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~ The proof of 'State religion' Paper ~
"The fundamentalist State Government Religion "

page - 1 - Foreword page - 2 - Proof of religious 'observance'
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This Paper has been drawn up to show you and all mankind how every person on earth has become 'trapped' in a false sense of security. This due to them unknowingly belonging to a dark religious ideology, and they are thus all 'fellowshipping' with the Devil, and they walk the wide road into Hell.

It is proven within this document that the State government of every land is in fact a dark and punitive anti-god religion. A religion of falsity, as its 'leaders' promote and teach all to defy God and fight and, its 'ideological' decrees (rules) force all persons in the land to fund it and condone it, and thus to support its punitive ideology and 'way.' Try and see that by the mere fact of 'belonging to,' or funding, or condoning the State Government of your 'land' or nation, you are in error in God's eyes for non-conformity to His "Only love and walk in Peace" Command.

By the time you have read this paper you will have realised the need for you to 'extricate' yourself from your present situation. For only those, that by 'deed' show God their belief in God's Word, will be saved. I now show 'mankind' their error and false illusion.

To be 'seen' to be a true conscientious objector and thus of an 'opposite' religious belief or ideology to that of the State Institution, I will prove to God and man that any Institution that calls itself 'The State Government' is in fact a religion and, is abusive & punitive & merciless & unforgiving. The doctrine behind these forced methods of control is anti-God and therefore one that is anti my ideology.

According to my religious belief God has always commanded that at all times man must 'live' in the opposite manner to the 'State' way' by being: Peaceful & loving & compassionate & merciful & forgiving of all others, even to those that err in dark ways.

For if I am truly thus, then my religious belief is, that IF I walk in the 'way' of God's command in all my interactions with others, then I am in God's eyes free to go my way without 'let or hindrance' from others.

It is unconscionable for me to live other than by God's command, and therefore it is impossible for me to either condone, or support, or belong to any 'dark' ideological Institution, as is the State religion.

For this reason my only choice is to refuse to be a 'party member' of the State religion, and I walk alone with God as my guide and my benefactor and my protector.

I need no man or man's 'institutions,' nor man's 'armed forces' to protect me, I go my way unarmed and at the 'mercy' of God. This 'way' of mine needs also be your way if you would ahead join me in the Land Divine.

This 'proof of religion' paper needs be read in conjunction with Item 2 - The personal inquisition, for it is within it that another deep insight will be 'found' when reading of my Court 'appearance' and the 'Supreme Court Appeal' at its end.

Not only does this 'paper' prove that the State 'institution' is a religion, but that in the 'formation' of the religion through legislation, that legislators have in fact contravened their own 'principal' Constitutional 'doctrine,' by in fact 'raising up' a new religion with a very 'dark' Anti-God belief. Refer to the 'religious freedom' Act within the Constitution, within which is clearly stated:

Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act
th July 1900) section 116 that states;

"The Commonwealth shall not make any law for establishing any religion, or for imposing any religious observance, or for prohibiting the free exercise of any religion,"

One can only 'surmise,' that the Devil's 'hand' was at work in the mind of vain & greedy men, (The dark 'Acts' of the legislative Apostles) who all used their 'authority' to enslave all, control all, and to extort endless sums of money from all and, - - - in the process, to send all their 'flocks' to Hell.

How so? Because this organisation IMPOSES a controlling and punitive IDEOLOGY (ITS) upon everyone. The ideology being that ITS politicians CAN 'legally' impose whatever 'decrees' they 'wish' or 'think' of upon everyone and PUNISH anyone defiant of THEM. (Dictatorship)

Any 'ideology' is of ITSELF A RELIGION. If you 'see' my proof of religion, then you also see the extortionist 'theft by servant' that is an ongoing process in every land on earth today, and it is truly the time for a better and more decent way.

What man needs to see, is that 'he' man can 'fiddle & diddle' with his false 'beliefs & rules & dogmas' but, - - - God and God's Law is 'unperturbed,' as God has the final say, and God's LAW is immutable forever and a day.

This document will also show you how you were and yet are unknowingly 'indoctrinated' into a false ideology, an ideology that is contra and anti the "Walk in peace & only love & be merciful & forgiving" Command of your Creator. It is thus that all are unknowingly enslaved by the Dark Sovereign Power and in GREAT spiritual danger.

page 2

~ The proof of religious 'observance' ~
Rites - rituals - observance

Proof of religious 'observance,' is the carrying out of the rituals within the 'place' where the State religion carries out its 'regulatory' Inquisition of any person found to be in default to any 'commandment' of the rules within its 'bible,' (Books of rules).

When 'standing' before the 'judge' or 'high priest,' one is expected to 'confess' ones 'sins' (crimes) to the earthly representative of the imposing superpower, being the rules contained within the 'Constitution' and its 'legislature' perceived as a 'god' to be obeyed.

Any 'sign' of disrespect to this representative is seen as contempt of the 'rules' that are applicable to this 'action,' and the magistrate then 'punishes' as per the dictates of these rules (statutes.)

As is done in every 'lesser' religion on earth as are all 'bound' by the 'good or bad' text within their scriptures.  The whole world is bound by the text within the dark 'ideological' rules of the 'international' State religions.

This religion is merciless, and it is an 'unapproachable 'god' because 'it' the rulebook has no conscience or feelings as it is but 'text' in a very satanic 'verses' set of books and, - - - these rules do 'robotically' control and enslave all its 'judiciary' as well as the whole 'blind' population.

It is the 'rules' within the satanic verses that force the 'judge' to defy God and mercilessly persecute and punish God's children on behalf of the Dark Sovereign Power.

'A' - Man's Church

IS - Religion

Having an altar for the priest, and the pulpit to deliver the 'sermon' to all, and 'judge' the 'lost' sheep.

The Temple

Is the Church 'house'

Rules of Conduct

On entering, one 'bows' or genuflects, because the 'place' is believed to be sacred.

The 'priest' is perceived to be 'the right hand of God' or 'as' God with the power to 'forgive' or condemn or cast 'down' to eternal damnation. (sentencing)

Being the 'right hand' of the institution, he 'interprets' its commands. (regulations)


Special garments to identify the priest as set 'apart' by God as the intermediary between God and man.


Priest is assisted by deacons.


Priest called 'Father,' or 'your grace,' and all speak with hushed voices as a mark of respect to God.

Ideological beliefs followed, doctrine of Church, baptism, confession, etc.

All are forced to conform to the doctrines, rules and laws of their religious order, to contribute to the church funds, and support the 'fight' against other beliefs.

Be punished for any non-conformity, being cast out of 'heaven' or ostracised or 'stoned' to death.

The priest 'alone' hands down the 'sermon,' and has the 'power' to punish.*

The ideology of every 'Church' of man.

Obey all the rules of the National Institutions raised to govern you and, - - -

Fight any enemy that tries to invade the land, and fight any person that harms your family and, - - -

Be merciless in your dealings with any person that does not comply with the 'laws' of the land, and hand them over to be dealt with.

Pay the wages of 'forces' personnel so that they can bring any 'offenders' to the Court to be 'tried' and punished according to the law of man.

The priests interpret the 'meaning' of the 'punitive' rule application to sinners, and apportion blame & punishment.

Funding is a commanded % 'tithe.'

The promise

Spiritual salvation if you support its religious doctrines and its commandments, being its 'style' of worship and theology.

(The Church is God)

'B' - Man's Court

IS - Religion

Having an altar for the judge, a pulpit for the 'offender' to be 'admonished' as 'errant' and 'judged.'

The Temple

Is the Court 'house'

Rules of Conduct

On entering or leaving one 'bows,' as the 'place' is believed to be sacred.

The 'judge' is perceived to be 'the right hand of the State religion' or 'as' God empowered to 'free' or 'destroy' or 'damn' and incarcerate. (sentencing)

Being the 'right hand' of the institution, he 'interprets' its commands. (regulations)


Special garments to identify the judge as set 'apart' by the State to be the intermediary between the Law and man.


Judge assisted by Clerk & barristers.


Judge called 'Your worship,' or 'your honour,' and all speak in hushed voices as in the presence of God's court.

Ideological beliefs followed, doctrine of Court, enshrined legislated statutes.

