psychiatry and the spiritual aspects of demonic possession.

Link: http://www.the-testament-of-truth.co.uk/clem/index.htm

All 50 letters written by me over 15 years for Clemencia as her defence counsel are on line at:

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The Spirit of Truth - God's Plenipotentiary
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