Open letter to the Queen's representative in Tasmania

~ The final judgement upon the Tasmanian Governor, police, judiciary and other persecutors ~
Crimes against the children of God exposed by the pen of God

This Notice is an 'advisory' to the State Governor, Police commandant, Magistrates of the Court, Fines enforcement director, Taxation officials and their prosecutors and all who are or may become complicit to the further ILLEGAL, vindictive, merciless and unwarranted persecution of God's daughter Mrs. Clemencia Barnes.

Why is their persecution illegal? It is illegal because their activities are in contravention of the mandate granted unto them by the Constitution of Australia and Tasmania. The authority granted unto them in respect of their operational mandate is limited to those members of the community who seek the protection of the police and armed services when faced by adversity.

It follows that the Constitution LIMITS and restricts their controlling, interfering and punitive operations to those who BELIEVE in their Right to fight, lie, cheat, steal, control, interfere, coerce, dispossess, punish, injure or kill, and who thus at times DISTURB THE PEACE OF THE LAND. It is also limited to those who believe in using FORCE in self defence. All the aforesaid is in defiance of God's command and neither Clemencia nor I nor any TRUE Christian need, want, desire or use Police protection nor that of any military forces.

Agencies of State and their officials have absolutely NO Right to impose their monetary or other demands upon THE PEACEFUL and NO right to interfere in any way in the lives of THE PEACEFUL who are obedient to God's Command as they:

"Go their way in peace and love one another and are kind, compassionate, merciful and forgiving."

How does the Governor become complicit to said persecution when 'she' appears to be uninvolved? It is due to hear taking a FALSE wage and FAILING in her SOLE duty to the Sovereign Monarchy (Queen) which is to UPHOLD the text 'wording' of the Constitution and the consequential PROTECTION of the rights of persons who do not engage in criminal activity (Disturbance of the peace) and who do not support control or punishment of people or the war effort as is their Constitutional RIGHT.

The Constitutions of Australia and Tasmania clearly state:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (9th July 1900) section 116

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion, - and

Constitution Act 1934 (Tasmania)

This document includes a legal guarantee of the religious liberty and equality of Tasmanians. Every citizen is guaranteed freedom of conscience and the free exercise of religion under Section 46(1) of this Act.

Part V - General provisions - Religious freedom

46. (1) Freedom of conscience and the free profession and practice of religion are, subject to public order and morality, guaranteed to every citizen.

(2) No person shall be subject to any disability, or be required to take any oath on account of his religion or religious belief.

It follows that IF the Governor (Queen's representative) was doing her duty she would have Clemencia's persecutors and all involved arrested. I can state quite categorically that our God invoked the Freedom of religion clauses so that persons LIVING within the constraints of or within the precepts of His Command unto mankind would receive the PROTECTION of the earthly sovereign and NOT be persecuted.

In failing their duty to GOD, His earthly servants (Officials of state) are engaging in the most heinous and criminal activity and cannot be 'excused.' They will only ameliorate their spiritual destiny if they quickly NOW amend their ways. Any further interference in the life of Clemencia or myself ensures the imposition of my FATEFUL Judgement to be imposed by God and revealed below.

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1 - If the Governor Kate Warner fails to now uphold the Constitution within thirty days of this epistle dated (4th April 2016) and advise Clemencia that all punitive actions against her are nullified and or 'warn off' all officials making their constant coercive threats of further punishment if Clemencia fails to pay their 'fines,' then my judgement is:

By her own ACTIONS Governor Warner has shown her God of her ongoing disdain of God's Command and her ongoing disdain of her sworn duty to uphold God's earthly Constitution. In so doing she fails in her sworn duty to protect the peaceful. By her own vain or arrogant desires she chooses to mercilessly support the monetary extortion of funds from her sister Clemencia with the ongoing coercion and imposition using fear tactics, and she is thus by God via my pen deemed to BE unworthy of eternal life and at the time of her earthly demise her spirit soul is to be cast down into the depths of eternal deprivation and eternal suffering unless she now amends her ways. - - -

Signed, Terence, God's eternal Judge and Plenipotentiary.