All are forced to conform to the rules and laws of the State religion, to the payment of taxes, and the support of the punitive system that 'fights' non-conformists or enemies.

Be ostracised or punished for any non-conformity, 'cast out of society' and imprisoned or be killed.

The judge 'alone' hands down the sentence, and has the 'power' to punish.*

The ideology of every 'State' of man.

Obey all the rules of the National Institutions raised to govern you and, - - -

Fight any enemy that tries to invade the land, and fight any person that harms your family and, - - -

Be merciless in your dealings with any person that does not comply with the 'laws' of the land, and hand them over to be dealt with.

Pay the wages of 'forces' personnel so that they can bring any 'offenders' to the Court to be 'tried' and punished according to the law of man.

The judicial 'priests' interpret their punitive rules in relation to offenders, and apportion blame & punishment.

Funding is a demanded tax 'tithe.'

The promise

Physical protection if you support it and its religious doctrines and its commandments, being its 'style' of worship and theology.

(The 'rule book' is God)

All the known religions of man are controlling, demanding, and persecutive to those that do not conform to its dictates and, - - - punishment is used to either 'threaten' excommunication or, have a punitive 'penance' imposed. Thus all known religions are 'of' the Dark. (Refer to the 'crucifixion of religion' document)

Neither the 'priests' (politicians are also priests) nor the 'judges' see the error and falsity within their particular 'sect' or ideology. All defy the commandment of our one true God of Light, thus the world now is in a very dismal plight, as all men of every 'religion' will defy God and fight due to false beliefs.

page 3

The Church of the God of Light

The 'church' of the One true God of Light and love is no earthly 'house' and has no earthly 'Temple,' for its Temple is the core of light within your soul. Protect IT with all your might and, never fight or abuse any other child of God.

This 'church' encompasses any person in any walk of life and of any race or colour or 'past' creed that decides to now join me in my 'heaven' for eternity.

My 'church' has none of the 'attributes' listed above in column 'A' or 'B,' for all 'control or extortion' is a 'no, no,' for all only give 'freely' to their community or the needy without any force or coercion.

Believers in the true God of Light belong to the 'religion' of love and peace, and they heed the Command of their God of Light and never fight.

They turn the other cheek when confronted or abused, and they show God by their daily deed that God's Command they heed, as they are 'forgiving, merciful, compassionate, and kind to all and, they never disturb the peace of the land for they do understand the ONE Law of God. "As you do is done unto you."

Let it here be 'seen' that every 'State' Institution of man and every 'sect' or Religion of man are all one and the same, being 'of' the dark religion that has the 'ideology' of death, as its members are merciless & unforgiving & punitive & destructive, as is the 'Court' of man that is but an extension of the State religion in every land.

Let it here be 'seen' that the Dark 'opposing' force (Devil) has infiltrated the 'PEACE' teachings of every 'religion' on earth, and 'substituted' ITS 'warlike, regulating, controlling, punitive, and destructive ideology. Thus all are now 'offensive' in their interaction and ANTI the teachings of their God of Light.

Let all that have the inner sight to see that it is now the time to follow me into the 'Religion of the Light,' and this implies that one does not ever fight to protect or defend, neither does one seek to punish any other.

All that 'follow' me needs now set themselves free from being a 'party' to the iniquity that is the present way. Set yourself free by paying no 'licence' fee from today. Set yourself free by no longer being an 'enforcer.'

It matters not 'what' station of life you are in, you need to assist in the 'change' of the way of your community, so that it becomes a TRUE godly one, where there is no punishment. Any 'errants' are to be treated with respect and counselled and set free.

Simply donate what you can to the local community so that the 'common' services needed by a civil society can operate. Do not pay the wages of 'forces' that seek to regulate, destroy, punish, or berate. It is now the time to EDUCATE.

Note - punish.* - as only the Dark aspect of the Source has the 'authority' to punish, it follows that as every religion is using force of arms or punishment, that all are 'of' the Dark Sovereign Power. (Devil.)

Note - The 'church' of the false State religion is the 'Court' in every town, and its 'Cathedral' of iniquity is the house of parliament wherein all its 'commandments' and punitive laws are enacted.

Note - Whether you 'speak' in a 'church' or a 'court church,' to a person named 'priest or judge,' both are espousing their religion, their creed, and their belief. Any 'teaching' or 'action' of forceful compliance, or punitive measures, or any deed that is less than "Only loving" is of the dark Super Power.

Note - The Constitution of man was supposed to guarantee freedom, but it was in fact inspired through greed and the control of others, thus we see the exponential growth of more rules - more taxes - more punishment, and, - - - more control over ones freedom and, - - - more intrusion into the affairs of man by the dark forces, all due to man's complicity to the control and punishment and slavery of his sisters and brothers due to funding the dark fundamentalist religions on earth with their anti-god ways and devilish destructive forays.

The Constitutions of man with its state and local government 'rules' is the Dark super power. Any new 'rule' is but a new 'religious' observance that if not 'observed,' is punishable by ostracism and the 'casting out' from the Tribe. (Jailing).

My belief is that I must use the power of my mind to not use force of any kind, and thus I do not intrude or interfere or abuse any other, for all are God's children, my sister or brother.

page 4

~ The proof of 'being' a religion ~
Being the belief in a superpower (God)

This paper is given as an 'example' of 'proof of religion,' and is also given as the proof that the institutional 'organisation' presently known as the 'State government of Tasmania' * is in fact a "Fundamentalist State Religion."

Note: 'State government of Tasmania' * - I give 'Tasmania' as my example as I live here, but it applies to every land on earth that is 'controlled' by State or National government forces. The 'superpower' perceived as being 'God' is the 'rules' or decrees of legislators that all 'bow' to.

The numerous 'institutionalised rites and rituals' comprising this State Religion can be seen in the 'observances' that have become 'statutory requirements,' enforced by 'legitimised punishment' under what is termed "The Legislation." The legislated Laws, the By-Laws, Statutes, Rules and regulations are the "Holy Book" at the centre of this State Religion.

It is through 'living' the false ideology of this fundamentalist religion that the people of every land are being led into darkness through their obedience to its 'dictates' and, - - - I give the Tasmanian System as my example as I live here and 'suffer' its 'mania.'

This State 'Order' or 'Organisation,' that is 'similar' to every other national or international 'body' calling itself 'The Government' is a proven 'Religion' in common with all other religious organisations, because the State Religion has the following aspects:

1 - Its workers and 'followers' fund and condone and support IT and ITS ways, being all the people within the 'borders' that its 'enforcers' control. Its workers and 'followers' are required to condone and support all ITS Statutes, Rules & regulations without question.

2 - Like all other religions, the people are required to financially support the hierarchy of 'ministers.' But unlike other religions, membership of the State Religion is not a choice since, through legislation enacted by the State religion, membership is mandatory. This means that any person wishing to reside in the State of Tasmania is forced to belong to the State Religion.

3- One of the main tenets of the State Religion is an indoctrinated belief that it is a 'Superpower' (God), and this is evidenced by its absolute power to make all 'obey' and 'bow' to its dictates and, - - - it is worshipped as the 'guide & benefactor' and ruler of all on the land.

4 - The superpower (god) worshipped by the State Religion is "The Legislation" which, upon progress through various rituals (presented and debated in Lower House, Upper House) is enshrined in a "Holy Book." No legal procedure can be undertaken without reference to this "Holy Book" in which are written all precedents under the Law. (Its Law).

5 - Those employed by any 'governing' (system or religion) may be kind & friendly, but in the course of their duty, they become callous & merciless & unkind because their 'conduct' towards you and all is 'determined' by the RULES contained within the 'bible' of their 'demi-god' religion (The rules & statutes they hold sacred).

6 - The expression of this belief is by ones daily conduct, and it is a specific manner of belief and conduct, and all 'kneel' at ITS 'feet' as they follow and conform with ITS ideology.

7 - Everyone in the State is forced to express their belief in the State Religion through their daily conduct which is totally circumscribed - e.g. one must vote, one must pay taxes to support the Legislators, one must build their house in just such a way, one must - - conform in every way to its dictates.

page 5

The 'ideology' of this religion is 'designed' to force subtle changes to the 'psyche' of man over time, so that they see not their change of belief from its 'origin' of "Peace & love & mercy & compassion & forgiveness unto all" as Commanded by their true God of Light, into the contra belief that leads to spiritual grief.

