God THE Sovereign Authority
This Decree issuing forth from God the Father is the one of FINALITY so that all His ERRANT children understand the power of His 'underhand' and what is to BE eternally for any person continuing to misunderstand His Command Decree issuing forth eternally being:
"Go your way in peace and love one another and treat each other with respect, compassion, mercy and forgiveness."
This DECREE states that all who from this moment henceforth defy His Command above who thus 'forgo' His LIGHT and Love will now be consigned to the ABYSS for eternity and there they will fight on and LEARN the meaning of 'loveless liquid agony' in perpetuity with NO escape.
They will also LEARN the true meaning of 'utter depravity' because they deserve no 'less' for being depraved, unconscionable,  merciless, cruel SWINE.
Since all earthly 'Sovereign' Monarchs and their political heads of state and their forces men are PROVEN liars who promise protection to the peaceful via their Constitutional TEXTS but, who by DEED do the opposite as they persecute the peaceful and interfere in their lives in every which way, it is now PROVEN that the DARK power of God is in 'vogue' and in CONTROL via the minds of vain and arrogant mortals and thus every earthly Sovereign Power is nullified and totally controlled by the BEAST, being the 'underhand' Sword of God.
He our God now states:
"Let it here be known that THE TRUTH from My LIGHT via the 'pen' of Terence My Plenipotentiary has now been fully sown and thus the END DAYS separation of souls has begun and, - - -
I AM observing the deeded ACTIONS of everyone and all of 'you' continuing to be 'Reapers' of control or punishment and other savagery do condemn your own souls for eternity and, - - -
I 'suggest' that you quickly look into the 'mirror' of life and say to yourself:
1 - Am I a peaceful person or am I meting out strife for and on behalf of text rules in books?
2 - Am I merciful, compassionate, forgiving and loving as commanded by God or not?
3 - Do I daily 'plot and scheme' and bring others to punitive account or do I simply forgive them their trespasses and educate them?
I your God further state that since there is NO compassion nor mercy nor forgiveness within My DARK energy, My LAW of 'Equal Return' states that all you do unto others in contravention of THE Command of My LIGHT is to be done unto you on and on and on UNLESS you TODAY become MEEK and humble and TODAY learn to 'turn the other cheek' and TODAY put down your gun or sword and CONFORM to MY Holy Word.
I your God have now 'spoken' for THE LAST TIME to you all who are all SWINE and ONLY those who now bow in TOTAL obedience to ME will survive spiritually."

"I your God have spoken"

Signed, Terence, God's Plenipotentiary

This Decree letter becomes update 54 of the above 'religion' document.
To this final Decree from He Father, whose Wrath is now to encompass the whole globe, I have sent an outreach letter to the local police precinct as an advisory directive to assist them because, they can either continue to put in the 'boot' as they interfere on behalf of politicians and cause harm and impoverishment to those they 'purport' to protect or, they can amend their ways and align with God's Command and uphold THE PEACE and ONLY haul in persons who disturb the peace and have them educated.