2 - If the magistrate Reginald Marron fails to now uphold the 'Freedom of Religion' powers of mandate granted unto him by the Constitution within thirty days of this epistle dated (4th April 2016) and advise Clemencia that all punitive actions against her are nullified and to 'warn off' all officials making their constant coercive threats of further punishment if Clemencia fails to pay the 'fines,' then my judgement is:

By his own ACTIONS magistrate Marron has shown his God of his ongoing disdain of God's Command and his ongoing disdain of his sworn duty to uphold the mandate granted unto him by God's earthly Constitution and thus fails in his sworn duty to protect the peaceful. Sadly by his own vain or arrogant desires he chooses to mercilessly support the punitive, illegal 'advances' of the Australian taxation officials and consequently he personally is guilty of imposing terror and attempting the monetary extortion of funds from his sister Clemencia. God via my pen deems Marron to presently BE unworthy of eternal life and at the time of his earthly demise his spirit soul is to be cast down into the depths of eternal deprivation and eternal suffering unless he now amends his ways. - - -

Signed, Terence, God's eternal Judge and Plenipotentiary.

3 - Further to the above, I wish to advise the Police commissioner and all others such as the MPES director that if his officers make any further demands upon Clemencia or in any way restricts her movement or arrests, detains or transports her for any reason other than if she has disturbed the peace, then their spiritual fate is to be as that given above in 1 & 2. - - -

Signed, Terence, God's eternal Judge and Plenipotentiary.

It needs to BE understood by everyone that there are now to BE two 'camps' of tribes, those who obey God and those who continue to disobey God. I can but categorically state that the END days, being the separation of souls has begun, and each individual will now choose to LIVE or DIE spiritually.

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The question is 'What is the meaning of the word 'Religion'?

Justices Mason and Brennan, in a joint judgment, stressed the importance of the case in determining fundamental questions of religious freedom in Australia and the extent to which an individual is free to believe and act without legal restraint.

Justices Mason and Brennan said, "Freedom of religion, the paradigm freedom of conscience, is of the essence of a free society. The chief function in the law of a definition of religion is to mark out an area within which a person subject to the law is free to believe and act in accordance with his belief without legal restraint." The judges stressed the importance of the "Actions of the adherents" rather than the dogma itself. (PEACE or WAR)

I Judge Malaher state that the word ‘Religion’ is not the named organisation such as Buddhist, Islam or Church of England, it is the belief in a superpower entitled to be revered and obeyed and, IT IS THE IDEOLOGICAL CODE OF CONDUCT POLICY as Commanded by the Sovereign Power (God) that is to be obeyed.

The Tasmanian and Commonwealth CONSTITUTIONS are 'The Sovereign Ruler' giving ITS ruling decrees unto ITS (His/Her) ‘servants,’ (politicians and local community officials) who are supposed to serve IT ‘judiciously,’ and to NOT err in raising up conflicting edicts and rules that control and enslave and mislead the youth of the Nation.

Politicians are 'dogs of war' living the FALSE religious ideology (belief) that their decrees must be obeyed by THE PEACEFUL. This belief is in direct conflict with the ruling decrees of THE CONSTITUTION. Their criminality extends to the belief that their 'word' must be obeyed ahead of THE WORD of our God THE Sovereign Lord.

It is these subsequent and 'contradictory' political rules that mislead everyone and the 'local' judiciary who it appears are as yet not aware of the Constitutional Authority. State officials and their mercenary armed forces and advisors need to UNDERSTAND that Clemencia and ALL have the God-given and Civil RIGHT to walk unarmed and to NOT fund any armed men or punitive Policy, ideological doctrine or belief or organisation.

More to the point, why would Clemencia fund persons who have the opposing religious ideological beliefs to hers? Why would she fund 'servants' to go forth in her name and on her behalf to case her HARM? It would be INSANITY.

Why would ANY 'civil' conscionable persons fund such oppressive iniquity and become complicit (in this case) to funding the ongoing criminal activity that as yet is still causing emotional trauma to Clemencia, a 70 year old 'granny' who does naught but assist others? This is INSANITY.

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Anarchy is a state of society without government – no 'ruler' (Rejection of Constitutional policy and Authority and defiance of God.) This is evidenced by political, judicial and social disorder – absence of government restraint – the peaceful are not being left in peace but are controlled, taxed, punished and killed if they appear to be a threat to the existence of those maintaining POWER and CONTROL.

Those in control are the men backed by armed forces who do whatever they are 'ordered' to by 'voice' or 'text' rules set out in the numerous and ever growing ‘laws’ enacted by the men in control.