The 'ideology' of this religion is 'designed' to force subtle changes to the 'psyche' of man over time, so that they begin to 'accept' as normal their enslavement to 'extortion, regulation, and punishment,' and to their condoning of this false way.

This ideology of the State religion is enforced through punitive retribution if the belief 'of' and 'in' the State System is not expressed daily and, - - - the weekly 'pay' for the 'hierarchy' is taken off the public by force.

The 'ideology' of this religion is 'designed' to force subtle changes to the 'psyche' of man over time, so that they 'learn' to rely on the 'strength' of the State religion as their 'protector,' rather than relying on the strength of God's Holy Word that said: "Wield no sword against any other."

The 'ideology' of this religion is its 'hidden' agenda to destroy the soul of man as they learn to follow the dictates of the evil one that deceives all that rely on its 'control & punishment' way that defies the true God of Light.

The 'ideology' of this religion had its genesis in the belief that 'The freedom and Rights' of all individuals was to be upheld. Subtle changes from "freedom" to "enforcement" by 'legislated control' over the people were, over time, designed not only to control all by force but, - - -

to force compliance by branding as 'criminally deviant' any that do not accept as normal the peoples' enslavement 'to' and by the 'extortion, regulation, and punishment,' of the State system.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion is that: - - - even though I believe that God does not condone abuse, warfare, or killing under any circumstances, and I thus refuse to pay 'tax' for this reason, - - - the State rules command that I must be 'caught' and judged as 'DEVIANT' and incarcerated. All because I follow my belief "Thou shall not kill."

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion is one of 'merciless & unforgiving' persecution of all that do not comply with ITS dictates, being the rules being the text of the 'rulebook' bible.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion is that ITS 'way' and tenets are sacred, and that all 'men' of every other religion must be forced to 'belong to' and 'comply with' ITS ideology.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to ensure that the new rules raised up by the 'regulators' are complied with by all members of every community of any religious 'belief.'

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to disturb the peace of the land and to interfere with the lives of all.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to extort money from the citizens of the land punitively, and it extorts money from the citizens of the land by using ITS 'rules.'

page 6

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to enforce taxation in every possible way. By using 'rules,' it imposes a 'requisition' called a 'tax' on the wages of every 'activity' of all the people.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to seize vessels at sea and their ocean 'harvest' and to destroy any vessel or people that resist or desist, and to steal said 'fish' harvest and, - - - to abuse crew or owners by detainment and 'fine.'

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to invade homes at any time of the day or night and to 'harass' the occupants or their family and friends.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to kidnap citizens off the street or from their abode and hold them hostage in 'cells' or prison 'slave' camps for as long as they wish to.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to use all force necessary to 'accomplish' their duty to IT and its rules and they are 'permitted' to break limbs and to kill if needed in the course of their duty.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to carry weapons that intimidate the people of the land and they are permitted to disturb the peace by using 'shrieking' sirens to indicate their 'coming' and intent to intrude or interfere.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to manufacture weapons of destruction and mass destruction for the purpose of either financial gain or for their personal use against others.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to invade foreign territories and seize them by force of arms and to 'claim' them as their own.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' to invade and kill their 'opposition' and to destroy their buildings, livelihoods, businesses, and force obedience to their dictates.

The 'doctrine' of this dark fundamentalist religion permits its 'law enforcers' immunity from the basic 'public order' rules that they do not 'have to,' or are 'unable to' comply with in the course of their duty. This immunity is FALSE as no man stands above the Law of God.

The 'mastermind'* behind the dark ideology of this international fundamentalist religion is now exposed by the Light of God as being the Dark Sovereign Power.

The 'cunning' of this Mastermind enabled it to 'interpolate' its negative 'enslaving' ideology within the positive community codes of conduct that are also 'listed' within the statutes of the State religion. These positives 'camouflage' the negatives, thus all rules or conduct 'codes' are perceived as 'for the good of all.' They are not.

page 7

The 'erroneous' belief of the 'law enforcers' and 'policy makers' of the doctrine of this religion is, - - - that the 'contradictory' rules 'enacted' by them, giving them 'licence' to defy ITS 'rules of law' are 'the authority true.' - - -

These 'rules' of 'immunity laws' are not true, and the rules being naught but 'text' in a book give no man immunity from God thus, - - - any 'contravention' of any rule applying to Public Order 'orderliness,' and to the disturbance of the peace of others, does also apply to the enforcers. (So saith God the Almighty).

e.g. A policeman or 'judge' that contravene any Constitutional 'rule' or the Command of God are themselves subject to God's Law, and are punishable for disturbing the peace of others and, for 'extorting' fines and, for causing any pain or suffering due to imprisonment and, for loss of goods through seizure or destruction, etc.

For none see that this religious 'Order' is in fact the 'enslavement of' and 'control of' man by the invisible Dark Sovereign Power, and IT the 'religion' is the means whereby HE deceives the arrogant 'heavies' by giving them 'supposed' immunity so that they 'blindly' carry out HIS punitive decrees with seeming immunity from HIS dictates of 'public order' but, - - -

No man or 'beast' stands above HIS one immutable 'Just & equitable & honourable' Law of "As you do is done unto you on an 'eye for an eye' basis," for HE is the Dark aspect of the Source (God) with infinite power and absolute authority over 'errant' man.

For it is HIS and only HIS prerogative to punish 'offenders,' thus as all men 'erred' by their 'dark' deeds, they became HIS 'operatives' due to their greed & vanity, and they also became offensive offenders full of 'sin' within, due to their 'condoning & funding' terror against others, and they also became more 'unforgiving & merciless & retributive' in their daily deeds.

All are presently heading to Hell due to 'fellowshipping' with the deceptive* 'religion of death' that is HIS judgement of the untrue you, for your defiance of the positive Code of Conduct commanded by the God of Light.

The reason that the Light (wisdom) of the Light Sovereign Power (God) via me exposes the nature of the 'beastly' State religion in every land today, is so that you and you can clearer see ITS real 'nature & ideology,' and then you can all set yourselves free 'mercifully,' as you now heed me and STOP condoning or funding the 'part' of the State 'rules' that are pure 'anti-god' iniquity.

By all means fund and support and condone the basic 'community services' needs and positive welfare & rehabilitation programs, or any other you wish to fiscally support but, - - -

Do not support or fund the enforced taxation of your every 'deed,' or the 'war' machine or the punishment 'factor' of those that do not conform to the dictates of others, being the statutes of the State religion. For if you so do, you will fall into the 'Realm' of the Dark Sovereign Power when you depart the flesh.

Only the forgiving & compassionate & merciful rise up.

Note - 1: - deceptive* 'religion of death' - deceptive as it 'appears' to be a benign, democratic and good guide, and companion, that one can depend on to lead one to a positive and fruitful existence.

But it is in fact 'dictatorial, cunning, extortive, punitive, and destructive, and it leads all away from 'self-sufficiency' to dependency on it, and to be 'able' to give you anything, it has to first steal it from you and 'suck' you dry, - - - thus your complicity to 'theft' and to the abuse or destruction of others via its enforcers and, - - - thus you are deceived by its 'fatal' spell and are presently all on the 'wide' road to Hell.

Note - 2: - mastermind* - read 'The criminal Mastermind' Paper commencing page 2 of the 'Offender' document.

page 8

~ The 'priestly' Tribe ~

The establishment by man of 'rules' that became 'The law' was the 'fatal' error of the ancient 'lost' tribes. For any 'The law of the land' implied the use of force to punish any seen in contravention of any rules 'enforced' by the 'law' enforcers.

The 'priestly' tribe were the 'interpreters of law' and the 'judges' who applied 'punishment' to the contravention of the 'tablets' of the legislators wishes. For it was the 'wish or whim' of the legislator that stated the 'amount' of the punishment, and this was 'endorsed' by the pen of the 'head' priest of the day.

The high priests of these Institutions are called 'magistrates' and 'judges' that 'dress' in black robes and wear a 'woman's' wig of white, denoting their 'official' 'Inquisition' authority to officiate at your 'trial' and punishment for any non-conformity to the edicts of their supreme autocratic commander. (The rulebook).

The judiciary are the 'high priests' who carry out their Inquisition in public, and they pass sentence according to their rules that they say are 'just & honourable' and 'raised' for the betterment of all.

The 'freedom' to 'question' their 'belief' does not exist, and they feel 'justified' in overriding or overruling any 'suggestion' by you that they may be following a religion untrue. They 'permit' no other 'belief' to be followed.

The daily 'communion' ritual carried out by this tribe of 'priests' is the 'rhetoric' and 'banter' that makes up the mockery of 'repartee' each day as God's children are forced to 'suffer' in some way.

If their 'rules' are contra your belief then you are at their 'mercy,' and as they are merciless, you will be 'executed' as per their judgement of the day that is backed by 'guns' held by other 'mercenaries' in their pay.

Their 'court' is a dark place that is a 'theatrical' disgrace. A place where 'advisors' bow and 'scrape' to the Devil who is about to 'rape' the victims brought to stand before his 'gavel.'

All 'participants' thinking that by saying 'demanded' words of 'your honour' or 'your grace' might lessen the 'impact' of the invisible mace. None of the 'marionettes' clowning around seeing that by darkness all are bound.

For it is only God's prerogative to mete out the retributive 'eye for an eye' to any that defy HIS Code of Conduct. For any code of conduct demand of man to man is but a defiance of God's Command.

It is God to 'balance' the scales of justice not man, for the only 'plan' of vain man is to use 'force' through his 'priestly tribe' so that he on a 'free feed' can imbibe.

What any 'high priest' Judge needs to see is that if he punishes any person because they 'refuse' to belong to their State Institution (religious order), and if this punishment is for non-conformity to the doctrinal 'decrees' held 'sacred' by said 'order,' then the punishment is in fact 'coercion' to force a 'holy man' into a 'change of belief' by joining their false religion. (Comply or die).

page 9

If you would remain 'pure' of spirit then do not 'join' and become a 'party to' the dark punitive and anti-God ways of any punitive Institution. Do not 'comply' to their demands even if they crucify you or 'threaten' to so do. Remain true to the God of 'forgiveness & love' by being forgiving of 'marauders' as you extend peace unto them as is asked by God's dove.

It is the time for all 'high priests' to disrobe, and set themselves free. They and you can if you heed the TRUE God and me. For if you now fail to so do, then your future below will be very bleak, for in that 'unspeakable' place abide 'darker' high priests, and their daily 'rituals' are more deadly, and suffering of such magnitude exists, that it is incomprehensible to the human mind.

There is only ONE true High Priest and that is I your God up high; every other is but a 'puppet on a string' heading into a Realm of pure agony. For any 'person' who is unkind did by his own 'hand' bind his own soul to the Dark Sovereign Power who now is to 'shower' them all with their 'just' due.

Please now try and 'deliberate' on my pure reason before the end of this season. For if you cannot 'judge' my sincerity and reality and also see that God's 'justice' is applicable to all, then you will most definitely fall.

Note: There is no 'mercy' clause attached to any punishment factor of the established 'Rule or Act or regulation.' This shows clearly that the governing Institutions of man are 'Religions of darkness,' and any person that continues to 'fellowship' as a member of any such 'religion' will 'die in their sin.'

The 'high priests' of governing 'Institutions' see their 'diocese' as slaves of the 'higher being,' being their rulebook. Thus the 'rules' are their God, and they and their followers 'bow' and 'subject themselves' to these RULES, for they perceive the rules as being 'all powerful' with the capacity to elevate or destroy them and their livelihoods. They 'believe in' this falsity because the 'face' of the one TRUE God they cannot see.

All are fearfully 'bowing' and giving their allegiance to a demigod being the rules, and all thus subject themselves to the ONE Law of the ONE true God who says: "As you tax - control - fine - punish - berate - kill, - - - you are subjected to IT in return as your 'due' for being untrue to ME and MY Word that you have 'apparently' neither seen nor heard."

page 10

~ The 'Rulebook' religion ~

There is a religious 'sect' that 'hides' its true nature, for it calls itself 'The State government.' The 'rulebook' is a religion that has surreptitiously become Institutionalised.

It is 'secular' posing as a God to be followed to the 'letter of the law.' As a secular Institution its rules began as 'guidelines,' but have now become "The Commandments" of the demigod.

That is why it has become a religion, rather than remaining a secular Institution, and its 'rules' are now edicts that have a 'non-compliance' punishment attachment enforced by the gun.

For the law of man states that any 'contravention' of any rule of man is punishable by man. The 'blinded' high priest magistrates administer 'justice' in accordance with the laws of the land that are 'changeable' by a man's hand.

The 'scriptures' of this religion are the 'rules & statutes' contained within its 'sacred' tablets of the 'government departments,' and the 'high priests' of this religion rule every land with a very stern 'stick' as they 'religiously' enforce their scriptural 'edicts' upon all men.

They believe that they have a divine right to force compliance to these 'edicts,' as they believe that only in compliance to them will there be a 'civil' society. They also believe that these edicts are the 'guidelines' and Code of Conduct requirement for all men commanded by their 'demigod' that is their sacred texts.

The high priests of these earthly religious Institutions believe falsely that all mankind must be forced to 'bow' to the edicts within these texts that were raised up by their 'law maker' legislators, who are in fact their unholy 'scribes.'

Their supreme commander is their 'sacred' book of rules and statutes, and their rules empower them to defy the one true God, and to 'inquire, intrude, try, judge, and 'condemn' other men into penal servitude or, even to be 'shot' or 'hung' or 'slaughtered' as cattle.

The high priests and the 'state' workers believe falsely that the Establishment called 'The State government' which they serve, has the 'right of ownership' of all within the boundaries it controls by 'legislation' backed by force of arms. It has no such 'right.'

Neither the 'high priests' nor their 'acolytes' can see that some men believe differently. For 'some' as me believe in a greater God, being the one of Light & Love & Mercy, and it is the mercy of this God that through my 'pen' speaks to each of you individually.

This God does so in order to 'awaken' you, and assist you to 'dispel' the 'spell' binding your mind, and the 'minds' of the high priests of the 'rulebook' religions, so that all see their 'error' and coming terror for supporting the blasphemous and 'heretical' Institutions of man with their daily court room 'rites & rituals' that 'feed' on the carcasses of God's children as their 'blood sacrifice.'

The power of the modern day 'high priest' over the 'fearful' populations on earth is reinforced by their 'armed forces' men who are 'encamped' within every town, and in every 'village' are spies working as their 'eyes,' and these spies are you and you who dutifully 'report' any act that is in contravention to their scriptural 'discipline' or codes.

page 11

These high priests operating as 'gods' with their punitive controlling power over the enslaved masses has been going on for so long, that all men 'born' on Planet Earth have assumed 'servitude' to this 'religion' as their rightful duty, and they daily pay out 'booty' that is extorted under the guise of:

"It's for your own good to support us as we do look after you, and we also protect you, and our 'rules' that operate 'as' your 'father' are raised up by us to be your living conduct code, and our rules are the law of the land."

None seeing that the 'code of conduct' of this religion is contra the Code of Conduct 'set' by the one TRUE God of Light and Love, for within the conduct code of this false religion is the 'law of punishment' factor that defies the Command of the TRUE God that says "Be merciful & forgiving."

The false religion also has a 'punishment factor' that is a 'hundred' or a 'thousand' times greater than the Just & equitable 'tooth for a tooth' payback meted out by the true God for any action of man, be it positive or negative. (Pain for pain or love for love).

These 'established' religions on every land are 'managed' by a 'fanaticism and zeal' that has never been 'exposed' until today, and to break free of the 'clutches' of the Dark Sovereign Power who 'stands' invisible behind the 'rules' will leave a great 'weal' of sorrow and cut 'deep' into your marrow.

The 'books of rules' are the false demigod religion because it 'the religion' forces its 'high priests' and their acolytes to defy the one true God. For in their duty to their 'religion,' its rules demand of them to: 'seize goods and thus steal, to disturb the peace of the land, to kidnap people off the street, to cause untold suffering to families, and to imprison people in cells, and to at times kill.'