Political Anarchy: Is 'proven' when Politicians (Chiefs of Staff and departmental heads) totally ignore the mandate granted unto them by the Sovereign Constitution, and over time and more time they invoke 'endless' illegal 'edicts' that are enshrined in books of rules that are not only a contravention of Constitutional Policy and the Command of God, but these 'rules' actually 'licence' and force the Judiciary and enforcers to treasonably go forth and carry out every activity necessary to fulfill the 'orders' of the politicians.

These ‘political’ orders are nothing more than illegally enshrined decrees that permit interference, control, enslavement, monetary extortion, punishment and dispossession.

Judicial Anarchy: Is 'proven' when Judges and Magistrates fail to 'check' whether the ‘case’ Act presented is valid and thus legal within the 'Freedom of Religion' precepts of Constitutional Law and, - - - Anarchy is also so proven if they fail or refuse to 'hear' or accept or read the defense statement of a defendant and pass punitive judgement regardless and, - - -

Anarchy is also proven when they exceed their mandate and, - - - Anarchy is also proven when they knowingly choose to ignore the Constitutional 'rules' and uphold the latter day inferior rules that are given as due cause for the case at hand.

Civil Anarchy: Is 'proven' when the people of the land go forth disobedient to the Constitutional 'Freedom of Religion' clause which clearly stipulates that they are free to go about their business subject to public order and morality and, - - - Anarchy is also proven when they defy the "Go your way in peace" Command of the Creator and instead, they go forth with the intent to disturb the peace of the land in causing havoc, pain and destruction.

Spiritual Anarchy is Rejection of the Sovereign Authority, God and disobedience to His Command with the resulting chaos, suffering, persecution and killing as man deceived by the Serpent bows to the Command of the BEAST being:

"Do what thou wilt using all necessary force as you go forth using my destructive energy and control, enslave, tax, invade, seize, steal, rob, rape, pillage, kill and destroy, for you are above the Law of God and are thus not 'accountable' for your actions and you will not die in your sin."

Men in power say: Tax everyone on the land to fund our 'club' using force of arms. God says: GIVE with love and share your income with the less fortunate using LOVE.

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I Terence further STATE: As long as you are living within the constraints of the constitutional Freedom of Religion Part V - General provisions - and you are thus also living within the precepts of God's Command, you do not have to bow in submission to or obey the commands, demands, dictates or rules of any mortal man or institution of man.

If those of the opposing belief impose any punitive factor upon you forcefully backed by arms then you do not 'fight' or retaliate but you stay peaceful, and you do your best to educate them as commanded by God. You do not have to give in to any monetary 'fines' demands or other. Just go your way in peace.

I Terence further STATE: It is my belief that interfering, extortionist or punitive ‘actions’ of the ATO and others is by God, man and the Constitutional Crown ‘Authority’ seen as 'Guilty' of:

Religious intolerance and persecution.
Denying the religious freedom of others who are not disturbing the peace of the land.
Treason against the Sovereign Constitutional Power.

Treason against the State of Heaven.
Disturbing the peace of the peaceful in contravention of God’s RULING Command.
Disturbing the peace of the peaceful in contravention of the Australian Constitutional Crown authority.
Defiance of the authority granted unto them by their Constitutional Mandate.

Harassment inciting civil unrest. Enticing other members of the community (police & the magistrate) to join their persecution of a peaceful woman. Using coercion * to try and force Clemencia to ‘fund’ a religious ideology of control, interference and punishment and thereby becoming ‘complicit to’ and ‘party to’ ITS contra code of conduct policy – ideology - beliefs. (The use of force)

Note: Coercion* - being the punishment factor she is subjected to. The coercion is using the forceful court of man or a collection agency as the means to cause her embarrassment, mental, emotional and possibly physical duress, and material loss.

Added ‘Spiritual LAW’ Note: Irrespective of any Constitutional Policy or Law, any person who finds the justification or ‘legitimacy’ to personally take up the ‘cudgel’ against another or, for and on behalf of any other, for the purpose of extracting money or causing loss, injury, mental or emotional trauma needs to understand that no ‘mandate’ of man, badge of office, nor other ‘authorisation’ voids, avoids, or nullifies the “As you sow so shall ye reap” Law of God.

Man has for so long ‘imagined’ that an ‘order’ tabled by a politician or other and enacted as ‘text’ in a book of rules is of such legitimacy as to ‘overthrow’ the LAW of the Supreme Ruler, God, that all now are emboldened to the point that they simply STEAL money, money, money, being the ‘gold’ honey of life using rules backed by force of arms.