This 'book of rules' demigod also keeps the entire population enslaved to ITS dark ways, and none are 'free' to go their way without first having to pay a 'fee' for any or every action or interaction of the day.

The choice is yours, which God do you 'follow,' and which God do you want to punish you for non-conformity to its Commands, the True God or the demigod?

The 'books of rules' are the demigod that forces you to follow its punitive way. The true God does not use force, it uses wisdom via me to enlighten your consciousness, so that you seek to implement change and thus become one of ITS followers.

It is up to you to show God that you care and your love you share, for if you seek only to punish & destroy then for sure you are 'Satan's' toy and, - - -if you support the 'punishers & extortionists' then you are no 'better' than they are.

Be brave and follow my Star
It leads the way to
freedom and Heaven afar.

Note: The true God commands a Code of Conduct that has a Just 'comeback' for any non-compliance. An equitable return, being "Abuse others and you will be similarly abused."

Man only has the 'right' to raise up guidance 'Codes of Conduct' to guide 'youths' into correct ways of living. But man must not make the 'code' a Command subject to punishment meted out by force. This 'act' itself contravenes God's Code of Conduct.

To force 'others' to become 'subjects' of man's 'law of the land' is to usurp God's absolute right of ownership of us, and our right to be God's 'subjects.' It follows - - - that as I am a 'subject of God,' that no court of man has any legal right to Judge me, and I am outside the jurisdiction of man's court.

As it is only God who has the right to punish transgressors of HIS command, I live within the Command of God to "Walk in peace," as I choose to be "of the God of Light," for any that follow the false demigod become ITS 'subjects.'

The Dark Sovereign Power is the 'instigator' of the 'demigod' rulebook religion. Once you decide to break free from HIS control over you, the 'keepers' of the false religion will be used by HIM to 'judge' you as per HIS one law: "As you did to others will be done unto you."

page 12

~ Religion & belief ~

There are a multitude of religious 'groups or sects or faiths or organisations' giving themselves the 'brand' of the word 'religion,' but in fact they are all 'simply' Institutions of man that call themselves; 'The - - - Religion,' or 'The - - - Faith,' and they all 'espouse' to follow differing or similar beliefs, and they believe that their 'religion' is the one to 'hold' the true 'Salvation' teaching from God.

In fact there are only two 'religions' and two 'beliefs,' the one religion believes in a God that permits certain actions, and the other religion holds 'contrary' beliefs as to the 'actions' permitted by their God, and both opposing 'beliefs' hold their God as a 'sacred' superpower to be praised and obeyed, and both 'bow down' to the dictates of their God. The two 'beliefs' in a superpower are as follows.

The religion of the LIGHT and the religion of the DARK

On the one 'hand' stands God the Creative superpower that Commands all 'followers' to:

"Walk in peace as free men & do not disturb the peace of the land, for only in this way there is 'order' and peace in the land and, - - - be loving & merciful & compassionate & forgiving, and - - - 'turn' the other cheek if abused and, - - - never seek the 'justice of retribution' as that is only MY prerogative, you are to forgive those that offend you and, - - -

I have one LAW that is 'just' and true; 'As you do is done unto you,' thus as you are to ME true, I return to you an equal positive Tribute for all 'good' done by you as MY outpouring true, I will fill your 'cup' with joy and love."

All believing in this God are the 'Command' in action in their daily living. They thus believe that others that do not comply with the authority of the above Commandment 'Rule' must be treated with 'Respect, compassion, mercy, and be forgiven and be educated.'

This Light religion is the 'Religion of spiritual LIFE.'
Those that fund or support or condone and 'live' this religion attain Heaven.

On the other 'hand' stands God the Destructive superpower that Commands all 'followers' to:

"Control & regulate others in order to avoid 'chaos' and maintain order and, - - - as you do this you are permitted by ME to interfere into their daily business and to disturb their peace and, - - - you can raise up 'rules' that permit you to extort money & punish any that defy the rules that I give you and, - - -

you may be merciless in your 'inquisitions' against those that offend you or defy the rules that are your 'commandments' to them and, - - - you may be unkind to others and seek retribution from them under your legal system in defiance of the 'other' God, and you are to punish those that offend you and, - - -

what I have 'hidden' from you is that I too have one LAW that is 'just' and true; 'As you do is done unto you,' thus as you are to ME true, I return to you an equal negative 'retribution' for all 'evil' done by you as MY outpouring true. Yea verily I will 'flay' you alive."

All believing in this God are the 'Command' in action in their daily living. They thus believe that others that do not comply with the authority of the above Commandment 'Rule' must be treated with 'Disrespect, merciless persecution, and be punished.

This Dark religion is the 'Religion of spiritual DEATH.'
Those that fund or support or condone and 'live' this religion attain Hell.

The Institutional 'belief' of all Governments on earth is that their belief system takes precedence over any other belief system, and this belief system is 'reinforced' by rules enacted to give them their force of arms 'superiority,' and they then force compliance to said rules by fine and punishment backed by this force.

Therefore the Institutions of man are 'religious' Institutions following and living the 'Religion of the DARK.' It follows that as the Institution is 'living' a 'dark' religious belief, that it is in fact a religious 'order' that has named itself "The government of - - - ," who are in fact 'judging' all men under the 'Sheria' Law of the belief of their religion.

page 13

The Sheria 'Law' is enacted to punish all that fail to comply with the 'edicts' of the 'priestly' legislators, and are enforced by the 'priestly' judiciary. These 'systems' are all rogue Institutions because their 'elders' all defy God in their 'quest' to seize power and control 'their' subjects.

These 'elders' are all pompous idiots who see neither their vanity nor their insanity, for it is 'insanity' to defy God, and in their insanity they 'assume' immunity from God's Wrath and God's one Law. All 'fools' for sure.

As this world is one of disgrace, and as the policing forces in any court 'hold the gun,' they can do anything to you that they are inspired to by their 'boss' the Dark Sovereign Power who operates through the minds of all 'controllers,' especially those that carry a gun.

As this world is one of disgrace, and as the policing forces in any court 'hold the gun,' they can do whatever they wish to, be it true or untrue unto their own souls. For none of them can yet see that it is 'sad' and insanity to judge and condemn another, for that punishment is then placed upon them and the community that supports them at another time and place by God.

Try and understand that if you have any dark spiritual 'debts' to God, then the gun 'bearer' is the one to extract the 'pain' due debt off you. You cannot avoid paying past dues accrued, but you can lessen the 'impact' by not accruing more dues, and this is done by halting your fiscal support and backing of others who 'punish & destroy' as their daily sport.

Sleeping 'man' sees 'terror' as the material threat from a 'distant' terrorist group that can hurt them physically. Man sees not that their 'governing' organisation being the 'rulebook' religion is a far greater proven terrorist organisation operating clandestinely under their very nose.

For it steals openly.
For it abuses openly.
For it causes terror openly.
For it destroys lives openly.
For it kidnaps people openly.
For it holds hostages openly.
For it destroys business openly.
For it manufactures weapons openly.

The invisible Dark Sovereign Power that is the 'Mastermind' behind these controlling 'religions' of man hides its other 'sly' activity that is unseen by you. It is the 'cunning' destruction of your soul that is taking place like a 'cancer,' which hides itself but 'drains' your energy and draws you away from the Light.

Soon mankind will be 'awoken' to the terrifying realisation that their 'belief' was based on falsity, and that to gain or regain their freedom from the 'dark' force, that they would needs endure great travail that will be as or greater than the 'nail' driven into the flesh on the cross of crucifixion.

Note: From your daily living deeds you 'show' man and God whether you are 'following' the religion of the Light or the religion of the Dark. Your 'religion' being your 'beliefs' and 'believed' code of conduct permissible by your God.

Live by giving freedom 'respect & peace & mercy & forgiveness,'
that is your belief in the religion of the
Light, being LIGHT and LIFE

Live by controlling 'regulation & merciless persecution & unforgiving punishment,'
that is your belief in the religion of the
Dark, being DARK & DEATH.

Any person 'belonging to' or 'fellowshipping with' any organisation that is an 'Institution' or 'Religion' that contains within its 'code of conduct' or 'rules' or rituals the means whereby it can 'extort' funds, or control the free movement of people, or punish the people, is 'of' the Dark 'priestly' Tribe who are themselves enslaved by the invisible 'overlord,' the Dark Sovereign Power.

page 14

~ The Law of man ~

Through the LAW of man, the darkness has justified all 'high priests' to be the 'eye for an eye' in action in their interaction, and the LAW of man permits the 'return' due to exceed this 'equal return' due of God and to multiply it 1000 times x 1000 times more, e.g.: The 'Muslim' can lose a hand for the 'theft' of an egg under 'Sheria Law.'

The 'Christian' can be transported from England to Tasmania and serve a lifetime in a penal colony for the 'theft' of a chicken under 'Institutional Law.' The 'high priest' clerics and 'high priest' magistrates see not the 'injustice' of these 'sentences' as they 'sign' their own 'death warrant' each day.

For they see not that they are 'subjects of God' and, within the jurisdiction of God's ONE Law, and that our 'omniscient' God observes their judgement of HIS children. Man seeing not that only God is 'empowered' to stand above HIS own Law and give out the return of 'pain for pain.'

And vain man deceived by the Dark Sovereign Power took it upon himself to be as 'it' the Superpower. He man 'forgot' that IT the Dark Sovereign Power would 'pay back' its 'singular' due, and in 'cutting' off a hand or 'banishing' one to another land, that same self-imposed 'judgement' is placed upon the 'Judge' and his 'court' and the community that does its way support as their 'just' return in order to 'balance' God's scales of justice.

Foolish man, for he vain man 'wrote' into his 'petty' rules that he man could abuse others 'legitimately' by permission of his 'demigod' rules, and assumed as said, that he ahead would avoid the 'Wrath' of God.

The 'legislated' rules of man have forced 'innocent' man to change his positive belief and living way as commanded by the Light of God into supporting and condoning the false religion and its contradictory way of control & extortion & punishment.

It is proven by man's daily deeds that the true religion with its peaceful and loving ways has been 'overthrown' by vain and arrogant 'scribes' who altered the sacred texts and raised up rules in defiance of the God of Love and thus they 'aided' the Dark Sovereign Power to enslave all.

None yet see that it is the God of Light & Love & Life that gives out its equitable and Just 'return' of love & joy & kindness for any 'such' expression from your word or deed.

None yet see that it is the God of Dark & hatred & Death that gives out its equitable and Just 'return' of hatred & sorrow & pain for any 'such' expression from your word or deed.

None yet see that God is GOD, that God is all, the Light and the Dark, the love and the cruising 'shark,' and that God's Holy Word is the words as given by me the spirit of truth who has 'existed' for all eternity. Follow my 'way' and you will be set free, follow falsity and you 'quail' for eternity.

God's Law is ONE, and it is absolute, pure, faultless, and complete. It is the only Just law that holds no injustice, for if you steal and 'egg,' you will lose an egg. If you steal a 'chicken,' you will lose a chicken.

Equally, if you condemn a man to 100 lashes, you will receive 100 lashes. If you condemn a man to prison for 20 years, you will be incarcerated for 20 years. Yes you will quail, but 'fear not,' the spirit lives forever, so even a 100,000-year 'self-imposed' sentence will have a 'release' day.

The 'high priest' judges of the day believe falsely that their 'sacred' rules of engagement are 'superior to' and 'above' the Law of their Creator. Foolish man, for the 'scribes' of every State 'religious' Institution enact any 'new' command or edict that will enable them to seize more funds via the judicial 'System' and, - - - to exert more control over the populace and, - - to impart 'heavier' punitive penalties for any non-conformity.

These 'scribes' operate as 'gods,' for they either believe that they are 'as' God, or that they are God, for only God can place such 'authoritarian' rules and impose such 'servitude' upon others.

And what mankind needs see, is that all this 'added' abuse of their 'dignity' and freedom is imposed as their due by the punitive Dark Sovereign Power operating through the mind of HIS earthly 'serfs' for your condoning & funding & being HIM in action against HIS other 'errant' children.

page 15

Man 'punishing' man saw not the 'sting' in the scorpion's tail.
Being the return
due that would in the 'end days' rise up and sting all arrogant fools.

For God did say:

"Judge not, for you will be 'similarly' judged by ME, and all whom are 'complicit' to the 'judgement' being the entire community that supported the iniquity, will 'equitably' share the 'painful' return due for being so merciless, unkind, unforgiving, and thus untrue to their own soul."

God said:

"Do not berate and punish, just 'educate' MY children. You need to understand My one law, but do not 'apply' its punitive 'arm' or you will 'die in your sin' for sure.

Live within the 'positive' aspect of My Law by only giving a good return to others, for only thus are you 'safe' within My Law for I will then only return good unto you as your 'just' due."

Man's actions are 'unjust' and 'self-defiling' and the 'priestly' tribe see not their iniquity, that fact is sad and bad, for they accrue a 'debt to God' due for all the punishment meted out 'for and on behalf of' the Rules enshrined in their unholy books of Law.

Man must try and see that the 'added' and more than the 'eye for an eye' judgement punishment sentence imposed through the rules of man is in fact God's 'Just' return due being meted out for past transgressions, many unseen by man and many for 'pre' earthly life time.

So any punishment meted out by any person is the 'Just' imposition of the Dark Sovereign Power operating through the minds of the vain and ignorant and insane, be they the 'priestly tribe' or the man in the street who 'beats' his neighbour.

God 'fulfils' HIS Law and, - - - those that join the 'fine & punishment' profession place themselves (their souls) into the 'to be fined & punished' procession. For all that 'lawfully' did others berate, also placed themselves in front of the fire 'grate' and, - - -

It is their God in God's 'time' to push them inside IT so they learn why they must not 'abuse' others and, - - - why to God's "Do not disturb the peace of MY children" they must abide in, hear, and believe.

Each now has a final 'choice' to heed or defy my voice. Each has a final choice to be a 'warrior' of punitive abuse that abuses 'offenders' for and on behalf of the devilish Dark Sovereign Power or, to now be a 'warrior' that forgivingly educates and rehabilitates offenders for and on behalf of the divine Light Sovereign Power.

Both 'energies' are of God the Sovereign Power and, - - - as we are made in the 'image' of God, and as we are 'instruments' of God, we become the instrument of the Light or the Dark through our 'choice' of daily deeds, be they positive or negative and, - - -

As we so do, our spirit souls become 'lighter' or 'darker' too and, - - - our spirit souls are drawn to the 'level' of God's energy that we have become due to having drawn in God's Light or Dark energy through our daily deeds.

There is no 'energy' or 'thing' that exists outside of the framework of God. God is all there is, and the sooner you realise that fact, the sooner you will be nice and kind because for every bad deed, it is your 'face' to be smacked by God.

Yes you live 'forever' and yes, your spirit existed in realms of spirit before it 'entered' the biological flesh of this world. If you cannot see that you are 'living' the false religion then you will be 'beaten' into submission and oblivion by the Dark Sovereign Power, even if it takes HIM an eternity to so do, for there are always the 'untrue' to do HIS bidding.

All will now 'pay' their past dues, for that is Justice and the LAW of God.
Non-retaliation is the only way to become

page 16

~ Truth & Lies ~

It matters not 'which' religion you say you 'belong to,' for in fact it is the Truth when I say you 'lie,' for whether you claim to be a 'Buddhist or Christian, or of Islam' or any other 'sect,' you all in fact bow to the demigod that RULES the State religion of every Nation on Earth.

This State religion is the 'governing' Institution that permits you to 'gather' in 'buildings' of your own choice, and to 'perform' rituals of your choice, as you heed the voices of 'men' of your choice, who also claim to be 'clerics or priests or elders' ordained by 'some' higher authority.

But the 'high priests' of the national 'State' religion do not 'permit' you to apply your 'inner' belief no; they force you to comply with the contra belief that they espouse. This you do in your daily deed.

The 'State' religion does not tolerate the existence of any other system of belief. If your 'values' differ from the 'commandments' as held within the State 'law' book of rules then 'it' the book and its 'servants' the enforcers of its rules will not accept your 'view.'