Let it here be known that every ‘penny’ taken by man from man forcefully will be extracted by God’s forces as God now ‘upturns’ everyone and imposes HIS ‘Martial’ Law through every realm of consciousness in the manner revealed by Me in my on line Testament of Truth.

This means, that on an absolutely ‘Just & Equitable’ EQUAL and thus ‘eye for an eye’ basis, every mental or emotional suffering, loss or dispossession imposed upon others will return upon the ‘heads’ of those who defied their God and caused others to ‘suffer,’ and NONE will or can avoid this time of GREAT TRAVAIL.

ANY contravention of the constitutional 'policy' by officials or magistrates means that said persons are 'asserting the opposite.' This means that they are contradicting the constitutional TEXTS to suit their own 'contrary' and controlling beliefs, perceptions or ideology, and in so doing, they are defiant of THE RULING AUTHORITY. (This is anarchy and treason and denying the peaceful their CIVIL RIGHTS)

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~ The 'No Tolerance' factor to the 'Freedom of religion' ACT of God ~

I am advised by God THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: There is now to be a "No tolerance" attitude taken towards anyone of the public or any state official having any racial prejudice or religious INTOLERANCE.

I am advised by God THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person inciting civil unrest in matters pertaining to the Constitutional "freedom of religion" Act will be very harshly dealt with.

I am advised by God THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person found disturbing the peace of the peaceful for any reason will be very harshly dealt with.

I am advised by God THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person unlawfully interfering in the lives of the peaceful for any reason will be very harshly dealt with.

I am advised by God THE SOVEREIGN AUTHORITY that: Any 'official' or person found to be carrying out any unlawful arrest, transportation, detention or punishment due to their disregard of the religious beliefs of others who are not disturbing the peace of the land, will be very harshly dealt with.

Added NOTE reference supporting State (Caesar):

Man also misunderstood the words: "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that which is God’s”

IF you the individual WISH the protection of Caesar then unto Caesar you 'render' MONEY being the coin of the realm to pay for his armed forces, - - - BUT - - - within THE LAW of this and every realm the LAW of energy applies - - - for every action, benign or malignant, there IS an EQUAL and opposite reaction at the time and in the place so ordained BY said intelligent energy of Allah/God THE SOURCE.

IF you the individual WISH the protection of GOD then you remain in obedience to THE Command of God and NEVER 'sway' from IT even unto DEATH. Once you have paid all your past ‘painful’ dues unto God, then HE extends HIS protection in that HE no longer sees you as needing HIS 'correction,' and HE leaves YOU in PEACE for living IN obedience to HIM.

All 'religions' presently 'side' with Caesar, (State) and men of the 'cloth' openly walk hand in hand with armed men of war and promote the killing of 'the enemy' and they thus all mislead God's precious children by teaching them to support Caesar and DEATH.

All of any race, colour or creed who carry 'guns' or who rely on armed forces for protection ARE infidel non-believers living in a delusion, and UNLESS they now obey MY 'pen' they will fight ON forever in the darkness below before they FRY for another eternity.

I Terence further state: You are all my spiritual sisters and brothers and I cannot FORCE you to help yourselves to be NICE to others and thus to yourselves. I have spent the last 20 years writing endless letters and articles to ASSIST you to see REASON. I truly 'fear' for your destiny because you are blinded by your positions of power and IT the Dark force keeps you in ignorance of ITS capacity to cause you endless travail, agony and suffering in ITS 'wastelands' below. PLEASE awaken from your reverie.

NOTE to the PEACE force. (Police) Please now halt your support of and complicity to criminal activity and ONLY haul IN persons who factually disturb the peace. Your present role of assisting extortionists in the 'name of the law' is ERROR because the invocation of taxing or licence fees is NOT 'the law' but are simply political dictates.

Soon the world will 'explode' into total global insanity, and as the USA collapses into civil war and chaos and your 'chief' Alliance fails then truly this land is 'wide open' to invasion by extremely powerful 'neighbours' and it is the time to make preparation and reparation as you now use my insight and assist my 'Feeling Easier' Seminar program to stem the tide of insanity using EDUCATION, so that together we can lead the world OUT of the Abyss.

As written by the hand of Terence

The Spirit of Truth - God's Plenipotentiary

All 64 letters written by me over 15 years for Clemencia as her defence counsel are on line at:

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