All men are 'slaves' held in bondage and bound to observe the 'irreligious' dictates of the demigod religious organisation that names itself 'The State government.' Any 'non-conformists' are punished by the 'swinish' high priests that legislate the necessary 'edicts' to maintain their 'punitive' control over you.

The State 'religion' espouses the creed and dogma of extortion & punishment of the religion of the DARK that is the 'foundation stone' and belief of the national governments of every 'land' on earth today.

So the Truth of the matter is, that every 'other' religion or 'sect' on earth is but an 'offshoot' of the national satanic religion, that is itself ruled with an 'iron' fist direct from the Devil's fold via the 'book of rules' imposed upon man. This 'unholy book' is their 'hidden' autocratic dictator.

The Truth is that the 'democratically' elected politicians are naught but the 'cloak' of benign goodness that hides the real dictator whom is the Dark Sovereign Power controlling all, and all are now to fall if they cannot this see.

All mankind has been 'deluded' in the false belief that they can 'fellowship' with the Devil, as they conform to its demands of 'justice' and punishment & killing of others, and as you see and know, your sisters and brothers of every 'religion' now believe in the supposed 'justness' of WAR.

The one True God of LIGHT does 'deplore' this 'infanticide' of His children, and for sure all now will 'bleed' for their falsity and misdeeds in supporting the 'judicial' use of force and the gun to make others homeless and keep them 'on the run.'

Thus every religion on earth is living a LIE as all DEFY the Commandment to "Walk in peace, and be merciful & compassionate & forgiving." The world will now 'stumble' as all are faced with the Wrath of their Creator in the manner exposed by me.

It is not a 'matter' of colour or race; it is but a matter of the colour of your deed, for that 'action' is your proven creed, your proven 'belief,' not the lies that you verbally seed.

page 17

Your 'support' of the national government 'religion' shows God that you condone the rules, and these rules are what make people into criminal 'offenders' in the eyes of the rules.

For these rules can, under man's law, punish a 'drunken man' for sitting or sleeping in an automobile, and thus a criminal under man's law, and then punished for doing nothing, some would say - - - "The law is an Ass." - - -

For the 'rules' enable and force the 'judiciary' to terrorise people and punish them for NO 'default' and NO 'abuse' of any person. For the 'drunken one' did naught but 'sleep,' and their 'offence' simply being non-compliance to 'text' written in a book of a dark religion.

The 'punishment factor' that is the 'law' is also but 'words' written in a book, thus the 'law' is no 'Ass.' But I would say that any person that legislated the 'rule' and its anti-God 'punishment' law is the Ass, as are the people that support their view and their wage.

And if the 'law' forces a magistrate to impose punishment on someone who did naught, then the magistrate is also an Ass for working for a 'book' that RULES his mind and his way and, - - - makes him the offender in God's eyes, and it is the magistrate who later 'suffers' what he 'imposed' that day, as do you for being untrue to your Creator.

The good man usually looks like a fool.
The evil men wear the 'mask' of wisdom.

Notes: Every government 'authority' is a militant terrorist group relying on 'arms' to suppress any opposition to its authority.

Every governing 'body' is now operating as God, as it gives 'direction' and offers protection and punishes all that defy its commands.

The demigod 'book of rules' is the ultimate slave Master, for its never ending demands drive the population into daily hard labour in order to 'satiate' ITS needs. The 'commandment' edicts of the demigod are issued with 'warnings' of severe 'reprimand,' and any non-conformity is punished by fine or imprisonment.

All mankind 'bows' to the dictates of the demigod, and all mankind is sliding daily nearer the 'lip' of the Abyss, for all 'deserve' the horrors of that place as all condone the use of the mace.

Certainly a 'civil' society needs funded community 'works,' but these must not be 'raised' through the extortion of money that 'taxes' anyone. Neither will any community endeavour have any 'punitive' body in control. Seek my 'Blueprint' document for guidance.

The rules turn nice people into 'monsters,' due to their being forced to comply with their unholy bible (book of rules), and their 'rules' also permit those with a vindictive nature to satiate their bestiality.

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~ Insanity & false Christianity ~

Dear 'reader,' the invisible 'serpent' mesmerises avengers through their vanity as they see not that all un-forgiveness leads to insanity and, - - - paves their way to the hellish land below where all that defy their God do go.

People that 'sing' their love songs and that 'ritualistically' say 'grace' before they eat are the 'lost' race, for by their deed they show their 'open' defiance to God's Command as they wield their retributionary mace. - - - God said:

"Love one another, walk in peace, and thine enemy forgive if in my 'light' you would live."

Man has been 'possessed' and 'spell-bound' by retributive thoughts that have 'obsessively' bound his mind beyond all 'reason' and, - - - he cannot rest and has no inner peace because his quest for 'Justice' is incomplete. All 'Crusaders' have the 'classic' Minds under Siege disease that is 'rife' on this planet.

Yes it is the 'warring' syndrome that shows 'who' has been trapped by the silent 'web' woven by the Devil as its thoughts 'hypnotise' the ignorant and unwise. For the 'conviction' of criminals is God's prerogative only and, - - - as all now see the whole planet has become 'bound' to the dark punitive ideology of the anti-God satanic and unholy books of RULES that control the lives of man.

All have become programmed with the false ideology of the Rulebook that 'permits' and in fact demands that its 'followers' wage war against their fellow man for the purpose of punishment. Mercy and forgiveness are but mere words today, for the entire 'inhuman' race has lost its way and, - - - what foolish men cannot see as they bring God's children to their 'knees' and make their hearts and minds freeze is, - - -

That God sees all and God will ensure that HIS retribution is thrust upon all wrongdoers in HIS own time and in HIS 'space' below where all ignorant and arrogant do go for a time and a time for being swine. All avengers need to forgo their crusade of 'Judgement' and follow ME the Spirit of Truth that is again in the flesh for all to 'see,' - - - not the 'man,' but his message from GOD that does now 'span' the very heavens above.

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~ The Dark Religion ~

Every national or state government in every country on earth is in fact a 'religious' organisation posing as a 'secular' Institution. Every one of these 'punitive & warring' Institutions is now revealed by me as being 'of' the dark fold and is now named by me the spirit of truth as:

"The Church of HELL."

The Church of Hell is in fact a Military Dictatorship. Its 'rules' demand that its followers all bow to its 'dictates' that force them all into 'service' with its dark anti-god ideology.

There is no freedom to 'worship' the true God of Light, for the rules demand that all support the decrees within the Rulebook that itself delineates the National boundaries that it controls by force of arms.

The 'decrees' within this hellish book state that every person on the land must comply to its belief in its controlling ways and, - - - it uses force of arms to ensure that both rich and poor are punished for any non-compliance to its ideological belief.

It is a proven 'Military Dictatorship,' for it dictates and uses its Police 'Military forces' to haul in and punish any that do not 'worship' its decrees by 'bowing' to their dictates.

This worldwide Church 'group' has taken control of every person under the Sun, and it is now the time to see and understand the true nature of the invisible ONE in 'control' over you through this Church.

This applies to every member of every community on earth. For be you a 'leader' or a military person or a simple man as me, all are being 'subjected' to its callous inhumanity and, - - -

If you or you or you cannot see that the use of force to punish is itself a 'punishable' offence in God's eyes, then truly you are ignorant and unwise and, - - - you will suffer greatly as do all that despise God's command and God's other children. For the Law is the Law, not the 'decrees' or rules of the unholy Church of Hell, but the Law of God that says:

"As you do is done unto you"

Only I the 'all seeing' messenger of the True God of Light now reveals the real nature of the hidden and 'beastly' Church that controls all 'spirits' living in the 'flesh' of this realm. That includes you for supporting its way untrue.

Its Bible is its unholy 'books of statutes.'
Its Commandments are the 'rules' contained therein.

Its Creed is: "I believe that I have the absolute right to control & regulate & punish all persons 'fellowshipping' within our jurisdiction, which is all people living within the 'borders' that I using you control with force of arms."

The Creed of its 'High Priest' the Dark Sovereign Power is:
"I destroy all that support and follow ME."

The Creed of its followers is:

"We of the 'dark' believe in the one true God that owns us and all that is and, - - - on behalf of our God we the 'priestly' officers of the Church must control you other followers in all you do, - - - for if you were free to go your way you may 'forget' to HIS 'royalty' pay and, - - - you might do something too that needs us to punish you for HIM as Commanded in HIS statutes.

We of the 'dark' believe that it is our duty to HIM to enslave you all on HIS behalf, for HE is our Father and we 'lean' on HIS Staff, for HIS guidance that we see as true and also as the best for you and you and, - - - we will 'number' you as one of us, and force you to 'fellowship' with us, and thus become as one with us and HIM too.

We of the 'dark' believe that we are empowered to interfere in all your daily doings and business, for we are commanded to ensure that you are doing nothing that might be 'illegitimately' earning you a living, for you are worth naught unless you earn 'us' and thus HIM something from all you do.

We of the 'dark' believe that we are empowered to use all force necessary to 'force' your compliance and, - - - to steal your earnings and, - - - to seize any of your property and, - - - to punish or kill you or others and, - - - to 'conscript' your sons or daughters to fight for HIM against any enemy of HIS State, as this is HIS order to so do.

We of the 'dark' believe that we must send our beloved children to kill or die for HIM, even though long ago we were told by the 'Light' to not so do. Thus as we 'offer up' our 'babies' as a 'blood sacrifice,' we ask HIM our God to be nice and kind to us.

For we see no 'burning bush' of light to 'stay' our knife hand, and thus can but trust that HIS voice emanating from the 'other' land is the voice of the true God and not a 'demon' with a 'stained' hand.

We of the 'dark' are blind and thus trust totally that if we are true to HIM, and do all commanded by HIM, that HE will forgive us our 'trespasses' and our evil 'blasphemies' and somehow let our souls rise up, and not on them in the lower land sup.

We of the dark now have no 'choice,' for we only hear HIS voice calling us to 'arms' through all HIS 'other' named religions that are also all 'headed' by HIS dark priests, who also all condone the killing of HIS enemies, being any perceived by us to be dangerous terrorists.

We of the 'dark' will do our 'duty' to and for the Dark Sovereign Power that we see as our invincible God and, - - - we have sworn to uphold HIS commandments and, - - - if you try and avoid paying HIS 'royalty' taxes imposed, then HIS 'high priests' that govern you will bring great travail upon you and your household.

We 'officers' of the dark also believe that we are 'above' the law of the 'eye for an eye' as told to us by stories old, for as we 'hold' the gun we cannot be brought 'undone,' and we believe that our Commandments and Commander give us protection against any other one.

We of the 'dark' are commanded to be merciless and cruel as we punish and incarcerate our own children and mothers and fathers for HIS sake, even if HIS rules appear to be a 'mistake' we are bound by our sworn duty and HIS 'pieces of silver' given to us each day to 'defend' HIS demanded way.

It is HIS and thus our belief that HE can tax you to the 'hilt,' for HIS castle is not built on silt but is built on rock and defended with the GUN. We by paying HIM the demanded 'taxes' do show HIM and you that our 'blood oath' sworn is true.

We of the 'dark' believe that if you would rather walk outside HIS fold and our control, then you are either foolish or bold and, - - - either way, we for HE will make you pay your full accrued due to show HIM that you and we are true.

We of the dark also believe that one day a light will appear, and it will show us clearly if we are in error, and we believe that this light will guide us true if we have 'strayed' in our duty that we have been bound to."

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So now all with 'open' eyes can see the depth of the 'iniquity' that blinds and binds all men and women on earth and under the earth. For the 'sin' within your forefathers was the 'fault' through which darkness crept in and did its 'precedent' way begin.

Yes you did IT the Dark ONE as your God 'earn,' and thus your loss of freedom deserve, for you did all 'swerve' away from the True guiding Light that said: "Be loving and merciful and forgiving, and never fight."

People neither know nor see 'who or what' they are, all talk of 'love & light' but all follow the false black five-pointed star. Let all now see the power of their 'sworn' enemy that stands invisibly afar, for HE is a Mighty foe, and all 'treading' on HIS path are bound by strands of steel and 'treacly' black tar.

It is THE Truth when I say that every person 'fellowshipping' with any other 'named' religion on earth is principally a 'subject' of the Church of Hell, for they all do openly support its terrorist activities with their funds, and they also use its 'courts' to unforgivingly seek 'redress' from others in defiance of the Holy Word of the True God of Light to be forgiving.

Every child of God that did with 'downcast' eyes plod due to having 'something' to hide from their past iniquitous way, need to understand that the 'genie' that will now 'arise' is not the one in the skies, but the one below who is self-empowered to show you your error.

If any 'one' of you believe that you are 'following' a true God, then it is you deluded by the 'high' priests of your religion, who for so long held 'sway' for HIM and misled you, that you did not even begin to know reality from falsity.

Any seeking freedom from HE the 'All powerful' had better now heed me, for only I speak for SHE the Mother of love who abides above, and only SHE with HER kind wisdom can show you the way home.

If you would 'begin' to redeem your own soul, then you must 'withdraw' any and all monetary or material or other support of the Church of Hell Institution, and also stop being a 'part' of its punitive program.

Only give support to true welfare programs, and needed community services, and the funding of educationary rehabilitation programs for real offenders, being those that do 'disturb the peace of the land' in some way.

Note: The legislators and their rules see community members as 'sheep' to be 'fleeced,' and they steal the 'golden fleece' each time they 'enact' another 'taxing' decree.

From now on follow me as you begin to see that your hard-earned money is by God given to thee. So do not 'pay up' just because a 'wolf' enacts a rule that gives it a justification to empty your 'cup.' Be brave and just say 'NO' and, - - - that it is now you to only 'bestow' your money upon true community needs, not 'warring & punitive' deeds.

The 'error' in 'thinking' by the legislators is, that your money becomes theirs by 'right' once a 'taxing decree' they did write. In psychiatric 'terms' it is a grand delusion. Foolish are those that 'follow' deluded and insane men, for they all defy God's sacred pen and lead you into their 'abysmal' State below in Hell.

If they then 'whack' you on the head or steal your 'bed,' then it is your 'proof' that I speak the truth, for any 'mandate' to steal is 'theft by servant' and extortion by men of no God and no conscience.

All you 'arrogant' and ignorant and very, very foolish that abused God's children due to your own minds being 'possessed' by devilish thoughts from below, need not wonder "why" others with 'open minds' will soon also be 'possessed' by devilish thoughts that inspire them to impale your 'flesh' upon a sharpened stake and, - - -

Any of you, be you the 'taxing' or 'punitive' one or the coming 'other' to be, who does not fortify your minds in the manner given by me, you will find your souls 'locked in' below where 'sharper' pain upon your souls the Devil will eternally bestow.

Note: - Error of thinking - The mind of man is 'such,' that it can 'generally' only 'think' around processes that have been 'instilled' within their psyche over this lifetime and, - - -

As these 'recorded' beliefs to date are false and erroneous in many ways as to the required by God code of conduct towards others deemed as 'offensive' by rules contained within rulebooks, - - -

It follows that no 'correct' way of thinking can be 'found' until new 'ground' has been 'tilled,' and this means that you have filled your subconscious mental 'reservoir' with the fresh input of truth and wisdom and thus 'refreshed' your consciousness.

It is thus 'imperative' for all mankind to re-seed their mind with the Wisdom of God via my pen. For only thus do they give their soul a 'chance' to avoid its present 'destiny' in the Dark in Satan's den.

Believe you me, the only 'thing' between you and eternal misery is this my sacred text, being the fresh wisdom sent to you all by our God of Light true.

Any person that reads this 'paper' and continues on in their present manner of 'negative' thinking that they can defy the Light of God, and defy the truth I did write, will cast their own soul into a 'suffering' state that no sane person would do, or even consider to do.

Remember, whatever 'adverse' situation you ever find yourself in, it is 'simply' the result of you having placed others into a similar predicament in the past (This life or prior time & place prior to incarnation) and, - - - what you 'suffer' as the result of this 'situation,' is merely God's Law in action through your own mind or, through the 'hands or mind' of others that are ignorant and arrogant.

My 'plea' is that you have the capacity to see the Light hidden within me.

Item ends